(100.26 KB 564x808 1503244513621.jpg)
Random-Ass Pictures Thread Anonymous 04/13/2020 (Mon) 03:03:08 No. 321 [Reply] [Last]
Dump your random interesting photos here. Peculiar, funny, cute, ironic, etc.
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(86.14 KB 1200x659 ENTRNdsWoAA-3g4.jpg)
(189.28 KB 720x390 20200916_031040.jpg)
(182.23 KB 720x720 20200912_054413.jpg)
(218.67 KB 613x327 56c.png)
(34.17 KB 610x407 11111.jpg)
(28.27 KB 697x444 IMG-20200909-WA0000.jpg)
>>2085 I don't get the second picture
>>2100 It's a mummy of an ancient Egyptian priestess with some of the oldest tattoos in the world (those markings on her torso). I get that it's a little weird, but I thought it was a cool post.

(23.76 KB 425x429 81cCd7hiLRL._SX425_.jpg)
Vent thread #1 Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 17:48:09 No. 2 [Reply] [Last]
Vent about whatever in this thread.
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I opened my vpn program today and when I tried to connect it said that the connections limit was reached. Which means that somebody was using my account in that moment. I closed and opened it again, it worked. Maybe it was just an error or whoever logged in has disconnected in those 5 seconds. Anyway I'm mad.
I have to thank pro life people for making me realize chrisitianity is so fucked. I was raised muslim so I was super ignorant of issues in Christianity because the Islamic world is a mess.
Even though I don't leave the house (quarantine, mostly), I'm constantly reminded of how ugly I am. The two most recent incidents; first, a guy I had been talking to for a couple of months. We talked pretty much everyday, about everyday stuff, things in common, etc. I thought we got along pretty well. He would, most of the time, initiate the conversation. This all changed however, when we exchanged pictures. He didn't flat out ghost me, but pretty much. We barely talk now, and when I try to begin a conversation, it feels forced. The second one, it was a guy I had only talked to for a couple of days, but it hurt the most. I don't know why I sent a pic so soon (this had never happened before [me sending a pic so early into the conversation, I usually wait months before I do it]), maybe it was because I genuinely enjoyed talking to him. He stopped talking to me a couple of days afterwards though. He attributed it to his social anxiety, but I think it was just an excuse and he was just being nice. Neither of the conversations I had with them were ever remotely romantic. So why stop talking to me over my looks? I mean, what else would it be - one day, we're talking fine, then the next they see me, and suddenly they're not so interested in chatting anymore? I'm sad, and alone. I just wanted to talk to someone. Guess I now know better next time I try to befriend someone (especially if it's a man) but I don't think I'll bother anymore. I'm sorry for rambling. I guess I just wanted to put my thoughts somewhere, writing down this stuff helps too.
>>2099 It's okay nonnie. Not to be corny, but sometimes these incidents are a kind of blessing in disguise. It is better to know sooner rather than later what kind of conditions friendships are built on. If they never contact you again, at least you avoided extremely awkward encounters with them later on where they tried to make a move. Idk, I do not think it is impossible for men and women to be friends and nothing more however I also cannot deny that a lot of M/F "friendships" are one-sided where the man wants to secretly wants to hook up with his friend (where the whole "friendzone" meme comes from). If they show interest in contacting you again, great but if not at least you dodged some bullets. I understand feelings of loneliness in these times. I myself am looking at friends who I might distance myself from because they seem more into each other. I don't get included in hang outs despite all of us living relatively close to each other. One of them only contacts me to exchange info about classes so at this point I'm just matching that energy. It hurts but it is what it is.
>>2099 This is why I try to delay sending pictures for as long as possible. That lends the history of the words that have been exchanged more power and can help in cases where one is average. They won't go after you like they would an attractive person, but it might be enough to keep their interest in chatting. Even if it's never remotely romantic, people like to imagine the other person idealistically. It's hard to make a case for more ugliness in one's life. I believe you when you say you're ugly, and I believe you are enough of an able judge of that that I don't need to see photos. You might have a better time flat out stating it beforehand before people get attached and have to awkwardly decouple. There's really not much reason to knowing exactly what the other person looks like online unless you've got something else going on.

Gender Critical #1 Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 17:12:22 No. 2 [Reply] [Last]
Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men. Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex. Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Existing laws and legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents do not differentiate between gender and sex. The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone. Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of feminism, sexuality, misogyny, or misandry. Resources https://bannedbytrans.wordpress.com https://www.fairplayforwomen.com | https://twitter.com/fairplaywomen https://www.femaleerasure.com http://www.feministcurrent.com | https://twitter.com/feministcurrent https://feministstruggle.org http://www.gendercriticalactioncenter.org | https://twitter.com/gendercritical_[Archived Copy]

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>1784 Apparently Judith Butler goes by she/they, so she must educate us lowly females who don't identify as woman/human being. https://www.newstatesman.com/international/2020/09/judith-butler-culture-wars-jk-rowling-and-living-anti-intellectual-times
>>1793 >They don't literally believe they can be men. I didn't say that though did I? I said that the dysphoric women in the radfem community KNOW what sex they are. That still doesn't stop them from having dysphoria. You just sound like one of those dumbasses who thinks you can "cure" major depression by choosing to be happy. It's not their fault that society is fucking them over by not researching other forms of treatment.
>>1795 >Like there are a lot of dysphoric women and FTMs in the radfem community now who are fully aware of what sex they are. That's exactly what you said, and it can be interpreted in two ways: either that there are a lot of ftms in the radfem community that are now fully aware that they are women and never were men, or capable of ever becoming them, or that there are now a lot of ftms in the radfem community. It seems like you could've been saying they weren't fully aware at some point. That seemed what you were getting at with, specifically w the "it's called sex dysphoria and they're mentally ill" thing, like they really had no grip on reality at all. Either way, it's not a mental illness to hate your body while living in a society that teaches you to hate your body and victimizes you based on it. Pathologizing a very real material problem that is based primarily in the way women are treated is also very harmful and regards a systemic problem as an individual issue. I don't doubt that a number of them have underlying issues, but hating your body as a female in a society that teaches you hate it is not uncommon and I don't believe mental illness beyond the mostly typical mental illnesses that many, many, many women suffer from, is necessarily what drives them to go through with these things, sorry. I think people just in general don't question the downside to basically anything and this is the result of that. This requires a lot of you, a lot of play-acting, constantly pretending to be someone else, it's emotionally, physically and financially draining, it's painful, etc, so yeah, I think this is very different than someone having a temporary lapse in judgement and just taking some experimental pills out of desperation that had negative side effects. I also think you're discounting the amount of people that are at least partially affected by the potential clout. No, I don't believe you can cure major depression by pretending to be happy. I think them going through with it and seeking it out has more to do with an idealization of this treatment method, but people really and truly need to be taught to question their treatment. The enthusiasm trans people have for this shit is nothing like I've seen with any other treatment. They fight and plead and beg for it, sink all of their money into it, it feels like there's little critical thought put into it and I don't believe it's usually fully out of self-hatred or mental illness, honestly. Objectively, this is a fucking nuts treatment plan though. This is nothing like being a completely anti-pharma loon that refuses to try Celexa. This is really expensive, dangerous, and makes no sense. No one is saying they don't deserve sympathy and this isn't applicable to all ftms. I've read what they've said plenty. You don't need to act like it's a huge deal that two people lightly criticize these women (to no one in particular). It's a little dramatic. You can be a bit critical, yet still feel sympathy and demand better treatment standards.
I need some help... I want to subliminally radpill my gf, right now she just parrots whatever the woke opinion on gender is because she hasn't really thought about the subject much for herself. I've explained my position but I'm on eggshells about it. Asking for recommendations on youtubers and twitter people that can pass as woke, like detrans and trans gc people, preferably POC. No ostensive #IStandWithJK #TransWomenAreMen stuff because as of now she thinks all so-called terfs are hateful bigots.
>>1804 that sounds terrible to live with, but trying to change someone subliminally sounds creepy, and I would say if attempts fail you should break up. But I understand the cult-like nature unfortunately targets kind women. I don't have any woke-adjacent detransitioners, but I think what peaks people is male behavior. Show her stuff from detrans men as well if you can talking about AGP. There was the TIM in Ireland who is dangerous and identity not revealed. https://www.rebelnews.com/transgender_dangerous_offender_to_be_released_in_ireland_media_only_identifies_him_as_female helena, a detrans woman wrote this good article. might have to find medium link if your girlfriend won't read from this site. https://newdiscourses.com/2020/08/trans-healthcare-manipulated-data-self-appointed-saviors/ (good article about nature of trans healthcare). And consider if https://newthoughtcrime.com/ might be helpful to show unhealthy dynamics. Also tell your girlfriend about trans power mods on reddit, and their attempts to take down r/detrans by reading the history and making actual_detrans where majority was trans and not detrans people. Regarding hating swerves, tell your gf that it's what's killing transwomen. Show high rates of PTSD, etc. for prostitutes and study saying 90% want out. Find articles talking about failure of legalization in Netherlands/rise in sec trafficking.

(128.99 KB 499x460 aapglqobqvu31.png)
Anonymous 05/16/2020 (Sat) 21:10:46 No. 865 [Reply] [Last]
You knew this thread was coming. Post your terve and feminist memes.
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(48.07 KB 640x723 e8c.jpg)
>>2081 Anon the world desperately needs more women to become scientists, doctors, politicians, philosophers or hell even a woman who changes tires for a living does something for the betterment of women but CEOs of multi-national companies are just evil, boss bitches whatever do not contribute anything for womankind or the world as a whole
>>2081 I feel like this was made by a guy working towards an MBA that really hates the "SJWs" and is trying to claim these are the most frequently said things made by them, when really these are the words of men, most often
>>2081 Super gross. Female liberation has nothing to do with more women being bourgeois. Fuck this meme. Fuck female CEOs, I don't care that they're women, they serve the same class that enables the enslavement of poor women like me, like MOST women.
(50.58 KB 734x306 tras vs reality.jpg)

(29.74 KB 474x266 download.jpg)
Do you keep your male family close? Anonymous 09/08/2020 (Tue) 14:57:27 No. 1984 [Reply] [Last]
I feel like this a a big divide, do you stay close with your male family? I'm seen some radfems say yes and then get attacked for being naive. Personally I don't, they're fine to my face and sometimes help pay for stuff, but I don't enjoy being around them for too long, or telling them anything personal. They're not horrible but I just don't trust them.
3 posts omitted.
>>1987 i know how it's used, but i mean, why say that you don't care about speaking to him because he's a cuck? like, how well my male family members perform masculinity is not an issue for me at all. just kind of weird to be like "i don't care about having a bond with this person because they're a cuck". there's a million legitimate complaints i have of my male family members - them not adequately upholding masculinity would never be one of them. just seems strange.
>>1987 >>1988 Not wife, but long term girlfriend. Basically he let her cheat on him, make cringy posts about how she needs to stay with him and even made a video slideshow with pictures of them telling her to stay with him. Cuck was the closest word I can think of to describe him without getting into too much detail. It's not so much about him not being "masculine" more like he has a history of letting women use him and ignoring signs that he should end relationships. I told him several times how these women view him and given him advice to try to help him. He ignores my family when we try to help him. I'd like him to have a happy relationship and life so him never listening to anyone for years has made me not care. My parents have told me he goes to the houses of the girls who break up with him and sits in his car, I don't even know what to think of that. I think he's harmless but still scary.
I guess the closest mate family member that I have a personal relationship with is probably my older brother, even then I just kinda hangout with him sometimes or call him for a couple favors when I need him and even when were together we really don't talk about personal stuff, like he hates himself and hates everybody else and I honestly though he would have killed himself years ago his current plan seems to be purposely never wanting to connect with anyone and just waiting to die and live his sad lonely life, I honestly feel bad for him sometimes but its the way he is, at least he's not out hurting women
I have a racist brother who suddenly converted to Orthodox Christianity after years of being indifferent to it and thinking church is boring. He's clearly an edgy contrarian, and is affiliated with an anti-modernist sect of Catholicism. He will rant about abortion but will laugh about George Floyd's death, failing to see the irony in that. Also thinks both the Armenian genocide and holocaust were deserved. Whats funny is part of what influenced him to take Orthodox Christianity seriously is our cousin who tried to shill Jonathan Pageau to me. Also doesn't care that my brother has beliefs like this, but spergs when I say I support abortion and that I don't want to get married. His wife has also called me selfish for not wanting screeching spawns. They're also around 10 years older than me, lol. My dad used to be abusive when I was younger, but tries to make up for it now. Safe to say, that I will ditch my whole family once I can move out; it's proving to be hard though, coming from a background that stresses "family values" and shit.
>>2080 They sound so toxic, ugh. Definitely best to stay away from all of these people. Hope you can get out soon, anon.

(23.68 KB 379x406 1530282714684.jpg)
Stupid questions #1 Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 19:10:12 No. 9 [Reply] [Last]
Ask away.
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>>2047 It must be past the bump limit which I'm guessing is 500.
Why is it called "sex work" instead of prostitution? Is changing the language how they started getting people on board? Women get offended when you call them a prostitute but proud to call themselves sex workers.
Do you wear bras? Why or why not? I usually wear sports bras that aren't super snug because I just feel sensitive without them
>>2077 Sure, that's how euphemistic language works. Plus blurring the lines between phone sex operation, camming, stripping, and prostitution makes it seem like you're creating melodrama when they rephrase your "prostitutes are at risk of rape, physical abuse, etc" to seem like you're talking about phone sex operators or camgirls or whatever comparatively lower risk occupations.
>>2088 Yes, sports bras here too. If I could get away with not wearing a bra, I would. If I could get them taken off without invasive surgery (like through magic lol), I would too. I really hate the sports bras too though.

