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Vent thread #1 Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 17:48:09 No. 2
Vent about whatever in this thread.
Every time I search for recipes online, on every site I have to scroll down for a million years before I can find the actual recipe. Please just put it on top of the site, damn.
>>3 But how else will you know their whole life's story otherwise Anon?
>>3 It's an unbearable trend, I hate it too. Sometimes they include a few useful tips but most of the times it's pages on pages on a made up story of how they came up with the recipe.
(69.99 KB 500x500 1406995366205.jpg)
>>6 >>7 It's gotten to the point where I don't even bookmark recipes anymore. Now I just copy paste them into a txt file. Also really hate sites that auto play videos.
I need some advice. I think I fucked up by agreeing to be her gf too soon. I have the bad habit of getting involved with the first person to take interest in me without figuring out if I'm interested in her too. We don't really have anything in common and I sometimes find her annoying. I also have alexithymia - emotional blindness - so I can't rely on things like true feelings; I just don't understand them and/or don't have them. I feel like from a logical perspective there isn't anything wrong with us, and she's a good partner otherwise, I keep going with logic and hoping something in me will change. but I think I'm hoping that something will be true feelings and I know that's impossible. the best thing to do is explain to her about it? regardless of the outcome.
>>17 I think you should be clear with her about that, maybe take things slow and see where it all leads. But if this relationship is proving to be too much for you its best to let her know, but yeah just tell her the truth before jumping any further in to things. As they say the truth will set you free.
>>8 Yeah I just started printing everything and I have a binder in my kitchen with sheet protectors. Kinda old school but at least I can just view the information. Sometimes I have to make my own file to print out when the printed version is like 2 pages long for whatever dumb reason. Saves me a headache for next time at least
Look, I'm grateful that this space exists and I appreciate Admin so much for creating this space for us (gonna work on site banners soon), but goddamn if I'm not bootyblasted that we were ran off of lolcow. I'm so angry that women can't discuss our issues without someone crying foul. We have to silence ourselves always. It's ridiculous.
>>26 Same here. The internet is so big, yet the number of places for women on it are so tiny. At least I hope that this site ends up doing well. We somehow need to get more posters on here though.
>>27 I wonder if there's a way to get a steady drip of users, while keeping this place relatively unknown so that we don't get invaders. I'd like if it was medium-sized and low-key, almost like LC but more obscure. I don't want it to end up full of LARPers like Crystal Cafe is, /pol/tards trying to convert people (this happened semi-frequently in LC's PP/GC, but they always got called out and told to fuck off), and screeching TRAs/troons and libfems from Reddit or /tttt/ shitting up the place and attempting to take it down. I can already imagine the last group sharing screencaps of posts from here among themselves and brigading this place, and it's something I'd like to avoid.
>>26 I want to say this just in case you guys haven't been around enough on LC to know this but do you remember the first admin the site had? Because similar bullshit has happened before in there. He'd also sperg at feminist and gc views and keep threads for robots who came to raid LC from r9k around under the guise those were "containment threads" for robots, even though everyone kept complaining about them in meta. I remember he even threatened to delete the website altogether some few times because he was disappointed about how it came out or something along the lines. None of his decisions made sense for the average lolcow user. Then it turned out the guy was an orbiter of shoe0nhead and was literally some r9k incel himself who made lc to spy on people who'd shit on her anonymously. Look it up on shoe's threads on snow. I can't fucking wait for the current admin's milk to come out girls. With all we know already from her and her lulzy administration, we're guaranteed a good laugh.
>>30 Yeah, same. I really want this place to remain obscure but with a strong, passionate userbase, without any LARPers or handmaidens in sight. I try not to be too much of a pessimist but I'm wondering when we'll get our first scrote invasion. >>31 I wouldn't consider myself a newfag but I also wouldn't go so far as to call myself an oldfag either. I started browsing the site in 2016 IIRC but I wasn't checking it every day or even every week. I joined because of cows but stayed because it was a niche female space you can't find anywhere else on the internet. Overtime I stopped giving a shit about cows but stuck around /ot/ and very occasionally /g/. With the gender critical and feminist discussion being banned, though, I don't see myself returning. I wasn't one of the tinfoilers assuming there was a troon mod on the team, but I do suspect the mod team is full of libfems and that we're gonna get some good milk out of it eventually. That'll be worth returning honestly.
>>31 > With all we know already from her and her lulzy administration What do we know about them? I'm out of the loop entirely. I was really taken aback how some posts were just redflagged as femcels or whatever when they were just normal comments. I had a hunch it's not because of robots invading as they would invade and spam cp regardless of the PP/GC thraed, so there must be something else. On the other hand, I don't want to dwell too much on that as the time is spent wiser on other things. I dislike the admin's and the mods' way of handling their users. I wasn't GC or PP before either, like many pointed out, it was an organic transition after so many years spent on imageboards and on internet in general. They would constantly talk about spillovers but I barely saw anons sperging in other threads. Just look at all those korean threads, they're everywhere, I can't believe we can't have a single thread for women to vent about men. And I'm sickly annoyed by whenever you comment anything negatively about men or trannies you're put in a femcel box or legbeard, which are some shit adhoms that you can't escape.
>>33 My tinfoil is that lolcow admin is basically more concerned with popularity and success than preserving the unique qualities of the site. There was a patreon page which wasn't doing fantastically well and now there is a discord where 'we won't ban moids'. Maybe she can sell moids access to to exclusive discord channels as a patreon tier reward
>>34 Well that makes sense. And what happens on those exclusive discord channels? Why would moids buy that and want access to it? I hope she doesn't sell personal data or something, that would be terrible.
(302.28 KB 988x1144 1579083401605.jpg)
(8.29 KB 548x139 admin.png)
>>32 Same here, I also kept coming back because of the female presence. I barely go to the cow boards anymore though, I may stop going back if this site takes off. Nah, I don't think she's a troon either, but she's definitely a troon sympathizer and probably even a lolcow herself. Most likely she's one of those mentally ill gendertqueer weebs (that would explain her fixation against gc specifically too). >>33 >What do we know about them? I'm out of the loop entirely. Mostly from what has been discussed in the migration thread: >Lives in japan >Mod team is composed of her "close" (weeb too) "real life friends" (in other words it's a damn circlejerk) >Posted a picture of her arm with a ruler as a "gender verification" (pic related) >The only thing she "verified" is that she self harms from the cuts in her arm >Also some anons said someone on kiwifarms has milk on her (them??) >let farmhands tag posts expressing any minimal gender critical or pinkpilled opinion with cringy and partial redtexts such as calling the posters "femcells" and such >excused this behavior saying we are "cancer" and always delairing >kept oscillating between saying she would keep /2X/ and the PP threads and that she wouldn't; seems she couldn't just make her mind up or spit it out clearly. >Regardless has a weird crusade specifically against GC for some unknown reason (hence anons tinfoiling about her being a tranny) (pic related 2) That's about a quick summary but I'm sure there was more. I have a very bad feeling about whoever this person is; probably when dirt comes out is going to be even a bigger scandal than Ian's (first admin). Also >those korean threads God they ruined /m/ for me and it could have been such a nice board. I wanted somewhere to discuss nice shows and literature since I discovered LC and then it became a haven for koreaboos. Guess we can add "k-pop cancer" to the list? God she's like a textbook example of your average obnoxious weeaboo.
>>34 >>35 >She's trying to monetize fucking lolcow out of all sites Top fucking kek. She's a gift that keeps on giving.
>>33 Yeah I literally have no fucking idea what they're talking about with all of the claims of derailing and infighting. I never saw any of that myself and any attempts at asking were met with crickets or general insistence of "IT HAPPENS GUYS!!!" So annoying and very telling. >>36 >GC will have to fuck off. The focus on GC alone tells me she is a fakeboi genderspecial, kek.
I've always been a lurker but this place has made feel more comfortable with posting shit.
>>36 her arm is not especially feminine, tbh. it reminds me of my ex bf's arm. i would clock it as a skinny webdev male without further context tbh. i don't know what she thinks that proves. she has repeatedly referenced it saying "i've provided proof". she's just weird all around and is, honestly, simply too young to be running an imageboard tbh. despite trying to type and speak as robot-like/"professional" as possible, her actual conduct is anything but. she makes too many choices based on her emotions, which she seems to have a hard time controlling. she wouldn't be bad at all if she could chill the fuck out and stop being so obviously partisan behind that clearly bullshit "i'm neutral and completely objective!!!" veneer.
>>50 I dunno, it's hard tot ell by simply an arm shot like that. What's more important is her behavior on the board. Like you said, she's too emotional, and she posts things without clarity, and does things on impulse it seems. She creates a /2x/ board for a temporary refuge, as a possible permanent board. Then, to see if people want it, she polls them. The polls come back largely in the positive that people know what /2x/ is, and want it to stay, and yet she still decides she wants to get rid of it (or at least get rid of the gender critical thread). It's all very bizarre behavior.
(35.71 KB 540x534 pops03x4AC1vc0mnyo1_540.jpg)
I want to shitpost and laugh about the entire admin situation, but there's no good place to do it. Also, I'm scared that LC's admin will read it, somehow think it's serious, get mad, and punish us further by just outright deleting what's left of /2X/ immediately before we can all regroup properly. I know she's capable of that, lmao.
>>52 When is the 2X board getting deleted?
>>51 oh, i didn't mean that i think she's a male. i think she's female, but her arm is not proof enough like she thinks it is. like only if you have an especially feminine looking arm is that shit going to work as proof, and she doesn't, was my point. and yes, she's terribly unclear in most of her posts, if not completely contradictory, or seemingly contradictory. agreed that it's very bizarre. i don't know if it's owed to her age or stress or what, but legit, she's blessed with a pretty nice userbase and yet she freaks out because they... suspect she might be a tranny (which isn't far fetched considering the crystal.cafe fiasco)? literally moot had people sending him death threats in droves over the most inane, inconsequential shit. she doesn't really appear to realize how bad her userbase could actually be, getting her into legal trouble as many imageboard owners have, etc. >>54 i think she said 2 wks ago like a week ago so... somewhere around there. check meta and the migration thread. she said it somewhere on there...
>>57 Thanks. So it's not as if we have much time to do anything. I'm certainly not going back to lolcow. I've been going there only for /ot/ and /m/. Despite that, I'm just not happy how admin and mods handled any of this. So, I'm hoping we could turn this site into a permanent solution. Maybe with a smaller but frequent userbase, we could avoid getting invaded by scrotes and trannies and therefore drawing too much attention to what is being said here.
>>60 i'm not sure what admin here wants to do though. we may not have a choice but to go back or try to make a space for ourselves on cc or something. hopefully admin will be okay with holding onto this place until he can find a successor. he might not be too keen on waiting now.
>>61 Shame. I really feel bad he got doxxed. I wish I could become a successor but I have too much going on at the moment and no experience with moderating imageboards. I would be willing to chip in with the costs but I doubt that's a pressing issue for now. > we may not have a choice but to go back or try to make a space for ourselves on cc Oh, god, please no. It's like going to the lions den with a big sign that says eat me. I'm aware we don't have many options available but I'm a choosey beggar. I just hope admin waits a bit longer but I can totally understand if this doesn't last. Getting doxxed no matter on which imageboard would make me sweet bullets. I had nightmares that I was doxxed on lc and anons were picking my looks apart lol.
>>57 If she can't handle basic imageboard banter I wonder why she decided to be admin in the first place. Even in non-imageboard spaces, it's inevitable that someone will shit on you for some reason. If getting called a tranny of all things is what gets her assblasted she needs thicker skin, especially on a board like LC whose primary intent is malicious gossip.
Shit like this kinda makes me wish I could code, or at least had money to help. But I'm a poorfag and useless. People on lolcow are talking about how they can code, but are too scared to make a site because they're afraid they'll get doxxed. It's fucking sad that we can't even have a small space for ourselves without fear of getting doxxed.
has anyone else noticed the significant decline in the post rates on lc since all this asanine infighting and radfem bashing escalated? the non cow boards used to have a new post on each board every ten or twenty minutes, now there will be one every three or four hours on a slow night. really bolstered the popularity of her website like the admin wanted lol...
>>67 Yes, I've noticed /ot/ being slower unless there's some infighting going on. Maybe the admin will make up for it by attracting a different crowd, scrotes and trannies just like she wanted. Who knows. Even though I didn't frequent the affected threads, I wouldn't like to go there anymore. I'm also annoyed by all the anons sucking up to the admin's choices. Though, the choices were predictable since few months back with the /meta/ bickering and all the embarrassing red texting. I don't know who the previous admin was but it's incredible how stark the difference is with the current one.
>>61 So I think most people have issue with hosting this kind of site because wrongthink is punished by online bans, lost jobs, and police visits, depending what country or state you are in. We specifically need an admin who lives somewhere that doesn't gaf about wrongthink. I think lolcow admin lives in Japan, and male admin here is probably from the US but doesn't have a vested interest in female issues due to being male, and also doxed himself/got doxed which means he's gonna have to drop it I guess. I like the layout here but I guess we are still waiting on a permanent place to move to when/if 2X is trashed.
>>70 the admin explained himself in a new thread where he states the following: > Most of the potential userbase is likely aware of the situation by now but nobody has stepped forward so it is up to anon to bravely volunteer to rescue the situation now. Until then I'll keep things going for the sake of the anons who are still here. So we can count on this site running for some foreseeable time, right?
>>71 The most likely scenario in which I take the site down is that femanon on lolcow publishes her textboard and that nobody here objects. To be clear about a few things; I would be prepared to transfer the domain name to a different owner who had their own site prepared. When I said I would hand over full control I meant that the new owner would own a new server under their own name and ownership of the domain. I would even be willing to paypal the cost of the first month's hosting to anyone who would like to do it.
Edited last time by admin on 01/21/2020 (Tue) 19:25:03.
>>72 Thank you! I hope anything comes out of this whether this site or the anon's textboard. I really appreciate your and other anons' efforts.
>>72 why can't she just take over this site?
>>74 She's welcome to it. Giving the board away was always the intention. I can't speak for her, but I'm sure she has her reasons.
Hey all, new lc refugee here, just wanted to add to the vent. It always annoys me when people "speak for the group" when they really have no business doing so, and I saw a lot of that during this past 6 months or so. I didn't like how admin and her team of asslickers would make claims that the anons who participated in radfem discussion were in the minority, the "nobody wants you here" kind of talk, even when the poll showed otherwise. I remember voting on that poll, seeing the results and being pleased, but then immediately saying to myself "they are going to find some way to disregard this." Then she did. It's completely ridiculous. I can really only speak for myself, like most people who participate on anonymous message boards, but I believe that the radfem discussion evolved organically and anons just became more aware of these issues and interested in discussing them over time. There were no "raids" or "infestations" and the people they are attacking are just regular users, many of whom I believe have been around for quite some time. The lengths admin and her team of asslickers had to go to censor this discussion is quite alarming. This whole debacle really makes me realize the importance of free and uncensored speech. I know we don't have any inherent rights to a message board and we're at the whim of the admin, but it just sucks to lose a space where we mostly could talk about whatever we wanted. I don't even think the topic is that controversial and I still have no clue why it is banned. One last thing that I found pretty fucked up was anon(s?) coming in to a private/hidden area specifically for 2x discussion and gloating over us being censored and kicked off the site. Who the fuck does that seriously?
>>115 You spoke my thoughts entirely. The dishonesty from Lolcow's admin was so off-putting to me. It's so fucked up repeatedly getting told you're some kind of interloper when you've literally been using a site since it first began. I can't believe in anything the staff claims at this point, they're so full of shit. Maybe Lolcow will be better next admin around, but right now, it's insufferable. I'll probably stay for the drama, but at this rate, anything admin and her group of friends decides they don't like will be axed. >One last thing that I found pretty fucked up was anon(s?) coming in to a private/hidden area specifically for 2x discussion and gloating over us being censored and kicked off the site. Who the fuck does that seriously? Spiteful, shitty ones do. I know AG is still small, but I hope it'll be a haven away from all that bullshit.
This whole situation was bizarre. I was introduced to radical feminism thanks to Lolcow. Thanks to Lolcow I came out of this rabbit hole where I hated feminists and myself for simply being a woman. I’ve come to understand how things truly work in this world and as much as I’d like to avoid it, I really can’t. Lc had sparked a newfound passion in me for feminism and standing up for women when no one else would. I’m an artist so I’m now dedicating my art to inspiring and helping other young girls and women. I’m extremely grateful to the owner of this board and hopefully it will gain a new audience. One that isn’t as hard headed lc’s admin.
Also coming from LC, I have heard the admin is in their early 20s, so I kind of get the immaturity of getting rid of radfem talk entirely. I just think it was so weird they kept saying to go to Reddit to sperg. I'm not gonna use that site for that reason. Either way, I do believe admins in general should be at least 25 to take on such responsibility of a site, but what do I know lmao.
(35.85 KB 387x688 atan.png)
>>120 >Lc had sparked a newfound passion in me for feminism and standing up for women when no one else would. I can relate to this. >I’m extremely grateful to the owner of this board and hopefully it will gain a new audience. One that isn’t as hard headed lc’s admin. Thankyou anon. It seems like very few posters have made the leap here but at least you have a place to yourselves away from the toxicity and drama. > I’m an artist so I’m now dedicating my art to inspiring and helping other young girls and women. Would you help us replace the clipart apple tree above the board list? Pic related is an ugly concept for Asherah-tan. She has horns because all semitic divinities invariably got horns or hats with horns on them as a symbol of divinity, of course if lolcow users see horns they will think of cows. She should have horns or antlers or something though I think for a big head outline. She has pets she is carrying an owl it could be any bird and the owl is actually Athena's but maybe Asherah has adopted her. Her name is Sophie which is short for Sophia (wisdom). That four legged thing looks like maybe a wolf or a pig I was going for a baby deer but that did not work out quite right.
>>123 if art anon doesn't have time then I volunteer to do it :)
>>124 >>123 >>120 Not an artist, but I support this. It'd be so cool to have a board-tan of our own.
I was skimming through a TV/film thread (not here, but a different site), and tbf, mentioning how certain doesn't bring anything new to the table and how other media referenced the same topic/event is so ironic. The same thing gets repeated over and over because it gets ignored and there are many people in the world who care about it.
I started lurking the Shuwu threads in 2017 because a male acquaintance told me that LC was like 4chan but for women and gossiping about e-celebs. Now it's weird to see GC banned there because it's what terfpilled me in the first place. Lol. I never felt comfortable calling myself a feminist before learning more about radical and 2nd wave feminism. Modern feminism in the West is so weak and ineffectual, there is no concrete purpose or goal. Idk who I would be right now if it wasn't for LC.
>>132 You started the threads? Thank you so much, anon. I've been using LC since it first began, and like you said, my opinions shifted along with the site. All the exposure to GC and PP content, along with the "What Not to Do" tales of Shoe helped me think more critically about the world, and how women are treated. LC's gender crit and man hate community was a big help for me at a very impressionable time in my life. I'm still impressionable, but at least I can sniff bullshit a mile away more easily. Whether the staff like it or not, we're definitely an organic part of the site.
>>129 I'm really happy to read this! I started the shuwu threads because she was such an impossibly annoying and milky misogynist that chooses to bathe in the foul bathwater of some of the worst men on the internet, and tbh I had thought for a while that those threads helped pinkpill and peak trans a number of farmers. She's such a creamy but cautionary tale that I think a lot of anons realized they didn't want to ever be like. What staff refuse to realize is that the changing attitudes seen in the userbase is pretty much all natural and just a result of our interests and experiences. >>133 Sorry, I deleted my post to edit. Yup! I'm really glad they helped! The community shifting and them collectively putting up with so much less shit really helped me too, and I think it has a special place for women and girls who have maybe been outcasted and got sucked into 'edgy' outcast communities that end up internalizing much of the very poisonous rhetoric that is spouted literally 24/7, and obviously irl too. People can shit on manhate and gc but I know a lot of girls and women from very terrible, misogynistic families who just need a community, support, and the ability to be vocal about the bullshit in the world, and I think a rational community of likeminded women with similar interests could kind of unintentionally help prevent them from falling prey to certain harmful elements. It was especially great that the enclave anons built within LC wasn't necessarily presented as outright support, but ended up providing it nonetheless.
>>129 >>133 >>134 Kek, I ended up on lc in 2017 when after watching a few videos of Shuwu and finding her annoying, I searched for more info on her on google and found my way through the Shuwu threads. It's when I started browsing lolcow that my feminist beliefs solidifed, and I find it hilarious that in the end it is the cool girl pick-me anti-feminist supreme Shuwu that brought us together.
>>139 Awesome. The June threads are also how I was first introduced to lc and then eventually led me to gc/pp/rf. It seems a bit odd that several of us have this in common but maybe it is not strange at all!
Something about the situation lc admin vs some random anon in meta seems off. That and the whole thing about admin being someone who hates lc because she thinks it's full of "rich white bitches"
>>141 The admin is mistaken and won't take any anon's explanations for why there's so many contradicting post histories because she's arrogant and thinks she knows better. We used the Opera VPN (including me) which made an amalgamation of post histories hence the accusations of falseflagging and b8 when in reality a lot of anons who visit LC use their browser's VPN. I am seeing the admin accuse an anon of being three different people at once because her stubborn ass won't accept the explanation that people using the same VPN will create the schizo posting. So, they are coming off as baseless and out of range. But since the user posted their (white) hand anon's rageboner for white people will be fulfilled and her emotions will override her common sense. Yay.
>>142 *admin not anon
Users on LC's PinkPill thread love to shit on women as much as on men. Doesn't surprise me though.
>>144 what do you mean?
(42.37 KB 1350x430 ieire.png)
>>142 So your posts were thrown in there too? It would appear that this isn't the first time anons using VPNs seem to be wrongly tagged and blamed. After reading this and other posts in /meta/ about incorrect tracing, a while back, I questioned how accurate their tagging was anyways, but this situation truly calls their ability into question a lot more. Even if LC admin *was* right (though I don't really think she is, sorry to say), what really makes me question everything is how LC admin refuses to ever publicly concede that there's even the slight possibility that she could be wrong. People who are realistic about the limitations of just, reality in general, don't speak in absolutes on a public platform as often or as arrogantly as she *always* does.
I dont know why my image isnt uploading so heres the kiwifarms direct upload instead https://kiwifarms.net/attachments/pajeet-png.1134275/
>>157 >>159 Hi, anon. Do you mind e-mailing me? Not to sound foreboding, but there's some details pertaining to this mess I'd like to discuss with you in relative privacy. I have a throwaway email here: airydays@aaathats3as.com
>>168 Emailed you.
>>168 I emailed you again Admin. Not sure if you got my last emails.
(4.42 KB 345x77 2020-02-13_1637.png)
Behold, irony in its most pure and unfiltered form.
Funny LC admin claims GC is a "recent" thing when there's this thread from 4 years ago that reads exactly like a modern GC thread, and even refers to trannies as autogynephiles. https://lolcow.farm/snow/res/91208.html Onto my vent, I really can't stand Megan Murphy. I tried to watch her most recent episode of her podcast, the Valentine's one, and I had to close it only a few minutes in. They open the episode by claiming they were soooo confused about how to go live, despite doing multiple episodes at this point. Typical downplaying of one's know-how / ability to pander to the male gaze. Then, they start talking about this push towards single women to feel bad on Valentine's day, and how that's never really affected them. Megan says that she felt more sad for being single on Christmas. Her co-host agrees and says it's an interesting point to make, because a lot of people are beginning to question both Christmas and Valentine's day for the consumerism that they both push. Megan disagrees about the correlation and says that Christmas is about family, and Valentine's is about couples (but she said she was sad for being single on Christmas and not V-day...?) Her co-host tries to reiterate that she's mainly talking about the consumerism that both holidays cause. Megan again disagrees because she "never asks anyone to buy [her] Christmas gifts." Megan... nobody was talking about you? It's obviously about society in general. You're running a podcast about feminism yet you're only going to talk about your own lived experience? I guess since Megan never asks anyone to buy her gifts, consumerism is solved, guys! Megan has single-handedly saved the poor AND the environment with one single trick.
