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Reddit Hate Thread Anonymous 04/23/2020 (Thu) 11:03:59 No. 599
Post all the bullshittery you come across on the neverending pissy party that is Reddit. I'll get started based on something I literally just came across: on the /r/sadcats subreddit, a subreddit for posting pictures of sad cats and edits of sad cats, over 833 users upvoted a photo of a cat in a blender (a top voted post), with its face edited. of course, no real concern is expressed as to what the context actually is here, or if this is from a joke photo or if it is from some sick shit. just "haha funny meme". the male compartmentalization is sickening. who can look at this meme and think haha needs an upboat, especially without being assured there's no questionable context here? there very well could be, and even if not, it's not funny. it's just not funny either way.
At least it's just photoshopped so I don't feel as bad but the thought alone about any cat in a blender freaks me the fuck out. The fuck is wrong with people lmao Something that always annoys me is subreddits called r/__porn for aesthetic content. An example being r/unixporn is cool, desktops are fun to look at, but that name fucking kills it. And before they used to have an actual PornHub aesthetic with the fake logo and color scheme. Not everything needs to be sexualized. It's tiresome. >inb4 pornhub logo isn't sexual you bozo Pavlovs effect, I'm sure any guy between the ages 14-25 see yellow and black together in a square shape and pop a boner with how often they're fapping.
>>602 >>602 the cat is not photoshopped in. only his face is photoshopped in so he looks more sad. the cat IS actually in the blender. that's what pisses me off so much about it. none of these meme hungry assholes care though. honestly, it's a metaphor to porn for them, tbh. absolutely no curiosity or regard for the source material and whether or not it's ethical as long as they get the cheap meme hit they're looking for etc. but i know exactly what you mean with the porn thing. it has stopped me from going to any place that describes any collection of NICE THINGS as porn. I can't read it. honestly, reading the word "porn" upsets me viscerally because i am bothered that it exists at all, so being reminded of it and having it intertwined with cute baking pictures or very detailed antique seating is just... unfomfortable, feels skeevy, and i can't stand reading it that often. and i don't think there will ever be that uncoupling in anyone's mind between ___ and porn, so you're really putting people's minds somewhere they shouldn't be first, you know? it's like having a subreddit called /r/puppyrape, just two concepts that shouldn't be near each other at all
>>604 Oh I'm absolutely smooth in the brain now I'm mad please delete redditors And yes, that's what gets me annoyed with any __porn subreddit period, You don't go on those subreddits to be reminded of vile shit, you just want to look at nice pictures. Not everything is porn! Wonder how many people who call shit like pretty pictures of cake sexy because they've been on r/cakeporn too much.
>>599 >>602 >>604 >>605 First time on the internet?
>>610 no, just that after somewhat willingly being in environments that are callous and cruel, i am tired of it and tired of the fact that adults who should know better haven't grown wise to this. men are ignorant and uncaring forever i guess and don't age out of it. i think it's kind of common for people to come across shitty stuff when they're young and be able to handle it, but reflect and realize they don't want to be around that kind of thing if possible. anyways, the /r/sadcats community is supposed to be cute. this most certainly is not. same with the "porn" thing, it's all supposed to denote cool or interesting things to look at. tying it to an industry of scuzz doesn't give me that impression.
>>614 You come off sheltered but it was like that for me too a couple years ago when I first learned about the exploitation in the industry. That's just how our brains work when we start associating a thing with something very negative. It's "triggering" and I don't mean that in an ironic sense. I mellowed out eventually and can look at things from a detached perspective. Some people have difficulty with that though.
>>616 I'm detached from some fucked up memes too but I personally can't stomach any meme that references abusing animals. It's like edgy teen humor but worse. Shit just makes me think of my own pets. Also have any of you encountered someone who flaunts the fact they use Reddit IRL? My sibling is one of those people and it's fucking annoying. "Do you know a site called Reddit? There's so much intelligent discussion there, but it's hard to find online" Dude you fucking browse r/starwars and got mad at me for not laughing at baby yoda pictures 'cause I said he looks like a wrinkled midget.
(83.92 KB 960x720 jiiryx99h1w41.jpg)
>>617 I don't want to be too spiritual woo woo, but I really believe negative energy is not to be fucked with and a lot of Reddit subs give that off even if they're far removed from being hate subs. I say this as someone who likes to joke to my cat about eating him.
