Pink Pill #2 Anonymous 11/12/2020 (Thu) 17:52:54 No. 2054 [Reply] [Last]
Previous thread: >>7 All man hate and general discussion of male bullshit goes here. Let the pink pills flow free.
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(11.50 KB 266x300 images (84).jpeg) This video's comment section is FILLED with moids and pickmes seething real hard kek. This is really funny cause scrotes have been shitting on marriage since ever, they love to go off about how much it sucks and how much they don't wanna get married (despite the fact nobody is forcing them to, so go figure) and they have expressed all that many times all over the media. But if women actually agree that marriage sucks and shits on it too? Then scrotes go apeshit lol This sort of thing really serves to show how pathetic moids are. It's really all about their egos: they want women to want to marry them, so they can feel like they can be snob about it and thus have their egos boosted. They go apeshit by women not wanting to marry, having careers, etc because feminism is forcing them, more and more as the years go by, to face the reality of how useless and shitty they are. Men must be ignored at all times, given no attention and value at all
Do you think men lurk female spaces for so-called trauma porn? I posted something personal on the other boards and deleted after 5 minutes. Who knows who reads and screenshots your stuff.
>>2162 Scrotes will joke about marriage being a ball and chain yet still propose and go along with the wedding. Just don't fucking get married if you don't like it but for scrotes, being a married man means your needs are met, your house is clean and everything is taken care of because nowadays women do pretty much everything on top of holding down a job and buying the home and car. These moids statistically live shorter lives without a woman who will have to baby them into eating well and living healthily hence why they get so desperate to marry. But also they gotta act like they don't like it to appear cool to their friends. It's all around pathetic. >>2175 Yes. Moids have been exposed in the past to have flooded call centers for women just to jerk off while on the phone. Male redditors admit to lying about being women on female only threads talking about their trauma only to harass them and traumatize them more. We could build a wall to seperate the sexes and bet that it would be males who will try their best to scale it or destroy it despite hating women
>>2162 I agree completely with this woman and applaud her for speaking out. Marriage is not feminist. It's not something that people want to hear, but you can't have it both ways. And I agree with you too, it's seriously pathetic how males are constantly screeching about how much they hate marriage and women in general but also get angry if we listen to all that and then decide that we will just do our own thing and leave them alone, some of them even resorting to violent rampages if they can't get a girlfriend. They need to make up their minds already.
>>2176 >We could build a wall to seperate the sexes and bet that it would be males who will try their best to scale it or destroy it despite hating women There would definitely be a traitor who would reveal an opening.

(28.81 KB 316x365 image0 (1).jpg)
(25.38 KB 296x365 image0 (2).jpg)
(26.79 KB 350x396 image0.jpg)
Azealia Banks Anonymous 10/14/2020 (Wed) 18:30:40 No. 549 [Reply] [Last]
Banks walked so we could run. She's mentally ill but has more courage and guts to stand against those fuckers than all the cocksuckers labeled as feminists. She's not afraid to use her voice as a black woman and speak for herself ,coming across as a "nasty, flop b***h" but does it anyway even with all repercussions. Respect.
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>>562 >starved for any decent mainstream gc/troon critical/whatever voices that aren't JK Rowling Just so you know the state of the coward, emaciated, prissy times we're living in.
>>563 tbh I am just grateful we actually do have JK Rowling
>>564 Fr. She is one of the few that approaches pushing back against troonery without being some type of conservatard.
I think JK Rowling was too "nice". Azealia just straight up said it even though still called them "girls"
(99.60 KB 698x880 Screenshot (36).png)
>>549 >picrel is a screenshot that i had. she was was talking about how several celebrities like lady gaga were using aborted fetuses to make themselves look younger i used to follow azealia when her twitter account still existed. every time troons were brought up she straight up said that they aren't women and that a certain trans artist in the music scene was pretending to be trans to piss off his rich parents and that troons in general have zero "feminine energy" in them.

(336.75 KB 1105x892 1578577465115.png)
Anti-Porn thread #1 Anonymous 01/19/2020 (Sun) 16:04:40 No. 38 [Reply] [Last]
Discussion about the harms of porn
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>>1931 Only the lowest males would leave comments like that. The rest are happy enough to watch porn and be on their merry way, judging silently. These guys are the equivalent to the dumb sociopaths who get caught and put behind bars.
I just want to make love not have sex where a dude is secretly thinking of porn or reenacting one,
>>1931 It's just another instance of their Madonna-whore complex in action. It always fucks me up trying to comprehend how their minds work, because it makes no logical sense how the largest consumers of pornography, prostitution, and incel/pua rhetoric can also viciously hate promiscuous women despite obviously desiring them. Something is deeply, horribly wrong with how the male psyche processes sexuality.
>>2016 Exactly this
this is disgusting

(113.04 KB 1200x800 questions-1.jpg)
Anonymous 11/24/2020 (Tue) 03:53:40 No. 317 [Reply] [Last]
I think there should be a new board for outsiders to ask questions in good faith to Radical Feminists. I propose the name /ask/. It could be also used for a radical feminist to ask a question to other radical feminists. It could be related to Radical feminism or not.
>>317 It will just be flooded with y chromoid trolls who will post porn all day cause their brain is filled with cum
Neo-fascism is on the rise, and you ask for >good faith
>>318 Don't they already do that on the other boards? The mods are competent enough to get rid of fit and keep only the good-faith questions.

Qt Animals Thread Anonymous 10/29/2020 (Thu) 19:02:49 No. 2412 [Reply] [Last]
post them
(425.59 KB 2000x1000 download.jpg)
(206.21 KB 1400x1050 16071828377_85109fdee4_o.0.0.jpg)
(58.70 KB 760x506 JGFS6BHNXPUEN3HN7OBEUJT7XY.jpg)

(28.12 KB 372x301 1571417173755.jpg)
Anonymous 11/24/2020 (Tue) 14:56:03 No. 2492 [Reply] [Last]
To the moids who post their disgusting subhuman filth here
Just ignore it. It's that teenage moid thing where they feel like "XD this is so shocking and girls are gonna be so SHOCKED and disgusted. Their girls brains are gonna be traumatized by this XD now this is gonna make them angry!"

Anonymous 11/24/2020 (Tue) 04:07:17 No. 2158 [Reply] [Last]
Are all or most men pedophiles?
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(67.59 KB 966x735 htgrd.png)
>>2164 Oh FFS, I thought Romeo and Juliet were the same age, 16-17 or something. Another piece of media ruined by scrote pedophilia.
Unpopular opinion but no not all men. Paedophilia is not normal or natural, not even for men
>>2166 I'd like to think so too, even scrotes in prison love to beat up pedos.
Would anything change if they were? The best that can be hoped for is pedos not acting on it.

/lg/ - Lesbian/WLW General Anonymous 05/11/2020 (Mon) 02:20:46 No. 809 [Reply] [Last]
Thread for general discussion of women who love other women(LGB without the T). Let us know all the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of dating the fairer sex.
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>>828 Funny you mention that because I have noticed at least on my own social media timelines/explore feeds I see less and less TQIA+ shit being posted. Only weird thing I've seen during this is "support mexican trans sex workers", literally. Weird shit. I do hope LGB culture shifts so it's actually focused on those who are attracted to the same sex and supporting each other instead of a flexing competition on whos identity is more unique. Nobody has the patience for selfish behavior that's rampant in TQIA+. It's really hard to be a lesbian and when you crave interactions with other lesbians, wanting friends and even a girlfriend and then you find other gay communities and it's the nonsensical bullshit so you just go back into the closet until the urge rises again.
>>829 I'm lucky because when I peak trans'd my girlfriend did too. I guess your best bet is to try and find some more normal/basic LGB community stuff in your area. There are places, they're just a lot less common than LGBTQAI+++ places. The prevalence of regular lesbians, with practically no TQA+ stuff, on TikTok and other normal, new social media is refreshing to see. They're all fairly young lesbians, sure, but it's still great to see that things are going back to regular lesbian culture with no heterosexual bullshit like TR shit shoved in. As an aside, it's not fair to lump intersex issues in with TRA. They want nothing to do with it either, and personally I'm completely supportive of what intersex activists want.
>>831 Yeah it's super unfair to even think of comparing tra kweer theory bullshit to the struggles intersex people go through
I am sort of jealous of gay mens ability to find sexual partners easily through their online and irl communities. or even just finding LB friends. I feel like I cant find any women to talk to in that way online much less find a community irl because of covid. The two 'women' I found online in the past ended up being catfishes. I havent tried discord or even reddit because I know they are just filled with trans. Is there a social site specifically for lesbians/wlw? dare I ask if there is one that doesnt accept trans? if there is not im going to make one.. seriously. I feel like all of this was easier when mailing lists were the popular thing because they were private and if you found out that a member was a guy you just left them out of the group email and they would be none the wiser, could even branch out into separate email groups to avoid them. would anyone be interested if I made a site that could connect wlw with L/B email lists?
You mean just the L and B right?

(92.05 KB 600x908 pjr00iVXqo1u3b1so_640.jpg)
Gender Critical #2 Anonymous 11/12/2020 (Thu) 17:36:19 No. 2051 [Reply] [Last]
Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men. Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex. Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Existing laws and legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents do not differentiate between gender and sex. The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone. Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of feminism, sexuality, misogyny, or misandry. Resources | | |[Archived Copy]

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>2108 John Cleese was in Monty Python. He knows ridiculous when he sees it.
>>2144 Still a scrote like all of them
>>2142 it is made by the moderators of the old /r/gendercritical after it got shut down. parts of the website are radfem and other parts are not. In a radfem part of the site I tried talking about how women need to stop being so nice and polite if we want to get anything done and I was told that the website isnt a place to be chaotic and that we need to abide by the rules so we dont end up getting a reputation like people on the alt-right or on the mean ones on the left. I really cant believe that so many radfems think that we are going to get our way if everyone elses voice is way louder than ours. imo we need to be demanding our rights to stay protected and to be very loud and MEAN about it like how TRAs are who constantly silence us when we beg them and try to change their minds with kindness. we shouldnt even be wasting time giving them statistics or giving them examples while they trample all over us. we need to get mean because they seriously hate us and want us to suffer. the culture on ovarit wont facilitate this sort of organization because they oppose it. men on 4chan dont hold back on what they think about the trans agenda and the TRAs are unable to stomp all over them because of it. women are so afraid to be even half as assertive as that, they wont even do it online in anonymous places! makes me feel like women are doomed.
>>2156 This type of thing is completely destructive to us and paralyzing. This sort of thing gotta be boycotted
>>2145 That's the point of that scene. >>2156 Would you propose using this place to organise instead?