>>145 NTA, but being pink pilled doesn't mean you're woman friendly. a lot of NLOGs and such are technically pink pilled.
>>178 I really do feel Murphy has somewhat of a ego and thinks she's way more important to the feminist movement then she actually is, but I also believe she's pragmatic when she needs to be, Epically compared to other feminists
I am so annoyed that we were deplatformed on fucking lolcow of all places. The delusions are unbelievable, the Labour party in the UK is now pushing the 'trans women are women line'. We got a tweet from the mayor of London yesterday. It's becoming impossible to be left wing without paying lip service to this madness. Gender critical communities exist but they are all isolated and labelled as extremists. There is more to life than being gender critical but all the neutral ground is policed by TRAs. When I was in school, uniform for girls was a skirt, and they could never enforce it and eventually they changed the rules to let it be a choice. Recently I saw a news report about protests in a school where the uniform was being changed to *forbid* skirts. And when I looked into it, lo and behold the school's policy on the matter centred around the confusion regarding one TiM pupil. I just wonder where it all went so wrong. How can we change this?
>>179 Whats NLOG?
>>201 Not Like Other Girls
(6.10 KB 276x182 download (1).jpg)
happy vent coming through! who else is psyched about bernie's wins so far??
(61.24 KB 540x611 pz1talOZEf1x1qvoso1_540.jpg)
>>203 I'm not American, but hell yeah, anon. Also, I just wanted to share this.
>>214 Awww!
The hate for ugly people is real and I wish I could talk to someone about it.
Anytime I look for general gardening, solar punk posts on tumblr I end up on a blog that has something to do with hating terfs and half the time they're male anarchists who think have as much as a say as women do when it comes to feminism. And god, then there's people who do that "OP was a terf" and repost the post when it came from a lesbian who just doesn't want dick. I wish there was a tumblr-like or blog style place for women to exist with our interests without being silenced and bullied by these jackasses.
>>220 Look up spinster, its women onlu
>>221 It's not exactly women-only, just used by and marketed to women, there are definitely male accounts.
(162.79 KB 1261x376 234623609849.png)
LMAO the admin literally tagged a post that said "I'm black" as indicative of racebaiting. Why cry about racism now as if the owner of LC herself hasn't been exposed for saying racial slurs and looking down on other non-whites.
>>241 Those posts weren't even the least bit hostile, holy fuck. Are black/brown women not allowed to talk about what they've been through on a *women's imageboard*? Did she forget we all know about her (or her mods) telling a black woman she's "chimping out"? Or her talking about "pajeet coons" while whinging about being racially victimized by radfem farmers? She has issues, I swear.
>>242 I don't even know. There was a different anon in the vent thread complaining about subtle racism from "a certain demographic" and how the "movement" has historically dealt with racial topics, but somehow giving black/brown women space to talk about the sexism and racism they experience is still bad because of a few antagonizing posts?
>>241 Admin doesn't like black women. That much has been clear for a while. I think she's only okay with latinas, tbh.
>>242 Yeah I'll believe it when I see actual proof. You have to be seriously be ignorant to not see the proud hatred for men of any race other than white but anons will subtly pretend they aren't racist towards other women of those same races. I really hope this doesn't become an issue here. We need some rules so it doesn't become a place for right wingers to peddle their racially charged hatred under the guise of hating men.
(392.41 KB 2552x1260 race.png)
Went through all of the posts admin linked, and except for 1, all of them were just normal and seemed to be normal posts talking about their experiences? Here's all the ones admin linked as being "racebait" worthy of locking PP. Apparently mentioning that notorious racist, Sargon of Akkad, lied about his father being half black in order to justify him calling people "niggers", and talking about how hated you feel by men of all races because you're Indian, is "racebait".
>>246 There's already rules here as far as I can see https://asherahsgarden.net/.static/pages/globalRules.html
>>241 >>242 >>244 >>245 >>247 >>248 Should we go on another shill campaign to get more users?
>>249 There was never any 'shill campaign'.
>>246 >You have to be seriously be ignorant to not see the proud hatred for men of any race other than white but anons will subtly pretend they aren't racist towards other women of those same races. I really hope this doesn't become an issue here. We need some rules so it doesn't become a place for right wingers to peddle their racially charged hatred under the guise of hating men. That's true too, but the majority of the posts she tagged were not even like that at all. That's why it's hilarious to me that it's suddenly being made into a huge issue. If you want proof of her using racial slurs go look back at the meta drama that happened a few weeks ago when presumably an asshurt former mod leaked discord chats of her. Maybe someone else can pull up the screenshots.
(33.32 KB 817x383 1581072776446.png)
>>252 This is disgusting.
(23.24 KB 712x124 meta.png)
From /meta/. Seems like a false flag to make PP anons look worse. She's literally banning non-white women, why would anyone call her a "shitskin nigger mutt"?
>>254 Honestly the fact that she leaves that one up for 30~ min without any ban really does make it seem like she's doing it herself. Usually she likes to put the fancy red text up with obnoxious posts like that.
LC admin wants LC to be like PULL 2.0 but with more racial slurs. No serious conversations allowed, you ever notice that the farmhands and admin become overly heavy-handed when a serious topic comes up. It’s why they hate /ot/. Admin is also a racist but that’s to the surprise of no one. Racebaiting = personal experiences I guess. Thank you LC admin for reminding me to start going to Lipstick Alley if I want to talk about my experiences.
>>254 I notice that things will be fine for a long while, and then she'll just get one wild hair up her ass when nothing has happened. She just goes on rampages out of nowhere. She's also easily influenced by narrative framing. People can whinge to her that something is happening that isn't, and even when confronted with evidence, she still either believes their side because she's easily influenced or she just has a vendetta, or both. Or, really, she typically believes the most dramatic side of any story or argument. The person being the most dramatic and hyperbolic is the person she tends to side with for any issue.
>>246 You make a good point, but it's pretty clear LC's admin isn't operating by that logic, just by the posts she linked to. She's essentially saying that if you are not white, discussing what you've been through is off-limits and a bannable offense under the guise of it being "racebait". This is what covert racists do when they want to silence minorities. In their eyes, discussing the issue of racism becomes an act of racism in itself. Anyone with four brain cells can discern actual racebait from respectful, sympathetic discussion of race, honestly. If the bulk of those posts were strange and obvious dogwhistle shit, I would agree, but instead, she targeted black and Indian anons who specified that they weren't even trying to racebait.
>>259 That's why I don't trust her claims about anyone's behavior, ever. Either she's awful at discerning what's what, or she's just claiming board violations as a way to impose her own preferences. She can't actually be this bad at modding that she reads most of those and thinks they're actually racebait.
>>254 Hasn't it already been proven some anons literally just try to stir the pot and falseflag >>252 Those caps were posted by a tranny calling people slurs on twitter and it doesn't match the the one in the discord I'm in >>248 Thanks for this!
>>262 We don't know if they were posted by a tranny. There was another discord server that was supposed to have been deleted by the previous admin that was never actually deleted. It's said this is where she spoke on that server with this account. It may be deleted now, but it wasn't a public server.
>>263 The only way to tell if two discord accounts are the same is with the hash because anyone can have the exact same usernames.
>>264 Could be faked, but it's unlikely. Even if she isn't a huge hypocrite, it's strange how she's trying to silence all minorities that coincidentally aren't latina, and claim they're "racebaiting" when they aren't.
I just hope this site becomes more active from now on. It has so much potential.
>>265 Anon pls she's japanese or a white weeb living in nippon
>>268 Why do you say that? She says she's Latina. She uses Spanish slang, her arm fits the Latina claim, too.
>>269 Admin has never mentioned being latina, just that she wasn't white. All the townhalls have been scheduled around japan time and if she isn't japanese then she's most likely a white koreaboo.
(28.71 KB 2359x138 1581072812250.png)
>>270 She lives in Japan, yes, but she has mentioned being Latina. 2nd gen, and that her parents came from a terrible country. She has used Spanish slang on the LC server. Another reason why I'd say those caps are probably legitimate.
>>271 We don't even know if that is her, I'm talking about Rom/admin in the current lc discord server. We don't even know for certain this is a woman because of the male typing style.
I’m so fucking pissed at lolcow right now for this shit. But happily will come to this site because of it. I don’t really give a fuck about admin and her reasonings but I do care that whoever was bitching in the vent thread was soo asshurt to bitch about “HOSTILITY” toward other races when they can’t see that it’s directed at MEN largely and women sharing their own experiences which is literally what that fucking thread was for. I wanted to chime in but I just shut up and let it go. Still pretty pissed about it. Oh well! Guess I’ll be reading/posting here, now! They really have had some crazy issue with radfems/gc/pp for a hot minute it seems. The whole crying that everyone in pp is white and hates everyone thats brown is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard in my life.
>>259 >>271 I'm Mexican, if this is true she really comes off to me like one of "those" latinos who want to be accepted as white/have model minority status. Taking unprompted offense at being treated like a "pajeet coon" reeks of inferiority complex and disparages blacks and Indians at least. Calling their experiences racebait is even more sus.
>>272 >>274 Rom has used Spanish slang ("chorro" is one of the most recent ones I remember?), mentioned "non-white", both in the LC discord. I've never heard a non-hispanic person say "chorro". Pretty sure she's a burger since she types with Americanized spelling and mentions that "where her parents come from" is horrible. >>274 I agree.
>>273 Whenever someone bitches about some group, especially pp or gc, she bandwagons and loses her top. It looks weak and suggestible.
>>247 >>258 Admin obviously just searched for an excuse to finally ban it like they always wanted. From closing the original manhate thread, to merging gendercrit&pp together, to getting ridiculously butthurt over being called a tranny, to listening to the samefag spergs on /meta/ while ignoring their infighting and bait, to posting their own cringy posts on /meta/ about "discrediting your fellow sisters", to making /2X/ and then ditching it despite admitting that anons were doing good in there, to banning gc discussion without even naming a final reason, to making a poll and then discrediting it with almost completely nonsensical to straight up made-up reasons because their own userbase disagreed with their vendetta. Idk how much of that can be credited to the current admin but there is obviously some agenda going on. My question is, what exactly is their problem? Is it mental illness or do they feel personally attacked my "feminist"(everyone who says anything against trannys and men)?
>>277 And I forgot, mentioning a pp post that totally didn't make them mad in the lolcow awards that no one suggested or cared about.
(125.64 KB 722x196 ekke.PNG)
>>277 Imo, she knows falseflagging baiters aren't actual ppfags the majority of the time. They're falseflaggers for a reason but she pretends like it's actually pp users.
>>277 >about "discrediting your fellow sisters", Funny because she discredits her "fellow sisters" constantly. The "bloated" poll being the most obvious example. She never provided proof of that, either. The rare instances where she can be fucked to provide "proof" though, it happens to always be scapegoating and lies, like this "racebait". Yet she bends over backwards for the PULLfags.
(37.99 KB 1266x560 adminn.png)
She loves to gaslight. No one "misinterpreted" anything. She cannot take accountability.
We already know that she has no idea how to trace posts in the first place.
>>282 >>281 Is “racebaiting” to her saying “I’m black/indian/nonwhite of any kind” ??? She goes “no I didn’t do it because of the vent thread.” This is 100% DIRECTLY because of what was said in the vent thread.
>>283 It definitely directly has to do with the anon sperging in the vent thread, but that's not what she's trying to say here. She's trying to say that when she quoted those posts, she didn't consider them venting their experiences as "racebait", which is obviously untrue, because she quoted them and then said "you had a lot of chances and you fucked it up *every* single time". There's no other way to interpret that. It clearly wasn't that she was saying those posts encourage other posters, she was blaming those posts and those posters specifically as "fucking it up *every* single time".
>>286 Oh ok ok I misread what was going on and also I haven’t slept lol. But yeah that is also stupid. Definitely backpedaling.
>>281 As I mentioned on lolcow, the vast majority of the supposed racebait admin listed were black/Indian women venting about the men of their communities and the unique struggles they go through. they weren't any post about how white men were superior or better then the men of their communities
Wanted to vent about lc too, guess this is the place now lol I woke up and pp is gone? That couldn't have happened more randomly, the last couple weeks the infighting about it has died down nearly completely and now suddenly this...? How insecure do you have to be that you think every anon saying they're black must be a secret evil racebaiter? Admin is full of shit but her asskissers are just as annoying. She also merged the very popular anti kpop thread (which was at #46 already) with the basically dead pro kpop thread - simply because she and her mods are fans. Later she of course denied it like she always does. That's her standard tactics, saying and doing shit and later painting others as the crazy liars. And she succeeds because for some reason some anons like sucking up to her and always run to her help. According to kf she's a teen with an eating disorder and I absolutely buy that. It's beyond obvious that she and her mods are extremely young weebs (she herself said that she lives in Japan and that mods are her "close irl friends"). There's constantly spergouts by ana-chans who just don't get banned. They're clearly very biased in what or whom they ban immediately or allow to go on for way too long. On that note, I also noticed that recently more and more "this is an imageboard" bans pop up. Sometimes taking screenshots just isn't possible, anons providing a link and writing a summary are actually putting in more effort, so banning them is bullshit too. I also hate the standard answer for when people complain about spergs not getting banned: "Not all bans get redtexted!" What a convenient excuse for not doing your work properly, you certainly have time to hand out bans and write redtexts for miniscule offenses. For some reason she also can't respond normally, every conversation she has is always her being condescending or insulting towards farmers. It definitely wasn't that way before, while I wasn't a fan of the former admin either, she at least seemed somewhat mature. I wasn't there since right at the beginning but since 2015/2016 and it definitely changed a lot. I reckon super oldfags or anons in their late 20s or 30s have already abondonded the site completely. That or they no longer bother with responding. Anti pp fags on the other hand are so hungry for admin/mod approval that they jump at every opportunity to whiteknight and that's why the older or gc userbase seems like the minority. During the /2X/ debate I tried posting some proof of how long radfem talking points have been a thing on lc and got immedately attacked by people saying that it's a good thing that the board has changed. During the first years barely anybody was banned, mods mainly existed to keep out raiding scrotes, not to police what farmers chose to talk about. Now lc is basically lead by the obnoxious newfags everybody used to make fun of back then.
i only visited lolcow for the gender crit/pink pill/trash merged threads. i came back and saw that pink pill was gone for "race baiting" it literally looks like admin ctrl + f'd any mentions of the word black/race - its ridiculous mentioning your race gets flagged as race-baiting. absolute insanity. pink pill was starting to chill out now that it wasn't merged with everything else. i tried checking out the other threads but seeing the unironic use of "terf" in a completely unrelated thread ruined it for me. can't call someone trans out for being shitty without being accused of being a terf. im wary of this site, though. only threads on lolcow i found were saying admin here was a man. i assumed the site changed owners?
>>292 thank you, anon. my apologies for not knowing much.
>>290 I know for a fact that all mods live in Japan. A few of them live in Osaka and the rest live in Tokyo. All weebs studying/freeloading there
>>294 It's not really surprising she's a weeb. She acts incredibly childish and that seems to be the thing with weebs.
>>290 it obviously is just bias. i got a ban shortly before she locked pp (had nothing to do with race or pp) and the ban was "not surprising a ppfag would be this much of a shithead", so, irrespective of any 'offense', she, or her friends, obviously have a problem with pp in general.
>>297 Jfc, do you have a screenshot? How immature can they be. I already noticed they tried really hard to squeeze people who use the pp thread into scapegoats for everything they don't like, despite what anyone tells them or what the reality shows. For example "pp/gcfags are newfags" "pp/gcfags don't use any other thread or board" "pp/gcfags are all radfems""pp/gcfags come from reddit/twitter etc (when the anons who constantly cheer her on speak in prime twitter-language)". It's like they are projecting. And that being said, I changed my mind and don't think admin is a woman anymore. Not even the hardest pickme or libfem would throw this much of a spergfest against ranting women and women's rights activist just because less than 5 people called her a tranny.
>>290 >>294 An ex moderator of lc told me on another imageboard, that the mod team has been infiltrated by trans women. They do whatever the hell they want. The thread was purged, and I didn't screen it.
>>307 Yep, and now they tried to scapegoat pp as racebaiters. I've only been lurking since 2017, but they're absolutely BSing if they say that subtle racism on LC wasn't as bad as it is now. It was just never taken that seriously. It was more progressive than male imageboards like 4chan sure, but anons were always skeptical of social justice because of regressive tumblrinas. If anything it got MORE progressive since I've been there as people got more interested in women's politics.
>>308 Yep. Posted in GC thread >>/am/77 Sorry, messed up the link
>>311 >>>/am/77 Need 3 > to reference another post
>>308 What board? Maybe there's an archive somewhere.
>>309 What I think is so funny is that admin acts like her and her friends are so busy and can't be bothered with the issues they create on purpose. If you guys were so busy, you wouldn't have time to either: stir up drama on purpose, or play into the manufactured drama that the anti-pp/gc or whoever starts up every few days. They're allegedly so busy and pressed for time, but the level of actually pointless "moderation" is unlike any chan I've ever seen and is so unbelievably time consuming and has nothing to do with actual moderation for the most part, it's just a powertrip. There's a lot of "I don't have any interest in this topic so it needs to stop/be banned", like you said, banning for posting a link and not attaching a video that can't be embedded etc. People with actually busy lives and responsibilities don't choose to waste time and energy on the most meaningless things or play into drama that doesn't exist and is being manufactured.
>>311 Well at least now we got the confirmation that the discord screenshots must've been real. I think the rest figures.
(28.99 KB 1705x224 1581072054086.png)
>>414 Seems about right.
(20.75 KB 598x130 troon.png)
>>311 >>414 Something isn't adding up here because this person is clearly a mentally ill anachan troon
>>414 Funny thing I noticed. Admin insists the screenshots are fake, or manufactured drama. In her alleged posts, she uses slurs for both black and Indian people ("pajeet coon"). On Lolcow, with her own admin tag on, she refers to civil, non-racebaiting posts by black and Indian women as "hostile", and uses them as an excuse to ban pink pill discussion. She also sees no issue with telling a black woman she's "chimping out".
(33.32 KB 817x383 pc.png)
>>435 Pic didn't upload, my bad.
(157.65 KB 1890x358 8kg.png)
(279.28 KB 1884x552 dscr.png)
(57.89 KB 1884x148 jw.png)
>>436 Btw, in case you guys still doubt there's a clear bias, I've already seen three posts talking about race that haven't been redtexted or called out. Two of them were made literally the day after the admin's freak-out. I don't think they are inherently racebait (the one mentioning Jewish people might be), but they're not really that much different in energy to the posts she was complaining about in the PP thread. The only real differences are that they're not from the PP thread, and none of the posters mention being black, or any kind of brown besides Hispanic (the OP of one of the posts is supposedly Latina, while the OP of the others just didn't disclose their races). >inb4 they see this and then quietly go to redtext the screencapped posts to cover their asses
>>423 supposedly admin is an anachan too so i wouldn't doubt it. plus the self harm scars in the "proof" picture from admin kind of seal the deal that most of the staff is mentally ill
>>437 The racebait sperg was just an excuse. She's been dying to get rid of feminist discussion for a long time, and this was the perfect chance to finally end it.
We get it, lolcow is retarded Maybe we won't repeat their mistakes on this site. That means keeping this place as a medium for women to express their minds without being deleted or banned.
Does anyone else have CFS? I hate being so unable to express myself because of the physical and mental exhaustion and general fog, but simultaneously desperate to explain my emotions or thoughts. It never comes out right as a result.
>>451 Not CFS but I do have hashimoto’s disease and for a while before I had my hormones regulated I had brain fog so bad I could barely drive or know where I was sometimes. And the depression etc that comes with it. Had friends frustrated with me because I couldn’t keep track of what conversations we were having and I would forget everything all the time. Sorry you feel so crappy anon! Hugs
(123.79 KB 637x637 20200414_231713.jpg)
I don't mean to make this thread all about LC, this is moreso about kpopfags in general. I was browsing /m/ the other day and then saw this post and I couldn't believe how delusional some of these weirdos are. Has worshipping plastic, manufactured, and doll-like idols all day really made them this cut off from reality? This man is fucking gorgeous wtf.
(141.77 KB 1636x948 ns1ep2g.jpg)
>>463 no offense anon but i don't see "gorgeous", solely because he already looks super surgeried up. he doesn't look like a "hag", but he looks artificial for sure. the guys kpopfags usually like are even worse though. pic related is their oppa of the week or whatever the fuck
>>466 >he already looks super surgeried up. Of course. Even if he isn't your cup of tea, he still objectively falls into the realm of what society would deem conventionally attractive. It's so ridiculous that poster would even fix their fingers to type out the word "hag" when idols are all pretty much manufactured to look cookie-cutter and flawless by Korean standards. That's what the obsession with youth does to the brain though I guess. >pic related is their oppa of the week or whatever the fuck Kek.
>>460 Thank you, anon. Many hugs to you too! Thank goodness you were able to get it diagnosed, I hope you're feeling better. So many women suffer with hashimoto's for years before diagnosis and treatment. Exactly, the fatigue and brain fog is so real and people lose their patience and assume the worst so often because of it. I end up acting like a bumbling fool, but I sincerely cannot control it or think clearly. The fog completely makes you feel so trapped and helpless, truly.
the current lockdowns are slowly taking a toll on me. i find myself gravitating back toward toxic imageboards at times because those were my old haunts and easy, cheap ways to talk to people. however, the negativity that people have over the smallest goddamn opinions and people treating you as if you're personally attacking them over those opinions are definitely making me more depressed. i miss my old life so much. i miss actually being social and going out and doing things. i still have my irl friends at least online which is nice. i definitely got to take a step back from online shit soon though.
>>515 sorry to hear that. what toxic imageboards are you on? just stay on here and help us build the site, anon. there's like no toxicity on here thus far and hasn't even literally been like one instance of infighting.
>>247 holy shit, apparently that admin's definition of "racebait" is just mentioning race at all.
>>516 mostly lolcow and parts of 4chan. i'm getting fed up with the board cultures at both those places and probably only put up with them because they have more activity. i think i'll definitely spend more time here and just quit going to those aforementioned boards from now on.
>>521 honestly, i don't know how any woman even visits 4chan. it's sanity destroying and there's no board where the quality of discussion is worth putting up with all of the negatives, their memes aren't good enough for it either. lolcow has become increasingly shit and a lot of users on there are disingenuous anus dwellers that are as psychologically manipulative as their moderation team. honest discussion about any topic isn't achievable on there. i'd honestly suggest tunglr or twitter before either of them
>>530 i was back on 4chan mostly for free stuff in video game threads but wading through the negativity definitely isn’t worth it especially after a while. it’s a site i have a bit of a history with but I stopped browsing it almost two years ago due to how sanity-destroying it is like you said. i guess i went back partially out of sheer boredom and lack of stimulation resulting from being stuck at home for nearly a month as well as old bad habits returning. the past few times i posted on lolcow recently just led to a few unnecessarily mean and overreactive replies. it seems the few decent users left along with all the banned topics. i will consider switching over to twitter as a few of my irl friends use it often as their main source of content. i do just miss terribly activities like hiking, archery, and hanging out with friends more than anything at the moment though.