>>705 Men literally have no clue how attractive women are and women have no clue how attractive they themselves are and it leads to ugly motherfuckers ending up with perfectly attractive women who have no real reason not to gain a man at her level besides the fact that many average men think they deserve models because they brush their teeth and wear deodorant every day. The settler/reacher thing should not be real but it is. 99% of the time it's the women, too. If a man has a nice personality a woman is supposed to think that makes up for him being sexually unattractive to her. It's ridiculous. >INB4 femcel accusation
(259.18 KB 1440x2351 sg3jh98wvva41.png)
"I have black girlfriend so I can't be racist. Black people have no right to complain about racial prejudice. BTW I have black girlfriend. P.S. my girlfriend is black Here's the thing. Even if he's not lying. That doesn't mean he's not racist as hell. Cause A: Most racist have an exception to try and disprove their racist (i like MLK but BLM is awful) and B: Just cause you're horny and will put your dick in it doesn't mean you don't hate black people.
>>719 The whole concept people call "settling" kind of bothers me. I see people talking about it all the time, but usually only within the context of appearance. Does it seriously not occur to anyone that there is more to making a lifetime commitment to a person than whether or not you are both "6s"? (I hate the stupid rating scale too) I've had a couple people boldly suggest I was "settling" for my husband and it baffled me. Yeah he is going bald but who tf cares? He makes me laugh, he is responsible and talented af, and most of all I love him and enjoy his company. The other thing is anyone you live with for years on end is going to eventually become "average" looks to you because you see them so often. Idk I'm not trying to moralfag but I really hate the superficiality of the whole thing and I'm so fucking glad I'm not in the dating scene anymore mygod.
>>773 I agree with you. So often people describe their ideal gf/bf as if they’re just looking for a sex partner. Looks aren’t everything? I can’t imagine turning someone down just because they’re not tall/hot/fit enough when you don’t even know what kind of person they are like. Again, sounds to me like people are just looking for fuckbuddies, not lifelong partners when they say shit like that. But of course I’m the one who doesn’t respect myself and has low standards.
>>779 The fact of the matter is looks get people's foot in the door besides proximity. Pretty sure I saw someone else post this on here, but a nice man can't expect too much from being nice to compensate for his average looks (not that that would be his intent if he really was nice). People have needs whether that's sexual compatibility or inclination towards parenthood. A relationship where you aren't physically attracted to the other person is not good. But yeah, it'd be cool if you could see people's aura/energy/mood/vibe/whatever the way you can their flesh to see if it harmonizes with your own.
There is a line between having standards and being unreasonable, I expect a man to be at least physically fit, Practice basic hygenie and have a job, but I wouldn't care If a guy wasnt 6 feet or wealthy Those things are utterly meaingless to me
>>773 >Yeah he is going bald RIP. Balding destroys a man's looks, I would not stay with someone that was balding and wouldn't go get medicine/transplants to fix it. It just looks disgusting and extremely unsexy.
>>784 honestly there's no excuse for men to not be on prophylactic Propecia at this point. baldness is not an inevitability. this is also why low test men are best men
>>787 >low test men are best men Doesn't matter how much testosterone (or lack of it) they have because they all act the fucking same anyway.
>>789 they do all act like garbage, but testosterone makes them ugly
>>790 Your sources?? I thought testosterone was what kept them in good shape? I mean, hormones = youth/healthy body, right?
>>791 i'm pretty sure low-healthy ranges are the best, especially for all of the things i care about. people praise test like having normal-high test is amazing and so great but it causes cardiovascular problems, leads to higher risk of prostate cancer, alopecia, being especially hairy elsewhere, having a more masculine build, etc. just talking generally, of course. just enough test to maintain an erection is fine for me. anecdotal but i don't think it's just down to androgen hypersensitivity based on my experience with hairy but bald men. also explains why TIFs lose their hair in 3.7 days after starting T. also seems that eunuchs lived much longer than those that hadn't been castrated. maybe those delvelv girls are onto something, kek.
>>798 Anon, please. This is the second time I've seen you talking about your fetish for low test men. We get it.