Members of China’s Mosuo ethnic minority, considered one of the last matriarchal societies in the world, dance for tourists in this file photo. Photo: SCMP PicturesMembers of China’s Mosuo ethnic minority, considered one of the last matriarchal societies in the world, dance for tourists in this file photo. Photo: SCMP Pictures Tech / Science & Research Are men going to become extinct? Some experts give males 5 million years, but one Chinese-led team says there is still hope Fragility of male sex chromosome has caused it to shed more than 900 genes over the course of evolution, but one recently discovered protective mechanism may yet save the day Topic | China science Stephen Chen Stephen Chen Published: 8:30am, 4 Feb, 2016 Why you can trust SCMP Advertisement The male sex chromosome, which is notoriously fragile, has been shedding genes over the course of human evolution, leading some scientists to fret that male babies will no longer be born in 5 million years’ time. While this may sound far-fetched, the animal kingdom throws up some scary precedents. Whiptail lizards are a case in point: they have already evolved into a self-sustaining species composed entirely of females.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

I wish all women started to abort little scrotes now so we could make this scum disappear way earlier

(22.18 KB 432x328 omelettedufromage.jpg)
Language Learning Anonymous 10/22/2020 (Thu) 13:29:54 No. 78 [Reply] [Last]
A thread for all anons that are interested in foreign languages to share their advice, tips, and help others that are embarking on the same journey. Feel free to state the current language(s) that you know and the ones that you're learning or wish to learn, share resources and apps that you find helpful. I believe in you all and good luck!
8 posts omitted.
>>86 That entirely depends on what you plan to do in your life and your profession. I don't think learning a language is ever a bad idea. Just the fact that it improves memory and decreases the chances of getting Alzheimers should encourage you to pick up one. Not to mention the joy of reaching the point where you don't have to rely on subtitles anymore and being able to read news in that language. I've been working in IT so English has been the only language I made a good use of but that didn't stop me from learning others. I would suggest you don't overwhelm yourself with picking too many languages at the same time. It's better to focus on two at most.
>>85 Gratias tibi ago, anon!
>>88 Precare, anon!
Thank you! Now that I think of it, I'm in engineering, so having a solid english and spanish (i'm latina) for now should be enough career wise I do want to learn chinese as a hobby one day, so it'll be like a fun challenge for me
I've been trying to learn German. I love it but I think my largest problem is that I just don't have the time/energy to stick to a consistent schedule - uni keeps me plenty busy and I don't have a structured method for learning more than just vocab on a daily basis. I'm thinking of creating a study plan sometime, but any anons have advice for dealing with this kind of thing?

(582.32 KB 749x571 idiots.PNG)
Reddit Hate Thread Anonymous 04/23/2020 (Thu) 11:03:59 No. 599 [Reply] [Last]
Post all the bullshittery you come across on the neverending pissy party that is Reddit. I'll get started based on something I literally just came across: on the /r/sadcats subreddit, a subreddit for posting pictures of sad cats and edits of sad cats, over 833 users upvoted a photo of a cat in a blender (a top voted post), with its face edited. of course, no real concern is expressed as to what the context actually is here, or if this is from a joke photo or if it is from some sick shit. just "haha funny meme". the male compartmentalization is sickening. who can look at this meme and think haha needs an upboat, especially without being assured there's no questionable context here? there very well could be, and even if not, it's not funny. it's just not funny either way.
75 posts and 23 images omitted.
>>2405 >The TERFs threatened to rape me Wow, he's really just writing this to project what he and other troons actually say to women, huh?
>>2380 I'm only in my early 20s and still remember how based the internet was before everyone had a smartphone, especially on message boards and chat rooms. It used to be really easy to find interesting people to have nice conversations with, now we have to suffer through 500 messages from common fuckboys and Pajeets asking for bob and vagene.
>>2417 i agree to an extent but i think the real charm that was lost was the tackiness. the cheese was on every corner of the net and it was magical.
(376.50 KB 636x567 Screenshot_2020-11-20 reddit.png)
>>2405 I wouldn't be surprised if all the brain dead redditors ate this shit up before asking for receipts to verify that this true. Gullible TRAs really will boohoo about this made up story right after they just got done sending le ebul terves rape and death threats for the act of committing thought crimes lmao. Maybe he actually got sent death threats idk (the "target list" is 100% far fetched bullshit though,) but the fact that these people will literally slap the label TERF on anyone who doesn't constantly prioritze their gender feefees - regardless of whether they actually are a radical feminist or not - makes me extremely suspicious of claims like this. A motherfucker could get called sir on accident by a flight attendant and they'll run to social media to post their heavily exaggerated account about how he was violently misgendered and harassed by a TERF for pity points.

Self Improvement General Anonymous 11/02/2020 (Mon) 18:00:04 No. 100 [Reply] [Last]
Post things that motivate you, to-do list items you're aiming for, strategies for self-improvement and workflow, etc
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i have several assignments and a paper due by the end of tomorrow and i am hating it ladies. hating it
>>112 Same sis. I am drowning in assignments, but I am not feeling panicked yet. One day at at time is my strategy. I like to tackle stuff that is due most immediately first and add a few breadcrumbs to assignments that are due later in the meantime.
>>113 i fucking did it lmao, minutes ahead of the deadline i got everything turned in. and now it's thanksgiving break for a week. i have to clean this disaster kitchen but im glad the week is over. things in general have been fucking stressful lately and they aren't just over now they're still present. but having the pressure taken off school for one second certainly doesn't hurt.
Gardeners, what are some useful things I could be learning/doing during lockdown? I'm learning languages but need inspiration for more things. I'm so bored!
>>115 Coding. If it weren't for my busy af semester, I would learning the basics on coding and hopefully working up from there.

(23.68 KB 379x406 1530282714684.jpg)
Stupid questions #1 Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 19:10:12 No. 9 [Reply] [Last]
Ask away.
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>>2440 ArtStation?
>>2440 it seems like a lot of artists are just using instagram to do it. they used to use tumblr, not sure if they still do. it's weird that since deviantart has mostly died, no art platform has come in to take its place. not one that i know of, at least. it's really weird and a shame that no one has jumped on it, if you think about it. deviantart was always kind of shitty, so it's strange no one has come up with a really clean alternative that doesn't have a childish reputation.
>>2442 seconding artstation, but that has alot more of a professional tone
Gender Critical and Pink Pill threads are both bumplocked, are we ever going to make new ones?

Unpopular Opinions Thread Anonymous 04/13/2020 (Mon) 02:56:07 No. 320 [Reply] [Last]
What controversial opinions do you hold? Post them here!
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>>2458 >Or you could go to my flyshittown in eastern europe and tell every white privileged bitch of every nationality you meet how she's racist for never seeing a black person IRL and probably voting trump if there was any voting here You know that most women here would vote for Trump if they were American so kek.
>>2467 So would most women of every other nationality in that part of the planet. So would most women in non-white countries. Most women aren't liberal or left. Most women would rather eat a ball of snot than identify as feminists even if they agree with certain points and aren't actively ruining lives of other women and girls. Not because they have any thought out understanding of right-wing positions, but because an utter lack of understanding and interest in politics is a marker of a normal patriarchal woman. If anything, avid tradthots like Phyllis Schlaffy of any ages are treated as an abberation more than anything. It's just not a thing that for men and women of the same demographics to have a different majority choice. White men chose trump, so white women chose trump. Black men chose biden, so black women chose biden. Did black men choose bad-touch-uncle biden because it is more feminist? Oh fuck no, black men chose a better deal for black men. Will the baiter above cut out all the black men in her life and keep them 6ft away? lol fuck no. Did most black women choose biden because he is better for women or for POC? And by the way, haven't you seen russian girls virtue signalling for BLM and against cultural appropriation in USA lately, in the russian interners? Same russian girls never give a fuck about any plight in their own country and look down on working class women of any nationality. Because they identify with their liberal circle and males from their liberal circle more that any other group. These cargo cultists would surely choose biden if only they could and they shill for him online. Problem is, they are hardly feminist and never spoke to a black person before.
>>2469 actually untrue. there's actually a somewhat sizeable difference in who hispanic women and men support and the way they vote.
>>2469 >Most women aren't liberal or left. Most people are liberals and liberalism is not left wing
(13.98 KB 650x900 ideology 2.png)
(153.95 KB 1360x1108 voting.png)
>>2476 That is not true even in America. But most people are not staunch conservatives either.

