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Dumbass Shit Thread Anonymous 01/21/2020 (Tue) 06:46:07 No. 53
Post any stupid shit that doesn't belong in any other thread here.
does anyone else have a hard time killing ants, bugs, etc? i'm worried that i'm contributing to infestations in my home by ignoring them but i can't stop feeling horrifically guilty. i live in an area where the heat and humidity causes it kind of easily. i also have an animal in my attic but i'm scared to kick him out.
Men are garbage.
This is for Admin you big fat pick-me nasty smelling fat bitch why you took me off the motherfucking board menu with your trifling dirty handmaiden ass you big fat bitch oompa loompa body ass bitch I'm coming outside and I'm going to beat the fuck out of you bitch and don't even call the police today because I'm gonna come unexpected and wait on yo motherfucking ass bitch I'm going to beat the fuck out of you bitch cause you did that on purpose with your aundry pick-me handmaiden ass danhard bitch watch I'm coming bout to fuck you up bitch I'm telling you watch I know what kind of car you drive I'm gonna wait on you and I'm gonna beat yo ass bitch cause I'mma show you not to play with Jasmine's money bitch that's the first thing you did and you got me fucked up cause bitch I told you what the fuck was going on you handmaiden motherfuckers hate to see women doing good or doing goodanything for their motherfucking selfs ugly fat pick-me bitch watch I'm telling you I'm coming outside beat yo motherfucking ass danhard smelly incel basement smelling ass bitch watch I'll come and fuck you up cause you got me fucked up we see you trynna do that old handmaiden ass shit bitch you pick-me the first day I came up there talking about a bitch who had pajamas but you walking around here wearing those 10$ ass jeans on dirty dusty pick-me bitch sitting up behind that counter smelling like cheese bitch stinky fat pick-me ass bitch are you gonna not try to answer this phone I'm coming to fuck you up I'm telling you you better remember who I am cause bitch you gonna run when you see me cause I'm gonna fuck you up bitch you wanna sit here and play with me about my motherfucking money wanna play about my motherfucking money bitch wanna sit up there and try to do that bitch little do you know little do you know I know enough people watch I'm coming to fuck you up I promise you that I promise you I'm coming to fuck you up you fat stinky handmaiden bitch danhard yellow yuck mouth nasty mouth ass bitch you stink you smell like fucking cheese you got that trifiling ass attitude I'mma beat that attitude up out you bitch watch you treat everybody like that all these women that you do like that you in the wrong position you trifling ass pick-me ass bitch that's why nobody fuck with you you trifling and you pick-me bitch should've fine did all that shit when I told you what the fuck going on gonna tell me I worked at that motherfucking job when I telling you the fuck I didn't bitch why the fuck would I lie about shit like that watch I finna come outside and beat yo motherfucking ass you better not get out that motherfucking car bitch I'm telling you fucking bitch.
>>79 have been deleting some distinctly scrotal posts, this could represent a stage of evolution in the trolling attempts. They've learned the term handmaiden perhaps as an attempt at camouflage. Anons may understand why I did not write an extensive list of my own rules rightaway, but banning the use of gendered slurs would make deleting this post uncontroversial.
anime pics trigger me
>>80 It confuses me why a man would give a shit about pinkpill/gc nonsense. Why even make a board? Are you collecting IPs to mass dox these women because you are a transgender or an anti-feminist incel who wants to ruin their lives. Those are the only logical reasons any man would dedicate their time to creating a website that shits on their existence.
>>83 You can't dox someone with an IP address. The information you can get from it is who the ISP is and an approximate location accurate to within 50 miles or so.
>Are you collecting IPs to mass dox Anon please.
kind of hilarious how paranoid some feminists are about trivial public info like their IP. you're not going to lose your job and your house and get murdered for saying men are scum on an unsecured imageboard schizoid-chan.
lol @ we can't get doxed Admin sure did though.
>>89 are you retarded? he got doxed because admin is paying for the server and domain name. are you paying for anything? are any of us? his info is linked to the site because he's paying for it
there is such an influx of pull and tumblr idiots who barely understand how the internet works that it's making LC unbrowsable. every other post is by a snowflake with a defective brainstem.
>>92 I've noticed that too. Anons that don't know how to sage and make the most cringey and ridiculous posts. We've all been new to imagboards once but ffs, lurk first and then get involved.
>>78 i'm paranoid about cat ears bc of t* shit. it's not cute anymore
>>92 I’m assuming that’s directed towards me because I said the pos who made this board is harvesting IP. I don’t want my information no matter how vague it is in the hands of a nut job, some of us are overly paranoid cause we don’t want to be targeted.
I love you all pink pilled anons !
>>83 >pinkpill/gc nonsense Kek I was right, it really was haters or scrotes hiding behind concern trolling.
(123.72 KB 1106x523 concern.jpg)
>>111 I feel like the anon on the lolcow thread is giving off similar vibes to anon in pic related. Tinfoil they are the same poster
(107.05 KB 630x351 biden.PNG)
I hope to god that this is real because this is the funniest shit I've ever read. Hearing the news that he called a voter a "lying, dog-faced pony soldier" was already hilarious, but peppering your policy comments with "inshallah" to a hotel ballroom of white elderly New Hampshire voters truly takes the cake
Recently, I heard that Sweden does a lot of things to help prostitutes and tries to educate the population into not buying women. I'm delighted to hear that and I think it would be good to live there in the future, because my shit-hole country sometimes feels like a nightmare. However, I don't know how strong is the transactivism there. Swedanons, I need your help.
>>183 It's full-on trans activism nonsense here, but recently there has been more negative spotlight on transing of kids after a tv-programme did some great research about it. Please do move here, we need more radfems. When it comes to prostitution, the police could definitely do more. But I'm glad we have the law that only criminalizes the buyer, it's the only option that makes ethical sense.
How can this site get more activity on it? Can we advertise it somewhere else?
>>195 On Tumblr, if the radfem community there still exists
>>196 Tumblr would be good, but I have no clue how we'd advertise on it.
>>197 We could submit a link to the site to more popular blogs.
(141.30 KB 750x919 fox.jpg)
I discovered that the Soviets began a breeding program in 1959 to produce tame, domesticated foxes for the purpose of genetic research. The program is small but is still going, there is a fox farm with hundreds of friendly foxes. They grow different color patterns on their fur than wild foxes sometimes, like pic related who is near-white. I want one. They apparently cost $8000 but I like to fantasize about pets I could one day own and I think it is all about the fox now. I had a reptile as a pet for a long time but I wouldn't want another exotic pet, I decided that only species which had adapted to living with humans should be kept as pets. But this fox gives me hope.
So this is a really really dumb but specific question but what was the radical feminist view on lowbrow but relatively inoffensive comedy, for example the works of Jerry Lewis, Mr bean and Charlie Chaplin films the Joke was usually always at the expense of the funny little man doing dumb wacky things or just bumbling about, >>217 Cute
>>223 You mean slapstick comedy? That kind of humor is even in children's cartoons and shows like America's Funniest Home Videos. I'm not sure why it would warrant feminist analysis. This might be unrelated but I have seen feminist critiques of the stupid/oblivious man tactic of sexual predation. I'm not sure if the author is radfem but this is very good. https://theweek.com/articles/737056/myth-male-bumbler
An eternal feel.
just now found out that this is what based tatsuya ishida looks like? damn
>>459 I might just be biased because his comics "get it", but I think he's kind of cute. Not really my type, but he has good features.
>>461 he definitely is a good looking guy. he looks like a japanese actor or something, that's why i was surprised
when quarantine is over I'm going to go rollerblading
the ghost realtor bit from 'nathan for you' is stil one of the most amazing clips on tv i've ever seen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7BlydBMAVU
(95.83 KB 406x284 kim.png)
Sorry to bring this up, but I can't help but laugh that the robotposting has increased tremendously on a certain chan and that general discussion quality has gone down markedly.
I'm not imagining this am I? They have the exact same smile
This one is a bit more of a stretch, does anyone else see it?
>>648 >>649 The thirst this woman alone has enabled in sites like 4chan is beyond pathetic.
