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Language Learning Anonymous 10/22/2020 (Thu) 13:29:54 No. 78
A thread for all anons that are interested in foreign languages to share their advice, tips, and help others that are embarking on the same journey. Feel free to state the current language(s) that you know and the ones that you're learning or wish to learn, share resources and apps that you find helpful. I believe in you all and good luck!
I will start by saying that I'm currently learning French and Japanese and I would place myself on the lower intermediate level for now. The apps that I find helpful are Duolingo and Drops but I also pair it with textbooks for self study (Genki for example). Duolingo and Drops are great for vocab building and as a sort of entry to the language. I wouldn't rely on them alone. I was wondering if any anons know a good place to find books and audiobooks in foreign languages? Libgen and rutracker are awesome but the books there in foreign languages (aside from English and Russian) are scarce. If anyone knows where to find Lovecraft's work in French, I would be immensely grateful.
Do Duolingo anons recommend starting a language course if the language in question is still in beta? I want to try Hungarian
>>79 as far as high quality other language audiobooks and ebooks in other languages go, if you guys live in or are part time US residents and have a library card, if your county doesn't have a dedicated app of its own or a decent site for online access, libby (an app) is pretty great. you just need your library card info.
>>80 i've done it for their latin course and it was pretty good. maybe diversify your sources though, just in case.
>>81 Thanks anon! I'm not from the US unfortunately but I will check out Libby. It seems to be promising. >>80 I've tried Latin in beta just like the other anon and it was decent. It doesn't hurt to try and after you're a bit more familiar with the language find some other resources. Good luck though, I find both Hungarian and Finnish to be extremely difficult. Although they sound beautiful. What I also like about Duolingo is that you have forums where you can discuss language related things with others, so you might get better info there about Hungarian resources. There's also a discuss button under each question where you can usually get more clarification from other users.
>>82 I just started their latin course and it doesn't explain anything, like grammar or why Marcus suddenly turn into Marce when you greet him. Anyone know a good source for latin info?
>>84 nta but I always recommend Lingua Latina per se Illustrata. However, it has a specific way of teaching Latin, it explains things in Latin only. You can download it on Libgen.
Is anyone here a polyglot? English isn't my native language (I'm intermediate at most) so while I'm trying to master it on my own, I wanna be fluent on Spanish, French and Chinese too one day. Do you think it's a good idea considering carreer advantages, networking, etc?
>>86 That entirely depends on what you plan to do in your life and your profession. I don't think learning a language is ever a bad idea. Just the fact that it improves memory and decreases the chances of getting Alzheimers should encourage you to pick up one. Not to mention the joy of reaching the point where you don't have to rely on subtitles anymore and being able to read news in that language. I've been working in IT so English has been the only language I made a good use of but that didn't stop me from learning others. I would suggest you don't overwhelm yourself with picking too many languages at the same time. It's better to focus on two at most.
>>85 Gratias tibi ago, anon!
>>88 Precare, anon!
Thank you! Now that I think of it, I'm in engineering, so having a solid english and spanish (i'm latina) for now should be enough career wise I do want to learn chinese as a hobby one day, so it'll be like a fun challenge for me
I've been trying to learn German. I love it but I think my largest problem is that I just don't have the time/energy to stick to a consistent schedule - uni keeps me plenty busy and I don't have a structured method for learning more than just vocab on a daily basis. I'm thinking of creating a study plan sometime, but any anons have advice for dealing with this kind of thing?


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