(130.14 KB 760x477 asia.jpg)
I can't stand the Arab and Turk worshiping men in my country Anonymous 11/11/2020 (Wed) 15:40:47 No. 2043 [Reply] [Last]
There's a lot of reasons to hate Pakistani men and while lack of ethnic pride should be fairly low on the list, its still something that further gives me shame Pakistani men worship Arab and Turkic men, If an Arab army ever stood outside our nation then I can assure you half the males of this country would not only welcome them in and submit them but give up their wives, children and their own asses to be ruled by an Arab and here's the thing we have an incredible history and heritage, where we have made great advancements in art, science , philosophy, architecture but instead of celebrating these past glories we instead literally celebrate a 8th century of the Sindh by Arabs because we non-Muslim, tens of thousnad of men and women were taken into slavery and the men who committed these acts has ports, streets and towns named after him and is regarded as a national here God It pains me to be in this country with these Incel Muhajirs and Urdu speakers, the new generation of middle class muhajirs and urdu speakers is the worst, imagine Muslim Incels who pray to be subjugated by Arabs and or Turks and have the gaul to call people libtards or cuck when they do shit like this
God, the Arab-Turk- and even Persian worship of these beghairat retards really does make me giggle. Pakistan and Pakistanis are not on the minds of these people OR they actively look down on Pakistan and Pakistanis. There is practically a meme about how self-hating Pakistanis can be, how Pakistanis wanna claim some distant Arab or Persian ancestry, and how they hate being South Asian. But yes, it is the "libtards" of Pakistan that are the cucks. They accuse of "libtards" being Western-worshippers and latching on to "foreign" ideologies like feminism, not seeing the irony of latching on to a foreign religion and fetishizing the culture of people who don't give a fuck about you.
It's a thing that shouldn't matter but does matter. That's why WASPs were concerned about letting people of a beaten nationality in.
>>2047 They hate Persians though cause they are Shia, even though even then their are more similarities wtih Persian/Iranic culture and certain populations of Pakistan compared to the Arab and Turkic Also I kek at how hard they try to cope with Urdu, they try so hard to claim Urdu is some mix of Arabic, Turkic and Persian when its really just a dialect of Hindustani you are right about the irony of them calling people cucks, when they literally celebrate the rape of their own female ancestors by Arabs or had hoped their female ancestors hod gotten raped, >>2049 I really don't understand what you are trying to say, the point I'm trying to make that Pakistan is a weird country that shares most of its culture with north western India and the rest with Iran and Afghanistan , yet despite watching Indian movies & TV shows and having many shared languages, many Pakistanis continue to identify themselves with Arabs and Turks more strongly than they do with Indians. I've personally found this very frustrating, but let me explain the reason why. In my life, I've had a fascination with different cultures; The Arab world too me is extremely diverse representing a mixture of identities, cultures, languages, and religions. But to most Pakistanis, the Arab world is pretty much some fantasized representation of a single Muslim identity. Most Pakistanis see Arabic as a single language with little variation and they see more-or-less a single culture that looks something like the Arabs of the khaleej. To me, it's not only insulting for Pakistanis to forgo their own identity (particularly the undeniably strong cultural connection to northwest India) but it's an insult to Arabs to lump them all together as one. Pakistan's identity these days is built on Islam, but that is a very shaky foundation since, as we all know, Islam can have very different extremes in the way it is practiced.

(30.87 KB 360x540 images (31).jpeg)
How to cope with the disturbing fact most men are gays Anonymous 06/06/2020 (Sat) 16:50:08 No. 880 [Reply] [Last]
And I'm not even talking about, as marilyn frye said, them being homoaffective only. I'm talking about them being secretly homosexual also. This is something women are not even close to get redpilled on cause media fools us into thinking we are this object of desire of men when in reality we aren't that desired. There is also the fact men hide their gay feelings very well and won't ever admit them, but they make up the vast majority of men
71 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>1908 >What was your father like? Because following your line of reasoning through to the end dangerously parallels incels who must admit their own mothers were whores. Most people in general do not have good, strong role models growing up. >NAMALT >Calling women whores Really I don't know why people like you are in this website. Go back to CC or LC
>>1901 >Testosterone is a helluva drug >Falling for the "muh hormones" myth Anon, beware to not fall for the myth that has been perpetuated since ever that men have no or little control over their sexual behavior because of their hormones. This was made to excuse men's promiscuity and validate it. Women do have lower sex drives than scrotes, but females in nature are prosmicuous as fuck too. The reason most women don't behave like that is not only because we are more civilized than men, but also because men have been controlling women's sexuality for centuries to, for example, make it easier for them to be assured of the legitimacy of their paternity, since in their case the parent-child link isn't as visible as it is on maternity. Because it is not interesting for males to waste resources on somebody else's kids and every human's drive is that of passing on your DNA. They have built these things for their own benefit only at our expense, cause it isn't interesting for females in nature to loose their providers to other females, for example, but scrotes don't care and never did. They have never complied to monogamy. The hormones argument has also been used to excuse rape: although it is something that do happens in nature, men are still completely and easily capable of not doing it because humans are not fucking irrational animals. The reason men behave as promiscuous as they do is simply because patriarchy not only completely let's them, but also encourages them to do it. So it's all fun and comfortable for them. That's why whore, slut, bitch, hoe, son of a bitch, etc are insults and only to women and it's pretty much the same thing in most countries. Today we are seeing liberal feminism trying to free and sometimes encourage women to be just as promiscuous as men, when promiscuity is prejudicial to humans regardless of sex, instead of builting a culture that also serves to control men's sexuality. But don't take me wrong, I don't fully disregard what they are doing, cause on the other hand, we can also see that since men are not changing by themselves and we are not waking up in a matriarchal world tomorrow, it is better to have "equal rights" than to be the only controlled one and controlled by men.
>>1912 No, no anon. You got it all wrong. Nowhere I said I excuse men's degeneracy alone on their hormones. All I meant is test. plays a significant role on agression tendencies and arousal in males and this a scientific fact. Everything else you said is legit tho, patriarchy is the wheel that moves men's biological parasitism.
>>1901 >They're hypersexual in a level that might surpass straight dudes. Imho men are the same regardless of orientation and the difference boils down to straight men trying to sightly restrain themselves when hitting on women because saying "show bobs and vegana pls" right off the bat will get you blocked.
>>2041 I mean shit, some of them don't even restrain themselves.

Anonymous 08/07/2020 (Fri) 02:59:21 No. 1406 [Reply] [Last]
ITT: Post screencaps of males, TRAs, pick-mes, etc saying/doing dumb shit and generally making fools of themselves. Let's have a laugh. Dumping some content.
106 posts and 60 images omitted.
>>2002 >"You aren't the only one with problems" re: rape you sound like a scrote, doubly so if you're the NAMALTer above
(116.99 KB 1242x1791 uo26brgcsby51.jpg)
>>1482 Maybe closeted gays who do what they can to avoid getting ostracized/bullied by straight men.
>>1482 A lot of them do. Trannies are the definition of it along with other fags like that Milo Yannisomething guy

(100.26 KB 564x808 1503244513621.jpg)
Random-Ass Pictures Thread Anonymous 04/13/2020 (Mon) 03:03:08 No. 321 [Reply] [Last]
Dump your random interesting photos here. Peculiar, funny, cute, ironic, etc.
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(39.12 KB 171x184 _3 banano_cr.png)
(313.42 KB 1080x815 JgqpW3kEuAc.jpg)
(93.79 KB 604x453 nxAsrMD8ryo.jpg)
(236.53 KB 757x1102 Vanitas.jpg)
(50.10 KB 472x810 08Gt4TOyTqI.jpg)
(38.56 KB 540x694 QaNiS6FcLnc.jpg)
(569.72 KB 2030x2707 1603578041033.jpg)
>>2451 These are cool

(74.35 KB 750x724 EGCHbvNXUAEhmCF.jpg)
Dumbass Shit Thread Anonymous 01/21/2020 (Tue) 06:46:07 No. 53 [Reply] [Last]
Post any stupid shit that doesn't belong in any other thread here.
219 posts and 45 images omitted.
>>2420 Have you mostly gone to men? Are you thinking of getting a more 'intimate' piercing? It's better to support women but realistically I don't think it matters too much unless you've had especially negative experiences with men. Idk I wouldn't personally go out of my way but then again I'm lazy. Doctors are a non-negotiable, however.
It's amazing how fast my attention span has gotten better after blocking Twitter for a few days. Today I sat down and read a book for a few hours, when before I had to force myself to read even a few pages. Social media really does rot your brain.
I hate how I can't shut up whenever I find a willing [s]victim[/s] listener. I just start talking non-stop about some dumb shit without regard to whoever I'm talking to. That may be because I don't really have anyone to talk to in general, but then a word-vomit assault on anyone who tries to get close isn't helping in getting friends ._.
>>2449 Talk to me if you want kek
>>2452 Thank you, but I just want to stop being annoying tbh.

"Biphobia" thread Anonymous 10/25/2020 (Sun) 07:56:18 No. 2369 [Reply] [Last] Why are bisexuals like this?
11 posts omitted.
>>2431 I mean, it isn't just tumblr, there are users on asherah who shill straight coupling as politically neutral, and such is the vibe in the wider GC spaces.
>>2432 They act like overly defensive children whenever the topic comes up. If they're happy in their relationships then cool, but I don't know why they have to act like heterosexual relationships don't warrant some analysis when like, over half of female murder victims are killed by their intimate partners, among lots of other issues that may or may not be related to domestic violence.
>>2433 >I don't know why they have to act like heterosexual relationships don't warrant some analysis when like, over half of female murder victims are killed by their intimate partners Yes, thank you. Exactly.
>>2433 I used to be very reluctant like that. It wasn't because I had a single moid in my life I considered a swell fellow, it was because I was feeling defensive about my het friends and relatives, I also have no lesbians/bi in my circles. It's hard to believe in het privilege when they have to support financially their abusive moids as well as feed the kids, get shit for being neglectful shitty moms and "entitled mommies" all the time and all that. It's not like they were told at 18 "ok, so there's your choice > Prince Charming (+ Gold, - Karma) > Radical Sisterhood (+ Karma, - Gold) " and choose the evil option and the way things are around here, you are factually way better off alone, but the sheer peer and cultural pressure doesn't want you alone. Sekhmet in particular seems very bent on the idea that if not every then most het women are living the white picket fence dream, live on their man's dime, all that, and any het women's problems are whining about not being rewarded enough for concious betrayal of sisterhoodland. It's just bollocks. But I got into it through structural critique later. In 99.9% of situations the society in general will be more approving of you if you admit to having a long-term male fuckbuddy. You will benefit from a man's incomeand\or inherittance quite often, at least the implication is always such. You will be generally considered more "normal" if you are married even if you are a fucking wreck of a human. You will be shat on for raising kids without a man. But I'd say cultural reward in many modern places is way more tangible, if not the only one, than financial one, but I've been told this is comphet rhetoric, and so it's lesbophobic and I don't understand anything anymore.
>>2436 Unless youre living in a close community that helps eachother out, then the social clout isnt worth it at all. Literally just lie about looking for a husband and get all teary when kids are mentioned. Find other women who dont talk about husbands or kids or bfs and become friends, rent a place togeather to help with bills. Or find a closested gay man with money. Its not like modern men are even 'providing' for their wives anymore. Thwyre literally just for good girl points and sharing rent.

