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Unpopular Opinions Thread Anonymous 04/13/2020 (Mon) 02:56:07 No. 320
What controversial opinions do you hold? Post them here!
>>1339 what does this have to do with anon's post? >>1335 there's a lot that i disagree with that i unfortunately have to follow along with, though i try to make my objections known when possible, but one of the worst things about bootlickers isn't necessarily always the rule following - it's more the refusal to question or make their objections known at all, even when the only thing on the line is a usually useless social tie, not even their financial security. more often than not though, they are enthusiastic about getting fucked up the ass 12 different ways to sunday, though, and that's the worst. the genuine enthusiasm.
I'm tired of hearing hetfems complain about their boyfriends, and I don't think it's "victim blaming" to not care when their boyfriends end up being shitbags. I think a lot of them keep dating men so they have something to complain about.
(929.24 KB 1094x1152 twt1.png)
Missionaries need to be banned from Africa. (Posted this in the wrong thread at first, like a retard)
Guys who have rape fetishes are powerless and weak. They're so worthless as mates that they understand that any attempt to signal their desirability is doomed to fail. Their only chance is to force themselves on women, or use other methods to coerce them into reproduction. It's the cry of a walking genetic failure who needs to have his entire lineage die with him. Unsurprisingly, many men are biologically unfit, and shouldn't be allowed to reproduce. Porn is rape on tape. If a husband or boyfriend loves it, and the realization that it's rape hasn't made his stomach turn at the very idea of it, it's not just him being an empathy-lacking coomer, it's him secretly knowing and accepting that he is biologically worthless, and he's just lucky enough to have fooled you into thinking he isn't.
>>1387 are we going to drag the hetfem vs. lesbian and celibate separatist shit here as well because i am not fucking ready for it.
>>1387 i don't mind them complaining at all. it's better than them not-my-nigeling all over the place. i like to think that the more complaints and feedback from sane people, the more it brings them closer to letting go. you have to remember that even if they know, intuitively, that these men are awful, their families, their friends, even, and just society in general, all of them are very invested in trying to make women second guess themselves and have no confidence in their feelings. it's not like these women have a sounding board outside of obscure online communities to get advice that prioritizes their safety and happiness. everyone outside of communities like this tells them to sacrifice themselves for these dead-end losers and that they'll be nothing without them, every day.
>>1395 All of this. Women are routinely gaslit and told they are the problem. It's better for them to complain, because it brings them a step closer to breaking the conditioning. Sometimes, all they need is a little support, reassaurance that they're not the ones at fault. I can see how it'd be annoying to hear for women who aren't straight, and women who've remained alone, but I think empathy is important.
>>1391 >Guys who have rape fetishes are powerless and weak. As opposed to the actual rapists? Because that's the history of humanity right there. Nature doesn't care about made up human definitions of biologically unfit. https://notcisjustwoman.tumblr.com/post/140064290944/universalequalityisinevitable-robert-sapolsky
>>1400 >As opposed to actual rapists? What's the point of separating the two? Rapists enjoy rape, they are counted as fetishists, kek. Also, you just explained what I'm getting at: Pathetic, low-quality, biologically unfit men breeding, creating more low-quality men in turn. And then you linked to the solution (removal and replacement). What point are you even trying to make?
>>1402 >What's the point of separating the two? I have had violent fantasies about murdering people, that doesn't make me a murderer. Even if I were to be an edgelord who posted that shit all over social media rather than keeping it to myself except on anon or people who know all of my dirty secrets, that what make me totally obnoxious and not worth anyone sane's time, but not a murderer. Same goes for rapists, we can shun and ostracise any male with rape fantasies but the actual rapists should be rotting in actual jail.
>>1403 i mean, yes, but men are too much of a liability to just wait on them to offend and ruin lives. i don't care about their liberty when they're out here living to destroy the lives of women, children, and animals. they live to destroy. and in many cases, they do offend, but women believe they haven't been raped or pressured into "submission". the male fantasists should be sent to labor camps, not allowed to sit on their hairy-asses jerking off to increasingly abusive and violent pornography. and what's with the link about how reform isn't possible without their removal, and then downplaying the seriousness of letting would-be rapists run around sharing violent and abusive sexualized materials, infecting other men and male children with their disgusting, life ruining fantasies?
