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Art General Anonymous 02/13/2020 (Thu) 21:38:05 No. 173
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(102.97 KB 637x720 1581628619501.jpg)
>>173 >>174 >>175 These are stunning
(615.53 KB 1395x1906 Bouguereau-115.jpg)
(642.42 KB 2122x3765 Bouguereau-018.jpg)
(489.79 KB 1536x2609 Bouguereau-029.jpg)
(138.12 KB 500x751 PcZ7xr5.jpg)
(8.43 MB 6000x3694 The_Roses_of_Heliogabalus.jpg)
(1.78 MB 1900x1796 1561064321276.jpg)
(136.36 KB 1024x768 1546645085564.jpg)
(89.43 KB 540x794 BettyJiang.jpg)
(203.72 KB 446x674 lightbulb.png)
(228.49 KB 739x1024 GARDEN_17.jpg)
(211.08 KB 726x1024 TREES_03.jpg)
(220.30 KB 724x1024 TREES_12.jpg)
love cicely mary barker's fairies. they're so sweet and the addition of specific plant types, tree tyles, herb types, is so cute >>487 ooh, i like this.
(235.85 KB 728x1024 GARDEN_08.jpg)
(212.91 KB 723x1024 WAYSIDE_06.jpg)
(252.24 KB 715x1024 Kingcup.jpg)
(394.84 KB 1024x1458 WINTER_12-1024x1458.jpg)
(242.06 KB 730x1024 WAYSIDE_05.jpg)
(195.60 KB 731x1024 WAYSIDE_09.jpg)
(237.12 KB 730x1024 GARDEN_05.jpg)
(231.71 KB 713x1024 Gorse.jpg)
(1.34 MB 790x1200 SU_06.jpg)
>>495 >>496 >>497 >>498 I love them!!! Oh, I want to have a collection of art books so badly... I think I'm going to start with the works of this woman. Thank u so much for sharing anon.
I'm a huge fan of Theodora Allen's ethereal paintings.
(774.77 KB 1470x2048 EM7gaLAUYAEfoL3.jpg)
(367.52 KB 846x1155 EKJwNQoU4AE_DAs.jpg:orig.jpg)
Something a bit more colorful.
(93.64 KB 540x637 191293.jpg)
(136.61 KB 635x1280 DhbFihsXUAAGSHT.jpg)
(80.63 KB 567x1256 DRFL8t6UIAENqhB.jpg)
(220.19 KB 1293x992 DRFL9L1VQAEkoMF.jpg)
(220.21 KB 794x1361 DRFL-mIUEAEJpCm.jpg)
(112.70 KB 1114x850 DWoL_IvUMAAWCVL.jpg)
(134.22 KB 708x1426 DWoMBA6U0AAyavg.jpg)
(103.85 KB 1080x1350 f8850d0ba7dae575b504a0045b17aa1e.jpg)
(50.24 KB 350x509 hartley14.jpg)
(125.78 KB 865x1200 NML_WARG_WAG_2954-001.jpg)
Anon you have incredible taste
>>1313 thanks anon <33 wish I could share links to my own stuff here such as yt
>>1323 >tfw you have to be deprived of anon's pretty artwork bc troons and men ruin everything
(1.11 MB 480x270 giphy (3).gif)
>>1331 brb going outside to kill them bastards
>>1299 Who are the ladies in the third painting?
>>2360 I forgot about this one! So beautiful. Cats are such perfect little people.


no cookies?