(445.56 KB 643x427 ghrfyrt.png)
lolcow suxs lol Anonymous 10/20/2020 (Tue) 13:19:43 No. 2217 [Reply] [Last]
They closed /ot/ on lolcow. Are we sisters welcomed here?
67 posts and 10 images omitted.
>>2392 >lainchan Gross.
>>2393 There's nothing wrong with it.
>>2392 she was a dumb teen, great. I don't get the pointing of posting this shit.
>>2397 She quietly moved the thread to a hidden board when s/o talked about her being known on farm discords before she was admin so now I definatley believe she's afraid of something coming out
>>2425 I didn't even notice that, wow.

(8.27 KB 275x155 1578535571644.jpg)
Misandry Memes Anonymous 10/20/2020 (Tue) 23:39:08 No. 1878 [Reply] [Last]
For your spiciest misandry memes & images
11 posts and 11 images omitted.
(24.96 KB 326x365 4de1fe7.jpg)
(14.52 KB 287x365 awake.jpg)
(13.67 KB 225x225 images.jpg)
>>2019 is this turkish? what does it say, anon?

(261.39 KB 784x1046 91121.png)
E-Girls, "Born Sexy Yesterday" and Male Attraction Anonymous 10/23/2020 (Fri) 07:37:02 No. 1914 [Reply] [Last]
There's an interesting Twitter thread going around, triggering males and blackpilling women. tl;dr: Men's politics come second to their dick, every time. They are obsessed with dumb, young-looking women and constantly lie about it. This holds true regardless of whether they're on the left or the right. It's a consistent trend. It's never been about trad or progressive values, which is how right-wing men will thirst over women with Only Fans accounts. They all just want a sexually appealing, malleable girl-woman. Not news to us, but what are your thoughts on the whole phenomenon? Was it always like this? How does our current culture play into things? Are we looking at a future of monetized attraction for young women in general? Did she get anything wrong? The replies on Twitter are (obviously) full of triggered males insisting that the OP is just jealous of the e-girls, and I feel like we could have a more interesting discussion here.
32 posts and 4 images omitted.
(27.40 KB 615x409 EkIoW7cUwAYfnlU.jpeg)
(33.03 KB 678x452 EkIoW7cUwAkxtfo.jpeg)
>>1985 >She simps real hard for southern European guys I mean that's completely understandable though
>>1990 >>1996 What the fuck is this drooling over males here
>>1997 And the cherry on top is the fact that that man isn't even attractive
>>2001 I mean he's the exact type of conventionally masculine guy I'm into but I like alt-boys, as long as they only wear black clothing even in the summer's
>>1977 oh wow what a fakedeep and out of touch idiot. shit like this is so disappointing.

(329.26 KB 484x273 pickme.png)
pickmes, handmaids & tradthots Anonymous 04/23/2020 (Thu) 00:18:56 No. 17 [Reply] [Last]
a pickme is a woman, often with low self esteem, who parrots so called "skeptic"/anti sjw/anti feminist rhetoric in the hopes of gaining male attention and male followers and in order to seem edgy. there are different kinds of pickmes; some are conservative tradthots while some have libfem views and use their hypersexuality to pander to men. the things they all have in common though is that pretty much all of them think they're "not like other girls" and are desperate for male attention.
82 posts and 16 images omitted.
>>536 what’s the reward? male approval? LMAO
>>542 If she's learned nothing after literally being a porn star, then she's never going to learn. I just gotta laugh at women like this. Literally too blinded by male approval to even think straight.
(24.04 KB 602x262 butmuhmen.PNG)
What do anons think of Alex Kaschuta? She's a smaller "twitter famous" personality. I originally found her because she is antiporn, but she really is just a pickme trad at heart.
>>600 >white men are k-killing themselves because of teh SJWs saying check your privilege Yeah, sure, assuming that statistic is even true. I don't know anon, based off of that tweet she just seems like a tradthot
>>17 Why have you drawn attention to the existence of pickmes? Are you a pickme yourself?

(314.05 KB 1600x880 1581610525254.jpg)
Art General Anonymous 02/13/2020 (Thu) 21:38:05 No. 173 [Reply] [Last]
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>>1323 >tfw you have to be deprived of anon's pretty artwork bc troons and men ruin everything
(1.11 MB 480x270 giphy (3).gif)
>>1331 brb going outside to kill them bastards
>>1299 Who are the ladies in the third painting?
>>2360 I forgot about this one! So beautiful. Cats are such perfect little people.

Feminist Media Anonymous 10/18/2020 (Sun) 21:47:26 No. 574 [Reply] [Last]
ITT: post and share your favorite feminist movies, documentaries, videos, literature, comics, etc
24 posts and 6 images omitted.
>>610 I'm slow and figured I should just keep retrying on the main server. One of the others worked fine as you said! I'll bookmark the instanced version and problem solved. Thanks for your patience in responding to my stubbornness/laziness! Don't know if podcasts fit here but this was a very interesting listen.
(347.12 KB 390x593 lifebeforeman.PNG)
Are there any other anons here who are longtime readers of Margaret Atwood and feel frustration about her recent takes on women's rights? I started reading her novels as a teen, and they were full of pinkpills. Life Before Man and The Edible Woman are massively eye-opening on the nature of men and hetero marriage, and Oryx and Crake shows a horrific world where porn has numbed men's minds so much that the porn industry she writes is even more of an ultrasadistic torture ring than in modern day. Not going to comment on HMT since libfems appropriated that and the tv adaptation long ago. I know that frustratingly enough Atwood has always felt the need to say she is not a feminist, but it's clear she's very prophetic about women's issues and cares about our sex-based oppression. She recently participated in the open letter of authors against JKR in support of trans rights, and it seems so against every idea that she has put out into the world that she would feel this way. I don't understand what she's thinking. Have all her excellent perspectives from her early work vanished?
>>628 Atwood is an interesting case, pretty much everyone assumes she's some type of a feminist and she has nothing to gain by ideinfying her works and herself as being a non-feminist
>>628 I'm not surprised. I am not an avid read reader, but I remember that she low-key blames feminists refusing pantyhoses and burning bras for Gilead. And in "Cat's Eye", the sorta autobiographical novel, there's this moment: >The narrative describes Elaine through early adulthood as an art student and a burgeoning feminist artist, although Elaine's feminist label is media engineered, not self-proclaimed. >>629 I don't think she is a feminist of ever was because she doesn't want to assotiate with "uglys, crazys, dykes and manhaters" just like most women who aren't explicitly right-wing. She's not giving up her personal cred for The Fight. Being lucid about one's situation doesn't mean one has the strenght of character to deal with it.

(29.74 KB 474x266 download.jpg)
Do you keep your male family close? Anonymous 09/08/2020 (Tue) 14:57:27 No. 1984 [Reply] [Last]
I feel like this a a big divide, do you stay close with your male family? I'm seen some radfems say yes and then get attacked for being naive. Personally I don't, they're fine to my face and sometimes help pay for stuff, but I don't enjoy being around them for too long, or telling them anything personal. They're not horrible but I just don't trust them.
5 posts omitted.
I guess the closest mate family member that I have a personal relationship with is probably my older brother, even then I just kinda hangout with him sometimes or call him for a couple favors when I need him and even when were together we really don't talk about personal stuff, like he hates himself and hates everybody else and I honestly though he would have killed himself years ago his current plan seems to be purposely never wanting to connect with anyone and just waiting to die and live his sad lonely life, I honestly feel bad for him sometimes but its the way he is, at least he's not out hurting women
I have a racist brother who suddenly converted to Orthodox Christianity after years of being indifferent to it and thinking church is boring. He's clearly an edgy contrarian, and is affiliated with an anti-modernist sect of Catholicism. He will rant about abortion but will laugh about George Floyd's death, failing to see the irony in that. Also thinks both the Armenian genocide and holocaust were deserved. Whats funny is part of what influenced him to take Orthodox Christianity seriously is our cousin who tried to shill Jonathan Pageau to me. Also doesn't care that my brother has beliefs like this, but spergs when I say I support abortion and that I don't want to get married. His wife has also called me selfish for not wanting screeching spawns. They're also around 10 years older than me, lol. My dad used to be abusive when I was younger, but tries to make up for it now. Safe to say, that I will ditch my whole family once I can move out; it's proving to be hard though, coming from a background that stresses "family values" and shit.
>>2080 They sound so toxic, ugh. Definitely best to stay away from all of these people. Hope you can get out soon, anon.
My dad died when I was young, later found out he was verbally and emotionally abusive to my mom and a nasty drunk. Can't say I feel I missed out on that relationship. I knew him on and off as a kid when I visited him during vacations and always found his overall affect mopey and depressed. I know he went through some shit as a kid, but so did my mom. It was no excuse to use her as a scapegoat. My grandfather is genuinely kind, has always cared for me and supported me without expecting me to follow a certain path or gender norms. Just wants me to be happy In a lot of ways he took the place of my dad in a far healthier way than my "real" one ever could have. He's on the traditional side and goes on right-aligned political rants sometimes, but at least in his case, he doesn't actually act on them on force his opinions on others. I can say I'm not into it and he'll stop, and he listens to me even if he doesn't always agree. Wish more men were like him honestly.
ngl i don't. I put up a facade about it though. my brother used to be a nightmare to me growing up and my dad treated me like something of a golden child, possibly because he was post-divorce and didn't really have to be involved in raising me. my other siblings have much worse histories with him. but now my brother has flipped and somehow become super loving and nice towards me, and yet I've seen him act hostile, controlling and demanding towards my parents. so I don't really trust what might be going on with him. I totally get being pissed at our parents and feeling owed for a shitty upbringing, but I get manipulator mental illness vibes from my brother about it. I also have the running incest fear about him, not that he has really given me a specific reason to believe he has that problem, it's just that nothing surprises me about men anymore and I have a constant vigilance about such things at this point. my dad is now tranquilized on psych meds 24/7 so I don't think he's likely to give a shit about much of anything anymore i almost feel a guilt because neither of them have any idea just how distant I really feel

Learning to cook Anonymous 10/25/2020 (Sun) 18:37:24 No. 91 [Reply] [Last]
Based or anti based?
1 post omitted.
Depends on whether you're doing it for you or because of others. If you're able to motivate yourself to earn well by being good at what you do, then you should eat out more often.
How tf is that even a question? Of course it is based, unless you like to eat trash, waste money and be dependent on fast food places. Theres nothing better than to know how to make good food and to eat a good homemade meal. It should be obvious you must never cook to a scrote
antibased if het. find a male slave or eat take out until you die. based if in lesbian relationship. cook lovely homemade meals for your beautiful waifu and stay skinny together.
anon no offense but what the fuck lmao. cooking is extremely based. if you're afraid of developing a cooking skill being something unfeminist i have to laugh, it's a basic life necessity to prepare and eat food and the fact scrotes aren't taught to develop their own cooking skills is the real tragedy
I really enjoy cooking new recipes I learn online at home, I find it really relaxing. Plus, takeout is expensive if you have it more than occasionally.

