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Change of ownership Anonymous Board owner 03/27/2020 (Fri) 12:46:38 No. 163
I'll try and keep this brief, this will be my last post. An ex-farmer has rented a VPS, and recreated the website there. I at no point had access to the new server. I will be providing her with an updated copy of the database after this post. Once I receive notification that everything is ready to go I will update the DNS records for the domain and redirect traffic to the new server while the changes propagate (this can take several hours). Once the propagation is complete the new owner will be able to obtain an SSL certificate for the domain. Ownership of the domain name itself will follow on later, further updates will be provided at the new owner's discretion. I understand that negative reaction to the fact of my identity is most likely caused by the implicit deception, I hope my lack of future involvement will reassure potential users. Without any bitterness, I'll be glad to take my leave.
Hi hi new owner here I can attest that the old board owner didn't have any access to the new server or anything else related to it, it's a fresh start. Personally, I don't have really much else to say besides I hope the rest of you can trust me! And if you have any questions I'll be happy to answer them.
>>164 1) How do you plan to increase visitors? The board is pretty dead and susceptible to raids. 2) After the events that transpired in 2X a lot of anons will understandably be skeptical unless you prove that you're female. This is an anonymous board so I understand the desire for privacy regarding your identity, but a video of you speaking with a mask on could work?
>>165 1) There's the Spinster account, I was thinking of promoting there first after the domain stuff finishes and other mods agree to it. As for raids, I'm looking into different captchas that work with Lynxchan (the software) because the default is pretty bare bones as is. If someone wants to spam at least they'd have to type in a shit ton of gibberish before posting. 2) I'm a bit scared to even post my voice because people can recognize me that way, plus if we're being honest here voice proof wouldn't really work because you could just edit it right? I'll try and find a way to prove I'm female without risking the rest of my privacy.
Still trying to wrap things up here, but I'll post as proof: https://u.teknik.io/btho1.jpg#pejWvHkR9J2tRldv8RGrkJfTkuL6PCai Link expires in 1 days because I don't want my hand being spread around it's very weird looking
>>166 >Spinster Hey admin I think you should better hurry up before people leave. There is a large list of imageboards you can use. Let us know if you require assistance. Regards, Seeker of truth
(20.60 KB 1213x372 lolcow admin.png)
>>163 I didn't know where else to post this The admin of lolcow said pic related in the Pink Pill General thread: https://lolcow.farm/ot/res/526765.html#539623 Anons were already hesitant about Asherah's Garden but now there's probably going to be more hate about this place and less anons joining
>>172 >>172 Why would there be more hate? The anons that already agree with admin's lies and scapegoating wouldn't be good contributors anyways. Let them stay on LC.
>>172 Almost all of the hate on lc was an anti-pp sperg who just didn't want pp/gc anons to go anywhere and wanted them to disappear. It was also the one excessively sperging about lynx and telling anons their data will get leaked on here. They used the same words, grammatic and spelling errors like they did in their anti-pp post.
Also sorry for samefagging, but could you open a question & answers thread regarding the website on here? Because I wondered if it would be okay to share resources in the self inprovement board like collections of ebooks, videos etc.?
>>172 This actually seems like the best thing ever to happen to this site.
(53.94 KB 1000x500 virtual-hug-animated-gif-9.gif)
Just want to say thanks to the new based as hell AG admin that is already making it a point and a virtue of hers to not powertrip, unlike some people. Much love to you already.
>>178 >>179 I just hope this will result in an increase of activity on this site.
>>176 I think most of the pp/gc hate comes from camgirls and the like.
I didn’t want to make a new thread just to ask a dumb question, but is there a reason there’s no dates and times on the posts? I’m trying to catch up with the whole ownership ordeal etc and can’t make heads or tails of it bc no timestamps. I just started using this board since the shtf on lolcow. Also site crashes when trying to upload pics from mobile. Will we ever have that capability?
>>203 Lynxchan doesn't show timestamps on mobile for some reason, only on the desktop site.
(239.47 KB 1440x1080 1576562876998.jpg)
>>203 Yeah the CSS for mobile doesn't show timestamps, I want to make a new theme for the site soon that'll hopefully have more functionality. Also disregard pic related testing mobile uploads
>>205 The photos still isn’t working for me :/ not sure what the deal is
>>207 Sorry to emote lol
>>208 Perhaps the pictures you're sending are too big? There's a 100mb file limit. Also for reference I uploaded that picture on a Note 8 without toggling Desktop Mode in the browser, not sure if it's an iPhone thing.
Suggestions thread when? There isn't a field to embed youtube videos in the post and I think that would be convenient.
>>210 admin said she doesn't think lynxchan allows for that capability. just thinking about it, btw, admin, i think lc admin mentioned that she switched over to lynxchan so i think they are currently running on lynxchan. not positive though.
>>211 >>210 Too lazy to login again as always I haven't seen any thing like an addon that allows it and it seems other Lynxchan boards are the same way. There was one on Gitgud (gitlab clone) but didn't work with the current version of it. I always thought Lolcow was running on Vichan or a similar fork. I'll have to ask Lynxchan dev if he's willing to add those features in himself. If the server wasn't shitting the bed constantly my plan would have been to just edit the embeds when you link them so they're open already. I'll see what I can do. I hate Lynxchan with a burning passion now and I want to beat the old server owner for choosing it. If it was my choice I would have used another fork of Vichan too.
>>212 I mean, you have open board creation with lynxchan, why not use it? It will separate us from all the other female imageboards. Think about all the lc people who would love this feature.
>>213 Very true, though it's such a slow chan so I don't know if anyone else would want 96094095 different boards like 8kun. Would probably need more mods for that to make sure nobody spams every single board with scat pics or something lmao
(13.54 KB 732x253 lynxchan.PNG)
>>212 an anon mentioned it here, i think i remember her specifically mentioning implementing it during 2x at some point, though i can't be sure obviously, much later. maybe this anon is incorrect period though. >running on Vichan or a similar fork. js from what was unconfirmed server logs of alleged chats she(?) mentioned specifically that vichan was no longer feasible for the site. just what has been posted allegedly >>213 >I mean, you have open board creation with lynxchan, why not use it? >It will separate us from all the other female imageboards no offense anon, but are you trying to suggest ideas that'd sink a female only imageboard? what other female imageboards? one is almost exclusively about shitting on mentally ill and abused women specifically because the owner wants it that way, and the other has a largely male userbase looking to get laid and/or further their political agenda. imo, it's already plenty different, and that sounds seriously impossible to moderate. i don't even understand what the purpose to that would be.
>>212 Looks like you figured it out though? Well done!
jsyk admin, chrome (i havent checked other browsers) keeps reporting ag as 'dangerous' after a while and then disabling use of the site
>>219 Google's botnet is out to kill the site I see But for real I don't really know what would cause it, I'm pretty sure I configured the SSL/HTTPs right. Might want to turn off some Chrome settings? ik Chrome has some safe browsing nonsense in their browser.
>>218 This. Thank you based admin.
>>218 >>221 >>210 excellent job, admin!
holy shit, admin, this is beautiful. FABULOUS job on the overhaul! it's perfect!


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