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Dumbass Shit Thread Anonymous 01/21/2020 (Tue) 06:46:07 No. 53
Post any stupid shit that doesn't belong in any other thread here.
>>1557 i swear like half of the "transformation" of this editorial is the art director being like "you'll be really hot if you just don't smile and adopt extremely awkward neck posture that would give the impression that you've got issues with your cervical spine".
>>1557 how can you even make a comparison here? befores are in b&w, with glasses/awkward smile when after doesn't. so weird after pictures with makeup make them look similar, makeup is not art when most women are pursuing the same face.
Was curious about a singer I listened to as a kid. Searched around, she changed her name and is now a patreon/titty streamer. Anorexic looking photoshop pics with plastic surgery and botox. She had a great voice back then. But who cares about talent when you can sell your body online as another Harley Quinn knock off. Smh
>>1581 i'm so curious. who is it?
(357.24 KB 2048x2048 EHnq8phU8AAgQO6.jpeg)
Megan Mccauley now she's "May Leigh Damage". She didn't post many pics back then so maybe her breasts are the same but definitely got skinner and bigger lips.
I really hate the proverb "two wrongs don't make a right". in normal life it's really just used to enable offenders to escape consequence and continue to misbehave its always said by the most apathetic assholes ever that don't care about victims
>>1587 Huh, never heard of her. I felt almost positive you were going to say Porcelain Black for some reason (who apparently is not a twitch streamer, just checked). It's hard to make it in music, so idk if you can even blame this girl. I'm sure she would've taken a career in music if it would've panned out for her?
I wish people's hair worked like bird feathers, color/pattern wise. It'd be cool if people naturally had distinct designs in their hair.
(22.74 KB 480x360 67385111-480px.jpg)
>>1628 Based. Birds are top tier.
(245.86 KB 1905x1839 8p0qye5lto141.jpg)
>>1645 >>1628 Unrelated to hair discussion, I just needed an excuse to post this criminally cute bird for everyone to admire. Agree with your sentiments though. We just look like unimpressive shit in general compared to almost all animals tbh.
(8.69 KB 400x302 swimmpidge.jpg)
just adding onto the birds
>>1655 that birdie's so cute i wanna cry
Started watching "Unexpected" which is like teen mom, now they have a new season on that I'm watching. Oof it's sad seeing these poor dumb kids be exploited and their shitty situation. Who decided if they to on tv, them or their parents? Almost all the guys seem like total morons. The moms are always disappointed this happened to their daughters. Some are third generation teen moms despite their mothers doing what they can to tell them to not get pregnant or giving them birth control. One of the girls lives close to me and is friends of friends. She started doing onlyfans instead of getting a job because she knew she had a fan base from the tv show who would pay for it. The whole thing is messed up.
>>1667 >>1667 That sounds awful. I don't know about shows post 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom culture, but I'm pretty sure the OGs on 16 and Pregnant wanted to be on there. The majority of the families were not supportive of it. Probably different now that we've seen how lucrative this stuff can be. Expect the girls to continue having kids if MTV type policy is followed. Allegedly it's like $20k a kid? Kind of unrelated but can we talk about Teen Mom? Everything about Jenelle pisses me off. She is a horrible, horrible person. What she has done to those kids (especially Jace and Kaiser) and the way she has treated her mother, is so shameful. Unlike Deb, she wanted Jenelle to get an abortion and not put potential kids through a lifetime of neglect. Now those poor kids have been neglected, and are stuck around that absolute psychopath David (who pushed his pregnant fiancee out of a truck, and murdered Jenelle's poor dog), and who clearly abuses Kaiser. He needs to be in prison. The kids all need to be in Barb's care. Another thing that still infuriates me is Deb forcing Farrah to have a child. Farrah is very unwell but her mother is another one that should be in prison for what she did to her daughter on national tv. Farrah is a great example of how stunted family/parents cause either serious stagnation or just straight-up regression for their children. Farrah used to be much more mature and I really believe Deb ruined her life. It's just really sad all the way around. I see a lot of people ragging on Farrah for putting Deb in her place and it's really upsetting. Farrah is already too nice to her mother, and it's not just editing. These shows aren't just drama, they're a very clear indicator of how absolutely pathetic the legal system is in America, and how toothless child protective services are (I say this having had plenty of experience with CPS).
