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Stupid questions #1 Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 19:10:12 No. 9
Ask away.
>>1902 Well how much money are we talking? Would you really trade places with Pewdiepie or Ninja if you were forced to keep to the same grueling schedule? As much as my life sucks, there are a lot of public personalities I'm happy not to be.
>>1903 Well, I'm just curious what you guys would sacrifice for the money. Let's say like, $250k a year? Do you guys think that'd be enough? The scheduling isn't a concern for me, personally. What'd be more worrisome is being judged or disliked, harassed, etc. How about 2 million?
Is anyone else worried about the future? Next wave of covid, political unrest plus US election, possibly more job loss, talk of the economy collapsing and turning into a recession or depression.
What do you think of activists using offensive methods like protesting naked or using periods to make art to send a message?
>>1905 It would never be worth it for me because at some point, that money is going to stop & it's unreliable. Who knows if Google or Youtube will ever shit the bed some day? Not sure if you saw about the recent issues with OnlyFans updating their monetization model, but it seems like YouTube could decide on that whenever they wanted too. I've seen music based youtube channels get fucked over several times over the years due to policy changes. And then, inevitably, I will hit a point where I'm just not relevant anymore. The content will run dry. Viewers will move on to something else. What do I do then? Am I to put "youtuber" on my resume? Maybe that would be just fine for someone going into something like...idk, radio hosting? But for me, no. And like you mentioned, constantly being under a lens, being pressured to divulge all the details of my life, the harassment -- it would drive me insane. I'm so glad to be off of 'personal' social media like Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat. >> 1910 I'm not sure how I feel in particular about period art...I think they can make some interesting art pieces. Something like Interior Semiotics tier? Lol no. I think the naked protesting pretty much never helps. In fact, have you seen about this? > https://www.businessinsider.in/Documentary-Exposes-The-Male-Mastermind-Behind-Ukraines-Topless-Feminist-Movement/articleshow/22302775.cms Men are never going to view 'bare breasts' as weapons. They're going to go "hey, nice boobs" In cases of singular, personal protest..I think it can be effective, in cases like these: > https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/mastectomy-double-breast-cancer-dartmouth-nova-scotia-woman-1.5691317 She's a woman who had to undergo a double masectomy. > In a world where post-mastectomy breast reconstruction is the norm, that's the last thing Belding wanted. > "The boobs took early retirement. I'm glad they're gone because I feel safer," she said. > Maintaining her health is one of Belding's biggest priorities. To reduce the risk of cancer, she opted for a double mastectomy. > She never considered breast reconstruction because it would have involved more surgeries and more risks from complications and implants. > For her, none of that was worth it for breasts that would have no feeling, and serve no purpose other than to "look fine in a shirt," she said with derision in her voice. I think that is a far more powerful statement than a horde of 20-30 year old girls hand-picked by some scumbag to bare their breasts to protest something not at all related to breasts. I think it's important for women and girls to see women like the above, so they can conceptualize that choice as even an option. So many women that get breast cancer hop aboard the 'must get reconstruction after masectomy' train, without a thought, in part due to the pressures she mentions in the article.
>>1900 I saw a picture of a toddler, no older than 3, dressed in a baby hooters uniform the other day...I wanted to barf. It is truly sick how many people see these places as FAMILY restaurants. What the fuck!?
>>1910 Lol, was just about to ask if menstrual art is safe and hygenic. I don't know about menstrual art, personally I find blood kind of beautiful and it's blood that isn't obtained in a violent way, so my only concern with that is if it's hygenic or not. Protesting naked seems...ineffective. It would get attention, but not for the right reasons. Also I think Femen was made by some pervy dude.
>>1981 >>1910 >>1981 i think it's cool. people paint with blood regardless, so what's the difference? i think it'd serve artists to chill with literally JUST using blood when doing menstrual art though. it's really hard on the eyes and doesn't feel like they're using it like an actual tool when they're trying to only use it and nothing else, and so they're limited to one color, on top of the subject matter often being samey and too statement-y. it doesn't really have as much of an impact imo to JUST use it to "make a statement" and not actually attempt to utilize it in a normal way. like, make it normal and make a statement by not trying too hard to make a statement.
>>1910 Depends on the message.
What do you think of the controvery that's going on with the netflix movie cuties? I've seen the trailer and though it definitely sexualizes children, it looks like it's intention was to be anti-islamic and it's directed by a woman.
>>2011 A Netflix spokesperson said: 'Cuties is a social commentary against the sexualization of young children. 'It's an award winning film and a powerful story about the pressure young girls face on social media and from society more generally growing up, and we'd encourage anyone who cares about these important issues to watch the movie.' The outrage seems fake and I suspect it's a little racist, criticism focuses on twerking which is a black dance move. Saw the trailer and the above statement doesn't seem incongruent, especially as the film is directed by a black woman and based on her personal experience. Can't comment much further not having seen the film.
>>2011 >>2012 >commentary on sexualization of children >uses real children twerking on film anyway There's different ways to tell this kind of story and they went with the one that goes against their entire supposed meaning. Also in case you wanted to feel more uncomfortable about it there's scene where the main girl is blowing a condom with her mouth, and another where she takes pictures of her genitalia to post online. Why? God only knows. I don't care if the director is a woman, she's an absolute duntz.
