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Stupid questions #1 Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 19:10:12 No. 9
Ask away.
How do know if your back is fucked from years of sitting in front of the computer? Without having to go to a doctor.
>>10 http://ergonomictrends.com/creating-perfect-ergonomic-workspace-ultimate-guide/ most people don't have an optimal workspace setup, and ruin their bodies as a result. this link kind of shills expensive products, but focusing on the basic info and applying it to things in your ability/budget is already a good start.
>>11 samefag, but you should feel almost instant relief when you change your setup if your pain is caused by computer use. if you change to an ergonomic setup and the pain persists, consult a doctor if it is caused by permanent damage or something else entirely.
>>11 >>12 Ayyy thanks a bunch. Now I can stop fucking my back up.
(134.75 KB 515x345 35632.png)
>>10 I had scoliosis as a teen and this is a simple method to check for scoliosis only.
They called it women's lib since women have faced social, legal, economic etc. oppression throughout history. Why the fuck would they call male issues "men's lib" though? What the fuck do men need liberation from? Their dumbass selves since they cause most of their own problems? They were never oppressed.
>>199 Context: I was on LC and saw someone mention the subreddit r/menslib and I... just why the fuck would they call it that? Did they not think it through?
>>199 I assume it's either mens *liberation* from toxic masculinity, men can be raped, small penis jokes are bad, why are boys doing worse in school or mens *liberal* because it was made as a response to 'why don't feminist care about men!1!'and MRA's
Would a women only spaces/separatism thread be better in /am/ or /ft/?
>>226 AFAIC this is your site and you can choose how to use it or define and redefine it however you like. Personally: depending on the tone of the thread I would choose /am/ for 'female separatism when' type posts and /ft/ for sober rational discussion and speculation about what a female-only society might be like or how it could be created. Women only spaces seems to me to be a very different topic. A thread to document Vancouver Rape Relief Centre type invasion and destruction of these spaces would probably fit in /am/. A resources thread about organisations which provide such places could go more or less anywhere. Nothing is really set in stone here until anon accepts the keys to the server and locks me out and makes her own rules. The initiative is yours, take it.
I'm interested in taking over the site but I'm not very good at VPS stuff. I'm assuming it's just like, SSH into the server and maintain from there? I have some experience with selfhosting my own services if that's any reassurance.
>>228 Yeah pretty much. You would buy a VPS and migrate the site to it, I'd update the DNS and then we'd figure out the domain name transfer. I could do the migration myself with temporary access to your VPS or you could do it yourself if you were confident enough. Also the present moderators would have to like you. Send me an email and if they agree it's in good faith we'll arrange it via the moderator forum.
>>229 Email sent! Thanks for hearing me out.
>>230 Not received. Typo in the address?
>>231 I sent using cock.li services, do you guys block it or something? I can send again.
>>232 It should have at least shown up in the spam folder and there's nothing there either. I'm sure one of the moderators will be happy to post her burner email address when she gets online later if all else fails. I'd probably just check the address and repost, though.
I'll just put the email here and embrace the eventual spam, hopefully their servers aren't fucked right now
>>234 Okay emailed you
Can anyone reach lolcow.farm atm?
I fucked up and forgot to copy and paste the password for the first email whoops so now I can't log back in, sorry board owner Here's the new one
in the timeless, piano driven overture "this is for rachel", is she saying "danhard bitch"? if yes, what does it mean to be "danhard"?
When people say "you should learn see from the others' perspectives", what do they mean? I assumed they want you to sympathize. In my experience, most people don't refer to a conflict between friends or anything on that level, they refer to abusers and other kinds of people who want to harm you. I make an effort to pay attention to how things are and understand how the other person thinks/feels, and what their reasons/motivations are. But. There are situations where I conclude a perspective is dumb - if not unhinged - so I dismiss it. Some of them can be useful if you want to communicate with the person/people or if you have a plan and the results are influenced by them, but the info is useless on its own.
>>439 I think it often means "please ignore your own intuition and/or analysis in order to emotionally placate or excuse/justify the behavior of someone that is transgressing against you". When it's said to men, it probably is often meant to be to try to genuinely understand someone else's perspective, because they infrequently do so, while we're socialized to already do that by the time we're in kindergarten. I tell men in my life to "understand my perspective" often, since they don't, ever, by default. When it is said to women though, I think it's more "you're not being enough of a doormat". Generally, of course. Not always.
What does it even mean to "infight"? I feel like debates and passionate discussion among posters are usually said to be "infighting". Happens mostly on lolcow and it's unlike anything I'd experienced on like... any imageboard tbh. It's pretty annoying, especially because most chan boards don't actually enforce shit on infighting. Anyone else experience the same?
>>520 imo Infights are when it starts out as a debate and slowly ends up becoming a more personal argument with targeted insults towards certain anons and goes way off topic beyond the original point. Though I guess you could just call that going off topic anyway.
>>522 Yeah, that'd make sense, but I don't see that all that often. I feel like it's just used to quash discussion.
Vanilla romance novel or erotica recommendations? Preferably ones that are secular. I tried a novel based on recommendations but it's filled with a lot of christfaggery that I can mostly read through, but the passages about a woman's "marital duty" are making cringe. I just want one that displays healthy relationship dynamics and the man is overall respectful.
>>538 Can't recommend romance novels or erotica, sorry, but I can say I've played a few choose your own app games, just to see what they had to offer on Google Play (western style, not japanese), and many featured romance stories that had very respectful and sweet male figures. Actually, rarely were there many options that were aggressive and dominant.
What kind of hobbies do you have?
>>564 This is probably worth a thread. During lockdown I've been amusing myself by ordering various exotic teas through the mail. They are more expensive than ordinary teas but still don't cost the earth. I don't know it seems stupid but I get a lot of satisfaction from my carefully chosen teas.