(25.97 KB 569x844 binder.jpg)
Dysphoric Female General Anonymous 07/04/2020 (Sat) 21:30:28 No. 162 [Reply] [Last]
Does anyone else suffer from dysphoria? How do you cope with it through radfem lenses? I have pretty intense body dysphoria since puberty and have a very hateful relationship with my female body, ironically enough i never indentified as a troon because i also did not want male characteristics, wanting to be a pre-pubescent genderless enby was my dream. I've been considering either a mastectomy or drastic breast reduction for a while now because my breasts bring me the most discomfort, but now being exposed to gender critical theory made me wonder if there any other ways of diminishing the issue.
18 posts omitted.
>>594 I think you can type sage in the options field for a post but it's not obvious and nobody sages here because it's so slow. Sage test
>>595 Thanks for sharing that, anon, I wasn't sure what etiquette was around sage here yet and it is weird to go without using it
>>623 Cool so what does a dysphoric person do about it? >inb4 kill yourself, eugenics isn’t very feminist of you
>>624 don't feed the troll
>>624 What isn't feminist about eugenics? You think having more boorish brutes are going to help solve the problem?

Stopped being a radfem Anonymous 09/04/2020 (Fri) 20:19:11 No. 1949 [Reply] [Last]
Don't go after me ok. I liked radfem because it explained a lot of stuff, but after being one for a year it's too much. I don't want to constantly be reminded about all the ways that men hate me (and handmaidens too). Even taking breaks from it doesn't help. It feels hopeless, like a twisted way of self harming myself. I see all these long term radfems get sick, or depressed. I don't want that. And honestly I don't believe women can be liberated until the vast majority of men die off. Rich pedo men rule the world and they can take laws away whenever they want. I'll fight to keep my basic rights by signing petitions and things, but at the end of the day? I can't care anymore. There's countless handmaidens to soak up mens aggressions, I'll just save myself with the knowledge I have. Desocialization is basically impossible for most women, just look at Terri who got with some conservitard because she was feeling low.
48 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>2334 holy shit, thank you anon thank you
We can't expect the majority of women to truly understand what's going on, but for us, radfem women? There's no excuse. You know too well the nature of men. They kill and torture us in the thousands every single day solely because of hatred. Men will actually kill us en masse in the distant future, so separatism won't be just a choice but a survival strategy. This isn't fearmongering, it is real. With downfall of humanity, we'll keep being the first and most affected target. Once a biological parasite is dying off, they bring the host with them. Remember that.
Would anyone please point me in the right direction for radfem reading material? I guess I'm your basic libfem at the moment but the more I've been hearing about radical feminism, the more it makes sense. I'm particularly interested in learning about the ways women have resisted patriarchal rule and carved out more rights for themselves over time. I want to know what it's taken so that I can help create more opportunities for women now and in the future. I feel that will involve learning about much more than women's suffrage in the U.S. and a handful of global women-centric nonprofits. I found this list - - any thoughts on where to start within that, or other recs in general?
>>2345 integrate better, there's a thread for feminist book in the catalog. radicallyaligned and a few other radfem tumblr blogs are good places to ask questions. Also Why Does He Do That and Gail Dines' work on pornography should be helpful.
>>2368 My bad, since the line between liberal and radical feminism was being discussed here I thought it might be a natural extension of that to ask if there were specific books that addressed the topic. But you're right, my question also went beyond that. I appreciate the links and I found the book thread as well; I will start parsing through those.

(23.76 KB 425x429 81cCd7hiLRL._SX425_.jpg)
Vent thread #1 Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 17:48:09 No. 2 [Reply] [Last]
Vent about whatever in this thread.
506 posts and 50 images omitted.
I don't know how to feel, I have lost all hope for change in my country and for my people A week ago I got into an argument with my brother about Muhammad, I just said that I found Moses to be the most admirable prophet in the Quran(I'm actually a closet atheist and I thought I'd nudge my family away from Islam) he got so insulted that he told my mother, my mother started yelling at me that I was insulting Islam for not considering Muhammad the best, later that day when my father came home from work he talked to me more calmly then my mother about how Allah had chosen Muhammad to be the last propheth cause he was the best man other wise he wouldn't have chosen him and the proff was in the Quran and hadiths, I didn't say anything to him and I just kept quiet 2 days ago I got into an argument with my sister(she knows I'm an atheist but is alright with it but she her self is a liberal Muslim) I don't even remember how the conversation had gotten to that point but I brought up Muhammads relationship with Aisha, she was married to Muhammad at age 6 and the marriage was "consimated" when she was 9 and he was over 50, I expected her to deny it or not believe it but what she actually said horrifed me, she told me that times were different then and how Aisha had reached maturity due to the environment and Muhammad who was the perfect man would never force himself on Aisha if she didn't want to, I was shocked to hear these words from my sister and I kept on saying that Muhammad raped a 9 year old girl and she called me an asshole and said that she respects my beliefs and I should respect others She had told my father about this and we had a talk In the car, he repeated what my sisters points that times were different then but it's not for us humans to decide it was Allahs decision, I should have stayed quiet but I replied that it Allah could tell Muhammad that dogs were unclean and keeping them was a sin then couldn't he have told Muhammad that child marriage is also wrong and he ended up yelling at me but he calmed down and we both said nothing When I came home I went straight into my own room and lied down in my bed, I started at the ceiling and thought about hanging myself from the fan right then and their cause I honestly feel there's no hope, my father and sister are both intellgent people yet they will make bizzare mental leaps to defend a 7th century Arab and his companions and actually believe that they were the greatest human who ever lived, Muhammads companions also committed heinous shit, Umar the third caliph of Islam took the princess of the sassanid Persian Empires into his harem and also gave many to his sons, Khalid ibn walid had a habit of raping captured women and Ali sold slaves and yet we believe they were all the best men that will ever live Islam has destroyed my people and has turned us into Arab worshippers and change will never come unless it's forced from the top down and the religion gets repressed, only state atheism can save Pakistan and people from the Arab worshipping cult that is Islam
I hate my job. My manager is an asshole who makes inappropriate jokes, e.g. he was wiping down the surfaces because COVID and laughed because he was "spraying fluids everywhere," wink wink. Moreover, he's just a patronizing asshole. It's so disgusting how men are. Besides him, I've worked with men before who make a point of saying sexually inappropriate things and it's not even that they want to fuck you, they just want to make you uncomfortable. They really find it hilarious. I wish I could get a job where there were just no men at all.
I'm really scared that I could be pregnant but I'm on the pill. I had sex last Monday and the condom failed, and now I have uterus cramps, which I never get outside of periods. I have to wait still until I can get a reliable test result, and waiting is stressing me out
I'm over international men's day. Too many pickme's. Too much pandering to men under the guise of "feminism". Name one other marginalized group that is expected to care about the wellbeing of their oppressors. Bye.
have you ever been jealous of people with shitty lives? this has happened to me sometimes not because i wanted to live like them, but because they had cool personalities. anyways, i'm still grateful for what i have lol don't scold me.

Celebrities Anonymous 10/21/2020 (Wed) 17:09:13 No. 2277 [Reply] [Last]
go off on milky celeb drama
steven tyler's looking great for his age in the OP
>>2277 Hey, please try to keep any new threads about public figures at least somewhat related to GC/PP content, and keep posts about normal celebrities in any of the random/dumbass shit thread(s), or just the “lolcow suxs lol” thread for now as a containment space. We know the situation with the other site, and we’re happy to accommodate, as long as things stay at least kind of related to the site’s subject/overall vibe.

Asherah's Garden admin Board owner 01/17/2020 (Fri) 20:13:54 No. 1 [Reply] [Last]
Welcome to Asherah's Garden. We are an anonymous image board where women can feel free to criticize those who would try to take advantage us for their own selfish reasons. This site is primarily to provide an alternative to sites where discussion of issues facing women today has been clamped down on. It is my hope that the site can also become a place where positive discussions can emerge away from toxic male influences. The name is inspired by an ancient goddess of the Israelites, who was worshiped before the Exile to Babylon. She was Asherah, the Queen of Heaven, thought to have once been consort to Yahweh, the God of the Bible. Her name has been chosen because she represents an alternative to the sexism of patriarchal Abrahamic religions. Her worship was outlawed by the priests of Yahweh after the Exile and anyone caught worshiping her would be persecuted. I wanted a name for the site which would seem benign at first glance but still be meaningful. I hope it isn't too obnoxious - the domain has already been paid for. This board will be for announcements, but creating threads for site feedback is also allowed.
33 posts and 3 images omitted.
no that doesn't seem to be it but at least saging works
Overboard seems to be working now. It's basically every board at once.
Post counts are inflated by the deleted posts of a wandering scrot. Two separate incidents, unclear if there's a connection.
Is there a way I can edit a thread?
>>305 Speaking as a user of anonymous imageboards, that goes against tradition. Usually you're only able to delete your own posts if you set a password. If admin wanted to buck the trend, surely it's possible to hack it so it also works for editing instead of deletion though.

(58.73 KB 909x612 IMG_20201014_233334.jpg)
Reversals Anonymous 10/20/2020 (Tue) 22:00:01 No. 1874 [Reply] [Last]
Scrotes have had anti women propaganda for 1000s of years, time to flip it back on them. Share your beloved reversals!

