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Self Improvement General Anonymous 11/02/2020 (Mon) 18:00:04 No. 100 [Reply] [Last]
Post things that motivate you, to-do list items you're aiming for, strategies for self-improvement and workflow, etc
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>>112 Same sis. I am drowning in assignments, but I am not feeling panicked yet. One day at at time is my strategy. I like to tackle stuff that is due most immediately first and add a few breadcrumbs to assignments that are due later in the meantime.
>>113 i fucking did it lmao, minutes ahead of the deadline i got everything turned in. and now it's thanksgiving break for a week. i have to clean this disaster kitchen but im glad the week is over. things in general have been fucking stressful lately and they aren't just over now they're still present. but having the pressure taken off school for one second certainly doesn't hurt.
Gardeners, what are some useful things I could be learning/doing during lockdown? I'm learning languages but need inspiration for more things. I'm so bored!
>>115 Coding. If it weren't for my busy af semester, I would learning the basics on coding and hopefully working up from there.
>>100 I would happily bend them both over the bench and fuck them with my strapon. That would feel like motivation for me.

(22.18 KB 432x328 omelettedufromage.jpg)
Language Learning Anonymous 10/22/2020 (Thu) 13:29:54 No. 78 [Reply] [Last]
A thread for all anons that are interested in foreign languages to share their advice, tips, and help others that are embarking on the same journey. Feel free to state the current language(s) that you know and the ones that you're learning or wish to learn, share resources and apps that you find helpful. I believe in you all and good luck!
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>>86 That entirely depends on what you plan to do in your life and your profession. I don't think learning a language is ever a bad idea. Just the fact that it improves memory and decreases the chances of getting Alzheimers should encourage you to pick up one. Not to mention the joy of reaching the point where you don't have to rely on subtitles anymore and being able to read news in that language. I've been working in IT so English has been the only language I made a good use of but that didn't stop me from learning others. I would suggest you don't overwhelm yourself with picking too many languages at the same time. It's better to focus on two at most.
>>85 Gratias tibi ago, anon!
>>88 Precare, anon!
Thank you! Now that I think of it, I'm in engineering, so having a solid english and spanish (i'm latina) for now should be enough career wise I do want to learn chinese as a hobby one day, so it'll be like a fun challenge for me
I've been trying to learn German. I love it but I think my largest problem is that I just don't have the time/energy to stick to a consistent schedule - uni keeps me plenty busy and I don't have a structured method for learning more than just vocab on a daily basis. I'm thinking of creating a study plan sometime, but any anons have advice for dealing with this kind of thing?

Learning to cook Anonymous 10/25/2020 (Sun) 18:37:24 No. 91 [Reply] [Last]
Based or anti based?
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Depends on whether you're doing it for you or because of others. If you're able to motivate yourself to earn well by being good at what you do, then you should eat out more often.
How tf is that even a question? Of course it is based, unless you like to eat trash, waste money and be dependent on fast food places. Theres nothing better than to know how to make good food and to eat a good homemade meal. It should be obvious you must never cook to a scrote
antibased if het. find a male slave or eat take out until you die. based if in lesbian relationship. cook lovely homemade meals for your beautiful waifu and stay skinny together.
anon no offense but what the fuck lmao. cooking is extremely based. if you're afraid of developing a cooking skill being something unfeminist i have to laugh, it's a basic life necessity to prepare and eat food and the fact scrotes aren't taught to develop their own cooking skills is the real tragedy
I really enjoy cooking new recipes I learn online at home, I find it really relaxing. Plus, takeout is expensive if you have it more than occasionally.

Challenging Consumerism Anonymous 02/02/2020 (Sun) 15:53:35 No. 6 [Reply] [Last]
"If you aren't going to use it, don't buy it." Last year, I realized I've been wasting my money on useless things or things I could go without but I buy on a whim. Going outside is like a trial, where all the good shops and nice cafes try to charm me into buying something I don't really need. Looking at social media is frustating, as everyone seems to enjoy boasting about their collections of things they don't use. Even hanging out with friends seems to revolve around consuming: going to a cafe and buying sweets and drinks, going shopping, etc. ITT you can: >discuss consumerism and trends >criticize people/communities who encourage this "lifestyle" (hoarders, influencers, fandoms, etc.) >recommend books/guides/tips to consume less >propose activities/hobbies that don't revolve around spending money >vent or talk about your experiences regarding the use of money
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>>60 >stop romanticizing poverty i'm not trying to romanticize poverty, i'm saying we're not entitled to materials and consumerists like the middle class. >>64 maybe i am naive when it comes to medical care because my parents used to hide the costs away from me. i've been living on my own for 6 years and have not had any big medical issues. my biggest concerns are whether or not my mechanic will charge me up the ass for the junker i bought that has something wrong with it every 5 months. and i barely go to the doctor or a dentist for "maintenance", it's ingrained in me not to go unless it's serious. maybe i am comfortable being lower class because i don't have children to care for and my rent is decent and my current landlord is lax if things come up. also, it is possible to be lower class and have $5k saved up in your bank account because you live so frugally. i deal with panic attacks on the reg so anxiety runs through me almost 24/7 and the money part of being low income doesn't stress me out that much because i know if anything were to happen, whether i get kicked out of the apartment or a lose my job or i break up with my bf, i could go camp in my car or live with my (or my bf's) family members, even if it's the ones who abused me, until i find another place and/or a new job. i won't dare ask for government assistance because i know with experience they will put you in a system made to keep you broke. i think that's what's important is the fact i have plans, i've gotten a new job after searching for a week, i've had moments where someone in the house was unemployed for 4 months and yeah hoping we didn't run out of our savings was on my mind every last week of the month, but i worked past those anxieties because i know the options i have available to me. why am i not middle class? because i don't get paid that much. i might not even realize when i enter the middle class margin because i'll still be living the same.
>>65 It just sounds like youre a lucky poor person with good health. Poor people stay poor because its expensive to be poor, you can't fix things immediately so they fester, and I'm not only talking about health.
>>58 >They are not supposed to be trophies sitting in my closet, I am supposed to wear them This is what I'm trying to remind myself of when it comes to nicer items. I feel sort of scared of using them so they get worn out but hey - I've payed for it already, I need to get value for my money!
>>65 >even if it's the ones who abused me You're a survivor.
>>67 a lot of items won't stay great forever. shoe adhesive goes off surprisingly quickly, for example. enjoy the things you've bought, anon.