>>564 Too many to count, it feels like every other day I pickup a new one and drop a different one. The most recent has been sewing but I'm so lazy half of the time I can't be assed to print out patterns and start something new. Brainworms. >>565 I'm surprised you can still do mail orders right now during a pandemic. How fast does it get delivered?
>>566 Before the pandemic it would take 2-3 days. My latest order took 9 days but it was worth the wait.
>>566 nta but i work for a company that ships daily through USPS they're delivering a day earlier than projections consistently. standard shipping delivered within 2 days, 3 max, priority 2 days max. maybe because no one is on the road? shipping has been a breeze since the pandemic in the US. probably not for ups or FedEx because they're trash though anyways.
(311.98 KB 856x850 xBzPIxp.jpg)
What do you guys think about cottagecore aesthrtics?
>>570 i love natural cottagecore, not like, the heavily vintage twee cottagecore, i dont know how to describe it, but anything overly vintage looking looks lame to me. also, the cottagecore people are super weird to me
>>570 I like it, I think it's cute and pretty. I used to have an inner fantasy world with fairies, cottages and endless forests as a kid. Sort of like Snow White, but with no dwarves. I think it'd be nice to live that kind of lifestyle, but I'm not an outdoorsy person, so I just look at pictures online and sometimes collect accessories/clothes that remind me of it.
sorry if this is like shitty and insensitive and I don’t mean it that way either. Why are there so many anachans on sites like PULL and lolcow?
>>611 Honestly good question, imo I think it's older internet culture in majority female communities like LiveJournal that spilled over to 4chan and Tumblr, and from there LC and PULL. I remember many LiveJournal blogs that were all about proana shit plus it fits around that timeline where anorexia was becoming widespread amongst teens. Of course there's older blogs and forums from before LJ but I'm not super sure if anorexia was a big issue before that, it's just my own observations.
>>611 pro-ana everything used to be all over female internet spaces. i think it's experiencing a wave in certain online groups anyways thanks to kpop fans.
>>619 It does seem to go along with this weird fetishistic view of pale dainty thin southeast Asian girls in Kpop fandom... it’s really uncomfortable to watch tbh. I was lurking in /g/ on lolcow and they were doing those “ideal” charts on ideal body hairstyle etc and almost all of them were like TINY 80 lb waify bodies, huge thigh gaps etc. I’m not like a “fat activist” and I think body positive movement has done harm to people as in excusing morbid obesity but the other end is so... like, dark. I also noticed in the proana scumbags thread it’s a lot of shittting on cows like, “you’re not a REAL ANOREXIC LIKE ME YOU FAKER!!!” It seems to be kind of a niche thread for “real” anachans. I also noticed a while back when lurking PULL that majority of users were openly proana. Just makes me feel sad and angry for women everywhere. I guess I always avoided these circles coming up in my adolescence on the internet. Disturbing.
>>622 almost all of the ana related threads are bullshit, like, what exactly was so milky about that anorexic italian girl? she used too much hair product? they make fun of her for being normal weight. that was like the basis for all of those threads. the anachans are fucked. don't kpop girls wear padding anyways? so they're fetishizing this weird fusion of very thin women with accentuated curves that they don't even really have. also strange to me because these users value short stature as well but aren't kpop girls quite tall? i think ana trends used to be so much worse, but yeah, in certain online pockets it's clearly still prevalent
>>611 IMO it's because most women who go on those sites are pickmes (either out of self hate or the narcissistic desire of social climbing) so they want to follow the ideal that men have in their head? Submissive->cute/small->anachan. That's also the reason they brag about being short or allegedly looking 8 years younger at 20.
>>632 That makes more sense, plus those communities are often fashion based even if indirectly and everyone knows for some unholy reason being sickly thin is considered ideal in fashion. Mix that with the need to appeal to men and you have the typical PULL user. You could write a whole diagnosis paper for everyone on that site actually.
>>633 >>632 does make sense. not just any fashion, either, but lolita, so rather than wanting to be super graceful, statuesque women, they want to be very slight and childlike. i don't claim to be a fashion guru, but i've seen a few anons try to exonerate lolita fashion from er... its negative connotations, though can it really be? is it not literally inspired by nabokov? like, i guess plausibly i could understand that it could be some kind of rebellion against being sexified/bimbofied, but that doesn't mean ageplay inspired dress isn't sexy to men either. just a different kind of sexy.
>>634 I'm not a lolita, but I'm just going to point out that lolita as a fashion originated organically in Japan, and when you consider the history of gender relations in Nippon you can see why some people consider it a feminist fashion. This videos explains it succinctly. https://youtu.be/x6BII3maB1c?t=540
>>637 Same anon, the history starts somewhere at minute 9:00.
>>634 >is it not literally inspired by nabokov? Actually no, it has nothing at all to do with the Eponymous novel. 'lolita' kind of lost some of its meaning in translation and became a japanese loanword, and then translated back. Like when you google translate into a different language and back again. A bit like the fashion itself, actually. Lana del Rey's aesthetic is taken directly from Nabokov's book, it's totally different to 'lolita' fashion, but has 1000% more to do with Nabokov's book.
>>639 interesting. I thought it was named by a dude in the 70s or something originally who took it from the book? I can't remember the dudes name but there was like at length discussion I had read somewhere on this topic by lolitas
Is it normal to stop reading fiction after a certain age? I like non-fiction books but stories annoy me. Also, it doesn't happen with films.
>>660 i feel you. i read a bunch as a kid but around 17 i got sick of stories and moved onto non-fiction. it sounds retarded, but there's something about a lot of modern stories that I find really "cringy". I think it's to do with how they're written, but i can't get more specific than that. i've never had this problem with films though. same with video games and tv shows.
