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Vent thread #1 Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 17:48:09 No. 2
Vent about whatever in this thread.
>>2111 It probably has to do with the fact China sucks. Modern Egyptians have nothing to do with ancient Egyptians. The ancient Greeks and ancient Persians were cool, but look at them today. Japan preserved a lot from the Tang dynasty, and they made tea ceremony into something it had not been in China for example. China is Confucianism, and that was wrecked by the Cultural Revolution. China is more interesting when it's fragmented into warring polities. China has great history, but the Chinese now have a mostly well-deserved bad reputation.
>>2113 Also NGL the Japanese obsession with death is very Romantic and not Chinese.
>>2114 Plus you have samurai and bushido which are like knights and chivalry that you don't find elsewhere in Asia.
>>2115 >>2113 all these factors but I think the biggest factor what that Japan developed a state that was equal to the west in development and military might and they managed to beat a major European power in Russo-Japanese war which was a shocker
>>2115 Sort of, I found this list of vows of chivalry which resembles something I remember reading in a book of King Arthur stories: Fear God and His Church. Serve the liege Lord in valor and faith. Protect the weak and defenseless. Live by honor and for glory. Respect the honor of women. I have also read the Book of Five Rings and parts of the Hagakure and the latter makes it clear that 'Bushido' was something that varied on a clan by clan basis, but mostly just boils down to only the 2nd point of the European code. Films like Harakiri show how Samurai were both romanticised but also viewed oppressive and evil. In most Jidagekai films the hero is a ronin, a samurai who no longer lives by the code. Like, you're not wrong, in the popular imagination samurai are cooler knights and they are very similar, but I just wanted to sperg. Also while I'm here, the European code of chivalry was a romantic ideal and you only need to make laws if people break them, meaning that all five points are things that knights were often failing to do and needed to make vows to be sure they did them.
I wish I could just be surrounded with women who feel the same way I do in my day to day life as well, I just feel like I would be so much happier and finally disconnect from all the toxic beliefs about myself I have internalized over the years.
My one remaining friend who's local to me is getting on my nerves. Over the years, she's become more and more of a TRA and now identifies as "non-binary" and uses he/him pronouns to refer to herself. Worse, she's started dating this year and wants to be polyamorous. Our conversations have devolved into one-sided ones where she overshares her cringe-inducing stories of her poly boyfriend who obviously finds her too clingy, her sex life and fantasies of basically wanting to be a gay man, and her dating app experiences. She barely talks to me about anything else. I wanted to hang out with her during this pandemic as there were times when she was depressed and I suggested that maybe a day trip would help cheer her up. I've also enjoyed our times together as friends prior to this pandemic and missed hanging out. We haven't hung out since the pandemic started. She has basically rejected any time I brought up hanging out in favor of spending time with her boyfriend and venting to me about her depression instead. I never thought I'd reach the point where I would deliberately ignore a friend's messages but I really couldn't care less at this point to hear about her sex life and complaints about how Tinder isn't "queer-friendly" anymore. Our friendship doesn't really feel reciprocal anymore and the TRA stuff really doesn't help.
>>2125 aww anon im in the same boat with my local friend. she's trying to be the most unique person out there, she goes by she/they/he and it looks absolutely retarded and over-performative when you line her up against a bunch of other LGB people just trying to get by and be themselves.
I went to the other board and they have an 'MtF general' thread now which is more active than this whole site and I am sad.
found a website called gynocentrism and skimmed over some posts. It's actually a website about how women secretly run the world and men are victims. I'd be sad about the state of the world but it's kind of funny that even though men have the upperhand today, there still are so many who are such enormous failures they have to resort to this.
>>2143 It is sad. Imo, AG should be expanded to be more general purpose and not as specifically centered around rf/gc stuff. We'd have a lot more anons sticking around to talk shit and let loose rather than having to shuffle back and forth between imageboards to talk about different topics. I also think it'd be good if anons were a little less stringent about everyone necessarily living by our principles 24/7. It's important that anons have the right principles, but we can't expect everyone to necessarily live by them all the time and not let loose and enjoy some guilty pleasures without shaming them. We can acknowledge that things are guilty pleasures without shaming people into not posting about their interests (which is what happened with the fashion thread and something I feel would happen with a number of topics if the board is mostly centered around feminism).
