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Self Improvement General Anonymous 11/02/2020 (Mon) 18:00:04 No. 100
Post things that motivate you, to-do list items you're aiming for, strategies for self-improvement and workflow, etc
my apartment is being inspected for the winter tomorrow and I have a lot of cleaning shit to do. it's hard for me to be motivated with chronic depression and fatigue. I suppose I will have to start with the most visible areas and work from there. we'll see how far caffeine gets me
>>101 ok im kind of doing it anons. got up and am arranging things. something about jenny nicholson's content relaxes me.. i have it playing in the background. like this video cracks me up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHbtaWr6lj8 this apartment is always going to kind of look like shit though. it isn't really mine and there's a lot of furniture and boxes i can't do anything about. possibly my biggest life goal is just to have my own place to live. with my own furniture also, i found out recently that under desk exercise bikes are a thing that exists, I ordered one along with a pull-up bar and a balance seat. pretty excited for those to show up.
>>103 Congrats anon!! I'm glad you are taking some positive steps
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>>100 Not sure how many files you can post at once, but here's 5. Make of the content what you will. Here's a bonus on a special method for reading textbooks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqYmmZKY4sA
>>105 ty i appreciate it! i put all day into these efforts and im still not done. i definitely put off tasks like mopping floors because i've become so physically frail. it takes a lot out of me. cue the pending exercise equipment
i have several assignments and a paper due by the end of tomorrow and i am hating it ladies. hating it
>>112 Same sis. I am drowning in assignments, but I am not feeling panicked yet. One day at at time is my strategy. I like to tackle stuff that is due most immediately first and add a few breadcrumbs to assignments that are due later in the meantime.
>>113 i fucking did it lmao, minutes ahead of the deadline i got everything turned in. and now it's thanksgiving break for a week. i have to clean this disaster kitchen but im glad the week is over. things in general have been fucking stressful lately and they aren't just over now they're still present. but having the pressure taken off school for one second certainly doesn't hurt.
Gardeners, what are some useful things I could be learning/doing during lockdown? I'm learning languages but need inspiration for more things. I'm so bored!
>>115 Coding. If it weren't for my busy af semester, I would learning the basics on coding and hopefully working up from there.


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