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Anonymous 09/15/2020 (Tue) 10:37:59 No. 2014
Any Crystal.cafe/lolcow migrants here? I recently made the mistake of replying to a scrote on CC and got banned for it. Don't know for how long but regardless, it was only a motive for me to leave. They recently made any political or religious discourse against the rules. Really don't see any point to it besides venting on /feels/. The majority of the userbase consists of scrotes from /r9k/ to top it all off. I also recently heard lolcow is discouraging any gender critical discussion, but I'm not very informed on that. Anyway, just curious to know if there are any more of us here ~
(47.63 KB 483x620 48a4456f2f23b90b.jpg)
I don't get CC. It's just 99% cutesy~ shit and troll shit-throwing. I feel like I'm on a r9k troll nursery or a tranny LARPing forum. I feel like even normie mommy discussion forums have better filters and content.
I think most anons here are from LC? I don't like CC, it has always had too many tradthots (if we're to consider the idea that they are actually women). I think it gaining even more of a semi shared userbase with LC within the past 1-2 yrs made it slightly more tolerable, but if they're cracking down on the only thing that would've attracted women who don't trawl the chans for crumbs, or just males, despite them having let LARPers from r9k/pol and tradthots shit up the site for years... they're beyond redemption. Last time I checked there were waaay too many literal '>tfw no bf' threads to not rouse suspicion or disgust.


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