>>801 I haven't said anything about low test except above, which anon told me to elaborate on.
>>791 No, this is an interesting thing actually. Testosterone is an immunosuppressant. I once saw a study which reported that women's preference for men's faces tended toward the feminine in correlation with the quality of the healthcare system in that country. I think the hypothetical explanation was that in countries with poor healthcare, having a lot of testosterone and surviving to adulthood anyway indicated a genetically strong immune system.
WTF has this discussion turned into, wasn't this about irrelevant standards of beauty
>>835 sounds very fake but also gross. haha, isn't ogling such a fun shared activity? all men are honestly such fags. they share porn together and watch porn together, get turned on together, it's honestly so weird how normalized getting turned on as a group activity is for them.
Accidentally clicked on someone's profile when looking at a video game subreddit. Got to see a picture of their dick. I fucking hate men. I hate that it's acceptable to post yourself jacking off. You can read, learn, buy, connect to anything with the internet but jerking their meat is their top priority.
(178.60 KB 232x399 CHUNGUS.PNG)
the recent ban purge targeting many subs, including ones dedicated to gender criticism or radical feminism. and /r/bigchungus, a meme sub dedicated to a fat bugs bunny got banned in the recent purge. according to people who visited it, it wasn't even doing anything particularly political, got banned for no reason. clone subs dedicated to big chungus also got banned, but luckily they have multiple clone subs. meanwhile reddit leaves all the rape subs up.
>>1478 I'm sorry, what? is fat bugs bunny some kind of racist dogwhistle or something?
>>1479 nope.(or at least most people don't associate it with racism). people keep asking for why it was banned, and mocking its ban since it was a rather harmless sub. it's banpage says it was banned for "hate speech", but doesn't exactly specify how fat bunnies were hateful. and lmao, a clone-sub of bigchungus, called reallyfatrabbit, got banned not too long after it was created. and BlGCHUNGUS too (the capital i is actually a lowercase L) gotta watch out for these oversized bunnies, spreading their hate and everything, terrorising us with their vast size.
(36.30 KB 480x360 hqdefault (1).jpg)
(86.91 KB 400x400 2w1h20hipjh41.png)
(48.28 KB 828x470 Ebu-yNXVAAINjmT.jpeg)
>>1478 >>1481 I'm sorry, I'm laughing like a crazy person at this shit. Imagine some Reddit mods absolutely seething about fat Bugs Bunny, seeking out clone subreddits, banning those too, ignoring anybody who asks why. I kind of wish we could make Big Chungus our symbol or something.
>>1482 lolololololol, at the thought of reddit mods seething over a fat bugs bunny. they absolutely sound like they're doing that. I checked the clone subs people made, according to this reddit thread, https://old.reddit.com/r/BigChungusReligion/comments/hi750m/rbigchungus_was_deleted/ , and banned clone subs includeed: chunguys, beg_chubgoos, BunnyFunnyVeryLarge, bigchunguswholesome, funnyrabbitmeme, FatBugsBunny, b1g_chungu5, hugechungus, fatrabbit1, biggychungy, bchungu, BigChungusThree, NOTHINGTOSEEHEREADMIN, bigchungusrequiem, BigChungusTwo, BigChungusV2, FunnyAndLargeRabbit some people in the thread saying they lasted not even for 30 minutes. Reddit: Sees abuse of women - Meh that's fine. Reddit: Sees a large bugs bunny - REALL SHIT!
>>1486 lool those sub names
(133.37 KB 750x594 Idj4msX.jpg)
(133.50 KB 1242x2208 1594437815199.jpg)
well about fucking time >>599
>>1563 holy shit, nice! i'd never expect it
(161.21 KB 1080x1828 Ecn_N8EWAAAPf-A.jpg)
well fuck
>>1574 detrans is back up
I hate that I'm addicted to scrolling Reddit when I have nothing else to do. God it's like every day there's misogynistic garbage that turns up on a front paged post. Just yesterday I stumbled across a bunch of scrotes getting triggered over r/FemaleDatingStrategy and then jumping to defend r/TheRedPill as a "harmless self-improvement sub". Men don't deserve the air they breathe.
>>844 Adding on to this, American men talk about their sex lives like they're in a living porno. Sorry for the nsfw. They always brag about their sexual conquests.
