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Site Questions Anonymous Root 04/11/2020 (Sat) 14:01:20 No. 180
Post any questions regarding the site here! I'll try to answer in a timely fashion. I hope.
To answer the questions from other threads first: Posting links to books and videos in /si/ is fine, please feel welcome to! iirc you can also upload pdfs directly with Lynxchan as well. If there's errors or something let me know. As for captchas, it's to thwart spam and people looking to raid since I'm sure many people who dislike a site like Asherah would love to disturb it. Though I might extend the time before the captcha resets because just now it gave me a hard time lmao.
(797.01 KB 405x304 RAT.gif)
Ok added pdf + epub uploads, sorry for the weird downtime and thumbnails freaking out. New pictures should have higher quality thumbnails now too, if it doesn't I'm gonna scream
hey admin, is there a way to embed youtube vids? not a huge deal just curious. for the future, it may be good. thanks.
>>200 As far as I know Lynxchan doesn't have that ability, just checked through documents for it. I even went on a little tour between other sites that use it to see if they enable it. Though you can always link them and it'll have the embed button on the side but not it's really the same. Would add the feature myself but sadly I know enough JS for little games but not enough to fuck with backend webdev. Sorry...
>>201 no need for sorries! thank you for everything and taking this on and thank you for responding so quickly. i just saw the 'embed' button as i posted a vid, that's perfectly fine!
Maybe this thread could be stickied? And some of the other thread on this board unstickied? Anyway onto my question. Have you considered opening a patreon or similar to help support the site? I would make a pledge.
>>224 Oh shit thanks for reminding me, I'll get to that in a second. I don't really want donations for the site. I'm fine with paying myself, it's pretty cheap so far, consider it a donation for the radfem/pp community or something like that.
This might be very stupid but how can I see when something is posted? Like the date etc? I'm on mobile btw.
(61.97 KB 480x712 IMG_20200503_183841.jpg)
Admin you're an angel. Thank you so much for everything.
>>226 looks like admin fixed it. she's really on the ball and talented, damn
Could you demo this Lynxchan frontend: https://gitgud.io/117chan/117Lynx? I liked how it looked; maybe someone else will too.
(188.63 KB 1118x695 117theme.png)
>>231 It seemed pretty close to default so I just made it a theme, hope you don't mind! If there's anything buggy about this one tell me. I should probably fix the Blue and Clear themes too.
>>232 Thank you for looking into it. I didn't think you could just pull the theme(s) from it and have it not be broken just like that.
I finally realized what was missing: navigation arrow buttons at the top bar of the page to go to the top and the footer.
>>242 yesssss, seconding. that would be so great. admin is super talented, so i'm sure she could do it. im lazy so i love that shit
(252.48 KB 1054x376 comp.PNG)
i notice certain photos seem to be undersized even when clicked, and then oversized when hovered over. is there anyway to fix something like this? am i only experiencing that? if it's too much trouble, it's def fine enough as is, but it just makes some things unable to be read. i feel like it's only some photos, which is weird. has anyone else noticed this? as an example, here's a pic i posted when clicked, and right is its actual size. then when hovered it's crazily enlarged so the text can't be read. just curious if i'm not only one experiencing this
>>243 >>242 I'll look into it! Should be easy and probably doesn't need JS, just have to tinker with the CSS/HTML stuff a bit. It's something to do for tomorrow. >>246 I see what you mean, the js for the file hover has the img properties become width:auto;height:100%; so it makes images huge as fuck, I can make it smaller so it's not annoying to use on smaller monitors.
>>247 >>247 tysm for both these things (arrows and hover), admin. i guess i'm more bothered by the radom undersizing of photos, but i think generally it'd be better to make the hover a little smaller, as you say. they are pretty monstrous, lol
(363.84 KB 960x461 clownboy.png)
>>250 The thumbnails sizes is because the max-width is set at 100%; so images don't break the entire layout when you enlarge them, but it's not like the actual picture is small. Also sorry if the site layout looked funky inbetween me trying to fix it, hopefully it looks a bit better now? Though your pic is still long on all my monitors. (Forgot to login and posted wrong pic fuckin' hell I'm tired)
>>251 much, much better. perfect! thank you again
Thankyou for scroll arrows admin!
Admin is on it!
(5.16 KB 316x368 captcha.png)
Captcha isn't working on tor browser. Please do something about it.
>>257 Torposting was blocked because of scat and dick spam a while back
Not a question just a shoutout to admin and mod(s?) for making this place so beautiful. Truly, i'd never imagine an imageboard could be this pristine. You guys should be very proud.
Questions: It seems like some anons want a chatroom and others think it's a bad idea, would you consider making an official one? Given that reddit has closed GC and there are a lot of homeless radfems out there, what do you think of advertising the site? Do we want more users more or less than we want to avoid trolls?