(55.64 KB 828x730 meme.jpg)
>>2144 Lmfao, do y'all know what this reminds me of? One of the beliefs of a lot of scrots like that is that the idea of patriarchy is retarded. They think that patriarchy is some kind of illuminati-style group where every man ever attends secret meetings and discusses how to oppress women. However, they all of a sudden understand societal structures and systems of oppression when they wanna cry about "gynocracy" (kek) or how the "system" is biased against men or something. Similarly, when women underperform in academics it is "the natural state of things" "women just aren't good at STEM" but these same retards cry about how education is biased against men and boys and cite graduation rates and college attendance rates to justify this stance as well as crying about how the American public school system stifles boys (something something female teachers feminizing boys something something not being allowed to be rowdy at recess). Social justice retarded, women aren't oppressed anymore, however if oppression exists it is actually against men!!11 /s
>>2145 But how would it be expanded? There are five boards and only one is explicitly GC. We should just talk about unrelated topics here. I do think you have a good point about a purity culture though, RIP fashion thread. You even have anons here feeling ashamed of being heterosexual. What's the cure? Should we start a confessions thread?
>>2145 >AG should be expanded It should not, imo. AG is a higher quality site than most other imageboards for this reason, it has a theme and less users.
>>2148 Wish there was more activity though, I visit like once a month and there are barely any new posts.
>>2147 >You even have anons here feeling ashamed of being heterosexual As a hettie, those who feel this way should seriously consider the advice of some lesbian radfems; log off for a bit because the rest of the world caters to us in the first place. The point of radical feminism is to confront patriarchy at the roots, where so much abuse happens in romantic relationships they should be critically examined. I conced women can be cruel in these circles (women are human after all), and doesn't seem like they remember how powerful socialization is. The "can I date men and be radfem" question is a waste of time and pits women against each other, instead of encouraging women to create stronger female support systems; which is what's important. It takes all kinds to change the world; some women will focus more on separatist ventures, others will focus more on other issues. It really is validation seeking to worry so much about labels.
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>>2155 KEK, when she is right, she is right
>>2155 I just wish she could stay sane and not on the side of assholes when it suits her, and also not murder chickens in her closet. She could be a hilarious force for good.
>>2147 I didn't literally mean expanded, just a poor choice of words, but more... slightly repurposed for more general use (Idk how to phrase it properly) but with a very obvious emphasis on rf thought. That way people would be less inhibited to post about their normal live and interests without feeling like they're going to be judged. I love the board, but I'm just saying, to get activity up, making it more of a place to relax, share, and relate, without feeling like you need to adhere to strict principles 24/7, would be nice. I think there just needs to be more of a mental shift in the userbase than changes from the actual website. I'm not saying it'd be better to attract a different userbase. I know this userbase has lives outside of radical feminism, I'm sure users have habits or interests that don't strictly align with radical feminism but I assume they're aware of that, and it'd be nice to be able to speak about these things too. I think this is also a big reason why we're seeing anons not posting regularly. >>2148 Users are able to post about whatever, but there's a certain culture here that I believe prevents anons from posting about other topics and about their lives. I don't think we should have a different userbase at all.
Being gc or even rf is not enough to form any kind of community, I guess it's fitting that AG is an imageboard site and not social media. Slightly OT, I can't be a radfem because there are too many women that I genuinely don't want to support and associate with even if I support the ideas. Most people on this site are garbage, just most of the population.
>>2160 I think it is difficult to attract anons mostly because when this site was created during the 2X board saga it was brushed off as some kind of honeypot. That, and I do think that anons from the low calorie board that would be fit in with this site are still on there so they might not feel the need to come over. I still follow some cows and there are certain threads (Wig0onhead, tradthots, leftthots, fakeboi, mtf) that might have anons that could possibly vibe with us. Idk, but some new threads might be cool. Any kind of political space is gonna have infight sperg, so we'll just have to ignore that shit and keep it moving if we want more topics.
>>2162 asherahs is rarely mentioned on lolcow, maybe we need to just drop the name in response to anons who may be a good fit.
How do you stop obsessing over your looks when the world seems hellbent on reminding you? I know I can't change my looks significantly to become attractive, maybe below average, I'm overweight with mouth breather face, but I can't stop thinking about it. I was treated way better when I was thinner even by my own family, I fucking hate this. I hate having to invest what little money I have into becoming average looking just to be treated with basic respect. Call me weak but I dropped out of my stem program because of the constant shit I got from men, not because I was a woman, but because I'm just legitimatly ugly, the other women in my classes got treated just fine. Honestly considering just becoming a programmer so I can learn and work from home forever. I'm so sick of everything I say and do being filtered by people through my looks. You're not seen as confident when you're ugly, you're delusional, you're not outgoing, you're obnoxious, you're not smart, you're a source for idea stealing, and on and on....
