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Banners and Artwork admin Board owner 01/17/2020 (Fri) 23:14:07 No. 3
We have horrid ugly placeholders for a site logo and banner. Post better ones here!
What are the dimensions? And do we have to use royalty free pics or do we not really care.
>>17 312x97 is what we have currently but that isn't set in stone - as long as banners are consistently sized, we could use 300x100 banners like lolcow Just don't make anything that will get us sued I guess?
>>18 I’d be down to create a banner for free. What kind of aesthetic are you looking for? Garden of Eden? A meme?
>>19 I'm going to make some too, I'm thinking cottagecore, cute animals, moomins.
>>19 Fitting the garden theme would be nice!
(172.12 KB 312x97 ag_banner_1.gif)
(188.13 KB 312x97 ag_banner_2.gif)
okii made some banners, hope you girls like it! :)
>>36 feedback is welcomed! I'll be adding more, if you girls have a font suggestion for the banners please lemme know :) I am looking forward to making more of these
>>36 Loving it! So cute!!
(309.78 KB 222x300 ag_spoler_concept.gif)
>>38 thank you I am working on a few more, I also made a spoiler image if you still dont have one, this is still a rough draft do you guys have any suggestions or colors I can use? all feedback is welcomed
>>36 These are amazing tysm. They should start showing up on the site soon. I like the spoiler concept but the gif is a bit too flashy and distracting. I think a still image would be best for spoilers
(51.71 KB 312x97 Asherah's Garden 5.png)
(74.42 KB 312x97 Asherash Garden 1.png)
I made those.
>>36 >>46 Beautiful banners, thanks a lot!
>>46 Love them. I'm not sure that I have rotating banners figured out yet but I will definitely use these, keep them coming!
(64.45 KB 300x100 1.png)
(55.52 KB 300x100 2.png)
(62.45 KB 300x100 3.png)
This site's aesthetic makes me think of neoclassical art. I went with lolcow sizes (300x100) but let me know if I need to rescale.
(298.40 KB 312x97 ag_banner_4.gif)
>>44 you're welcome, alright I'll keep working on the spoiler, do you like the idea of it being a secret door or is there any other idea you would be interested in? here's another banner
(767.50 KB 312x97 ag_banner_03.gif)
>>57 I tried putting two in one post but it didn't let me so here's another one, I'll continue to make more I will stick to the garden theme, thank you everyone!
>>50 These are perfect but can you make them 312x97 sorry, the other banners are all that size now so I'd like to keep things consistent >>57 I liked the idea of the keyhole but I don't want spoiler images to be too flashy/distracting, you might be tempted to click on them and see something you can't unsee. All these banners are great you are doing us proud anons
>>59 got it! thank you for the feedback I'll continue to work on it.
(64.27 KB 312x97 1.png)
(55.83 KB 312x97 2.png)
(62.47 KB 312x97 3.png)
>>59 >>50 Sure thing. Here you go.
(339.98 KB 500x500 spoiler.png)
here's a static spoiler following the classical theme
(153.50 KB 500x500 ag_spoiler.png)
>>59 here's another spoiler image proposal.
(75.90 KB 312x97 banner1.png)
(340.49 KB 312x97 banner2.gif)
(650.50 KB 312x97 banner3.gif)
(402.21 KB 312x97 banner4.gif)
(370.75 KB 312x97 banner5.gif)
(630.74 KB 312x97 banner6.gif)
(336.43 KB 312x97 banner7.gif)
(403.97 KB 312x97 banner8.gif)
>>67 this is magnificent!!!
>>64 Fucking yes anon
>>67 Best one.
ok figured out rotating banners
(29.30 KB 312x97 banner01.png)
(6.09 KB 312x97 banner02.png)
(15.45 KB 312x97 banner03.png)
>>278 Just wanted to say I hate all of these. Pug: The image asserts that our posters are not who they say they are, and we are all on LARPing. Silhouette: This one I don't quite get it looks like the banner for an article on abuse for normies. Is it representing dialogue between a man and a woman? Dialogue about the relations between the two? This site has neither. Fuzzy people: Again this is just anonymity/danger/misrepresentation. I feel like these were made by a moid but the pug I just don't get at all other than as an attempt to make fun of the site.
>>293 I thought the pug was pretty funny, the other two I didn't really like but added them anyway since it was the first new banners in a while If you don't like them make new ones to replace them? I can do that Sorry for not logging in to write this btw phone posting


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