Anonymous 07/08/2020 (Wed) 05:25:39 No. 46 [Reply] [Last]
Genes, Circumstances, and Volitional Activities are Not Independent Additive Factors The conceptualization of the happiness pie and its underlying variance decomposition is only correct when all three factors are independent (i.e., they do not interact and do not covary). As Krueger (2015) has pointed out, this assumption is unlikely to hold. As an example of an interaction, lower well-being due to anxiety might be the result of the interaction of childhood stress with a genetic predisposition (cf. Swann and Seyle 2005). Considering covariation between the factors influencing happiness, the simple additive model ignores the possibility that the effects of genes on happiness might be largely mediated by circumstantial factors and volitional activities (e.g., Lykken 1999, p. 81). Lyubomirsky et al. (2005) acknowledged that genes influence happiness indirectly through experiences and environments, but they seemed to interpret this only in terms of mitigation of negative genetic influences, as in the claim that “unwanted effects of genes could be minimized by active efforts” (p. 114). It seems equally plausible, however, that positive genetic influences on happiness might be mediated through behaviors that could be classified as volitional activities. For example, Lyubomirsky et al. mentioned exercising regularly and striving for important personal goals as volitional activities, but both the inclination to perform daily physical activity and the tendency to persevere in one’s efforts seem to be partly heritable (Moore-Harrison and Lightfoot 2010; Rimfeld et al. 2016). This is neither particularly surprising (cf. Turkheimer 2000), nor does it constitute support for genetic determinism, but merely demonstrates that the simple breakdown of the three factors into proportions that sum to 100% is unjustified from an empirical point of view. Furthermore, the distinction between the slices of the happiness pie might reify common misunderstandings regarding the nature of heritability estimates. While it seems popular to assume that high heritability implies low malleability, this is not the case: A trait can be both highly heritable and malleable at the same time. For example, the heritability of general intelligence is high, but education reliably increases intelligence (Plomin and Deary 2015; Ritchie and Tucker-Drob 2018).

Data Science / ML material Anonymous 07/06/2020 (Mon) 05:57:00 No. 37 [Reply] [Last]
First Step: Learn Python. Python is easy to learn. It's made so that you can begin making your own projects by having rudimentary knowledge regarding programming. Links of interest: Learn by doing. You can make progressively complex code by solving problems here. https://www.codeabbey.com Same thing, a little more math oriented: https://projecteuler.net For actual tutorials on the language you can visit: https://www.kaggle.com https://www.jetbrains.com/es-es/edu-products/learning/python/ https://www.hackerrank.com

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>>39 not OP, but TensorFlow is just the name of google's machine learning library. I don't think ML typically uses tensors of order higher than 2, though I'm not actually in this field myself.
(176.45 KB 1178x1082 Capture.PNG)
>>39 >with a degree in mathematics Can you please help me with my calculus assignment? I just need to solve at least one out of the three to pass. The textbook is Hildebrand, Francis. Advanced Calculus for Applications. 2nd ed, for reference. Is due in 2 weeks. Help a nigga out You have my sworn allegiance. Regards.
>>42 Well thanks for saying how you're probably going to spam this site retard, at least try to blend in. Lolcow uses vichan with no captcha anyway.
>>41 Okay so 21 doesn't look too horrible. The question gives you instructions. I'll just reword them slightly. Rewrite I(z) as the sum of the integral from negative infinity to zero and the integral from 0 to positive infinity (just change the bounds of the integral), and expand the f(gamma) using the given definition. Then you have I(z) on the left and a tortured integral with an f(x) term on the right. In theory then you would just have to rearrange and solve until you get to I(z)=f(z), I suspect you're going to have to differentiate both sides (those e terms are asking for it) and spot some identities, note the similarity in form between the two integrals shown on the page and consider how substitution of variables will play out when combining them. Now that I've thought about all that it's probably easier than it looks, but I'm still not going to pull out a sheet of paper and solve it for you. For the second part of the question consider that f(z) is not differentiable outside the bounds (a, b) and this may be a trick question.
I'm also going to recommend deriving I'(z) as a function of I(z) at some point, I feel like that might be a useful trick here. But I'm actually doubleposting to link to https://www.physicsforums.com/ If I was ever completely stumped by something or didn't know where to begin the above site is like asking a crowdsourced lecturer for help. They won't solve things for you completely either but they do try to be helpful.