>>2164 i'm sorry to hear this experience caused you to drop out. Maybe becoming a programmer could assuage some of your worries. I had similar feelings in the past and I think in the end we are just forced to put a lot more work into developing other qualities. I'm still working on it, mostly trying to be more outgoing, friendly and articulate. Confidence isn't easy to develop when people are constantly criticizing you though. Hope you feel better soon.
I feel so let down by radical feminism and radfems lately honestly. Most of the women I met in this movement I legit have no idea why they are radfems or what brings them to identify as such. Most of them are the most basic boring bitches who gladly conform to societal standards and stereotypes for women and have no ground breaking statements other than "troons bad" and "men evil" (which is fucking hilarious because 90% of them have boyfriends and love to pull the muh nigel card). Yeah, I joined this movement after men abused me and I wanted a space free of them to have hypocrites flaunt their relationships with men to my face almost every day while simultaneously shitpost everyday about men being subhuman trash. I also find hilarious how not even I who have a story of abuse from men and try to filter them as much as possible don't manage to hate men as much as they do (despite of them willingly dating men). How does that work? Sometimes I wonder if most of them have actually talked to human males around them or they are just autists with 0 social skills who think every single male who talks to them and is nice is trying to fuck them and every single word they interchange with male coworkers as harassment, or maybe are the types who barely go outside their circlejerks and keep putting personal shit online in the open with their face and full names plastered on it and then complain when some scrote flirts with them at their dms or steals and reposts their pics. I genuinely don't get this cognitive dissonance and since I became more active in the community I can see why incels think getting laid as a female is the easiest shit in the world because I can't explain otherwise how man-hating spergs manage to get into stable relationships with the men they claim to hate. (How can you even stand going in a date with a man when you nitpick literally everything they do??? Not to mention living with him...). And holy fuck the hypocresy when it comes to dating advice. They'll be flaunting their shit boyfriends at you in a GODDAMN FEMINIST SPACE, making you doubt your believes and wonder if you should pursue a relationship after all since these feminists are so happy with theirs, while simultaneously making you feel bad over not being able to get over a relationship that ended because of a goddamn misunderstanding with a scrote you've been close to for years (but when their nigel does actual terrible reprehensible crap, they either stay silent about it or straight up change the subject). I'd could go on and on. I don't know anons I hoped I could make good female friends as a radfem so I could interact less with men in a daily basis and instead it just made me lost hope of having a deep relationship with other women my age because all relationships with these women feel so superficial and teenage girl tier bullshit, I am also now carrying with me the prejudice of how hypocritical and fake women can be because of these people, which will make it even harder. I insist I don't get how can you identify as a proud and out feminist and at the same time be the stereotypical boring girl who doesn't actually have hobbies other than what you watch people do at youtube and instagran and do teenage girl bullshit past your 20s neither you've got an actual personality outside her boyfriend's bullshit. Nevertheless actively avoiding all the complicated "men" hobbies because they are complicated and men do them.... What is this garbage lmao I'd rather hang out with enbies or even scrotes I can talk about the complicated stuff I am good at and I genuinely enjoy than playing dollhouse at my age with a bunch of idiots who can't do basic math and help keep stereotypes like "girls r bad at math and stem and only care about makeup and clothes" and the sort alive just because we all have vaginas. I don't get how you can claim to try to fight sex-based oppression while you partake it so willingly and happily. I am in the verge of going tradthot, those bitches are also plain and toxic af but they at least aren't hypocrites about it. Sorry for this
>>2166 lol I hit the post limit. I was saying sorry for this gigantic vent, I bet many of you are going to be mad at this post but I am very done with everyone lately and I don't have another place to let it out (since lolcow is filled with these type of radfem larpers I just mentioned). I hate hypocrisy with all my soul and the last thing I wanted after leaving liberal spaces to get detoxed from hypocrisy and falseness was to deal with even more from the only people you believed you'd fit with. I greatly respect old feminists (I learnt everything I know from older spinsters who wanted to share their experiences with other women) and 2nd wave authors but feminism nowadays is truly a fucking joke no matter the flavor, it's all full of lazy entitled zoomers and infantilized milenial women who whine about everything and never want to be hold accountable for any of their mistakes, most of it is more libfem bullshit with anti-troonery sentiment with some insecure mentally ill femcels added to the mix who always backtrack on everything after they get in a relationship. I am so done, it makes me depressed remembering all the cool feminists I actually look up to are in the verge of dying of old age if not passed away already.
