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Anonymous 05/16/2020 (Sat) 21:10:46 No. 865
You knew this thread was coming. Post your terve and feminist memes.
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>>1271 kek that r/twoxchromosomes image
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>>1272 I feel like this would've been way cooler if the first 6 levels weren't representations of 4channer/basement-dwelling neckbeard males.
>>1308 yes... I should have edited them
Not a meme but holy shit lmao
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>>1974 LMAO
(109.96 KB 800x510 db9.jpg)
>>1974 This and pic related are my two favourites.
(113.92 KB 960x720 doh9vnb5t6m51.jpg)
the redscare girl who kicked the hornets nest
>>1995 What is the context behind this. I know Anna constantly posts....interesting.....takes on twitter that get her in trouble but I haven't seen her take on troons.
>>1995 kek, i can't deal with these two. what happened? she said trans is as stupid as trans race? idk why anna hasn't capitalized on the troon issue hard before. her entire shtick is triggering leftists so why not
>>1998 >>1997 yeah she said the logic behind transracialism and transgenderism is no different. she was dropping hints hard in the sub that she thinks that there are additional "psychological factors" at play. i think the ana valen's teledonic dildo gaming journalism plus transpatriarchy breeding factory fetish tweets disgusted a lot of people, even pickmes. i am tentatively hopeful about the reaction to someone a little younger and "cooler" than jk rowling publicly questioning trans logic
>>1999 god i hope so. the great thing about anna being the one to do this instead of one of the other less hardened edgy lefthots is that she already has that verrrry well developed habit of covering up her shitty takes with 12 million layers of pseudo-intellectual cope rather than issuing an apology, so she's very unlikely to back down as most people do. it's likely that the sub will just get their usual manifesto from her, except that this time it'll FINALLY have some merit to it. almost exciting.
(168.81 KB 1179x550 b28.jpg)
(48.07 KB 640x723 e8c.jpg)
>>2081 Anon the world desperately needs more women to become scientists, doctors, politicians, philosophers or hell even a woman who changes tires for a living does something for the betterment of women but CEOs of multi-national companies are just evil, boss bitches whatever do not contribute anything for womankind or the world as a whole
>>2081 I feel like this was made by a guy working towards an MBA that really hates the "SJWs" and is trying to claim these are the most frequently said things made by them, when really these are the words of men, most often
>>2081 Super gross. Female liberation has nothing to do with more women being bourgeois. Fuck this meme. Fuck female CEOs, I don't care that they're women, they serve the same class that enables the enslavement of poor women like me, like MOST women.
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no cookies?