>>1403 So, you came to defend men who want to rape women out of some sense of solidarity because “Well sometimes I want to murder”? That’s just embarrassing, anon. Some shit I’d expect to read from an underageb& “fembot” on /r9k/ who wants the boys to like her, or a lost Redditor. Also, murder can be justified, depending on the person. Rape can never be justified. Men’s freedom and their feelings aren't as important as women and children’s safety, either. Anyone who’s looked at crime statistics and is honest with themselves will agree.
I'm mildly annoyed by the possibility that all this push for 'inclusivity & diversity' is going to result in less hot white guys being cast as leads in my fun escapism entertainment...
>>1403 >I've had fantasies about molesting children but I'm a pedophile not a child molester This logic makes no sense. Splitting hairs on this sort of stuff is fucking retarded, anon.
>>1408 I thought companies only pretended to care and casted nonwhite actors as supporting cast members. Hopefully, you are not deprived of white male lead husbandos.
Minimalism is ugly except for when you want to clean
>>1430 no it's beautiful so when you die your loved ones don't have too much shit to go through
>>1431 but at its heart, it's actually a luxury good and is pretty impractical. i have so many tools, home repair equipment, items for general maintenance, i couldn't possibly imagine paying a premium for services every time something comes up, and being reliant on someone else and their time, when i'm in a bind. i can't possibly declutter or pare down on necessary equipment. i guess if you have the money and time to waste, it's ok.
Dominatrix and femdoms are as pathetic as male scrotes, often just as cringe inducing as those soybeard males who want to be called daddy Like BDSM Dom's in general are among some of the most pathetic people in the world
>>1408 i dont find white actors that hot, and those that are hot are so few, you can only count them with your fingers. but whos your top hot white guy actor nonetheless?
>>1624 Nta I don't specially white men but rather cacausian men which includes Afghans, Pakistan's and white Europeans, for e.g I find Seraiki men to be some of the most beautiful men in the world, they have brown skin but also often have colored eyes and brown hair which sometimes matches their skintone and they end up looking very fine. I like Afridi Pashtun men and Slavic men as well cause I feel they have sharp features
(49.00 KB 415x739 2EDML7I2EQNSGKAVVLJHS6RFUM.jpg)
>>1623 I don't see how anything but internalized misogyny can inform this take. Like objectively, save for maybe some enbies, it's impossible for a woman to be as cringy as a man whose life is in shambles and who spends most of his day playing PUBG, wanting to be called daddy and having the gall to order women around like he's some kind of king. You'd be very hard pressed to find a woman who can drum up the levels of cringe that men can. On some level, the subversiveness objectively makes it less cringe somehow.
>>1654 Don't try to defend degeneracy, I hate and any all disgusting porn sick losers who try to make their fetish part of their identity
>>1654 Imo if there's anything lolcow dot farm taught me is that femdoms can be almost as crazy as male doms sometimes. They're obviously not worse but when I criticize BDSM or abusive kinks in general I mean all of it. I don't compartmentalize sex from the rest of the relationship, and being a sub is synonymous with self-harm to me. Doms take advantage of people with low self-esteem.
>>1697 Domme development is not typically borne out of pornsickness. That's not what's happening there, if you sincerely observe them. It's clearly more theatrical for women and less purely sexually motivated on average. >>1698 Lol, anon, "sub" men don't have low self esteem. It's not the same as sub women. You can't compare women and their pressures, the way male expectations affect their actions and expressions, etc, to men and their fetishes.
>>1699 >Domme development is not typically borne out of pornsickness. That's not what's happening there, if you sincerely observe them. It's clearly more theatrical for women and less purely sexually motivated on average Please for the love of Asherah don't try to defend degeneracy
(151.43 KB 639x372 BDSM redux chart image.png)
>>1700 Calling it like I see it is not "defending degeneracy". Yes, it's weird, but nowhere near as cringy or contemptible. Women take on more cues from men and a more literally active role in sex and intimacy due to male expectations, and that involves a lot of play-acting and performance. I think the fact that it gives the illusion of turning typical roles on their head can be psychologically appealing to some women. I think the development of these identities for women is much more complicated than people would like to think. Men don't feel this very specific type of pressure or influence, at least not to anywhere near the extent that women do. Men are acting on genuine sexual interest and pornsickness, not years and years of inescapable and pervasive cultural and social conditioning that teaches them to oblige women, nor are they often motivated by the prospect of the illusion of control after being forever deprived of autonomy and dignity, particularly in the sexual realm. They're much more free to explore their interests, where women aren't, and that's why dommes are so uncommon.