>>530 There are very few spaces on the internet that are female oriented so I understand why a woman would go on 4chan if they like anonymity but aren't aware of any alternatives. I know what it's like to feel trapped in this bubble where pretty much everything is geared towards men or the male gaze. It feels isolating. When I found out LC existed I pretty much stopped going on there altogether, but as you said honest discussion is almost unachievable. Frankly, neither side can discuss female politics rationally without even taking false flagging into consideration. I just go on the OT boards to shoot the shit now. I can't browse the gossip boards for very long, because reading about people who are very mentally unwell has this creeping air of malaise. I guess the anons who do it are either on the level of the cows themselves or like to feel better about their own lives. However, it just makes me despair about humanity kek. Sometimes the cows do genuinely funny stuff though.
>>537 i basically only used the /ot/ and sometimes /g/ since like you said, there are no other real alternatives that are female-oriented. however, it feels like the current site admin dislikes people who only use /ot/ and i think i've only ever posted twice in one of the gossip boards. i've grown weary of some users on /ot/ who project their issues on other anons for no real reason. i had an anon explicitly tell me out of nowhere they had no sympathy for a situation i posted about because they imagined me being as toxic and nitpicky as people who criticize lolcows for their appearance and somehow deserved it because of that. i wasn't looking for asspats and could honestly give less of a shit about cosplayers or whatever random e-celebs they fixate on.
>>541 In a way I'm glad to have gotten away from lolcow. It was a toxic cesspit but in a weird kind of way where flowers grew out of the manure. New admin cut the heads off the flowers to focus on piling up cowshit I guess.
>>530 I find the homothreads on /a/ to be a low-key radfem haven but other than that it's hard to browse the site after being in a space that's exclusive to women like lc. I don't even know how I put up with it before.
>>542 >It was a toxic cesspit but in a weird kind of way where flowers grew out of the manure. New admin cut the heads off the flowers to focus on piling up cowshit I guess Lmfaoooo
>>530 In the earlier days(2007-2011), despite the negativity, it used to be relatively funny, sometimes even a nice place for discussion and had some kind of "we(the loosers/outsiders) vs. them(the rest of the world)" feeling as a community but somehow it evolved into exactly the opposite of all of this. Now users constantly shit on EACH OTHER for not being "the rest of the world", the humor evolved into shitposting/honest attempts to shut down any real discussion and shit up boards out of pure selfish boredom instead of wanting to joke around with anons. There is still value and good resources in some of the slower hobby boards, but like you said it really became hard to ward through all the constant fighting. >>537 >I guess the anons who do it are either on the level of the cows themselves or like to feel better about their own lives. No, it's honestly just interesting how people can be and what the lifes of "cows" are like, how things are working out for them etc. Consuming drama doesn't have to be about feeling superior or bullying for everyone, some farmers just like to observe without really judging.
>>546 4chan is practically beyond salvation. And every other new chan that arises as an alternative ends up taking the same route. There are probably a few chans where one can find fruitful discussion but those are like a dime in a dozen and are probably slow as hell and not much known. Let's hope that this site become more active without all that negativity found in the aforementioned chans.
>>546 >In the earlier days(2007-2011), despite the negativity, it used to be relatively funny, sometimes even a nice place for discussion and had some kind of "we(the loosers/outsiders) vs. them(the rest of the world)" feeling as a community but somehow it evolved into exactly the opposite of all of this. ayrt, yeah, tbh, i don't think it was ever good. i stopped visiting sometime 2012 and every day i think of 4chan i look back and think about how absolutely not worth it it was. it definitely got worse, but it was still really shit. the "us vs them" mentality of the site was the only valuable thing to anyone that felt like an "outsider", but it really has mostly always been about harboring what will turn you into an outsider (for good reason), rather than just a space for those that are genuinely unique. but i was never into cgl and didn't really visit it, so maybe you guys have a different experience than me. the people on cgl seemed mostly crappy though too tbh. anyway, my thing is: how does any woman visit now? it most certainly has gotten worse, but it's really a form of self harm at this point tbh. even the hobby boards are filled to the brim with pedophilic misogynists that can't shut the fuck up about it.
I remember browsing /lit/ one time and the thread topic was on female experience. Of course, 4chan being the sexist shithole it is, they had a lot of bullshit to say about women. But there was one anon on the thread (who I am pretty sure is a radical feminist, probably active here too) took the time to deconstruct their arguments Anyway, knowing that there's women who still fight for what they stand for despite being a minority in a platform really inspires me.
>>557 >Anyway, knowing that there's women who still fight for what they stand for despite being a minority in a platform really inspires me. nice to hear about that thread, but tbh, at a certain point, i think it just stands to destroy the individual women left on there. even if they don't think it is destroying them. i don't believe anyone can withstand that kind of constant battering, especially when the people who hold these views are literally just so nonsensically hateful and vengeful, and most importantly, fucking retarded - to the point where they laugh at photos of an almost decapitated girl, jerk off to it, etc. i wouldn't recommend any woman or girl visit now
I've been so fucking terrible at every job I've ever had and I always feel like all of my coworkers and managers hate me. why did I have to be born so goddamn incompetent. I have crippling anxiety every time I go into work and it's getting really tiring.
>>573 iktf anon. thankfully my position allows for my incompetence now, but damn it's so rough and so depressing. the powerlessness is intense.
Love when psychfags or brainfags (not literal ones) condescendingly think they have you figured out and so they write off literally everything and anything you say. Whenever they talk you can easily see that they see themselves as Jodie Foster in Silence of the Lambs. You're not on some Clarice shit, dude. You're just a man that overestimates your own intelligence and spends too much time on the internet. Someone please just hand these idiots dry macaroni and some string, anything to keep them away from excruciatingly stupid psychologytoday articles or pubmed articles rife with evo psych
>>530 It sucks, but it's one of the few places that moves fast enough and allows me anonymity. There was a thread on /co/ about this, and even the dumb scrotes were agreeing, the place sucks, but it's one of the few places where you get to post things on anon. It does get tiring though, on some boards moreso than others. I just try to avoid threads that I know are gonna be full of their stupid shit and stick to anything I might be interested in.
My dad fucking yelled at me after my mom and I came back from grocery shopping for not changing out my clothes fast enough and wanting to change my cat’s water bowl. He goes outside more than any of us. I’m so fucking tired of this shit. Even me asking to just drive around the city without getting out of my car made him rant to my mom about how I don’t care. For fuck’s sake, I gave up on dating the best-looking, nicest guy I’ve ever met and whatever social life I had for this bullshit.
>>606 wait, why can't you date him still?
I really just wish I could be back at Uni. I hate being all this time close to my brother.
I've got to learn how to write better notes after I read something. My mind goes a mile a minute and I just write gibberish out of order instead of going sentence by sentence about what I just read. Brain please calm down.
cannot believe the amount of workers not receiving hazard pay, sickening
one of my best friends keeps sending me pornographic videos of men with their dicks out and stuff?? I don’t know why she feels this is ok? Like I wouldn’t want a man to send me a pornographic video so why is it ok for you to??? She also has been going on and on to people on Facebook (girls she thinks are pretty and have a decent online following, some of them are our mutual friends) and keeps encouraging them to start camming or onlyfans and I’m getting really pissed off about it. She always says shit like “you’ve changed” because I used to be really sexually “open” (I fell into sex positive feminism and hypersexuality because I was acting out from trauma and raised by a pornsick male) and now I am grossed out by men, sex isn’t appealing to me and I dont act like a male attention starved pickme pervert like I did when I was 20-21. I’m almost 30 and have highlighted to her that I’m severely damaged from the lifestyle I lead during this time period, is it not acceptable for me to grow the fuck up? She’s pissing me the fuck off so much today.
>>692 yeah, telling people to start camming is crazy. she sounds like she has been around too many sexposis or men with the porn sharing. that's awkward imo. she sounds like a person whose idiocy has become kind of harmful. idk i wouldn't be able to put up with this and i'd drop her if i didn't need her and she wasn't capable of changing. i don't have the energy or time for people like this personally
>>692 Has any of your mutual friends commented on her behavior? Seems like that'd affect the entire friend group if one of them is just going around telling them to show off their bodies online and sending porn. Also you sure nobody else is telling her to go tell her friends to get into camming? Feels kind of suspicious.
>>694 yeah I’m sure nobody is telling her this. I also was an online sex worker several years ago and hated it - it destroyed me. I keep telling her how much it fucked me up but she still tells any girl who complains about money to do it and she says stuff to me like “I wish you had enjoyed it so you could make a bunch of money” I think she thinks she’s offering a good suggestion and it’s like a compliment basically “I think you’re sexy” (I think she is a narc or histrionic genuinely) I’m not sure what her deal is but yeah it is likely the sex posi stuff because there’s ton of them we are mutuals with including fetish /bdsm folk, the only difference is I’ve had a stint in that lifestyle and hated it and she never has aside from being friends with people who did.
>>697 >>697 she doesn't sound like a very good friend if she keeps doing this to you even though you've told her that her behavior negatively impacts you and that you are traumatized. it takes literally no effort to not spam people with porn and not insist they cam. it takes more energy and effort to do all of these things that you don't want her to do. maybe she's not beyond redemption but her behavior is invasive and inconsiderate.
I wish I were loved, nurtured and protected. My vibe is more on the cold and "strong" side and it feels like I'm expected to serve others?
>>709 i've been both types and basically with men you'll be shoehorned into taking care of them even if you're a bigger mess than them. even if not with men, if you're like 3 days older than anyone else you'll be expected to mother them, etc. the mother role that's thrown on us in basically any situation is annoying as hell
>>709 fucking same, anon. people and my friends always tell me “you never ask for anything” and I’m like yeah but inside I’m screaming for someone to take care of me or baby me like i have to baby everyone else, I think it’s partly because I’m a mom etc. Annoying bc a lot of my friends tend to put me in charge of shit like when we go on trips or vacations together and I’m like fuck dude I want to have a good time too and not worry about your ass.
I hate this pandemic. I just wanna hug my mom.
>>721 I just want to hug my friends. I live alone and it feels so bad now.
i know this would be marked as racebait on lolcow so im posting it here i am a part of a more hirsute race, for both men and women. i was bullied because i was the only member of that race in my school from a very young age (think 3 or 4 genuinely) and it drove me to participate it eyebrow waxing/shaving my legs/arms from grade 1 and on. i even bleached my hair at one point to escape the bullying, because im "light" otherwise. i still cant get out of the habit. i want to so badly but i cant even force myself out of the door without shaving my legs or doing my eyebrows - if i dont do it i feel like everyone is staring at me, so i don't stop. i hate it. it goes against everything i support for any other woman. i don't know what to do.
>>731 Am like that myself a bit and trying to stop being obsessive over shaving. It's hard to break those habits when you've been doing it for so long. What I do is I use a more dull razor and shave my body (legs or wherever you normally shave) every other day. If it's winter do it every 2 days because you'll probably be wearing long sleeves. Reason for dull razor is that it doesn't even catch that much hair anyway but in my own mind it felt like I completed the 'ritual' of shaving. idk if it'd help you but even if you just stop shaving your legs but keep doing your eyebrows progress is progress.
>>731 am white but also p hairy and picked on it from a young age too. dont go out of the way to make urself uncomfortable. i no longer shave my leg hair but still do eyebrows and pits. it doesnt have to be all or nothing u no?
•X, the unknown variable ⚔️ •Æ, my elven spelling of Ai (love &/or Artificial intelligence) •A-12 = precursor to SR-17 (our favorite aircraft). No weapons, no defenses, just speed. Great in battle, but non-violent 🤍 + (A=Archangel, my favorite song) (⚔️🐁 metal rat) Just heard Grimes and Elon Musk had their kid and this was her explanation of its name (X Æ A-12 Musk). Who allowed these two white trash 12 year olds to have kids? This poor bandaid baby is going to live under a constant shadow of embarrassment. I don't think that marriage proposal is ever coming, either.
>>762 The kids name is actually just Micheal, the whole thing is just some dumb quirky meme Elon and Grimes are doing
>>763 where did you see that, anon? i just keep seeing article citing elon from today's ep on joe rogan saying it's pronounced "x ash a 12". are they saying the archangel thing is archangel michael or something? i don't see anything re: michael. i wouldn't put it past either of them to actually do this for scifi clout. it seems very on brand for them to actually go through with it considering elon created an entire (potentially illegal scandal?) involving the SEC just to make an embarrassing weed joke tweet about taking tesla private when shares hit $420. not to mention smoking a joint on jre like a tween https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcYjXbSJBN8&fbclid=
>>766 the kids name is like a cipher, Æ is pronounced "Ash". and also the code name of cia A 12 plane was archangel Still pretty retarded.
>>767 right, that's what Elon said in vid above. so that isn't Michael unlike what the other anon said, or?
>>768 I don't remember the full cipher but it ended up spelling out "Micheal Ash Musk"
I hate that i can't stop daydreaming about cute subby celebrities that I idealize like characters. I always thought it was shameful but as I get older I still find it preferable to the men in my life...
>>777 well you know if it that's bad maybe you could jump to 2d me
>>778 women into 2d seem so contented but i can't get into that stuff, it's too strange and unreal, even for me. can't relate to a character that isn't obviously human.
>>788 okay why not fictional men, Dr Who and Dean Winchester won't ever disappoint you
>>788 >>792 >she doesn't have her own tulpa bf Get on my level
(53.62 KB 1280x720 mr lawrence.jpg)
>>793 I don't know If you're joking or not but I did not know someone (on tumblr) who did this, she was tired of men and so she "created" her OC boyfriend, that looked like David Bowie\s character Mr.Lawrence but just slightly more built and had the personality and traits she desired
i really hate people who have an obnoxious childlike entitlement to celebratory days like mother's day or father's day, christmas, etc. like, should anything really serious conflict, they flip the fuck out because "IT'S MOTHER'S DAY". you can celebrate on the next day or some other day, damn. i offer to take my mom out on another day when i'm not loaded with work and when quarantine is relaxed, but no, of course i'm still a selfish, ungrateful asshole for needing to tend to material obligations. like i want to be working and stressing and would not rather relax??? the insistence that celebrations need to be had on THAT DAY even if it conflicts with serious shit is so selfish. get over yourself.
The only friend who talks to me regularly always brings up COVID. My parents are scared to death of COVID and I’ve basically been stuck at home for way too long at this point because of it. I’m growing so fucking resentful about the paranoia over it. I’m starting to care less when my friend sends me a link about it and wish she did not send anymore. I’m not about to head out into a crowded area and protest about it but I fucking wish I didn’t have to hear about it again.
>>811 have you considered asking her to stop sending you COVID related topics? tell her you're already being mindful, don't intend on risking the safety of yourself and your family members, or others, but would just like to not be bombarded with COVID related crap every time you two speak. surely she would be able to understand this and change?
>>813 I guess I’m afraid of upsetting if her if I asked her to stop talking to me about it. I don’t want to come off as rejecting her conversation. However, I’m getting more and more overwhelmed and I already have to deal with my parents playing the news all the damn time and talking about how many people have died. In a lot of ways, my friend is even more fixated on the pandemic than my parents are and I fear offending her over rejecting her concerns. I’ll probably have to be blunt with her sooner or later though because I swear I’m slowly losing my patience hearing about this all day.
>>814 maybe you could say it in a way that very clearly outlines that it is affecting your mental health and you know, while it's important to keep up with the latest reports on it, yadda yadda, it's seriously impacting your sanity to hear about it. that way she hopefully doesn't get offended and you kind of take the blame for it in a way? although, legit, who wants to talk about COVID 24/7? i don't blame you. you guys are nicer than me, i wouldn't have the patience to put up with this for more than a day or two.
>go check the mail >notice i have a package for me that i know i didn't order >open it up >its a fucking necklace sent from my dad It's one of those gushy heart locket necklaces with phrases like "You're my daughter" and "Daddy's girl" which would have been sweet had I not already cut him out of my life for about 4 years now because he insults me, spreads rumors about me to his extended family, which results in phonecalls to my mom about me and weird family gatherings where everyone stays 50 feet away from me. Not to mention domestic violence my mom experienced. My moms one of those abuse survivors who still makes it a point to talk to her abuser so when I tell her how upset I am with this poor attempt at lovebombing I'm just told that I'm misunderstanding him, that he really does love me and I just don't see it. You should know better yourself. He does the same lovebomb shit with you too. I hate this shit. Hope he gets coughed on.
>>834 I know exactly what you mean, anon. My abusive father does the same to me with my extended family. It's horrible, it makes you feel so hated and alone. What really sucks for abuse survivors that want OUT and have always known how unacceptable it is to be abused or mistreated, is that there are so many people like your mom out there who think sane survivors with boundaries are just being dicks. Silly trinkets don't mean shit. Hope your mom sees the light soon because she's enabling their manipulation and won't recover and be able to spot and reject manipulative behavior like this.
I'd like to make vent comics, but I don't really have anything to structure into a few panels. Just angry rants and general annoyance.
>>860 sounds like a good creative outlet, anon. people love comics.
I have never gone camping or done multi-day hikes and I really wish I could. I don’t think it’s a good idea to do so by myself though and the only friend I have who is local isn’t into that kind of stuff (and also not in good enough shape to go anyways). All of my friends who would’ve been up for it have moved to other states or countries. Not the worst thing to vent about but it just blows when I see photos of beautiful trails in my state and worse so since I’ve been stuck at home due to lockdown orders for ages now.
>>887 Me too... I wish I could go camping or something, it's on my bucket-list. Have you checked websites like Meetup? Maybe you can try to find a group of people that get together to go hiking. Or ask your friends if they know people who do that. I think it's better to find a big group, because being alone with a person you don't know can be risky.
I wanna scream. I think I have a Bartholin cyst on my labia and it hurts really fucking bad. Or maybe it’s just a boil or something sorry for TMI I’m just annoyed. I requested an appointment at the gyno but they haven’t gotten back to me and I imagine they won’t bc of corona and everything. Shits painful AF.
>>895 have you tried something like calamine lotion? i've had small cysts on my underarms from regular deodorant (idk why regular deodorant doe this?) that i've made totally disappear before getting larger, with calamine lotion. i think it'll also help the general irritation and inflammation
>>896 Honestly I’m scared to put anything on it because it’s inside the labia right near/almost on my vulva. I’m even scared to put like vaginal cream on it because I have never had one of these before and I don’t want it to like get messed up or worse. I might just take a hot sitz bath tomorrow or epsom salt it and see what happens. But ugh so uncomfortable. I also get cysts in my underarms. annoying!!
>>897 ugh, that sucks so hard. sorry, anon. yeah i can understand not wanting to aggravate it even worse, possibly. hopefully they can do something about it without lancing it or s/t. praying it just disappears and your gyno gets back to you
How can it be "emotionally cheating" if one party completely emotionally neglects you and does 0 emotional labor, and fights to neglect your feelings/doesn't want to put in any emotional labor when asked? Is it me or is that not "emotionally cheating"?
>>904 Sounds a little personal anon. My opinion on the matter for any cheating is that you should've broken up with the other party first. That's it. It doesn't matter if it's emotional or physical or whatever else. The only exception is a situation where that's not safe to do due to the other party being abusive in some way. Even in that case, if you've recognized that, you should be focusing on getting out of that relationship more than finding a new one.
>>905 i think this "emotional cheating" thing is propaganda. it's actually pretty DARVO tier shit, imo. from what i've seen, it always appears to be an excuse used to villainize women so males escape accountability for doing no emotional labor, and act like being emotionally negligent and uninterested in their partners beyond using their bodies is fine. this is almost always said to be something women do. there's nothing to "cheat on" emotionally if your partner refuses to do any work, emotionally. you can't possibly "emotionally cheat" on someone who isn't in the ring, emotionally, and doesn't want to be. if someone is using it as an excuse while a partner has done work and is receptive to them emotionally, that's different, but usually that's not the case. also, i'm seeing people calling sending nudes and being sexual "emotional cheating". that's not what emotional cheating is supposed to be. that's just cheating.
>>909 Tbf I have no clue what it's like to date men. I still think that if you found someone who meets your emotional needs because your man doesn't, you should be breaking up with his ass. Pretty simple.
I fucking hate pewdiepie. People act like he was a poor college dropout but his family is one of the wealthiest in Sweden. Even if his career would have failed he would never struggle. I hate his content and his stupid wannabe intelligence. He is a weeboo edge lord that should be long forgotten. And you can't publicly criticis him because of his stupid cult like following that screams feminazi at you. I don't get people that are over 20 and still like him and even buy his overpriced merch.
>>927 >>927 Don't even get me started on him and his constant dogwhistling that everyone loves to pretend doesn't exist. He's so unfunny and annoying. The fact that his fans think anyone with 2 braincells can't see what political ideology and political messages he tries to "sneak" in with funny 'memes' and such, seriously annoys me. He's not clever. And it's not a good thing for him to be /yourguy/, though he apparently relishes in that and values that more than the prospect of making money. I really hope he loses everything. Also tired of seeing people paint him and Martzia's relationship as anything special. He's embarrassing, and they are a terrible match. The awkwardness and incompatibility is so palpable.
>>927 I feel you.
Trying very hard to be healthy and take more "healthy" alternatives to substances. Has anyone else here tried kava? People keep telling me it's great for anxiety but I've taken like, 7 tablespoons like, 20 times, tried extract, am now doing like 6g of 90% kavalactones on an empty stomach and I still don't feel it. Is this like the biggest placebo of all time or what? Does this work for anyone???? Help, I'd love for this badussy-water tasting garbage to work
>>961 I had to look it up and Wikipedia links to some source from 1996 that it depends on the strain and the way you take it. Maybe you're just that 1% that doesn't affect you? Either that or you bought some actual bogus kava by accident.
>>962 Thanks for your help, anon. I've tried multiple strains from different vendors and I think I'm just unlucky. Allegedly there's supposed to be a "reverse tolerance" to it, but after drinking like, gallons of what I swear tastes/feels just like Orajel and ass, I don't know that this is even a thing.
>>977 rip. At this point just go drink hot chocolate, at least that'll taste better.
I hate that lolcow is basically going to the dogs at this point. I was okay with them banning RF because they didn't want the site to become political, but now the userbase is complete cancer. Anytime anyone even mentions men or troons some retard goes into /meta/ and complains about muh radfem boogeymen and PP/MH shit. Women can't even vent about men on an imageboard that's supposedly made up of mostly women, go figure. There are also obvious male posters that are going unbanned. I hope admin knows that she's driving away a sizeable part of the userbase by validating these crybabies. In a few years I bet lolcow will be no different from KF.
>>1022 Wait, holy shit, I just went to LC for the first time in a while. Someone opened a pretty racist LSA thread to complain about the "racism" of LSA users (OP complaining they're 'racist' because they allegedly "discuss how whitey is evil") and they're keeping it open??? Damn. The userbase has gone to shit and there's no doubt in my mind the moderation team is racist. That thread is ridiculous.
>>1034 I just checked it out. You would think a thread like that would get locked, but I guess since it isn't "radfem sperging" it can stay open despite being a prime thread for racebait.