>>660 i dont think it's abnormal, but people definitely prefer fiction over non-fiction. imo, the whole "truth is stranger than fiction" thing is true and that's why it's more interesting to me, imo. the fact that you know at the end of the day, even if you are immersed in the story, that it isn't real, makes it somehow less interesting. not to mention writing styles being annoying etc etc
Do you guys think BPD is even real? I just can't bring myself to believe it's even a real thing, and I hate the reflexive "you must be a bpdchan" response. Admittedly, i've only met a few girls with "bpd" and it just seems to be a catchall for either ptsd or retardation, but the symptoms are so vague anyways. There are a lot of highly dramatic people that I don't think have "bpd", they're just attention seeking young adults, usually. For those that are actually abused, it seems to be c-ptsd. The rest seem to be highly dramatic personalities/retardation. The people that are actually abused and are genuine - not highly dramatic personalities, that are called bpd, are then unfortunately stigmatized. Almost all men have almost all bpd symptoms, but they'll never be diagnosed with it. Just on my mind because lolcow appears to have been overrun by very strange twitterfags that are having massive spergouts against bpdfags, some of which are posting and are proving to be retarded, but imo, that's just regular retardation not owed to whatever bpd is, for the past week. Imo, anyone with any sense can see how inconsistent the diagnoses are, how vague the symptoms are, and tell that it's being used to pathologize highly dramatic idiots that are usually extremely online, and the genuinely abused. It's a really terrible combination of two totally different types of people being said to be the same. https://lolcow.farm/ot/res/231531.html
>>689 Out of all the personality disorders there are I feel like BPD is the weakest. The symptoms seem more like mood disorder NOS or histrionic personality disorder or literally any other diagnosis. It's redcurrant and unneeded. The inconsistency of the diagnoses hit home though because a lot of the time it's women who are diagnosed with it more, and then turned away from mental health services because "patients with BPD are too difficult". It's the new age hysteria. Lolcow users calling each other BPD just sounds like the usual though. Can't play armchair psychologist on a cow so they have to do it to other anons.
>>689 yeah, i have been told that i have bpd. i think it's useful, i don't understand why everyone says it's used as a catchall when everyone whos diagnosed has very specific disordered behaviours such as splitting, self-harm, impulsivity. i hate when people act like it's a bullshit diagnosis because it minimises what we've actually been through
>>663 Fun fact: Augusto Pinochet's library was almost entirely non-fiction.
>>749 >splitting, self-harm, impulsivity. because these are literally all methods of coping that are common in c-ptsd patients or ptsd patients, victims of trauma. it's literally just a placeholder for a more comprehensive diagnosis and all it does is serve to stigmatize girls and ironically minimize their trauma.
did anyone watch all of the videos by William control about his accusers? What happened with that? did they really falsely accuse him? I didn't even know all of this happened. Trying to watch his videos but the levels of overly produced, smug, "I love to look at myself while putting on lame affectations" make it super hard to watch. I remember now why I always hated Aiden. https://youtu.be/u3ZvJCrQsso
>>837 >the levels of overly produced, smug, "I love to look at myself while putting on lame affectations" make it super hard to watch. How I feel about his music
>>838 The music has always been so bad. I don't know how these fucking losers have fans. The video got so much worse as I continued to watch. I couldn't possibly describe how much of a cringy, up-his-own-ass reddit tier fetlife fag this man is. He's also clearly a liar, channeling major Onision vibes with the overly exaggerated "I would never fuck a 16 year old!!! So gross, yuck!", while also calling them adults when convenient, and texting them in a sexualized way. The women that accused him are very fucked up sex posi kinksters that are obviously very impressionable but the man is a sadistic pseudointellectual shrimpdicked narc. This entire ordeal is actually the perfect example of what happens when impressionable women and girls are encouraged to exercise their "liberty" in getting beaten and pretend raped or whatever, and they then realize how fucking harmful it really was, because sadism is not sexy. Shit should be a case study. If you guys haven't seen the vids, whooo boy. Just everything wrong with sex positivity and just generally what's wrong with talking anal glands like this guy.
>>841 Okay so I did watch the video for whatever reason and if I take him at face value that everything was consensual I still don't have a shred of sympathy. You had 'extramarital relationships' involving 'bdsm play' and you're surprised it makes you a pariah? Cry me a river. I also like how he implied the catalyst for the accusation was when he ghosted her for getting married, despite being married himself. Hopefully this sort of thing will make celebrities think twice about exploiting their fans in the future.
>>842 There are literally like 7 videos of him trying to show it was all consensual or whatever. 7 vids, one to each of the girls that has accused him. He's disgusting. The amount of abuse that he admits to is so unacceptable but because it's BDSM it's framed as being totally okay. He shows it in the other vids. Here's one he didn't show though. This idiot won't learn a thing, and neither will any other male celeb. Their dicks come first and everyone else is in the wrong, always. Unlike normal humans who understand risk management, they'll continue to do whatever makes them cum, at their own expense.
>>837 This guy and his fans make my blood boil. I know in my heart all of the accusations are real but it sucks that in part he was taking advantage of extremely young women with no bdsm experience and brutalizing them and then convincing them it was normal. Literally brainwashing these girls by telling him he loved them and making them do all sorts of crazy shit using his celebrity as power. I had a personal run in with him as well. He’s a narc for sure. He also faked a bunch of billboard hot 100 graphics and stuff idk if you guys know about that lol. Tried to fluff up his music and make it seem way more popular. Most of his shows for william control singing about fucking and beating women were all ages as well. No, not 18+. All ages. So many kids. Disgusting.
What do you guys think of the concept of "free-range parenting"?
>>859 I think it's fine for a neighborhood to do free range where there's always a group of kids, but I think two or less children on their own is too dangerous. Even upscale suburbs have predators.
Does this site have a board-tan? Or would that be too autistic
>>1037 >>1037 I don't think it has one presently, but I think it should, if you're willing to lend your services to the board, anon
>>1037 >>1039 Board-tan would be cute, we could use some new banner material
>>1046 Do you draw, anon? Can you do it for us? I would try myself but I don't think I'd come up with anything good enough
>>1047 I don't have any good ideas for one besides just actually drawing Asherah, but that's probably more cringey. Maybe some lady with short hair holding flowers? When I figure it out I'll post it!