Anonymous 08/07/2020 (Fri) 02:59:21 No. 1406 [Reply] [Last]
ITT: Post screencaps of males, TRAs, pick-mes, etc saying/doing dumb shit and generally making fools of themselves. Let's have a laugh. Dumping some content.
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(562.09 KB 1065x1291 rs3a27gbo3o51.jpg)
>>1769 how is this dumb?
>>1770 #HamComesFromAPig #PeopleDieWhenTheyAreKilled
>>1771 Yeah, no idea why he'd say #hamcomesfromapig but not noteworthy enough to mock, imo. Maybe to reinforce that there's a (smart) animal that you're eating. since people tend to separate the idea of their food from the animal that was killed for their meal? But I think the badly photoshopped image is a little effective at least. Anyways, there aren't nearly enough men that don't eat meat so good on him.
>>1513 WE OWN THEM A GREAT DEBT. We OWN MEN a GREAT DEBT even though it is WOMEN who have been PROHIBITED of having basic human rights for CENTURIES

(329.26 KB 484x273 pickme.png)
pickmes, handmaids & tradthots Anonymous 04/23/2020 (Thu) 00:18:56 No. 17 [Reply] [Last]
a pickme is a woman, often with low self esteem, who parrots so called "skeptic"/anti sjw/anti feminist rhetoric in the hopes of gaining male attention and male followers and in order to seem edgy. there are different kinds of pickmes; some are conservative tradthots while some have libfem views and use their hypersexuality to pander to men. the things they all have in common though is that pretty much all of them think they're "not like other girls" and are desperate for male attention.
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>>390 It's not that we shouldn't have common ground with libfems, we absolutely should. I brought up libfems because they are the ones who are essentially the "representatives" of the current wave of feminism and have been pushing "better representation in video games" for a while. They have presented this in the nicest, most palatable way possible and yet. And yet this scrote still came into our board and had an outdated 4-year-old gamergate meltdown in this thread. He has hit his expiration date for learning about this topic. He is just retarded and should maybe receive mockery at most.
>>392 I chuckled, anon. True.
No sympathy for pickmes at all. You can fix ignorance and lack of awareness but you can not fix a massively flawed character and lack of values and any dignity as a human being
>>462 >you can not fix a massively flawed character Careful there, you're trading in biological determinism.
>>463 This has absolutely nothing to do with biological determinism lol. Their characters can have become flawed for several reasons and I don't think any of them is biological, but you can simply not discuss with these people or try to teach them things cause they are not interestee on actually thinking about the subject. They only use it as a way of self promotion and gaining benefit and it doesn't matter what makes sense and and what doesn't, they will say whatever is gonna get them approval of men

(369.31 KB 1280x1707 1588124979175.jpg)
Straight with Extra Steps thread Anonymous 06/19/2020 (Fri) 15:52:10 No. 1238 [Reply] [Last]
this thread has been a long time coming post "queer" or lgbtqi+ couples that are literally just typical straight couples
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(479.16 KB 1600778579690.webm)
Can we talk about the strange case of poc women with a race white boyfriend fetish? Or is that taboo like on the farm
>>2074 I mean nothing's stopping you, but it's really not so strange anymore and has been previously noted if you browse around on here. A lot of ethnic women's hate of their men simply exceeds that of their men for themselves.
>>2074 So I already posted this before, this is more of an in-joke, these women often don't exclusively date white men, and this meme is often meant as a mockery of both black men who feel like they own black women and also kinda of a jab at white men who don't want black women Its also a product of the Irony/political culture of twitter, where the worst thing you can be is sincere, you can't just like a guy who happens to be white it has be dipped in layers of irony
>>2074 As a nonwhite women, divest movements don't surprise me. These women might come from misogynistic cultures with high expectations from the man's family, communities where women are more accomplished/better than men, creepy focus on dating men of same group, etc. Dating outside, while risking fetishization, means you can avoid that. My cousin married a woman of our South Asian ethnicity who is way too good for him because of this. These nonwhite women with white boyfriends are avoiding men who are raised to be misogynistic and entitled (because same ethnicity) than with a white man. I hope it doesn't sound like I'm simping for white men, kek, but pretending there's no difference between cultures is stupid.
>>2078 This is very similar to my case, on paper I'm Pakistani and married to another Pakistani, but the difference between the cultures of me and my husband's ethnic group is massive He is a Niazi Pashtun and I'm from a Urdu speaking Punjabi household, now his specific pashtun tribe has very different views regarding women from both other pashtuns and many Pakistanis, but what I liked most about him was that he wasn't some hypocritical Arab worshiper like most Pakistani men are, Urdu speaking culture in Pakistan is just so god Damm hypocritical and breeds insecure, whiny Arab and Turk worshipping men

(89.58 KB 670x335 xenofeminism.jpg)
Anonymous 09/17/2020 (Thu) 16:59:41 No. 432 [Reply] [Last]
Thoughts on Accelerationist XenoFeminism?
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>>443 >It always seemed like transhumanism and transgender rights activism had nothing to do with each other It always seemed like they did actually. Look up Martine Rothblatt I'm personally not against transhumanism per se but against the many ways in which it can take place. Also, as long as humans exist there are only 2 sexes and you can not change yours and attempting it must be made illegal
What is needed are genetically engineered designer babies who are both Stacey's and crucially not pickmes.
>>447 I mean Im not into super transhumanism, but I sorta like the idea of gene suppression and picking the best genes of you and partner for your future child, if I could I'd have suppress the shors genes and the bipolarism that runs in my family for my future daughter or son Sorta like gattica https://youtu.be/PaYoa985poA
>>438 >0x00 Ours is a world in vertigo. It is a world that swarms with technological mediation, interlacing our daily lives with abstraction, virtuality, and complexity. Right off the bat, you just know this is some tranny shit. This is starting off like someone's lame sci-fi story, and we know how much trannies love that kind of thing. >Anyone who's been deemed 'unnatural' in the face of reigning biological norms, anyone who's experienced injustices wrought in the name of natural order, will realize that the glorification of 'nature' has nothing to offer us -- the queer and trans among us, the differently-abled, as well as those who have suffered discrimination due to pregnancy or duties connected to child-rearing. "The queer and trans", lmao. Notice how those two groups come directly before women who suffer sex/reproductive based discrimination. This person is afraid to say "women" in the context of oppression.
>>467 "..Anyone who's been deemed 'unnatural' in the face of reigning biological norms, anyone who's experienced injustices wrought in the name of natural order, will realize that the glorification of 'nature' has nothing to offer us -- the queer and trans among us.." My eyes are bleeding after reading this

(82.32 KB 605x639 EgYRbLXWAAEj01j.jpeg)
Anonymous 08/26/2020 (Wed) 22:27:02 No. 355 [Reply] [Last]
Friendly reminder that this is what "sex work is work" advocates for.
13 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>465 OF is a microcosm. If too many financially desperate women all attempt to chase the bag you'll get similar results. And again, that isn't even mentioning the horror of dealing with clients.
>>464 Well you can't expect a quadriplegic, for example, to stand a chance in an athletic contest Actually there are plenty of examples of attractive and successful women in the industry
Stoked that another anon besides me is here to call out swerfs. >Others are frustrated that privileged women who can choose their clients pretend to speak for all of the industry, when most women want out. These women are the ones we're asking you to respect. By the way, they also do it to survive, just like engineers do engineering to survive, or professional artists make art to survive. Then you say that you support sex workers because you recognise that they are forced into it for survival. They're forced, it's not a choice they made, they wouldn't choose to do that. But you come over as hugely lacking in respect for women who choose to do sex work. >I have to take a lot of care to not come across as a tradcon or make it sound like I'm judging sex works for the same sexist reason other people do. But you do sound like a tradcon. You're all saying 'I respect sex workers as long as they didn't do it on purpose' like okaay it's kind of a gotcha don't you think?
Why even bother replying to the troll? They bring up no examples, reddit space and just spew autistic shit like "have confidence in yourself" when it comes to fucking camgirl nonsense. Literally a >>399 moment.
>>469 >You're all saying 'I respect sex workers as long as they didn't do it on purpose' like okaay it's kind of a gotcha don't you think? That's retarded as fuck. like you can't respect people who make dumb choices? i don't agree with every choice people make. it doesn't mean i don't have respect for them. it's people who habitually make malicious choices that i don't respect, and i think most people who i agree with on this issue are the same way. tradcons genuinely don't respect these women because they think they're dirty. there's a huge difference and anon sounds nothing like a tradcon. these women and girls are conned and plied by society in general and in plenty of cases, directly, by men who stand to make a considerable profit off of them putting their health and safety at risk. i don't not respect vulnerable people who are desperate and conned by Herbalife or whatever MLM into believing their investment and dedication to it will afford them a better life. wanting these people to be critical of sex work as an industry so as not to contribute to a larger problem or end up harmed (in a multitude of ways) doesn't mean you don't have respect for them. it's also all very convenient, all these women who are actively in sex work, of course, tend to praise it, just as coal miners refuse to let go of their exploitative line of work and resist retraining, even FOR THEIR OWN SAFETY, but many of these women are candid about the emotional, psychological and physical damage they once they leave the industry and have a moment to step back. most people don't even realize the toxicity they'd been mired in until they are removed from harmful situations or environments.

(30.87 KB 360x540 images (31).jpeg)
How to cope with the disturbing fact most men are gays Anonymous 06/06/2020 (Sat) 16:50:08 No. 880 [Reply] [Last]
And I'm not even talking about, as marilyn frye said, them being homoaffective only. I'm talking about them being secretly homosexual also. This is something women are not even close to get redpilled on cause media fools us into thinking we are this object of desire of men when in reality we aren't that desired. There is also the fact men hide their gay feelings very well and won't ever admit them, but they make up the vast majority of men
54 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>1736 Everyone hates DL men except for the gay men and trannies who sleep with them. I also don't believe every person fucking a married man does not know, nope. Some of them know and don't care they are all men at the end of the day. A bunch of men thinking with their dicks, so fuck the wives and GF's. They want to fuck a "Straight" man with a wife and the "Straight" man wants to fuck a tranny or a man. DL men/Chasers are fucking dangerous. I blame DL men for HIV being introduced to women, because DL men tend to have more risky sex with anyone with a dick. Men know same sex encounters are gay/bisexual, yet they want them because they are gay/bisexual or got hooked on tranny porn. Notice how trans women, porn and all kinds of crazy shit is trying to be normalized by MEN? They want women to be okay with being with fucked up men. Even when A DL man is exposed, men apart of the alphabet gang come out and try to pull the, "if people were accepting he wouldn't have to hide it!" By "people" they mean women, not men who I regularly see shun and joke on gay men/bisexual men and especially tranny chasers. Men dick watch eachother. I've been on a lot of forums where men constantly judge eachother for who they fuck, so you telling me the only reason DL men can't be out , is society? Or other men judging them? If they be honest with women they'd have NO issues, but they don't.
>>1736 This actually happens surprisingly often, I talked to a woman who actually got HIV from her husband, he had some strange preference for black crossdressers. The strange part is that she still stayed with him even after all of this, it's as if she chose to remain dependant on this man who clearly gave no thought for her well-being, he basically handed her a death sentence.
(176.95 KB 720x585 Screenshot_20200918-071421~2.png)
(222.89 KB 720x756 Screenshot_20200918-071316~2.png)
>>1738 They are not thinking with their dicks. They are thinking with their brains and they are 100% aware of everything. Thing is: They don't care at all. And trust me, none of these guys are doing this because society is homophobic or something. They WANT to have girlfriends, wives and a family. They think they are entitled of having a that. In a way they see women as "romantic partners" but they have sex with men. They all try to normalize this shit cause men are the definition of scum and degeneracy. I read an article the other day about a girl who lost her virginity at 22 to her first boyfriend and got both pregnant and HIV from him. He was bisexual and was cheating on her with men during their relationship. At the end she mentioned she is still a positive person and that she just doesn't date anyone but still dreams of marrying one day. She also said she doesn't feel angry towards him and forgives him. Even though he never even said sorry. Even though he disappeared and left her with the kid. Even though he gave a disease that has no cure and probably will never have. She probably won't ever have sex again or accomplish her big dream of getting married, which for most women, is the only thing that makes life worth living. She will suffer from the stigma of having HIV and is going to be called all names even though that was her first time. And she still "doesn't feel angry towards him and forgives him"... And this is exactly why scrotes, the scum of the earth, do what they do: Cause women are not angry. Women don't have the slightest idea of what actually have always been going on, the reality about men, how many of their boyfriends and husbands are putting them at risk no matter how "straight" these men seem to be or look. Women are alienated because of how silent society is about all of this and romance propaganda
>>1763 Spot on, anon. That is so heartbreaking. You know (and I think I've complained about it here) but this forgiveness culture that women are so pressured into buying into is so dangerous for women. It neuters us of our righteous anger that is usually necessary to motivate us to seek justice and encourage other women to be vigilant and seek justice for themselves too, or at the least, to be realistic about the fact that these are straight up evil people. I'm so tired of the "he has his problems too and I understand and forgive him", when there's nothing to understand about these people except that they are malicious for no good reason. These men don't care and they aren't not thinking. They just have 0 consideration for these women as people, as friends, as partners they should protect. There's no love there. In many cases, no matter how much these women try to please these men and think only positively of them, they still resent these women and think these women are even deserving of disease for any reason - for having asked that they be monogamous, for just being a woman, for not having a dick when they want one, for not being down to fuck at any moment, for leaving the mayonnaise out on the table, for anything. As far as romance propaganda goes, it leaves women completely deluded and oblivious to obvious red flags and it paints perceptiveness as paranoia so long as it's experienced by a woman.
>>1766 Crazy to think women are passive to ALL of this shit while men do mass shootings targeting women because 10/10 tall blond models didn't want to fuck with their ugly and primitive asses The absolute state of our society anon

