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(100.26 KB 564x808 1503244513621.jpg)
Random-Ass Pictures Thread Anonymous 04/13/2020 (Mon) 03:03:08 No. 321 [Reply] [Last]
Dump your random interesting photos here. Peculiar, funny, cute, ironic, etc.
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(86.14 KB 1200x659 ENTRNdsWoAA-3g4.jpg)
(189.28 KB 720x390 20200916_031040.jpg)
(182.23 KB 720x720 20200912_054413.jpg)
(218.67 KB 613x327 56c.png)
(34.17 KB 610x407 11111.jpg)
(28.27 KB 697x444 IMG-20200909-WA0000.jpg)
>>2085 I don't get the second picture
>>2100 It's a mummy of an ancient Egyptian priestess with some of the oldest tattoos in the world (those markings on her torso). I get that it's a little weird, but I thought it was a cool post.

(23.76 KB 425x429 81cCd7hiLRL._SX425_.jpg)
Vent thread #1 Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 17:48:09 No. 2 [Reply] [Last]
Vent about whatever in this thread.
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I opened my vpn program today and when I tried to connect it said that the connections limit was reached. Which means that somebody was using my account in that moment. I closed and opened it again, it worked. Maybe it was just an error or whoever logged in has disconnected in those 5 seconds. Anyway I'm mad.
I have to thank pro life people for making me realize chrisitianity is so fucked. I was raised muslim so I was super ignorant of issues in Christianity because the Islamic world is a mess.
Even though I don't leave the house (quarantine, mostly), I'm constantly reminded of how ugly I am. The two most recent incidents; first, a guy I had been talking to for a couple of months. We talked pretty much everyday, about everyday stuff, things in common, etc. I thought we got along pretty well. He would, most of the time, initiate the conversation. This all changed however, when we exchanged pictures. He didn't flat out ghost me, but pretty much. We barely talk now, and when I try to begin a conversation, it feels forced. The second one, it was a guy I had only talked to for a couple of days, but it hurt the most. I don't know why I sent a pic so soon (this had never happened before [me sending a pic so early into the conversation, I usually wait months before I do it]), maybe it was because I genuinely enjoyed talking to him. He stopped talking to me a couple of days afterwards though. He attributed it to his social anxiety, but I think it was just an excuse and he was just being nice. Neither of the conversations I had with them were ever remotely romantic. So why stop talking to me over my looks? I mean, what else would it be - one day, we're talking fine, then the next they see me, and suddenly they're not so interested in chatting anymore? I'm sad, and alone. I just wanted to talk to someone. Guess I now know better next time I try to befriend someone (especially if it's a man) but I don't think I'll bother anymore. I'm sorry for rambling. I guess I just wanted to put my thoughts somewhere, writing down this stuff helps too.
>>2099 It's okay nonnie. Not to be corny, but sometimes these incidents are a kind of blessing in disguise. It is better to know sooner rather than later what kind of conditions friendships are built on. If they never contact you again, at least you avoided extremely awkward encounters with them later on where they tried to make a move. Idk, I do not think it is impossible for men and women to be friends and nothing more however I also cannot deny that a lot of M/F "friendships" are one-sided where the man wants to secretly wants to hook up with his friend (where the whole "friendzone" meme comes from). If they show interest in contacting you again, great but if not at least you dodged some bullets. I understand feelings of loneliness in these times. I myself am looking at friends who I might distance myself from because they seem more into each other. I don't get included in hang outs despite all of us living relatively close to each other. One of them only contacts me to exchange info about classes so at this point I'm just matching that energy. It hurts but it is what it is.
>>2099 This is why I try to delay sending pictures for as long as possible. That lends the history of the words that have been exchanged more power and can help in cases where one is average. They won't go after you like they would an attractive person, but it might be enough to keep their interest in chatting. Even if it's never remotely romantic, people like to imagine the other person idealistically. It's hard to make a case for more ugliness in one's life. I believe you when you say you're ugly, and I believe you are enough of an able judge of that that I don't need to see photos. You might have a better time flat out stating it beforehand before people get attached and have to awkwardly decouple. There's really not much reason to knowing exactly what the other person looks like online unless you've got something else going on.