>>2167 Just log off.
>>2169 Kek, deadass. I'm not a radfem, but I suppose I can empathize a little bit with >>2167 >>2166 anon. It would be frustrating to enter radical feminism wanting to meet likeminded women and then being introduced to politically homeless libfems. However, I wonder where you are meeting these people. I personally don't know any woman in my libfemmy circle who is afraid of STEM some shit lol. I do have to agree that we have to stop with this infantilizing bullshit when it comes to discussing the questionable decisions of women by trying to assign blame to patriarchy and socialization. Like, yes, we all deal with negative socialization because of patriarchy but we also have brains? Surely we aren't complete drones? I don't know, I could go into this phenomenon and how it annoys the fuck out of me but that is for another post.
>>2166 This just feels like a really rotten misrepresentation of these communities. I take issue with women who are overly defensive of their men and dilute other communities, but you sound ridiculous and dishonest, above all. Yes anon, none of these women can do math but you.
>>2164 Anon, it doesn't make you weak at all. I'm sorry to hear that you were/are treated worse than other women. I know how demotivating that can be and how damaging it can be, especially because it definitely seems that women are penalized and punished just for their appearance, but you are so much more than your looks. Take things at your own pace and do what you want to do and what is best for you. If programming will allow for the life you feel comfortable with, go for it. You have a functional and healthy body, working limbs, seeing eyes, hearing ears, and the smarts to successfully compete any stem program you set your mind to. Just take things at your own pace, be kind to yourself, and don't let people shame you for having to work within your mental or psychological limitations. If you think losing weight (to a reasonable degree) will help you, I say do what you need to do, but know that these people that would treat you poorly for your appearance are assholes.
>>2167 I get you, I had my moment of disillusion not long ago. It's a shame that there are so many fucking self-absorbed hypocrites around. Every time you bring up separatism and women only spaces, etc, you will get dozens of replies saying that it's insane privilege somehow to want to cut men out of your life. They, modern western women, bring up like child brides in Afgan and such to tell you how insanely privileged you are for experiencing abuse that leaves you unable to ever trust men into your life and that you are an Elitist of some sort for just contemplating separatism, while it's volcel and lesbian women who always have lower social standing and less resources, most women are het-partnered, and these "radfems" sure as fuck can survive without their nigels. Or they somehow imply that only Privileged White Women can hate every man in her personal circle at any point, and the aforementioned Afgan girl or a woman in a similar situation somehow always has a dude in her family she adores and lesbians and separatists are the evil harpies who want to take The One Good Dude forcefully from her or something like that. When it's the women from the thirld world countries who build separatist villages and it's the upper class western women who do shit like "he for she". A while ago in my country's radfem circles there was a long flamewar between a group consisting of educated married women, all migrated the fuck away from here, attacking separatism, and a working class volcel feminist living in a shitholesmalltown defending it, and the first group had the gall to call the latter and lesbians in general things like privileged and oppressors, what the fuck. And then you have our modern faces of the movement: white ex-housewives who gave zero fucks about feminism or any movement before husband trooned out; mothers of boys who don't want baaad lowly girls from porn to "turn" their men and boys shitty; conformist women unhappy that compliance didn't payoff enough - where the fuck were they before 35, did they have no problems before TRAs hit the stage? Then you have women like Megan Murphy who regularly spawns articles like "ever judging other women is bad, pls let me wear makeup and date men" but has no qualms calling other women out on pettiest shit. It's not that I have personallly have much against her, it's that you can't criticize women who benefit from conforming but they sure can call you names, and they act like they are privy to some secrets of partriarchy dykes and volcels can't know. Also, leave Tumblr and Discord, lol, it's a cesspool.
>>2176 To continue: It's also a fucking shame a ton of radfems don't think critically about the distribution of time and recources and so most of them see nothing wrong with "We need to reform men" and "we need to make nuclear family a better deal for women" as main goals. Like we can fucking reform those in position of power over us and their main institution of bullshit, sure. Not nearly as bad as, say, idiots who want restorative "justice" and therapy for male abusers, rapists and murderers, or libfems who want to waste time and money "resocializing" boys from "toxic masculinity", while girls can obviously sink or swim, so long as said girls don't upset the wokies. But still questionable and uninspired.
