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Anonymous Admin 02/01/2020 (Sat) 21:56:15 No. 115
(Former) mod here. For the time being, I've taken on admin privileges. I don't *own* the site (and don't plan to anytime soon), but at least this way, anons don't have to be worried about there solely being a male admin in charge of the site. Actual ownership is still open to anyone interested.
So...2X is getting canned on the 5th Feb and this is the most viable replacement for now. What's the plan? How much is monthly hosting? I think transferring ownership to a female admin should happen, but that means her doxing herself potentially to the maker of this site. So far nobody else has made anything similar enough to LC so it's a kinda beggars-choosers situation. However it's worth pointing out PP and I think the Lesbian thread will return to OT [apparently] which makes this less of a pressing issue if that happens.
>>116 So for hosting you can use anyone who wants to rent you a VPS but the biggest name in the game is DigitalOcean. They have the best set of articles on how to do things, but they also apply to pretty much anyone else you'd host with. DO have $5/month and $10/month options which will probably suffice, but I am using Kamatera currently when I needed to move server and was aware that a lot of DO IP's are blocked in Russia as part of their War on Telegram. I think the basic option there is $7/month but they're much more flexible about customising and upgrading if you specifically just want eg a second CPU core or additional storage space. They also give a one month free trial which would give you extra time to get accustomed to what needs to be done (although once configured properly the thing should mostly take care of itself and I can do the server move for you). This server is above minimum spec because it's helpful to my other site, but I would guess minimum spec would be fine for hosting one slow imageboard. I did a domain transfer the other day and I think only the hosting companies saw anyone's dox.
Side note on crowdfunding; Github sponsors is a recent offering from github which is in principle similar to patreon but for open source developers. If you upload the slightly modified frontend to github you can be an open source developer, especially if you actually change anything. The advantage is that they are matching donations up to $5000 per developer during the first year, the catch is that you can only withdraw money once you have at least $100 previous to matching. So if anons pledged $15/month new admin would get $210 seven months later if they went this route. Patreon is just a monthly payout but they take a cut rather than doubling your money.


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