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lolcow suxs lol Anonymous 10/20/2020 (Tue) 13:19:43 No. 2217
They closed /ot/ on lolcow. Are we sisters welcomed here?
>>2252 /ot in open again it seems
what tf is up my bitches the day is finally here. i figured lc was a ticking time bomb since admin nuked 2X, and i’m not holding onto any hope. besides, we get the opportunity to start all over here! i think it’s exciting does anyone want to talk about where they think lc went wrong, or maybe right, and what we want to see on AG moving forward?
(97.84 KB 666x500 1603236148034.jpg)
(619.21 KB 1650x2107 1-01.jpg)
>>2258 I like the idea of a fresh new start, too. I think the biggest thing that's gone wrong with lc is that farmhands/admin are making staff more of a clique that others the userbase. If we can avoid that here we should be able to build a good ecosystem.
>>2258 I think lc went wrong when the current admin accepted the role. Nothing against them personally, but I don’t think they’re suited to moderate a board like lc. You need to have very thick skin and an unbiased attitude, which are two things the current admin lacks. I wish them well, but they should throw in the towel already. It’s clear they are miserable anyways.
>>2261 admin deleted my pitbull board-tan and i'm salty about it
>>2261 these boards sound pretty solid, i’m down to post and get some of these started if others think they’d be useful? i’d love to bring gossip into this space, but also some positive threads for female empowerment. i think it could help set a different tone for this space, so we don’t just look like a bunch of autistic infighters
i unironically was permabanned for being a qoute 'twitterfag' on lolcow, for saying that the jkr billboards were stupid kek, because i still think they are. i'm not against them but think resources could be put into better awareness avenues, feel free to disagree. despite being a terf and having a post history that shows it i was banned lmao. i just don't get what the websites values and aims are, i tried so hard to tame my terf posting on /ot/ after 2X was nuked and after rules changed in order to not get a ban, but the moment i say "i think the jkr billboards are dumb" in an on topic discussion about her, i get permabanned reeeeee. i just don't understand what the website wants from posters and what is/isn't okay to say. i feel like baiters and infighters go untouched but if you say something a farmhand dislikes you get a ban. i understand the website is for drama and cows but i really enjoyed using it to just talk about life things like media and fashion. i was a good poster, never replied to bait or continued with infighting. and all my appeals to unban were ignored :( the website needs to sort out what it wants from its userbase. im fine with being permabanned tbh because it doesn't seem like the website has anywhere to go but downhill, i just wish i didn't get my ban from something so stupid and mundane when my post history shows i was a normie user
>>2261 . >>2279 ...nevermind, lol. the celeb board got nuked instantly. not sure what admins of this site want but i guess we’re restricted to gc discussion only which is dumb. i liked hearing about celeb culture and drama from other women with a similar worldview, it makes for much different discussion that i can’t find anywhere else. oh well. looks like AG might not be the dream platform i was hoping for
>>2283 We can probably still post about them as long as it’s not one big general thread. That'd just attract libfems and gay men on anon.
(727.50 KB 950x594 1603199366485.png)
>”she’s” a janitor >on the internet >on a gossip imageboard >”she” does it for free >”she” takes her "job" very seriously >”she” does it because it is the only amount of power & control “she” will ever have in “her” pathetic life >”she” deletes threads “she” doesn't like because whenever “she” gets upset her dysphoria about “her” girldick is triggered >”she” deletes threads “she” doesn't like because they interfere with the large backlog of little girl chinese cartoons “she” still has to watch >”she” locks entire boards if her fellow trannies get too triggered >”she” will never have a real job >”she” will never move out of “her” parent's house >”she” will never be at a healthy weight >”she” will never know how to cook anything besides horse piss soup >”she” will never have a girlfriend >”she” will never have any friends
>>2261 this sounds perfect, add rules/guidelines in pic related
>>2286 Also some bait threads to filter scrotes and trannies, don't show red text so they fall for it act out and get banned.
(99.55 KB 876x960 1549143114706.jpg)
>>2283 >the celeb board Been on lolcow like one time, but these threads seem to explode exponentially, attract unwanted outside attention, could only be improved by relocation to KF or some shit and anyway most users here don't seem interested in gossip about malajusted internet personas unless it's terry strange. Pls no.
>>2288 Why can't it just be a female anon board that doesn't suck dick? No offense but anyone who's so invested in celebs and gossip is the type of reactionary and stereotypical women I try to avoid.
>>2289 >No offense but anyone who's so invested in celebs and gossip is the type of reactionary and stereotypical women I try to avoid. Same and I hate saying this because I feel as if I sound like NLOG. Gossip is vapid and so petty most of the time. I know men do it too but I still wish it wasn't so normalized and accepted as a "girly" behaviour.
Also, I was just banned on lolcow /meta/ for a ban evasion even though I wasn't banned in the first place. The moderation is absolutely ridiculous and the admin apparently has thin skin.
>>2283 >inot sure what admins of this site want but i guess we’re restricted to gc discussion only which is dumb I think it's just that we don't want this to turn into a gossip site.. any thread that would have gone in /ot/ is probably fine but nothing that would belong on /snow/ (which isn't even locked anyway). Also you have KF I guess.
>>2297 honestly thats fair, AG keeps getting recommended in LC as a redfem alternative but they are two very different boards, suposse us farmers either make a new board or just stay low until ot/ opens up again...