Site Questions Anonymous Root 04/11/2020 (Sat) 14:01:20 No. 180 [Reply] [Last]
Post any questions regarding the site here! I'll try to answer in a timely fashion. I hope.
41 posts and 7 images omitted.
>>299 Didn't see it in reports and probably didn't see the post when it was first around, sorry about that. Usually if there's a sus post me and the other mods talk about it and decide whether to leave it (in case it's just a really dumb anon) or delete it (if the anon keeps posting scrote shit).
>>295 they're almost always deleted from what i've seen. afaik the mod team is small so admin and her team are very on the ball considering. running a site is a big responsibility and they do it really well. i rarely even see one or two posts slip through the cracks.
>>300 Alright, thanks for clearing that up!
Admin what's the best way to DM you? Spinster?
>>303 Yeah, I had to close the email due to spam so for now just use Spinster (Phoneposting please excuse me)

(5.52 KB 225x225 1557464621205.jpg)
(1.68 MB 1355x1809 1557466264650.png)
(51.38 KB 900x900 unnamed.jpg)
Lets discuss "Radfem" Youtubers Anonymous 05/10/2020 (Sun) 03:21:11 No. 541 [Reply] [Last]
I feel we should discus these people, cause like it or not they represent our entire movement to the general public, however many of them have literally no knowledge about radical feminism or even basic feminism sometimes and overall quite "odd" Leah Tverly: She is the most well known youtube radfem as of now, she has no books related to feminism in her shelf, dates/fucks men, bashes other women and her knowledge of radical feminism is limited to buzzwords that she might have read on Gender Critical, video editing is also poor Terri Strange: She has more knowledge then Leah and reads more feminism related books but she's widely inconstant in her behavior regarding women, greatly despises her own mother due to abandonment issues and seems to have a weird as fuck relationship with her father. ella androphobia/Radical Feminist Momma: a woman who was in a abusive marriage and became a "political lesbian", her 3 infant kids are literally in all in her vids and she keeps posting pics of them on facebook, she seems to have discovered radical feminism after her divorce and seems to have even less knowledge then Leah Dworkin's Ghost: About the only Youtube radfem who has actual knowledge about radical feminism, she seems to primarily read Dworkin's and Catharine MacKinnon's works and applies their theories towards the modern world. her video editing is easily the best out of the women mentioned in this thread, but sadly she no audience and her videos often get less then 250 views
32 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>1429 Kek, can't say that I disagree. I think she was probably aware she was never a lesbian, however. I can't fully fault a lot of the women in these circles for their actions because I do think many of them have been abused and honestly, even if not abused, just the horrifying nature of reality, especially as a woman or a minority (and obviously like, triply so when it comes to race and sex based oppression), is enough to throw you into a tailspin and cause psychotic breaks and self harm through a million different mediums, but some of their actions are definitely harmful to themselves and to some extent, other women within their sphere. It's tough for people like this to even get therapy because who is going to understand their larger perspective (which is a huge part of their lives, and that they're mostly right about)? It's tough to know what's up and wade through the world as it presently is.
Not strictly radfem-related, but GNC-centric started a podcast with another detrans woman! Good stuff, really like the third episode about the lesbian community and transitioning.
>>1446 Love this channel tbh very insightful also Mackenzie is cute
So I didn't know leah dated/fucked scores but I never liked her content anyways. The best ones are Sekhmet she owl and Black Obsidian (she doesn't consider herself a radfem but she is a true separatist). I will check out dworkin's ghost to see her content...
Anyone watch Erin Brewer's videos (interviews, mostly)? She had gender dysphoria as a child and uploads frequently which is cool.

Challenging Consumerism Anonymous 02/02/2020 (Sun) 15:53:35 No. 6 [Reply] [Last]
"If you aren't going to use it, don't buy it." Last year, I realized I've been wasting my money on useless things or things I could go without but I buy on a whim. Going outside is like a trial, where all the good shops and nice cafes try to charm me into buying something I don't really need. Looking at social media is frustating, as everyone seems to enjoy boasting about their collections of things they don't use. Even hanging out with friends seems to revolve around consuming: going to a cafe and buying sweets and drinks, going shopping, etc. ITT you can: >discuss consumerism and trends >criticize people/communities who encourage this "lifestyle" (hoarders, influencers, fandoms, etc.) >recommend books/guides/tips to consume less >propose activities/hobbies that don't revolve around spending money >vent or talk about your experiences regarding the use of money
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>>60 >stop romanticizing poverty i'm not trying to romanticize poverty, i'm saying we're not entitled to materials and consumerists like the middle class. >>64 maybe i am naive when it comes to medical care because my parents used to hide the costs away from me. i've been living on my own for 6 years and have not had any big medical issues. my biggest concerns are whether or not my mechanic will charge me up the ass for the junker i bought that has something wrong with it every 5 months. and i barely go to the doctor or a dentist for "maintenance", it's ingrained in me not to go unless it's serious. maybe i am comfortable being lower class because i don't have children to care for and my rent is decent and my current landlord is lax if things come up. also, it is possible to be lower class and have $5k saved up in your bank account because you live so frugally. i deal with panic attacks on the reg so anxiety runs through me almost 24/7 and the money part of being low income doesn't stress me out that much because i know if anything were to happen, whether i get kicked out of the apartment or a lose my job or i break up with my bf, i could go camp in my car or live with my (or my bf's) family members, even if it's the ones who abused me, until i find another place and/or a new job. i won't dare ask for government assistance because i know with experience they will put you in a system made to keep you broke. i think that's what's important is the fact i have plans, i've gotten a new job after searching for a week, i've had moments where someone in the house was unemployed for 4 months and yeah hoping we didn't run out of our savings was on my mind every last week of the month, but i worked past those anxieties because i know the options i have available to me. why am i not middle class? because i don't get paid that much. i might not even realize when i enter the middle class margin because i'll still be living the same.
>>65 It just sounds like youre a lucky poor person with good health. Poor people stay poor because its expensive to be poor, you can't fix things immediately so they fester, and I'm not only talking about health.
>>58 >They are not supposed to be trophies sitting in my closet, I am supposed to wear them This is what I'm trying to remind myself of when it comes to nicer items. I feel sort of scared of using them so they get worn out but hey - I've payed for it already, I need to get value for my money!
>>65 >even if it's the ones who abused me You're a survivor.
>>67 a lot of items won't stay great forever. shoe adhesive goes off surprisingly quickly, for example. enjoy the things you've bought, anon.

(25.58 KB 500x275 small-chart.png)
Anonymous 07/25/2020 (Sat) 00:22:02 No. 218 [Reply] [Last]
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(33.04 KB 551x290 fem.png)
(25.68 KB 500x275 small-chart.png)
>>293 How about "my body, my choice"? Are YOU going to be digging out the babies out from the bodies of the woman unlicensed to become mothers?
>>550 No, but it's often other people's money that ends up paying the balance.
>>550 >>550 The difference when using abortion as a parallel is that the embryo or fetus isn't conscious. Abortion is a fairly neutral action, for all intents and purposes. You don't remember not being born, do you? The difference in forcing people into being is that it isn't neutral. You have no ability to actually guarantee that child safety, security, a life free from disease, happiness, and you certainly aren't able to ask that child whether or not they'd even like to be born. An abortion, in practical terms, doesn't affect another person the way forcing a child into existence does. It makes matters much worse when an ill-equipped person forces a child into existence because "they want to". What about what the child deserves?

Gender Critical #1 Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 17:12:22 No. 2 [Reply] [Last]
Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men. Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex. Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Existing laws and legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents do not differentiate between gender and sex. The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone. Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of feminism, sexuality, misogyny, or misandry. Resources | | |[Archived Copy]

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>>1830 Honestly, the worst part of this is that the damage caused by the negligence at the Tavistock clinic alone is going to end up with sooo many massive payouts when the NHS is already being strangled. Sad. Definitely seems like people are waking up in the UK the most.
just watched a gay dude call a woman a cunt and kinds of shit, but then starts whining about transphobia. You have no respect for women but then come in and ask us to have respect for transwomen. it's crazy how men in the GBTQ+ can shit all women but scream for us to accept transwomen. fuck off.
it also pisses me off how some TRA men who are trans attracted treat women like shit but all is forgiven because they think men are women. They are like male feminist, except a lot of the TRA men usually have ex wives, girlfriends and kids who ALL have a story of abuse & bullshit. Yet it's cool because they are #woke. Like Indya Moore's boyfriend, Indya is fucking miserable and his boyfriend is a an abuser of multiple women, but Indya nor the media does not care. Everytime Indya whines about "Cis" women somehow causing trans women harm, or says he's non-binary yet still identifies as a woman when he wants, or just whines like 70% of the overrated Pose cast. nobody gives a fuck.
>>1836 This is cause trans attracted men are gays in denial and gay men are inherently misogynistic. I know this may seem like a strange argument but it is the truth
>>1836 I mean there are 2 hypotheses here about Trans attracted men, one is simply they are gay and I think that's true for a majority of them and the other view is that they are Gyno Andro MorphoPhiles GAMPs, meaning they're attracted to the femininity of women and MTFs rather then their womanhood its self