>>651 Reminds me of when men were thirsting over Natalia Poklonskaya only now it's 20x more obnoxious
(104.87 KB 715x658 IMG_20160524_183121.jpg)
>>648 Hmmm, I see your Dahmer and I raise you Megan from Drake and Josh. This woman has to be a sociopath, there is no doubt in my mind.
(73.78 KB 1200x900 kim_yo_jong.jpg)
(288.15 KB 1825x1217 martin-shkreli-g.jpg)
>>648 i definitely see it. there's something distinctly shkreli-like about her face to me. i don't visit 4chan because i don't like to purposefully ruin my day by jumping into any arenas full of males anymore, but what, they're thirsting over her? more than that literal yandere cosplayer turned larper?
(41.50 KB 1140x641 DroplaLoweWEDweb.jpeg)
this is actually the wedding photo for Jeff and Lauren Lowe from tiger king. really soak this photo in, because not only is this man still wearing a fucking durag on his wedding day, but their faces look bizarrely photoshopped onto other bodies who have no necks or something. I know it's probably not actually photoshopped, but it somehow looks so strangely photoshopped. must be the lighting or something. this was the photo chosen for their wedding announcement in publications. incredible. and why do young girls go for broke con men with no financial stability? women have such low standards
There was a snail on my window and it was noisily scraping its shell against it as it crossed. Rude.
>>708 they know they're cute, so they don't ever care to develop manners. they just don't need to. they get by on their looks with us and they know it
just generally i hope rona puts an end to handshake culture. what a useless gesture. what does it say? what is it for? i don't want to touch strange hands all day. and for what? i can simply wave. if i wanted to touch you, i'd hug you
I've just had an argument with my sisters over sex work. I was trying to explain that the commoditization of women's bodies perpetuates the idea of male ownership but they just kept saying "that's your opinion! Sex work is empowering!" It's so frustrating
>>754 Do you ask them how it's empowering? If it's because they can be their own boss they can get that from any shitty MLM and feel just as great about themselves when it doesn't work out. If it's because it gives them sexual power, ask how much money they think the average sex worker is willing to accept before she gives up that power.
>>755 how much do you guys think the average onlyfans girl is making right now? they're all flexing so much all over their social media, like, literal nobodies are claiming to be making like $3,000 a mo.
>>756 Depends on how engaging they are on social media and how much they're charging I'd imagine. Though usually you hear of them selling clips for as low as $3...combine that with a over-saturated market and I don't think they'd be making much if at all. So much for empowering.
>>757 i've seen them selling access to their entire clip library for like $45. either the desperation that would normally read as "i'm not making any money" is just them hustling hard to the point where they're actively ultimately devaluing their product, but it's still earning them decent cash? from an outsider's perspective it looks like desperation and not making shit, but then again, i've seen lots of people with no foresight ultimately devalue their own products to make a quick buck even when they're not struggling
I've been having sudden memories of people treating me like shit pop into my thoughts this whole week. Some of it is kids from elementary school or people at work making fun of me but some is remembering how I had close friends and they all gossiped about me. I never did anything or said anything bad about them ever but still got shit talked. Remembering this stuff makes me want to interact with people even lesser than I already do. My whole life has been being that "weird quiet girl" and getting shit on by my peers or stupid ass coworkers. People suck.
>>769 sorry to hear that, anon. honestly, I notice a lot of people are kind of treated like shit by their close friends or just by people in general but don't seem to notice it or give much weight to it. i share your experience. it does suck, though honestly ultimately the larger liabilities that other people are to me keeps me away even more than this. it's just not rewarding being around people at all.
(38.67 KB 566x308 erere.PNG)
everyone is clowning on this tweet but i kind of find it to be true? thoughts? there's a difference between having sex with your wife or a few gfs and needing novel sex constantly
>>849 People don't become gay, anon. Not men, not women, not anyone on the planet. While yes, people get desensitized if they have too much sex and seek out worse and worse forms of sex (I.E the pornsickness pipeline to bdsm), they don't magically change sexuality. It's not how it works.
>>850 samefag but deviancy also has nothing to do with being gay.
>>849 Wouldn't call it a gateway to homosexuality 'cause that's quite the extreme take, though I have encountered men in my personal life who were so deep in the closet they were constantly rotating beards. >>850 If anything it's more likely they were already bi from the start, not some gay metamorphosis.
Its 2020 how the fuck are people still upset about an inter-racial relationships https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Luex2Yx3U7U
>>850 i disagree. male sexuality isn't like female sexuality. i believe men are beholden to their paraphilias and i believe they can be conditioned into anything sexually, especially men that are hypersexual. i don't think they're "gay" in the traditional sense, but more that guys and gay sex becomes a fetish or something, something they wouldn't be "normally" attracted to if not for boredom and an obsession with sexual escalation and novelty. same with pedophilia, zoophilia, etc. enough porno conditioning and they're pedophiles. they're usually conditioned by porn. >>853 racism in america has gotten worse within the past couple of years, not that people weren't incredibly racist already before. the real question is who cares about who ross lynch is even dating? it's so weird. are teenage fangirls angry, or are alt right men obsessed with this kid?
>>856 The hate seems to be coming from white teenage girls, which is bizarre primarily its black and white men who are upset about interracial relationships, teenage girls taking part in this behavior is something I thought I'd never see
>>856 It's messy to drag gayness into something men can be memed into, even if it's "true." They were most likely bisexual in the first place, as a lot of people are 90:10 sort of bi and don't think about it besides in passing. It's also a shit take because it just adds to the stereotype that lesbians can be convinced by gay men to be straight because straight men can be convinced to be gay.
>>858 It's not as unlikely as you think. Just like with white men, the racism is always there, it just comes out when they feel sexually devalued.
>>858 See, it situations like these it seems less like traditional racism of thinking your race is superior and more opportunistic racism where it's a way to insult the person they dislike. It's clear those girls are upset that an object of their desires has gotten with someone that isn't them. It happens with every mildly attractive popular man who dates women. A lot of the time the women are doxxed, harassed, etc. etc. They're being racist because she's black. But if she was white they would still be pulling this shit - calling her a whore or ugly or whatever else they can think of because she "doesn't deserve" the man they want. Teenage girl racism is definitely different than adult male racism. These girls are just following the trend of trashing his new girlfriend. They should know better, 100%, but they're obviously very immature and are most likely saying this because it's a cheap shot they can take to prove their point.
>>864 Yeah. It's a really unlikeable situation, but I still think it doesn't compare to /pol/ racism where they literally want to punish in the worst way imaginable white women who've had black partners.
>>862 but still teenage girls being openly racist cause their Disney crush is dating a black girl is still just bizarre >>864 >>873 but still why insult her race, their both attractive
>>877 1. They can't self-insert onto her. 2. Low-hanging fruit. A lot of those teenagers were probably low-key raised racist, and think they're doing non-white girls a favor by not openly acting that way. When a non-white girl does something they don't like (like dating their celebrity crush), in their minds, she loses the right to not be racially abused. It's sad, but not surprising. If she's pretty and also not a cruel person, that's just even more of a reason for them to pull the race card. They have literally nothing else.
>>878 This is heavy, I mean this is challenging a lot of stuff I believe in i.e that only men can be truly racist and any sort of racism by women is only due it being encouraged by society or by the men in their lives, but these girls are acting independently
>>882 Make no mistake, it's definitely encouraged both by society and the men in their lives. With that in mind, I don't know if they can really be called independently racist, they're mostly just using the easiest target they can imagine to bandage their insecurity. If she wasn't black, they'd just find some other reason to attack. Remember how many 1D fans screeched because Taylor Swift was dating one of the members, or how Beliebers utterly despised Selena Gomez for dating Justin? Many of the superfans still hate both women to this day, even though the relationships are over. If you're a woman dating a male celebrity with lots of young female fans, they'll want your head on a stick. IMO, it really says more about the boyfriend if he doesn't defend her. He's putting fans and profit over his SO's well-being and happiness. That doesn't make what the girls are doing excusable, but it is what it is. Best case scenario, when they grow into adults, they'll realize how disgusting that mindset is and drop it. Kids aren't fully mentally developed, after all. What they spit out is 90% what they've taken in from their surroundings. It makes me sick to see that kind of shit, so I mostly stay off social media. I feel the same way as you on racism, for the most part. Women aren't generally as racist as men. I've seen some try to use racial hierarchies to boost their own egos if they're very insecure, and even some women who latch on to extremist race politics to impress whatever man is in their life (tradthot/pick-me stuff), but never pure hatred like I've seen with men.