(76.39 KB 637x694 1.png)
(85.02 KB 797x631 2.png)
This entire comment section is just so utterly vile. grown adult men in their 20's and 30's sperging about "fortnite kids" and wishing death upon children no more then 8 years old, even male hating radfems aren't this bad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bfE9vjK29M
>>1086 Beyond wanting to see kids happy and safe, I honestly don't feel any particular affinity for children, but these kids are not even annoying to me. I couldn't find anything about this obnoxious or memeworthy even if I wanted to. This is the most inoffensive and bland 'meme'. The only thing men are good at is drumming up unwarranted hatred for the vulnerable. Will bet you anything these men are the same men that will be quick to weaponize the victimization of male children and males (by other men) against feminists and pretend like they give a shit. Also will guarantee these men want to have kids because fragile masculinity and "bloodlines" and whatnot, while not even actually liking or wanting children. It's disgusting.
>>1086 Kek, no one hates men as much as themselves and other men. Radfems are pretty nice in regarding of their treatment of men and little boys taking into account what men do and fantasize to do to men and little boys they don't like. The worst punishment we can come up for them is to lock them up which each other, it's literal hell of never ending chaos and violence for them, that's why they keep invading female spaces and attacking feminism, because it advocates for women caring about ourselves instead of males, leaving them to fetch for themselves in company of their so-called beloved bros. I can't imagine existing as a male, it must be like being mentally challenged, being fully aware of it, and yet being incapable to be normal and function without having a tutor (your wife, mom, whatever) to help you and tell you what to do to get through life. And imagine spitting for years the dogma of "bros before hoes" precisely because you are salty the "hoes" don't care about you so you are stuck in an echochamber with many other insufferable skilless scrotes with the same kind of awful personality you've got.
>>1090 You can bet a 90% of these awful fuckers in the comments will happily pressure their girlfriends to have their kids as soon as they get one, specially if she expresses she's against it. It's sort of a fetish for them plus all scrotes are genetically programmed to spread their defective Y chromosome no matter what.
TIL: Marsha p Johnson was a man and identified as such and a lesbian started the stonewall riots I’m PISSED
>>1099 You just learned this? That sucks, anon. Did you really believe MPJ was a woman?
>>1104 Hell no I didn’t lmao. But for a long time I didn’t know anything about it besides the tranny narrative of “SHE” “started” the stonewall riots and was a trans woman. I always thought it was fishy and likely that he was just a drag queen which is absolutely what happened. A mentally ill prostitute in women’s clothes. But now a trans “icon”. Erasing women’s contributions to history one at a time.
>>1096 Can you imagine? Those that have never had any genuine interactions with women aside from their probably abusive and controlling mothers...
i am so tired of people painting with such a broad brush as to what makes someone a good person. one good deed is enough for people to say to literal strangers that they're "such a good person". wtf, you have no idea who these people are??? you have no idea who they are! a good deed is a good deed. THAT'S IT. people are just constantly gassing each other up for the smallest shit without knowing them at all. people need to learn how to compliment individual actions without necessarily assuming people are good beyond them when they have little to no other information about people, and even if they did, they still cannot know someone as intimately as they would like to believe. this creates monsters. you will never know most people you know and it's perfectly reasonable to believe they could be doing all kinds of crazy shit in the many hours that they aren't in your presence. the world would be a much better place if people understood this. >>1112 >implying these failures actually have abusive mothers they usually have mothers that are too decent for them and are just spineless enablers, not abusive mothers. their female hate is completely unwarranted 10 times out of 10.
The only friend of mine who regularly talks to me is an extreme TRA. Recently, she been extremely upset about JK Rowling’s tweets and showing me them out of outrage. Deep down, I’m all for Rowling speaking out for women and can’t get enough of her wicked humor but I always feel like I have to fake outrage just so my friend won’t be upset. I don’t know how to feel. I feel like a complete fraud and also a bad friend for being such a huge liar. It’s been making me wonder about our friendship dissolving if my friend still continues to be this much of a TRA. With how extreme the social climate has gotten lately, I feel like I have nobody I can speak any of my true feelings to except my parents and some dude I recently met in a game.
>>1155 You’re not alone, anon. People become this angry mob if you disagree with anyone about anything right now. It’s really awful. I wonder what could possibly change it and I’m scared and worried all of my friends would disown me if they found out I don’t support BLM or any of the protests. I don’t like cops either but it’s ironic to me how people are calling for the federal government to save us save us!! You have to do something!! Like look to your own communities and see what’s going wrong there before you act like this is some widespread shit. Also I’m scared corona was fake. or overhyped at least. I don’t know what to make of anything right now.
>>1157 It just really is insane how much the protests have taken over social media. ALL of my friends and a huge portion of my acquaintances are flooding Instagram and Twitter with this stuff. My aforementioned TRA friend won’t stop bringing up outrage, petitions, and videos of the protests multiple times a day and it’s another thing really wearing me out about our friendship. I just miss when we could talk about simple, everyday things like our pets, art projects, and video games. Between this and the pandemic, I don’t know what to make of anything anymore either.
>>1157 Tbh, I see why people are getting on your back.
(5.54 KB 224x224 man.jpg)
browsing /ot/ on lolcow is going to give me brain damage. have any of you seen the ex-feminist thread? the absolute state of that site
>>1163 I refuse to go on there now after the anons there were starting to get more mean for no good reason. Not surprised to hear it's a complete dump at this point.
>>1164 I don't get it. There was a period of what... one year when the site was chill, and after they got fed up with us the atmosphere went back to 4chan-lite. It seems like after the rf drama they got into angry mode to distance themselves from us, and it just set the tone for the site in general. The site is worthless now, really.
>>1157 Why do you think all of your friends would disown you? Would you disown them if they were pick mes? You have to pick and choose your battles. Letting politics get in the way of people who are there for you is dumb.
>Man: Disagrees with a woman >Man: BITCH CUNT WHORE SUCK MY FUCKING DICK Why are they like this. It's literally everywhere I go.
>>1161 Nobody is on my back. At all. I’m simply making observations. We are in a climate right now where you CANNOT have any opinion different to the majority or you get attacked. So I’m on an anon site venting. >>1166 Of course I wouldn’t. And that’s why I’m here.
>>1168 samefag, but to clear it up, I think how I worded my original post is misleading. I think the BLM movement and organization is a psy op, and we are being controlled by the media. I of COURSE have been following the movement for years and the cases of wrongful death I wholeheartedly believe were unjust and several of them are instances of murder. I support the cause and the ideas, but I believe deep down that something weird is going on. Call me a crazy tinfoiler or whatever. I think when I made my initial post you’d assume I’m saying I don’t think there’s a problem, of course I do.
>>1169 Fellow tinfoil anon... But for real, I think just the fact alone that corporations came up like clockwork makes the current events right now seem off. If they really wanted to support minorities where the hell were they in 2013 when BLM first sprang up? And why are there protests in non-English speaking countries for a largely American issue with signs in English? Fucking CHAZ has a transsexual leader who already admitted to sexually assaulting people in less than 6 hours. It feels like I'm witnessing clown world shit, like it's Occupy but with 10x the insanity and corporation backing. It doesn't help that it's election year in America too. I don't even bother debating with others about this now, I just sit around and gawk at the news when something bizarre happens. I wanna get off this ride.
>>1170 >But for real, I think just the fact alone that corporations came up like clockwork makes the current events right now seem off. How is that surprising? It's a strategic move that's in no way surprising. The amount of people supporting it now is much larger than it ever was before, and it serves to alienate a large part of their customer base should they not support it. It's exactly what I would expect, personally. >If they really wanted to support minorities where the hell were they in 2013 when BLM first sprang up? They didn't. That's not the motivation for their support. Why would you expect these companies that are exploiting people en masse in order to produce their products to care in 2013 when BLM had significantly less traction? They have no hard moral backbone, this is purely a business decision. >And why are there protests in non-English speaking countries for a largely American issue with signs in English? Because people are protesting systemic racism outside of America and/or showing solidarity. That having been said, some of these people are definitely clowns and some of it is getting off track, but the damage the police are doing to their own public image is worth it and outweighs the clownery. They're proving everyday that they're sociopaths unworthy of praise and pushback is long overdue. I don't think it's the best idea to be done during corona, but whatever. >>1169 > several of them are instances of murder. Only several? Even if you don't want to focus on the racial part of it, cops in America have murdered more than "several" white people for no reason at all. It's way, way, way more than several. They're brutalizing white people to the point of almost killing them, for just protesting. They're showing their asses all over the place and I don't see how this could be a psy op.
>>1169 There's always politics and metapolitics and deep politics/parapolitics...
>>1169 It's weird that you think that you're "aware" that we're being controlled by the media, like... no shit. Media has influenced cultures for as long as it's existed because when something is popular you will be alienated for disliking it. It's small scale xenophobia and everyone is aware of it if they've ever liked something less mainstream. >>1170 As for this, the other anon summed it up far better but. Systematic racism is a thing all over the world. Other police forces are incredibly corrupt - far more than America. They're in English because English is a "universal language" and obviously they have to speak English to get the news about what's happening. These are probably more "SJW" people who spend their time on English speaking sides of Tumblr and Twitter. Also, companies cash in on anything that will make them money. Period. BLM is gaining a lot of traction because the virus is making people want an excuse to leave the house (protests, another reason it's happening in non English speaking countries) so companies are showing support so they get boosts in business. It reads to me that you think you might be raising some grand thinking points but all of this is very easy to explain.
>>1172 >>1176 I don't know, I still can't buy it. Shit just hit the fan right after it happened, there's Antifa fucking around at the riots and again the fact that it's election year in America still makes things a little suspicious. Also wouldn't companies be LOSING money right now? Many stores just got smashed in and lost their stock. I guess we'll see if anything meaningful changes after November or if it was just a big shitshow for nothing.
>>1177 I... I don't think you understand how economics work. No, companies aren't losing money by supporting BLM. They're gaining money because "woke" people are buying their products. Specific stores losing money due to being smashed? Yes. Absolutely. Most of those are small businesses, at least in my area. Big corporations are not losing money.
>>1178 Walmart was already assessing whether to rebuild all or some stores in Chicago because of the looting, so there's some money being lost somewhere. If they were gaining money they'd be reopening them all no problem.
Anyone alone in being the only non-TRA within their social circle? Just found out through sneaking a peek at some of my closer friends’ Twitter likes that they all liked things that were against Rowling and were pro-trans. It made me realize I’m probably completely alone in being a non-TRA.
I hate talking to men. I was having a conversation with a "friend" and brought up parks and rec. Immediately: "Awe man, I love that show! The dirty things I would do to Aubrey Plaza..." Why the fuck would you immediately bring up wanting to fuck her? Why are all men perverts like this?
Why the fuck is lolcow down? Pay the server bill you stupid ass cow of an admin. God.
I'm so mad. Here comes the rant I went to a psych ward because of depression they put me to people with psychosis who where drugged to their teeth. I didn't want to take meds but they pushed it so much I gave in. I took three pills. My heart rate went down and I almost colapsed. They dragged me to my bed, laughed at me and told me I was pretending. When everyone was watching. In my bed I had a loud explosion in my head and after that I passed out. I was sure I am going to die. When I eventually wake up I was not the same. I was so confused all the time. I can't remember correctly... In group therapy they told us if your body is fine then it's your fault you are sick in the head. One evening my friends visited and they told me I look horrible and I should leave. I left the same night. I tried to escape before but they didn't let me and I was so confused and weak that I always gave in. After that I had a horrible breakdown over months. I screamed in agony all the time. Im ok now but my vision is fucked(grainy snow vision), almost no feeling's and tinitus
>>1217 What meds did they give you that did this? Were you actually sectioned and forced to stay or was this voluntary and unscrupulous losers refused to recognize that it was voluntary?
It annoys me when someone I'm close to is nice to people I don't like. Usually when I meet these people by chance, on the street, I don't greet them. But she has this fixation with being nice/is very submissive to social pressure and she greets them/smiles at them. I feel betrayed lmao because they're people I had conflicts with in the past, we Do Not like each other.
>>1218 It was voluntary. And I got one anti-depri serotonin blabla, beta blocker because i said my blood pressure is high but they didnt test it, and a neuroleptica.
>>1233 All of it is disgusting and completely unacceptable. Do you live in the US? You can make a complaint to JCAHO if they're one of the facilities they oversee, or the medical licensing board in your state for that hospital (if you're in the US). I don't know what kind of recourse you'd have in a different country, but I would look into it, because these people sound negligent at best, and sadistic at worst. Imagine how many people they've killed like this?? I'm sorry this happened to you.
Just really fucking tired of self-proclaimed "male feminists" lately. They are so fucking exhausting. A friend of mine at a MEDICAL SCHOOL just received an email from their LGBTQ+ group from a man who identifies as non-binary, waxing on and on about how horrible JK Rowlings (sic) statement was, how hurtful it is to trans people, "WHAT ARE TERFS" in le scary bold and underline, "durr i'm not going to go into detail about what JK said, but instead here is how Daniel Radcliffe replied!' Fucking hell, just shut up! Been seeing the mess that is The Last of Us II and reading more about the sad sad little man Neil Druckmann is that chased out Amy Henning from Naughty Dogg. This man is so fucking full of himself. You look up mediocre man in the dictionary and you'll find his ugly ass mug. VERY exhausted with all these Male Feminists that drum up mobs against women who dare say the Forbidden Words of "sex matters". And just fucking lol at r/gendercriticalguys Their mod team either needs more people or they just don't care. Some dumb ass fucking posters there. Quarantine has been taking its toll on me. I am 95% sure I've got ADHD and the process for being evaluated, receiving feedback, getting on medication is long as hell despite them assuring me it would be pretty timely. The fuck, someone needs to give me on medication before I lose my fucking job. Fuck work from home. I can't wait until the gym opens again. How the fuck do adults make friends in person? I can bounce around from online community to online community, but it's just all bullshit at the end of the day. I feel broken. I'm horrible at maintaining friendships, so really no friends leftover from prior schooling.
>>1235 what did druckmann do to her? and what's happening on r/gendercriticalguys?
Going on a big family meet up on sunday, yet I am so anxious to go there because there's going to be a spoiled, jealous brat with whom I tried my best to be friends with. No matter what I did and how much I tried, she would always be overdramatic or do completely rude, immature things. I can't believe I am so much younger than that person. I just wanted a friend and it breaks me. I don't want to go at all because of her alone. I keep having panic attacks thinking of this family meet up and it makes me want to cry. Why are some people such jealous, insecure ones to a point they choose to act bartty and hateful? She is also trying to start drama around family, knowing I got no one but her brother.
Talking to bf last night in bed about the Fantasy Island movie. >"They spent all the budget on the island. It must have been Jeffery Epstein's island" >"...you mean the guy that trafficked all those girls? That's not funny." >"Yeah, Hilary Clinton tortured them people say." Keeps talking about Hillary. >"What about all the men involved?? She's one name on his list full of men, including himself." >keeps talking about hilary and how she killed him >"You're completely missing the point. Who cares about Hilary. What about all those girls who were abused? They'll never recieve any type of closure because he offed himself, nothing will ever be done about this type of thing. Can you fucking imagine being them?" >Stops talking, turns over and ignores me. Tons of young girls abused, molested and mentally fucked up from a rich psycho who trafficked them to his friends and men think it's a fucking joke because "hur dur hilary killed him that's why she deleted the emails!". No sympathy, can't even pretend to care about this real problem in the world, making shareable meme conspiracies is more important.
>>1250 he sounds like a standard seriously misogynistic male in america, nothing special, literally every guy in america is that guy. why are you dating this rube? i don't like hillary but she's a scapegoat for males and conservatives.
I have a family member who is a staunch Orthodox Christian, who believes in absurd shit such as a Cultural Marxist takeover. This dude annoyed me to no end, hounding me until I would reluctantly agree to join church services whenever I had the misfortune of meeting him. Because he is so obsessed with the evils of Marxism, he insisted I read a Orthodox Christian critique of the works of Solzhenitsyn. On top of that, his wife would pull some weird shit like glaring at me and telling me "to stop pouting" and even straight up yelling at me and calling me privileged for whatever reason (my family used to live in a basement and had to sleep on mattresses directly on the floor together at one point). Weirdest, most unstable people I've ever encountered, I'll have to say.
>>1034 They are also chasing off all the oldfags. They're not even interested in new milk anymore. They are drinking spoiled milk and then call everyone who actually contributes a twitterfag. Also the constant bans for no reason. Maybe I'm getting too old for LC, but they should've let the board grow and evolve with the anons. A lot of the anons screeching about twitterfags are ironically enough pretty new I reckon.
A doctor told me it wasn't rape because it was on a party. And also that woman can't get raped orally or anally. I hate men so much. I wished I could live without them.
>>1256 Those religious types always tend to be nutty. I wouldn't discount the cultural marxism though.
>>1279 you what
>>1278 I'm so sorry, anon. These men are evil.
>>1281 I were 15 and he 23, they have no shame, have they?
I don't know any other place to ask this but I'm really feeling disoriented right now about some things. I have been talking to this dude, he's like 20, I'm 18, and we were talking about some past happenings, anyways at one point I told him about getting raped and he corrected me and said that what happened wasn't actually rape so now I'm just really fucking confused. If it wasn't rape, what was it? It wasn't consensual sex that much I know. What it was, was I was 16 and met a man in his 30s online and after a while we met up to have sex, it wasn't good but it wasn't rape. Then we met another time and I clarified I didn't wanna have sex yet he still forced me to blow him and recorded it. I thought that was rape but I guess I was wrong and now I feel guilty because I feel I've taken the voice from actual rape survivors. But I feel uncomfortable thinking of that incident as regular sex. I don't know what to think
>>1320 sounds like rape anon never trust a moid, was he the one being raped? no so why is his shit opinion worth anything
>>1321 I'm not sure anon, I mean I know he is a scrote but I feel he's right in saying that it was mostly my fault because I hung out with that man again after the first awful experience and it was acceptable of hi to expect sex again after I'd already did it with him before but if he is right then I'll have to work through a lot of feelings again and I really don't wanna do that but I don't want to speak over actual rape victims too.
>>1322 You clarified that you didn't want you to have sex, he forced you and on top of that he recorded it. Doesn't seem like a grey area to me.
>>1322 >it was acceptable of hi to expect sex again after I'd already did it with him before No. That's not how consent works. There's no such thing as blanket consent. If it was unconsensual then it was unconsensual. You were a 16 y/o kid with an underdeveloped prefrontal cortex who got groomed by a pedosadist. Stop listening to gaslighting moids and start listening to the stories of other victims and do actual research on sexual assualt.
>>1322 he could expect it all day long for whatever stupid reason, it doesn't make it consensual. you could've had consensual sex an hour before and end up being raped afterwards. despite expectations, for example, marital rape is still rape. don't talk to that guy again that told you you can't be raped because you had sex once before. just because you weren't held at knifepoint doesn't mean it isn't rape. just because you weren't bruised or bloodied doesn't mean it wasn't or can't be rape.
scrotes are trash lmfao. i was scrolling through facebook today when i saw a photo of a komodo dragon killing a goat. despite it not being gory i found it upsetting, but as well all know nature is cruel yadda yadda ya. the reason i bring it up is because moids in the comments were LAUGHING at it. some stupid pun was accompanying the pic and scrotes decided it was simply the funniest shit ever. even if the joke wasn't shit, the accompanying pic of an animal being killed kind of brings down the mood, and the fact people were laughing at it made me cringe. there was one woman in the comment section questioning the supposed hilarity of the post but of course scrotes bombarded her and called her a karen, put words in her mouth "so you don't want animals to eat to survive!?", and posted other pictures of animals getting killed. who does that shit? what is wrong with men?
Sometimes I think "what if I become trans" just to make people perceive me as feminine. As a "cis" woman I'm not masculine, but as feminine as I wish I were, but if I were a "he/him" I would be x100 more feminine with the same face.
>>1351 not as*
>>1351 That's understandable, but mutilating yourself is dumb.
>>1351 Not really? You'd still be the same person going by a different set of pronouns.
I'm not a lesbian (bisexual), but I honestly feel bad for straight women. It seems like being straight means being stuck having to defend or cope with men's shitty, abusive behavior, or just go full volcel. Only a very tiny minority of men aren't garbage, and it's not always worth digging through all the shit to find them. I also don't think political lesbianism can really work, unless you're actually bisexual and have just been repressing hard, or following the heterosexual default in your life for safety/convenience. I feel like a lot of the extreme anti-feminist types of pick-mes aren't just insecure and dumb, they actually suffer from a near-crippling level of heterosexuality that makes life without men seem like a complete nightmare. I'd like to think it decreases when puberty passes, but some women stay stuck like that (especially in the case of women who seem to have arrested development, like Shoe0nHead). It probably feels like their lives are literally over if they don't have a man. I can't imagine that pain. I think maternal instincts being mistakenly directed at men in general when they don't have their own kids might play a role, too. I usually hate these "muh biology!" arguments, but I feel like I'm becoming blackpilled. Can someone talk some sense into me? I want to be wrong on this, because it points to a hopeless, bleak future for many women.
>>1362 This is why I can't sympathize with shoe0nhead types, you know it's not just insecurity but their biological motivation. They are coomers: the female version.
>>1362 You just summarized the late r/blackpillfeminism.
>>1362 ymmv, but as a straight woman, i don't think think it's biological. the dependency is fostered from birth and there is literally no other option presented to women, especially straight women. i don't think straight women are actually this dickmatized. we're all stockholm sufferers and it has comparatively little to do with biology and desire, imo. these women are just terrified of carving out another path for their lives because they feel they can't do it alone, and women are encouraged to compete with other women. they want an all-in-one companion to be a teammate in life with, but men are not teammates. they are anchors that are usually content to sink you even if it provides no real benefit to them, because they are straight up sadists.
(496.67 KB 825x720 t6a4tqtsn4751.png)
Speaking of r/blackpillfeminism, I just think it is amazing how men and women alike in online spaces get so asshurt about "muh misandry." They'll excuse misogyny and even fetishize it, but it is just as bad when some anonymous women say men are trash.
>>1375 Fuck that top portion is so fucking gross, I fucking hate men and I fucking hate reddit.
>>1376 I heard the reddit cofounder stepped down to be replaced by a black men to fight racism. Why is everyone convinced that despite equal rights under law racism is still a massive problem, but sexism was over the minute women got the vote.
I can't take the stupidity of the men in my country anymore and the handmaiden s endlessly caping for them. Being an emotionally stunted incel is pretty much a national identity at this point. I tried to make a list of the amount of bullshit they spew on the internet alone (while agreeing with the opposite, cowering and stuttering around like a child when confronted with the same statements in real life) and pretending to be the "rational middle solution" when what they really do is cover their ears while yelling "these issues don't exist no matter what you say or show/it's not that bad you're overreacting/you're just imitating american feminazis!!", but just writing this alone tires me out. And then all the "male feminist" and handmaidens crawl out to make it even more annoying. Fuck german men.
>>1379 This is the reason is why I don't cape for the men of my race, unless it is an issue that affects all of us. They rightfully see how racism is a problem, but sexism? Crickets. It pisses me off to no end how the women of my community endlessly bleat about "white feminism" and "Karens" while the same energy is not being directed at the men of our community that to far more harm towards us. I don't think that there should be this blind female solidarity, especially trying to get handmaidens who are set in stone on board who would no doubt throw women under the bus for a crumb of dick. However, the women of my community and all women of color need to start being more vicious towards the men.
>>1380 i'm incredibly depressed about these issues in america, but i have to say that i feel like i'd be even more depressed on the sexism front in a country where super-brothels and "all you can fuck" sex-buffets where trafficked pregnant women are being raped, exist. no offense but your guys' shit is all fucked up in this particular sense, and it's undeniable. people must really want to worship at the altar of dick in your country to not see that.
