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Upcoming Dormancy Anonymous Board owner 01/24/2020 (Fri) 10:17:31 No. 91
I had said previously that I was going to leave this site up. I am starting to realise that closing it instead might be the best way forward. Being doxed was never part of my recklessly overconfident plan, and I hadn't given any prior thought to what to do in the event it happened. Good faith posting here has basically ground to halt, indicating that in present circumstances the board has become unusable. It is also causing pointless infighting back on the mother board. The plan is to take the site offline and have the domain instead redirect to a static page containing a summary of events and an appeal for anon to assume ownership and re-open the board. Instructions, guidance and explanations (including how I was doxed and why anon will have to find some other way if they want to dox you) are included in this offer. Board is still up to give anon a chance to voice her objections to this plan, for as long as my nerves hold out, but certainly not past this weekend.
I'm really sorry! The idea was good and I do hope that you don't take this to heart. The infighting occurs over many things on lolcow so the infighting over this board shouldn't come to a surprise.
Infighting is extremely common on Lolcow. I think you should consider keeping this place up, at least until someone steps up to take it. Anons will screech and groan because of the deception, especially ones with intensely paranoid leanings, but as it stands, no one is giving better options, because they're too scared, or simply reluctant. Neither groups can offer a solution on what to do, and it's almost like they want us to just have no space at all. The reason I have a degree oof trust in you is that any male with bad intentions would've run for the hills at being exposed, or immediately started pretending to have already turned the site over to a female administrator to take the heat off himself. It'd be lies on top of lies, if not total deletion. Instead of lying, you've owned up to everything and opened the door for discussion and an anon to take over. It's definitely more transparent than some of the actions many of Lolcow's admins have taken.
>>93 This. Please. I go on other small imageboards and any split will cause some infighting. This site is what, barely a week old? It's not long enough to try to have a decent userbase. With lolcow being harsh on any PP/GC discussion, there will be more anons coming here. Other proposed alternatives like crystal cafe, reddit, and DW suck. As long as you communicate with users, there's going to be trust. I can't say the same for LC or CC. If there's any other support other than a successor that you need, please tell.
For a community facing diaspora to survive cohesion is probably even more important than destination. That there have been arguments isn't surprising but it's counter-productive to be causing them with my existence. There has always been infighting on lolcow but there wasn't any infighting on the migration thread until the news broke and it's important because the survival of the community hinges on it. The facts of my identity are likely to continue to raise problems eg for the the reputation of the site. None of them are insurmountable, but all avoidable and unnecessary. I don't feel like I can admin well under these conditions. I was planning to fix site-wide banner rotation and work through adding new global themes. It seems a bit futile now if anon is working on her own board and nobody really wants to use this one. Having said that it would be a lot easier for me to leave the site running if there were a couple of moderators - one hopelessly confused scrot already attempted a solo raid but gave up after his posts were all deleted. I welcome dialog. I am rather limited in what I can say publicly given that my real name is now attached to any statement that I make. I'll also add that if there is an anon who doesn't want to own the site but is willing to take over anti-scrot duties and the making of rules and setting of policies, that would make me less uncomfortable if no one else.
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>>95 you're not wrong. i appreciate that your planned actions seem to be motivated by keeping the community together regardless. this sucks. what goes into anti-scrot duties as far as like, our info goes?
>>96 Literally just accepting a moderator position and deleting their posts
>>96 OK I guess what you were asking was what personal information do you need to provide to become a moderator. All you would need provide was contact details to where to send the login for a moderator account. Alternatively I could open account creation and give users delete/ban privs based on tripfagging. An admin with total power over the board could be appointed the same way. I would still own the server so it would be impossible for me to make it impossible for myself to regain control as long as I'm the one paying for it. I could provide the data to a tech savvy anon with a server of her own to perform a migration to, or I could do it myself with temporary access to another server. That access can be revoked later, especially if 2FA is enabled afterward. Anon doesn't need to provide me any personal information to do this except a paypal address if she wants to take up the offer the costs of the first month's hosting. If anon was hosting this on her own server I wouldn't be able to alter any of the content being hosted (any more than any other poster), but I would still have the power to redirect the domain to another server. I haven't done a domain transfer before, I'll have to look it up, but you are legally required to provide your name and address to your DNS provider who is in turn required to make the data unavailable to 3rd parties (my other domain was registered before this became law). I'm not sure if my knowing anyone's real name is a necessary part of the process but it might be possible to broker an anonymous sale of the domain for a nominal amount which I can then repay.
I've returned emails to two anons with login details for accounts with moderator powers (delete/ban/unban) Still hearing arguments for or against keeping the site up.
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(94.79 KB 915x698 pl2er07dBp1xmd5ogo1.jpg)
Hello. I'm one of the anons who volunteered to be a moderator. I'll be glad to hear any feedback in the near future.
Unpinned for anon's unpaid emotional labour having compelled me to grow a backbone. Dormancy cancelled.


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