>>884 Thankfully Ryan Ross did call out the racist behavior of his fans, so I respect him for that He seems like a nice guy and he seems happy with jaz, I wish them well I disagree with your statement that men in their lives are encouraging this behavior, most men don't know or care who Ryan Ross let alone who he's dating
>>885 Sorry meant Ross Lynch not Ryan Ross
(228.67 KB 760x310 Screenshot_20200518-022329.png)
(234.62 KB 760x644 Screenshot_20200518-022602.png)
I've been binge-reading dumb villainess isekais and I don't get it. Why are there so many incels and male weebs reading these mangas? They are all calling the rival characters "thots" and "cunts" in the comments, talking about loli characters and all this cringy weeb shit. Wtf? What are they doing there? Villainess isekais are shoujo, I don't understand, how do these stories appeal to them? Do they think all isekais are the same or what? Even the scanlation group is disgusting. I just want to read a cheesy romance plot without being bombarded by imoutos, lolicon and incels REEEEing. I didn't see these type of inferior beings in isekai manhwas. Could it be because they are korean? Idk
>>890 It's because it's isekai, it doesn't matter if the demographic is shoujo or not the average /a/fag will read it anyway just for the escapism and cute girls factor while missing the entire plot. Hopefully an official translation picks up so at least you don't have to deal with some scanlation group cringe. Would pay any price for that over the usual weeb autism. Korean translation groups aren't as big I'd imagine, so you'd have less retards reading and shitting things up. speaking of scalanlation groups theres this one where at the end of every chapter they posted a selfie of one of the male members crossdressing, it was very nasty, why do men put their fetish on EVERYTHING
>>890 because they exist to ruin everything
>>891 I just don't understand... These mangas have female gaze. I guess this proves that males can enjoy women works too, kek. I want to shove this into the faces of scrotes screeching that "having so many female superheros is not natural/canon waaaa", "why does the protagonist have to be a woman?", etc. I also think that korean translation groups don't appeal to weebs because of "not nihon enough desu". And that's disgusting, ffs. They don't have any shame. >>893 kek
(680.31 KB 1758x1096 Shonan-Monorail-Corporation.jpg)
why do suspension monorails exist? i don't understand the purpose here. why do this? who needs this? who asked for this? why do humans create things like this when there's no real benefit (afaik) to them? where are the benefits, if any? this gives me so much anxiety
>>853 >>862 >>878 These white girls see themselves as above other women especially black women in femininity, a attractive young white male celebrity choosing to date a equally attractive young black female celebrity shouldn't be a big deal, but it does challenge the supposed supreme desirability of white women
I used to be such an edgy atheist in my teens but over the years I've realized that I don't exactly reject the idea of God. I just don't like Abrahamic religions. Now I'm a pantheist.
>>945 theyd still be callin her ugly if she was white. you need to chill, not everything is a fucking political statement that needs to be psychoanalyzed. >INB4 "ur too white to understand!" im not.
>>948 This was mainly racial bases though i don't know if you may or may not have heard of this, a couple years ago Robert Pattinson(twilight vampire guy) was dating FKA Twigs(a black female rapper) and the hate for her online was just unreal, it was also extremely racially charged and offensive, If she wasn't black she wouldn't have received half the hate she got
(159.00 KB 1125x1534 EX0KZJvWkAAOJTz.jpg)
(157.91 KB 1125x1194 EX0KZJoWsAMJjts.jpg)
(185.10 KB 1125x1679 EX0KZJoWsAQSIG4.jpg)
>>950 true. girls didn't like him w kristin stewart but she cheated on him and even, i think, received less hate for that. ot but pattinson is stranger than he looks. he has the eating habits of a poverty stricken latchkey kid left with no guidance and just a microwave
(166.43 KB 1125x1183 EX0KZJoWsAEnhLF.jpg)
>>950 My specific issue was anon acting as if these girls being angry about a black woman was some big statement about "white female desirability" or whatever the fuck. I won't deny it was racial charged, because it was.
>>963 NTA, but I think he was dating a white girl before her, and I saw some fans praise her over Jaz Sinclair, so I do think anon had a point.
I'm weirded out, but pleasantly surprised by how often talking to one of my pets like she's a person seems to work.
>>969 "work", how? like, how does it work? for what purpose? you mean she answers you when you speak to her? or it's like, just as cathartic to vent to her as it is a regular person?
>>970 No, kek, I just mean when she's about to do something naughty, saying "No. Don't jump on that, or I'll have to carry you out of the room. It's happened before" seems to work better than "No! Down! Bad!". She does answer me too, though, sometimes. I might try venting to her one of these days.
>>971 if we're talking about cats, i swear it's the respect. i think they like it. i do the same thing and i do think it works better. they usually answer me when i do it. the only time it seems not to work is when they want to start shit with each other.
(123.40 KB 1484x364 degeneracy.png)
I am convinced lolcow is being taken over by male posters
>>979 A man wrote this using one hand.
>>979 there's not even a question in my mind that this is happening.
Are there any anons (especially black/brown anons like me, but not exclusively) who would be interested in a friendly, laid-back kind of Discord server? I can't really find one that strikes the balance I'm looking for, so I'm considering just making one myself, but I don't want to bother if nobody else is interested. It wouldn't exactly be politically focused, but it'd be a safe place to vent about our issues, and also somewhere to chill without being screeched at if you have misandrist and/or radfem-friendly leanings. I plan for it to be like an imageboard in that it wouldn't be a hyper-PC/woke Twitter echo chamber (for example, you could share stupid offensive memes, make sarcastic comments about your own group, and jokingly use slurs among friends without issue), but unlike an imageboard in that it's not full of screeching incels, white supremacists, tradthots/Shuwu-tier pick-mes, people who wear "programmer socks", porn industry defense and other dumb bullshit. Actual racism and misogyny would be banned, and the difference between the two is obvious if you've seen it. Ideally, it'd mostly be women, with maybe a tiny minority of males, as long as they're invited by an existing verified female member, and won't try to defend their gender. Am I crazy for wanting something like this?
>>986 I'd rather shuck off my own skin than use discord just because it sucks and feels awkward, but no, that's not weird at all. I'm sure plenty of anons would like that. Sidenote but what happened to that server from LC?
>>986 I'd join assuming there's a female verification that involves pictures with the date/discord name/etc - maybe something that can't easily be paid for off of fiver or finding a random chick. Also banning anyone who doesn't talk, as well. Obviously, this wouldn't include trans "women", yeah?
>>986 So Witchan basically.
>>998 Is that like the reverse of Wizchan or is it an actual Discord server?
>>999 Reverse of Wizchan I thought about in my head before as a joke. I thought it would have a purple color scheme, too.
>>1000 Happy 1000th post wew Though AG is basically Witchan already. Maybe one day it'll be an alternate domain :^)
>>1002 I have some banner material for that eventuality.
>>991 Thanks anon. The LC server still exists, but I mostly got turned off from being active because it had a channel specifically for scrotes, lmao. That's the sign that your server has too many of them right there. >>996 I’m not sure about photo verification since I've personally been turned off from joining servers because I'm quite paranoid until I get to know the place, but if it's the most secure way, I’ll go with it. Whether it’s that or voice verification, I’ll make sure to ask a few questions to make sure they’re familiar with the board/culture and aren’t someone’s sister or a paid stand-in. Yeah, no troons, obviously. Detransitioners, perhaps. >>998 >>1000 I was going to ask before if that was a board, but that’d be a good name for it, yeah (and nice get).
>>1007 You're right about containment boards never working.
>>1007 >I mostly got turned off from being active because it had a channel specifically for scrotes, lmao. That's the sign that your server has too many of them right there. Lmao, that LC official server is laughable. Radfem boogeys are hated and pushed out but whoever calls the shots decides they love literal incels so much that they should make a channel to pander to them and keep them around for no reason at all whatsoever. I meant the 2X radfem server that had voice verification, though.
>>1009 and that's how you know they're handmaidens.