I don't know if anyone uses 4chan-x and knows what I'm talking about, but it allows you to have mascots in the background with your theme. I made the connection after seeing the Witchan post made in jest earlier. https://i.ya-webdesign.com/images/anime-wizard-png-10.png https://ya-webdesign.com/explore/anime-witch-png/ I think it would be cool if it could be implemented. Just a thought.
>>1049 Can we not have our mascot be a cute skinny anime girl though? There's nothing wrong with cute anime girls but I don't think we should have one as a symbol for the site. Also this might sound tumblr-esque but if we have a mascot I don't think they should be white. Or even asian. You could draw a mascot that doesn't have a race, like, made entirely of flowers, idk if that would be a cop out. But I feel like we should be more aware than having a mascot with white skin. Like, you are allowed to have a race here and talk about your experiences of that. Maybe I'm overthinking it but I think symbols are important.
>>1069 You're not overthinking any of it, imo, anon. I agree. I think it is important for quite a few reasons. And there are a lot of ways to do cutesy without it being an anime girl. Agree w your ideas regarding race, and/or the flowers too. >>1048 Awesome! Excited to see what anons can come up with. I'm sure you guys are very talented and creative.
>>1069 >>1072 Soooo green-skinned forest witch board-tan?
(356.21 KB 600x600 boardtan.png)
>>1037 Perhaps anons on here could use a dress up game/doll maker to make a couple of ideas on what you'd want her to look like? I'd be willing to draw it if anons could pick out some ideas. I love the green skin witch idea.
(681.98 KB 600x600 60781_hU6eUa6c.png)
>>1083 I tried to make something. Ignore the zodiac stuff
When did anons on Lc start hating radfems so much? Around a year ago there were only a few anons that hated them.
>>1087 I just saw a post on dolly Mattel’s thread calling someone a terf. I feel like this is the direction it’s heading now. Every other new thread that goes up is trying to ExPoSe someone for TRANSPHOBIA?? Like I’m sorry, when did lc anons start giving a fuck about anyone being transphobic. I’m so confused with the userbase right now.
>>1087 >>1091 LC's admin kicked out radfems to pander to her (now confirmed) tranny mod(s?). Look up the KF thread on her. She's also flooding the website with twitter and trannies so they gib her money on her LC's patreon/ko-fi so the site is now on its way to become CrystalCafe 2.0. Apart from that there are many off-tag mods making anti-radfem posts, specially on meta. Handmaidens and pickmes truly don't deserve rights. They would sell their mother for some shitty scrote validation, you can't make this shit up.
>>1094 I can't be assed to sift through KF as I only go on there if a thread is of specific interest to me. Can someone link the thread that has milk on the LC admin?
>>1095 Turns out they don't have an specific threat on her but her milk was by the end of the KF's lolcow threat. Anyway, enjoy. http://kiwifarms.net/threads/lolcow-farm.11942/page-24#post-5870730 From this post onwards all interesting milk starts. http://kiwifarms.net/threads/lolcow-farm.11942/post-5981712 By the way, these are the leaks from the tranny mod's doxed twitter. Pay no mind to the brainlet scrote saying it's a woman, just took a look at the screenshots and go through his twitter's photos if it's still open, it's very obviously a tranny if you know how to clock them. Plus I remember he had a lot of coomer memes on it. But of course KF moids had to falseflag with s-see!!! lolcow femoids haha amirite??, like every time a tranny behaves like a shitstain and it's blamed on women. Men are such scum of the earth.
>>1098 I thought it was still unknown who exactly this person was and if they’re actually a man. Last I heard anyway. I really can’t keep up with it at this point but I have noticed an overwhelming amount of SJW shit in LC lately (I lurk still sometimes just in pt and snow) and now that the protests and BLM stuff is going on EVERYONE is talking about race but the dumbest stuff is getting redtexted for racebait while a good portion of it isn’t at all. The fact that they blamed gc and pp for this shit is so stupid.
>>1100 Idk who they are exactly but the tweets about his dick, being hard, and his claims about being a boy at one time are pretty damning.
(414.23 KB 628x619 hmm.PNG)
>>1083 Dunno if this is what gardeners necessarily want but I gave it a quick shot. Might be too animu tho
>>1103 omg how pretty. knew you guys had some impressive skills up your sleeves. fabulous job, anon. love them both but i think the less animu, the better, personally, so i prefer the right's face. otherwise both designs look cute to me. girl on the right from the dollmaker's skintone just looks dead but white to me, so maybe it should be more obviously colored
(268.42 KB 720x1231 20200601_165029.jpg)
(218.75 KB 720x908 20200601_164920.jpg)
(200.09 KB 720x960 20200601_164904.jpg)
>>1101 >>1100 Btw the twitter account is up again under the same username @sterilesaint after they deactivated when the milk came to surface, if anyone wants to look through it themselves. At first I was pretty ambivalent about whether this person is male or female because he tweets so much cumbrained shit while LARPing as a feminist, but there are mgtow tweets dating way back to 2015. This is most likely a delusional troon who has referred to himself as female in other tweets, or less likely used to be a sad self-hating woman who now hypocritically seems to look down on self-hating women.
(6.20 KB 287x176 images.jpg)
>>1108 Literally this image kek
>>1107 I agree with you except for the fact that she's obviously a lich.
>>1103 Those are both so pretty, anon! Two witches, living in a secluded manor, tending to forbidden plants and writing spells.
(561.89 KB 600x600 download20200603011624.png)
late af
>>1120 I like the little owl, so cute.
>>9 once this forum gains traction and more people start posting, could we have a friend finder thread like in lc or a discord or whatever for people to befriend others with similar interests/politics or would that be a no no? I see the occasional post here written with certain grammar mistakes or syntax that indicates the posters are from my country, and I'd like to have more friends with similar politics.
>>1359 I think that'd be cool, it'd help anons make like-minded friends. For maximum security, I'd just link to a throwaway account, and give people my main if I like/trust them.