(128.99 KB 499x460 aapglqobqvu31.png)
Anonymous 05/16/2020 (Sat) 21:10:46 No. 865 [Reply] [Last]
You knew this thread was coming. Post your terve and feminist memes.
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(48.07 KB 640x723 e8c.jpg)
>>2081 Anon the world desperately needs more women to become scientists, doctors, politicians, philosophers or hell even a woman who changes tires for a living does something for the betterment of women but CEOs of multi-national companies are just evil, boss bitches whatever do not contribute anything for womankind or the world as a whole
>>2081 I feel like this was made by a guy working towards an MBA that really hates the "SJWs" and is trying to claim these are the most frequently said things made by them, when really these are the words of men, most often
>>2081 Super gross. Female liberation has nothing to do with more women being bourgeois. Fuck this meme. Fuck female CEOs, I don't care that they're women, they serve the same class that enables the enslavement of poor women like me, like MOST women.
(50.58 KB 734x306 tras vs reality.jpg)

(29.74 KB 474x266 download.jpg)
Do you keep your male family close? Anonymous 09/08/2020 (Tue) 14:57:27 No. 1984 [Reply] [Last]
I feel like this a a big divide, do you stay close with your male family? I'm seen some radfems say yes and then get attacked for being naive. Personally I don't, they're fine to my face and sometimes help pay for stuff, but I don't enjoy being around them for too long, or telling them anything personal. They're not horrible but I just don't trust them.
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>>1987 i know how it's used, but i mean, why say that you don't care about speaking to him because he's a cuck? like, how well my male family members perform masculinity is not an issue for me at all. just kind of weird to be like "i don't care about having a bond with this person because they're a cuck". there's a million legitimate complaints i have of my male family members - them not adequately upholding masculinity would never be one of them. just seems strange.
>>1987 >>1988 Not wife, but long term girlfriend. Basically he let her cheat on him, make cringy posts about how she needs to stay with him and even made a video slideshow with pictures of them telling her to stay with him. Cuck was the closest word I can think of to describe him without getting into too much detail. It's not so much about him not being "masculine" more like he has a history of letting women use him and ignoring signs that he should end relationships. I told him several times how these women view him and given him advice to try to help him. He ignores my family when we try to help him. I'd like him to have a happy relationship and life so him never listening to anyone for years has made me not care. My parents have told me he goes to the houses of the girls who break up with him and sits in his car, I don't even know what to think of that. I think he's harmless but still scary.
I guess the closest mate family member that I have a personal relationship with is probably my older brother, even then I just kinda hangout with him sometimes or call him for a couple favors when I need him and even when were together we really don't talk about personal stuff, like he hates himself and hates everybody else and I honestly though he would have killed himself years ago his current plan seems to be purposely never wanting to connect with anyone and just waiting to die and live his sad lonely life, I honestly feel bad for him sometimes but its the way he is, at least he's not out hurting women
I have a racist brother who suddenly converted to Orthodox Christianity after years of being indifferent to it and thinking church is boring. He's clearly an edgy contrarian, and is affiliated with an anti-modernist sect of Catholicism. He will rant about abortion but will laugh about George Floyd's death, failing to see the irony in that. Also thinks both the Armenian genocide and holocaust were deserved. Whats funny is part of what influenced him to take Orthodox Christianity seriously is our cousin who tried to shill Jonathan Pageau to me. Also doesn't care that my brother has beliefs like this, but spergs when I say I support abortion and that I don't want to get married. His wife has also called me selfish for not wanting screeching spawns. They're also around 10 years older than me, lol. My dad used to be abusive when I was younger, but tries to make up for it now. Safe to say, that I will ditch my whole family once I can move out; it's proving to be hard though, coming from a background that stresses "family values" and shit.
>>2080 They sound so toxic, ugh. Definitely best to stay away from all of these people. Hope you can get out soon, anon.

(23.68 KB 379x406 1530282714684.jpg)
Stupid questions #1 Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 19:10:12 No. 9 [Reply] [Last]
Ask away.
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>>2047 It must be past the bump limit which I'm guessing is 500.
Why is it called "sex work" instead of prostitution? Is changing the language how they started getting people on board? Women get offended when you call them a prostitute but proud to call themselves sex workers.
Do you wear bras? Why or why not? I usually wear sports bras that aren't super snug because I just feel sensitive without them
>>2077 Sure, that's how euphemistic language works. Plus blurring the lines between phone sex operation, camming, stripping, and prostitution makes it seem like you're creating melodrama when they rephrase your "prostitutes are at risk of rape, physical abuse, etc" to seem like you're talking about phone sex operators or camgirls or whatever comparatively lower risk occupations.
>>2088 Yes, sports bras here too. If I could get away with not wearing a bra, I would. If I could get them taken off without invasive surgery (like through magic lol), I would too. I really hate the sports bras too though.

