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Too much rules? Anonymous 04/11/2020 (Sat) 04:45:14 No. 169
It's as if you have came up with extra rules just to reach the number ten. Let us not be too rulecucked, else it is impossible to run a truly free and open forum for all women. What is even the point of rule 6? Rule 7 is redundant under rule 1. Rule 8 is also redundant under rule 1. Rule 10 contradicts the point of a forum. Infighting and so called "derailing" are natural flows of arguments and discussion. >moderators will take action See this is power tripping for no reason.
>>169 To be honest I didn't really think too hard about the old board owners rules, they seemed fine to me at the time. I can consolidate both rule 7 and 8 together, and put it into rule 1 to make it more understandable. Rule 6 is to keep it anonymous as well as keeping out weirdos. I had to delete some weird post earlier that went too hard with MRA opinions and used a trip for example. I don't want to ban people without good reason, so I won't ban the normal flow of discussion but if it gets to the point where users are infighting or being downright hostile (not as in a debate, but as in like 4chan /po/ tier shitflinging) I'd count that as derailing.
Alright, I'm not really sure if this fixes anything, but I put the rules into two separate lists so it makes it a bit easier to understand. Like I said before I'm not a ban happy person just don't be dumb and act like a /pol/ user (not /po/ whoops) https://asherahsgarden.net/.static/pages/globalRules.html
are the captchas necessary?
>>171 >>170 Yeah fair enough. Thanks for listening admin :)
>>170 >MRA opinions and used a trip for example. I saw that poster. She was talking about defeating racism and stuff in broken english, that doesn't sound MRA to me at all.
>>197 Well, if I see them post again, I'll leave it up then. Deciphering broken English isn't really my forte sadly.
>>198 Fuck I forgot to login again I'm half asleep forgive me
>>170 let anons infight and be downright hostiles admin. we want total freedom. there isnt any other space like this one for us
>>260 I feel like if being overly hostile was allowed it'd turn into constant arguing over nothing since political talk can get heated very fast. The site is fine as is imo
>>261 But then it is not total freedom of speech and sometimes you can't draw the line so easily of what is hostile and what isn't and this will depend on the context too
>>262 Well, I don't think we're necessarily about total freedom of speech? Men are not allowed to post here for one.
>>262 This site definitely wouldn't benefit from "total freedom of speech". If tone policing were to become an issue, the metric for "hostility" could just be examined and revised collectively/collaboratively, so everyone is on the same page, if necessary. But seeing as how there's been like, literally no shitflinging on AG since its inception, I don't see an issue anyways. Being snarky or a little heated isn't the same as /pol/tier shitflinging, imo, and it seems admin is well aware of the difference. Idk I think a little bit of fieriness, snark, whatever, in disagreement is normal and to be expected, but users here seem to know how to work it out without even needing to resort to heavy moderation.
>>264 That's why a lot of women prefer 4chan and can't identify with us
>>265 I don't think that's why they prefer 4chan, and even if it were, I don't think a lot of users here care about losing potential female users who want to defend loli or post racist memes. If people want to run general conversion campaigns to save these girls from toxic male communities, that's an idea, but I think it's probably a better idea to not turn the site into a dumpsterfire in the process of trying to do that.
>>266 People who want to defend loli or racism would probably choose to do it on 4chan rather than in a radfem website, cause logically they wouldn't get the feedback they expect to get on these sort of things here. 4chan has total freedom of speech still you don't see people defending feminism there cause it mostly is a misogynistic place


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