>>1359 Could use tagmap.io with a throwaway but probably not with such a visible tag like crystal.cafe that would immediately get the unwanted attention of the usual suspects
what are your favorite moisturizers for face and body, anons?
Do any anons have their tubes tied? What was it like? Was it an easy operation and were there any side effects? I'm in my mid twenties and tired of dealing with birth control, tube tying seems like the only other option since I never want any children. And this is stupid but I also freak myself out over surgeries and gyno check ups so I'm hoping this surgery isn't that intense.
>>1383 I have really dry skin so I use a few drops of jojoba oil and a homemade coconut oil-based body cream. These are the only things that have worked well for me.
>>689 I firmly believe BPD is not real and the process of thinking I had BPD, learning more, learning about trauma, and also just actually applying critical thinking to things, has lead me to have extreme doubt about the validity of the field of psychiatry in general. The harm of the medicalization of human experience that is the mental illness industry runs unfathomably deep. It's supremely epic that people are willing to buy assertions like "white people should never darken their skin for any reason and if they do it's literally always racist because of the history of blackface" and buy into cultural appropriation being bad because muh history but just completely fucking believe with no criticism whatsoever that BPD and other personality disorders are 100% scientifically real despite their RECENT history of literally being slightly modernized female hysteria. Hmm, I wonder why that could be? I have no idea if anyone gives a shit about this at all but it would be cool to maybe have an anti psychiatry/psychiatry critical thread on here because the field is sexist as fuck among a lot of other things.
Would it be ok to post about this site on r/gc refuges such as the one on saidit or spinster? I think it would be helpful to drive more people to this site, but it also runs the risk of attracting trolls.
>>1440 I've been thinking of doing this too but at the same time I don't want to attract trolls either
I have this idea for a stupid short story I want to write, but would you anons consider this idea to be misogynistc or in bad taste? basically it would be about a woman who is given the power to transform into a "man" who is to men what men are to women (i.e. 2x greater upper body strength, 1.3x greater lower body strength, 14cm taller, 75% more muscle mass, 90% greater muscle strength etc than the average man) for half an hour at a time, and uses it to protect other women from predatory men. the story would mainly be for venting because men in my country get away with doing so much bullshit with no consequences.
>>1523 I had an idea for something like Crossed except it's with male incels instead. So maybe it's like Crossed mixed with Y: The Last Man as far as comics go. The protagonist is an initially unwilling male brain in a female cyborg body whose adjustments make him more feminine over time. He is the ultimate weapon of what remains of civilization which is now entirely female except for some male scientists and priests. Much of his job as a supersoldier is acting as bait with his body so backup in the form of strike teams can clear cities with less risk. There's just going to be a lot of exploration of the human psyche, good and bad, especially dealing with sexuality. My goal would be to piss everyone off so I say go for it.
>>1526 I feel like AGPs would just masturbate to it
>>1440 It's prejudiced, but I don't want to attract anglo boomer wed mothers of 666 boys type of user and males. They could, and would, derail every thread.
>>1528 Very true
Is there a way to view someone's media/photos on twitter without an account? Scrolling through the tweets alone just to find an old image is kind of a chore.
>>1537 This isn't what you want, but it may be interesting nevertheless: https://feedbin.com/. I want to know the answer to your question as well.
>>1537 >>1538 nitter.net There's a tab for media posts only
Anyone here use giggle? Apparently the creator is GC or at least sympathetic. Do you think it's safe at least?
>>1552 seems pretty cool. how do you know the creator is at least gc sympathetic? I feel like the app is going to be overrun with troons w/o heavy moderation tho
>>1556 I think the app ultimately does allow transwomen but the creator supported jkr on twitter. https://mobile.twitter.com/salltweets
>>1570 good tweets by her. that's cool. hopefully the tras don't bully and threaten her into submission.
>>1571 In case anyone's curious, I downloaded it. TBH I suspect some TRAs might be using it but we'll see, paranoid of them outing women since they're insane. Photo Verification was fast (like a minute) so I'm assuming some males got in. UI is slightly annoying, I'm seeing women out of the age range I put in, and so many users have vague profiles which are all annoying.
>>1579 Same user, you can hide age and I think I'm seeing women out of my area and it doesn't let you filter how far you're willing to go.
I know it's not best practice to keep bringing up the low-calorie board, but I have noticed at least once a week somebody there brings up gender critical stuff and it tends to be relatively well received until someone inevitably shuts it down and tells them to go to their "containment board" i.e. here. I'm wondering why they don't? Why do they tend to be more active there even though it's actually frowned upon to even bring up that kind of stuff? Obviously it's got more people, but it makes no sense to me why they wouldn't just migrate to a place they can openly discuss what they want without someone calling them names or getting banned. Is it the general distrust after the male admin incident? I mean, isn't their admin a male as well, so what's the diff Anyway, I see no reason for women to ask for gender critical threads to be reinstated on lc/reddit. I would just nuke both sites entirely.
>>1630 Yeah. I still go there to check up on some cows I follow however I stay off of /ot/ cause that is where the stupidity mostly occurs. I want to direct more women here but I feel like there really isn't a way to do that without also attracting scrots.
>>1630 I think it's honestly just slow here so there isn't a lot to reply to so people don't post and it stays slow.
Does "it's my pleasure" sound like... passive aggressive at worst, and fake at best, to anyone else? "No problem" also sounds cold or something to me, same with "not a problem". Does anyone else read them like that? What do you guys think is the most sincere way of saying "no problem"?
>>1755 It's all in the tone. None are passive aggressive to me unless said sarcastically.
>>1757 Sorry, I forgot to say that this is through text. I feel like all of them sound really weird and insincere through text? You don't feel they seem less believable through text? I think "no problem!" or "not a problem!" can sound believable if you speak it with excitement in your voice, but it's tough through text.
I'm new here. I hate scrotes and I'm radfem. Who's Asherah?