(369.31 KB 1280x1707 1588124979175.jpg)
Straight with Extra Steps thread Anonymous 06/19/2020 (Fri) 15:52:10 No. 1238 [Reply] [Last]
this thread has been a long time coming post "queer" or lgbtqi+ couples that are literally just typical straight couples
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(479.16 KB 1600778579690.webm)
Can we talk about the strange case of poc women with a race white boyfriend fetish? Or is that taboo like on the farm
>>2074 I mean nothing's stopping you, but it's really not so strange anymore and has been previously noted if you browse around on here. A lot of ethnic women's hate of their men simply exceeds that of their men for themselves.
>>2074 So I already posted this before, this is more of an in-joke, these women often don't exclusively date white men, and this meme is often meant as a mockery of both black men who feel like they own black women and also kinda of a jab at white men who don't want black women Its also a product of the Irony/political culture of twitter, where the worst thing you can be is sincere, you can't just like a guy who happens to be white it has be dipped in layers of irony
>>2074 As a nonwhite women, divest movements don't surprise me. These women might come from misogynistic cultures with high expectations from the man's family, communities where women are more accomplished/better than men, creepy focus on dating men of same group, etc. Dating outside, while risking fetishization, means you can avoid that. My cousin married a woman of our South Asian ethnicity who is way too good for him because of this. These nonwhite women with white boyfriends are avoiding men who are raised to be misogynistic and entitled (because same ethnicity) than with a white man. I hope it doesn't sound like I'm simping for white men, kek, but pretending there's no difference between cultures is stupid.
>>2078 This is very similar to my case, on paper I'm Pakistani and married to another Pakistani, but the difference between the cultures of me and my husband's ethnic group is massive He is a Niazi Pashtun and I'm from a Urdu speaking Punjabi household, now his specific pashtun tribe has very different views regarding women from both other pashtuns and many Pakistanis, but what I liked most about him was that he wasn't some hypocritical Arab worshiper like most Pakistani men are, Urdu speaking culture in Pakistan is just so god Damm hypocritical and breeds insecure, whiny Arab and Turk worshipping men

Stopped being a radfem Anonymous 09/04/2020 (Fri) 20:19:11 No. 1949 [Reply] [Last]
Don't go after me ok. I liked radfem because it explained a lot of stuff, but after being one for a year it's too much. I don't want to constantly be reminded about all the ways that men hate me (and handmaidens too). Even taking breaks from it doesn't help. It feels hopeless, like a twisted way of self harming myself. I see all these long term radfems get sick, or depressed. I don't want that. And honestly I don't believe women can be liberated until the vast majority of men die off. Rich pedo men rule the world and they can take laws away whenever they want. I'll fight to keep my basic rights by signing petitions and things, but at the end of the day? I can't care anymore. There's countless handmaidens to soak up mens aggressions, I'll just save myself with the knowledge I have. Desocialization is basically impossible for most women, just look at Terri who got with some conservitard because she was feeling low.
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Using an ideology to cope with your issues isn't a way to go. I wish more people knew that because tendencies of extremism is exhausting and damaging for most. Go outside, talk to people outside the usual radfem space, engage in hobbies excluding political discourse. Seriously, it's sad and almost pathetic to see radfems post some unhinged shit that just reeks of personal insecurities and issues that are obviously irrelevant and try to hide with radical feminism.
>>1957 >>1958 I remember reading passage In a book by will and Ariel Durant about something like this, they theorized that their may been Matriarchal or egalatarian tribes and socities that were either conquered anx or destroyed by patriarhal societies spefically cause the advantage patriarchy gave in warfare, patriarchy allowed for a higher birth rate and sense of joined heritage, patrichal societies had more children which led to more soldiers that could overpower the more egalitarian states, the first written example noted were the Assyrians who were super pateichal even for the time period they were in and had a household system where the woman was constant pregnant till the day she died and children would be taken care of captured slaves, this gave the Assyrians one of the largest populations and largest army in the world ever seen, they conquered and destroyed the whole known world Semi egalitarian societies did exist for some time, the Sythians, the Britions, thr Gauls, the berbers (all of whom were warrior socities btw which might have been one of the reasons they survived as long they did) but eventually they succumbed to and conquered by people's who consideres them barbarians
>>1951 >I still believe that men are inherintly defective Do y'all ever read political theory, or do you think being a radical is simply all about hating men and having extremist views?
>>2070 Calm yourself, we didn't say anything about your super-special fuckbuddy, madam academic.
>>2071 I'm volcel, dumbass. It's just brain rot inducing to see people slap labels on themselves that they don't even know the meaning of.