(160.12 KB 719x1071 lc ag.png)
>>1040 I'm SO tired of all this petty LC vs AG bullshit. Tinfoil, but these are just bored scrotes trying to start a war between boards. Stop posting about lolcow.
>>1041 Seconded, I don't care if you want to vent about browsing there years ago but I could literally give a rats ass about what LC users think or what they post about. Also the thought of some NEET guy in his basement rping as a woman on a cow farming photography forum to fight with the religious gardening forum is kind of pathetic but a little funny
>>1042 >typing nonsensical sentence after waking up Wew ok let me rephrase that: Venting about shit that happened there is cool, we get it, the good old LC days but reposting caps from NOW is just annoying and dumb. I don't go there anymore, I don't care what they think. It's just going to cause trouble like the other anon said.
>>1040 tbh though, like that anon says, i wish anons wouldn't post anything radfemmy or anything related on lolcow at all, or even post at all on there. they really should just do it here instead. that's what causes extra animosity.
>>1040 >bitch about the radfems >they fuck off to their own site >follow them to the site you know they're on to continue bitching Obsessed and rent-free. LC really has become a site filled with deranged trannies and baiting men. I agree that the best thing is to ignore them, honestly. And honestly, whatever vents they may pick apart from here, you already know there's much, much worse posted on their site daily. Feels good to not be a pathetic scrote permanently seething about "the radfems", and also not needing to dig through threads looking for anonymous women in shitty situations to mock.
http://www.denisdutton.com/baumeister.htm Is it bad that I agree with this?
>>1041 It 100% is. Why else would anyone be this butthurt about the existence of a small board like this one (and even before it existed lol)?
I love drawing with pen it's the best ever.
>>1132 How do people draw with pen? It gives me so much anxiety. Like, even more than charcoal or anything. It's just so harsh and permanent. Pens are the lowkey bullies of the stationary world, even less forgiving than markers.
research points to polygamy being a strong factor in economic stagnation https://medium.economist.com/big-love-and-big-war-exploring-the-link-between-polygamy-and-violence-67306fb3c41b TLDR; The 20 most violent, least developed countries are all at least somewhat polygamous. many are Islamic. It's all complicated of course, it might be correlation, causation, or the reverse order.
>>1140 I wouldn't say it's due to polyamory, but the mindset that accompanies this kind of disgusting, backwards bullshit. Their mindsets don't even serve themselves. They fight to be disgusting failures and embarrass themselves all over a world stage.
https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2020/06/publishers-sue-internet-archive-over-massive-digital-lending-program/ So, the Internet Archive is being sued. This is fucking depressing. They also own the Wayback Machine. If they get taken down, that's decades of internet history taken offline. This is a tinfoil, but I really do feel like there are certain groups that are doing their best to get rid of all traces of the "old internet" so they can rewrite history more easily. So many old blogging platforms, old groups, and sites have just been killed by larger corporations. Not even an archive, no attempt to save anything. No respect for the past, even though we all know how important the internet is. Why?
>>1148 That's the fragility of our reliance on a centralized web. It's always fallen on each and every person to save what they want. How many of us use the Wayback Machine bookmarklet very frequently? If it's not the Internet Archive being taken down now, it'll be a data dump on everyone some time in the future. It's a double-edged sword: some things last much longer than they should and other things that should don't. Now you know how architectural preservationists feel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKUZ42T9diU
Earlier this year I saved up and bought a customizable couch that is suppose to last a long time (called a sacational from lovesac if anyone cares). The fedex guy had to unload like 20-30 some boxes onto our porch. Thought he must have been pissed off at our ridiculous order. A couple months ago during covid I ordered baking soda online to try and make my own laundry soap. Accidentally bought two 12 pound bags thinking it was the two 6 pound ones. It was a heavy lift and I felt bad for the fedex guy. Last week I online ordered 4 bags of cat liter and dish soap because the store is still having stock problems and we needed it. Arrived today, they put one in each bag in a box. The little box that had the soap was leaking onto the porch. Someone slammed the shit out of it. I'm sure it could have happened anyway in the transport process and there was nothing but paper to protect it...but I can't help think the fedex guy did it because I always make him carry something heavy when he stops at my house. I'll try not to order anything heavy for a while...
(692.42 KB 1115x428 omg.PNG)
>>1159 probably a good idea for a while, though fedex is kind of shit so i wouldn't be surprised if it was just damaged during shipping. i ordered a laptop and the box was all kinds of busted going through them, whereas i never have that type of issue with usps. the sectionals do look nice (congrats) btw but now i'm daydreaming of these giant sized $1500 beanbag couches from loveasac
Huh. Just realized the same way TRAs view themselves as underdog victims, so do Republicans/conservatives. In both cases they actually do have power but can't handle disagreement.
>>1192 I don't find that this is an apt comparison. Psychologists are such garbage. Seems like this theory is trying to posit that actual victims aren't actual victims, as a lot of psychological crap seems to insist. Seems like it's trying to insist that people that are truly victims of circumstance are instead self victimized (sometimes 'victims' are self victimized, but I think it's less commonplace than the reality of actually being victimized). Troons and conservatives are abusers/offenders roleplaying as victims and reversing the role of victim and abuser, that's for sure, but like most things dreamt up by men in the field of psychology, actual conflict created by malignant characters is likened to a shitty screenplay.
wow, i thought jordan b peterson developed a benzo addiction by trying to cope with some kind of existential crisis, or actually severe anxiety due to newfound fame, but apparently >The controversial academic had been consuming the drug for years to alleviate persistent anxiety in the wake of a severe autoimmune reaction to food. he didn't even have severe autoimmune reactions, this is a man that said he was "done for a month" and "dead" because of a glass of apple cider, that apple cider brought him "an overwhelming sense of impending doom" and that anything but beef, salt and water gives him depression. weird that a guy who tells everyone who disagrees with him needs to shut up and clean their rooms, when he did nothing but publicly call for draconian traditionalism but can't even handle apple cider without downing a bottle of klonopin. why are men such spineless cultists in need of direction from the most pathetic people? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPof3taFRto
>>1196 Umm to be fair maybe he was allergic to something? Anyway he's a shell of a man at this point and anyone still preaching his genius is rightly a laughingstock. Anyway the thing about JP was that he was: Hugely popular Not far wrong On the second point he did have a reasonable understanding of history of knowledge of literature and used it to make points about personal responsibility and take down some TRA bullshit. But - he also wove it in with a lot of personal prejudice which appealed to scum with the same sets of prejudices. Mostly I mean his championing of traditionalist and sexist values. In some of his talks you can see he really believes women are fundementally inferior somehow (dressed up in benevolent appreciation for 'mothers' or whatever). He's obsessed with the evils of communism to an unhealthy degree - when he cites his influences Solzhenitsyn stands out to me as being of obviously lower calibre than the other names he likes to drop, but he spergs out the hardest for him. The bible criticism/interpretation is pretty bad, superficially the talks seem interesting but if you go off and do some reading into the documentary hypothesis and skim over genesis yourself it becomes clear that he has very little awareness of the context of the text he's analysing. I don't think he's even read canonical church commentaries on the bible and I feel like he gets his information solely from his own copy and internet christian discussion groups. Ultimately his philosophy is a shallow degradation of half-understood concepts forged by better minds that I would expect to see matched by many an undergraduate. Which is disappointing because he was the only person speaking eloquently on the foolishness of TRA politics. So fucking glad we have JKR now instead.
>>1196 >>1197 >JBP https://gsajith.com/peterson-generator/ http://www.wisdomofpeterson.com/ He got destroyed by Roger Scruton, an actual Platonist.
>>1199 ty for the tip anon I will watch this later https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvbtKAYdcZY
>>1197 it's totally possible for him to have been allergic, but listen to him. this is a man that believes minority groups having some semblance of power ushers in the downfall of civilization. surely one would think he'd actually get professional help for his "severe autoimmune responses" which are apparently depression, anxiety, acid reflux. none of these are what people would consider "severe" autoimmune responses seeing as how truly severe autoimmune responses can get. he's just saying he feels like dying when he's drinking apple cider and that vegetables make him depressed. he's a dramatic manchild to the nth degree. watch the videos of him talking about his diet. he's a bullshit artist.