>>1771 https://www.asherahsgarden.net/info/res/1.html >The name is inspired by an ancient goddess of the Israelites, who was worshiped before the Exile to Babylon. She was Asherah, the Queen of Heaven, thought to have once been consort to Yahweh, the God of the Bible. Her name has been chosen because she represents an alternative to the sexism of patriarchal Abrahamic religions. Her worship was outlawed by the priests of Yahweh after the Exile and anyone caught worshiping her would be persecuted. >I wanted a name for the site which would seem benign at first glance but still be meaningful. I hope it isn't too obnoxious - the domain has already been paid for.
>>1755 >>1758 I usually say "no worries", "don't worry about it" or just "it's okay" but mostly the first one if it's someone I don't know well.
>>1773 No problemo
this is embarrassing but hey, it is the place for stupid questions: how do I embed a video here?
>>1780 simply put the youtube link in your post, and video will be embedded
Is there an asherahsgarden discord ? I've been wondering.
Anons, what are COMFORTABLE sneakers/trainers that you guys would recommend? Like every pair I buy does that thing where it digs into my achilles and the insole is really low on the heel specifically. Who is designing these shits???
If you design a character based on an animal or theme that tends to be only one color (like how a panther, crow, or raven is all black) how do you prevent the design from looking too monochrome while keeping the general idea?
>>1884 Not experienced with designing characters so take my suggestions with a pinch of salt. But I'd imagine you would get a colour that goes well thematically (ie red for a crow or raven) and use that as a secondary colour for the design. Try playing with lighter/darker shades of the base colour as well. Or you could use the mostly monochrome look to your advantage by playing up the contrast with the skin colour (assuming they're different). Check out pre-existing designs that have similar concepts and see what they do well.
>>1786 I don't think so? I think admin said before she doesn't really like discord and things tend to get dramatic in them.
Why are "breastraunts" socially acceptable?
>>1899 Because people are pathetic and disgusting. Worse yet is the fact that it's socially acceptable for children to dine there. My gross dad used to take me to Hooters all of the time, starting from when I was like, 4, and you'd actually be shocked how many people bring their young children to places like Hooters. I thought maybe it'd have changed some since I was a kid, but I swear to god, as of 9 months ago, on a weeknight there were like, at least 15 tables with young children. They should absolutely be unacceptable, but we have an uphill battle because I'm telling you, how socially acceptable they are, as FAMILY RESTAURANTS, is frightening.
Do you guys think the money is enough to offset the negatives of being a Youtube personality or Twitch streamer?
>>1902 Well how much money are we talking? Would you really trade places with Pewdiepie or Ninja if you were forced to keep to the same grueling schedule? As much as my life sucks, there are a lot of public personalities I'm happy not to be.
>>1903 Well, I'm just curious what you guys would sacrifice for the money. Let's say like, $250k a year? Do you guys think that'd be enough? The scheduling isn't a concern for me, personally. What'd be more worrisome is being judged or disliked, harassed, etc. How about 2 million?
Is anyone else worried about the future? Next wave of covid, political unrest plus US election, possibly more job loss, talk of the economy collapsing and turning into a recession or depression.
What do you think of activists using offensive methods like protesting naked or using periods to make art to send a message?
>>1905 It would never be worth it for me because at some point, that money is going to stop & it's unreliable. Who knows if Google or Youtube will ever shit the bed some day? Not sure if you saw about the recent issues with OnlyFans updating their monetization model, but it seems like YouTube could decide on that whenever they wanted too. I've seen music based youtube channels get fucked over several times over the years due to policy changes. And then, inevitably, I will hit a point where I'm just not relevant anymore. The content will run dry. Viewers will move on to something else. What do I do then? Am I to put "youtuber" on my resume? Maybe that would be just fine for someone going into something like...idk, radio hosting? But for me, no. And like you mentioned, constantly being under a lens, being pressured to divulge all the details of my life, the harassment -- it would drive me insane. I'm so glad to be off of 'personal' social media like Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat. >> 1910 I'm not sure how I feel in particular about period art...I think they can make some interesting art pieces. Something like Interior Semiotics tier? Lol no. I think the naked protesting pretty much never helps. In fact, have you seen about this? > https://www.businessinsider.in/Documentary-Exposes-The-Male-Mastermind-Behind-Ukraines-Topless-Feminist-Movement/articleshow/22302775.cms Men are never going to view 'bare breasts' as weapons. They're going to go "hey, nice boobs" In cases of singular, personal protest..I think it can be effective, in cases like these: > https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/mastectomy-double-breast-cancer-dartmouth-nova-scotia-woman-1.5691317 She's a woman who had to undergo a double masectomy. > In a world where post-mastectomy breast reconstruction is the norm, that's the last thing Belding wanted. > "The boobs took early retirement. I'm glad they're gone because I feel safer," she said. > Maintaining her health is one of Belding's biggest priorities. To reduce the risk of cancer, she opted for a double mastectomy. > She never considered breast reconstruction because it would have involved more surgeries and more risks from complications and implants. > For her, none of that was worth it for breasts that would have no feeling, and serve no purpose other than to "look fine in a shirt," she said with derision in her voice. I think that is a far more powerful statement than a horde of 20-30 year old girls hand-picked by some scumbag to bare their breasts to protest something not at all related to breasts. I think it's important for women and girls to see women like the above, so they can conceptualize that choice as even an option. So many women that get breast cancer hop aboard the 'must get reconstruction after masectomy' train, without a thought, in part due to the pressures she mentions in the article.
>>1900 I saw a picture of a toddler, no older than 3, dressed in a baby hooters uniform the other day...I wanted to barf. It is truly sick how many people see these places as FAMILY restaurants. What the fuck!?
>>1910 Lol, was just about to ask if menstrual art is safe and hygenic. I don't know about menstrual art, personally I find blood kind of beautiful and it's blood that isn't obtained in a violent way, so my only concern with that is if it's hygenic or not. Protesting naked seems...ineffective. It would get attention, but not for the right reasons. Also I think Femen was made by some pervy dude.