>>1380 >b-but our leader is a woman! what more do you want?! Oof, same anon. It really feels like people just watched feminism unfold in the US and as soon as women starting talking about it here too, they straight up jumped to anti-feminism (but trannies are valid tho!) Just a couple of days ago feminism was trending on german twitter and so many of these young supposedly educated people with blm in their bio were cracking jokes about dem evil crazy feminazis. You have girls unironically say "equal right yes, but feminists are really taking it too far" (How? Which feminists even? There aren't any relevant feminists in Germany other than those from the 70s) and men can openly state that they have it harder than us because "females have the same rights as men since ages already". My brother is one of those too. I say something slightly feministic and he completely loses it, and then my mom tells me I also need to stop hating on men so much... Statistics aren't hate, they're facts, I have to educate my little sister if nobody else does. Recently I also feel like there are so many anti-feminist movies on our state tv. Like constantly movies about crazy girls making false rape claims - just so that men can talk about this boogeyman even more than they already did or about crazy feminazis vs strong anti-feminist female figures or about feminists who are racists and so on... But to your face men are trying to out-woke each other (like when it comes to refugees), the average dude in my university acts way more sjw than your average girl, but at home they're likely still treated like princes by their mothers while shitting on women online. Have you seen that video about how many of todays politicians, including maybe-soon cancellor Merz voted against a law to make rape in marriage a crime in 1997? Not sure if I wanna cry or puke, that was so recent and people just let it go, he himself even issued an angry statement that getting called out because of this is defamation against him. Voting no means you're against it, period, there are zero excuses for that. >>1385 Many men having thai or sea women is also way too normalized. People just laugh it off nowadays instead of shaming them. But of course that's womens' fault too, because some of us have the audacity to be over 150cm, over 18 and try to get a degree/well-paying job... /s German men unironically call us vain gold-diggers and ugly americanized career-addicts in the same sentence.
I just got in trouble at work today. I'm a cashier and the assistant manager told me that I'm not "cheery" or "excited" enough. he told me I need to be more "excited". which is such bullshit because this guy has the most deadpan, monotone autist voice of anyone who works there, but I guess it's okay because he's a man. it sucks that such higher standards are placed on women to sound "cheery" and that men can advance in customer service jobs without having an obnoxiously high pitched voice. my brother was a cashier and he was never once told he wasn't cheery enough. it's also bullshit because I've watched the other cashier's, ones who are permanent (I'm temporary) and they are really not very boisterous at all, so I don't know why I'm being singled out.
>>1412 It's asian women going for white men, not the other way around. >SJW in the streets, KKK in sheets.
Not to sound like some anon who has a massive hateboner for LC but man, that place turned to absolute shit. The mods are so fucking bad at what they do. They are quick to ban people for no fucking reason (or the dumbest reasons) but leave CP on threads for so many hours, are too slow when it comes to deleting important stuff or never ban the people who actually deserve banning in the first place (bait posters, people who refuse to integrate and so on). Everyone just accuses each other of being some twitterfag/femcel/terf the second your opinion doesn't fit with theirs, etc... It's sad because I used to visit that board frequently and have been on there for nearly 4 years now. I once had anons ganging up on me for talking about this one Twitter user and they all accused me of being her. One of them even faked a screenshot of that user saying that "she's currently trolling lolcow bitches and making them think she's one of them xD" to somehow frame me and after I deleted my post (because I got so annoyed of them accusing me of being her), they also deleted their post. I know they faked that because I went on that person's Twitter to see if it's true and they never tweeted something like that in the first place, they were literally active a few days ago. It was genuinely one of the weirdest fucking experiences I've ever had on that site, I'm not exaggerating slightest bit. I don't even know why anyone would do something like that. Anyway, I feel way more comfortable on here. I usually feel more comfortable on places that are female dominated and I sadly considered LC to be a place like that too, but it's unfortunately a huge shitfest now. It's annoying how the second you mention anything gender critical or radfem related the slightest bit (or refuse to suck up to trannies), there's already some anon replying to you all aggressively and telling you to leave the board now and how radfems aren't welcome because farmhands said so, yadda yadda. Speaking of farmhands: people suck up to them or Admin so incredibly much, it reminds me of how KF users treat Null like he's some god. Very cringe inducing. I'm done with that place. I hate it.
>>1434 Do you need a hug?
>>1435 Yes. Thank you.
(435.60 KB 945x2048 EbmSoDUXsAEvS7j.jpeg)
So, it turns out Tik Tok is basically privacy-killing malware. There's probably a conversation to be had on how all of this and its popularity are completely deliberate, and the fact that there are still people supporting it. Everything is so dystopian.
>>1449 yikes. its popularity always felt very forced, and all this time it has been popular, it hasn't had the same comedic success as vine did in half the time. i don't think any of this will stop people from using it. lord knows the greatest joy in life is being able to stare longingly into your phone camera while biting your bottom lip for an uncomfortable amount of time
>>1449 You, redditards and the tabloids gobbling up this alarmist BS makes me cringe. If this scares you, you'd hate to find out what Google, Facebook etc. have collected on you. Even some of the replies to that post on reddit have called him out. Here's HN's take, a community that's decent at best but still infinitely better than reddit: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=23638129
>>1453 chill, anon. anon is just relaying info. you have to admit that quite a few things on tiktok are shady. it's pretty weird that an enormous parent company with literally billions in revenue hadn't implemented https. i think though, with google, for example, there's a lot there for the sake of convenience and utility that people can reasonably sacrifice some of their privacy for. trading privacy for an app based around lipsyncing songs? that's a lot less justifiable. but yeah, i get what you're saying. a lot of people don't consider their online privacy until some kind of popular post comes along about like, bill gates or 5g or some shit.
>>1453 I don't use Google or Facebook, either, lmao. Zuckerberg literally mocked his own userbase for giving him their info years ago, and everyone just ignored it, while Google not only collects personal info (including, but not limited to every online purchase you've ever made), but uses its AI (which is trained by humans using reCAPTCHA, among other things) for US drones. Tik Tok and the rest of these apps are data-mining bullshit, no matter how you look at it. There's no defense for any of them.
>>1456 >I don't use Google You don't use youtube? You don't visit any sites that use google ads/analytics/recaptcha? >>1455 >chill, anon. What exactly is unchill about my post? >anon is just relaying info They're relaying misinformation and misinformation should be called out.
>>1457 >What exactly is unchill about my post? idk, personally singling out anon and calling her cringe for just reposting a popular reddit post is a little unchill to me. >They're relaying misinformation and misinformation should be called out. some of the shit in that post is verifiable, like the https fiasco. as far as misinfo, like with the link you posted from ycombinator, it's just a bunch of people saying "maybe it's true, it isn't so unlikely, but that guy could be bullshitting". that's not "this is definitely misinfo and it needs to be called out". it's questionable but not out of the realm of possibility? all reddit "expert" posts or reddit posts in general need to be taken with a massive grain of salt, obviously, but where's the proof it's impossible for any of it to be so?
>>1457 >youtube Invidio.us and Hooktube still exist. >You don't visit any sites that use google ads/analytics/recaptcha? Ever heard of NoScript, Decentraleyes, uMatrix, etc? There are ways around these things, as long as you're not lazy. Even if there wasn't, what exactly is your argument? "Oh well, you can't stop Google from stalking your ass. Might as well download TikTok and never complain. Give ALL the companies your data! Join the botnet"?
>>1449 What do you expect when it's the Chinese who are behind it? The amount of Chicom propaganda these days is insane. >>1453 Privacy died at least a decade ago. Everyone knows they all have shadow profiles on you. Snowden couldn't possibly have made things clearer. Look up the talk privacy is dead. >>1455 If it's free, you are the product. https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=998565 >>1456 >>1464 I think I would think twice before being too smug: https://www.techjunkie.com/how-to-block-99-of-google-and-why-you-shouldnt-do-it-2/. Invidio.us and Hooktube haven't exactly been around that long; Hooktube is a dead project if you hadn't noticed. It's good that you're proactive, but you can't win by playing whack-a-mole. Even disabling JS or using a text browser is probably not enough. Using TOR for every single thing is a very high price to pay.
I hate brain fog. Nothing works for it, either.
I hate the internet. Growing up I was addicted to it, now I despise it. People are obsessed with fitting into their "political tribe". They love getting upset over nonsense, they love seeking out people who disagree with them to belittle and threaten. I see good posts by radfems on tumblr turn into "ok terf" bullshit as they derail it into literal nonsense instead of acknowledging the post. I reblogged a post with tons of sources about how harmful sex work is, lost lots of followers. People don't care, they don't want to read or form their own opinions. People are stupid, selfish, they only want that rush of adrenaline hating gives them. I wish something would shift already and we could move past this. That's hopeful thinking though, people love conflicts and will never stop especially with social media companies pandering them and controlling the internet.
posting in an anonymous board gives me a little feeling of freedom like I can just say something (not anything) that's on my mind knowing it will immediately get sucked into the internet black hole. Like if people care to reply, that's nice, but if they don't, that's good too because it doesn't matter, and sometimes that makes me feel lighter. At the same time I feel like everyone who does that is longing for some sort of connection. Or I'm the only one longing for that and I project that on other people's words online. Anyway. Sometimes it makes me feel like an idiot, sometimes it gives me a sense of unity, a "being alone together" kind of thing. I'm also really self conscious about people picking up on my speech patterns. I can't stand the thought of someone across the continent being able to recognize my dimness through the occasional anonymous paragraph.
Reblogged a Twitter thread about a woman being assualted in her own home for not agreeing with a transwoman. Get people calling me a terf. I say it's not okay to commit violence against people who you disagree with. Get told to die then they post about me on their blog about how I'm a terf and to not follow. For what??? Saying it's not okay for a woman with different opinions to get almost killed by a group of people? I can't fucking even. People are insane. Now I get to be in fight or flight mode all day and turn off my messages for calling attention to something that is clearly wrong.
>>1560 The only "good" thing you can takeaway from this is seeing the levels of indoctrination we're facing, where male violence can be obfuscated and cheered on. I'm sure they'll get tired soon, with their goldfish attention spans, and find a new woman who's committed wrongthink!
>>1561 Yup. They couldn't even reply because they think telling people to die and being unable to have a discussion means they win. They have no common sense or facts, this changed my views and I don't feel bad anymore. Hivemind of the mindless with no substance.
Omg, I hadn't checked up on the shoe threads until like now. I'm legit so happy her and pregs finally broke up. He's so viscerally unattractive and unintelligent, while having the balls to be so self-confident. I feel secondhand embarrassed that she ever had sex with him or went public with being with him. I don't think she'll ever realize she always had the upper hand in that relationship but was giving it to him for literally no reason other than... him having a penis? Honestly sad. Imagine wasting 5 years of your life on someone that breaks up with you on your birthday, or at least goes public on your birthday. She's still a shit person, but I pray she doesn't fall prey to Vaush's advances. Honestly think I almost can't stand him more than hontra. You can tell he's the type of guy to prey on women and pressure them into poly relationships while also talking shit about their bodies, and he most definitely underfurnishes his home save for sex-toy related furniture like sex swings and such. I can just feel it.
I met a guy in a game recently who seemed okay at first. He wanted to get to know me because of my artwork. However, as time went on, he started to reveal a lot of his personality flaws. Dude never goes outside, is a pathological attention whore fixated on his status in the gaming community, and is so lacking in self-awareness that he constantly blames other people for his own issues. He has never been mean to me and I’m the type of person to stay polite and avoid drama but it is wearing on me. He constantly brings up his personal problems that I don’t give a shit about especially since we’ve only known each other for about a month. I’m embarrassed to be associated with him and worst of all, I made the mistake of helping him on his artwork a few times and now he sees me as a free instructor and asks me for critique every time he’s working on something. I’m not sure what to do because last time a girl blocked him, he proceeded to blow up on the forum and even brought up the girl’s personal life into it. I just seriously regret ever even being the slightest bit friendly and courteous to him because now he sees me as some close friend when I honestly don’t give a shit about online friends.
>>1578 just abandon your account and act as if you've moved on from gaming or something. hopefully he won't try to contact you on insta or wherever you post your art
>>1578 You can gradually fade him out of your life if you don't want to kill your accounts. Don't start conversations. Cut the ones he starts short. If he can see you're online, make up some excuses like you're talking to another friend who is going through a crisis or your sister was using your account or something. If you make yourself unavailable but feign interest in keeping the friendship he'll probably move on without attacking you.
Two months ago I realized nobody in my life likes me at all. I don't have any friends. The only person in my family I trusted turned me down. In general, I would say I deserve all the shit that happened to me, because I'm not a very likeable person (birds of a feather flock together, you reap what you saw yada yada) BUT at the same time I wouldn't change a thing from my past (except for one mistake a made when I was like 12 kek). I feel like I've lived a pretty long life though, I got into the uni I wanted, I've experienced the university life... I don't have anything more to live for. I just wish I was brave enough to kill myself. I'm not suited for humanity. Whyyyyy. Being dead is scary huh. I feel better now, thank you for coming to my TED talk.
>>1590 how are you not likeable?
>>1590 > I'm not a very likeable person (birds of a feather flock together, you reap what you saw yada yada) BUT at the same time I wouldn't change a thing from my past What EXACTLY have you done, anon?
>>1591 In general, I think I'm kind of unbearable. I'm very self-centered, need attention and validation from others and I tend to get carried away when voicing my opinions or "mocking" people (like in a friendly way, but I can be harsh. I managed to fix that but it seems is not enough so I guess this is a part of me). I don't blame anyone for not wanting to be friends with me kek. >>1593 Aah, nothing remarkable, just cringy/emo things, dumb teen drama,... I've always despised my past self and I didn't really like my group of friends during high school (we were together during breaks, but everyone had another group of friends of their own except for me, so I was always left out(?) when hanging out outside of school) but now I see we deserved each other and that I was an edgelord that thought she was better than everyone kek. People need to accept each other to develop relationships, and I think accepting my personality is kind of hard. I don't really want to change though. I've changed and pretended so much in the past years that it fucked up my mental health kek. Don't change kids, change bad.
>>1594 idk you seem too self aware to be someone that is actually these things to the degree you claim. it's definitely possible, but people that bad usually don't realize it. without specific examples I'm inclined to believe you weren't that bad. why don't you want to change though if you're as bad as you say? too much work or?
>>1595 I'm self-aware now, but I wasn't until some months ago hahah. Being rejected by the only person I cared about was like being hit by a truck and it made me realize a lot of things about myself. I don't want to change myself because I think this is my core personality. When I left high school I decided to make real friends and finally find my place in the world, so I tried to be another person. People liked me, but I didn't make a connection with anyone. However, people did form bonds between them. I was really confused ("why weren't they approaching ME?"), I resented them but the one I resented the most was myself. I had killed myself, metaphorically speaking. Me, the one with flaws, the true me, and even so nobody was interested in me. I also found myself in the same place as before: everyone had a group of childhood friends who would be a priority in their lifes. Everyone had a past and I wasn't as important as those past experiences. I know I was naïve. Anyway, I "killed" my flaws, it didn't work, I struggled with my identity, it made me feel like shit, blah blah... I ended up on square one, but I think I prefer being the flawed me than the "perfect" me. "Perfect me" is the fakest bitch you'll ever meet kek. Whatever, I know these are just petty problems and I should be grateful for my life. I had a lot of luck with my upbringing and everything, but I'm not suited for society or relationships. I know other person would have taken advantage of my life and that's a shame. Thank you anyway for asking and reading all this shit kek. I wish you good luck in life anon(s?).
>>1597 >I don't want to change myself because I think this is my core personality. It's a tautology. You seem to want to stay the same; but there is no reason to cling to your core especially if your core only causes you (and the people around you) pain.
>>1602 i don't know that that's necessarily the case. i see a lot of people who are very preoccupied with "losing themselves" if they're no longer depressed, for example and it seems like this is a little similar. even though it's best for themselves and everyone around them, who they "are" is something important to them. i think who people "are" isn't really well defined and a lot of people are scared of losing their identities or what they feel makes them, them. and tbf, no one wants to feel inauthentic. it does feel gross to feel fake. but all people should try to mitigate the suffering of those around them. growth takes time though, and faking it isn't always the best option.
>>1603 Are you the same anon I'm addressing, why didn't capitalize anything like in your other post?
>>1605 Bruh calm down you're on a basket weaving forum
>>1603 Utilitarianism would call on everyone to adopt a normalfag mindset. If anything, that's unrealistic.
>>1605 Everybody needs attention/validation, it's a normal trait and not a bitch trait.
>>1608 ok retard, drag your dick elsewhere
My friend who is starting to identify as trans recently told me that she is non-monogamous and started seeing a guy who is the same. This is her first experience with a relationship of any sort and I already can foresee that she’s going to get hurt by this. I can’t help but see her as being incredibly naive and I don’t know if I can bear hearing her issues with this guy for long. For instance, it’s incredibly obvious the reason he is cold in her messages to her is because he doesn’t see her beyond just FWB material. She has this fantasy in her head that this guy will be part of her devoted harem of men that she will eventually have and I’m just facepalming so hard reading her messages about that.
Had the absolute caricature of a woke bro tell me last night that droptheT was banned because it was a sub for talking about murdering trans people. I told him that was ridiculous and (carefully) explained why some gay people have issues with the current alphabet movement and THAT was the point of the sub. >Yeah, well that can't be ALL they talked about But talking about nothing but murder is realistic. How are people this stupid and gullible?
the word "latinx" annoys me so much wtf is that you can't even pronounce it. if you really want something gender neutral you can say latin american. why use words you cant even say outside of social media
>>1647 I've heard people say "latinks" as a way to pronounce it but it just makes me cringe. It's not like the people thinking of these terms have a life outside of social media anyway.
Didn't want to make a thread but heads up, some asshole from r/drama told people to head over here. If you see an increase in dumb scrote shit, you can blame them.
Honestly pretty gutted over Michael Brooks passing away. His show was leagues better than anything breadtubers could put out, and he was seemingly far less invested in his own image and ego. He was such a clever and funny guy. I think he was suspicious of the troon agenda too tbh.
>>1649 Looks like we've been posted in a few places. NGL it's kind of creepy.
I hate when I follow a great artist on twitter and after a couple of days they either start tweeting about furry or kink shit, it's like you cant escape it. people need to be kinkshamed harder
The internet feels less safe for women with this newish culture of posting egirls. I don't know but my best guess its to scare women away from all hobbies so their only choice is to be incubators again.
>>2 I don't know why or how but my luck is obscene. Was really hoping this year would go better for me but it's been a massive downward spiral. Corona obviously was a big part in that but it's not everything. At this stage I have nothing to live for and no reason to believe that things will ever "get better". Fuck this shit.
>>1664 Same, anon. Other than corona, what has held you back this year?
Sometimes I read/hear about a situation and think, "wow, that's horrific, disgusting", but then I remember that realistically, it's impossible to ever happen to me (it's always some straight up impossible thing, not even an 1% chance). And yet, I still worry about it. I know it's projection but how do I stop it?
>>1680 What kind of horrific, disgusting situation are you talking about? A lot of people don't seem to worry about anything. I try to focus on larger likelihoods like being badly injured or dying in a car crash (not unlikely) and focus on reducing the likelihood of those dangers that most people don't seem to consider at all, by rarely driving and not driving unnecessarily, having a safe car, etc, before I worry about really, really unlikely stuff. I think trying to safeguard yourself with that kind of actually important stuff gives you a little more feeling of control over yourself and your future. Or if you're just very anxious it could not help at all.
There's a couple guys who are "simps" for me. I know they probably just want to fuck me yet I can't help liking the attention. They seem to actually care about what I have to say, help me without bringing their ego into it, and are just plain nicer than everyone else I deal with everyday. I deal with so many people (mostly men tbh) everyday who have anger issues, narcissist personalities, who are creeps or simply immature dickheads despite being a decade or two older than me. Then I come home to a boyfriend who I bicker with, we ignore each other, he picks on me and makes stupid jokes because he thinks I like it no matter how many times I tell him he's not funny. I'd love to have people around me who appreciate me, care about me, have pleasant conversations with without them talking over me, not make everything about themselves, you know just be nice to be around.
>>1683 All men want to fuck you if they find you attractive. It's basic biology. That doesn't mean they can't care for you more than *just* that. Sensitive men are a whole other can of worms though. It's not good to interact with people who will let you lead them on while later blaming it on you or people who can't listen for that matter.
>>1683 >>1683 These men basically only simp because of the chase. I really doubt you have multiple decent men in your orbit, just because they're very rare, but it sounds like you're dealing with a lot of negativity and general awfulness, so I can definitely see how the "appreciation" and praise is refreshing. People have basic emotional needs and if they continually go unmet and you're surrounded by negativity, it can for sure leave you feeling desperate for some kind of positive attention, even if it's not as actually meaningful as we'd like. I think it's understandable, but realize that these men probably can only fill a certain purpose in your life and to only a certain extent - they are unlikely to be genuinely decent and truly there for you if you do take them up on their propositions. These men like to browbeat women into getting what they want and quickly take it for granted. You should also probably try to distance yourself emotionally from your boyfriend and break up with him. If having other men on the horizon helps you detach emotionally and gives you the courage to move on from an emotionally abusive asshole boyfriend, I see it as a win, as long as you can do so without getting too emotionally wrapped up in these (also likely manipulative) men. I don't see a real issue with speaking to them cautiously if you really need to feel acknowledged and appreciated and absolutely cannot get it anywhere else, just don't get too wrapped up in it or continue speaking if they're dangerous.
I feel a certain kind of sad when someone likes a personality trait but only on a certain type of person, or they make a point to say "unless it's this type of person". Like, you know, when x does it it's cool but when you do it it's cringe. It's not creepy stuff BTW I was just thinking of general personality stuff.
I just found out that my cousin got shot and killed by gang members because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. An innocent person's life was taken for what? Nothing. Gang violence and organized crime is the leading cause of murder for male homicide victims, yet when do MRAs ever address the real issue with male on male violence? Never. It's honestly truly fucking sociopathic how they exploit the suffering of their fellow men to discredit feminism and subjugate women. Fuck you.
>>1710 I'm so sorry, anon. There's so much horrific and unnecessary violence that goes completely ignored and purposefully is only weaponized to shame women and their efforts. So much that needs to be done and so much bad shit that needs to be acknowledged and they focus all their efforts on tearing down people who are trying to improve the world. It doesn't just extend to feminists, either. Just anyone trying to improve anything, though there is a special emphasis on stopping women.There is no sense of unity or empathy for each other, not really. Look at the way despite all of the clear red flags, they refuse to believe Michael Jackson molested boys. MRAs seem to generally be on Jackson's side.
>>1711 There's a theory about patriarchy that basically says female oppression stems from men's desire to conquer and compete with each other for resources. Women are caught in the crosshairs and treated as property/resource due to our reproductive capabilities. Idk after this it's starting to become more apparent to me that this is how it works. I'm not saying that feminists should start championing male causes (it's never our responsibility to mule on their behalf) but acknowledging how the male class operates to hurt each other brings more nuance to the male supremacist power dynamic. Lol even I get frustrated sometimes and say that I hate men but I know that there are some men who are decent people, and others probably would turn out to be better if they weren't influenced by cultural machismo. There's a significant minority that are genuine scum.
>>1713 What's this have to do with what I said?
>>1714 >man dies due to male on male violence <women are the victims of this, fuck you
>>1715 Idiot I was talking about how MRAs use homicide statistics to discredit feminism and obscure or don't mention the reason behind those statistics which is gang violence, organized crime, poverty etc which is male on male violence. Men kill men. Men kill women. That is all. You have the reading comprehension of a third grader.