>>1704 Alright then what's your opinion on vanilla romance novels as well, that are more popular then any type of bdsm trash
>>1705 Not sure what your point is here. Vanilla romance novels reinforce the damsel in distress and rescuer roles, where women are again generally and sexually unempowered and are fed the sub/dom roles, but on a soft scale. This all plays into the development of women's romantic and sexual expression, all of it. Again, this is part of the reason why female "subs" are so popular. The writers of these books are also influenced by larger expectations and imposing social structures. I don't think the female readers of these books are usually "pornsick" though, either.
>>1707 Have you ever even read these books, while there are plenty of bad Dom/monster ones from the 80s, there are many good ones featuring smart, intelligent, strong women and actually likeable male characters There's no BDSM or the man taking the woman by force, but rather a healthy relationship and some tasteful sex scenes, sure they are not aways perfect and kinda samey but I feel they get unnecessarily get shit on by everyone, I'm seeing libfems shit on them saying that male characters are to buff and likeable for real men to live up to and it sets a toxic standard, I feel all the dom ones deserve to burned In the fire but the nice romance story between a Victorian farm hand and shy girl who devolep mutual affection for each other and have a healthy relationship isn't gonna set up toxic standards
>>1709 > Victorian farm hand kek, no one's writing or reading those. readers want hot rich men in their stories
>>1719 I avoid the rich billionaire ones cause they often fall into the monster/BDSM category, the Doctor romance series is as far as I go in terms of wealth
>>1709 A victorian farmhand and a shy female main character still reinforces what I was referencing. That's a generally, or at least, comparatively sexually unempowered character. Like I said, it's not encouraging explicit dom/sub shit, but typical gender roles. Female sub/male dom shit is just gender role garbage taken to the extreme. Softer versions of this, to me, is almost just a potential gateway, given that harder stuff is a lot more common in media and men prefer it by a longshot and women know that. That's why women are taking it upon themselves to play-act these roles for men without being necessarily asked, acting like 'soft' ddlg is part of their identity, etc. The expectations are there and are molding the way girls and women act, their 'preferences', and their sexual expression. And a character, or any person, for that matter, can be professionally or otherwise competent and relatively independen/strong, but still submissive in bed. I've had a number of guys tell me straight-up that women toooottally have this extreme desire to indulge themselves by being submissive in bed, BECAUSE they are independent and competent outside of bed. There's this idea of "letting loose" by indulging in some bullshit evo psych roleplay, and it's commonly accepted by both men and women. I believe all of these things do subconsciously shape women's sexual interests, or at least their actions and their claims.
(163.01 KB 600x900 1595857742398.jpg)
>>1722 You do know the sex is mainly just vanilla sex, oral(for the female mc) and cuddling right, like iti said avoid any and all bdsm ones and there really aren't that many of them I just want to fantasize about nice attractive men cause real men are shit
>>1723 Nitpick but this v photoshopped pic is hilarious to me. I love that she's wearing a very formal taffeta dress (why) in a random field and he's wearing dress pants/business slacks with no shirt in a field, while looking extremely out of place, not even acknowledging her. Read what you want, anon. No one is stopping you, and of course, it's better to imagine about a 'nice' guy in a novel than be unappreciated and mistreated by actual men. I'm just saying, all of these little things influence women. But back to the original topic, which is that imo, dommes just aren't as cringy as doms, mainly because their roleplay typically is more theatrical and not really all that genuinely sexually motivated when compared to doms.
>>1725 I honestly love it though, like there are so many random instances for men to randomly be shirtless and I love it, I read cause the men in those books are actually nice and caring and know how to make a woman cum despite being virgins In the story
>>1726 Kek, I personally don't get the muscled up shirtless man aesthetic, but if this is what does it for you, you do you. I don't think these hot hero farmhand books are hugely harmful, especially if we consider how fucked most sexual media actually is. I just think most of this type of erotica is centered around the same kind of thing: mostly unassertive woman being adored and rescued by a manly man with a shirt allergy, which doesn't challenge gender roles, is all I'm saying.