>>2176 >tell you how insanely privileged you are for experiencing abuse that leaves you This "women have it worse than you" is just another dismissive tactic. Like I get they have it worse but if we want to help them we need to first help ourselves, why should women give every last bit of their lives for other people? >you are an Elitist of some sort for just contemplating separatism Maybe they actually think its about moving into a commune?? This not my nigeling is the death of women, literally. Every rapist and murder had a mother sister grandma etc. Honestly I see it like an addiction that were groomed into, this level of defending shitty men that women go to is insane. The movement is filled mostly with young women who are still mentally weak from female socialization and don't want to put in the effort to de female socialize, so you have a bunch of good daddys girls trying to change things, but still ending up following the same path as their mothers. Some good trust your perceptions won't fix.
This is just "I'm not like other girls" upgraded. Quit your bullshit. You can be disatisfacted with people in radfem spaces without bashing them. There's always something in common you can discuss with other gals and bond over. Maybe the problem is with you
>>2167 Anon, I mean this with love, because this frustration is real and the hypocrisy happens and it sucks: You are idealizing the shit out of the second wave and men, and demonizing the fuck out of women in the same old ways. Yeah, there are a lot of women who like youtubers and makeup and have no hobbies. Do you really not know as many men who are into, idk, streamers, porn, and nothing else? Like, I get it, I'm really into astronomy and I'm tired of going to clubs where I'm the only woman. But shit, part of feminism--a KEYSTONE PART--is interrogating my urge to respond to that man-filled room with WHY ARE WOMEN SO SHIT, b/c guess what: just because that instinct is loud doesn't mean it's right. I'd hit your criteria for being a worthy woman, and I can be just as judgmental and angry. I get why. I'm not a total idiot for it, and neither are you. But I've also thrown my hands up at other times in my life and been like "ahha uhh I can't do math!!" and seen other women roll their eyes b/c I was fucking terrified of being bad at math in front of people. If you've never had a moment like that, understand that you are lucky, and that this doesn't make you untainted by bullshit. You have to have some fucking compassion. Women are all poisoned from birth, and we mutate in different ways to handle that, and yeah, some women are hand-fluttery girly-girls who yell when you intimate their nigel is not all that great, actually. You don't have to like her. But you need to think harder about why you hate her so deeply and why that hate makes you spring to the "I'D RATHER HANG WITH SCROTES" place, b/c I promise you men are just as boring and twice and dangerous. The second wave was fucking incredible. It also had all this shit. Look up "trashing." Look up "Magic Mommas and Trembling Sisters." Betty Friedan was awful to lesbians. Olivia Records let in an AGP. Little later than the 2nd wave, but Dykes to Watch Out For is a wonderful comic, and yeah, it has a dumb part towards the end where Bechdel added "genderqueer" and trans kid characters. Gloria Steinem did some great shit that mattered, but she was also absolutely trading off being The Hot One Who Likes Boys. Nothing has changed. Nothing is perfect, every movement, and most people within it, is a mosiac of goodness and shittiness and stupidity and brilliance. And there is comfort in that. You're not as alone as you feel. But you're also not as special and intelligent as you feel. If your feminism crumbles into "a bunch of idiots who uphold stereotypes and probably overreact to "harassment"" then you're being just as lazy and shallow as the women you decry. They have grown up in a world that has made them hyper-aware of being ugly, unfuckable, and probably too dumb to try things, and scared of failing visibly. The point of feminism is recognizing that. It sure as hell isn't to make you feel superior for your taste in hobbies and resistance to certain brands of sexism. It's easier for some women not to care about this shit, and let the crap roll off their back and hold tight to their interest in STEM or w/e. We're lucky. But we're not better, more worthy, or enormously special. Do the work of compassion, which is not a fragile, stupid emotion but hard fucking labor, and of learning that you don't have to like every woman to be a feminist. That's not the point. The point is to build a world where we can be fuller, freer people, and it's messy and irritating and tiring and you won't like everyone, and we all bear the scars of this shit world's shaping. For some, that's makeup and youtube. For us, it's an itchy I'M THE ONLY GOOD WOMAN ALL THE REST ARE STUPID trigger finger. They both suck.
>>2180 But how do you explain that we grew up in the same society, we were socialised the same, and I have never had a phase like theirs (for most it's not even a phase, but a lifestyle)? They are defective, I should not be expected to "be the bigger person" just because I noticed thay certain things are unhealthy before them. And here's what happens - women who are coddled by society are ALSO coddled in GC circles, meanwhile we are STILL put down and expected to do all the emotional labor for them. They are strangers at the end of the day and I don't owe them anything. Tell them to get therapy if you're such a good and wise person.