>>2285 Kek I was thinking of copy-pasting the same thing in my ban appeal but I made the mistake of being genuine instead. That image also always makes me laugh,
(985.95 KB 665x553 wakemeupinside.PNG)
Does anyone else feel less secure being anonymous on lolcow than they used to? I feel like the personal fighting between admin and users just means that staff will pay more attention to who's who and I feel paranoid of being retaliated against if I say anything that could be interpreted as against the "culture" staff is trying really hard to create
Welcome to those who just arrived from the farm! The current admin seem very unstable and keen on nuking LC so those who want a women-only but less radfem focused image board than AG should look into making their own. This idea looks great >>2261 with these rules >>2286 But for non-gossip topics please do use this site famer-friends, it needs more activity! >>2311Yeah I don't trust her one bit.
>>2311 Yeah, I feel like the admin is taking everything too personally even when the post isn't necessarily against her. I have no idea how the admin can be so detached from the rest of the userbase and the entire selective redtexting has been fishy.
I just came from lc too. I was a newfag that accidentally happened upon the board due to searching for info on a cow (was actually not trying to get dirt on her and didn't know people hated her). I stayed only for ot/g/m. A place only focused on more wholesome topics (with some allowance for man bashing) seems like what I wanted in the first place. Just hope it becomes a bit more active.
(506.28 KB 2658x1581 1603050298856.jpg)
>>2261 Hey I'm the one who made this image. I think we should agree to keep gossip on the farm, outside of AG. Enough of picking women appart, that is done everywhere. We should just chill in here.
>>2339 >>2261 adding to my post, I think I can make a new picture of what a female imageboard could look like with everyone's suggestions here, so please hit me up with suggestions
>>2340 You know what, it would be great if we could perv out a bit like in LC's /g/ - sex, masturbation and femdom threads without scrotes pls So I welcome /g/ and /m/ alternatives as they are my faves on LC anyway. Asherah's garden feels too pure for that.
This is tinfoil but I find a few things very suspicious. The major infighting only started with the new admin, yet I can't think of anything that she did wrong to start it. To me it looks like a group of people took advantage of there being a new inexperienced LC admin to cause chaos. The radfems have always denied it was them which makes sense because here is nearly always peaceful. >pink pill banned >gender critical banned >/2X/ locked Now it's been revealed that there's a discord that intentionally shits up LC, it makes sense to me that it's trannies larping as radfems. They intentionally did it to get these topics banned.
>>2348 God their obsession with women speaking our minds is so extreme. Gotta shut it all down, even fucking lolcow. They've been very transparent in meta, you can tell it's men who constantly whine about radfems.
>>2349 It's obvious looking back on it. There's been feminism threads on LC since at least 2016 and trannies have always been cows. When LC got a new admin they took the opportunity to pretend to be radfems while attacking other anons and the moderation. Other anons and farmhands thought it was the actual radfems and started calling for pinkpill and gender critical to be banned because they were sick of the infighting.
>>2348 >yet I can't think of anything that she did wrong to start it. Wasn't it because of her discord posts complaining about the "white" userbase or something? Tbh if an admin on any other website acted like her they would've been mocked too
>>2342 I don't think a femdom and sex threads would be a good idea, it pulls scrotes like flies to shit. g is still open on lc, anyways.
>>2351 Lmaooo the absolute brain rot. She should just go to lipstick alley then and leave the ebil ww to do their own modding.
>>2351 That discord screen cap didn't appear until she said she was going to lock /2X/. It was weird how she just snapped one day and with racist caricatures of her now being posted on /meta/ it makes me wonder if she's been taking abuse for a while. It's another reason I think it's troons doing this. It's such a low scrote like behaviour. I'm not going to defend her for what she said because it was bad. Moderation teams shitting on their own userbase always is. It's just another thing that makes more sense in hindsight with new information.
>>2342 c.c has /nsfw/ which is slow because it's hidden.
>>2352 I know, it could be hidden though. I would like to be able all aspects of being female including sex stuff. >>2356 Like on Cc but place is troon station.
>>2351 LC has a racism problem whether you want to admit it or not. Anyways it was funny when it turned out she hated gc anons becuse she thought we were all white rich blah blah and not because were gc.
>>2280 > i tried so hard to tame my terf posting Nobody should ever have to do this imo
>>2366 Is lolcow not working for anyone else? I thought no one was posting when I saw a lot of the posts where 6 or so hours old but I try to post and I get some weird error. No one's posting anything on any board.
>>2381 lol let it die
>>2381 I was wondering if it was just me. I tried /snow/ and /ot/ and got the same error
>>2381 Yep same
>>2381 same here. I can't see any posts. it's down on isitdownrightnow.com as well, that site says it's been down for 15 hours
>>2381 oh man I thought something was up when I couldn't post and posts hadn't been replied to for hours >>2382 NOPE
>>2392 >lainchan Gross.
>>2393 There's nothing wrong with it.
>>2392 she was a dumb teen, great. I don't get the pointing of posting this shit.
>>2397 She quietly moved the thread to a hidden board when s/o talked about her being known on farm discords before she was admin so now I definatley believe she's afraid of something coming out
>>2425 I didn't even notice that, wow.


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