What is up with the annoying bis on social media who can't seem to fathom how gay or straight sexual attraction works? They project their attraction to both sexes on us filthy "monosexuals" all the fucking time.
>>2012 >>2013 I watched most of the movie, skipping through bits of the slow parts. I do personally think part of outrage is influenced by the right wing, with the implicit message being like, "the 'artsy black feminist' left wants to create pedophile fodder", but I really think it was just very poorly executed and not her (knowingly, at least) pandering to pedophiles. The shots of their butts and everything lingered for too long (not that they were necessary anyways), and there wasn't anything shown in the vulva picture scene. The vulva picture scene was meant to be like, a shocking logical conclusion that kids would come to when growing up in an environment where they receive rewards and likes for objectifying themselves, so there was a (hackneyed) purpose to the scene. But yes, the movements were very suggestive and the shots were gratuitous and the point was already plenty made the first time. I don't think it's AS BAD as everyone is claiming, but the countless slow panning shots were very unnecessary. I don't think it needed to be shocking to be effective, and ultimately that artistic direction calls into question then the director's motivations which just further obfuscates the messaging, so it was just very counterproductive. My main issue with the movie is that it really didn't show the pressure at all angles that the girls face to be sexual, so all of these scenes were kind of all just thrown together with a loose storyline about objectification by two different cultures. The main character mostly just did sexual things without detailing enough HOW AND WHY she would do those things, so it almost seems as if she's -somewhat- acting on her own motivations. They didn't specifically show many influences other than that they get more likes online when they objectify themselves, and that the main character comes from a very misogynistic religious background that puts extraordinary pressure on women. There should have been a larger focus and way more screentime spent on those specific western cultural influences that pull women and girls in the same direction as religious oppressive cultures, just with different presentation. In most of the scenes (save for like one or two), the girls are actually pretty heavily chastised (by men and older boys, even) for acting in aggressively sexual ways considering their age. I don't think that is reality at all. I don't think sexualized girls are chastised like that in reality, and I don't think the pitfalls and dangerous/potentially lethal consequences of conforming to these expectations were fully explored, but it did circle back around to how sexualizing yourself as a young female results in humiliation and ostracization, and that there's more joy and fulfillment to be found in just being a kid. Ultimately, the message could've been conveyed a lot better. She was (imo) trying to show that the French and Senegalese cultures were almost 2 sides of the same coin in terms of the way girls and women are expected to serve males, but that the way they are expected to do so is different. The movie isn't non-stop sexualized shots, but it's... really bad and literally pointless artistic direction. It's entirely possible the director just sucks ass at recognizing how to best frame and present her story. Most of the elements of the film were really unimpressive, the screenplay was bad, none of the storyline necessarily flowed, etc, so I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of this was just ineptitude and an attempt to be avant-garde or something, because even the scenes that were not sexual at all just didn't convey their messages effectively and could've been done soooo much better. Media like this though sets a really bad precedent and people need to be more mindful of the work they create.
>>2033 Agree with you, though I do think girls can be chastised for acting "hypersexual" by guys. But it's like a fake concern, you know. In the same way guys will call a girl a whore and want to sleep with her at the same time.
>>2035 True, you're completely right. It'd be more out of shaming the girls, or mockery, than actual concern. In the film (except for a minority of scenes) it was, imo, portrayed as if the older guys and men were actually uninterested and appalled by their behavior, and really don't think would be the case for most older boys and men. I don't think a lot of men and older boys would give a shit at all except to maybe mock them but still exploit them, as you say.
why is pinkpill bumplocked?
>>2047 It must be past the bump limit which I'm guessing is 500.
Why is it called "sex work" instead of prostitution? Is changing the language how they started getting people on board? Women get offended when you call them a prostitute but proud to call themselves sex workers.
Do you wear bras? Why or why not? I usually wear sports bras that aren't super snug because I just feel sensitive without them
>>2077 Sure, that's how euphemistic language works. Plus blurring the lines between phone sex operation, camming, stripping, and prostitution makes it seem like you're creating melodrama when they rephrase your "prostitutes are at risk of rape, physical abuse, etc" to seem like you're talking about phone sex operators or camgirls or whatever comparatively lower risk occupations.
>>2088 Yes, sports bras here too. If I could get away with not wearing a bra, I would. If I could get them taken off without invasive surgery (like through magic lol), I would too. I really hate the sports bras too though.
What is Daughters of Lilith? The link doesn't work.
>>2150 it was another women's discussion forum but it's been showing suspended page for weeks
>>2150 >>2151 The admin of that site was having monetary trouble and IRL got in the way so that's why it's down iirc. Hopefully it'll be online again soon, I'm leaving it up until the admin comes back.
Mostly a joke, but how bad is it that Gigantic OTN is one of my favorite songs? Not only music, but the lyrics are great. Imagine if more selfish men were that honest about being terrible.
What would be a good alternative to tumblr? I like using it to see fashion, art and aesthetic posts, but also like reading posts from other radfems or anyone who might have something interesting to write about.