I'm becoming way too aware of eceleb culture. The internet isn't fun anymore.
>>1672 Well honey, it depends what you're doing on the internet. :-) For instance, I have have no idea what's going on anymore. My only social forums are imageboards outside of 4chan, so not a lot of youtube/twitch/social media drama/culture is discussed. In fact, besides the daily tik tok threads which are solely to objectify and sexualize women (who seem to thrive off the attention anyways), no one on these imageboard communities even cares about it. Maybe you and I are getting too old?
>>1673 If this post were a place it'd be a seedy motel
>>1672 Is it the Youtubers?
I'm trying to stop using LC and KF but man, after seeing Arthur Chu's tweets I looked up his KF page and he is an absolute shitshow. Really shows how deranged TRAs are when they kiss his ass.
>>1690 The guy from Jeopardy? What's his deal?
>>1691 a few things other than terrible tweets, but my fave is his ashley madison acct lol
I don't know where else to post this It's regarding Islam and how one fundamental difference holds it back from evey truly evolving Nearly all rligions are a result of cultural syntricism and divergent evolution, almost like an organism Zues, odin, Vharma, Jupiter all came from the same source that evolved different characteristics over time due to various factors Islam is a result of the mixing of Eastern Syriac Christianity, Arab culture and values and some zooratrian asthetics What differs Islam from other religions is how incredibly arab-o-centric Islam is, literally no words can describe how absurdly Arab-o-centric Islam is The language of Adam was supposed to Arabic, the language of all those who enter paradise is supposed to Arabic, learning Arabic is supported in the Qura, it's believed that reading the Quran in ones native language is considered less holy then reading in Arabic even if you don't understand a single word When a people are introduced to Christianity then the people do change but so does Christianity, it adopts local characteristics to suit the people, but when islam is introduced to a people, then while the people do fundamentally change Islam stays the same I saw this myself when I was in the UK, Churches.would have various different practices and ways to pray depending ethnicity and culture, but masjids/mosques in the UK, Bosnia, Arabia and Pakistan all prayer procedure is exactly the same, other ways of prayer are not allowed and tolerated Islam can't evolve because of this, it's what holds back Muslims, without some reformation then its what we have to deal with I'm saying this as an ex-muslim stuck in Pakistan, I don't see atheism ever coming to Pakistan but I see letting Islam become more native to the people by translating in local languages for the masses as a start in the right direction
>>1677 Not the youtubers. It seems like everyone has to be a celebrity and everyone needs to have their life story on display, either willing or someone else puts it up there. Like they're public property and not a individual person
(24.62 KB 750x186 EesFVMWWAAAbBKt.jpeg)
Every time Western tradcons throw a fit over polyamory I have to fucking laugh HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Tbh my favorite thing is eating spaghetti with fake/vegan Italian sausage, baked buttered bread with garlic powder and drinking while I watch tv. I love this alone time while the bf is asleep. Currently watching Little Woods.
>>1854 Yum, sounds good. Do you make the vegan sausage from scratch or do you have a favorite brand?
>>1858 I like the Beyond Meat brand ones best. But those are expensive and wait for them to be kn sale to buy. The tofurky ones are okay but not as good. I've looked up a few recipies and all seem to use fennel seeds. Bought some and will be experimenting between white beans and tofu and spices to make my own.
the one thing I dislike about this site is the capcha. sometimes I decide not to reply to posts just because I'm too lazy to type in the capcha.
>>1877 we definitely need the captchas. it is annoying but very necessary. >>1859 omg i completely forgot about the beyond meat ones. they really are delicious. far better than their burgers. i usually just go with aldi or trader joes meatballs since i'm lazy and bc basically no one has done great sausage at a reasonable price yet. hopefully the beyond prices come down. the white bean and tofu idea sounds great!
>>1858 nta but Quorn has some good products as well, their chicken cutlets are great for a "chicken parm" too.
>>1878 idk why it's necessary and also find it annoying but I have gotten used to it.
>>1883 The alternative is being spammed to death. Even a once per 24 hours captcha would be inadequate.