(37.72 KB 700x394 36171089_303.jpg)
iw - International Women's Rights admin Board owner 01/17/2020 (Fri) 19:31:10 No. 68 [Reply] [Last]
There is little that we can do as individuals to stop socially or legally sanctioned abuse of women in other cultures but we can raise awareness of new and ongoing issues and evaluate the work of charities where donations could make a difference. This thread is for discussing new or ongoing women's rights abuses around the world.
Edited last time by admin on 01/28/2020 (Tue) 14:10:44.
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>>1536 Would like to hear your perspective, anon
>>1536 I grew up around the other side of the border(Pakistan) I'm sure you went throy some bullshit, but it's not comparable to what goes on in Muslim countries, especially here in Pakistan, the fact is you are allowed to leave Hinduism, worst case scenario would be that your family would disown you but here the state will kill me if I leave Islam, me and every other unfortunate soul that has to live with this godawful religion will be hanged for leaving Islam and or insulting Muhammad, I'm sure Indian Muslim muhajirs are better then the muhajirs we have here cause they have less power
>>1537 >>1542 >>1544 Hey everyone-ok confession, after I wrote that post I lost this sites address and it took me this long to find lol. So I will probably make a longer post next time with related videos but the big issue is with the caste system and its the reason why people cannot covert to the religion of Hinduism, and there are some wannabe spicy white people who try and clearly have not done their research. Your caste is something thats dictated when your born and you cant escape it (unless you covert out of the religion) theres been a few short documentaries done on it which is what i want to link for you so you dont have to read novel long posts. basically if you are of a low caste you get treated like shit and higher castes can abuse you without fear of presecution. I will go into depth in a later post but you can google it if you're really curious. The funny thing for me is they tried to practise it over here (I'm in england now) and basically the police got involved but it was kept from the mainstream news and its one reason you get indian hindus who still try to practise this shit siding with the BNP and racist national parties-they dont want whitey to turn on them. >>1548 Anon, while i sympathise, this isnt a competiton. its funny that you dont know what we've gone through to then say its not comparable to muslim countries when in fact india has been stated to be the most dangerous country for women in 2018, and i remember the backlash this got because people said "how can this be it has to be saudi arabia or some other muslim country". And this is the problem, a lot of westerners romantisize india, which is why when indian feminists and reformers speak out they get ignored. Some truly horrible shit goes down there but people handwave it off because "indians are so colourful and happy!" Not trying to minimise what you're going through anon, but remarks like that really dont help us, we should be in this together.
>>1537 >>1542 >>1544 >>1548 Hey its me again, This isnt the documentrary I originally saw but its similar and if i can find it i will. Warning this is disturbing-basically this is about children are sold into sex slavery because hindu goddess. This didnt happen in my village but I used to hear about it growing up. I'm so glad my family never believed in this nonsense
>>1723 >>1722 Thanks for following up, anon. Going to watch that Vice video. If you find that caste one, I'd be (and I'm sure other anons would be too) interested in seeing it. I'm really glad to hear you and your family were able to leave India and that you're safer now

(29.98 KB 410x475 1591410462002.jpeg)
Appreciating young male beauty Anonymous 10/03/2020 (Sat) 10:28:31 No. 496 [Reply] [Last]
I somewhat feel that there's a double standard regarding being able to talk about young male beauty, true male beauty is very short-lived and it often feels like the only who get to appreciate that beauty are a subset of gay men, and they've kept it for themselves, women also place restrictions on themselves and feel they can't appreciate it Well I'm sick of it, I want it to be more acceptable the beauty of young men
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OP is definitely problematic, pictured bishie was 16 when the film was made and spoke out against the objectification he experienced as a result of the role he played in the film (an object of lust for an older man) in later life: >I was just 16 and Visconti and the team took me to a gay nightclub. Almost all the crew were gay. The waiters at the club made me feel very uncomfortable. They looked at me uncompromisingly as if I was a nice meaty was the first of many such encounters. Unsurprisingly it was men who were making him uncomfortable. More sus though is the fact that a picture of him was chosen for the cover of Germaine Greer's book, and he didn't like that either. Not to whiteknight because this is one guy while Hollywood churns out female starlets on an industrial scale, but OP, is this bait?
>>514 I feel like it is. This is such an odd thing to be worked up about as well alongside the the context behind the picture used for the OP. It would be one thing if it was "I think it is stupid how older women are shamed for being attracted to/being with age-appropriate younger men" but this is not that.
>>515 >>514 I remember an anon posting about male beauty and using that exact actor kid as representation of it. They had a particular autistic obsession with him on the "low calorie" board like at the beginning of the year or last year. It completely reads like bait but I think one or two of the anons in our midst just may be gross.
>>519 OP sounds like neccessaryspeed who kept trolling about this topic on LC.
>>547 Would not surprise me at all if it was her.

(128.99 KB 499x460 aapglqobqvu31.png)
Anonymous 05/16/2020 (Sat) 21:10:46 No. 865 [Reply] [Last]
You knew this thread was coming. Post your terve and feminist memes.
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>>2081 I feel like this was made by a guy working towards an MBA that really hates the "SJWs" and is trying to claim these are the most frequently said things made by them, when really these are the words of men, most often
>>2081 Super gross. Female liberation has nothing to do with more women being bourgeois. Fuck this meme. Fuck female CEOs, I don't care that they're women, they serve the same class that enables the enslavement of poor women like me, like MOST women.
(50.58 KB 734x306 tras vs reality.jpg)
(361.14 KB 1556x1156 Ei1hdASVoAAzNuF.jpeg)
(1.45 MB 3640x2140 alice.png)
(94.42 KB 400x175 snakes on an astral plane.png)

(10.86 KB 263x379 Shulamith_Firestone.jpg)
Anonymous 08/27/2020 (Thu) 00:58:14 No. 360 [Reply] [Last]
>central figure in the early development of radical feminism and second-wave feminism and a founding member of three radical-feminist groups: New York Radical Women, Redstockings, and New York Radical Feminists >regarded pregnancy and childbirth as "barbaric" (a friend of hers compared labor to "shitting a pumpkin") >believed that "[T]he end goal of feminist revolution must be, unlike that of the first feminist movement, not just the elimination of male privilege but of the sex distinction itself: genital differences between human beings would no longer matter culturally." >urged the emergence of artificial reproduction so reproduction could be completely separated from the female body >schizophrenic I've never read any of her books but after reading her page on wikipedia I had to check again it was about a radfem cause at a point it seemed more like I was reading about a TRA. So basically she wanted the same loony stuff trannies do like "the end of sex distinction" and urged for reproduction to be "completely independent of women"? Plus, how can you claim to be a feminist at the same time you have so much despise for childbirth and pregnancy, when this is our natural biological roles in reproduction?
49 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>529 >>529 i agree with you, anon. but let's be real, there are always going to be tons of women who romanticize the idea of having children and giving birth. back in the 60s and 70s there was probably a lot more hope for medical and scientific advancements, so i can understand why she thought this would possibly be a feasible option (and i agree with her in many respects). i just think it's pretty pie-in-the-sky now that we know what we know. just getting a fair number of women on board with coming to terms with the fact that our biology is an absolutely terrifying burden is a huge uphill battle that purposely and dishonestly gets warped into "you hate women!!!" and insane deflections and accusations, so the prospect of most women not wanting to give birth when pregnancy and giving birth is so wholesale celebrated is... very, very, very slim. they just straight up deny that it's dangerous or causes conditions that they'll have to suffer with longterm, or even in the short term. they deny that it makes us a million times more likely to end up in poverty, or end up in abusive relationships. they're completely lying about the complications, the peripartum and post-partum effects that cause them permanent damage. i don't see us changing the way many or most women feel about this issue when almost all of them are completely not living in reality on this topic. like you said, it's basically impossible for us to control the ways in which this technology would be utilized, and it won't be utilized for good, but without that awful influence, it could be totally great, in theory. there are other ethical concerns though for the child, and how feasible it would even be to replicate something this complicated without negatively affecting the child. i think it's pretty unlikely that children won't suffer in the pursuit of this technology. realistically, it's playing with fire too much to explore, and there would be no benefit in this society. but in theory, it's sensible
"Childbirth hurts :/" So your solutions to this and the dangers of childbirth is not only to give men the power to reproduct without women (Cause let me tell you something: There is no way to keep that from being used against us) but also to hope we can create technologies in the future that can change human race per se to the point where we eliminate sex and there are no longer women or men? This is like saying that in order for us to end racism we gotta eliminate race and make everyone have the same skin color and features. Or that in order to eliminate "homophobia" everyone's gotta be equally bisexual. Or that in order to eliminate fatphobia or big-nose-phobia everyone's gotta be fat and have big noses. You pretty much want to eliminate yourself and the things that differ you from others so you can be a mirror of your oppressor. If you're actually so worried about the dangers of childbirth, then you could advocate for technologies and medicine that can lower even more the death rates/complications/pain related to childbirt instead, not make childbirth completely disassociated from the female human body. This reads like sexual eugenics to me. Plus, you all gotta accept something: No matter how much you hate childbirth, pregnancy (like I do) or even kids, the biggest human instinct is that of reproduct. This is every animal's biggest goal on earth. It is deep rooted in our biology. Regardless of how dangerous it is, women and men are still gonna want to reproduct and it is pathetic and dumb to try to fight for the total end of childbirth by women. If you want to lower the amount of humans on earth, then that's another story. Poverty is an economical/social problem than be changed socially, you don't need to change the biology of humans in order to fix poverty. >i don't see us changing the way many or most women feel about this issue when almost all of them are completely not living in reality on this topic Big news for you: You are never changing it And I'm not even gonna go off on the subject of how it could affect children born out of total artificiality. The female's body and biology has several essencial mechanisms made for their children. The male one has too, but differently. Just the act of a mother holding her new born alters the chemistry of both of their bodies and it is something essencial to both for example.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>530 If we lived in a world with no men, everything would be different. It would be another world, another reality. But this is never happening until we create sexless robots and replace humans with them. And then we would be talking about robots and not human race anymore. Another thing is that even in this scenario you're imagining, women would still be essencially nedeed for reproduction
>>537 >>538 it's like you don't even read the posts you're responding to.
>>529 No, because of the made up crap in the first paragraph.

(369.31 KB 1280x1707 1588124979175.jpg)
Straight with Extra Steps thread Anonymous 06/19/2020 (Fri) 15:52:10 No. 1238 [Reply] [Last]
this thread has been a long time coming post "queer" or lgbtqi+ couples that are literally just typical straight couples
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>>2124 scrotes fetishize everything. scrotes are willing to fuck a mcchicken. an ethnic preference is not the same as this deprave fetishization. >>2120 second gen moids may not be from the village, but their parents absolutely might be. and if they're spineless momma's boys then you're double fucked. you're right that trying to justify trying to date out is stupid when moids don't feel the need to, but that's double standards and women being seen as property.
>>2124 This is absolutely foul. It never ceases to amaze me that there are women out there that are that are willing to pander to degenerate fetishes (keyword willing, it is definitely a questionable choice to make though), but yet males still feel the need to take unsuspecting girls and women's innocuous selfies to use for the most degenerate shit. Disgusting.
>>2121 Anon don't take this the wrong way but this is legit one of the stupidest thing I've read, like seriously you like white boys cause they look more IRL anime boys, like the who the fuck thinks like that, like Christ grow up
>>2078 >creepy focus on dating men of same group yes, big thing in my culture, thankfully my extended family didn't follow that expectation, besides my mom lol. even when i was young i told myself i wouldn't date another mexican guy "just in case we were related". cases like this are kind of different for latin cultures because of the mestizo bit so we focus on ethnicity more, i'm currently dating a puerto rican long term and the cultural expectations are so different when i look back on it, it's similar to dating someone of a different race. i did date a white guy for a while, maybe it was the shit he was into (tumblr troon shit), but i could not date him longer than 2 years on top of the abuse i endured. kind of off topic but it does remind me, has anybody paid attention to how modern day amish people look? most of them are inbred and they look uncanny, like the people in a Victorian age oil painting. i saw a video recently with a bunch of amish and that kind of solidified my stance of not dating another mexican dude lol.
>>2140 How many millions of mexican people are there in the world? There is little chance that a random guy would actually be related to you as long as you don't meet him through family and theres a chance he's a distant cousin. But even then that doesn't instantly mean your kids would be inbred, it happens over multiple generations.