>>2199 I like using are.na. YMMV.
>>2201 Nta but I wasn't familiar with are.na so I just looked it up and it´s only free for 500 blocks. On tumblr I'd be through that within a month or so. >>2199 I don't think there's any microblogging alternatives for Tumblr afaik. Pinterest is the closest thing, but it lacks text-posts and user interaction since it's not about (micro)blogging but about saving and collecting content. Honestly I'd just stick to tumblr. It's still active enough to be enjoyabe imo and the overall atmosphere has really improved since the nsfw ban. The wokes have migrated to twitter.
>>2229 Going back to tumblr after trying to use pinterest for the same thing is actually kind of a relief in my experience, the UI and general vibe of pinterest sucks. unrelated, but is using mumsnet worth it? I just got a spinster and want to find more sites to use, and don't know if mn is just a meme or not if you are a feminist woman with no children
(13.44 KB 275x246 1591139123269.jpeg)
How to keep scrotes off of online places? I've been in some many places that got infiltrated by cockroaches because of mods stupid decisions. They either shut down or had a slow death until it was completely libfem colonized. What I have so far: 1.Delete all moid posting, don't put red text just delete their shit. They want attention and they're not going to get it. Anyone who responds to obvious male posting will get banned for a few days. 2. Obnoxious graphics and language. Like yes queen shit. FDS uses it to great effect. 3. Aggressive man hating energy, come up with new and creative insults to use casually. 4. No responding or changing anything as a response to raiders. Just delete their shit, get some mods with lots of free time. Once they get even one little victory, it gets to their dick and they become obsessed with harassing that one place/person.
>>2238 Based
>>2238 If lolcow mods followed 1 and 4 the site wouldn't have went to shit
Arent the majority of tiktok users minors? Why are women talking about their onlyfans on there?
>>2292 Grooming, to get extra money from referrals. Happy hooker propaganda.
(16.03 KB 206x275 1564187689095.jpg)
Is it possible to pinkpill a moid? i stg i pp'd my bf kek he sees the innate retardation in every one of his brothers now. I don't want to rant too hard or else he'll want to kill himself. Maybe he's kissing my ass though. Either way, as he should
>>2298 They either get in their feelings and call you a feminazi, or agree and don't do shit about it. Do it if you want, maybe we can stoke a new shaming method to keep men in line that isn't religion.
(138.66 KB 317x491 fdsnfjffdj.png)
(24.81 KB 227x394 54454545.jpg)
>>2299 >>2298 Maybe a bit of toxic-masculinity is good. We should start calling misogynists out for the actual faggots that they are, and remind them that it's 2020 so they won't be looked down on if they come out, encourage them to, remind them they don't HAVE to like women, and that it's okay to be gay, but not a woman-hating cunt, etc etc. They can argue they're the most heterosexual man on earth all they want, but really, who are they kidding. Sure, everyone can have preferences, but there's a point after which it's just vitriol. I truly believe a lot of the hatred is repressed homosexuality. Maybe they're bisexual, but definitely not completely straight. We need to ramp up our gc/pp/radfem and begin with our nigels. I think this is a good way to start pitting men against eachother. It's pretty tough because they always jump to accuse men holding them accountable of being whiteknights. As if there's anything inherently wrong with that to begin with, and should actually be a compliment.
What do you guys think of going to gyms with the rona still around? Have you guys gone back yet or are considering it, or not? There were 2100 reported new cases in my state yesterday. I really hate being relegated to the barbell in my bedroom that I can barely maneuver around in such little space, but I feel like it's probably still crazy to go back like this. Still, the gyms in my area seem fairly busy.
Is there a language learning thread? If there isn't, would it be alright to put it in the self improvement board?
>>2306 I don't think there is. I'm just another anon but I think that'd be a good place for it and a good thread for us to have.
>>2307 Thanks, I'm going to make one now then. I was actually interested to see if any anons know a decent (free) audiobook resource that might have audiobooks in other languages but I figured we might as well collect all info and advice in one place for other anons who might find it useful.
>>2308 Yay, that would be amazing!
>>2304 I miss my building's gym and heard it should be open again now, but it's small and poorly ventilated to start with so I feel like it must be hard to socially distance in and would just be a huge infection risk. I don't think it's worth the health risk to go to gyms any time in the near future. I'm trying to cycle through a variety of video routines to follow so I don't get bored of working out in my room, too.
what are the best websites for hobbyists to post art? I'd like one with a blog feature like in deviantart but not deviantart. Is there a place online, especially for artists, that isn't overrun with furries and gender bs? Should I just give up on the internet?
>>2440 ArtStation?
>>2440 it seems like a lot of artists are just using instagram to do it. they used to use tumblr, not sure if they still do. it's weird that since deviantart has mostly died, no art platform has come in to take its place. not one that i know of, at least. it's really weird and a shame that no one has jumped on it, if you think about it. deviantart was always kind of shitty, so it's strange no one has come up with a really clean alternative that doesn't have a childish reputation.
>>2442 seconding artstation, but that has alot more of a professional tone
Gender Critical and Pink Pill threads are both bumplocked, are we ever going to make new ones?


no cookies?