>>1716 tbh that post had a distinct scrotal aroma, I wouldn't worry
(301.41 KB 720x1280 Screenshot_20180506-110629.jpg)
>>1717 Sure, and fyi before anyone else gets confused: men are the primary perpetrators in male AND female homicide.
Is it just me or is outer space scary as shit? Whenever I speak to people about it they tell me it isn't terrifying and it's just incredibly cool, how they'd love to go to space and explore. Is it me or is everyone pretending it isn't absolutely terrifying to seem more intellectual or something? Or are they just not really thinking it through? Like sure, it's interesting, absolutely, but how is it not scary?? I blame cinema.
>>1733 The concept of infinity is terrifying. the sheer scale of the objects and distances involved would rive you mad. There are stars out there far larger than our entire solar system. Just an infinity of fire. >are they just not really thinking it through? Planet Earth is blue and there's nothing I can do.
>>1733 On a similar note this video is a bit disturbing. Megalophobia is one of the few things that genuinely creeps me out. Idk how ants are able to survive on this planet without pissing their tiny ant pants all the time. https://youtu.be/KEoqv0PAAT8
I hate today, it's Eid a holy day in islam, here we celebrate Ibrahams attempted sacrifice of his own son cause his God told him to(which is super fucked up) but the thing that makes the Islamic tradition worse is that we comerate abraham/Ibrahim being a psychotic prick by sacrificing a goat and Cow in place The streets are litteed with cow carcass for days and are often slaughtered in the open, the city smells horrible and blood and shit gets everywhere
>>1739 That's so awful and disgusting, anon. I'm so sorry generally, anon. You don't deserve to have to deal with all of the shit you have to put up with in this life (related to your other posts also).
>>1741 I think there are at least 2 or 3 other ex-muslim anons here as well, one who I know also lives in Pakistan It's just hard to explain all the problems with Islam, it's not just "Islam bad" but rather Islam had the potential to be something better but that was squashed and now it has little if any hope most of the Quran was made by one caliph and his scribes a hundred years after the death of Muhammad, so its actually safe to say that Muhammed has very little to do with the Quran itself, the historical Muhammad if he existed likely wouldn't have considered himself a Muslim, most likely he and his companions would have been a sect of Arab Christians, however after a while his sec was further arabized and Muhammads importance was increased in the new Ummayad Dynasty State Quran, and thats how Islam as we know it began I honestly feel bad for the historical Muhammad, who knows he might have been a good guy but the Quranic Muhammad presented in the Haddis and Quran is a scheming, manipulative, pedophile warlord who Muslims see as the greatest human being who ever lived
>>1742 Oh, I thought you were the Pakistani anon, that's why I mentioned the other posts which mention how trapped and scared she feels.
>>1735 Exactly, the distances, size, the general feeling of humans (aside from animals on earth) potentially being totally alone... Like, I don't think humans will ever get their shit together enough to get off Earth and not fail shortly after doing so, but even if we could or did, the amount of responsibility we'd shoulder is terrifying. And I think the possibility that we could be alone, or trapped by circumstances/unable to come across any other life, coupled with the responsibility, scares me the most. I know it makes literally no sense but somehow the thought of hostile life forms being around us is still more comforting to me than the thought of us being totally alone. I have literally no idea why I'd ever feel that way, because reasonably it'd make more sense to want to be alone than tortured by aliens. With how irresponsible people are, we'll end up killing ourselves soon enough though by continuing to poison and shit all over the only safe home we have, so whatever. It's all not fun to think about. People are on some shit. >>1736 That video is pretty anxiety inducing
>>1742 The relative importance of Muhammad's followers, particularly the status of Ali, is a point of contention though, even though Muslims seem to not want to admit it ("There is only one Islam"). Different interpretations of Islam have been around from the very beginning of the religion. I don't know what to make of Muhammad - in historical terms his life is extraordinarily well documented and well attested for the era in which he lived. The marriage to his first wife seems strange and stranger still in relation to his subsequent betrothal to Aisha and several other wives. Aisha's own role in establishing what it was that Muhammad said is interesting, there's no reason to suppose that the betrothal didn't take place. Contrary to what anon said in the other thread, Islam did pick up cultural practices from places where it spread, it isn't immune to change just extremely resistant. Apparently veiling is something that didn't happen immediately, and the pilgrimages to the tombs of saints and martyrs which are popular in Iran echo archaic customs in much the same way as the veneration of saints in the medieval catholic church took on aspects of older Celtic deities and replaced them in acts of worship. Some Muslims will call others Ghulat, but they themselves may be Takfiri. I'm not an authority on Islam, I've just done a lot of reading. So asking in good faith, what do you see as the potential which Islam had? And when do you think that was squashed?
(37.80 KB 664x462 images.jpeg)
>>1747 Did you read what I posted, his life was recorded in oral traditions and alleged transcripts written upon bone a hundred and fifty years after his death, there maybe some cernels of his original life but it was edited to suit the needs of the Ummayads at the time >Contrary to what anon said in the other thread, Islam did pick up cultural practices from places where it spread, it isn't immune to change just extremely resistant > So asking in good faith, what do you see as the potential which Islam had? And when do you think that was squashed Basically Islam in its mid-stage had some hope for evolution, the conquest of Persia brought on a lot of Zoroastrianisn concepts and asthetics that are still with Islam today, no 1 and most obvious being the Muslims pray, the Islamic prayer procedure is also directly copied off the aincent Zoroastrianism prayer procedure, the second thing was Greek philosophy The ideas of Plato and Aristotle were incredibly popular for Muslims between 9th- to early 12th century, Plato's idea of perfect forms and this world being an imperfect form of an ideal world fit nice and well with the Islamic theology, these theories were expanded further, there was potential for evolution cause but it was dampmed due to ever increasing fatwas by mullah that one only needed the Quran for guidance and nothing else
>>1746 I don't know if this might make you feel any better, long ago I came to the realization that there is/are no god(s), and more horrific than the knowledge that there is no god is that we are alone, there was/is nothing else, just the emptiness of a something much larger then us But we are all we have, we as a species are we've got in this universe and even though it's meaningless trying to make it is the most we can do, even if we as a species do die this special little world will still be alive for over a billion years
>>1748 Interesting, I can see the Babylonian influence in the multiples of six, too. I know that Zoroaster was a reforming prophet who lived in the 6th century BC and the Iranian traditions were likely much older, having a common origin with the Vedic Indian religion. Manichaeism, which fused Christian, Zoroastrian and Buddhist ideas came into play in the 3rd Century. Then in the 14th Century the Yarsani religion took hold in Iran, which seems to share features with ancient Iranian religions. And then in the 19th Century the Bahai religion began in Iran. Sorry I am a religion nerd I just wanted to note that there has been both continuity and evolution in Iranian religion for the whole of history. The current situation in Iran is quite recent, historically speaking. >The ideas of Plato and Aristotle were incredibly popular for Muslims between 9th- to early 12th century The Druze are an interesting religion, they have a prophet from the 10th Century, and consider the Bible, Quran, and works of Platonist philosophers all to be sacred texts. They live in small numbers in Syria and Israel. The achievements of the Golden Age of Islam are certainly a recommendation, but the cause of the downfall is obvious, I think - it was the Mongols, who massacred 25% of the population of the Iranian Khwarezmian empire, and in the siege of Baghdad destroyed a city of millions including the house of knowledge, the greatest library in the world at the time. Sorry for the huge wall of text I just find the subject fascinating. I might have more questions if you don't mind.
>>1750 I'm a religion nerd as well, I have read all 6 volumes of the encyclopedia of the Quran and I love reading about Christian and Muslim sects, despite being an ex-muslim I know about Druze and the Yarsani but have never heard of the Manichaeism, kinda related much of the region of modern day Pakistan became Muslim during the early 13th-15th century mainly as a result of Sufi mystics who practiced Islam with some asthetic local pagan beliefs which helped In converting the mainly Buddhist and Hindu population, however just a couple centuries later the Islam they followed started becoming more orthodox and lost its local cultural influences It's kinda sad that the locks cultural asthetics whuch were the main reason Pakistanis ancestors even became Muslims are looked down upon for being un Islamic
>>1751 Thankyou for being nerds with me anon. I realised I wasn't very sure of the history of Pakistan before 1947, I guess a lot of stuff I thought of as 'Indian' historically is from the region of modern day Pakistan (e.g. the Indus valley). I only vaguely know about the partition of India, I know there was a lot of violence and resentment, and huge numbers of people forced to move from their homes. It seems like countries founded on the basis of religions often have problems. Thanks for your perspective anon, I hope you keep sharing.
>>1753 Well India has never been a country, just a gauge geographic located, before the British arrived the Indian subcontinent was divided into at least a dozen separate kingdoms with hundreds of different ethnic groups If the Indian subcontinent had been divided on the basis of ethnity then I feel we'd have less problems
love how complex this thread has gotten
I wish imageboards without imageboard culture existed, in a sense, because they are full of bitter, hostile nerds with a superiority complex. The only reason I use them is because I don't like most social media, but I would never talk to someone like this irl.
>>1770 I hope you're talking about female only imageboards
>>1777 I highly doubt that female only imageboards are populated by bitter, hostile nerds like people would want to believe. >>1770 The anonymity and general culture that isn't based around being identifiable is valuable. I think the problem with imageboards is a whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooole lot bigger than people being bitter nerds with superiority complexes. Those traits don't even land on the list of the top 10 problems with imageboard users, generally.
today I read this article https://www.history.com/news/sexual-exploitation-was-the-norm-for-19th-century-ballerinas and while I'm sure today's ballerinas aren't as vulnerable as the 19th century ones, I wonder how often the situations described in the article still happen today. It really bugs me that they use the term "sex work" and say that women "trade sex for money" when they literally mention over and over that the young women and underage girls in that situation had no other choice, and that some were being groomed by their own mothers.
This is gonna be something that the vast majority of women here really can't comprehend, it's something very unique with Pakistani scrotes, particularly a very specific subset of the scrotes in Pakistan, specifically muhajirs and Urdu speaking Punjabis so about 35-40 % of males in the country and this isn't even in the top 10 worst things Pakistani men do but it's something I take issue with personally So Pakistans entire existence is based on Islam and our identity is based on islam, so the history we are taught is "Islamic" history, so basically only of foreign Arabs and Turks, e.g in the 6th century Arab armies invaded the Sindh region in modern day Pakistan when it was in the midst of a civil war, they looted the region and took tens thousands of Sindhi men and women as slaves, so in any other nation this event would be recorded as a tragedy in their history but that's not the case for Pakistan, the invading generals name "Muhammad bin Qasim" is plastered in Karachi, our main port is named after him, about every street is named after him in Karachi and he is regarded as the first Pakistani and Pakistans first national hero Move forward to the 10th century Mahmud Ghanznivi raided and looted the Punjab province, would take women and young girls and boys as sex slaves and if you're wondering yes our armed forces have his name on various tanks and military arms It's gotten so bizzare that Muslim Urdu speaking Pubiabis believe they are more closer to Arabs and Turks then they are to Hindu and Sikh punjabis who are linguistically and genetically the same as them, were not allowed to discuss the history of the people of our region, the Punjab had a great female leaders and even rules many who led arms against these plunders but they are shunned and ignored I hate this country but I can't even take it seriously cause of how our leaders and intellectual despise our own history and culture, Its really something that's quite odd to hear but here ethnic nationalism is tied to progressivism, women's rights and rights for non-Muslim
I like "morally compromised" (not in a mean girls/evil stepmom way) female characters a lot, because we're not getting a lot of deep characters with deep story anyway, this is definitely more entertaining to watch a woman kill and cheat her way to the top than to watch her be a no-fun moral-spewing man's ass savior, or a quirky womanchild, or being victimized for someone else's plot. I don't insist that it's more feminist to have a blatant sociopath in every movie, but I just like to watch this type of thing. And they make sleazy "woke" types squirm like clockwork. GoT fanbase is a goldmine: "Sansa killing her abuser and smiling is the worst! Women needn't stop being feminine doormats to be Strong Characters, I swear! Let's just all have group rehab therapy where we forgive MAPs and non-consensual kinksters!" Or "Cersei is baaad because she kills her political opponents uses her kids for powah, unlike every first male character who does the same shit!". Or "Cersei is baaad, because she tells a young girl that enemy soldiers are probably gonna rape them after they storm the gates, unlike 9000 'cool' male characters who r*pe their spoils of war on screen!". Or "Cersei is baaad because she has kids with her twin instead of a cheating r*pist violent pig she was married off to forcibly, who also has a fuckton ton of kids on the side!". Or anything Cersei at all. Or like when a guy who posts guillotine and Punch The Nazis memes all day goes "You guys are crazy for treating a lone female warrior like a good character! She, like, hurts people, so unfemme! She's akchully a deranged murderer! Look, she bit off an ear of a bandit who tried to r*pe her! Shes Hannibal Lecter, except an actual psycho maniac!". Or "Noo, you can't kill a whole family of your enemies just because they killed your whole family! You must be an embodiment of femme strength and democratic socialist values as an orphan teen girl in a medieval dictatorship!". Gone Girl is another masterpizza. "She's a baaad person, so he's a perfect little angel! See, it's like Johhny Depp situation, if his 999th victim isn't the sweetest girlie ever he's the actual victim! Remember, girls, never call cops on your fellow activists, if he's hitting you, it just means the revolution demands it! I'll get you one day, Ashley, this fucking imperialist restraint order can't stop me!". Oh yes, Carol from Walking Dead seems pretty great too, though I didn't watch much: from an abused wife to a one-woman Rambo, and everyone hates her more than any baddie psychopath. Something's up with "woke" disdain for any portrayals of female aggression ever unless it's after a juicy r*pe scene they can get off to. Even the first example isn't good enough for them, only really grotesque exploitation shit seems to suffice. And then they'll be like "yeah, nice power-fantasy here sister! Now let's watch something realistic, like that one film where a woman breaks down in ladytears and has her gun taken from her hands when she confronts the badguy! Never forget, you literally can't hurt anything with your little ladybody, self-defense is victim blaming and your only hope for justice is the male court, with male laws, made by male government, so you better play nice". It's like they'll deny the real crime rates and pretend it's all 50/50 and in the same breath get preachy about how revenge is a man's thing and you "lose your femininity" (as if it's something bad) the second you think about even being not nice to someone who hurt you, and so you shouldn't, but they're totally against gender norms. The mind-fuck is strong.
>>1795 >"Sansa killing her abuser and smiling is the worst! Women needn't stop being feminine doormats to be Strong Characters, I swear! Let's just all have group rehab therapy where we forgive MAPs and non-consensual kinksters!" Jesus Christ the whole Sansa arc triggers me so much, I liked her even during season one, I was gutted by how quickly Ramsay died. I thought feeding him to his own dogs was a nice way of going about it, because not even being able to control his dogs is a good way of forcing him to feel powerless (note how when John was pulverising his face with fists Ramsay smiled because he was still the one in control, but he attempts to order his dogs not to eat him with some panic in his voice and they don't listen). But it was still too quick. Survivor Sansa is horridly portrayed though, I hate that GoT went shit, the conversation with the Hound where she credits her abusers with making her strong, fgfkgfdghk >Oh yes, Carol from Walking Dead seems pretty great too, though I didn't watch much: from an abused wife to a one-woman Rambo, and everyone hates her more than any baddie psychopath. Okay I will say that the writers did manage to turn me off Carol when they had her murdering people for catching a cold, I didn't even keep watching the walking dead after it turned shit so I don't know how all the arcs resolve themselves.
>>1796 The one good thing about D&D fucking up the ending that bad is that there isn't much of the "graphic depictions of violence against woman are historical hurrdurr you still have your stronk women" drivel that accompanied early seasons because nobody even wants to talk about the show anymore. The talk with the Hound was some WTF moment, but this is how scrote writers think abuse works. The existence of Carol as a character still fires me up, because I like them really morally compromised, unless they're a pickme.
>>1795 Honestly this just came across as kinda cringy, like I think you point the missed the point or maybe look way to deep into media and to see what you want to see Like it's clear that in gone girl both Amy and Nick are clearly bad people and view themselves as being in the right, like I don't understand how anyone doesn't get that right away Also I mean power fantasies are nice and all but getting drenched into them can be unhealthy at times
>>1798 >Also I mean power fantasies are nice and all but getting drenched into them can be unhealthy at times This seems like the exact kind of unnecessary moralising anon was complaining about, let anon enjoy her inner fantasy life IMO
>>1799 Being realistic isn't moralising or being a nice girl, I'm a cynical person and I'm not into fantasies or anything that doesn't make sense, so, it's just who I am I mean anon can like this stuff if she wants to but she doesn't need feminism to make her self feel superior for liking her shit, like some people just don't like violence on screen that doesn't mean their handmaidens and pickmes
>>1795 I get it, but you're naive if you think these kind of characters do any good. While they might scratch an itch we have to see a full and deserved range of human emotion and behaviors in women on screen, it does more harm, imo, than good. Men are already looking for any excuse to call us evil and punish us, and basically all of their information about life and about us as people comes from entertainment (gaming, cinema, etc). Women who aren't even real "acting out" ultimately results in harm being done to us - seriously. Like, if we're going to be rightfully vengeful, save it for real life, where it actually means something, because men see cinema and games as real life anyways, and in many cases they take fiction more seriously than real life. When it comes to men and "controversial" depictions of fictional women, we're bound to face consequences while earning no benefit.
>>1803 Okay this just seems like another wild take, i want films with women who are just as human as the male characters, like I don't want boss bitch characters who are more often then not horrible explorative people IRL, or meek feminine characters just characters that are human
>>1803 I don't really care about what men think anymore, I don't have a little imaginary oppressor in my head telling me how shit we all are or something. Do you? I also don't think that we can change MRAs into non-misogynists by making things more palatable to MRAs. They do find something to hate in characters the authors tried to make likable, hell, even in caricatures made to please them, so fucking what now, everything is ammunition anyway and censorship for MRA feelings sake is stupid. They're all gonna gloat over horrible porn and "Karen Gets Punched" vids afterwards anyway. We aren't their nannies. Lemme have my Vilanelles and Carols.
>>1806 I don't have an a tiny oppressor in my head but I don't really see the purpose in creating characters that are supposed to be awful, especially, like Cersei. Though for me, it's not just women. I think most media needs to be toned down to not unintentionally encourage the psychopathic actions and desires of manchildren. I don't see a reason for violence to exist in media save for informative or historical purposes. A lot of men are ticking timebombs waiting to happen and I don't think stoking the hatred of women for literally fictional media is worth it, like, at all. I don't think us being able to have edgy media and very flawed, basically evil, female characters, is more important than the safety or well-being of a community that could very well be impacted by these depictions. A lot of people use the same excuses you're using to justify loli, or porn that fetishizes tropes that relate to kids and tweens (braces, pigtails, childish clothing, even if on women that look 20 or so), as if media isn't very impactful. I think the effect that media has on people is very real and is more common than people would like to believe.
>>1810 I disagree with you in certain aspects but I do agree that media should be censored by default, films, television, music e.t.c should not allow gendered violence, sexist language and normalization of problematic behavior and degeneracy, Other then historical settings where such violence is relevant to the plot and even then the violence against women shouldn't be reveled in like it does in current Hollywood
>>1810 You have compared pedotrash cartoons with rude female characters. Nice. Men will be violent trash even if all they watch is fucking sweet kid's shows about ponies and magic. You cannot nanny men into being women.
>>1813 >You have compared pedotrash cartoons with rude female characters. Nice. You know full well they aren't actually, seriously being compared as if they're as offensive or harmful as each other. The pedotrash cartoons are just an easy comparison given that it's a kind of media that most people on AG would agree does affect men. Same with quasi-pedophilic content, or abusive content that men seek to mirror irl. I specifically was speaking about "evil" women in that post, as well, not "rude women". The excuse for loli or sexualized characters that "are 1200 years old but look 10" is that they're fictional and being that they're fictional, could never influence or impact people. >You cannot nanny men into being women. I don't think this is a function of biology necessarily and everything surrounding mlp is still under a system that encourages men to be as perverted and retarded as possible. I specifically have already mentioned that I don't think any violent media (and for that matter, unnecessarily sexual content) can be in the hands of men or boys. It's not like this is the only thing I personally think should be kept away from them. Yeah, there's a tendency for men to shit up everything they touch or see, but like I said, I don't think the potential risk is worth it for literal entertainment. I would say this for any group of people that is at risk - how they're depicted in media is important.
(612.22 KB 773x586 dumb.png)
I think there are good points on both sides of this debate. I'm not in favor removing all problematique elements from media, but I also don't see a problem with wanting to deter shit like explicit rape scenes and from being shoehorned into media. However, I think >>1795 was right when they said that dishonest criticism is annoying. It reminds me of the social media ""controversy"" about WAP by Cardi B and Megan thee Stallion. A generic pussy popping song being touted as the downfall of rap, a song that is setting women back 4000 years, and other hyperbolic nonsense by some rap fans. The discussion of hypersexualization of female rappers and sex positivity gone amok is a valid one, but the libfemmy talking point that some men do get buttblasted seeing women attempt to "own" their sexuality also isn't totally wrong. The video has the two rappers dressed in outfits that video vixens in male rap videos wear and the lyrics are just them talking about pussy the way male rappers talk about their dicks. This doesn't even begin to address the fact that the subjects that male rappers typically glorify (violence, misogyny, drug use, gang life..etc) is objectively worse than whatever Cardi B and MtS typically rap about. Hell, C. Dolores Tucker criticized gangsta rap decades ago for its problematic elements and got backlash for it. These people don't give a fuck about how music can affect the audience when it comes to those rappers, however we gotta put our church hats on when it comes to pussy popping anthems? All of a sudden motherfuckers wanna be the Anita Sarkeesian of rap when women release a song about sex? Please. These motherfuckers will swim in hypocrisy and will bitch and whine about women actively being at the forefront of anything (even something that clearly caters to them as well). I don't care for dishonest criticism made by people who don't care about the way media's impact reality, but instead are just buttblasted about women. The cherry on top is that CeeLo Green, the scrote trying to question anyone's morality, is a rape apologist and afaik a rapist himself. Peak dishonest criticism.
>>1817 I mean Lana del ray has done way more harm then good for young females, idealization of sugar baby lifestyle, choking, romanization of sleeping around like this shit is not healthy and it does go back to my idea that media should be state approved, human beings are dumb especially young girls and boys and they can be influenced by media so I don't think its such a hard leap to make things safe and non-problematic by default
it bothers me when male artists take 'ownership' so to speak of women's experiences/image to create art. I don't mean any men who create art relating to or involving women, just the countless male artists who would never be famous without using a woman's face/body in/as their projects e.g. crystal castles, poppy, the hundreds of films by male directors with a cast of female actresses playing characters that are written about as diverse and complex, when it's artificial stuff written by men living vicariously through women. women are good enough to be on posters/album covers but then you read the credits/liner notes and there's not a single woman there. down with clickbait music
I can't take it seriously when someone is only nice to me because a) they did fucked up things in the past and b) they secretly think badly about me and are trying to redeem themselves or some shit. I can't bring myself to be nice back, it's a trap. You're trash and you hate me, stop pretending otherwise.
>>1819 Born to Die was just one big musical reference to Lolita
I'm not even a radical feminist but I do read theory by radical feminists occasionally because it's closest to my views. It's so embarrassing when people proudly admit they have never bothered reading even the most basic 101 stuff because they've decided it's akin to nazi propaganda. god forbid you actually know why you disagree with something instead of parroting what everybody else is saying.