Stopped being a radfem Anonymous 09/04/2020 (Fri) 20:19:11 No. 1949 [Reply] [Last]
Don't go after me ok. I liked radfem because it explained a lot of stuff, but after being one for a year it's too much. I don't want to constantly be reminded about all the ways that men hate me (and handmaidens too). Even taking breaks from it doesn't help. It feels hopeless, like a twisted way of self harming myself. I see all these long term radfems get sick, or depressed. I don't want that. And honestly I don't believe women can be liberated until the vast majority of men die off. Rich pedo men rule the world and they can take laws away whenever they want. I'll fight to keep my basic rights by signing petitions and things, but at the end of the day? I can't care anymore. There's countless handmaidens to soak up mens aggressions, I'll just save myself with the knowledge I have. Desocialization is basically impossible for most women, just look at Terri who got with some conservitard because she was feeling low.
11 posts and 1 image omitted.
Using an ideology to cope with your issues isn't a way to go. I wish more people knew that because tendencies of extremism is exhausting and damaging for most. Go outside, talk to people outside the usual radfem space, engage in hobbies excluding political discourse. Seriously, it's sad and almost pathetic to see radfems post some unhinged shit that just reeks of personal insecurities and issues that are obviously irrelevant and try to hide with radical feminism.
>>1957 >>1958 I remember reading passage In a book by will and Ariel Durant about something like this, they theorized that their may been Matriarchal or egalatarian tribes and socities that were either conquered anx or destroyed by patriarhal societies spefically cause the advantage patriarchy gave in warfare, patriarchy allowed for a higher birth rate and sense of joined heritage, patrichal societies had more children which led to more soldiers that could overpower the more egalitarian states, the first written example noted were the Assyrians who were super pateichal even for the time period they were in and had a household system where the woman was constant pregnant till the day she died and children would be taken care of captured slaves, this gave the Assyrians one of the largest populations and largest army in the world ever seen, they conquered and destroyed the whole known world Semi egalitarian societies did exist for some time, the Sythians, the Britions, thr Gauls, the berbers (all of whom were warrior socities btw which might have been one of the reasons they survived as long they did) but eventually they succumbed to and conquered by people's who consideres them barbarians
>>1951 >I still believe that men are inherintly defective Do y'all ever read political theory, or do you think being a radical is simply all about hating men and having extremist views?
>>2070 Calm yourself, we didn't say anything about your super-special fuckbuddy, madam academic.
>>2071 I'm volcel, dumbass. It's just brain rot inducing to see people slap labels on themselves that they don't even know the meaning of.

Site Questions Anonymous Root 04/11/2020 (Sat) 14:01:20 No. 180 [Reply] [Last]
Post any questions regarding the site here! I'll try to answer in a timely fashion. I hope.
39 posts and 6 images omitted.
>>296 Well for example, I reported >>1316 awhile back and it's still up there. I just want to know if they do anything about the posts behind the scenes or what. If I don't get an adequate explanation that's kind of suspicious ngl.
(88.84 KB 435x275 87978557544.png)
>>297 I messed up the tag, but this is the post I'm referencing from the PP thread.
>>299 Didn't see it in reports and probably didn't see the post when it was first around, sorry about that. Usually if there's a sus post me and the other mods talk about it and decide whether to leave it (in case it's just a really dumb anon) or delete it (if the anon keeps posting scrote shit).
>>295 they're almost always deleted from what i've seen. afaik the mod team is small so admin and her team are very on the ball considering. running a site is a big responsibility and they do it really well. i rarely even see one or two posts slip through the cracks.
>>300 Alright, thanks for clearing that up!

(582.32 KB 749x571 idiots.PNG)
Reddit Hate Thread Anonymous 04/23/2020 (Thu) 11:03:59 No. 599 [Reply] [Last]
Post all the bullshittery you come across on the neverending pissy party that is Reddit. I'll get started based on something I literally just came across: on the /r/sadcats subreddit, a subreddit for posting pictures of sad cats and edits of sad cats, over 833 users upvoted a photo of a cat in a blender (a top voted post), with its face edited. of course, no real concern is expressed as to what the context actually is here, or if this is from a joke photo or if it is from some sick shit. just "haha funny meme". the male compartmentalization is sickening. who can look at this meme and think haha needs an upboat, especially without being assured there's no questionable context here? there very well could be, and even if not, it's not funny. it's just not funny either way.
59 posts and 15 images omitted.
>>1945 Regarding the first post, I would love it if my guy looked like Indigo Montoya, all men should
(59.31 KB 737x450 screen1.png)
(133.76 KB 734x895 screen2.png)
(13.09 KB 683x92 screen3.png)
Found this account while browsing r/TrueOffMyChest. The funny thing is that if you only skim through the posts, you get the impression that OP is a good looking woman, but he is in fact an ugly man. He only posts about looks, obsessively.
>>2061 kek, "if it's a guy and he wears New Balance shoes and cargo shorts"
>>2061 >or if they are too attractive (yeah, I know, stupid!)

(79.43 KB 1500x500 1500x500.jpg)
(55.20 KB 639x1029 EdcaOQ2XgAE17GY.jpg)
the Giggle controversy Anonymous 09/18/2020 (Fri) 15:54:40 No. 2052 [Reply] [Last]
for those who don't know giggle is a social media app developed by Sall Grover, It was a a platform meant for women only, the app was sorta revolutionary in that it would do a facial recognition scan to confirm the gender of those who wanted to join it, this angered TRAs and TIMs cause it "invalidated" them but Grover defended her stance and redfems and gender critical feminists rallied behind her but recently there has been some controversy,1) is that Sall Grover is not a radfem and doesn't want politics on her app, she wants it to be drama free, 2) issue is that giggle allows sex work as one of its networking options for women helping women, she seems to in the sex work is work camp and lastly she is kinda of a power tripping mod who bans women for even minor complaints against her
I am numb to the libfemmery of a lot of mainstream "women supporting women" initiatives, so I am not surprised that sex work would be one of the options. I am conflicted because this could be used as undercover/lowkey madame and pimp shit, however it could also be a way for sex workers to post about tips to stay safe and maybe out dangerous clients? I don't know. That would have to be an extremely moderated section for it to be beneficial. I don't support the libfem narrative of sex work, but I understand that right now it exists and will continue to exist so you might as well have methods for sex workers to keep themselves and each other safe. However, wanting to keep politics off of that app? As if the mere existence of this kind of app isn't political. Lmao, good luck.
>>2053 I mean I get it, She just wants a drama free woman only space where women talk shit and relax and be free, a space away from political bullshit
i thought trans women were still allowed on the app? maybe i'm misremembering her tweets.
>>2058 Troons do get on the app thanks to the shoddy Facial recognition, however she refuses to update it and thinks there's nothing wrong with it cause she can't admit she screwed up.......so yeah
>>2059 It's probably because it has to make certain exceptions for mutations or most people wouldn't be able to use it

(74.35 KB 750x724 EGCHbvNXUAEhmCF.jpg)
Dumbass Shit Thread Anonymous 01/21/2020 (Tue) 06:46:07 No. 53 [Reply] [Last]
Post any stupid shit that doesn't belong in any other thread here.
200 posts and 40 images omitted.
(2.28 MB 2022x1054 ge1.png)
I will always imagine people who defend makeup, worship YT makeup artists and post shit like "Eyeliner sharp enough to kill a man" looking like this.
>>1967 kek same
What do you guys think of Destiny losing his Twitch partnership? Viral clip that caused it linked below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rufdHsEiO2w
(26.67 KB 259x383 Misbehaviour_poster.jpg)
So I watched the film Misbehaviour and I liked it, the films premise is defined as " A group of women hatch a plan to disrupt the 1970 Miss World beauty competition in London" however there's another story line regarding the African female contestants and their struggles and the 2 parties clashing near the climax The film isn't an anti-feminist gotcha just a more nuanced take on the second wave, the issue of class and race are factors, the womens liberation movement is primarily made up of middle class white women from academic backgrounds and there's nothing wrong with being middle class and white its just that it makes them blind to certain perspectives and experiences, especially regarding black women and shows the feminists vandalizing property thinking its sticking it to the patriarchy but the end result was just gonna be a poorer woman likely gong to clean their mess, the only characters shown as completely wrong are sexist males, so I think its worth a watch for both libfems and radfems
This video fucked me up. https://youtu.be/YsA3PK8bQd8

Unpopular Opinions Thread Anonymous 04/13/2020 (Mon) 02:56:07 No. 320 [Reply] [Last]
What controversial opinions do you hold? Post them here!
123 posts and 14 images omitted.
>>2038 wow, i had no clue there were so many receipts of cardi b calling black women 'roaches', wtf. i thought she was funny and kind of likable in a dumb way and she was honest about the "robbing" potential punters in order to survive, which was cool imo. that's a little disappointing. it is so weird considering she seems to avoid admitting she isn't really black and seems to be profiting off of that assumption. a lot of people are wrongly referring to her as black in relation to this WAP fiasco, apparently.
>>2038 >race traitor Ugly and below the belt. >white man's whore This is entirely accurate. You don't have a shred of credibility when you've sold out to the male white right. It's the same with supposedly pro-Asian women criticizing Asian men while being married to white guys. We get it: y'all hate yourselves even more than the guys hate themselves (looking at you AsianMasc).
>>2045 the comment had less to do with her politics and more due to the fact that she was married to a white guy, like I disagree with her politics but her relationship seems genuine, cardi (who is reminder again not black) making comments on how owens she can't handle a black man or about her marriage life when the debate was about politics is disrespectful and uncalled for
>>2028 I wish it could just be treated like another stupid ass party song but everything that women do has to be politicized somehow. I guess that's what happens when mainstream feminism makes female liberation all about choice and sexual availability to men uwu.
>>2048 Also I just listened to the full thing (I've only heard snippets before) and the other anons are right, the song is pretty bad tbh. It isn't catchy or has a distinct melody, and has too many lyrics that reference BDSM. I need to cleanse myself by listening to Not Tonight by Lil Kim. That's a real feminist sex anthem.

RadFem Art Anonymous 01/19/2020 (Sun) 10:36:12 No. 2 [Reply] [Last]
Do you make RadFem art that you can't post in main because your account will get nuked? Post it here! Also discuss RF artists, the harassment they recieve, and everything in between. Photo: redkatherine
3 posts and 1 image omitted.
Not my art, but good. JK Rowling is iconic.
>>161 omg i love the creator of that she's great!
>>161 She's on instagram! She still posts from time to time, wonderful wholesome radfem art. I really like her but lately she's been feeling a bit down. It sucks, I hope she is okay...
>>318 Uhhh, let's not w this
>>170 wow i love this so much!