>>1759 It's true. I've heard men talking about it, and it's like they have to make everything public or seem bigger than they actually are. Why can't we have some more decency anymore?
>>1756 anon, stop checking out reddit except for female-run subs, i used to scroll 4chan out of boredom similarly. when the misogynistic content gets under your skin you're better off doing anything else, go to lc even.
Anyone here browse any imageboard outside of lc, cc or 4chan? I used to visit 8chan but now it's a wasteland.
>>1830 You might like sushigirl.us or kind.moe.
>>1835 Thanks. Both look like they are free from toxic 4chan culture but it's quite slow. Better than nothing.
>>1835 kind.moe seems ok but wow, weebshit is intolerable. you really don't realize how annoying it is to be around until you're on a sane board free of pedobaiting aesthetics.
>>1855 Sadly imageboards and anime go hand in hand, the whole concept of them originated in Japan after all.
I bit late but >>1830 I'm not into pedoweeb shit bu sushigirl is still ok since you can hide content from particular board on the general catalog. Didn't check ernstchan.xyz/int/ for a long time but it was pretty decent imho and not too scroty. Lainchan is a mixed bag but have some boards worth browsing if you have tech-related hobbies I should try to browse several little boards instead of feeding my internet addictions and tanking my mental health on 4chan wojak-central cesspools /blog
>>1866 Lainchan is full of incels and fascists, especially /hum/. Why are you on AG?
>>1867 Did you suspect this anon was the same one reeing about how jews are evil in the other thread, too? Measured criticism of Zionism is one thing, but uh
>>1867 That's like saying every board is full of incels. Once upon a time Lain was an anarchist board. One of the reasons for the .org/.jp split. Libertarian autists aren't great at rooting out fascists.
>>1869 I think you haven't seen the last threads, then.
>>1867 Never noticed because I don't browse those boards, only the tech-related ones, which are ok
this point has probably already been made, but I love how the GC subreddit was taken down yet violent porn subreddits are still alive and well.
>>1756 So glad I was able to snag an invite code for Ovarit. I'm about to delete my Reddit account this weekend once I figure out how to easily copy over all my comments. I have some comments I spent quite some time on that I'd like to save away for future 'citing' needs. Ever since most the worthwhile subs got banned, I spend less and less time. SO boring! Tired of all the scrotes.
(123.99 KB 1440x313 lolreddit.png)
>>1876 Lol, have you seen the latest feature Reddit admins are trying to force onto the moderators? https://www.reddit.com/r/modnews/comments/iicyi1/testing_a_new_concept_with_select_subreddit/ > A small number of a subreddit’s members can become patrons of the subreddit by buying power-ups. A power-up is a monthly subscription-based digital good. > A subreddit will have access to new features when it meets a minimum threshold of power-up subscriptions. > We are starting with the following features: > Ability to upload and stream up to HD quality video > Video file limits doubled (we are working out the details on duration and file size) > Inline GIFs in comments > New first-party Snoo Emojis (aka ‘Snoomojis’) > Recognize power-up payers in a list of supporters > The number of power-ups needed will depend mainly on the size of the subreddit; the member size influences the cost of supporting many features. For example, enabling high-res video for a subreddit that gets 1,000 views a month is much cheaper than one that gets 10,000,000 views a month. r/GC had something like over 120k daily visitors. I bet a good amount of users would have been willing to throw some dosh at that. Tinfoil time, but I think the reason Reddit finally moved on banning all the GC & GC related subs is so that they wouldn't have to deal with legal issues of banning a subreddit when users have paid for a service/feature owed.
>>1915 extremely unimportant point here but does the 'snoo' thing bother anyone else? the name just makes me uncomfortable and it feels very cheap. like a cheap name and the design is very poor. they should have changed the name and art ages ago.
(294.10 KB 945x1791 Eg1SSciXgAIZyya.jpg)
(329.89 KB 1080x1159 EegvgNyX0AAZEn3.jpg)
(194.36 KB 1079x696 EgMwjqZX0AAOXxp.jpg)
Kek, real or not, it's entertaining
>>1945 Regarding the first post, I would love it if my guy looked like Indigo Montoya, all men should
(59.31 KB 737x450 screen1.png)
(133.76 KB 734x895 screen2.png)
(13.09 KB 683x92 screen3.png)
Found this account while browsing r/TrueOffMyChest. The funny thing is that if you only skim through the posts, you get the impression that OP is a good looking woman, but he is in fact an ugly man. He only posts about looks, obsessively.