>>1981 >>1910 >>1981 i think it's cool. people paint with blood regardless, so what's the difference? i think it'd serve artists to chill with literally JUST using blood when doing menstrual art though. it's really hard on the eyes and doesn't feel like they're using it like an actual tool when they're trying to only use it and nothing else, and so they're limited to one color, on top of the subject matter often being samey and too statement-y. it doesn't really have as much of an impact imo to JUST use it to "make a statement" and not actually attempt to utilize it in a normal way. like, make it normal and make a statement by not trying too hard to make a statement.
>>1910 Depends on the message.
What do you think of the controvery that's going on with the netflix movie cuties? I've seen the trailer and though it definitely sexualizes children, it looks like it's intention was to be anti-islamic and it's directed by a woman.
>>2011 A Netflix spokesperson said: 'Cuties is a social commentary against the sexualization of young children. 'It's an award winning film and a powerful story about the pressure young girls face on social media and from society more generally growing up, and we'd encourage anyone who cares about these important issues to watch the movie.' The outrage seems fake and I suspect it's a little racist, criticism focuses on twerking which is a black dance move. Saw the trailer and the above statement doesn't seem incongruent, especially as the film is directed by a black woman and based on her personal experience. Can't comment much further not having seen the film.
>>2011 >>2012 >commentary on sexualization of children >uses real children twerking on film anyway There's different ways to tell this kind of story and they went with the one that goes against their entire supposed meaning. Also in case you wanted to feel more uncomfortable about it there's scene where the main girl is blowing a condom with her mouth, and another where she takes pictures of her genitalia to post online. Why? God only knows. I don't care if the director is a woman, she's an absolute duntz.
What is up with the annoying bis on social media who can't seem to fathom how gay or straight sexual attraction works? They project their attraction to both sexes on us filthy "monosexuals" all the fucking time.
>>2012 >>2013 I watched most of the movie, skipping through bits of the slow parts. I do personally think part of outrage is influenced by the right wing, with the implicit message being like, "the 'artsy black feminist' left wants to create pedophile fodder", but I really think it was just very poorly executed and not her (knowingly, at least) pandering to pedophiles. The shots of their butts and everything lingered for too long (not that they were necessary anyways), and there wasn't anything shown in the vulva picture scene. The vulva picture scene was meant to be like, a shocking logical conclusion that kids would come to when growing up in an environment where they receive rewards and likes for objectifying themselves, so there was a (hackneyed) purpose to the scene. But yes, the movements were very suggestive and the shots were gratuitous and the point was already plenty made the first time. I don't think it's AS BAD as everyone is claiming, but the countless slow panning shots were very unnecessary. I don't think it needed to be shocking to be effective, and ultimately that artistic direction calls into question then the director's motivations which just further obfuscates the messaging, so it was just very counterproductive. My main issue with the movie is that it really didn't show the pressure at all angles that the girls face to be sexual, so all of these scenes were kind of all just thrown together with a loose storyline about objectification by two different cultures. The main character mostly just did sexual things without detailing enough HOW AND WHY she would do those things, so it almost seems as if she's -somewhat- acting on her own motivations. They didn't specifically show many influences other than that they get more likes online when they objectify themselves, and that the main character comes from a very misogynistic religious background that puts extraordinary pressure on women. There should have been a larger focus and way more screentime spent on those specific western cultural influences that pull women and girls in the same direction as religious oppressive cultures, just with different presentation. In most of the scenes (save for like one or two), the girls are actually pretty heavily chastised (by men and older boys, even) for acting in aggressively sexual ways considering their age. I don't think that is reality at all. I don't think sexualized girls are chastised like that in reality, and I don't think the pitfalls and dangerous/potentially lethal consequences of conforming to these expectations were fully explored, but it did circle back around to how sexualizing yourself as a young female results in humiliation and ostracization, and that there's more joy and fulfillment to be found in just being a kid. Ultimately, the message could've been conveyed a lot better. She was (imo) trying to show that the French and Senegalese cultures were almost 2 sides of the same coin in terms of the way girls and women are expected to serve males, but that the way they are expected to do so is different. The movie isn't non-stop sexualized shots, but it's... really bad and literally pointless artistic direction. It's entirely possible the director just sucks ass at recognizing how to best frame and present her story. Most of the elements of the film were really unimpressive, the screenplay was bad, none of the storyline necessarily flowed, etc, so I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of this was just ineptitude and an attempt to be avant-garde or something, because even the scenes that were not sexual at all just didn't convey their messages effectively and could've been done soooo much better. Media like this though sets a really bad precedent and people need to be more mindful of the work they create.
>>2033 Agree with you, though I do think girls can be chastised for acting "hypersexual" by guys. But it's like a fake concern, you know. In the same way guys will call a girl a whore and want to sleep with her at the same time.
>>2035 True, you're completely right. It'd be more out of shaming the girls, or mockery, than actual concern. In the film (except for a minority of scenes) it was, imo, portrayed as if the older guys and men were actually uninterested and appalled by their behavior, and really don't think would be the case for most older boys and men. I don't think a lot of men and older boys would give a shit at all except to maybe mock them but still exploit them, as you say.
why is pinkpill bumplocked?
>>2047 It must be past the bump limit which I'm guessing is 500.
Why is it called "sex work" instead of prostitution? Is changing the language how they started getting people on board? Women get offended when you call them a prostitute but proud to call themselves sex workers.
Do you wear bras? Why or why not? I usually wear sports bras that aren't super snug because I just feel sensitive without them
>>2077 Sure, that's how euphemistic language works. Plus blurring the lines between phone sex operation, camming, stripping, and prostitution makes it seem like you're creating melodrama when they rephrase your "prostitutes are at risk of rape, physical abuse, etc" to seem like you're talking about phone sex operators or camgirls or whatever comparatively lower risk occupations.
