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Straight with Extra Steps thread Anonymous 06/19/2020 (Fri) 15:52:10 No. 1238
this thread has been a long time coming post "queer" or lgbtqi+ couples that are literally just typical straight couples
Gigi Gorgeous and Nats Getty.
who are these people? ot but i hate those sleazecore shirts. these people need to understand they'll never be johnny depp in fear and loathing, and life is not a hunter s thompson novel brought to the screen. it looks stupid.
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>>1244 this girl is a non-binary queer fakeboi who posted this comic on tumblr
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>>1246 >>1247 I don't "only like girls" I ONLY LIKE PUSSY
>>1247 it's sad but these girls are always very delusional about how their boyfriends see them when you can tell the bfs barely tolerate them. most of the time their boyfriends seem incredibly fed up with their gender woo woo.
>>1246 >>1247 Can we talk about how she drew her white ass boyfriend as darker than she is with Asian features lol
>>1366 lmao I didn't even notice that, nice catch
>>1366 as some one who used to belong to these communities I can say that this was sadly common, girls desperately grasping at straws trying to find a way to make their boyfriends non-white, its a cliche really, the hyper woke woc dating a boring white guy
>>1398 i'd be so offended if my partner made a 'sweet' sentimental comic allegedly about my very white american male ass only to find that her depiction of me is actually korean popstar wish fulfillment
>>1399 The comic isn't really for her boyfriend, it's about her narcissistic validadion complex she needs from strangers, as for why she drew him "ethnic looking" see >>1389 dating a white guy lowers your standing in these types of communities
>>1249 Kek anon
>>1404 >dating a white guy lowers your standing in these types of communities I find that hard to believe. Every woke woc tweeting KILL ALL WHITE MEN will have a history of thirsting for white guys if you dig through their timeline.
>>1424 This is so fucking true. I have a friend who's extremely vocal about being anti racist and hating white people she loses sleep over it, meanwhile she's dating a white boy. And not just any white boy, a white boy with racist family members who nonchalantly throw out the hard r often. I have white family members and I have *never* heard any of them say the hard r.
>>1427 Maybe thats a bit of an exception from what I've seen these hyper woke women date basic boring white guys, like super basic and vanilla I guess despite the queer, radical revolutionary image they present they want a vanilla bread guy who and a stable life
>>1429 A common strategy of non-whites is to kick down anyone slightly below them while worshipping whites.
>>1432 >>1427 I really don't get woc who are against white people but who primarily/only date white guys.I knew this black "queer" women who constantly rails against white people, but that's all she ever dates, she's been in a relationship with one white guy for like 2 years now and lives in a primarily white gated community. I would be creeped out if someone I was dating hated my race.
>>1437 I think they feel kinda superior? They get to shit on their partner's race constantly nonstop but still have their partner date them and stay together with them. Or maybe it's like the whole "I hate ___ people so much and they still find me hot so it makes me feel smug" thing. Who knows though.
(19.53 KB 595x186 1588381665927.png)
>>1438 I don't know what can you ever say about this mentality, like I do think the vast majority of these women are just normal and want a stable life but apportione the asthetics of revolution from Twitter and tumblr which requires hating white people, but deep down they just want a nice stable life, they want white women have but also resent white people as a whole
>>1438 it's a weird mix of having an inferiority complex while also having a superiority complex.
sleeping with your supposed oppressor makes you literally retarded, but it's just further proof they just want to put on a show or are holier than thou. anyone who isn't hyper woke and in interracial relationships is fine, because they most likely aren't narcissists. a bit OT, i watched a video the other night about how those popular drawings of young, black, dark-skinned women fighting for racial justice are 99% of the time drawn by black guys dating/married to white women. pretty fucked up.
I just had a friend try to say her heterosexual relationship with her boyfriend was gay lmao. She even lied about the fact she calls him gender neutral terms. What even boggles my mind more is describing herself as gay and saying her boyfriend is straight. Like, by your logic your boyfriend ain't straight. I'm so tired.
>>1437 It's nice to get validation from people in the oppressing group, it makes you feel less "oppressed". Quite like you "defeated" oppression even if it's not true.
(479.16 KB 1600778579690.webm)
Can we talk about the strange case of poc women with a race white boyfriend fetish? Or is that taboo like on the farm
>>2074 I mean nothing's stopping you, but it's really not so strange anymore and has been previously noted if you browse around on here. A lot of ethnic women's hate of their men simply exceeds that of their men for themselves.
>>2074 So I already posted this before, this is more of an in-joke, these women often don't exclusively date white men, and this meme is often meant as a mockery of both black men who feel like they own black women and also kinda of a jab at white men who don't want black women Its also a product of the Irony/political culture of twitter, where the worst thing you can be is sincere, you can't just like a guy who happens to be white it has be dipped in layers of irony
>>2074 As a nonwhite women, divest movements don't surprise me. These women might come from misogynistic cultures with high expectations from the man's family, communities where women are more accomplished/better than men, creepy focus on dating men of same group, etc. Dating outside, while risking fetishization, means you can avoid that. My cousin married a woman of our South Asian ethnicity who is way too good for him because of this. These nonwhite women with white boyfriends are avoiding men who are raised to be misogynistic and entitled (because same ethnicity) than with a white man. I hope it doesn't sound like I'm simping for white men, kek, but pretending there's no difference between cultures is stupid.