So lc is down and it sucks ass anyway. Liked to shitpost there tho. Anyway can someone help me break up with my bf?
https://antisex.info/en/info.htm I found this website in my bookmarks. Thought it might be interesting.
>>1212 >Anyway can someone help me break up with my bf? Sure. What's the situation, anon?
>>1215 We are together for years, live together. Have pets. He treats me OK, but I have no feelings. I told him that. I'm dependent on him... He Made sure to isolate me when we were fresh together. Not allowed to go alone anywhere without a good reason. I'm sure he wants to fuck my BFF... Not allowed to wear something too sexy, wear Parfum etc, always have to explain myself etc. Have to listen to things like: you love it when guys stare at you're tits.
>>1216 Uhh what do you mean he treats you okay? He sounds extremely controlling and abusive just by what you've told us about him. It's not normal to isolate your partner or attempt to control everything they wear.
>>1216 Anon, he sounds awful. Get in contact with your friends, build your support system, move in with your parents if possible. This is extremely unhealthy and dangerous for you. Is he religious or something? He sounds like both an asshole and an idiot, truly. How many pets do you have, and can you take them to someone else's house? Like your parents or something? You need to phase yourself out of his life starting now, if you know all this.
>>1219 He doesnt beat me, so.... I didnt thought he is this bad, opened my eyes to see it all written down. I have two cats, which I could easily take. No family to move to. He is not religious but feels like im his property>>1224
>>1226 Do you have any financial independence from him? Maybe you should consider a roommate situation with one of your friends and start planning for the future. I wouldn't do anything too rash necessarily that ends up risking your safety for the time being, if you depend on him, but start building independence where you can by exploring options for yourself and at the least, not considering in your mind anymore that being with this guy is a healthy or ideal option for the future. Yes, he's not beating you, but you don't sound happy with being continually mistreated and disrespected and there's no reason you should put up with being miserable and mistreated. Him not allowing you to go anywhere without a "good reason"? Huge red flag. And coupled with him insisting you want people to stare at your breasts? There's serious potential for that to escalate to physical abuse using these claims about wanting men to see your breasts, and it's not tolerable anyways as it is even if it weren't going to anyhow. If you're very worried about how he'll react to you trying to distance yourself emotionally/move on where possible, I'd say a shelter is recommended. There are also safe havens that allow pets.
I just found this video where a girl explains the downsides of sending nudes/why she doesn't do it, and discusses a (thankfully, now-deleted) subreddit/group chat where males aged 16-18 would share nudes, creepshots and literally trade tips on how to gang-rape. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25LelkZt1Fo An anon mentioned how we could help protect girls online after finding out about the South Korean Nth room scandal (I can't find the exact post atm), and I think videos like this and the points made in them could be helpful on assisting them without coming off as preachy or up-tight. If I can find more videos like this, or blog posts/infographs etc, I think I'll make a thread for this. Just content that you can show to younger girls in your life, like siblings/daughters, or even just libfem-leaning/neutral female friends to encourage them to think before making rash, possibly self-destructive decisions. I think "middling" content like that is needed to help young people cut through all the BS without too much damage.
What are your thoughts on the concept of the reverse Casanova, a male who unintentionally makes women fall in love with him, who has enough generic broad appeal that he does to appeal to a large majority of women but he is utterly oblivious to the attention he revives and thinks his interactions are normal
>>1314 I don't know how common this is in real life (probably less than 1% lmao) but it'd make a funny character trope in a gag series
>>1245 I agree. I think there needs to be a broader trend where we spread common-sense precaution that doesn't victim blame instead of "yaSs GuRl" sex-positivity nonsense.
>>1315 I have known one guy like this IRL, looked like a Skinner Henry Cavill, completely oblivious to his own attractiveness and the fact was that he was silently awkward most of the time helped as well
Anyone else have this issue where they like certain controversial media but hate the majority of other fans(mostly males) cause often they don't really get it for e.g I like the film American Psycho(I actually like the movie more then the book) cause I see it as a critique of rich, uber privileged males and the culture surrounding hyper capitalism and consumerism, everyone of Patricks rich white friends are just as psychotic and shallow as he is and no matter how much he tries he can't escape them, they are all parasites in some way and Patrick is a parasite whose more aware of his nature but males just see it as "hAA goRE ANd sEx =gREAT" and don't even attempt to find the deeper meaning behind it
>>1343 Ugh, I feel you. Everytime I discuss Breaking Bad with a man they always complain about Skylar and how Walt is s0 cOol!! "I AM THE DANGER!! xD" Men are so fucking full of themselves they often miss the point of how the male characters in media are actually losers, failures, pathetic, and miserable. Don't get me started on Mad Men too. It's supposed to portray the sexism, racism, and other bad shit of the 60's but "whiskey and sex and masculinity! xD im literally don draper!!" I really used to enjoy consuming media starring white male characters but as I get older, it's starting to really fucking bore me and get on my nerves. The miserable white man but really cool but really a total loser trope is so fucking overused, it's literally a patriarchal fantasy. I watched Anne with an E and it's really nice and refreshing.
>>1344 Eh I'll watch good media and I don't personally care what race or gender the character is, I like the joker and I like grapes of wrath and no sceote is ever take these things away from me
This is definitely a real phenomenon and Fight Club is the worst for it. These are supposed to be fables about the hollowness of masculinity, the protagonists are always miserable and alienated, incapable of love and end up destroying whatever they make an attempt to love (American Psycho he doesn't even try because there is so obviously no point). How pathetic do you have to be to *look up* to someone like that? This genre had a masterpiece; Taxi Driver. It's the story of how a young man's alienation and misplaced feelings of morality turn him into a dangerous extremist and misguided vigilante killer. Travis Bickle isn't a pathetic incel who lives at home and can't work, he has small helpings of charisma and confidence. He can land a date he just happens to screw it up by taking her to a porno theatre. But over the course of the film we see how the toxicity he's picked up from his environment prevents him from making any meaningful connections with people, and how that alienation slowly turns him into a monster himself. Compare that to the latest in this line, Joker, which is basically just Taxi Driver mixed with King of Comedy with De Niro not in the protagonist role and all the nuance and authenticity surgically removed. Joker never had a chance, it wasn't a story about how people become monsters, in this incarnation the offering to the audience is a message of inevitability, when Joker shoots De Niro's character in the face it's presented as a moment of catharsis and triumph for the audience, a celebration of indiscriminate violence as a response to personal feelings of persecution and rejection. It was disgusting honestly. I feel like someone has noticed that idiots are hero worshipping actual villains and started pandering to them.
To sperg a little harder this form of the anti-hero mostly appears in media 'for men' and is distinct from another form of the anti-hero who appears in media 'for women' and whose origin I trace back to Heathcliffe in pure form and appears in his most distilled and degraded form as Edward Cullen and Christian Grey. I think perhaps these are both examinations of dark triad personalities but one is a view from within and another from without. Heathcliffe is passionate to be sure but what drives him internally is guesswork for the reader. We know a lot more about what Travis gets up to when he's alone, and the lines that he feeds himself to make his actions add up. But we know a lot about how Heathcliffe's actions affect the people around him. I guess the way to treat this character holistically would be to weave a narrative from both threads, and actually prsent the internal and external affects side by side. People would think it was contrived and unrealistic, probably.
>>1347 You are right about taxi driver in that Travis isn't some jobless Incel loser, however I personally don't see taxi driver as the story of alienated young man, while Travis drives the story I think the movie was more about the failure of America and how it basically let everybody down, and Travis was just another symptom, him being a Vietnam veteran with no sort of support from the government after the trauma he endured highlights it The "crazy" Vietnam vets were an unavoidable reality Americana has deal with, my grandfather was one of these men, up until his death he was scared of the sight of guns and even loud noises
>>1348 We know Travis is a veteran but we know almost nothing about his experience of the war. This film isn't Rambo, yes Travis is ignored and not supported but he's not fundamentally unable to integrate, the course of the events in the film are what draws him into his fate rather than his background and the prejudices of others. It was very much an 'of it's time' film, it was set in a version of New York which doesn't exist any more. But his issues are still present; loneliness, feelings of powerlessness, being a witness to sexual violence and abuse, and a misinformed set of personal values are still things that turn young men into monsters.