Porn ban discussion Porn ban discussion 10/02/2020 (Fri) 05:54:47 No. 486 [Reply] [Last] Do you support banning pornography? How do you define pornography? Is there anything else we can do (besides banning) to stop the effects of porn culture?
(27.94 KB 480x360 images (22).jpeg)
Banning porn might help. But when it comes to culture, the root of the problem may lie on eroticism. You can ban explicit sex scenes, but semi naked bodies and eroticism would still be all over the media
Taken from Wiktionary: “From French pornographie, from Ancient Greek πορνογράφος (pornográphos), from πορνεία (porneía, “fornication, prostitution”) + γράφω (gráphō, “I depict”). “ Pornography literally means the depiction of prostitutes, so it’s a term that meant something inherently exploitative. To talk about something that isn’t inherently exploitative, maybe the term “erotica” would be better. So yeah. I think that banning porn might help similarly to the way that banning it for children has probably helped, but hasn’t gotten rid of the issue completely. I think porn, capitalism, and misogyny perpetuate themselves in a vicious cycle. It reinforces the sexist/racist stereotypes perpetuated by capitalist society at large, while introducing males to new levels of depravity. It exists because of those reasons and makes it worse. Most people are only doing porn for the money, which I can’t consider true consent. Those who aren’t doing it for the money are sometimes unaware that they are being used in porn (spycams, revenge porn), groomed, and if they are truly freely choosing it, they make things worse for the majority who are coerced and tricked into it because the “positive” voices get boosted while the negative ones get suppressed and people get a distorted view of what the industry’s actually like. Sometimes people don’t even realize what they’ve gotten into until they’ve been out of the industry for some time, since they’re not allowed to talk negatively about it when they’re in it.
>>487 agree 100%. the porn is a huge problem but this is the gateway drug. it's in everything. everything is eroticized and i believe this is the first thing that needs to be tackled.
The thing is it's not to the government's job to enforce morality. Porn is banned in South Korea so you get risque K-pop instead.
>>497 We have tons of disgusting porn in America and we still have ultra sexified pop stars. K pop is tame in comparison. They're doing the right thing, but I'd still tackle the pornification of all media first.

(89.58 KB 670x335 xenofeminism.jpg)
Anonymous 09/17/2020 (Thu) 16:59:41 No. 432 [Reply] [Last]
Thoughts on Accelerationist XenoFeminism?
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>>478 I mean. The fact that we need male sperm to reproduce is kind of disgusting. I'd be for finding a way to have children without the aid of a man.
>>491 Don't complain about trannies then
>>492 Why not?
>>493 If you artificialize reproduction you automatically open the gate for all sorts of things than can undermine women, incluiding the creation of artificial wombs and eggs >But I'm disgusted by sperm eww Really? That's your problem? Well, just don't have kids then instead of relying on/ being depended solely on technology or some transhumanist future. It's like how trannies' womanhood is something completely depended on clothes, makeup and hormones. You take that all out and there are no trans women
>>494 dependent*

(82.32 KB 605x639 EgYRbLXWAAEj01j.jpeg)
Anonymous 08/26/2020 (Wed) 22:27:02 No. 355 [Reply] [Last]
Friendly reminder that this is what "sex work is work" advocates for.
15 posts and 3 images omitted.
Stoked that another anon besides me is here to call out swerfs. >Others are frustrated that privileged women who can choose their clients pretend to speak for all of the industry, when most women want out. These women are the ones we're asking you to respect. By the way, they also do it to survive, just like engineers do engineering to survive, or professional artists make art to survive. Then you say that you support sex workers because you recognise that they are forced into it for survival. They're forced, it's not a choice they made, they wouldn't choose to do that. But you come over as hugely lacking in respect for women who choose to do sex work. >I have to take a lot of care to not come across as a tradcon or make it sound like I'm judging sex works for the same sexist reason other people do. But you do sound like a tradcon. You're all saying 'I respect sex workers as long as they didn't do it on purpose' like okaay it's kind of a gotcha don't you think?
Why even bother replying to the troll? They bring up no examples, reddit space and just spew autistic shit like "have confidence in yourself" when it comes to fucking camgirl nonsense. Literally a >>399 moment.
>>469 >You're all saying 'I respect sex workers as long as they didn't do it on purpose' like okaay it's kind of a gotcha don't you think? That's retarded as fuck. like you can't respect people who make dumb choices? i don't agree with every choice people make. it doesn't mean i don't have respect for them. it's people who habitually make malicious choices that i don't respect, and i think most people who i agree with on this issue are the same way. tradcons genuinely don't respect these women because they think they're dirty. there's a huge difference and anon sounds nothing like a tradcon. these women and girls are conned and plied by society in general and in plenty of cases, directly, by men who stand to make a considerable profit off of them putting their health and safety at risk. i don't not respect vulnerable people who are desperate and conned by Herbalife or whatever MLM into believing their investment and dedication to it will afford them a better life. wanting these people to be critical of sex work as an industry so as not to contribute to a larger problem or end up harmed (in a multitude of ways) doesn't mean you don't have respect for them. it's also all very convenient, all these women who are actively in sex work, of course, tend to praise it, just as coal miners refuse to let go of their exploitative line of work and resist retraining, even FOR THEIR OWN SAFETY, but many of these women are candid about the emotional, psychological and physical damage they once they leave the industry and have a moment to step back. most people don't even realize the toxicity they'd been mired in until they are removed from harmful situations or environments.
>>477 This. Some radfems are way too concerned with shoving the ideologue on women prone to sexual violence instead of expressing empathy and genuine help. Sex work is definitely not work, but my beliefs doesn't mean I should just shit on prostituted women who disagree.. If you guys encounter a camgirl who is clearly trying to cope and was groomed with how she makes a living, you don't fucking call her a libfem handmaiden. It's pathetic when radfems who think they "know better" would rather initiate fights on Twitter rather than learning to find common ground while ALSO spreading awareness on the consequences of "sex work." No wonder we got alt-right assholes masking as radfems/allies in our movement.
>>482 ayrt here, to be clear(er) i was saying anon's strawman was retarded as fuck. like, you can be critical of someone's choices and still respect them. a lot of sex positive people claim that radfems "don't respect" sex workers because they believe their choices aren't made fully by them and because they believe that these industries are insidious, and that's what the anon i was responding to was saying. that anons in this thread were saying they don't respect them because they "choose" it. i haven't seen anyone say that or suggest it. i agree with what you're saying though, it's stupid to just call people "libfem handmaidens" about this. they're just going to get pissed and dig their heels in. that goes for anything though. i don't see anything wrong with us being frank with each other and being loose with our wording amongst ourselves if we feel that someone is sooo servile to men to their own detriment (and to the detriment of others), but it's just a bad idea to come at swers like that. more flies with honey and all that.

(79.43 KB 1500x500 1500x500.jpg)
(55.20 KB 639x1029 EdcaOQ2XgAE17GY.jpg)
the Giggle controversy Anonymous 09/18/2020 (Fri) 15:54:40 No. 2052 [Reply] [Last]
for those who don't know giggle is a social media app developed by Sall Grover, It was a a platform meant for women only, the app was sorta revolutionary in that it would do a facial recognition scan to confirm the gender of those who wanted to join it, this angered TRAs and TIMs cause it "invalidated" them but Grover defended her stance and redfems and gender critical feminists rallied behind her but recently there has been some controversy,1) is that Sall Grover is not a radfem and doesn't want politics on her app, she wants it to be drama free, 2) issue is that giggle allows sex work as one of its networking options for women helping women, she seems to in the sex work is work camp and lastly she is kinda of a power tripping mod who bans women for even minor complaints against her
I am numb to the libfemmery of a lot of mainstream "women supporting women" initiatives, so I am not surprised that sex work would be one of the options. I am conflicted because this could be used as undercover/lowkey madame and pimp shit, however it could also be a way for sex workers to post about tips to stay safe and maybe out dangerous clients? I don't know. That would have to be an extremely moderated section for it to be beneficial. I don't support the libfem narrative of sex work, but I understand that right now it exists and will continue to exist so you might as well have methods for sex workers to keep themselves and each other safe. However, wanting to keep politics off of that app? As if the mere existence of this kind of app isn't political. Lmao, good luck.
>>2053 I mean I get it, She just wants a drama free woman only space where women talk shit and relax and be free, a space away from political bullshit
i thought trans women were still allowed on the app? maybe i'm misremembering her tweets.
>>2058 Troons do get on the app thanks to the shoddy Facial recognition, however she refuses to update it and thinks there's nothing wrong with it cause she can't admit she screwed yeah
>>2059 It's probably because it has to make certain exceptions for mutations or most people wouldn't be able to use it

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Do you make RadFem art that you can't post in main because your account will get nuked? Post it here! Also discuss RF artists, the harassment they recieve, and everything in between. Photo: redkatherine
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Not my art, but good. JK Rowling is iconic.
>>161 omg i love the creator of that she's great!
>>161 She's on instagram! She still posts from time to time, wonderful wholesome radfem art. I really like her but lately she's been feeling a bit down. It sucks, I hope she is okay...
>>318 Uhhh, let's not w this
>>170 wow i love this so much!


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