>>1885 I get that, but why does reporting a post need a captcha too?
>>1886 Maybe because males or bots might mass report lots of normal posts or something? I assume it'd be annoying having a queue full of normal decent posts being mass reported by angery idiots, then it'd be difficult to get to the actual spam. >>1882 Quorn makes awesome products. I hope they start getting more popular. It seems like newer brands seem to gain more traction. I haven't tried the breaded cutlets because they're pricier than their other items and usually I feel like breaded items are so heavy on breading. Gonna take your rec though and buy it next time I see it! Have you tried their roast 'turkey'? Omg, literally indistinguishable from turkey and pairs very well with thanksgiving side dishes. Literally no reason for anyone to eat turkey with the Quorn roast around. Great price point as well.
Does anyone know what happened to Sarah Lisa on youtube? I think she deleted her account. I understand if she didn't want to make political vids anymore, but I liked hearing about her life, art, etc. too.
>>1917 I don't know what happened to her, but I know she had an instagram. I don't know what it was though. I liked her videos too. sorry
(2.28 MB 2022x1054 ge1.png)
I will always imagine people who defend makeup, worship YT makeup artists and post shit like "Eyeliner sharp enough to kill a man" looking like this.
>>1967 kek same
What do you guys think of Destiny losing his Twitch partnership? Viral clip that caused it linked below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rufdHsEiO2w
(26.67 KB 259x383 Misbehaviour_poster.jpg)
So I watched the film Misbehaviour and I liked it, the films premise is defined as " A group of women hatch a plan to disrupt the 1970 Miss World beauty competition in London" however there's another story line regarding the African female contestants and their struggles and the 2 parties clashing near the climax The film isn't an anti-feminist gotcha just a more nuanced take on the second wave, the issue of class and race are factors, the womens liberation movement is primarily made up of middle class white women from academic backgrounds and there's nothing wrong with being middle class and white its just that it makes them blind to certain perspectives and experiences, especially regarding black women and shows the feminists vandalizing property thinking its sticking it to the patriarchy but the end result was just gonna be a poorer woman likely gong to clean their mess, the only characters shown as completely wrong are sexist males, so I think its worth a watch for both libfems and radfems
This video fucked me up. https://youtu.be/YsA3PK8bQd8
Jesus Christ, How does one watch Megamind and end up rooting for the Incel Nice guy antagonist Like lets break down what he said in Incel logic Hal(Incel/Nice guy) is a camera man who hits on Roxane(The Stacy) and even though she gives a thousand soft no's, he thinks the only reason she doesn't want him is cause she likes Metroman(Chad) and when he gets superpowers (IRL equivalent gets fit) he acts as if the girl of his dreams is supposed to automatically love him. He drops the act when she doesn't and and when he finds out she's dating her normie coworker who both developed feelings for each other naturally, he goes ballistic and destroys the entire city (IRL equivalent Incel rampage)
>>2123 seeing moids root and self insert in characters who are clearly supposed to be the villain is hilarious.
(71.41 KB 680x642 ESjOrY8WAAA6snP.jpg)
>>2127 especially the one whose meant to be a loser >Um actually, the wage gap doesn't exist and also the problem with in our society are how badly single dead beat fathers are treated :
>>2123 >>2123 I never saw that movie because it looked awful, but the funniest part here is that this dude is insisting that incels just want to get married and settle down and have normal families. Meanwhile, their forums are filled with posts and threads of them laughing at women for being victimized, encouraging harassment, talking about how undesirable one woman is when their real desire is to collect women, violate them, etc. I'm so sick of them trying to rehabilitate the "incel" image, as if they give two fucks about functional relationships or partnership.
>>2134 Didnt see it until a few months ago, wanted to know what all the fuss was about and one of the few "kids" movies that surprised me.
>>2136 It was good then? It had that very cheesy, Walmart straight-to-dvd $4 bin animation that crappy kids movies usually have
>>2137 Its not studio ghilbi or anything but its a pretty good film that I feel would be perceived better if it came out today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRaKIakzPB0
pros of tall men: easier to headbutt pros of short men: easier to throw in a trunk


no cookies?