While I'm here; Was Travis a monster? He killed a dude who was literally pimping out a child, pretty easy to take his side actually. But the point is that he just picked this guy as a target because he couldn't follow through on his first choice. He shot the guys he ended up shooting because he still needed someone to shoot, because he'd let himself become obsessed with himself as an avenging angel of change and had been devoting all his free time time to fantasising about killing and practising killing and preparing to kill until he inevitably had to do it because he had to prove to himself that he was already a killer.
>>1350 You are right, I don't know how modern incels c can try to relate with Travis when he risked his life for some "roastie" girl, something no Incel would not even think of
(48.88 KB 719x218 lc.png)
This shit makes me vomit.
>>1346 Am I retard for thinking Joker was okay? I've seen the criticism that it glorifies toxic masculinity/violence a bunch of times but I always completely failed to get it and assumed it was from people who didn't watch the movie, but you sound like you know way more about movies than I do. Anyway, imo they really go out of their way to beat you over the head with the whole "class war" theme at every corner so that the Murray shooting scene is framed as "the lower class should rise up" rather than "indiscriminate violence as a response to personal feelings of persecution and rejection". I perceived it as a collectivist message rather than an individualist anti-hero "badass" moment. >I feel like someone has noticed that idiots are hero worshipping actual villains and started pandering to them. In fact I agree with this and that's why I give Joker a pass for trying to use this craze to get the dumb edgelords on board with some sort of leftist message, even if it's hamfisted and about as subtle as a bulldozer, rather than just cranking out another "watch this man enact violence to those who have hurt his feelings" anithero movie.
>>1354 I can only eye-roll at this point. I'm kinda glad we have our own board now and can freely talk about female politics. Some of these LC users can't even stomach the generic "men are trash" post without getting buttmad about "radfem spergs shitting up the thread" and then whining to /meta/ about it.
>>1356 >Am I retard for thinking Joker was okay? No I just have this perspective because I'm a movie sperg. Joker was just shallow, it had a lot of style but I could see that it was all just paper cutouts from better movies because I'd already seen them. Some of the anachronism like throwing around the word 'mental illness' in a film that was essentially set in the 70s were also jarring. I didn't see it as political though, to me it looked like an individually with a very loose grip on reality finally losing it completely, in so far as it was a story at all. But it came across as a film more concerned with being an artistic representation of its own influences than being an artistic representation of reality, which its influences were. But if you weren't as obsessed with cinema as me you wouldn't know that. I'm just happy to be able to offer my take, I don't think anyone's a retard for having a different one.
>>1343 Personally I really enjoy horror in general, and I've read the book a few times, but the older I get the more I can't handle the sexual violence and extreme focus on the torture of women (particularly genitalia) I think it's a product of reading more feminist critique and understand that this sort of thing doesn't exist in a bubble and that while it could simply be a creative outlet, it's more than likely that the (male) author is simply fucked up.
>>53 https://youtu.be/Yz3mQhuMACs cancel culture has gone too far. Jenna isn't perfect, and that's okay, but people are really digging deep to cancel anyone. The pure vitriol and tribalism people have at the moment is horrifying, and I'd bet anything the people calling her out are in a place of privilege and doing this to gain progressive clout.
>>1360 AYRT here, and yeah even though I'm a cinema noob I definitely agree that Joker was very hamfisted and devoid of real substance. I just meant that in terms of message I thought the intention was to go a bit beyond the usual violent male antihero trope. Thanks for the discussion anon.
>>1370 i don't think cancel culture is a real problem save for the troon issue tbh. 90% of the shit people are being cancelled over is pretty good, imho. there's no way jenna will actually be cancelled. she's loved by everyone and is mature enough to, i think, apologize and let it die down. she's not gone for good. overall, i think the policing of content for people who have influence over young people, especially, is good. i don't think she's going to be cancelled legitimately.
>>1370 There was discussion about this on lolcow https://lolcow.farm/ot/res/571129.html#575205 Honestly, I think she just wants a break and is being overdramatic seeing what's going on with other youtube drama and BLM. I'm glad she addressed her past videos (hiding gendered videos was weird though) in a way she thought best.
>tfw you got banned on LC for telling a tranny to go dilate
so apparently margaret atwood is/was friends with ghislaine maxwell
>>980 this.
>>1540 holy shit, no wonder she's with TRAs. Slugs for brains.
(108.19 KB 661x440 h-229474_0x440.jpg)
>>53 this is from an editorial called makeover madness, which is a """"critique"""" of beauty standards. It's obviously BS coming from the fashion world, but I saved these pictures because I absolutely love the before, especially the first one. She looks so good, nice and comfortable. Also lol at how their idea of ugly is rectangular glasses and slightly frizzy hair, like in romcoms. if you look like the "before" hmu
>>1557 i swear like half of the "transformation" of this editorial is the art director being like "you'll be really hot if you just don't smile and adopt extremely awkward neck posture that would give the impression that you've got issues with your cervical spine".
>>1557 how can you even make a comparison here? befores are in b&w, with glasses/awkward smile when after doesn't. so weird after pictures with makeup make them look similar, makeup is not art when most women are pursuing the same face.
Was curious about a singer I listened to as a kid. Searched around, she changed her name and is now a patreon/titty streamer. Anorexic looking photoshop pics with plastic surgery and botox. She had a great voice back then. But who cares about talent when you can sell your body online as another Harley Quinn knock off. Smh
>>1581 i'm so curious. who is it?
(357.24 KB 2048x2048 EHnq8phU8AAgQO6.jpeg)
Megan Mccauley now she's "May Leigh Damage". She didn't post many pics back then so maybe her breasts are the same but definitely got skinner and bigger lips.
I really hate the proverb "two wrongs don't make a right". in normal life it's really just used to enable offenders to escape consequence and continue to misbehave its always said by the most apathetic assholes ever that don't care about victims
>>1587 Huh, never heard of her. I felt almost positive you were going to say Porcelain Black for some reason (who apparently is not a twitch streamer, just checked). It's hard to make it in music, so idk if you can even blame this girl. I'm sure she would've taken a career in music if it would've panned out for her?
I wish people's hair worked like bird feathers, color/pattern wise. It'd be cool if people naturally had distinct designs in their hair.
(22.74 KB 480x360 67385111-480px.jpg)
>>1628 Based. Birds are top tier.
(245.86 KB 1905x1839 8p0qye5lto141.jpg)
>>1645 >>1628 Unrelated to hair discussion, I just needed an excuse to post this criminally cute bird for everyone to admire. Agree with your sentiments though. We just look like unimpressive shit in general compared to almost all animals tbh.
(8.69 KB 400x302 swimmpidge.jpg)
just adding onto the birds
>>1655 that birdie's so cute i wanna cry
Started watching "Unexpected" which is like teen mom, now they have a new season on that I'm watching. Oof it's sad seeing these poor dumb kids be exploited and their shitty situation. Who decided if they to on tv, them or their parents? Almost all the guys seem like total morons. The moms are always disappointed this happened to their daughters. Some are third generation teen moms despite their mothers doing what they can to tell them to not get pregnant or giving them birth control. One of the girls lives close to me and is friends of friends. She started doing onlyfans instead of getting a job because she knew she had a fan base from the tv show who would pay for it. The whole thing is messed up.
>>1667 >>1667 That sounds awful. I don't know about shows post 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom culture, but I'm pretty sure the OGs on 16 and Pregnant wanted to be on there. The majority of the families were not supportive of it. Probably different now that we've seen how lucrative this stuff can be. Expect the girls to continue having kids if MTV type policy is followed. Allegedly it's like $20k a kid? Kind of unrelated but can we talk about Teen Mom? Everything about Jenelle pisses me off. She is a horrible, horrible person. What she has done to those kids (especially Jace and Kaiser) and the way she has treated her mother, is so shameful. Unlike Deb, she wanted Jenelle to get an abortion and not put potential kids through a lifetime of neglect. Now those poor kids have been neglected, and are stuck around that absolute psychopath David (who pushed his pregnant fiancee out of a truck, and murdered Jenelle's poor dog), and who clearly abuses Kaiser. He needs to be in prison. The kids all need to be in Barb's care. Another thing that still infuriates me is Deb forcing Farrah to have a child. Farrah is very unwell but her mother is another one that should be in prison for what she did to her daughter on national tv. Farrah is a great example of how stunted family/parents cause either serious stagnation or just straight-up regression for their children. Farrah used to be much more mature and I really believe Deb ruined her life. It's just really sad all the way around. I see a lot of people ragging on Farrah for putting Deb in her place and it's really upsetting. Farrah is already too nice to her mother, and it's not just editing. These shows aren't just drama, they're a very clear indicator of how absolutely pathetic the legal system is in America, and how toothless child protective services are (I say this having had plenty of experience with CPS).