(10.86 KB 263x379 Shulamith_Firestone.jpg)
Anonymous 08/27/2020 (Thu) 00:58:14 No. 360 [Reply] [Last]
>central figure in the early development of radical feminism and second-wave feminism and a founding member of three radical-feminist groups: New York Radical Women, Redstockings, and New York Radical Feminists >regarded pregnancy and childbirth as "barbaric" (a friend of hers compared labor to "shitting a pumpkin") >believed that "[T]he end goal of feminist revolution must be, unlike that of the first feminist movement, not just the elimination of male privilege but of the sex distinction itself: genital differences between human beings would no longer matter culturally." >urged the emergence of artificial reproduction so reproduction could be completely separated from the female body >schizophrenic I've never read any of her books but after reading her page on wikipedia I had to check again it was about a radfem cause at a point it seemed more like I was reading about a TRA. So basically she wanted the same loony stuff trannies do like "the end of sex distinction" and urged for reproduction to be "completely independent of women"? Plus, how can you claim to be a feminist at the same time you have so much despise for childbirth and pregnancy, when this is our natural biological roles in reproduction?
35 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>413 yes anon, i understand that was the original original point, but like another anon said, men have the "have my cake and eat it too" mentality. and my point was that there are serious epidemics of men kidnapping and trafficking women even when there are plenty of women, they will capture and torture them in droves not out of "necessity". so like >>405 says, these indian men are not sitting around super preoccupied with the thought about how their actions have affected them 30 years later, and how to avoid this in future - they still want to harm, rape women to the point of death, and still encourage this culture, even when they're facing a shortage of women. anon said "if the Chinese and Indians didn't know they massively fucked up with cultural son preferences they wouldn't be trafficking in impoverished women from countries like Nepal" and it's just not true that they wouldn't be doing just that, even just to avoid the "masculinization" of their women, etc. if men really were concerned about the implications of their behavior and realize it, shit would be different in how they treat women. obviously they don't want to quit mistreating or gangraping them to the point of death them despite facing a serious shortage of them. that's not to say the trafficking problem isn't worsened by the effects of their sexism, but to say it wouldn't be happening at all is a little presumptuous given we know they traffick for fun whenever it's easy to exploit impoverished women and girls.
>>420 >>420 >"if the Chinese and Indians didn't know they massively fucked up with cultural son preferences they wouldn't be trafficking in impoverished women from countries like Nepal" and it's just not true that they wouldn't be doing just that, even just to avoid the "masculinization" of their women, etc. It didn't say that men wouldn't be trafficking women at all. It said that they wouldn't be trafficking *more* women from other countries. God you dumbasses love arguing against strawmans.
>>427 >It didn't say that men wouldn't be trafficking women at all. It said that they wouldn't be trafficking *more* women from other countries. So where do you see that here? >>404 >Btw if the Chinese and Indians didn't know that they massively fucked up with cultural son preference, they wouldn't be trafficking in impoverished women from countries like Nepal. Because that's literally all that was said. And your unnecessarily aggressive and condescending tone is really annoying.
>>428 >Because that's literally all that was said. Correct, that's all that was said, so to argue as if it said that trafficking would *never* occur otherwise is a straw man. The statement and follow up posts only highlight that trafficking has increased due to the circumstances surrounding China's one child policy and son preference, not that trafficking never happens elsewhere or that some trafficking wouldn't happen in China for other reasons. Respond to what is said, not what you made up in your head lol. >And your unnecessarily aggressive and condescending tone is really annoying. And I find the misrepresentation of arguments in order to needlessly debate petty shit really annoying. Maybe I should expect that from people on the internet though, the same way you should expect to see aggressiveness on image boards.
>>429 anon, when i said "at all" i didn't mean that anon was in effect saying there literally would be 0 cases, but that there wouldn't be what would be classed as a real "problem". as i said, we know men traffick and exploit women and girls whenever possible and for whatever reason. just because they're doing so with nepali girls and women doesn't actually mean they're cognizant and remorseful of their actions and will seek to not make those mistakes again because (and it isn't just in countries with legalized prostitution) they will literally exploit impoverished women and girls and they do treat them as chattel whenever possible. idk why you're trying to complicate this. them trafficking impoverished girls is not indicative of them being fully aware, though it is likely worsened by their retarded culture. it happens in slavic countries like mad. and the tone you think is so normalized on other imageboards isn't really so present on here.

Banners and Artwork admin Board owner 01/17/2020 (Fri) 23:14:07 No. 3 [Reply] [Last]
We have horrid ugly placeholders for a site logo and banner. Post better ones here!
31 posts and 23 images omitted.
>>67 Best one.
ok figured out rotating banners
(29.30 KB 312x97 banner01.png)
(6.09 KB 312x97 banner02.png)
(15.45 KB 312x97 banner03.png)
>>278 Just wanted to say I hate all of these. Pug: The image asserts that our posters are not who they say they are, and we are all on LARPing. Silhouette: This one I don't quite get it looks like the banner for an article on abuse for normies. Is it representing dialogue between a man and a woman? Dialogue about the relations between the two? This site has neither. Fuzzy people: Again this is just anonymity/danger/misrepresentation. I feel like these were made by a moid but the pug I just don't get at all other than as an attempt to make fun of the site.
>>293 I thought the pug was pretty funny, the other two I didn't really like but added them anyway since it was the first new banners in a while If you don't like them make new ones to replace them? I can do that Sorry for not logging in to write this btw phone posting

(5.52 KB 225x225 1557464621205.jpg)
(1.68 MB 1355x1809 1557466264650.png)
(51.38 KB 900x900 unnamed.jpg)
Lets discuss "Radfem" Youtubers Anonymous 05/10/2020 (Sun) 03:21:11 No. 541 [Reply] [Last]
I feel we should discus these people, cause like it or not they represent our entire movement to the general public, however many of them have literally no knowledge about radical feminism or even basic feminism sometimes and overall quite "odd" Leah Tverly: She is the most well known youtube radfem as of now, she has no books related to feminism in her shelf, dates/fucks men, bashes other women and her knowledge of radical feminism is limited to buzzwords that she might have read on Gender Critical, video editing is also poor Terri Strange: She has more knowledge then Leah and reads more feminism related books but she's widely inconstant in her behavior regarding women, greatly despises her own mother due to abandonment issues and seems to have a weird as fuck relationship with her father. ella androphobia/Radical Feminist Momma: a woman who was in a abusive marriage and became a "political lesbian", her 3 infant kids are literally in all in her vids and she keeps posting pics of them on facebook, she seems to have discovered radical feminism after her divorce and seems to have even less knowledge then Leah Dworkin's Ghost: About the only Youtube radfem who has actual knowledge about radical feminism, she seems to primarily read Dworkin's and Catharine MacKinnon's works and applies their theories towards the modern world. her video editing is easily the best out of the women mentioned in this thread, but sadly she no audience and her videos often get less then 250 views
31 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>1427 Y'know, I just think there are people, especially women, whose sexuality isn't homosexual, or hetero, or bisexual, but a complete-fucking-mess. We just notice them more in feminist circles, because other people tend to just label them with slurs and sweep it all under the rag, and we sit around overthinking it.
>>1429 Kek, can't say that I disagree. I think she was probably aware she was never a lesbian, however. I can't fully fault a lot of the women in these circles for their actions because I do think many of them have been abused and honestly, even if not abused, just the horrifying nature of reality, especially as a woman or a minority (and obviously like, triply so when it comes to race and sex based oppression), is enough to throw you into a tailspin and cause psychotic breaks and self harm through a million different mediums, but some of their actions are definitely harmful to themselves and to some extent, other women within their sphere. It's tough for people like this to even get therapy because who is going to understand their larger perspective (which is a huge part of their lives, and that they're mostly right about)? It's tough to know what's up and wade through the world as it presently is.
Not strictly radfem-related, but GNC-centric started a podcast with another detrans woman! Good stuff, really like the third episode about the lesbian community and transitioning. https://youtu.be/aA6PaoUbePk
>>1446 Love this channel tbh very insightful also Mackenzie is cute
So I didn't know leah dated/fucked scores but I never liked her content anyways. The best ones are Sekhmet she owl and Black Obsidian (she doesn't consider herself a radfem but she is a true separatist). I will check out dworkin's ghost to see her content...

(67.46 KB 486x631 images (5).jpeg)
Anonymous 09/15/2020 (Tue) 10:37:59 No. 2014 [Reply] [Last]
Any Crystal.cafe/lolcow migrants here? I recently made the mistake of replying to a scrote on CC and got banned for it. Don't know for how long but regardless, it was only a motive for me to leave. They recently made any political or religious discourse against the rules. Really don't see any point to it besides venting on /feels/. The majority of the userbase consists of scrotes from /r9k/ to top it all off. I also recently heard lolcow is discouraging any gender critical discussion, but I'm not very informed on that. Anyway, just curious to know if there are any more of us here ~
(47.63 KB 483x620 48a4456f2f23b90b.jpg)
I don't get CC. It's just 99% cutesy~ shit and troll shit-throwing. I feel like I'm on a r9k troll nursery or a tranny LARPing forum. I feel like even normie mommy discussion forums have better filters and content.
I think most anons here are from LC? I don't like CC, it has always had too many tradthots (if we're to consider the idea that they are actually women). I think it gaining even more of a semi shared userbase with LC within the past 1-2 yrs made it slightly more tolerable, but if they're cracking down on the only thing that would've attracted women who don't trawl the chans for crumbs, or just males, despite them having let LARPers from r9k/pol and tradthots shit up the site for years... they're beyond redemption. Last time I checked there were waaay too many literal '>tfw no bf' threads to not rouse suspicion or disgust.

(296.46 KB 1920x1080 reddithateswomen.png)
Bring back r/GenderCritical Anonymous 07/09/2020 (Thu) 02:17:00 No. 1545 [Reply] [Last]
Alright there stills some hope, please spread the word and contact reddit, maybe If some big name people contact reddit then GC might come back https://mobile.twitter.com/rGenderCritical/status/1277695017751060486[
2 posts omitted.
>>1547 Let Reddit die, it's a cursed platform anyway. They'll find something new to ban and then as time slowly goes on the advertisers won't even bother with them.
>>1548 Honestly I would have less of a problem with the GC ban if they banned all the all political and porn subreddits from the platform, make it fully niche hobby/tv show fandom site
i made a discord for gc and pink pill discussion plus other nerd shit https://discord.gg/692CZ92
>>1990 How long is the link available? I might make an account to join it tomorrow idk.
>>1993 it expires after 50 clicks

Music Thread Anonymous 01/27/2020 (Mon) 11:14:28 No. 96 [Reply] [Last]
What are you listening to? Pic related I sort of lost interest after her third album, but I've been catching up on her work and while I still wouldn't compare it to the first two albums I have been really enjoying it.
52 posts and 4 images omitted.
Been listening to one of my faves again lately. https://timbre.bandcamp.com/album/sun-moon pro-tip - look up bandcamp-dl
>>1976 Not to ruin your music too much, isn't Dalmatrix just 4lungs or some similar furry pedos alt account?
>>1977 ok i thought it was 4lung since its dalmatrix is his page, but it's some weirdo that's in his "collective" that he now has (you know this other dude has to be a pedo, is confirmed a furry) . no offense to anon but holy fuck that music is absolutely terrible

(336.75 KB 1105x892 1578577465115.png)
Anti-Porn thread #1 Anonymous 01/19/2020 (Sun) 16:04:40 No. 38 [Reply] [Last]
Discussion about the harms of porn
119 posts and 34 images omitted.
(101.71 KB 1209x549 anusporn 2018.png)
(330.12 KB 1138x1192 reddit.png)
(432.60 KB 993x2226 TAKE ACTION v1.png)
>>1511 >crickets I'll just dump these images and fuck off elsewhere. I don't belong here. No one's listening anyway — same as everywhere else. Have fun laughing at the crazy male incel virgin with the insane fetish.
>>1577 wait, what? why don't you belong here? people are listening and agree with you, it's just that the board is slow.
(94.63 KB 750x1067 Eg4puO-WAAI71c0.jpg)
They're so desperate
>>1666 They really are. A pick-me of the highest caliber.
>>1682 Is she seriously claiming that anti rapehub is fake because of her eyebrows? Oh my god they are pathetic. I love seeing replies calling out how ugly porn is nowadays especially under porn stars who hate seeing victims speak out tweets. I hope it continues. Does anyone remember Shelley lubben? She past away a few years ago but she was an anti porn advocate after being in it for a bit. And some scrote Michael whitecare with other porn stars made expose videos and pages on her because supposedly she scammed people with her charity. She wasn't perfect and they said she passed away allegedly via suicide but it was amazing seeing how much effort porn addicted scrotes give when porn stars actually reveal their negative experiences. There's also the documentary The Dark Side of Porn I think it's on YouTube in parts that had an interview with a woman who was beaten by a stalker that loved her and her videos yet she as raped and brutalized.

(31.32 KB 474x266 download.jpg)
Actual female sexuality Anonymous 09/05/2020 (Sat) 14:18:58 No. 1964 [Reply] [Last]
I thought I was asexual until my 20s because main stream sexuality is so male gaze-y (woman must always be pretty and perfect, sex isn't about emotional connection but domination/consuming her, porn influenced sex). It seems even the stuff geared towards women isn't really authentic. Romance is boring and just feels like a script for the guy to follow, or borders on creepy stalky shit. I read some fanfiction but it's mostly written by people who haven't had sex or relationships yet kek. Where is real female sexuality represented?? Without any weird power dynamics that hets seem to demand on?? I'm sick of all this shit.
stop reposting threads from cc

(42.55 KB 474x394 download (1).jpg)
Hate my little brother Anonymous 09/04/2020 (Fri) 15:43:34 No. 1688 [Reply] [Last]
I'm in my early 20s and he's still in elementary school. We have very similar features and health issues, and my parents treat him way fucking better than me. Pretty sure it's due to the fact that he's a male, they're retarded ass traditionalists. While they yelled at me to stop complaining about my health problems growing up, they listen to him and take him to doctors, meanwhile I have to fucking deal with the long term consequences of them not giving a shit about me. They buy him everything he wants, praise him for doing good at school… I want to fucking sperg out every time I have to see him being treated so much shitting better. They're delusional if they think I'm going to help or care for them or my brother, as soon as I suck them dry of college money I'm ghosting. Fucking bye you misogynistic shit stains, you reap what you sow. I hope your pwecious widdle son gets addicted to videogames and porn and fails at life, because that's the road he's going if he keeps being so fucking coddled. Little shit demands his mom feeds him while he watches the tv because 'he doesn't want to look away'.
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>>1696 Very fucked up if he has learned to slap your ass. Ultimately, let's be honest, your parents are losers, but even if they were decent parents, society fucks up males hardcore. I don't think you're obligated to love anyone. It is jarring to people though that you say you hate a kid, but I kind of get it. With society and fucked up parents, he had no chance at turning out to be somewhat decent. The ass slapping thing is really worrying though. A lot of males are really growing up to be very disgusting about female relatives thanks to porn so I worry about how that might get much worse as he enters puberty.
>>1699 He doesn't do it anymore, thankfully, I made him stop. But he still sometimes does it to my mom and grandma, who don't give a shit. I guess they're used to and accepting of males violating their boundaries. I'm worried about him reaching puberty too, will have to talk to my parents about not letting him use the tablet outside of the living room, but pretty sure that's not gonna do shit. Probably going to get a door lock and keep all my toiletries in my room.
>>1693 Elementary school is like what age? 6 to 10? Handfeeding at that age is pretty common in where I'm from but his TV and tablet addiction is a problem. >>1696 Parental neglect is bad. I have a feeling they probably expected a boy during their first pregnancy and instead got you so they're compensating their disappointment now. Some of the behavior you've listed is typical of a kid, they're demon spawns but the ass slapping part is odd. Maybe he picked it up from those constant youtube feed of children making prank videos. One brat I know of picked up the habit of screaming like a rooster when someone's sleeping to wake them up.
>>1705 >Handfeeding at that age is pretty common in where I'm from but his TV and tablet addiction is a problem. Where are you from? That's super not a thing in the US, at least (I can't personally attest to anywhere else but I'd be inclined to believe this is practice everywhere in the anglosphere at least). Toddlers are expected to feed themselves and almost all experts here say spoonfeeding for years longer than necessary and at their demand is terrible for their development.
Parental favoritism is just messed up in general. The eldest is always a test run which can be either good or bad. All humans deserve real, honest, and predictable affection. A life well lived is the best revenge of all.