>>2061 kek, "if it's a guy and he wears New Balance shoes and cargo shorts"
>>2061 >or if they are too attractive (yeah, I know, stupid!)
Sorry for doublepost. I stumbled upon this community "faceoface" and it's pretty much what you would expect.
Reddit is a giant tumor that almost singlehandedly killed the internet and "modernized" it to include real life. The internet used to be this place completely separate from real life where you could go on an adventure and find so many interesting things, but Reddit started a trend of monopolizing all valuable information into one page for every subject imaginable, killing all incentive to collecting your own information by personal engagement. And why? Because these shits are too insecure to go a day without telling people "HEY LOOK WHAT INFORMATION I COLLECTED FOR YOU TODAY PLEASE VALIDATE MY EXISTENCE WITH KARMA PLEEEEAAASEEEE". Speaking of; the cherry on top of this cancer website is the echo chamber voting system breeding all sorts of borderline retarded head-in-sand deranged individuals The other culprit is the iPhone, which unleashed a slow but unstoppable torrent of non-internet dwellers onto the internet, absorbing everything in its path and putting an expensive price tag on information I miss the old times so much
>>2377 People who complain about the "new" internet are insufferable. Leave the fucking internet if it bothers you that much, grandma.
>>2380 Nta but this is literally a thread where anons are supposed to be able to vent. *You* can leave if you don't want to hear it; let her live.
Reddit conservative sub is cheering on ACBs being now a justice as if she loves the constitution and America while womens right will be stripped away, lgb rights you name it. It's amazing that so many brain dead retarded males can't understand that a woman can be misogynistic and hateful towards other women. We're in the middle of the worst pandemic, people are dying by these scrotes want to push for handmaid in a cult that hates other women to take away women's rights because they hate women that fucking much.
>>2377 time to take self-hosting as a hobby anon, you'll learn many technical things and will have fun putting your homepage with marquee messages and webring
Trannies really love to make shit up, lmao. This definitely didn't happen. In fact, it's TRAs who love to send rape and murder threats to women for being "TERFs". Sometimes, they even enact IRL violence and sexual assault. All theses people do is project.
>>2405 >scared of TERFs on TwoX Kek, really funny to see them project their own tactics onto us. How is burning birth certificates activism? I can't tell if this is bait, a deluded trans person, or they're facing actual abuse or made fun of online (actual threats are probably from men though).
>>2406 >can't tell if this is bait, a deluded trans person, or they're facing actual abuse .
>>2405 Lmao, that didn't happen at all. These sick fucks love to made up some sob stories to be the victims. How people pander to these mentally deranged narcs is beyond me.
>>2405 >The TERFs threatened to rape me Wow, he's really just writing this to project what he and other troons actually say to women, huh?
>>2380 I'm only in my early 20s and still remember how based the internet was before everyone had a smartphone, especially on message boards and chat rooms. It used to be really easy to find interesting people to have nice conversations with, now we have to suffer through 500 messages from common fuckboys and Pajeets asking for bob and vagene.
>>2417 i agree to an extent but i think the real charm that was lost was the tackiness. the cheese was on every corner of the net and it was magical.
(376.50 KB 636x567 Screenshot_2020-11-20 reddit.png)
>>2405 I wouldn't be surprised if all the brain dead redditors ate this shit up before asking for receipts to verify that this true. Gullible TRAs really will boohoo about this made up story right after they just got done sending le ebul terves rape and death threats for the act of committing thought crimes lmao. Maybe he actually got sent death threats idk (the "target list" is 100% far fetched bullshit though,) but the fact that these people will literally slap the label TERF on anyone who doesn't constantly prioritze their gender feefees - regardless of whether they actually are a radical feminist or not - makes me extremely suspicious of claims like this. A motherfucker could get called sir on accident by a flight attendant and they'll run to social media to post their heavily exaggerated account about how he was violently misgendered and harassed by a TERF for pity points.
Funny how people who call even the slightest thing "far left" turn out to be like this.


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