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Anonymous 07/07/2020 (Tue) 01:17:28 No. 1535 [Reply] [Last]
An anon on 4chan posted a link to this place in a thread about how there’s no women on 4chan. I’m amazed this site exists. Keep being based, queens. Love the domain name btw.

Anonymous 07/06/2020 (Mon) 04:15:34 No. 1531 [Reply] [Last]
Can you tell me a bedtime story?
There was once a princess who decided to usurp the throne and rule alone by herself. She never married and lived happily ever after. The End. Good night, sweet anon ♡
>>1532 Thanks :3 Here's your story music.

(74.65 KB 620x863 7K6TVXMLDBEETGZ35OJFBPSS5M.jpg)
Anonymous 05/21/2020 (Thu) 11:22:11 No. 928 [Reply] [Last]
Do men and women have different brains or not?
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>>928 obviously yes
>>960 also stuff like this: http://www.zephoria.org/thoughts/archives/2014/04/03/is-the-oculus-rift-sexist.html hormones do all sorts of weird quirky things that you wouldn't necessarily associate with gender.
>>1505 >Over the next few years, I embarked on one of the strangest cross-disciplinary projects I’ve ever worked on. I ended up in a gender clinic in Utrecht, in the Netherlands, interviewing both male-to-female and female-to-male transsexuals as they began hormone therapy. Many reported experiencing strange visual side effects. Like adolescents going through puberty, they’d reach for doors—only to miss the door knob. But unlike adolescents, the length of their arms wasn’t changing—only their hormonal composition. >Scholars in the gender clinic were doing fascinating research on tasks like spatial rotation skills. They found that people taking androgens (a steroid hormone similar to testosterone) improved at tasks that required them to rotate Tetris-like shapes in their mind to determine if one shape was simply a rotation of another shape. Meanwhile, male-to-female transsexuals saw a decline in performance during their hormone replacement therapy. i'm sorry, i don't believe this. it reads very much like "being a woman makes me clumsy and bad at spatial reasoning" and the opposite assumption seems like it would be held in the minds of tims. i personally believe tifs would subconciously sabotage their performances while not on androgens and vice versa for tims. a slightly better way would be to do these tests on normal people without retarded sex hangups, particularly women with naturally elevated male sex hormones, and then repeat after correction. and even then, i really believe the hormone propaganda is very strong and could affect their performance even then.
>>1518 clumsiness is experienced by people transitioning in either direction, and has nothing to do with the supposed spatial reasoning advantages of men (which may or may not be real). what's important is that sex hormones are expressed in the retina and affect visual processing at a very basic level, for whatever reason. the brain has to adjust to the new encoding of visual information that cross-sex hormones can create, which in some people leads to temporary clumsiness. I don't know why this sex difference exists or what other implications it might have, but it probably dates back to a much earlier mammal and humans merely preserved it, rather than being crucially selected for in humans.

(221.09 KB 1680x1050 Oblivion.jpg)
Gaming thread #1 Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 17:55:48 No. 4 [Reply] [Last]
Thread for discussion of games and everything related
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(86.80 KB 960x1280 crop.jpg)
Alice: Madness Returns is the most based game ever, it being relatively high production is a bonus.
>>1511 ohh i remember when this game came out. i overlooked the banner/ads in store because it looked kind of cheesy. i didn't know it was a hack and slash. i thought for some reason it was going to be a puzzle game like catherine or something, no idea why i thought that. gonna try it out. the last fast-paced game i really, really, really enjoyed was the bayonetta series and nothing has come close since.
>>1515 Trailers are really cheesy,Look up the plot though, I don't think i've even seen anything this pinkpilled in vidya.
>>1520 wow, it's so detailed and actually... a real plot. it sounds really, really good. definitely going to buy it and try it out. ty, anon.
>>1511 this is one of the only video games i have truly enjoyed. the plot is pinkpilled af, the aesthetics are really good, and the whole concept is really innovative and unique.

Book Thread Anonymous 07/02/2020 (Thu) 23:42:47 No. 1503 [Reply] [Last]
Fiction, non fiction, books you hate, books you love, book reviews, recommendations, whatever. What are you currently reading?
(35.98 KB 282x475 941228.jpg)
Five stories, I've read through the first. Very much in the 'weird tales' mould so far, reminds me of Lovecraft, but not as much as it reminds me of the way Howard reminds me of Lovecraft; I guess they were all doing similar things being published in the same magazines at the same time.
Peter Watts - Blindsight. He's such an edgelord, oh dear. Ursula Le Guin - No time to spare. A absolute must read.

Grid Thread: What ever the current Season is Anonymous 07/02/2020 (Thu) 04:39:07 No. 1497 [Reply] [Last]
Post what you wear on a daily basis, and rate others. I'll start, also obligatory blank template provided.
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>>1500 Very gen Z like. Your midriff is covered by the sweater, interesting. OP here, I was expecting a lot less than 6/10. Glad you didn't call out my sandals lol >>1501 The shirt and trouser are the most defining parts of your style. Are you south Asian? I ponder what drew you to that design, there is clearly a hidden theological subtext here with the Ganesha shirt. What did you mean by this... Actually now that I've looked at the shoes, I realized that there is a strict color palette you are adhering too - cyan and orange. This is clearly no ordinary poop post. you have intentionally inserted subtle theological themes & masterfully-executed yet intentionally-mistransmitted messages on purpose. 3 orange items vs 2 blue, 1 half-half and 1 yellow. Why are the sunglasses yellow, and not cyan or orange? Was this imbalance part of your plan?
>>1497 I hope you actually pull off panto. It's definitely true glasses can make some people look better. >>1501 Nice glasses! I know of a pair like that popular with psychs.
>>1504 >I hope you actually pull off panto. It's definitely true glasses can make some people look better. Thanks ^_^ What's your grid gardener?
Who fucking cares
>>1508 idc about fashion either but let anons have their fun