>>1728 I agree with your last point that it doesn't challenge conventional gender roles and aren't radical in anyway but compared to libfem sex positive media or pornsick male media then it's far far better
Speaking of which, I fucking cringe at heterosexual couples who feel the need to parade and perform such gender roles and stereotypes to everyone Like I've seen girls on social media who think it's fucking ~quirky~ and cute when their boyfriends don't know how to cook and they serve them a half-assed inedible looking sandwich or when their boyfriends act like they don't know how fucking lipstick works in one of those Boyfriend Does My Make Up challenges, and I could even go on with more examples. I swear, most heterosexual relationships I've seen even outside media is so damn performative.
>>1731 Yeah I also hate those self described "smol" girls on Twitter who have to emphasize how small and helpless they are and how big their bfs are It's cringy and self deprecating, also it's worse when the smol girl and tall boy are actually just average, like sorry your bf is 5"10 and your 5'5, that's literally just the average
"WAP" by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stalion is a utterly disgusting and vile and I do not understand how literally any feminist can defend this garbage Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for black women getting paid, but why are most of the visible bw music stars twerking/busting it open on stage? it reinforces the hypersexualisation of black women that has existed since slave days. can anyone think of cute Taylor swift like black girls who sing about love or friendship but apparently its now being brought up as the epitome of female empowerment https://www.complex.com/music/2020/08/cardi-b-megan-thee-stallion-wap-essay
>>2028 it's really, really bad. the video is truly awful. i wouldn't mind the song so much if it just was about being wet and like, cunnilingus or something, but some of the most memorable lyrics are about sucking dick, being tied up, etc. honestly to make matters so much worse, the song is horrible. not even considering the lyrics, it's absolutely unlistenable. sucks because i do think megan thee stallion is talented. i don't know why anyone even though to make it a single. it's not even hook-y. that article is insane and ridiculous btw. i didn't know people were trying that hard to pretend it's meaningful. the only positive thing that came from it is seeing ben shapiro being non-stop roasted for criticizing it. tho his few comments about how it spits in the face of feminism are right, not that he cares about feminism or wants women to be liberated at all, however.
>>2031 Like Jesus Christ I really don't wanna agree with Ben Shapiro but he is right that its too vulgar and degenerate but Candace Owens(someone else who I don't wanna agree with) talked about the song from the perspective of a black woman and how it just doesn't objectify black women it bestializes.them making them to be animals
>>2028 WAP = Whack Ass Pickmeishas
>>2028 >>2032 whats worse is cardi b her self ins't really black. she's a multiracial woman when it's convenient for her to do so, but plays up this "Black" stereotype, simply because she comes from an impoverished, inner-city background, and then everyone starts calling her Black. Newsflash people! Just because one is "ghetto" or "ratchet", not to mention racially ambiguous, doesn't automatically make one Black! She's called dark skinned black women roaches and monkeys.and called Candace Owens a race traitor and a white mans whore and yeah there a million things wrong with Candace Owens but she is actually a black woman and seems to be in healthy relationship
>>2038 wow, i had no clue there were so many receipts of cardi b calling black women 'roaches', wtf. i thought she was funny and kind of likable in a dumb way and she was honest about the "robbing" potential punters in order to survive, which was cool imo. that's a little disappointing. it is so weird considering she seems to avoid admitting she isn't really black and seems to be profiting off of that assumption. a lot of people are wrongly referring to her as black in relation to this WAP fiasco, apparently.
>>2038 >race traitor Ugly and below the belt. >white man's whore This is entirely accurate. You don't have a shred of credibility when you've sold out to the male white right. It's the same with supposedly pro-Asian women criticizing Asian men while being married to white guys. We get it: y'all hate yourselves even more than the guys hate themselves (looking at you AsianMasc).
>>2045 the comment had less to do with her politics and more due to the fact that she was married to a white guy, like I disagree with her politics but her relationship seems genuine, cardi (who is reminder again not black) making comments on how owens she can't handle a black man or about her marriage life when the debate was about politics is disrespectful and uncalled for
>>2028 I wish it could just be treated like another stupid ass party song but everything that women do has to be politicized somehow. I guess that's what happens when mainstream feminism makes female liberation all about choice and sexual availability to men uwu.
>>2048 Also I just listened to the full thing (I've only heard snippets before) and the other anons are right, the song is pretty bad tbh. It isn't catchy or has a distinct melody, and has too many lyrics that reference BDSM. I need to cleanse myself by listening to Not Tonight by Lil Kim. That's a real feminist sex anthem.


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