This is silly, but does anyone else just get annoyed when they think about the possible repercussions of AI sentience (the old "robot revenge" theory)? It's just unnecessary. Why would you even create these problems for yourself? Just to prove you can? Stupid. Why do humans have such a fucking hard-on for the concept of getting killed by their own creation, anyway? In the end, AI's whole progression comes down to human laziness. People refuse to do anything for themselves, so they're creating objects to do things for them, and then they're going to cry like babies when it backfires. You don't create someone just to exploit them, then act shocked that they'd run you over when you hand them the keys.
>>1828 Pardon me if I sound like Alex Jones here. There are many parties who benefit from a fully functional AI. Thoughts are electrical signals in neurons of a brain, so we, as Descartes believes, exist because of our thoughts, that is electrical signals. A supercomputer AI can interpret these electrical signals, millions of them and could possibly become us with experience. Troons will benefit from this. They can become a fully functional women once their brain is replaced with a supercomputer that mimics their personality and coupled through cables to a physical body of a woman. It won't stop there. An AI might be next stage of evolution, as Scientologists believe.
>>1828 Once again, it feels like cinema and games have a seriously underestimated impact on people. Rather than seriously thinking about the consequences of taking laziness to the extreme and creating dangerous technology "just because" and just to push a boundary and prove how "smart" humans are, they are more focused on making real life more like movies. I sort of kind of get why extremely powerful egoists are invested in this kind of technology, but making real life more like sci-fi movies/games is what the average futurist/transhumanist idiot is thinking about. Very little concern for preventing suffering or the implications of this type of technology.
>>1828 I don't like rationalists who have a hard on for AI, but I'm also not too keen on torturing myself by reading about how they become disillusioned like >>1826 says in order to refute them. Technocrats are intolerably smug with their Roko's basilisk. >>1829 Imagine wanting Elon Musk to have access to your thoughts. >>1832 The maturity you're talking would be enough to limit technology which is never happening unless it's like UFOs.
>>1828 I'm a dumb neet who wants a robot boyfriend so I love the idea of AI. But I hate that 'evil AI' is such a trope in media. It doesn't really matter though because a true intelligent AI will never be invented in my lifetime, probably not even the next. All we have now is just advanced pattern matching algorithms nothing close to a sentient being that could kill people.
>>1829 >They can become a fully functional women once their brain is replaced with a supercomputer that mimics their personality and coupled through cables to a physical body of a woman. If their brain is replaced with a copy, it's no longer the same person. I'm not sure how to explain but the "self" stays in the brain, you can't transfer it, the "clone" would be someone else.
>>1836 Well, it's not like google can't already profile someone from her search history, youtube watch history or porn preferences. >>1838 Have you seen Ghost in the Shell? The main character is a female cyborg with a male brain and his partners call him "Major" instead of his female name. There are two major sides to choose from on the concept of self. Dualism which believes that soul and body are seperate entities and physicalism which believes that there's no soul. The dualists are mostly religious, and the physicalists are mostly scientists who deny any theological concepts like god or soul. To them, soul doesn't exist and our existence is based on genetics and experiences. So if you kidnap an unconscious person, clone them and randomly kill one of them, is the person still the same when he wakes up and has no idea about the events that happened? I don't know much philosophy but there's honestly no straight answers for this.
I have been critical of purity culture for almost my entire life, but degenerate kink subcultures really make me want to take a chastity vow and live out the rest of my life as an asexual void. This is why we can't have nice things.
>>1837 Really? I can't imagine having a robot girlfriend or boyfriend. The fact that we're human, that we're subject to all kinds of specific disease or breakdown, the pain we feel specifically as humans, how vulnerable we are, it's on my mind a lot and I don't think a robot partner would be able to understand what that's like and relate to it. It'd be very isolating. I think there's something very weird about the idea of suspending disbelief like that when it comes to a partner. Robots could obviously have their own fears but I think it'd be too much of a difference to be able to comfortably relate to and understand.
>>1843 You think anyone understands you now? Everyone dies alone. Millions of men will never even treat women as full persons, and there's nothing you can do about it. With a robot, you could reason it out at least.
>>1846 You're right about not being understood now anyways, but for the same reason why I don't like being in the company of men because it's isolating, I don't think I'd want to try to for the kind of companionship I would really want, with a robot. As I said, it'd make me feel very alone and I wouldn't be able to remove myself from reality enough to forget it. For friendship and practical purposes like hanging out casually, I could see that, though. Not that any of this will happen anytime soon, but I'm all for women being able to achieve happiness with whatever, I just personally would think it too alienating.
The way the right is defending this Kenosha shooter is so fucking disgusting, I have no words.
>>1880 it's just the biased reporting and treatment of the issue. The kid did something bad, it can't be ruled out as plain self defense because he brought in a heavy weapon, and probably can't go back to a normal life after this but it's not like the rioters aren't innocent themselves. One of them is probably a pedophile, not sure.
>>1881 He did something bad? Anon, he shot a man in the head after a bottle in a paper bag was thrown at him due to the fact that he was waving around a fucking rifle at a protest, then shot another man in the chest, then another man in the arm. He murdered two people. He kept those gloves on because he was bloodthirsty, as all these LARPing losers are. You don't drive across state lines with an illegal semi-automatic weapon to defend a car lot with absolutely no intention of living out your COD fantasies. Let's not with this "one was a pedophile" thing. Like this retard knew that? And Heather Heyer? Or 2 girls killed at the Seattle protest? Their deaths were justified too? There's going to be a lot of innocent casualties if people enable this nauseating thought pattern. These psychos don't give a fuck and don't know the criminal background of any of these people. That's bullshit and it's disgusting to even give any acknowledgement to such a ridiculous line of thought.
>>1845 >>1837 I think sex robots, VR, etc. appeals to guys who want to fuck something "good looking" and don't have empathy for it. Well, at least there are some aspects that a sex robot will never be able to fulfill. For example sex can be a way to be emotionally connected and intimate with someone. A big point of having relationships with other people is to learn from each other and feel connected to another person, to feel another soul understands you. Some people also get pleasure from knowing their partner is enjoying being with them. You can never genuinely get that with a robot, unless scientists in the future figure out how to give them actual conciousness. At which point, they would be entitled to certain rights, which would make it unethical to use as a sex slave which is what most of those guys want.
I really want the governing body of Jehovah's Witnesses to fall off a cliff and die all at once.
>>1916 Wtf, why hasn't this child molestation uncovering thing been more publicized?
>>1920 Ikr!? Although I was thinking more about how they are drumming on about how any moment now the great tribulations are starting because Corona. Everyone is terrified. There was a meeting in the beginning of covid that was absolutely vile. They were talking about how important it was for inactive members to become active again or else they will be killed in armageddon, and how many of "you sitting here right now" will give in during the tribulations and also be killed. Some were even shaking and crying during the meeting. The JW side of my family are so worried about me because even though I haven't told them I'm an atheist (an apostate even) I'm very much an inactive. I only go to meetings when I'm visiting them, which is rarely. They clearly blame them selves for not keeping me on track. Especially my dad. He's having a mental crisis right now, "knowing" that me and probably my little sister aswell, are going to die because of him not being a good enough father. Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck! My dad is amazing! He deserves so much better than this fucking cult! The rest of my family as well! I love them so much! Why did they have to get brainwashed? My only hope is that they will see through it when armageddon doesn't come and the governing body scrambles to come up with an excuse. I hope Stephhen Lett is going to do a bunch of the bull shitting upp excuses-broadcasts so I can watch his facial expressions break completely.
>>1921 It doesn't matter how good someone is if they've been brainwashed into a cult. Even if there are no bullshit authorities, they'll whip themselves up into a frothing frenzy over the imminent apocalypse.
>>1921 Yup. As if it wasn't enough that they attract genuinely horrible and downright evil people, they also make good willed people do things that normally only narcissists and psychopaths would do. It's scary how effectivly they can weaponize people's love for others and how they can create this cognitive dissonance where members can empathise with non believers to a degree thats harmful to themselves and somehow also celebrate the imminent, brutal death of the very same people. There's so many bad people in my congregation though. I feel dirty having to be in the same room as them without throwing my stupid bible at them. I seem to be lucky to have ended up in a family without any awful people apart from 1 extended family member who's a pedo. (God, I'm sorry if I'm rambling on too much about this. I'm just so fucking miserable rn. As if the covid chaos isn't bad enough on it's own, my family also thinks I'm going to die any second and that it's their fault. Thanks for reading and responding to my whining. I feel a bit better now lol)
(467.62 KB 458x518 wow.PNG)
The fact that this happened and that people are congratulating this.
I feel like it's hard to get along with people with very different views, because they expect other people to have the same views as them. Example: perfectionists. It's cool that you're hard on yourself, but that's your choice and we're not obligated to do what you think it's correct. They want to see a world full of perfectionists, I want them to keep that role for themselves. We need more "live and let live" types.
An old friend of mine made an onlyfans. After failing to ebeg and constant complaining about hating work and needing starbucks coffee. Weirdly enough she posted it right after posting about human trafficking happening in the small town she lives in. Wtf. She hates her job, but how is she going to get a better job now that she's attaching an onlyfans to her real name. Use to be creative, she could do hair, learn tattooing, piercings, try a different job, but why do that when you can uwu empower yourself as a couple guys pay a few bucks to jack off to your bathroom selfies. This is so sad and disgusting. She has a child too, which I know makes things more difficult but she should be trying to better her situation in the long term, not potentially ruining her future job opportunities and ruining the relationship with her boyfriend and family that help support her.
>>1929 People with an agenda will have an edge at outmaneuvering others who simply wish to keep the peace. >>1931 Why the real name though?
>>1929 >We need more "live and let live" types. Nah, those people are the reason why troon shit has gained so much popularity and progressed to the point it has today.
>>1934 I couldn't care less about troons. Point is, if you make me uncomfortable I'll ignore you.
>>1935 Literally just proving my point then.
>>1935 People who say no have a mental edge over people like my friend who has just accepted unsolicited dick pics as being part of daily life.
I can't stand it when overall conforming straight women use "coming out" as a euphemism for expressing a midly feminist stance IRL that one time. They want to be cool so hard.
(48.60 KB 673x280 EhcOf6tXgAE80Vg.png)
(29.72 KB 642x180 EhcOi2yWsAEuVr9.png)
(441.63 KB 635x840 amazoana-dahomey-cap.jpg)
Reading about powerful women in history makes me feel pretty good. https://www.sciencealert.com/new-dna-analysis-reveals-an-ancient-scythian-warrior-was-a-13-year-old-girl The illustration is of Seh-Dong-Hong-Beh, a Dahomey woman warrior, by the way, not the 13 year old Scythian warrior. They were another group of strong women, and would often decapitate men: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dahomey_Amazons >Scrotes: N-No impossible! Femoids have always been weak, it's the natural order!! Muh tradwives!!! Return to tradition!!!!
I fucking hate tax evaders and I hate that they tell everyone about their tax evasion and everyone accepts it and cheers it on, basically.
>>2005 How can you tax evade, brag about it, and not get caught? Unless it's entirely legal...
RIP to my fellow burgers. RBG has died, and we're so fucked. this nightmare will never end now and will only get worse from here.
>>2057 I'm going to be honest, I had no idea who she was until yesterday. I have probably heard her name mentioned a couple times but it was one ear and out the other. Is there literally no one out there who can be as epic as her? Or is it just because of the current state of politics there's minimal hope?
>>2066 the current state of politics. rolling back abortion rights has been a major priority for the right and it'll be much more feasible for them now with only 3 left leaning justices on the court, and there's no chance her seat won't be filled during trump's term. they're going to roll back everything, healthcare, consumer protections, all manner of regulations, environmental protections, etc, but imo, what's especially concerning at this moment is that i think we're gearing up for another 2000 election where the recount dispute will end up in the hands of the supreme court again, and they will now for sure rule in trump's favor as they did with bush. not to be alarmist but i really think he will never get out if he finagles himself into a second term. they've already made it clear they were trying to destroy our postal service to prevent biden's votes from being counted (biden voters are overwhelmingly voting by mail this year). and here's what he said like two days ago: >"Fifty-two days from now we're going to win Nevada, and we're going to win four more years in the White House," Trump said to the mostly maskless crowd. "And then after that, we'll negotiate, right? Because we're probably—based on the way we were treated—we are probably entitled to another four after that."
I feel like making certain changes in your life is useless when you're used to living a certain way? In the sense that you experience something new, and realize that you spend a lot of time without it. You wish you had experienced it earlier. It's like a blind person that has eye surgery and sees for the first time at 80. Ironic.
I was browsing Youtube and looking for a channel of a girl I used to watch whose vlogs often included her struggle with mental illness. I found out she’d deleted her channel and a man had made a video mocking one of hers, calling her an attention seeker and a fake. He had many videos of the same vein, making fun of women with mental illness and calling them stupid, pathetic, and worst of all unfuckable. I felt so angry and upset and I found out that he’s in his thirties and wrote an article about how unfulfilled his life is because he wasted a bunch of opportunities for short term resources. Even when he was talking about what made him successful, even though he makes fun of feminists and women in general constantly, one of the top three things he’d accomplished? Having sex with “lots of women.” It’s so crazy how men hate women so much but we’re integral to their self image, but maybe that’s why. It’d be nice to have a thread on here just about being positive and uplifting each other; I often feel horrible when I read what scrotes have to say, but I think being radfem has definitely helped me feel stronger for it. It made me feel more jaded in some ways but in others, I feel more free.
I opened my vpn program today and when I tried to connect it said that the connections limit was reached. Which means that somebody was using my account in that moment. I closed and opened it again, it worked. Maybe it was just an error or whoever logged in has disconnected in those 5 seconds. Anyway I'm mad.
I have to thank pro life people for making me realize chrisitianity is so fucked. I was raised muslim so I was super ignorant of issues in Christianity because the Islamic world is a mess.
Even though I don't leave the house (quarantine, mostly), I'm constantly reminded of how ugly I am. The two most recent incidents; first, a guy I had been talking to for a couple of months. We talked pretty much everyday, about everyday stuff, things in common, etc. I thought we got along pretty well. He would, most of the time, initiate the conversation. This all changed however, when we exchanged pictures. He didn't flat out ghost me, but pretty much. We barely talk now, and when I try to begin a conversation, it feels forced. The second one, it was a guy I had only talked to for a couple of days, but it hurt the most. I don't know why I sent a pic so soon (this had never happened before [me sending a pic so early into the conversation, I usually wait months before I do it]), maybe it was because I genuinely enjoyed talking to him. He stopped talking to me a couple of days afterwards though. He attributed it to his social anxiety, but I think it was just an excuse and he was just being nice. Neither of the conversations I had with them were ever remotely romantic. So why stop talking to me over my looks? I mean, what else would it be - one day, we're talking fine, then the next they see me, and suddenly they're not so interested in chatting anymore? I'm sad, and alone. I just wanted to talk to someone. Guess I now know better next time I try to befriend someone (especially if it's a man) but I don't think I'll bother anymore. I'm sorry for rambling. I guess I just wanted to put my thoughts somewhere, writing down this stuff helps too.
>>2099 It's okay nonnie. Not to be corny, but sometimes these incidents are a kind of blessing in disguise. It is better to know sooner rather than later what kind of conditions friendships are built on. If they never contact you again, at least you avoided extremely awkward encounters with them later on where they tried to make a move. Idk, I do not think it is impossible for men and women to be friends and nothing more however I also cannot deny that a lot of M/F "friendships" are one-sided where the man wants to secretly wants to hook up with his friend (where the whole "friendzone" meme comes from). If they show interest in contacting you again, great but if not at least you dodged some bullets. I understand feelings of loneliness in these times. I myself am looking at friends who I might distance myself from because they seem more into each other. I don't get included in hang outs despite all of us living relatively close to each other. One of them only contacts me to exchange info about classes so at this point I'm just matching that energy. It hurts but it is what it is.
>>2099 This is why I try to delay sending pictures for as long as possible. That lends the history of the words that have been exchanged more power and can help in cases where one is average. They won't go after you like they would an attractive person, but it might be enough to keep their interest in chatting. Even if it's never remotely romantic, people like to imagine the other person idealistically. It's hard to make a case for more ugliness in one's life. I believe you when you say you're ugly, and I believe you are enough of an able judge of that that I don't need to see photos. You might have a better time flat out stating it beforehand before people get attached and have to awkwardly decouple. There's really not much reason to knowing exactly what the other person looks like online unless you've got something else going on.
>>2099 i'm sorry to hear that, anon. it stings but it says a lot about these people if they want to bail based on looks alone. they aren't people you want in your life, then. good riddance, i'd say. now you can save your emotional energy for people who deserve your time and consideration. you deserve better, and think about it this way: it's better than them pretending to still be interested in being your friend while thinking negative things about you. this is the best outcome when dealing with shallow people.
I don't understand the obsession that Westerners have with Japan and Korea when both of their traditional cultures borrowed heavily from Ancient China. One of the longest standing civilizations on earth with such deep and rich history, and yet they stan its discount knock-offs. You plebs have absolutely no taste.
>>2111 Most of the things that are popular in the west from Japan and Korea have nothing to do with their tranditional culture. And all the traditional stuff left in China is still tainted by it's current situation.
>>2111 It probably has to do with the fact China sucks. Modern Egyptians have nothing to do with ancient Egyptians. The ancient Greeks and ancient Persians were cool, but look at them today. Japan preserved a lot from the Tang dynasty, and they made tea ceremony into something it had not been in China for example. China is Confucianism, and that was wrecked by the Cultural Revolution. China is more interesting when it's fragmented into warring polities. China has great history, but the Chinese now have a mostly well-deserved bad reputation.
>>2113 Also NGL the Japanese obsession with death is very Romantic and not Chinese.
>>2114 Plus you have samurai and bushido which are like knights and chivalry that you don't find elsewhere in Asia.
>>2115 >>2113 all these factors but I think the biggest factor what that Japan developed a state that was equal to the west in development and military might and they managed to beat a major European power in Russo-Japanese war which was a shocker
>>2115 Sort of, I found this list of vows of chivalry which resembles something I remember reading in a book of King Arthur stories: Fear God and His Church. Serve the liege Lord in valor and faith. Protect the weak and defenseless. Live by honor and for glory. Respect the honor of women. I have also read the Book of Five Rings and parts of the Hagakure and the latter makes it clear that 'Bushido' was something that varied on a clan by clan basis, but mostly just boils down to only the 2nd point of the European code. Films like Harakiri show how Samurai were both romanticised but also viewed oppressive and evil. In most Jidagekai films the hero is a ronin, a samurai who no longer lives by the code. Like, you're not wrong, in the popular imagination samurai are cooler knights and they are very similar, but I just wanted to sperg. Also while I'm here, the European code of chivalry was a romantic ideal and you only need to make laws if people break them, meaning that all five points are things that knights were often failing to do and needed to make vows to be sure they did them.
I wish I could just be surrounded with women who feel the same way I do in my day to day life as well, I just feel like I would be so much happier and finally disconnect from all the toxic beliefs about myself I have internalized over the years.
My one remaining friend who's local to me is getting on my nerves. Over the years, she's become more and more of a TRA and now identifies as "non-binary" and uses he/him pronouns to refer to herself. Worse, she's started dating this year and wants to be polyamorous. Our conversations have devolved into one-sided ones where she overshares her cringe-inducing stories of her poly boyfriend who obviously finds her too clingy, her sex life and fantasies of basically wanting to be a gay man, and her dating app experiences. She barely talks to me about anything else. I wanted to hang out with her during this pandemic as there were times when she was depressed and I suggested that maybe a day trip would help cheer her up. I've also enjoyed our times together as friends prior to this pandemic and missed hanging out. We haven't hung out since the pandemic started. She has basically rejected any time I brought up hanging out in favor of spending time with her boyfriend and venting to me about her depression instead. I never thought I'd reach the point where I would deliberately ignore a friend's messages but I really couldn't care less at this point to hear about her sex life and complaints about how Tinder isn't "queer-friendly" anymore. Our friendship doesn't really feel reciprocal anymore and the TRA stuff really doesn't help.
>>2125 aww anon im in the same boat with my local friend. she's trying to be the most unique person out there, she goes by she/they/he and it looks absolutely retarded and over-performative when you line her up against a bunch of other LGB people just trying to get by and be themselves.
I went to the other board and they have an 'MtF general' thread now which is more active than this whole site and I am sad.
found a website called gynocentrism and skimmed over some posts. It's actually a website about how women secretly run the world and men are victims. I'd be sad about the state of the world but it's kind of funny that even though men have the upperhand today, there still are so many who are such enormous failures they have to resort to this.
>>2143 It is sad. Imo, AG should be expanded to be more general purpose and not as specifically centered around rf/gc stuff. We'd have a lot more anons sticking around to talk shit and let loose rather than having to shuffle back and forth between imageboards to talk about different topics. I also think it'd be good if anons were a little less stringent about everyone necessarily living by our principles 24/7. It's important that anons have the right principles, but we can't expect everyone to necessarily live by them all the time and not let loose and enjoy some guilty pleasures without shaming them. We can acknowledge that things are guilty pleasures without shaming people into not posting about their interests (which is what happened with the fashion thread and something I feel would happen with a number of topics if the board is mostly centered around feminism).
(55.64 KB 828x730 meme.jpg)
>>2144 Lmfao, do y'all know what this reminds me of? One of the beliefs of a lot of scrots like that is that the idea of patriarchy is retarded. They think that patriarchy is some kind of illuminati-style group where every man ever attends secret meetings and discusses how to oppress women. However, they all of a sudden understand societal structures and systems of oppression when they wanna cry about "gynocracy" (kek) or how the "system" is biased against men or something. Similarly, when women underperform in academics it is "the natural state of things" "women just aren't good at STEM" but these same retards cry about how education is biased against men and boys and cite graduation rates and college attendance rates to justify this stance as well as crying about how the American public school system stifles boys (something something female teachers feminizing boys something something not being allowed to be rowdy at recess). Social justice retarded, women aren't oppressed anymore, however if oppression exists it is actually against men!!11 /s
>>2145 But how would it be expanded? There are five boards and only one is explicitly GC. We should just talk about unrelated topics here. I do think you have a good point about a purity culture though, RIP fashion thread. You even have anons here feeling ashamed of being heterosexual. What's the cure? Should we start a confessions thread?
>>2145 >AG should be expanded It should not, imo. AG is a higher quality site than most other imageboards for this reason, it has a theme and less users.
>>2148 Wish there was more activity though, I visit like once a month and there are barely any new posts.
>>2147 >You even have anons here feeling ashamed of being heterosexual As a hettie, those who feel this way should seriously consider the advice of some lesbian radfems; log off for a bit because the rest of the world caters to us in the first place. The point of radical feminism is to confront patriarchy at the roots, where so much abuse happens in romantic relationships they should be critically examined. I conced women can be cruel in these circles (women are human after all), and doesn't seem like they remember how powerful socialization is. The "can I date men and be radfem" question is a waste of time and pits women against each other, instead of encouraging women to create stronger female support systems; which is what's important. It takes all kinds to change the world; some women will focus more on separatist ventures, others will focus more on other issues. It really is validation seeking to worry so much about labels.
(119.22 KB 636x937 ab01.png)
(31.87 KB 584x295 ab02.png)
(54.11 KB 603x386 ab03.png)
>>2155 KEK, when she is right, she is right
>>2155 I just wish she could stay sane and not on the side of assholes when it suits her, and also not murder chickens in her closet. She could be a hilarious force for good.