Daughters of lilith is suspended Anonymous 09/04/2020 (Fri) 17:06:12 No. 292 [Reply] [Last]
I click on it and it says it's suspended :/

(79.47 KB 563x517 1576701574176.jpg)
Pink pill #1 Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 18:18:30 No. 7 [Reply] [Last]
Share your pink pills here.
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>>1687 Are you the one also complaining in the other thread that india isnt as bad as pakistan?
I should really delete ig but recently stumbled on a post about being on a beach and how pretty it would be but the sad reality is that I'm a woman and women know not to be out at dark. Yet the comments, all from men, on the post were all >you're paranoid >you're judging a whole gender >stop being so scared and living in fear >lol carry a gun >well actually men are attacked far more than women Scrotes belittle women's safety so much then turn around to blame them when they are raped and murdered. Men constantly tell women how overly stronger and bigger they are compared to women, like a rattlesnake shaking its tail around other animals, why is it so shocking that women listen to them and take precautions? They're so upset that other men are rapists and murderers yet blame the often targeted victims, women. They will never get it so it's best to just ignore them, avoid them and stay safe.
(107.68 KB 295x640 IMG_4156.PNG)
Here is yet another pinkpill. The Pakistani anon that says that "urdu-speaking" middle to upper class Pakistani males are terrible gets yet another example to support her viewpoint. Recently, two horrific rape cases occurred in Pakistan, and those cases have sparked a lot of anger amongst the populace. I was reading a twitter thread about the case and lo and behold: A Pakistani MRA. This scrotoid decides to post a picture with a quote from that dumbass pick-me Karen Straughn under a thread discussing one of the rapes. It is truly comical how much these wastes of life like to display their low empathy for women.
(130.65 KB 290x570 IMG_4157.PNG)
Here is the retard's profile. A scrote from a country that is already a nightmare for women, that his heroes in his twitter bio would cite as a "place where women are REALLY oppressed," is up in here claiming to be an MRA. Exposure to these types of retards needs to be necessary for any feminist or progressive in the West, so they know that men all over the world do not care about the issues of women and love to derail, even countries with the worst misogyny on the planet. Never feel bad about fighting against "first world problems" again and never listen to Western males that claim that "m-maybe if you bitches were REALLY oppressed we wouldn't have a problem." They are only there to derail and like >>1729 said, they simply never want to acknowledge that harm men as have done and currently do.
>>1743 >>1744 Mras especially in fucking Pakistan or in India only appear ONLY AFTER rape and violence towards women is brought to attention. They never stand up when a boy is raped and murdered by other men. Or when a man is attacked by other men. Their intentions couldn't be anymore more clear. They just want women to accept their violence but never complain about it. Like their retarded scrote minds can't understand women want to be left alone in peace. No woman wants to live in fear or accept violence as normal. Fucking animals avoid danger when they can and try to prevent any harm coming to them. It's fucking survival. This is the y chromosome at work.

Personal Expereinces Transwomen Thread- Anonymous 07/06/2020 (Mon) 01:13:47 No. 1178 [Reply] [Last]
I thought it'd be cool to have a thread where we just talk about our personal experiences with transwomen/people. How it shaped our views, or even if you have a friend,family member,spouse or ex-spouse story to share. If you need to vent about someone. If you want advice on how to deal with something or a situation. It does not have to be negative or hateful, but a place to vent, maybe give some advice or just share a story. Good, bad, indifferent, I think we need a space for this, especially since on Lolcow I've been seeing a few posts about experiences with trans people or trans allies. (sorry for my shitty english)
2 posts omitted.
Sadly most of these are Discord related lol 1) Was in a call with one for the first time ever, my first vocal interaction but I didn't want to call him she. I tried to call him by his name or use them and you when reffering to him. Kept slipping up because turns out if you sound male my instinct is to go "he" and he went "Who do you mean by HE?" in a really hostile tone so I just left the call. 2) Had one slide into my dms, at first it was ok because we were talking about video games but then they kept sending selfies asking if they looked hot. At fitst I was all, "you look fine dw" and switched the topic but then he started sending selfies of him wearing diapers and other abdl gear so I blocked him. 3) Met a FTM on some fandom server. She actually wasn't that bad but one time she talked about using a toothbrush to masturbate in a public channel kek 4) In highschool there was this really popular kid, very tall skinny and hyper. We were in the same math class and one of the students made a joke about transexuals but then the popular kid went "You know I'M trans right?" and the other kid kept going "Are you sure? Damn. Really? Noo..." and honestly I thought the same because they had man hands and a adams apple but also a really feminine face and super high pitched voice. It didn't help this kid was usually known to joke around a lot too, but they seemed pretty serious. To this day I'm still not sure. 5) Knew someone who ended up trooning out IRL and told me that I'm not really a woman, that I am just hyperfeminine so by that logic transwomen are women because of the way they act and he was one too. If I wear pants or act like a slob, it made me a man and that also applied to him, he didn't want to live like that. Such a fucking insult, everything in life happened because I'm a woman but can't beat those mental gymnastics.
I was in a LGBTQ+ online support group years ago. There were 3 transwomen and 2 trans men and the rest were gay/lesbians and the odd bisexual. - There was this trans women who was obessed with straight men and constantly posting videos on their facebook about how much men loved transwomen women. They went on a long rant about why they'd never date a man who dated transwomen or men, that ticked off a transbien in the group and they got in a stupid agrument. They once got in a agrument with a girl on twitter, told them they could take their man, then commented on the Bf's picture and he called them a "Mentally ill tranny" and they got them banned from twitter. This person detransed last I checked. - There was a transwomen who started off as a gay man, then became a "Straight" transwomen and then came out as bisexual. Then finally a lesbian. They only dated transwomen/men so basically it was a gay guy who went through four sexualities all of them were him having homosexual sex. I hope that dude figured it out. - a trans escort joined the group briefly, they kept posting pictures of themselves and everyone would go out there way to compliment them. A few trans women were constantly throwing jabs about how they didn't have the money to "Pass" and it was hurting their self esteem. The escort was always telling "true stories" about all the rappers they'd fucked or dated, no one believed it but I found it funny. They DID tell a very detailed story about fucking Ch*rlie Sh*en that I kind of believed. They left a group but the detrans girl, told me that the transgirl was "grooming" them into escorting with them, Telling them "Asian transwomen are very popular" and even introduced them to a trans porn star online who was trying to get them to do transporn. I do miss the group because there were some very nice people in it, outside of all the drama.
>>1184 >4) In highschool there was this really popular kid, very tall skinny and hyper. We were in the same math class and one of the students made a joke about transexuals but then the popular kid went "You know I'M trans right?" and the other kid kept going "Are you sure? Damn. Really? Noo..." and honestly I thought the same because they had man hands and a adams apple but also a really feminine face and super high pitched voice. It didn't help this kid was usually known to joke around a lot too, but they seemed pretty serious. To this day I'm still not sure. You got to admit that's a pretty cool way to speak up.
My first experience was with this MTF trans woman that presented as homeless and mentally ill. I was at the bus stop of my community college reading with my headphones in. they insisted on speaking to me so i gave in and took my headphones off. they spoke strangely and said that they were growing their hair and nails out because they were becoming a woman. i felt really bad for them but tried to keep it upbeat since they seemed really emotionally fragile. they were balding and had dirt under their nails. a friend i told this story to said that this person used to harass all the little girls in her neighborhood about how they were transitioning. i don't think they were actually homeless just mentally ill with poor hygiene. The only other time i had a conversation irl with a trans person was one my college friend was dating that transitioned after they had an established relationship. Myself and our mutual male roommate from college went to stay the weekend with them and chill sometime after graduating. I was the only one of our roommates that was into anime and they would ask me for recommendations all the time. so my female college friend tells her MTF gf this and they promptly ignore it and proceed to exclude me from all of her questions about the subject the entire weekend. They exclusively talk to our male roommate about it even though he has only seen when i told him to watch. He would tell them that I knew more about anime but that was ignored also. really rude and strange. i know my female college friend had been in open relationships before so i don't know if she wanted our male college roommate to join them an i was in the way or they just decided they wanted to mean girl me for whatever reason.
I've only met 3 TIMs as far as I can remember. 2 of them were pleasant and seemed to genuinely just be dysphoric but otherwise normal people. The other one works in a local shop and seems like a classic agp. I heve only come across him very briefly 3 times or something though, so I've never had to deal with any bullshit from him. Then I've met 2 NBs. One is a girl who's super sweet and seem to identify as NB because of trauma. I really hope she doesn't start taking hormones or get surgery. The other was an absolutely obnoxious dude from a school I went to. He always had to be the center of attention and ALWAYS knew best about everything regarding philosophy and sociology. He was also super insecure. I disagreed with and argued against him ONCE in friendly, playful and not at all antagonising way, won the "argument", and after that he seemed legitimately scared of me kek.

(35.87 KB 513x513 EZW4q03U0AAxSxL.jfif)
Confessions Anonymous 06/12/2020 (Fri) 05:32:56 No. 1187 [Reply] [Last]
Confession your sins and grievances
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i meant on not arguing with tras on twitter but holy shit they're so stupid and disingenuous i responded to one. i don't have debate points or skills lol why do i do this
There are so many upper middle class poc in America who straight up hate poor people because they believe they're all racist... and their justification is listing all the stereotypes associated with poor people and saying "this leads to them being racist". They can claim it's "only whites" all they want, the way they talk about this stuff reveals their bias. And you know, this makes me very insensitive to whatever they experience. If you're not for solidarity you can kiss my ass.
I follow some detrans men on my twitter and I'm so horny I keep wondering if they're cute or not. I see a lot of detrans people in STEM so we'll have that in common kek.
>>1924 you mean men with moobs or women?
>>1927 I mean "men with moobs", yes. I'm straight.

(22.93 KB 270x334 62025u.jpg)
Anonymous 08/27/2020 (Thu) 22:54:44 No. 1875 [Reply] [Last]
Any futurist radfems here? I'm interested in radical life extension and philosophizing about all that AI/transhumanism stuff but I find that a lot of the online discussion circles are mostly filled with misogynistic dudebros

(85.30 KB 308x266 35sfwe.jpg)
Advice Thread Anonymous 04/15/2020 (Wed) 14:13:42 No. 474 [Reply] [Last]
Need some advice or friendly guidance? Let loose and let your fellow gardeners listen and hopefully help!
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>>1075 Even good people become flying monkeys for narcissists. She's being used and if you have to cut her off to avoid him, do so. Have you watched dr. ramani's youtube channel? Her videos on narcissists are great and she has a specific video on flying monkeys.
>>1075 Ugh, that's the worst. Honestly, I know you don't want to be rude, but sometimes it's not really avoidable unless you want to expend like, stupid amounts of energy tiptoeing around the feelings of people who would throw you under the bus for their malignant spouse, anyways. I can only say what I do, which is that I try to explain to these women that my relationship with my dad is complicated and honestly, it's between us -- not her, me, and him. Because truthfully, it's kind of rude to involve yourself in the intricacies of someone else's relationship with their child, unless you intend to better the life of the child or help the parent right wrongs. Her contacting you for HIS birthday, not even someone else's birthday that you both know, or your own birthday (literally wtf considering I assume she knows you're avoiding him?) doesn't give an indication that that seems to be the case, so eh. I'd feel really weird as a partner to insert myself in someone else's relationship with their child and ever insist their adult child, who has been avoiding them for 2 years, do something -for them-, especially considering this isn't a dire situation or something. Alternatively, I'd ignore her. I don't really see the point in keeping up communication with people do the bidding for manipulative narcissists. If it's a punishment gift, he will likely demonize you anyways and make you look bad to her (obviously leaving out the context of your relationship while weaving his narrative as to why you're a terrible daughter, to her), and if you send him something nice (even a card) he'll likely feel validated/use it as an excuse to believe you think highly of him, probably partially undoing the progress you've made over the past 2 years. Just my 2 cents on how it may go based on my experience.
>>1079 Not familiar, but I'll check her out. Thanks! >>1080 Thank you for perspective. I honestly never considered that I didn't have to explain myself to her lol. This is why it's good to hear from people who have been in similar situations.
There’s no winning with narcissists; they can only be avoided. https://n-continuum.blogspot.com/?m=1
Pathetic vent but there's a woman in my online college class that I'm pretty sure hates me. I really thought we'd be friends but she's the only person in the class group chat that doesn't seem to appreciate my contribution but would praise everyone else's. I'm upset and anxious about how she probably sees me as a competition when I actually just want her to appreciate or treat me equally like she does to everyone else. It's really intimidating, and my social anxiety doesn't help. In turn I'm pressured and stressed to do even better than her when I just really want to pass the class with a good GPA. Maybe its just that I never had this experience in high school? or that I'm really just looking for her approval? I don't even know anymore, I think I'm just pathetic. Either way, I wish more women enjoy the idea of teaming up with their fellow women and compete/challenge with men instead in academic settings. song related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMVTOxELjfU

Am I still sexist? Anonymous 06/20/2020 (Sat) 22:31:00 No. 137 [Reply] [Last]
Sometimes I think a great portion of my fellow radfems throw around the word "rape" and "harassment" too loosely and say they are traumatized of something like a guy catcalled her on the streets. (Female objectification is one of our biggest problems but I don't think this is going to be affective on ending it). I think some them pass exaggerated feelings of vulnerability
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>>351 ...When you legally allow something, even if it is something very controvertial, it becomes normalized eventually. In the long term desensitized people might not have that much trouble with opting to abort 6 months old babies for reasons other than that their lives are at risk
(70.45 KB 900x668 5ce4698e021b4c1d920b8997.jpg)
>>352 >>351 Fetuses can be anesthetized. And if either of you are willing to adopt these fetuses that will grow to be children, en masse, then sure, put your money where your mouth is and make sure you have thousands of other people willing and able to care for these kids. Until there's more than enough proof that these children have guaranteed safety and security, it's best that people who are so committed to not having a child at this stage, despite how invasive it is and without the risk of death, NOT HAVE THEM for the safety of the future child. Some of these people are extremely mentally and psychologically unfit, etc. There's no safety net for these children. Condemning these kids to a life with negligent and/or abusive parents or a life knowing they are unwanted and are at the mercy of others and that they don't have real, lifelong advocates, is reprehensible, and is nothing but an attempt to soothe your own emotions at the expense of these kids. And no, when you "legally allow something", specifically in the case of a procedure that is unnecessarily dangerous and invasive, that isn't true. 91% of abortions are still performed before 13 weeks despite women in most states being able to abort until 20 weeks, if not later when it comes to viability and no limitation states.
>>354 None of what you said justifies why aborting at 20 or 24 weeks of pregnancy should be allowed in cases where the mother's life is not at risk. I'm totally in favor of mothers aborting kids they don't want, but come on, you have enough time to make your decision before the fetus is capable of feeling pain and is about to born
>>356 How? I literally just said there are women and girls who get pregnant who are not mentally or psychologically capable and they don't realize it until much later on and until shit gets really real, etc. There are cases where girls and women think they can handle a child or that they are ready for them, but either through abandonment of the father, or domestic violence, or financial insecurity, etc, they realize it's actually a terrible and dangerous idea. People overestimate their abilities and they overestimate how prepared their environment is for a child. Again, the ability to have an abortion later is there for plenty of women and girls and yet we're still seeing upwards of 90% of them performed before 13 weeks. And there seriously are plenty of cases where men have convinced the women in their lives that they really want these children or they goad these women into believing that they can swing it, but realize much later on that they want nothing to do with these children. Shann'an Watts and Laci Peterson come to mind, and they were murdered due to the fact that these men realized they wanted no involvement despite initially thinking that they did. A lot of men actually first begin cheating when their wives become pregnant, become abusive, etc, because they also overestimate their interest in having a family, responsibilities, their abilities, and realize that they don't want children. It's not just women choosing, I'm sure in a number of cases it'd come down to their circumstances drastically changing for the worst out of nowhere, too. Again, fetuses can be anesthetized and pain wouldn't really be a factor. The very, very few women that might do it just as form of birth control, essentially, absolutely SHOULD NOT be parents, and you're more than likely dooming these children to a waking nightmare of a life if they do become parents. You've offered no real response to the fact that fetal anesthesia can be administered, nor have you acknowledged the stark truth that there would be no safety net for these children anyhow.
>>359 I don't know exactly how fetal anesthesia work in these cases but I just... I don't see why make it legal to abort almost new born fetuses when the mothers have no risk of dying at labor and they had enough time to make this decision. According to your arguments, should we also allow it that a mother kills a new born or a 1yo baby if she is not mentally or psychologically capable of dealing with them but hadn't realized it until much later on?

(67.10 KB 1256x1048 incel.jpg)
Anonymous 08/02/2020 (Sun) 20:00:14 No. 1369 [Reply] [Last]
Don't you think incels and their misogyny are being greatly underestimated? They've been posting all day about hurting us and enslaving us.
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>>1550 >There have been women who have targeted males with intent to kill, yes? This issue goes both ways. Aileen Wournos did nothing wrong.
>>1550 >There have been women who have targeted males with intent to kill, yes? Yeah 2 or 3 for thousands of men who have targeted women
>>1553 Also men make up the vast majority of murderers whether or not the victim is male or female. 10 women are killed in Mexico a day, show me comparable stats of women killing men and maybe anon would have a point.
>>1550 Like, what women have 'targeted men with the intention to kill'? You mean after being raped, tortured, or abused by them? I suppose there could be some that have killed men for being men, but I've not heard of any, especially given that most of them that one could possibly argue that have killed men "for being men" do so because of a perceived threat of violence. Most women who kill men kill people they personally know, or people who have actually harmed them, not spree killing perfect strangers to make some fucking retarded political statement.
>>1550 I don't think there are as many proper incels as you think, tbh. There are a lot of incel aligned men online, but ones that are heavily invested in incel shit? I don't think there are so many millions of them. Considering that, yeah, their ideology has created a comparatively large amount of monsters. But mass shooters aren't the only incels who are committing horrendous crimes. They're just the ones who receive the most attention. I would be willing to bet that there's a decent amount of violence within their personal lives, or even murders, and either because these offenses haven't been explicitly attributed to their inceldom, or because they haven't killed as many people, it isn't commonly reported. I can almost guarantee that a lot of these men are violent. And plenty of "incels" aren't even incels like they claim. Plenty of incels have had girlfriends before or have women interested in them at some point, they just fuck up their relationships because they can't extract everything they want out of women and abuse them at the same time, and women put up with it as often. >they just seek companionship, but since they cannot get it, they vent their frustrations online 100% untrue. They are completely capable of getting into relationships but they grow to hate women because women now push back on emotional dysfunction, abuse, and entitlement. Their gripe is their perceived loss of power in "Western" relationships because of the "masculinization of Western women", kek. The "rejected sadboi" narrative is apologia that's completely detached from reality. Yes, they say they just want relationships, but the reality is that they want women way out of their league, and they also want the ability to mistreat and dehumanize them. These things are no longer publicly and commonly acceptable in relationships and incels are pissed about it. They also use women as a convenient scapegoat for why quality jobs are dwindling, etc. These are the same men that will scapegoat minorities and make villains out of anyone to escape accountability, or to just avoid holding the actually powerful parties accountable. They aren't resentful because they "just want a relationship". That's the overly charitable view they want people to have of them. People who are sentimental and lonely don't encourage murder and hatred because they're just "so sad uwu". That shit makes no sense and it certainly doesn't match the things that they say and do in their communities, sharing photos of dead and raped women for laughs, etc. They are emotionally shallow bullies that are extremely angry because it's getting very slightly more difficult for men to abuse and mistreat with impunity. There's nothing else to it.

(37.72 KB 700x394 36171089_303.jpg)
iw - International Women's Rights admin Board owner 01/17/2020 (Fri) 19:31:10 No. 68 [Reply] [Last]
There is little that we can do as individuals to stop socially or legally sanctioned abuse of women in other cultures but we can raise awareness of new and ongoing issues and evaluate the work of charities where donations could make a difference. This thread is for discussing new or ongoing women's rights abuses around the world.
Edited last time by admin on 01/28/2020 (Tue) 14:10:44.
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>>1536 Do it, I'm a little curious.
>>1536 Would like to hear your perspective, anon
>>1536 I grew up around the other side of the border(Pakistan) I'm sure you went throy some bullshit, but it's not comparable to what goes on in Muslim countries, especially here in Pakistan, the fact is you are allowed to leave Hinduism, worst case scenario would be that your family would disown you but here the state will kill me if I leave Islam, me and every other unfortunate soul that has to live with this godawful religion will be hanged for leaving Islam and or insulting Muhammad, I'm sure Indian Muslim muhajirs are better then the muhajirs we have here cause they have less power
>>1537 >>1542 >>1544 Hey everyone-ok confession, after I wrote that post I lost this sites address and it took me this long to find lol. So I will probably make a longer post next time with related videos but the big issue is with the caste system and its the reason why people cannot covert to the religion of Hinduism, and there are some wannabe spicy white people who try and clearly have not done their research. Your caste is something thats dictated when your born and you cant escape it (unless you covert out of the religion) theres been a few short documentaries done on it which is what i want to link for you so you dont have to read novel long posts. basically if you are of a low caste you get treated like shit and higher castes can abuse you without fear of presecution. I will go into depth in a later post but you can google it if you're really curious. The funny thing for me is they tried to practise it over here (I'm in england now) and basically the police got involved but it was kept from the mainstream news and its one reason you get indian hindus who still try to practise this shit siding with the BNP and racist national parties-they dont want whitey to turn on them. >>1548 Anon, while i sympathise, this isnt a competiton. its funny that you dont know what we've gone through to then say its not comparable to muslim countries when in fact india has been stated to be the most dangerous country for women in 2018, and i remember the backlash this got because people said "how can this be it has to be saudi arabia or some other muslim country". And this is the problem, a lot of westerners romantisize india, which is why when indian feminists and reformers speak out they get ignored. Some truly horrible shit goes down there but people handwave it off because "indians are so colourful and happy!" Not trying to minimise what you're going through anon, but remarks like that really dont help us, we should be in this together.
>>1537 >>1542 >>1544 >>1548 Hey its me again, This isnt the documentrary I originally saw but its similar and if i can find it i will. Warning this is disturbing-basically this is about children are sold into sex slavery because hindu goddess. This didnt happen in my village but I used to hear about it growing up. I'm so glad my family never believed in this nonsense https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GFaN9-1iz0&ab_channel=VICE

(221.84 KB 764x1188 pbu8882f441r27qo6o1_1280.jpg)
Literature On Women Anonymous 01/19/2020 (Sun) 19:41:51 No. 6 [Reply] [Last]
ITT: We discuss literature related to women's history, our place in societies/cultures/religions, etc. To start, has anyone read "Who Cooked The Last Supper?" by Rosalind Miles? It goes into detail on women's history, as well as our suppression through the ages. It's been widely lauded as essential feminist reading. I've only just started reading it myself, but I'd really like to share and discuss it with other anons. Here's a pdf: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BaDaMOny7JkPkymTHCCGIJPlH2JR-S55/view Feel free to share any other books (or even articles) you've read on this topic!
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https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=inu.30000108568415&view=1up&seq=126 Kill The Enemy By Lieutenant Lyudmila Pavlichenko More confirmed kills than the navy seal copypasta.
What are the best radfem works to start with?
(7.81 MB solanas UYA.pdf)
>>333 "Right wing women" by Dworkin is a go-to when you ask this question usually. I would recommend Graham's "Loving to survive". but I'm not sure if it's considered problematique nowadays. "Why does he do that" and "The cinderella complex" are too a good intro into why we are so fucked in a man's world. Sheila Jeffreys: "Industrial vagina" about the bigger picture with "sex work" "The Spinster and her enemies", "Unpacking queer politics", "Lesbian Heresy" about attack on women's sexual freedom from male left and right I would also recommend Valerie Solanas's play that never came to be, "Up You Ass". Not theory, but hilarious.
>>333 I can send you a bunch of PDFs if you want too
>>334 thank you for the list, i've heard right-wing women too but wanted to see if anything else came up! >>335 i got the pdfs just not sure what to start with thank you though!