>>269 I wouldn't want to host one myself, I personally dislike them, but if others want to then they can try. Usually whenever I see an imageboard that has an associated Discord it goes down the shitter very fast because of drama but that's probably because I browse shitpost zones kek If we advertise now given the climate with Reddit banning people I feel there will be a lot of trolls, we already had a few because of the 8chan mod thread. Thinking of shilling the board in the coming weeks if the internet rage calms down. If anons want to tell their own friends about this place though that's fine too. (also the new r/GC home is on saidit if anyone else here uses Reddit)
Admin I emailed you some nonsense feel free to disregard it but idk if you are even checking the firemail inbox anymore so I thought I'd post.
not a question, I just want to thank everyone involved in taking care of this board.
>>276 Seconding this. Best run imageboard of all time, legitimately.
Why is Daughters of lilith associated with this site? The creator of that website, JustDory, was exposed as a racist in the BlackPill Discord, run by friendlyspottedhyena. JustDory was exposed as not being a radical feminist and having no knowledge of radical feminist theory or ideology. It's shameful to associate that website with this wonderful space.
>>282 1) Please learn how to use an imageboard before spamming, namefagging, and samefagging in the span of a minute holy shit 2) She asked beforehand, unlike a lot of other people advertising their sites who end up spamming it anyway, so I said OK I don't care about whatever discord drama that happens outside of this website, and this site doesn't stop women who aren't TRU RADFEM from talking, it's a place for women with similar leaning views to communicate with each other. That means all the radfem, gendercrit, and *pill feminism communities, even if some of the anons don't read theories or ideology, or if anons agree and disagree with each other, it's OK for them to talk and debate over it.
Well what do you know there's a Korean feminist board. https://womad.life/
Will this board ever see the introduction of a "classic imageboard"-style theme, similar to 4chan's Yotsuba theme? The current theme is functional and not too abrasive, but the simplicity of a more classic style would be greatly appreciated, if it's possible for the site.
>>287 I did find this CSS for this board software: https://pastebin.com/nsdRgyBW. It's Yotsuba B but supposed to work with Tomorrow as well. Maybe admin can vet it.
>>286 Those girls are extremely legit and korean radfems do not play. They're really cool. Good for them.
Register is misspelled on the home page.
Do the mods and jannies here even do shit about the suspiciously male posts? Or are they left up on purpose for some reason?
>>295 Admin is extremely responsive... when it comes to raids.
>>296 Well for example, I reported >>1316 awhile back and it's still up there. I just want to know if they do anything about the posts behind the scenes or what. If I don't get an adequate explanation that's kind of suspicious ngl.
(88.84 KB 435x275 87978557544.png)
>>297 I messed up the tag, but this is the post I'm referencing from the PP thread.
>>299 Didn't see it in reports and probably didn't see the post when it was first around, sorry about that. Usually if there's a sus post me and the other mods talk about it and decide whether to leave it (in case it's just a really dumb anon) or delete it (if the anon keeps posting scrote shit).
>>295 they're almost always deleted from what i've seen. afaik the mod team is small so admin and her team are very on the ball considering. running a site is a big responsibility and they do it really well. i rarely even see one or two posts slip through the cracks.
>>300 Alright, thanks for clearing that up!
Admin what's the best way to DM you? Spinster?
>>303 Yeah, I had to close the email due to spam so for now just use Spinster (Phoneposting please excuse me)
How can I contact the admin?
>>321 What's up buddy
admin would please consider having images be verified first when posted? basically meaning like someone can post a thread or reply but image will be immediately spoilered. theres a troll who keeps posting dog porn and other graphic images.
there is this service: https://sightengine.com/ which could be used to filter out offensive images, but limited free uses
It's probably too much, but can we get a Christmas theme like Kohlchan's? Or maybe just the snowflakes?
>>326 Like probably throwing an API call into maybe processFile() in uploadHandler.js
When I try to post it says "Auto Banned" and I haven't broke any rule :/
>>323 This is a pretty smart idea. This still doesn't take care of spam urls but at least filter out gross content for end users. It's pretty low tech but I never thought about something like this (I really like anonymous posting but not the nastier aspects that come with it)
Somebody is spamming dog pictures and goatse now. Just had to scroll really fast past it because it's disturbing.How do you report those posts?
>>331 Click on the arrow above a post. Also, the captcha for reporting a post is really annoying and unnecessary. Lolcow never needed it and that site gets far more traffick than this one, so why do we need it?
>>331 Don't need to scroll past, the hide file button is your friend
>>332 >>333 Thanks! I'm glad that Goatse and the dog pictures are gone now.
(300.24 KB 2000x1333 vanessa-vokey.jpeg)
So one youtuber I think we really need to bring more attention to is Vanessa Vokey, she is a socialist radfem who works as photographer and seamstress, her content and video quality is far above of the other channels mentioned in this thread, I think with enough time she could reach the same level as Magdalen berns https://youtu.be/pI34dR_Hi9M https://youtu.be/rpXKTgQV7RQ
Admin, are you doing ok? Shittrolls and infighting didn't wear you down yet, I hope?


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