I'm becoming way too aware of eceleb culture. The internet isn't fun anymore.
>>1672 Well honey, it depends what you're doing on the internet. :-) For instance, I have have no idea what's going on anymore. My only social forums are imageboards outside of 4chan, so not a lot of youtube/twitch/social media drama/culture is discussed. In fact, besides the daily tik tok threads which are solely to objectify and sexualize women (who seem to thrive off the attention anyways), no one on these imageboard communities even cares about it. Maybe you and I are getting too old?
>>1673 If this post were a place it'd be a seedy motel
>>1672 Is it the Youtubers?
I'm trying to stop using LC and KF but man, after seeing Arthur Chu's tweets I looked up his KF page and he is an absolute shitshow. Really shows how deranged TRAs are when they kiss his ass.
>>1690 The guy from Jeopardy? What's his deal?
>>1691 a few things other than terrible tweets, but my fave is his ashley madison acct lol
I don't know where else to post this It's regarding Islam and how one fundamental difference holds it back from evey truly evolving Nearly all rligions are a result of cultural syntricism and divergent evolution, almost like an organism Zues, odin, Vharma, Jupiter all came from the same source that evolved different characteristics over time due to various factors Islam is a result of the mixing of Eastern Syriac Christianity, Arab culture and values and some zooratrian asthetics What differs Islam from other religions is how incredibly arab-o-centric Islam is, literally no words can describe how absurdly Arab-o-centric Islam is The language of Adam was supposed to Arabic, the language of all those who enter paradise is supposed to Arabic, learning Arabic is supported in the Qura, it's believed that reading the Quran in ones native language is considered less holy then reading in Arabic even if you don't understand a single word When a people are introduced to Christianity then the people do change but so does Christianity, it adopts local characteristics to suit the people, but when islam is introduced to a people, then while the people do fundamentally change Islam stays the same I saw this myself when I was in the UK, Churches.would have various different practices and ways to pray depending ethnicity and culture, but masjids/mosques in the UK, Bosnia, Arabia and Pakistan all prayer procedure is exactly the same, other ways of prayer are not allowed and tolerated Islam can't evolve because of this, it's what holds back Muslims, without some reformation then its what we have to deal with I'm saying this as an ex-muslim stuck in Pakistan, I don't see atheism ever coming to Pakistan but I see letting Islam become more native to the people by translating in local languages for the masses as a start in the right direction
>>1677 Not the youtubers. It seems like everyone has to be a celebrity and everyone needs to have their life story on display, either willing or someone else puts it up there. Like they're public property and not a individual person
(24.62 KB 750x186 EesFVMWWAAAbBKt.jpeg)
Every time Western tradcons throw a fit over polyamory I have to fucking laugh HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Tbh my favorite thing is eating spaghetti with fake/vegan Italian sausage, baked buttered bread with garlic powder and drinking while I watch tv. I love this alone time while the bf is asleep. Currently watching Little Woods.
>>1854 Yum, sounds good. Do you make the vegan sausage from scratch or do you have a favorite brand?
>>1858 I like the Beyond Meat brand ones best. But those are expensive and wait for them to be kn sale to buy. The tofurky ones are okay but not as good. I've looked up a few recipies and all seem to use fennel seeds. Bought some and will be experimenting between white beans and tofu and spices to make my own.
the one thing I dislike about this site is the capcha. sometimes I decide not to reply to posts just because I'm too lazy to type in the capcha.
>>1877 we definitely need the captchas. it is annoying but very necessary. >>1859 omg i completely forgot about the beyond meat ones. they really are delicious. far better than their burgers. i usually just go with aldi or trader joes meatballs since i'm lazy and bc basically no one has done great sausage at a reasonable price yet. hopefully the beyond prices come down. the white bean and tofu idea sounds great!
>>1858 nta but Quorn has some good products as well, their chicken cutlets are great for a "chicken parm" too.
>>1878 idk why it's necessary and also find it annoying but I have gotten used to it.
>>1883 The alternative is being spammed to death. Even a once per 24 hours captcha would be inadequate.
>>1885 I get that, but why does reporting a post need a captcha too?
>>1886 Maybe because males or bots might mass report lots of normal posts or something? I assume it'd be annoying having a queue full of normal decent posts being mass reported by angery idiots, then it'd be difficult to get to the actual spam. >>1882 Quorn makes awesome products. I hope they start getting more popular. It seems like newer brands seem to gain more traction. I haven't tried the breaded cutlets because they're pricier than their other items and usually I feel like breaded items are so heavy on breading. Gonna take your rec though and buy it next time I see it! Have you tried their roast 'turkey'? Omg, literally indistinguishable from turkey and pairs very well with thanksgiving side dishes. Literally no reason for anyone to eat turkey with the Quorn roast around. Great price point as well.
Does anyone know what happened to Sarah Lisa on youtube? I think she deleted her account. I understand if she didn't want to make political vids anymore, but I liked hearing about her life, art, etc. too.
>>1917 I don't know what happened to her, but I know she had an instagram. I don't know what it was though. I liked her videos too. sorry
(2.28 MB 2022x1054 ge1.png)
I will always imagine people who defend makeup, worship YT makeup artists and post shit like "Eyeliner sharp enough to kill a man" looking like this.
>>1967 kek same
What do you guys think of Destiny losing his Twitch partnership? Viral clip that caused it linked below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rufdHsEiO2w
(26.67 KB 259x383 Misbehaviour_poster.jpg)
So I watched the film Misbehaviour and I liked it, the films premise is defined as " A group of women hatch a plan to disrupt the 1970 Miss World beauty competition in London" however there's another story line regarding the African female contestants and their struggles and the 2 parties clashing near the climax The film isn't an anti-feminist gotcha just a more nuanced take on the second wave, the issue of class and race are factors, the womens liberation movement is primarily made up of middle class white women from academic backgrounds and there's nothing wrong with being middle class and white its just that it makes them blind to certain perspectives and experiences, especially regarding black women and shows the feminists vandalizing property thinking its sticking it to the patriarchy but the end result was just gonna be a poorer woman likely gong to clean their mess, the only characters shown as completely wrong are sexist males, so I think its worth a watch for both libfems and radfems
This video fucked me up. https://youtu.be/YsA3PK8bQd8
Jesus Christ, How does one watch Megamind and end up rooting for the Incel Nice guy antagonist Like lets break down what he said in Incel logic Hal(Incel/Nice guy) is a camera man who hits on Roxane(The Stacy) and even though she gives a thousand soft no's, he thinks the only reason she doesn't want him is cause she likes Metroman(Chad) and when he gets superpowers (IRL equivalent gets fit) he acts as if the girl of his dreams is supposed to automatically love him. He drops the act when she doesn't and and when he finds out she's dating her normie coworker who both developed feelings for each other naturally, he goes ballistic and destroys the entire city (IRL equivalent Incel rampage)
>>2123 seeing moids root and self insert in characters who are clearly supposed to be the villain is hilarious.
(71.41 KB 680x642 ESjOrY8WAAA6snP.jpg)
>>2127 especially the one whose meant to be a loser >Um actually, the wage gap doesn't exist and also the problem with in our society are how badly single dead beat fathers are treated :
>>2123 >>2123 I never saw that movie because it looked awful, but the funniest part here is that this dude is insisting that incels just want to get married and settle down and have normal families. Meanwhile, their forums are filled with posts and threads of them laughing at women for being victimized, encouraging harassment, talking about how undesirable one woman is when their real desire is to collect women, violate them, etc. I'm so sick of them trying to rehabilitate the "incel" image, as if they give two fucks about functional relationships or partnership.