>>2078 This is very similar to my case, on paper I'm Pakistani and married to another Pakistani, but the difference between the cultures of me and my husband's ethnic group is massive He is a Niazi Pashtun and I'm from a Urdu speaking Punjabi household, now his specific pashtun tribe has very different views regarding women from both other pashtuns and many Pakistanis, but what I liked most about him was that he wasn't some hypocritical Arab worshiper like most Pakistani men are, Urdu speaking culture in Pakistan is just so god Damm hypocritical and breeds insecure, whiny Arab and Turk worshipping men
>>2076 >calls herself a white man's whore Bruh what the FUCK
>>2118 this is more product of the post-modern irony culture of twitter where the worst thing you can be in sincere, you can't just like a guy who happens to be white, you have to dip it in layers of absurdity
>>2078 I understand this, but I also feel like this "escaping ultra-patriarchy" can also be a convenient cover-up for a preference for white men, and this over compensating explanation just produces cringy discourse lol. No doubt South Asian culture is terrible for women and even second generation S Asian men are going to have residual cultural baggage, but to act like they're the same as the "bob and vagene" Rajeshes and Muhammads from a shitty village is just dishonest lol. Entitled misogynist is practically a default setting for most men, and white men are no exception (of course, it goes without saying that some cultures make this problem worse). You don't have to go too far online to see white women lament about their shitty white boyfriends/husbands (r/relationships and r/breakingmom come to mind kek). That doesn't even mention that the white dude's family could be racist towards the S Asian woman he is interested in. I just think S Asian women who are into white dudes should date them unapologetically and without justifying themselves. S Asian men are almost never grilled for their white woman preference and typically never have to justify themselves and explain how it is a noble decision.
(59.30 KB 1000x1000 1587653406605.jpeg)
>>2120 nta I'm not gonna lie I used to a pretty big weeb, I liked 2D men far above 3d men, but I still had an attraction towards 3d men, because of this my taste in 3d men were focused on White American pop boys, just look at young Jesse Mccartney he looks IRL jrpg Final Fantasy-type anime boy. and that's it really, thats the main reason behind my attraction towards white boys
I feel like people are missing that a lot of white supremacists/incels fetishize this exact thing. This girl found her and another girl's photo used on "Blackbooru", a site made by those types to jerk off to this very concept. They literally take random black girl's photos for their kink, and some of them are underage. http://web.archive.org/web/20200729233410/https://twitter.com/avgeI/status/1288618719409831937 https://twitter.com/bbybinkk/status/1288623619082518531 http://web.archive.org/web/20200729235540/https://twitter.com/bbybinkk/status/1288623619082518531
>>2124 scrotes fetishize everything. scrotes are willing to fuck a mcchicken. an ethnic preference is not the same as this deprave fetishization. >>2120 second gen moids may not be from the village, but their parents absolutely might be. and if they're spineless momma's boys then you're double fucked. you're right that trying to justify trying to date out is stupid when moids don't feel the need to, but that's double standards and women being seen as property.
>>2124 This is absolutely foul. It never ceases to amaze me that there are women out there that are that are willing to pander to degenerate fetishes (keyword willing, it is definitely a questionable choice to make though), but yet males still feel the need to take unsuspecting girls and women's innocuous selfies to use for the most degenerate shit. Disgusting.
>>2121 Anon don't take this the wrong way but this is legit one of the stupidest thing I've read, like seriously you like white boys cause they look more IRL anime boys, like the who the fuck thinks like that, like Christ grow up
>>2078 >creepy focus on dating men of same group yes, big thing in my culture, thankfully my extended family didn't follow that expectation, besides my mom lol. even when i was young i told myself i wouldn't date another mexican guy "just in case we were related". cases like this are kind of different for latin cultures because of the mestizo bit so we focus on ethnicity more, i'm currently dating a puerto rican long term and the cultural expectations are so different when i look back on it, it's similar to dating someone of a different race. i did date a white guy for a while, maybe it was the shit he was into (tumblr troon shit), but i could not date him longer than 2 years on top of the abuse i endured. kind of off topic but it does remind me, has anybody paid attention to how modern day amish people look? most of them are inbred and they look uncanny, like the people in a Victorian age oil painting. i saw a video recently with a bunch of amish and that kind of solidified my stance of not dating another mexican dude lol.
>>2140 How many millions of mexican people are there in the world? There is little chance that a random guy would actually be related to you as long as you don't meet him through family and theres a chance he's a distant cousin. But even then that doesn't instantly mean your kids would be inbred, it happens over multiple generations.


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