(25.97 KB 569x844 binder.jpg)
Dysphoric Female General Anonymous 07/04/2020 (Sat) 21:30:28 No. 162 [Reply] [Last]
Does anyone else suffer from dysphoria? How do you cope with it through radfem lenses? I have pretty intense body dysphoria since puberty and have a very hateful relationship with my female body, ironically enough i never indentified as a troon because i also did not want male characteristics, wanting to be a pre-pubescent genderless enby was my dream. I've been considering either a mastectomy or drastic breast reduction for a while now because my breasts bring me the most discomfort, but now being exposed to gender critical theory made me wonder if there any other ways of diminishing the issue.
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>>174 Yeah not really.... This is mostly about social dysphoria and feeling uncomfortable with words and such, which is a problem for most trans-indentified women but not me.
I do, but mine is from my uterus. Just the reminder that it's there is enough to make me anxious, and seeing a pregnant woman or baby makes it even worse. I wish i could get my tubes tied or just take the whole thing out. It would make my life a lot less stressful and i would not have this fear aways at the back of my head. I even avoid shows or books having to deal with pregnancy or anything uterus related like periods, PCOS or endometriosis.
>>174 Side note: can we stop with the amp links already? These are vile.
I don't have dysphoria per say, but what I have is body dysmorphia. Body dysmorphia affects me in numerous ways. I'm scared of going out of the house (besides walks and my workplace) because I'm afraid people that I highly dislike will see me and laugh at me because I think I'm ugly, fat, boobs are too small, too hairy, or very puny and not muscular. I look at myself and all I see is a monster in the mirror. I see not only one specific flaw, but numerous flaws in my body. I go from shaving all of my body hair (still have my eyebrows; I just pluck them) to clipping my nails short, but not really short, or putting on makeup to cover up my ugliness. I also pick at my skin at times, because I don't think it should be there. I think what makes it worse is that I'm considered to be overweight and overfat, yet really obese people think I'm "skinny" and anorexics that loathe and obsess over my existence think I'm "morbidly obese" (even said I was SOOOOO fat near my face). Also actual obese people (different ones that actually hate me) said I had a flat chest (not true; I'm a 32d in one brand and a 34b in another, which is 36" bust, and considered average). At the same time, I do think they're too small because other women have like 44" busts, also they tell me I have no muscle whilst having anorexics and obese people claiming they have muscle even though the anorexics are just skeletons and the obese people are just fat. (not trying to be malicious; it's just that they literally are just bones or fat). I just hate having to look at the mirror, and I always avoid pictures because I'm afraid of I'm *insert flaw I have here*. Sorry that this is long, but I also thank you guys for spending the time reading this. /rant
>>162 >wanting to be a pre-pubescent genderless enby was my dream yeah... I want to go back to a simpler time.

True Crime General Anonymous 06/19/2020 (Fri) 21:55:28 No. 1242 [Reply] [Last]
There's a lot to explore on this topic in general so I think a thread on true crime is kind of overdue. I just read about this case today, where a middle school employee (worked with 'troubled' children apparently, so the claim that he has seen too many abused/raped kids to ignore it seems legit), killed a sex offender and turned himself in. Also appears like the sex offender def had bait for kids with those playhouses and stuff on his property. What are your thoughts on this kind of vigilantism? On one hand, I can't say I really disagree with it in this case, but on the other hand, I feel like men are always itching to kill and search for any excuse to do it, so I'm skeptical of male vigilantism in general. https://www.omaha.com/news/crime/ex-wife-omaha-man-arrested-in-killing-of-registered-sex-offender-fearful-man-would-offend/article_ca281537-18e6-5e9f-8bd6-3cee4499b939.html
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>>1582 that really is so sad. he seems to seriously only have murdered people that deserved it, after a life of nothing but suffering, and it seems like they genuinely were the real deal - truly shit people. he did nothing wrong.
>>1583 his victims >John Farrell, age 30, on 14 March 1974.(the one with child pornography) >David Francis, age 26, on 26 February 1977. Francis was a convicted child molester, . >Salney Darwood, age 46, on 29 July 1978. At the time of his death, Darwood was serving life for the manslaughter of his wife Blanche. >William Roberts, age 56, on 29 July 1978. At the time of his death, Roberts was serving 7 years for sexual assault of a seven-year-old girl. so he didn't randomly kill just anyone, the bastards he killed all deserved it but the media painted him as this deranged irrational psycho killer, its a fucking Joke
>>1586 I would bet money that pedophiles in power were scared of him and paid to influence the media. If these facts were widely known, most people would side with him.
>>1582 >In March 2000, Maudsley unsuccessfully pleaded for the terms of his solitary confinement be relaxed, or to be allowed to commit suicide via a cyanide capsule. >He also asked for a pet budgie, which was also denied. >In 2010, the Daily Mirror reported that Maudsley made a plea to be able to play board games with prison staff to relieve his boredom. They won't even let him have bare minimum entertainment, poor man, I don't think he should be let out but damn let him have his bird. Apparently his cell guards seem to like him and be friendly with him enough to even want to play games which is a bit uplifting, personally I would have no issue with playing some checkers with the guy that only kills wife beaters and kiddy diddlers.
>>1582 A hero

Anonymous 07/22/2020 (Wed) 19:20:41 No. 206 [Reply] [Last]
Some radfems are so full of resentment and their crankiness is ridiculous to see. They're petty and ready to throw any woman under the bus if they don't lick their asses and agree with every shit they said. If stays like this we won't go anywhere.
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>>254 This. >>257 And also that bit at the end is part of the reason why the anti-pp anons wanted us gone in the first place lmao. Some of you need therapy not radical feminism, because it's obvious that you aren't in the right mental state to be able to deal with serious topics without spouting insane shit like this.
women can't all be filed under man haters/handmaidens. I don't think the most man hating women in the world could do much damage to men/men-loving women even if they all collaborated (that's a small number compared to men who hate women). I think discussions always hit a dead end when they get reduced to saying women who are focused on broader goals (i.e. involving men) = handmaidens, and radical feminists = middle class white lesbians up in their rich lesbian tower chewing on the entrails of working class men
>>260 Many lesbians get accused of being handmaidens though
>>262 that's my point. any discussion can get shut down by women accusing each other of being handmaidens. at the end of the day it's pointless to accuse someone of something here because we could all be lying about our experiences since this is an anonymous board. I haven't really gotten to a conclusion about this issue or have any suggestions, really. Just half a thought.
>>316 I feel the label handmaiden gets thrown around way to much and we get into rather silly debates on what makes a handmaiden and whose the real feminist It's so fucking dumb and nothing gets accomplished, this isn't just a feminist thing I just think this is a problem with the modern left as a whole

(25.58 KB 500x275 small-chart.png)
Anonymous 07/25/2020 (Sat) 00:22:02 No. 218 [Reply] [Last]
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>>291 He did abuse his power and proclaimed his son his political heir (which wasn't common then), and Roma had then to deal with Commodus. Other than that, he was good, yeah.
>>293 I've thought about this before but how could you possibly enforce it. People are going to have sex and that's going to lead to pregnancy so how would you deal with 'unlicensed' pregnancy? All the scenarios I can think of are insane human rights violations.
>>303 Heavily incentivize them not having kids, decentivize having them and they'll at least try to work it out themselves. That'll never happen though, most economies rely too much on cheap labor and need obviously need loads of future adults/children (though good luck getting people to accept immigration in racist countries no matter how it affects the dwindling support for their aging population [looking at you, Japan]) to keep it going. No one cares about improving the living conditions for children, preventing child abuse, and creating happy, sane adults.
>>305 >Heavily incentivize them not having kids, decentivize having them and they'll at least try to work it out themselves. Will also cause lots of deprived children of people who couldn't follow the rules being punished for their parent's mistakes, which also seems to not care about improving the living conditions of children.
>>293 And you trust the big daddy state to do that? Kind of a fast track to totalitarianism. >>301 The only alternative would've been killing his son himself.

(6.48 KB 300x168 download (5).jpg)
JK is the only reason this retarded has a career Anonymous 06/12/2020 (Fri) 15:59:48 No. 928 [Reply] [Last]
This ungrateful little brat could have stayed silent, but he chose to stab her in the back just to promote himself instead. Typical of men. This is a lesson to you: DO NOT expect men to do anything for US. We can only count with each other in this shit. We need to do something to stop all this madness cause we are the only ones who oppose the absurd we live in currently
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>>1216 oh yeah, steve king, i forgot about him.
(41.24 KB 1093x772 456r7yfjhv.jpg)
Can someone pink pill me on what happened with jk. I'm out of the loop here, I recall people are extremely upset with her at something. All I know, was that it was related to troons. What exactly did she say? Why are people turning on her?
>>1225 Interesting. Thanks.
>>1068 JKR wasn’t pandering to men, I’m 99% sure. She’s much more calculating than most people think. Being that rich and having the kind of social circle that she has access to means she’s learned how to get what she wants out of people, even though her “Voldemort was gay!!!” phase was obviously stupid and seriously damaged her credibility. IMO, she was praising him for his good behavior in supporting her in order to prompt him to do it more often. Men are driven by their egos so praising him and throwing him a compliment that makes him seem more masculine, brave, and intelligent than other men is like heroin to him/men. The intelligent point in particular is very effective on someone like Stephen that prides themselves on their writing abilities. When you compliment someone on a certain trait, action, or good behavior, it encourages them to do it more often in order to fulfill/maintain your positive image of them. It’s a common manipulation tactic. It’s a form of positive reinforcement. Other men see that Stephen is getting praised and their pick-me side comes out so they can get that same praise.

Radblr discussion Anonymous 07/19/2020 (Sun) 07:58:16 No. 185 [Reply] [Last]
Before r/GenderCritical and the pp threads on lc there existed radblr, a collequal name given to the radical feminist community on Tumblr, one could argue that it planted the seeds of what we have today but today radblr is a fucking mess The infighting with in the community is rediculus and the reasons they fight are also so fucking stupid, on first appearance s it can appear like it's the lesbian separatist radfems vs the het partnered radfems but it's much more crazier then that, cause of the many apperant die hard lesbian separatist radfems turned out to have secret boyfriends, many of the lesbian radfems really weren't all that misandrist so they would get accused of being handmaidens often times by straight women Then there's economics and lifestyle issues, cause the vegan radfems and non vegan radfems have so many petty fights, many radfems want to live in women only communes but none of them have the practical skills for it, the whole community is a mess and nothing gets accomplished I much prefered the radfem community on r/GC cause the mods kept things in check and the separate niche subs that were interconnected kept everyone happy
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>>190 Radfemtori and topdyke both being straight and having secret boyfriend and husband was such a fucking embarrassment, and topdyke wasn't just In a relationship, she was a goddam military housewife
>>192 >>190 idk why this is still such a prominent part of radblr lore and spoken about like this is something that happens super frequently. like, it's tumblr. i 100% expect any group on tumblr to have a few wackies, or just any group of people online, honestly. it's not surprising. lot of untreated mental illness on the internet, lbr.
>>193 That's just one part of it, I have been in various communities and without a doubt the infighting in radblr was the most frequent, literally everyone would accuse others of being a handmaoden or a pick me or a PIV slut e.t.c
Cocksmasher69 was great. Also this rudefem named LARPS who was totally a farmer was fun too.
What do you think about the eltigrelibre drama?

(70.50 KB 650x808 portrait-of-a-girl.jpg)
Radical or just feminist? Anonymous 05/28/2020 (Thu) 06:05:43 No. 85 [Reply] [Last]
I get the feeling that not everyone here identifies as a radfem. I'm not sure that I do myself, the feminist part certainly. But I find myself mostly drawn to radfem circles for being the only group to consistently be calling the emperor naked, which means not repeating the lie that 'trans women are women'. But I don't think pointing out that that's obviously wrong is really all that radical! It seems like it must be when it's an opinion that will get you ostracised from most groups, but aside from this issue I tend toward liberal opinions on most topics. I am super about choice and individual agency. Following on from the discussion in the PP thread, I think radical feminism has some strong ideas but a minority appeal. Should we try to reform radical feminism, or define our own feminism? I think liberal feminist ideology has become corrupt with the acceptance of the trans narrative, which upholds and enforces traditional gender roles. But people think that 'terfs' are out to get GNC people. I love GNC people. I am GNC people. Sorry if this is rambling just some thoughts, I found the conversation in the PP thread interesting and want to keep it going. I truly believe our view of gender has the advantage of being correct and talking about how we can show others the light is a conversation worth having.
37 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>127 Yeah I guess the difference is that I see even supposedly intelligent men acting this way.
>>128 Yeah, because their idea of intelligence is just an exercise in ballfluffing. It's generally definitionally designed to favor them, basically always. Ime, men that are "intelligent" are not intelligent, they're just extremely autistic about like, one topic or skill. That's a joke. The definition of intelligence is typically and purposefully androcentric. I'm talking about people who aren't just extremely proficient in one field and yet are a complete knuckledragger that needs to be mommied and led through life outside of his given field. When given a fair shake, women outcompete men in basically everything. I also think we generally don't have the time or privilege to become earthshatteringly autistic about one thing because we're saddled with a lot more responsibility and the pressure to be somehow held accountable for everyone else, from day 1.
I wanna talk about intersectionality, I actually do think it has its merits. I do think it does make some good points about the intersections of privileges and oppression. The problem is that it's permeated so widely down to a much more simple analysis for the average person. It's set group against group and now it's clear that we're starting to think in more tribal political terms than we did in the past. You can be called an "oppressor" now, despite the fact that only three generations back, your great grandparents couldn't read, didn't have the vote, and spent 14 hours a day in darkness down a mine. People instantly categorize other people according to the group they belong to and all the other important factors (class, mental health, Past experiences etc) tend to overlooked in any individual exchange. We are steadily descending to the types of politics one sees in places like the Sudan were people vote entirely on identity lines with zero concern for policies or what makes someone an individual.
>>131 I have nothing much to contribute to this board beside noob questions but I found your post interesting and overall I'm happy to see cordial and intelligent anonymous discussions about feminism. Cheers
>>176 That's how I came to a be separatist, anon. In my country no democratic methods have worked ever, especially now, political opposition is targeted and sometimes murdered, and the economy is down-spiraling to shit at a breakneck speed. So participating in peaceful protests and organisation is not much of an option. I don't see how socialist methods of "let's put a fuckton of taxpayer's money to good use" would work here, where corruption is king and poverty is a norm either. The one thing we can realistically do is to encourage other women to go their own way, and encourage their daughters not to choose men, to put time, energy and resources into sisters instead. Some women who can not spell the word "feminist" correctly cause they don't know it choose separatist-ish way of life too, without reading dozens of theory books etc. though. Gives me hope.