>>2185 I don't know why anyone treated your previous posts like they weren't loony as shit. You're completely unrealistic at best, (if not a troll) and seem unhelpful and condescending to the point of actually being a potential source of harm for women who are trying to grow and learn more about themselves and figure out what's best for them.
>>2187 I didn't make the posts above, but answer my question. Why do they get to be helped and I don't?
>>2188 I don't even know how to explain to you that you don't have the same life experiences as another person just because you're both women, even women who grew up in the same society. You don't have the same brain, the same personal circumstances, the same thoughts or necessarily the same ability to think in certain ways, the same limitations, etc. No offense, but this kind of inability to understand that people are different (for so many reasons), is legitimately autistic. You don't owe them anything and no one is suggesting that you don't deserve to be helped. But it doesn't take much "emotional labor" to understand that people are different and at least attempt to resist getting high on your own farts just because some people are slower to act or are unsure of themselves, or their progress is inhibited for plenty of possible reasons.
>>2167 >>2185 Both of you are full of shit. >>2167 for bashing an entire group of women with this generational wars bullshit. Lemme tell you, every generation has its flaws, and while I agree there are weak minded women in our circles, it happens in every damn group. Also, people can learn with their mistakes and do better. If you don't like anyone, can't bond over anything, I suggest logging off. (+ conservative women don't give a shit about you either, if you're trying to resort to their circles. Once you attack the boymoms they come in flocks. Don't be silly.) >>2185 Not everything has to be about you. The world isn't centered on you. Curb your autism. Women have different experiences and different traumas. Each one of us carries generational scars that affects us differently. Your life experience is not the ruler standard for other women's. Maybe if you cared and were compassionate to other sisters, it would return to you. Your condescending attitude is icky. Also women ain't coddled here or ANYWHERE. You sound like a male.
>>2193 >Women have different experiences and different traumas. >Maybe if you cared and were compassionate to other sisters, it would return to you. My last post on this topic. The difference between us is that the harm in my case was caused by them directly, especially by one person. I was always nice to them and I was still treated like shit so I was like ok, I will avoid them. Their trauma? Caused by men, not me or people like me.
(10.18 KB 477x201 post.png)
>>2171 Okay, so this is type of shit that annoys the hell out of me. This is a random tumblr post I found, and while I respect the patience and empathy people like this have.....no. Males who push these standards deserve way more shaming and scorn than the women following them, but I do find it annoying how some feminists turn every post-Belle Delphine type ethot into an uwu poor victim of patriarchy. If they want to pander to scrotes, they can embrace adult female aesthetics to do so but they do not. I know this person said that they would critique and ~educate the women who participate in this, but I really feel like this framing makes it seems like they are ignorant rather than apathetic. I think it is hard pill to swallow for some of the nicefem types that there are a lot of women who care more about securing the bag no matter what type of degeneracy they enable.
>>2198 OP might as well say that women have no free will, ffs.
>>2166 >>2167 Please, go back to Lolcow. Stop trying to project your frustrations unto other women you disagree with because you have issues. Genuinely get help. Understanding how the patriarchy works and being able to identify its structures and patterns in a radical feminist perspective is the least most women could do. How they want to apply it in their own life and experiences is not something we get to "actually dictate.", but we can always bring awareness on the sources and roots of said choices, not demonizing and bringing the woman herself down (that's what you seem to be doing here.) I don't know what radical feminist space you've been in or talking about but acting like there can't be co-existence of agreements and disagreements/radical and liberal is exhausting. I don't know if you know this but Dworkin expressed empathy for transwomen, De Beauvoir groomed girls with Sartre, Greer thinks FGM is an attack on cultural identity.. Again, radical feminism isn't going to solve whatever problems and issues you are having. Read theory, formulate your thoughts, then label or align yourself with whatever movement and ideologue. Life isn't black and fucking white, or a me vs them kind of shit.
>>2203 Greer thinks opposition to FGM is an attack on cultural identity**
>>2202 No one has free will. Some people have more options than others though especially if they're able to act on accurate information regarding their oppressors.
It annoys me when people say women look "gnc" for every little thing. It's just ridiculous.
>>2214 I agree. I hate the leftover obsession with gender as a performance and being "feminine" and "masculine" in gc spaces. I don't mean to be rude to women and understand this has ramifications in their real lives but using this language seems counterproductive.
>>2166 This is scrote larping as a woman


no cookies?