(314.05 KB 1600x880 1581610525254.jpg)
Art General Anonymous 02/13/2020 (Thu) 21:38:05 No. 173 [Reply] [Last]
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Anon you have incredible taste
>>1313 thanks anon <33 wish I could share links to my own stuff here such as yt
>>1323 >tfw you have to be deprived of anon's pretty artwork bc troons and men ruin everything
(1.11 MB 480x270 giphy (3).gif)
>>1331 brb going outside to kill them bastards

Watch Thread Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 20:46:38 No. 14 [Reply] [Last]
Movies, TV, dramas, cartoons, anime, Taiwanese puppet shows-- All are welcome! So, what are you watching?
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>>97 I have. It depends on how you feel about exploitation/pinky violence films as to whether you'll like them or not. I actually think they're good for the genre, but being those types of films means there's a lot of cliches by default. Female nudity, rape, and abuse from both men and women. The main character, and some of the other women in the series, are usually betrayed by men in some way. The main character gets brutalized a lot, but gets her revenge. If you're okay with content like that, check em out. I think the way they're directed is cool, and I like the main actress. In other words, if you can't stand any sort of rape/revenge type thing, avoid them. But if you are okay with exploitation type stuff, they're pretty good for the genre.
I just finished Parasite the other day and I loved it so much. It was refreshing to see such fully fledged, realistic women, who were never ignored in favor of their male counterparts! Have any of you anons seen it? Thoughts? Don't forget we have spoiler tags we can use
(253.92 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault_15.jpg)
(147.02 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (2).jpg)
Seirei no Moribito. Balsa is the greatest character I've seen in anime. She has no intention to marry, she is a legendary spear wielder, she is intelligent, she isn't sexualized, and she is 30 years old. I don't think I have ever come across a female character like this in anime before. Great story too. Must watch for all radfems. Kinda gave me avatar the last airbender vibes
(70.02 KB 500x588 234566745656.jpg)

Interior Design/Home Aesthetics Thread Anonymous 04/13/2020 (Mon) 04:31:15 No. 389 [Reply] [Last]
Thread for all of the furnishings, materials, and homes we'll never be able to afford.
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>>430 >>429 >>393 I think these would look much better irl, where you can see the texture and shimmer of the gold better. It looks terrible on pics though, like actual cracks with mold.
>>434 the sad thing is, i don't think this marble is metallic. the slabs i saw in person were certainly not and everything i see online gives me reason to believe when they say "gold" they just mean the color, not that it's actually metallic. literally well water tier
(3.89 MB 4608x3456 swank as fuck.JPG)
>>1018 >swank as fuck.JPG kek. nice, anon. was this a place you went? is this a museum or something?
(1.02 MB 2200x1320 1470333445392.jpg)
This one's a collaboration between two very prominent fashionable men. >>1024 Sorry to disappoint, but it's just an image I have saved. I've never even been to Florida: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ca%27_d%27Zan.

/lg/ - Lesbian/WLW General Anonymous 05/11/2020 (Mon) 02:20:46 No. 809 [Reply] [Last]
Thread for general discussion of women who love other women(LGB without the T). Let us know all the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of dating the fairer sex.
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Just make the next one lesbian/bi women instead of WLW. No big deal for now I'm sick of making LGB(unfortunately, nearly always "T" in being nonbinary) female friends that call themselves lesbians and plot twist, they're nearly always bisexual or "pan" or whatever else. I have one that's a "nonbinary demisexual lesbian" who likes to say stupid shit like male characters being "he/him lesbians" and another girl who called herself a lesbian for years (while dating a man) until she felt enough pressure from the more sane people in my friend group to stop claiming she was a lesbian. All the "normie LGB" people I know are gay or bisexual men and bisexual women. I don't know a single normie lesbian besides, technically, myself.
>>827 This is why I hope corona virus kills off our current culture, like all of it I don't want the world to end but rather for dire straits to arrive that kill off our current culture
>>828 Funny you mention that because I have noticed at least on my own social media timelines/explore feeds I see less and less TQIA+ shit being posted. Only weird thing I've seen during this is "support mexican trans sex workers", literally. Weird shit. I do hope LGB culture shifts so it's actually focused on those who are attracted to the same sex and supporting each other instead of a flexing competition on whos identity is more unique. Nobody has the patience for selfish behavior that's rampant in TQIA+. It's really hard to be a lesbian and when you crave interactions with other lesbians, wanting friends and even a girlfriend and then you find other gay communities and it's the nonsensical bullshit so you just go back into the closet until the urge rises again.
>>829 I'm lucky because when I peak trans'd my girlfriend did too. I guess your best bet is to try and find some more normal/basic LGB community stuff in your area. There are places, they're just a lot less common than LGBTQAI+++ places. The prevalence of regular lesbians, with practically no TQA+ stuff, on TikTok and other normal, new social media is refreshing to see. They're all fairly young lesbians, sure, but it's still great to see that things are going back to regular lesbian culture with no heterosexual bullshit like TR shit shoved in. As an aside, it's not fair to lump intersex issues in with TRA. They want nothing to do with it either, and personally I'm completely supportive of what intersex activists want.
>>831 Yeah it's super unfair to even think of comparing tra kweer theory bullshit to the struggles intersex people go through

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