>>2088 Yes, sports bras here too. If I could get away with not wearing a bra, I would. If I could get them taken off without invasive surgery (like through magic lol), I would too. I really hate the sports bras too though.
What is Daughters of Lilith? The link doesn't work.
>>2150 it was another women's discussion forum but it's been showing suspended page for weeks
>>2150 >>2151 The admin of that site was having monetary trouble and IRL got in the way so that's why it's down iirc. Hopefully it'll be online again soon, I'm leaving it up until the admin comes back.
Mostly a joke, but how bad is it that Gigantic OTN is one of my favorite songs? Not only music, but the lyrics are great. Imagine if more selfish men were that honest about being terrible.
What would be a good alternative to tumblr? I like using it to see fashion, art and aesthetic posts, but also like reading posts from other radfems or anyone who might have something interesting to write about.
>>2199 I like using are.na. YMMV.
>>2201 Nta but I wasn't familiar with are.na so I just looked it up and it´s only free for 500 blocks. On tumblr I'd be through that within a month or so. >>2199 I don't think there's any microblogging alternatives for Tumblr afaik. Pinterest is the closest thing, but it lacks text-posts and user interaction since it's not about (micro)blogging but about saving and collecting content. Honestly I'd just stick to tumblr. It's still active enough to be enjoyabe imo and the overall atmosphere has really improved since the nsfw ban. The wokes have migrated to twitter.
>>2229 Going back to tumblr after trying to use pinterest for the same thing is actually kind of a relief in my experience, the UI and general vibe of pinterest sucks. unrelated, but is using mumsnet worth it? I just got a spinster and want to find more sites to use, and don't know if mn is just a meme or not if you are a feminist woman with no children
(13.44 KB 275x246 1591139123269.jpeg)
How to keep scrotes off of online places? I've been in some many places that got infiltrated by cockroaches because of mods stupid decisions. They either shut down or had a slow death until it was completely libfem colonized. What I have so far: 1.Delete all moid posting, don't put red text just delete their shit. They want attention and they're not going to get it. Anyone who responds to obvious male posting will get banned for a few days. 2. Obnoxious graphics and language. Like yes queen shit. FDS uses it to great effect. 3. Aggressive man hating energy, come up with new and creative insults to use casually. 4. No responding or changing anything as a response to raiders. Just delete their shit, get some mods with lots of free time. Once they get even one little victory, it gets to their dick and they become obsessed with harassing that one place/person.
>>2238 Based
>>2238 If lolcow mods followed 1 and 4 the site wouldn't have went to shit
Arent the majority of tiktok users minors? Why are women talking about their onlyfans on there?
>>2292 Grooming, to get extra money from referrals. Happy hooker propaganda.
(16.03 KB 206x275 1564187689095.jpg)
Is it possible to pinkpill a moid? i stg i pp'd my bf kek he sees the innate retardation in every one of his brothers now. I don't want to rant too hard or else he'll want to kill himself. Maybe he's kissing my ass though. Either way, as he should
>>2298 They either get in their feelings and call you a feminazi, or agree and don't do shit about it. Do it if you want, maybe we can stoke a new shaming method to keep men in line that isn't religion.
(138.66 KB 317x491 fdsnfjffdj.png)
(24.81 KB 227x394 54454545.jpg)
>>2299 >>2298 Maybe a bit of toxic-masculinity is good. We should start calling misogynists out for the actual faggots that they are, and remind them that it's 2020 so they won't be looked down on if they come out, encourage them to, remind them they don't HAVE to like women, and that it's okay to be gay, but not a woman-hating cunt, etc etc. They can argue they're the most heterosexual man on earth all they want, but really, who are they kidding. Sure, everyone can have preferences, but there's a point after which it's just vitriol. I truly believe a lot of the hatred is repressed homosexuality. Maybe they're bisexual, but definitely not completely straight. We need to ramp up our gc/pp/radfem and begin with our nigels. I think this is a good way to start pitting men against eachother. It's pretty tough because they always jump to accuse men holding them accountable of being whiteknights. As if there's anything inherently wrong with that to begin with, and should actually be a compliment.
What do you guys think of going to gyms with the rona still around? Have you guys gone back yet or are considering it, or not? There were 2100 reported new cases in my state yesterday. I really hate being relegated to the barbell in my bedroom that I can barely maneuver around in such little space, but I feel like it's probably still crazy to go back like this. Still, the gyms in my area seem fairly busy.
Is there a language learning thread? If there isn't, would it be alright to put it in the self improvement board?
>>2306 I don't think there is. I'm just another anon but I think that'd be a good place for it and a good thread for us to have.
>>2307 Thanks, I'm going to make one now then. I was actually interested to see if any anons know a decent (free) audiobook resource that might have audiobooks in other languages but I figured we might as well collect all info and advice in one place for other anons who might find it useful.
>>2308 Yay, that would be amazing!
>>2304 I miss my building's gym and heard it should be open again now, but it's small and poorly ventilated to start with so I feel like it must be hard to socially distance in and would just be a huge infection risk. I don't think it's worth the health risk to go to gyms any time in the near future. I'm trying to cycle through a variety of video routines to follow so I don't get bored of working out in my room, too.
what are the best websites for hobbyists to post art? I'd like one with a blog feature like in deviantart but not deviantart. Is there a place online, especially for artists, that isn't overrun with furries and gender bs? Should I just give up on the internet?
>>2440 ArtStation?
>>2440 it seems like a lot of artists are just using instagram to do it. they used to use tumblr, not sure if they still do. it's weird that since deviantart has mostly died, no art platform has come in to take its place. not one that i know of, at least. it's really weird and a shame that no one has jumped on it, if you think about it. deviantart was always kind of shitty, so it's strange no one has come up with a really clean alternative that doesn't have a childish reputation.
>>2442 seconding artstation, but that has alot more of a professional tone
Gender Critical and Pink Pill threads are both bumplocked, are we ever going to make new ones?


no cookies?