Anonymous 05/22/2020 (Fri) 01:50:07 No. 715 [Reply] [Last]
How can we possibly forgive men after a radfem revolution? Are we gonna have to follow Valerie's plan to eliminate all them?
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>>1257 What goddamn "academic lady" are you talking about? Most GC/Radfem journalists and all out activists these days are all about that heterosexual life. Is this a lifestyle choice issue or a class issue after all? Cause middle and upper class mothers are mothers still, and lower class not-het-partnered, child-free women are still women. The former never and would never do shit for the latter either. Why are these women's sons even an issue in feminist spaces to begin with? Is this about daycare? If that is just about niceties, what other categories of males should we STFU about? Some women have nice dads they hold dear, you know. Before you pull the "little boys are innocent always" shit - do you think little boys never harass, assault sexually abuse girls? Really? And are we supposed to pretend a married woman's level of economic comfort is lesser than a single woman's? Not her personal income, that does decrease in het marriage, but that there is no monetary upside to marriage at all? That begs the question, why the fuck even marry? Because I'm absolutely certain most of them do not even want to present their daughters with an alternative lifestyle to het marriage and having kids, and you would not criticize that situation. Why the fuck is this always about moms, boys and boymoms, and never about girls these days. Because why the fuck would we focus on girls, they will likely grow up descent anyway.
>>1263 This is what I was talking about, wc class women don't ever ask feminist groups to focus on males, however they request that radfems not say their sons will be rapists and radfems act like this is the ultimate act of bowing down to make opeession, like don't say shit that you know will angonize working class women and mother's, that's literally all you have to do Also regarding your other point, it's true that marriage doesn't add much for much middle class women's net income but the situation is far different for women in Low in come housing, having 2 adults with jobs can be the difference between homelessness for them 99% of women disagree with us and unless we even attempt to work with them and not look down on them then that number will stay the same
>>1264 Is this really a fucking straight-up class issue thing to you? Look, I fucking know how inter-generational poverty pigeonholes young women straight into shitty marriages, but this is more of a prisoners dilemma thing. Of course we all want our lifestyles validated unconditionally, though some lifestyles are more untouchable than others. The more traditional, the more untouchable, somehow. Can we even talk about the alternatives to fucking and breeding with some bloke for a warm bed and food? Do you believe that women can cooperate to improve their living situation? Do you understand that cohabitation with a man is ultimately a risk-taking behavior, including for children? Are you aware of how many men of the underclass are addicted to various substances and are into risky behaviors which drain the household funds anyway?
>>1265 all Im saying make your rhetoric more palatable to the 99%, you are not going to get anywhere with these women by saying shit is gonna offend them and don't use the alt-right maletard excuse "if their offended that means right" its not how it works
>>1269 most radfems aren't this level of female separatists and are male-attracted, how often do you actually see radfems attack other women like this? plenty of male-partnered radfems see this rhetoric and use it to practice radical acceptance. i know some radfems think you can't date men and be radfem and that's fine, not all feminism needs to be radical feminism. > don't use the alt-right maletard excuse "if their offended that means right" its not how it works radfems aren't telling the truth to be offensive, they're saying it for women to understand the risks of male relationships, be able to recognize these patterns, get help if they need it, and have radical acceptance towards male violence. yes some are assholes but the truth doesn't change. not all feminists need to be radfems.

(279.69 KB 1280x960 glow.jpg)
On False-Flagging Accusations Anonymous Admin 02/10/2020 (Mon) 23:17:57 No. 131 [Reply] [Last]
I reserved commenting on this here until I could reach out to the admin of Lolcow. To be clear, no, I’ve never created a fake scrote thread on Lolcow, made threats toward users, or attempted to deceive anyone. However, I did attempt to speak up for myself on /meta/. After two posts, I was redtexted with “(stop)”, and got a ban message telling me I can e-mail them to “try” to disprove it, but they “know it’s me”. As I said before, I lurk very, very often. I see how the sudden appearance worked against my case, but it just didn’t feel right to sit things out, so I acted on impulse. I’ll own up to that much, because that was actually me. As a sidenote, I have never posted an image of myself or one that's related to myself on lolcow.farm, and I never will. The biggest cause of confusion seems to be around Opera's VPN function. It offers three regions. Europe, Asia and Americas. They each come with their own IP or proxy range. I primarily use Europe, so that's where the majority of my mod posts stem from. Anyone who installs Opera and uses Europe is likely to receive an IP from the same proxy range as myself, or even the same IP itself. In this sense, anyone could hypothetically impersonate me on Lolcow. Anyone who uses a VPN is probably used to receiving ban messages that were obviously meant for someone else. That said, to sum things up, Lolcow’s admin and I spoke over e-mail, but we couldn’t come to an agreement. She came into the exchange mostly unwilling to believe that there could be any actual room for confusion, insisting that "proof was posted", and my IP was linked to multiple threatening posts and spam. After asking two or three times, she tried to get me to expose my real IP, essentially opening myself up to actual doxxing and tracking to prove it’s not me. She did this while insisting that she had my IP, anyway, which was strange. She somehow went from “Opera VPN won’t save you, ham-chan. You are using a cheap VPN, so it’ll be hard to trace all your posts” to “You’ve never used a VPN, you just thought you did, so your IP leaked. I already have your IP, but reveal it to me, anyway”. I can’t tell if she did this out of some misplaced spite, a clever form of misdirection from heat that was placed on her, or if she’s just completely sure of what she’s saying, and won’t even pause to consider that she might not always be right. Either way, my trust in the current Lolcow administration’s integrity is low enough to put me off sharing my actual IP, or anything that can be seen as personal information. She’s completely free to mark whichever posts or information that are most convenient to this narrative as “me”. Since she was deliberately vague about how exactly she concluded things, from our own understanding, it appears that Lolcow’s staff have amassed a large amount of VPN posts, and are presenting them as a single user. She did mention using linked cookies to identify posters. I found it strange that she chose not to mention that openly on /meta/, instead choosing to talk about proxy ranges. The cookie explanation is kind of weak as proof for a lot of reasons, but if it's true, and the staff does actually utilize software that uses cookies to track users and catalog their every post, I think it’s somewhat twisted to not have informed the user base of that from the very beginning. To anons who may not have previously known about this, be very careful about what you share on Lolcow. Under its current ownership, privacy does not seem to be entirely respected. It remains questionable whether your information is safe in their hands. At the risk of “shilling” this site, we don’t do that on Asherah’s Garden. We have no interest in starting drama with users, keeping tabs on them or covering our asses if we fuck up. You can criticise us and tinfoil all you want. As long as you’re not a scrote or tranny, you can rest assured we’re not going to do anything about it, other than read your posts, consider what you’ve said and maybe respond. At most, we’ll delete intolerable shitposts, trolling or spam, and if it becomes a problem, we’ll just actually start logging IPs, announce that we are, and ban you if you keep it up. Nothing drawn out, no autistic traps or mind games, no powertripping bullshit. I understand how juicy it is to hear about a mentally unstable, false-flagging admin of a scrote-made board, and that’s why I’m sure some anons may cling to this whole thing. That’s alright, and if the doubt is heavy enough to make the site feel uncomfortable for anons to use, I take no issue with stepping down as admin and never being seen or heard from again. In the end, I’m just another anonymous user myself. There’s still another female mod, and the site remains open to applications from anyone who would like to own it, as it has been from the start.
Edited last time by iridium on 02/10/2020 (Mon) 23:32:37.
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Honestly it's fine. I had the suspicion that lc admin has some weird vendetta against this site(and gc, pp and radfem anons in general) and maybe some of the farmhands too, which is extra strange considering they were the ones banning that userbase in the first place? Either way it's probably better not to further engage on lolcow. I appreciate you wanting to set things right and explaining everything in detail, but at this point I think they are waiting for any fooder to badmouth you and the staff.
>The cookie explanation is kind of weak as proof for a lot of reasons, but if it's true, and the staff does actually utilize software that uses cookies to track users and catalog their every post, I think it’s somewhat twisted to not have informed the user base of that from the very beginning. >To anons who may not have previously known about this, be very careful about what you share on Lolcow. >Under its current ownership, privacy does not seem to be entirely respected. It remains questionable whether your information is safe in their hands. This has been known for a while. If you look at how they outed Kiki Kannibal as posting there, they clearly are doing a lot to track anyone who posts there. It's creepy. The site seems to hate its own users as much as anyone unfortunate enough to have a thread made about them.
>>229 The Kiki stuff was a different admin. The current admin has no idea what the fuck she's doing, she uses the Kiki posts to scare people but genuinely believed all opera vpn users were the same poster. Also keeks was spamming gore, doing something about her was reasonable, this new admin is just a psycho out to dox her userbase. Fortunately not a competent one.
>>136 That site has a very strange mentality to demonize everyone, even people they do know in person, the personal cow thread is chock full of this.
>>229 Do people not delete the cookies? It's not hard to avoid being tracked.

Anonymous 07/08/2020 (Wed) 05:25:39 No. 46 [Reply] [Last]
Genes, Circumstances, and Volitional Activities are Not Independent Additive Factors The conceptualization of the happiness pie and its underlying variance decomposition is only correct when all three factors are independent (i.e., they do not interact and do not covary). As Krueger (2015) has pointed out, this assumption is unlikely to hold. As an example of an interaction, lower well-being due to anxiety might be the result of the interaction of childhood stress with a genetic predisposition (cf. Swann and Seyle 2005). Considering covariation between the factors influencing happiness, the simple additive model ignores the possibility that the effects of genes on happiness might be largely mediated by circumstantial factors and volitional activities (e.g., Lykken 1999, p. 81). Lyubomirsky et al. (2005) acknowledged that genes influence happiness indirectly through experiences and environments, but they seemed to interpret this only in terms of mitigation of negative genetic influences, as in the claim that “unwanted effects of genes could be minimized by active efforts” (p. 114). It seems equally plausible, however, that positive genetic influences on happiness might be mediated through behaviors that could be classified as volitional activities. For example, Lyubomirsky et al. mentioned exercising regularly and striving for important personal goals as volitional activities, but both the inclination to perform daily physical activity and the tendency to persevere in one’s efforts seem to be partly heritable (Moore-Harrison and Lightfoot 2010; Rimfeld et al. 2016). This is neither particularly surprising (cf. Turkheimer 2000), nor does it constitute support for genetic determinism, but merely demonstrates that the simple breakdown of the three factors into proportions that sum to 100% is unjustified from an empirical point of view. Furthermore, the distinction between the slices of the happiness pie might reify common misunderstandings regarding the nature of heritability estimates. While it seems popular to assume that high heritability implies low malleability, this is not the case: A trait can be both highly heritable and malleable at the same time. For example, the heritability of general intelligence is high, but education reliably increases intelligence (Plomin and Deary 2015; Ritchie and Tucker-Drob 2018).

Data Science / ML material Anonymous 07/06/2020 (Mon) 05:57:00 No. 37 [Reply] [Last]
First Step: Learn Python. Python is easy to learn. It's made so that you can begin making your own projects by having rudimentary knowledge regarding programming. Links of interest: Learn by doing. You can make progressively complex code by solving problems here. https://www.codeabbey.com Same thing, a little more math oriented: https://projecteuler.net For actual tutorials on the language you can visit: https://www.kaggle.com https://www.jetbrains.com/es-es/edu-products/learning/python/ https://www.hackerrank.com

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>39 not OP, but TensorFlow is just the name of google's machine learning library. I don't think ML typically uses tensors of order higher than 2, though I'm not actually in this field myself.
(176.45 KB 1178x1082 Capture.PNG)
>>39 >with a degree in mathematics Can you please help me with my calculus assignment? I just need to solve at least one out of the three to pass. The textbook is Hildebrand, Francis. Advanced Calculus for Applications. 2nd ed, for reference. Is due in 2 weeks. Help a nigga out You have my sworn allegiance. Regards.
>>42 Well thanks for saying how you're probably going to spam this site retard, at least try to blend in. Lolcow uses vichan with no captcha anyway.
>>41 Okay so 21 doesn't look too horrible. The question gives you instructions. I'll just reword them slightly. Rewrite I(z) as the sum of the integral from negative infinity to zero and the integral from 0 to positive infinity (just change the bounds of the integral), and expand the f(gamma) using the given definition. Then you have I(z) on the left and a tortured integral with an f(x) term on the right. In theory then you would just have to rearrange and solve until you get to I(z)=f(z), I suspect you're going to have to differentiate both sides (those e terms are asking for it) and spot some identities, note the similarity in form between the two integrals shown on the page and consider how substitution of variables will play out when combining them. Now that I've thought about all that it's probably easier than it looks, but I'm still not going to pull out a sheet of paper and solve it for you. For the second part of the question consider that f(z) is not differentiable outside the bounds (a, b) and this may be a trick question.
I'm also going to recommend deriving I'(z) as a function of I(z) at some point, I feel like that might be a useful trick here. But I'm actually doubleposting to link to https://www.physicsforums.com/ If I was ever completely stumped by something or didn't know where to begin the above site is like asking a crowdsourced lecturer for help. They won't solve things for you completely either but they do try to be helpful.

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An anon on 4chan posted a link to this place in a thread about how there’s no women on 4chan. I’m amazed this site exists. Keep being based, queens. Love the domain name btw.


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