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Dumbass Shit Thread Anonymous 01/21/2020 (Tue) 06:46:07 No. 53
Post any stupid shit that doesn't belong in any other thread here.
>>1917 I don't know what happened to her, but I know she had an instagram. I don't know what it was though. I liked her videos too. sorry
(2.28 MB 2022x1054 ge1.png)
I will always imagine people who defend makeup, worship YT makeup artists and post shit like "Eyeliner sharp enough to kill a man" looking like this.
>>1967 kek same
What do you guys think of Destiny losing his Twitch partnership? Viral clip that caused it linked below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rufdHsEiO2w
(26.67 KB 259x383 Misbehaviour_poster.jpg)
So I watched the film Misbehaviour and I liked it, the films premise is defined as " A group of women hatch a plan to disrupt the 1970 Miss World beauty competition in London" however there's another story line regarding the African female contestants and their struggles and the 2 parties clashing near the climax The film isn't an anti-feminist gotcha just a more nuanced take on the second wave, the issue of class and race are factors, the womens liberation movement is primarily made up of middle class white women from academic backgrounds and there's nothing wrong with being middle class and white its just that it makes them blind to certain perspectives and experiences, especially regarding black women and shows the feminists vandalizing property thinking its sticking it to the patriarchy but the end result was just gonna be a poorer woman likely gong to clean their mess, the only characters shown as completely wrong are sexist males, so I think its worth a watch for both libfems and radfems
This video fucked me up. https://youtu.be/YsA3PK8bQd8
Jesus Christ, How does one watch Megamind and end up rooting for the Incel Nice guy antagonist Like lets break down what he said in Incel logic Hal(Incel/Nice guy) is a camera man who hits on Roxane(The Stacy) and even though she gives a thousand soft no's, he thinks the only reason she doesn't want him is cause she likes Metroman(Chad) and when he gets superpowers (IRL equivalent gets fit) he acts as if the girl of his dreams is supposed to automatically love him. He drops the act when she doesn't and and when he finds out she's dating her normie coworker who both developed feelings for each other naturally, he goes ballistic and destroys the entire city (IRL equivalent Incel rampage)
>>2123 seeing moids root and self insert in characters who are clearly supposed to be the villain is hilarious.
(71.41 KB 680x642 ESjOrY8WAAA6snP.jpg)
>>2127 especially the one whose meant to be a loser >Um actually, the wage gap doesn't exist and also the problem with in our society are how badly single dead beat fathers are treated :
>>2123 >>2123 I never saw that movie because it looked awful, but the funniest part here is that this dude is insisting that incels just want to get married and settle down and have normal families. Meanwhile, their forums are filled with posts and threads of them laughing at women for being victimized, encouraging harassment, talking about how undesirable one woman is when their real desire is to collect women, violate them, etc. I'm so sick of them trying to rehabilitate the "incel" image, as if they give two fucks about functional relationships or partnership.
>>2134 Didnt see it until a few months ago, wanted to know what all the fuss was about and one of the few "kids" movies that surprised me.
>>2136 It was good then? It had that very cheesy, Walmart straight-to-dvd $4 bin animation that crappy kids movies usually have
>>2137 Its not studio ghilbi or anything but its a pretty good film that I feel would be perceived better if it came out today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRaKIakzPB0
pros of tall men: easier to headbutt pros of short men: easier to throw in a trunk
When a male coworker starts getting too close, staring at me like I'm a piece of meat, or trying to flirt with me I start treating them like the other men do when they make fun of each other. I think it works pretty well. They get mad and leave me alone, or the other guys will laugh and start picking on them too. One guy a few years older than me has been getting annoying with coming over to talk to me so I kept calling him grandpa to piss him off. Then today he tried to vent about work, I told him, "I'll pour out some four loko for your homie." Kek, he stopped talking to me after that.
>>2346 Hahaha excellent. Sadly I don't have much experience of what men do to make fun of each other in my country. What else do you tell them? lol
Who uses Spinster? I made one but find it really slow. I followed Meghan Murphy and some other notable figures, but do anons have any more recs for good accounts to follow on there to have a more active timeline?
>>2388 I don't, but I'm glad this whole fediverse thing is used by other peoples than tech nerds and pedoweebs
This is stupid but I want to get another piercing and I can't find a shop with a female piercer. Thinking more into it I'd have to go to a big city to find a female tattoo artist too since none of them near me have any female tattoo artists either.
>>2420 Have you mostly gone to men? Are you thinking of getting a more 'intimate' piercing? It's better to support women but realistically I don't think it matters too much unless you've had especially negative experiences with men. Idk I wouldn't personally go out of my way but then again I'm lazy. Doctors are a non-negotiable, however.
It's amazing how fast my attention span has gotten better after blocking Twitter for a few days. Today I sat down and read a book for a few hours, when before I had to force myself to read even a few pages. Social media really does rot your brain.
I hate how I can't shut up whenever I find a willing [s]victim[/s] listener. I just start talking non-stop about some dumb shit without regard to whoever I'm talking to. That may be because I don't really have anyone to talk to in general, but then a word-vomit assault on anyone who tries to get close isn't helping in getting friends ._.
>>2449 Talk to me if you want kek
>>2452 Thank you, but I just want to stop being annoying tbh.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eg9zeQhsFmU I know everyone here isn't into MMA but you have to watch this, its a fight between Fallon Fox(Mtf MMA fighter) and Ashlee Evans-Smith, Fox was a below mediocre level fighter but cause of male biology he thrashed the women he was fighting against, Ashlee fourth for her life in this fight, she gave more then 100% to win this fight, its really inspiring
(77.97 KB 750x909 EaqzUAvWkAA-8qC.jpg)
>>2502 based. posting relevant caps of this psychopathic piece of shit who should be rotting in prison, not given carte blanche to attack women.