(64.26 KB 468x452 terminals_10.jpg)
Learning to code - JavaScript Anonymous 01/19/2020 (Sun) 15:37:55 No. 2 [Reply] [Last]
You will hear a lot of programmers talk about JavaScript with disdain - because most programmers are male and have to tell the world how their dick (programming language) is bigger than yours. There is more or less nothing wrong with it though, and IMO it's a great choice for beginners for a few reasons; You don't have to install anything, if you are reading this post on a PC you have a browser and therefore you already have a JavaScript runtime installed. It works outside of webpages too so skills you gain are transferable. Node.js is a platform for running JavaScript programs directly on a machine's operating system. This is an important difference because unlike a webpage you can access the filesystem and other OS functions. The imageboard software for this site was written in JavaScript. There are also ways to use it to write desktop applications, eg electron.js - the Discord desktop client is written with electron. So with one language you can learn to design webpages, work on servers, or write apps that work on any OS. Another big advantage JavaScript has is how it integrates with HTML and CSS, which is by far the easiest way to build user interfaces (they can be a nightmare with other languages). https://www.w3schools.com/ is a great site to start learning, they have tutorials which guide you through everything you need to know step by step. They also have complete references for all the standard JavaScript functions, as well as HTML and CSS. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/ is the definitive reference and goes into much more technical detail but is often harder to follow and w3schools has most of the same information. The only thing you need to get started is a text editor - for windows I would recommend Notepad++. You can just use notepad but Notepad++ has a ton of features (like syntax highlighting) which make things easier. It is also much easier to share your results using JavaScript since nobody else has to install anything or download an exe to see what you've made.
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>>8 >If you are still working on this anon, I would look up a CRUD tutorial - Create, Read, Update, Delete, the internet is full of them and you can get through the basic steps that way and add on your own ideas from there. Yup, thanks for the tip. Should we make this thread web development general? I feel an entire thread only for JavaScript is maybe a bit too restrictive given the low traffic here. I'm going to have to learn PHP and MySQL as I have the opportunity for a small internship where I'll be working with these two.
>>14 Well the OP is making a point that JavaScript isn't *just* for web development, but maybe we can make it a coding general. Either way I'm going to talk about PHP and MYSQL now. These are your bread and butter for serverside web development. PHP is another interreted language like JS but it's really only used for serverside applications. Up until around 10 years ago when NodeJS came out it was the default language for writing webserver and huge parts of the internet are built with it - all the wordpress sites, wikipedia, lolcow farm etc. It can be kind of a messy language but it's still an important one to learn because the use is still so widespread. And because so many non-coders occasionally have to learn a small amount of PHP to eg make their wordpress sites work properly there are a vast number of tutorials explaining how to do things. In order to practice, you need an environment, also called a stack. On the server this is typically a LAMP stack - Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP but if you're on windows you want to put WAMP into google instead. Here are a few: http://www.wampserver.com/en/ - does exactly what you'd expect https://www.uwamp.com/en/ - minimal installation headaches (uses SQLite instead of a full blown MySQL installation, but everything pretty much works the same way) https://www.mamp.info/en/ - works on mac as well as windows I wouldn't recommend trying to install the webserver, interpreter and database one by one, it's a headache and there's really no need and you aren't gaining transferable skills because linux distros ship this by default and 99% of any servers you work on will be running linux. Once you have your stack things get really easy, you just type localhost into your browser and can start serving yourself webpages and seeing how things work without getting tangled in how to access a remote server.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

I'll also add that you should be aware of which version of PHP you're using. Newer installations will use PHP 7 whereas older ones may still be using PHP 5. In particular there are a lot of tutorials out there which use the mysql() function for connecting to a database, and even rather old versions of PHP deprecate it in favour of mysqli(). If your tutorial is using mysql() it is likely to be hopelessly out of date (the disadvantage of there being so many how-tos). There are similar considerations regarding mysql5.7 vs mysql8.0 vs mariadb but they all work mostly the same way as far as the PHP code you write is concerned.
>>16 >>18 Thanks! I'm using an Apache server on a raspberry and accessing it through my Windows computer via the Ubuntu terminal but this is good to know about. Your info on the PHP versions is very good advice, I'll be careful about that.
>>19 For a windows terminal I'm going to plug MobaXTerm: https://mobaxterm.mobatek.net/ Even the free version has a million features you'll never use but is also has ones you will use like inbuilt sftp to not need a separate ftp client to upload files and the ability to open a temporary copy of a remote file in a text editor (the built in one or your own) and upload the changes when you save.

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