>>2134 Didnt see it until a few months ago, wanted to know what all the fuss was about and one of the few "kids" movies that surprised me.
>>2136 It was good then? It had that very cheesy, Walmart straight-to-dvd $4 bin animation that crappy kids movies usually have
>>2137 Its not studio ghilbi or anything but its a pretty good film that I feel would be perceived better if it came out today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRaKIakzPB0
pros of tall men: easier to headbutt pros of short men: easier to throw in a trunk
When a male coworker starts getting too close, staring at me like I'm a piece of meat, or trying to flirt with me I start treating them like the other men do when they make fun of each other. I think it works pretty well. They get mad and leave me alone, or the other guys will laugh and start picking on them too. One guy a few years older than me has been getting annoying with coming over to talk to me so I kept calling him grandpa to piss him off. Then today he tried to vent about work, I told him, "I'll pour out some four loko for your homie." Kek, he stopped talking to me after that.
>>2346 Hahaha excellent. Sadly I don't have much experience of what men do to make fun of each other in my country. What else do you tell them? lol
Who uses Spinster? I made one but find it really slow. I followed Meghan Murphy and some other notable figures, but do anons have any more recs for good accounts to follow on there to have a more active timeline?
>>2388 I don't, but I'm glad this whole fediverse thing is used by other peoples than tech nerds and pedoweebs
This is stupid but I want to get another piercing and I can't find a shop with a female piercer. Thinking more into it I'd have to go to a big city to find a female tattoo artist too since none of them near me have any female tattoo artists either.
>>2420 Have you mostly gone to men? Are you thinking of getting a more 'intimate' piercing? It's better to support women but realistically I don't think it matters too much unless you've had especially negative experiences with men. Idk I wouldn't personally go out of my way but then again I'm lazy. Doctors are a non-negotiable, however.
It's amazing how fast my attention span has gotten better after blocking Twitter for a few days. Today I sat down and read a book for a few hours, when before I had to force myself to read even a few pages. Social media really does rot your brain.
I hate how I can't shut up whenever I find a willing [s]victim[/s] listener. I just start talking non-stop about some dumb shit without regard to whoever I'm talking to. That may be because I don't really have anyone to talk to in general, but then a word-vomit assault on anyone who tries to get close isn't helping in getting friends ._.
>>2449 Talk to me if you want kek
>>2452 Thank you, but I just want to stop being annoying tbh.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eg9zeQhsFmU I know everyone here isn't into MMA but you have to watch this, its a fight between Fallon Fox(Mtf MMA fighter) and Ashlee Evans-Smith, Fox was a below mediocre level fighter but cause of male biology he thrashed the women he was fighting against, Ashlee fourth for her life in this fight, she gave more then 100% to win this fight, its really inspiring
(77.97 KB 750x909 EaqzUAvWkAA-8qC.jpg)
>>2502 based. posting relevant caps of this psychopathic piece of shit who should be rotting in prison, not given carte blanche to attack women.
>>2502 While I certainly appreciated that referee being slow off the mark in stopping the fight the best thing about it was the crowd
>>2507 Yeah men and women, of all races were all cheering for her together, I can't imagine how incredible of an ego boost that must have been, like all those people knew how bullshit this all was and they wanted Ashlee to crush this woman beating bastard to a pulp its honestly beautiful
>>2502 I've watched this. Thrilling
(111.83 KB 692x1118 ai54uq3523461.jpg)
>>2559 That's so rad. I hope she wins and thrives in everything
(494.38 KB 2048x1280 Kimia Alizadeh.jpg)
>>2560 >>2560 There was an Iranian female Taekwondo champion who defected to Europe, earlier this year, she flat out stated the reason left was cause of the subhuman treatment women in Iran and across the Muslim world receive you think this would get them to wake up just a little bit, maybe not arrest women for not wearing a head scarves
Twitch bans, "Simp", "Incel", and "Virgin" despite women being verbally abused since the beginning of time https://www.theverge.com/2020/12/16/22179256/twitch-bans-simp-virgin-incel-new-sexual-harassment-policy
>>2576 True, though moids are the ones using these insults more often just because moids aggressively fling shit at everything non-stop, including each other. Butthurt wankers will cry censorship and twitch will go back to normal.
My uni advisor is a dude and his lab is 99% females doing his work + one lad assistant who presents his projects. He recently coauthored a paper that asserts that a fucking test on "adapting to solving spartial problems", presented to the subjects as a vydia btw, shows evolutionaly differences between sexes where women are these dumb, unteachable cave-dwelling sitcom wives and men are brilliant adaptable hunters and shit. In the results, though, basically dudes solved the problem slowly, but sped up on subsequent trials, and the women solved the first cases almost twice as quickly and so further adaptation was relatively slower. Women's end result was a bit slower, but that I would attribute to dudes always being in some fucking competition mode and jacking off vidya performance to perfection. Overall, results are inconclusive and evo-psych shit is baseless babble. In discussion, they formulated the evo-psych shit in "the whole lab agreed" terms only. And we aren't even close to social science, we're doing neural networks. I mean, at least we have no trannies and the fiels is promising, but if he doesn't bring in a fat research grant in the next 2 years I'm fucking leaving. Also, now I have to come up with independent research topic to remove myself from that and the doubtable projects he tries to get me involved into, and I have a week to find a good one. Wanted to get into this dude's lab since highschool, fuck my life.
>>2578 If I'm reading this right, this dude is trying to prove some nonsense ass evopsych shit through playing a video game?
>>2051 I literally have regular nightmares and debilitating intrusive thoughts on a daily basis about this and i still fucking clicked on it. Pro: didn't actually watch it! Con: Might have a panic attack now though lmao
>>2582 good for you anon though I hope you’re doing fine rn
>>2581 He coauthored that, yep. It's not even the evopsych shit that hurts, it's disappointment.
>>2051 Thank men for this. They have destroyed the world and they are are gonna take us with them to extinction
>>2585 What's even the point of that? Men play far more video games in general and don't experience stereotype threat related to them. Look how men outperform women in esports. Would it have been different in a VR puzzle do you think? And the women still solved the initial puzzle twice as quickly? Wouldn't that mean the actual difference between life or death in the 'stone age' situations they're talking about? I'm sorry about your professor anon, hopefully you can do great work with your lab mates. >>2584 It was a rough night but I'm here. Thanks anon >>2586 This
I liked the internet before it became. "You have to talk about politics all the time". So many cool artists or soundcloud musicians I like until I find them sperging on twitter about trans rights. Like, you're a young woman singing about being abused but you care more about how they won't let men into women's prisons and the banning of a book talking about the phenonium of teen girls turning into boys to escape how horrible it is to be a woman. Zoomers have no chance.
>>2578 >females solved the task twice as quickly [than moids] but learned slower omfg wouldnt it just mean that because of female initial better performance, they [females] will improve their results slower, simply because the highter your skill is the harder it is to improve??? what the fuck. this man is a complete smoothbrain.
>>2576 Honestly in a way I support this. I wish they would also ban words like Chad, thot, e-girl, redpilled, etc. along with all the other misogynistic slurs in general. I swear these overused 4chan/maggotsphere terms have completely ruined the experience of browsing the internet and probably contribute to lowering everyone's collective IQ.
Netflix has a limited series called The Ripper. About the Yorkshire Ripper killings and in the later episodes talks about how it effected women and feminism in the late 70s early 80s. I'd recommend it. Sad and scary thinking how women felt but a good glimpse into how society pushed women away from trusting men further into the second wave.
(34.51 KB 600x600 Avogado6.600.2321543.jpg)
>>2615 Same. I find myself missing 2011 more and more. Looking at my super old tumblr posts is nostalgic and fucking sad at the same time. Like, there was a point in time where tumblr (and twitter) was a chill normie-tier website. I feel bad for the zoomers that won't experience that and get wrapped up in the most insane gender bullshit and batshit political takes.
You know how you pick up words and phrases from others when you're in the same "community"? I hate it when people I strongly dislike do this. I know it's not intentional and I don't blame it, but it still annoys me. I almost feel like they are mocking me. Does anyone relate?
>>2630 I don't blame them*


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