>>2502 While I certainly appreciated that referee being slow off the mark in stopping the fight the best thing about it was the crowd
>>2507 Yeah men and women, of all races were all cheering for her together, I can't imagine how incredible of an ego boost that must have been, like all those people knew how bullshit this all was and they wanted Ashlee to crush this woman beating bastard to a pulp its honestly beautiful
>>2502 I've watched this. Thrilling
(111.83 KB 692x1118 ai54uq3523461.jpg)
>>2559 That's so rad. I hope she wins and thrives in everything
(494.38 KB 2048x1280 Kimia Alizadeh.jpg)
>>2560 >>2560 There was an Iranian female Taekwondo champion who defected to Europe, earlier this year, she flat out stated the reason left was cause of the subhuman treatment women in Iran and across the Muslim world receive you think this would get them to wake up just a little bit, maybe not arrest women for not wearing a head scarves
Twitch bans, "Simp", "Incel", and "Virgin" despite women being verbally abused since the beginning of time https://www.theverge.com/2020/12/16/22179256/twitch-bans-simp-virgin-incel-new-sexual-harassment-policy
>>2576 True, though moids are the ones using these insults more often just because moids aggressively fling shit at everything non-stop, including each other. Butthurt wankers will cry censorship and twitch will go back to normal.
My uni advisor is a dude and his lab is 99% females doing his work + one lad assistant who presents his projects. He recently coauthored a paper that asserts that a fucking test on "adapting to solving spartial problems", presented to the subjects as a vydia btw, shows evolutionaly differences between sexes where women are these dumb, unteachable cave-dwelling sitcom wives and men are brilliant adaptable hunters and shit. In the results, though, basically dudes solved the problem slowly, but sped up on subsequent trials, and the women solved the first cases almost twice as quickly and so further adaptation was relatively slower. Women's end result was a bit slower, but that I would attribute to dudes always being in some fucking competition mode and jacking off vidya performance to perfection. Overall, results are inconclusive and evo-psych shit is baseless babble. In discussion, they formulated the evo-psych shit in "the whole lab agreed" terms only. And we aren't even close to social science, we're doing neural networks. I mean, at least we have no trannies and the fiels is promising, but if he doesn't bring in a fat research grant in the next 2 years I'm fucking leaving. Also, now I have to come up with independent research topic to remove myself from that and the doubtable projects he tries to get me involved into, and I have a week to find a good one. Wanted to get into this dude's lab since highschool, fuck my life.
>>2578 If I'm reading this right, this dude is trying to prove some nonsense ass evopsych shit through playing a video game?
>>2051 I literally have regular nightmares and debilitating intrusive thoughts on a daily basis about this and i still fucking clicked on it. Pro: didn't actually watch it! Con: Might have a panic attack now though lmao
>>2582 good for you anon though I hope you’re doing fine rn
>>2581 He coauthored that, yep. It's not even the evopsych shit that hurts, it's disappointment.
>>2051 Thank men for this. They have destroyed the world and they are are gonna take us with them to extinction
>>2585 What's even the point of that? Men play far more video games in general and don't experience stereotype threat related to them. Look how men outperform women in esports. Would it have been different in a VR puzzle do you think? And the women still solved the initial puzzle twice as quickly? Wouldn't that mean the actual difference between life or death in the 'stone age' situations they're talking about? I'm sorry about your professor anon, hopefully you can do great work with your lab mates. >>2584 It was a rough night but I'm here. Thanks anon >>2586 This
I liked the internet before it became. "You have to talk about politics all the time". So many cool artists or soundcloud musicians I like until I find them sperging on twitter about trans rights. Like, you're a young woman singing about being abused but you care more about how they won't let men into women's prisons and the banning of a book talking about the phenonium of teen girls turning into boys to escape how horrible it is to be a woman. Zoomers have no chance.
>>2578 >females solved the task twice as quickly [than moids] but learned slower omfg wouldnt it just mean that because of female initial better performance, they [females] will improve their results slower, simply because the highter your skill is the harder it is to improve??? what the fuck. this man is a complete smoothbrain.
>>2576 Honestly in a way I support this. I wish they would also ban words like Chad, thot, e-girl, redpilled, etc. along with all the other misogynistic slurs in general. I swear these overused 4chan/maggotsphere terms have completely ruined the experience of browsing the internet and probably contribute to lowering everyone's collective IQ.
Netflix has a limited series called The Ripper. About the Yorkshire Ripper killings and in the later episodes talks about how it effected women and feminism in the late 70s early 80s. I'd recommend it. Sad and scary thinking how women felt but a good glimpse into how society pushed women away from trusting men further into the second wave.
(34.51 KB 600x600 Avogado6.600.2321543.jpg)
>>2615 Same. I find myself missing 2011 more and more. Looking at my super old tumblr posts is nostalgic and fucking sad at the same time. Like, there was a point in time where tumblr (and twitter) was a chill normie-tier website. I feel bad for the zoomers that won't experience that and get wrapped up in the most insane gender bullshit and batshit political takes.
You know how you pick up words and phrases from others when you're in the same "community"? I hate it when people I strongly dislike do this. I know it's not intentional and I don't blame it, but it still annoys me. I almost feel like they are mocking me. Does anyone relate?
>>2630 I don't blame them*


no cookies?