>>2147 I didn't literally mean expanded, just a poor choice of words, but more... slightly repurposed for more general use (Idk how to phrase it properly) but with a very obvious emphasis on rf thought. That way people would be less inhibited to post about their normal live and interests without feeling like they're going to be judged. I love the board, but I'm just saying, to get activity up, making it more of a place to relax, share, and relate, without feeling like you need to adhere to strict principles 24/7, would be nice. I think there just needs to be more of a mental shift in the userbase than changes from the actual website. I'm not saying it'd be better to attract a different userbase. I know this userbase has lives outside of radical feminism, I'm sure users have habits or interests that don't strictly align with radical feminism but I assume they're aware of that, and it'd be nice to be able to speak about these things too. I think this is also a big reason why we're seeing anons not posting regularly. >>2148 Users are able to post about whatever, but there's a certain culture here that I believe prevents anons from posting about other topics and about their lives. I don't think we should have a different userbase at all.
Being gc or even rf is not enough to form any kind of community, I guess it's fitting that AG is an imageboard site and not social media. Slightly OT, I can't be a radfem because there are too many women that I genuinely don't want to support and associate with even if I support the ideas. Most people on this site are garbage, just most of the population.
>>2160 I think it is difficult to attract anons mostly because when this site was created during the 2X board saga it was brushed off as some kind of honeypot. That, and I do think that anons from the low calorie board that would be fit in with this site are still on there so they might not feel the need to come over. I still follow some cows and there are certain threads (Wig0onhead, tradthots, leftthots, fakeboi, mtf) that might have anons that could possibly vibe with us. Idk, but some new threads might be cool. Any kind of political space is gonna have infight sperg, so we'll just have to ignore that shit and keep it moving if we want more topics.
>>2162 asherahs is rarely mentioned on lolcow, maybe we need to just drop the name in response to anons who may be a good fit.
How do you stop obsessing over your looks when the world seems hellbent on reminding you? I know I can't change my looks significantly to become attractive, maybe below average, I'm overweight with mouth breather face, but I can't stop thinking about it. I was treated way better when I was thinner even by my own family, I fucking hate this. I hate having to invest what little money I have into becoming average looking just to be treated with basic respect. Call me weak but I dropped out of my stem program because of the constant shit I got from men, not because I was a woman, but because I'm just legitimatly ugly, the other women in my classes got treated just fine. Honestly considering just becoming a programmer so I can learn and work from home forever. I'm so sick of everything I say and do being filtered by people through my looks. You're not seen as confident when you're ugly, you're delusional, you're not outgoing, you're obnoxious, you're not smart, you're a source for idea stealing, and on and on....
>>2164 i'm sorry to hear this experience caused you to drop out. Maybe becoming a programmer could assuage some of your worries. I had similar feelings in the past and I think in the end we are just forced to put a lot more work into developing other qualities. I'm still working on it, mostly trying to be more outgoing, friendly and articulate. Confidence isn't easy to develop when people are constantly criticizing you though. Hope you feel better soon.
I feel so let down by radical feminism and radfems lately honestly. Most of the women I met in this movement I legit have no idea why they are radfems or what brings them to identify as such. Most of them are the most basic boring bitches who gladly conform to societal standards and stereotypes for women and have no ground breaking statements other than "troons bad" and "men evil" (which is fucking hilarious because 90% of them have boyfriends and love to pull the muh nigel card). Yeah, I joined this movement after men abused me and I wanted a space free of them to have hypocrites flaunt their relationships with men to my face almost every day while simultaneously shitpost everyday about men being subhuman trash. I also find hilarious how not even I who have a story of abuse from men and try to filter them as much as possible don't manage to hate men as much as they do (despite of them willingly dating men). How does that work? Sometimes I wonder if most of them have actually talked to human males around them or they are just autists with 0 social skills who think every single male who talks to them and is nice is trying to fuck them and every single word they interchange with male coworkers as harassment, or maybe are the types who barely go outside their circlejerks and keep putting personal shit online in the open with their face and full names plastered on it and then complain when some scrote flirts with them at their dms or steals and reposts their pics. I genuinely don't get this cognitive dissonance and since I became more active in the community I can see why incels think getting laid as a female is the easiest shit in the world because I can't explain otherwise how man-hating spergs manage to get into stable relationships with the men they claim to hate. (How can you even stand going in a date with a man when you nitpick literally everything they do??? Not to mention living with him...). And holy fuck the hypocresy when it comes to dating advice. They'll be flaunting their shit boyfriends at you in a GODDAMN FEMINIST SPACE, making you doubt your believes and wonder if you should pursue a relationship after all since these feminists are so happy with theirs, while simultaneously making you feel bad over not being able to get over a relationship that ended because of a goddamn misunderstanding with a scrote you've been close to for years (but when their nigel does actual terrible reprehensible crap, they either stay silent about it or straight up change the subject). I'd could go on and on. I don't know anons I hoped I could make good female friends as a radfem so I could interact less with men in a daily basis and instead it just made me lost hope of having a deep relationship with other women my age because all relationships with these women feel so superficial and teenage girl tier bullshit, I am also now carrying with me the prejudice of how hypocritical and fake women can be because of these people, which will make it even harder. I insist I don't get how can you identify as a proud and out feminist and at the same time be the stereotypical boring girl who doesn't actually have hobbies other than what you watch people do at youtube and instagran and do teenage girl bullshit past your 20s neither you've got an actual personality outside her boyfriend's bullshit. Nevertheless actively avoiding all the complicated "men" hobbies because they are complicated and men do them.... What is this garbage lmao I'd rather hang out with enbies or even scrotes I can talk about the complicated stuff I am good at and I genuinely enjoy than playing dollhouse at my age with a bunch of idiots who can't do basic math and help keep stereotypes like "girls r bad at math and stem and only care about makeup and clothes" and the sort alive just because we all have vaginas. I don't get how you can claim to try to fight sex-based oppression while you partake it so willingly and happily. I am in the verge of going tradthot, those bitches are also plain and toxic af but they at least aren't hypocrites about it. Sorry for this
>>2166 lol I hit the post limit. I was saying sorry for this gigantic vent, I bet many of you are going to be mad at this post but I am very done with everyone lately and I don't have another place to let it out (since lolcow is filled with these type of radfem larpers I just mentioned). I hate hypocrisy with all my soul and the last thing I wanted after leaving liberal spaces to get detoxed from hypocrisy and falseness was to deal with even more from the only people you believed you'd fit with. I greatly respect old feminists (I learnt everything I know from older spinsters who wanted to share their experiences with other women) and 2nd wave authors but feminism nowadays is truly a fucking joke no matter the flavor, it's all full of lazy entitled zoomers and infantilized milenial women who whine about everything and never want to be hold accountable for any of their mistakes, most of it is more libfem bullshit with anti-troonery sentiment with some insecure mentally ill femcels added to the mix who always backtrack on everything after they get in a relationship. I am so done, it makes me depressed remembering all the cool feminists I actually look up to are in the verge of dying of old age if not passed away already.
>>2167 Just log off.
>>2169 Kek, deadass. I'm not a radfem, but I suppose I can empathize a little bit with >>2167 >>2166 anon. It would be frustrating to enter radical feminism wanting to meet likeminded women and then being introduced to politically homeless libfems. However, I wonder where you are meeting these people. I personally don't know any woman in my libfemmy circle who is afraid of STEM some shit lol. I do have to agree that we have to stop with this infantilizing bullshit when it comes to discussing the questionable decisions of women by trying to assign blame to patriarchy and socialization. Like, yes, we all deal with negative socialization because of patriarchy but we also have brains? Surely we aren't complete drones? I don't know, I could go into this phenomenon and how it annoys the fuck out of me but that is for another post.
>>2166 This just feels like a really rotten misrepresentation of these communities. I take issue with women who are overly defensive of their men and dilute other communities, but you sound ridiculous and dishonest, above all. Yes anon, none of these women can do math but you.
>>2164 Anon, it doesn't make you weak at all. I'm sorry to hear that you were/are treated worse than other women. I know how demotivating that can be and how damaging it can be, especially because it definitely seems that women are penalized and punished just for their appearance, but you are so much more than your looks. Take things at your own pace and do what you want to do and what is best for you. If programming will allow for the life you feel comfortable with, go for it. You have a functional and healthy body, working limbs, seeing eyes, hearing ears, and the smarts to successfully compete any stem program you set your mind to. Just take things at your own pace, be kind to yourself, and don't let people shame you for having to work within your mental or psychological limitations. If you think losing weight (to a reasonable degree) will help you, I say do what you need to do, but know that these people that would treat you poorly for your appearance are assholes.
>>2167 I get you, I had my moment of disillusion not long ago. It's a shame that there are so many fucking self-absorbed hypocrites around. Every time you bring up separatism and women only spaces, etc, you will get dozens of replies saying that it's insane privilege somehow to want to cut men out of your life. They, modern western women, bring up like child brides in Afgan and such to tell you how insanely privileged you are for experiencing abuse that leaves you unable to ever trust men into your life and that you are an Elitist of some sort for just contemplating separatism, while it's volcel and lesbian women who always have lower social standing and less resources, most women are het-partnered, and these "radfems" sure as fuck can survive without their nigels. Or they somehow imply that only Privileged White Women can hate every man in her personal circle at any point, and the aforementioned Afgan girl or a woman in a similar situation somehow always has a dude in her family she adores and lesbians and separatists are the evil harpies who want to take The One Good Dude forcefully from her or something like that. When it's the women from the thirld world countries who build separatist villages and it's the upper class western women who do shit like "he for she". A while ago in my country's radfem circles there was a long flamewar between a group consisting of educated married women, all migrated the fuck away from here, attacking separatism, and a working class volcel feminist living in a shitholesmalltown defending it, and the first group had the gall to call the latter and lesbians in general things like privileged and oppressors, what the fuck. And then you have our modern faces of the movement: white ex-housewives who gave zero fucks about feminism or any movement before husband trooned out; mothers of boys who don't want baaad lowly girls from porn to "turn" their men and boys shitty; conformist women unhappy that compliance didn't payoff enough - where the fuck were they before 35, did they have no problems before TRAs hit the stage? Then you have women like Megan Murphy who regularly spawns articles like "ever judging other women is bad, pls let me wear makeup and date men" but has no qualms calling other women out on pettiest shit. It's not that I have personallly have much against her, it's that you can't criticize women who benefit from conforming but they sure can call you names, and they act like they are privy to some secrets of partriarchy dykes and volcels can't know. Also, leave Tumblr and Discord, lol, it's a cesspool.
>>2176 To continue: It's also a fucking shame a ton of radfems don't think critically about the distribution of time and recources and so most of them see nothing wrong with "We need to reform men" and "we need to make nuclear family a better deal for women" as main goals. Like we can fucking reform those in position of power over us and their main institution of bullshit, sure. Not nearly as bad as, say, idiots who want restorative "justice" and therapy for male abusers, rapists and murderers, or libfems who want to waste time and money "resocializing" boys from "toxic masculinity", while girls can obviously sink or swim, so long as said girls don't upset the wokies. But still questionable and uninspired.
>>2176 >tell you how insanely privileged you are for experiencing abuse that leaves you This "women have it worse than you" is just another dismissive tactic. Like I get they have it worse but if we want to help them we need to first help ourselves, why should women give every last bit of their lives for other people? >you are an Elitist of some sort for just contemplating separatism Maybe they actually think its about moving into a commune?? This not my nigeling is the death of women, literally. Every rapist and murder had a mother sister grandma etc. Honestly I see it like an addiction that were groomed into, this level of defending shitty men that women go to is insane. The movement is filled mostly with young women who are still mentally weak from female socialization and don't want to put in the effort to de female socialize, so you have a bunch of good daddys girls trying to change things, but still ending up following the same path as their mothers. Some good trust your perceptions won't fix.
This is just "I'm not like other girls" upgraded. Quit your bullshit. You can be disatisfacted with people in radfem spaces without bashing them. There's always something in common you can discuss with other gals and bond over. Maybe the problem is with you
>>2167 Anon, I mean this with love, because this frustration is real and the hypocrisy happens and it sucks: You are idealizing the shit out of the second wave and men, and demonizing the fuck out of women in the same old ways. Yeah, there are a lot of women who like youtubers and makeup and have no hobbies. Do you really not know as many men who are into, idk, streamers, porn, and nothing else? Like, I get it, I'm really into astronomy and I'm tired of going to clubs where I'm the only woman. But shit, part of feminism--a KEYSTONE PART--is interrogating my urge to respond to that man-filled room with WHY ARE WOMEN SO SHIT, b/c guess what: just because that instinct is loud doesn't mean it's right. I'd hit your criteria for being a worthy woman, and I can be just as judgmental and angry. I get why. I'm not a total idiot for it, and neither are you. But I've also thrown my hands up at other times in my life and been like "ahha uhh I can't do math!!" and seen other women roll their eyes b/c I was fucking terrified of being bad at math in front of people. If you've never had a moment like that, understand that you are lucky, and that this doesn't make you untainted by bullshit. You have to have some fucking compassion. Women are all poisoned from birth, and we mutate in different ways to handle that, and yeah, some women are hand-fluttery girly-girls who yell when you intimate their nigel is not all that great, actually. You don't have to like her. But you need to think harder about why you hate her so deeply and why that hate makes you spring to the "I'D RATHER HANG WITH SCROTES" place, b/c I promise you men are just as boring and twice and dangerous. The second wave was fucking incredible. It also had all this shit. Look up "trashing." Look up "Magic Mommas and Trembling Sisters." Betty Friedan was awful to lesbians. Olivia Records let in an AGP. Little later than the 2nd wave, but Dykes to Watch Out For is a wonderful comic, and yeah, it has a dumb part towards the end where Bechdel added "genderqueer" and trans kid characters. Gloria Steinem did some great shit that mattered, but she was also absolutely trading off being The Hot One Who Likes Boys. Nothing has changed. Nothing is perfect, every movement, and most people within it, is a mosiac of goodness and shittiness and stupidity and brilliance. And there is comfort in that. You're not as alone as you feel. But you're also not as special and intelligent as you feel. If your feminism crumbles into "a bunch of idiots who uphold stereotypes and probably overreact to "harassment"" then you're being just as lazy and shallow as the women you decry. They have grown up in a world that has made them hyper-aware of being ugly, unfuckable, and probably too dumb to try things, and scared of failing visibly. The point of feminism is recognizing that. It sure as hell isn't to make you feel superior for your taste in hobbies and resistance to certain brands of sexism. It's easier for some women not to care about this shit, and let the crap roll off their back and hold tight to their interest in STEM or w/e. We're lucky. But we're not better, more worthy, or enormously special. Do the work of compassion, which is not a fragile, stupid emotion but hard fucking labor, and of learning that you don't have to like every woman to be a feminist. That's not the point. The point is to build a world where we can be fuller, freer people, and it's messy and irritating and tiring and you won't like everyone, and we all bear the scars of this shit world's shaping. For some, that's makeup and youtube. For us, it's an itchy I'M THE ONLY GOOD WOMAN ALL THE REST ARE STUPID trigger finger. They both suck.
>>2180 But how do you explain that we grew up in the same society, we were socialised the same, and I have never had a phase like theirs (for most it's not even a phase, but a lifestyle)? They are defective, I should not be expected to "be the bigger person" just because I noticed thay certain things are unhealthy before them. And here's what happens - women who are coddled by society are ALSO coddled in GC circles, meanwhile we are STILL put down and expected to do all the emotional labor for them. They are strangers at the end of the day and I don't owe them anything. Tell them to get therapy if you're such a good and wise person.
>>2185 I don't know why anyone treated your previous posts like they weren't loony as shit. You're completely unrealistic at best, (if not a troll) and seem unhelpful and condescending to the point of actually being a potential source of harm for women who are trying to grow and learn more about themselves and figure out what's best for them.
>>2187 I didn't make the posts above, but answer my question. Why do they get to be helped and I don't?
>>2188 I don't even know how to explain to you that you don't have the same life experiences as another person just because you're both women, even women who grew up in the same society. You don't have the same brain, the same personal circumstances, the same thoughts or necessarily the same ability to think in certain ways, the same limitations, etc. No offense, but this kind of inability to understand that people are different (for so many reasons), is legitimately autistic. You don't owe them anything and no one is suggesting that you don't deserve to be helped. But it doesn't take much "emotional labor" to understand that people are different and at least attempt to resist getting high on your own farts just because some people are slower to act or are unsure of themselves, or their progress is inhibited for plenty of possible reasons.
>>2167 >>2185 Both of you are full of shit. >>2167 for bashing an entire group of women with this generational wars bullshit. Lemme tell you, every generation has its flaws, and while I agree there are weak minded women in our circles, it happens in every damn group. Also, people can learn with their mistakes and do better. If you don't like anyone, can't bond over anything, I suggest logging off. (+ conservative women don't give a shit about you either, if you're trying to resort to their circles. Once you attack the boymoms they come in flocks. Don't be silly.) >>2185 Not everything has to be about you. The world isn't centered on you. Curb your autism. Women have different experiences and different traumas. Each one of us carries generational scars that affects us differently. Your life experience is not the ruler standard for other women's. Maybe if you cared and were compassionate to other sisters, it would return to you. Your condescending attitude is icky. Also women ain't coddled here or ANYWHERE. You sound like a male.
>>2193 >Women have different experiences and different traumas. >Maybe if you cared and were compassionate to other sisters, it would return to you. My last post on this topic. The difference between us is that the harm in my case was caused by them directly, especially by one person. I was always nice to them and I was still treated like shit so I was like ok, I will avoid them. Their trauma? Caused by men, not me or people like me.
(10.18 KB 477x201 post.png)
>>2171 Okay, so this is type of shit that annoys the hell out of me. This is a random tumblr post I found, and while I respect the patience and empathy people like this have.....no. Males who push these standards deserve way more shaming and scorn than the women following them, but I do find it annoying how some feminists turn every post-Belle Delphine type ethot into an uwu poor victim of patriarchy. If they want to pander to scrotes, they can embrace adult female aesthetics to do so but they do not. I know this person said that they would critique and ~educate the women who participate in this, but I really feel like this framing makes it seems like they are ignorant rather than apathetic. I think it is hard pill to swallow for some of the nicefem types that there are a lot of women who care more about securing the bag no matter what type of degeneracy they enable.
>>2198 OP might as well say that women have no free will, ffs.
>>2166 >>2167 Please, go back to Lolcow. Stop trying to project your frustrations unto other women you disagree with because you have issues. Genuinely get help. Understanding how the patriarchy works and being able to identify its structures and patterns in a radical feminist perspective is the least most women could do. How they want to apply it in their own life and experiences is not something we get to "actually dictate.", but we can always bring awareness on the sources and roots of said choices, not demonizing and bringing the woman herself down (that's what you seem to be doing here.) I don't know what radical feminist space you've been in or talking about but acting like there can't be co-existence of agreements and disagreements/radical and liberal is exhausting. I don't know if you know this but Dworkin expressed empathy for transwomen, De Beauvoir groomed girls with Sartre, Greer thinks FGM is an attack on cultural identity.. Again, radical feminism isn't going to solve whatever problems and issues you are having. Read theory, formulate your thoughts, then label or align yourself with whatever movement and ideologue. Life isn't black and fucking white, or a me vs them kind of shit.
>>2203 Greer thinks opposition to FGM is an attack on cultural identity**
>>2202 No one has free will. Some people have more options than others though especially if they're able to act on accurate information regarding their oppressors.
It annoys me when people say women look "gnc" for every little thing. It's just ridiculous.
>>2214 I agree. I hate the leftover obsession with gender as a performance and being "feminine" and "masculine" in gc spaces. I don't mean to be rude to women and understand this has ramifications in their real lives but using this language seems counterproductive.
>>2166 This is scrote larping as a woman
(638.45 KB 1856x2048 Ekx_mplX0AMeT6z.jpg)
Damn bitch I too live in fear of being raped, kidnapped, killed and stalked because of my gender and the third world country that I live in and yet you don't see me e-begging for money
>>2254 I saw someone shilling this troon's donation fund on twitter the other day, that was my first thought as well
I don't know if this should go here, but does anyone post on CC? Because I think the administrator is a moid. I post often in the pinkpill thread and have been banned for no reason. I wouldn't be surprised if soon they ban all women who are not a pickme.
>>2302 Honestly, I think the overall atmosphere has potential, if not for the fact that a lot of them seem underage. The r9k mirroring with the >where do i meet men? or >tfwnobf and little anime girl posting is pretty severe, so for those reasons, I stay away. I like cutesy things, dumb bitch memes, fun stuff, but the anime girl posting and excessive weebposting makes me feel like I'm around men, even if I'm not. Not sure of who is running it now.
>>2302 I have wanted to start using it for a long time and tried to before, but it's just hard for me to get used to imageboards that aren't lolcow. Also, cc is really slow. I did join the discord in the past though and all those staff members were deffo verified women, so I would be hesitant to think they have a man in control.
>>2302 I used to post on cc a lot like 6+ months ago. It was pretty chill but it had far too many scrote/tranny raids and I spent way too much time reporting posts that I just gave up. After /ot/ died I decided to pay it another visit but this time it seems moderation got better, however, it also seems there's a lot more tradwife posting so either men raiding it decided to just pretend to be their perfect waifus or the userbase changed a tad.
>>2305 TBH most seem to be underage/troons or male.
(184.55 KB 1038x377 0bn71kp4tcw11.jpg)
Im feeling like garbage due to dysphoria, im not gonna troon out because being a balding 5'1 balding manlet with cystic acne is way fucking worse than being a reasonably attractive woman but damn, i fucking hate my body, i hate all the female aspects of it, sometimes i forgo showering (yes, gross) just because I don't want to be naked and look at it, I hate being reminded that I am a "woman", I get suicidal when i get my period, it genuinely feels like my body is a fucking punishment. I gave up on going to the gym and doing sports because i realized it was fruitless and I would never get even close to being as good as cismen, they could all beat me at anything without breaking a sweat, it just exarcebated all my bad feelings. I don't even know why I feel so horrible about my body, I wasn't diddled as a kid, I never was a fujoshi or exposed to tumblr shit, heck im not even an ugly as a woman, but whenever i look at the mirror in my underwear or naked i just want to fucking vomit.
>>2355 I relate except I think I would look better as a man than I do as a woman, being tall and stuff.
>>2357 Bless your soul anon for not giving in the temptation, if I didn’t have the most unpassable xx fairy little woman skeleton I would’ve already Aiden-ed out.
>>2355 Do you have someone to talk to irl anon? Please do start excercising again. We all need excercise to be healthy. Men can't be as strong as bears or as fast as cheetahs but it doesn't stop them from working out.
I think I'll start to use social media again. I've been using imageboards as a substitute and they made me miserable (ag is one of the good ones though).
>>2365 radfem tumblr can be cozy (though there's still shit) and if you follow the right, sane and internet literate radfems on twitter it can be nice as well. discords is where a lot drama ends up I think. just don't take shit too seriously, be safe, and ignore TRAs.
>>2367 what are your favorite blogs? nta but I'm gonna create a tumblr account to follow radfems
>>2355 >>2358 I don't get it. there are plenty of things to feel dysmorphic about but i don't get pining to be the opposite sex specifically. i surely have a very poor self image, but I'm not upset about being female even with it being the subject of so much ridiculous bullshit. it isn't being female that's the biggest problem, it's the treatment of those that are female that's the problem and so I don't see being female as a flaw in really any context


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