(582.32 KB 749x571 idiots.PNG)
Reddit Hate Thread Anonymous 04/23/2020 (Thu) 11:03:59 No. 599 [Reply] [Last]
Post all the bullshittery you come across on the neverending pissy party that is Reddit. I'll get started based on something I literally just came across: on the /r/sadcats subreddit, a subreddit for posting pictures of sad cats and edits of sad cats, over 833 users upvoted a photo of a cat in a blender (a top voted post), with its face edited. of course, no real concern is expressed as to what the context actually is here, or if this is from a joke photo or if it is from some sick shit. just "haha funny meme". the male compartmentalization is sickening. who can look at this meme and think haha needs an upboat, especially without being assured there's no questionable context here? there very well could be, and even if not, it's not funny. it's just not funny either way.
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>>1945 Regarding the first post, I would love it if my guy looked like Indigo Montoya, all men should
(59.31 KB 737x450 screen1.png)
(133.76 KB 734x895 screen2.png)
(13.09 KB 683x92 screen3.png)
Found this account while browsing r/TrueOffMyChest. The funny thing is that if you only skim through the posts, you get the impression that OP is a good looking woman, but he is in fact an ugly man. He only posts about looks, obsessively.
>>2061 kek, "if it's a guy and he wears New Balance shoes and cargo shorts"
>>2061 >or if they are too attractive (yeah, I know, stupid!)

(79.43 KB 1500x500 1500x500.jpg)
(55.20 KB 639x1029 EdcaOQ2XgAE17GY.jpg)
the Giggle controversy Anonymous 09/18/2020 (Fri) 15:54:40 No. 2052 [Reply] [Last]
for those who don't know giggle is a social media app developed by Sall Grover, It was a a platform meant for women only, the app was sorta revolutionary in that it would do a facial recognition scan to confirm the gender of those who wanted to join it, this angered TRAs and TIMs cause it "invalidated" them but Grover defended her stance and redfems and gender critical feminists rallied behind her but recently there has been some controversy,1) is that Sall Grover is not a radfem and doesn't want politics on her app, she wants it to be drama free, 2) issue is that giggle allows sex work as one of its networking options for women helping women, she seems to in the sex work is work camp and lastly she is kinda of a power tripping mod who bans women for even minor complaints against her
I am numb to the libfemmery of a lot of mainstream "women supporting women" initiatives, so I am not surprised that sex work would be one of the options. I am conflicted because this could be used as undercover/lowkey madame and pimp shit, however it could also be a way for sex workers to post about tips to stay safe and maybe out dangerous clients? I don't know. That would have to be an extremely moderated section for it to be beneficial. I don't support the libfem narrative of sex work, but I understand that right now it exists and will continue to exist so you might as well have methods for sex workers to keep themselves and each other safe. However, wanting to keep politics off of that app? As if the mere existence of this kind of app isn't political. Lmao, good luck.
>>2053 I mean I get it, She just wants a drama free woman only space where women talk shit and relax and be free, a space away from political bullshit
i thought trans women were still allowed on the app? maybe i'm misremembering her tweets.
>>2058 Troons do get on the app thanks to the shoddy Facial recognition, however she refuses to update it and thinks there's nothing wrong with it cause she can't admit she screwed up.......so yeah
>>2059 It's probably because it has to make certain exceptions for mutations or most people wouldn't be able to use it

(74.35 KB 750x724 EGCHbvNXUAEhmCF.jpg)
Dumbass Shit Thread Anonymous 01/21/2020 (Tue) 06:46:07 No. 53 [Reply] [Last]
Post any stupid shit that doesn't belong in any other thread here.
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(2.28 MB 2022x1054 ge1.png)
I will always imagine people who defend makeup, worship YT makeup artists and post shit like "Eyeliner sharp enough to kill a man" looking like this.
>>1967 kek same
What do you guys think of Destiny losing his Twitch partnership? Viral clip that caused it linked below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rufdHsEiO2w
(26.67 KB 259x383 Misbehaviour_poster.jpg)
So I watched the film Misbehaviour and I liked it, the films premise is defined as " A group of women hatch a plan to disrupt the 1970 Miss World beauty competition in London" however there's another story line regarding the African female contestants and their struggles and the 2 parties clashing near the climax The film isn't an anti-feminist gotcha just a more nuanced take on the second wave, the issue of class and race are factors, the womens liberation movement is primarily made up of middle class white women from academic backgrounds and there's nothing wrong with being middle class and white its just that it makes them blind to certain perspectives and experiences, especially regarding black women and shows the feminists vandalizing property thinking its sticking it to the patriarchy but the end result was just gonna be a poorer woman likely gong to clean their mess, the only characters shown as completely wrong are sexist males, so I think its worth a watch for both libfems and radfems
This video fucked me up. https://youtu.be/YsA3PK8bQd8

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