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Asherah's Garden admin Board owner 01/17/2020 (Fri) 20:13:54 No. 1
Welcome to Asherah's Garden. We are an anonymous image board where women can feel free to criticize those who would try to take advantage us for their own selfish reasons. This site is primarily to provide an alternative to sites where discussion of issues facing women today has been clamped down on. It is my hope that the site can also become a place where positive discussions can emerge away from toxic male influences. The name is inspired by an ancient goddess of the Israelites, who was worshiped before the Exile to Babylon. She was Asherah, the Queen of Heaven, thought to have once been consort to Yahweh, the God of the Bible. Her name has been chosen because she represents an alternative to the sexism of patriarchal Abrahamic religions. Her worship was outlawed by the priests of Yahweh after the Exile and anyone caught worshiping her would be persecuted. I wanted a name for the site which would seem benign at first glance but still be meaningful. I hope it isn't too obnoxious - the domain has already been paid for. This board will be for announcements, but creating threads for site feedback is also allowed.
i think it's a great name. perfect and wouldn't immediately draw scrote attention. i had no idea who asherah was and i don't think most men would.
>>4 This. It's a good choice. Thank you for creating this space.
Thank you for this admin! Can the max message length be somehow made longer? I thought of making a GC thread by copying most of the content in the OP post of the GC thread in 2X, but I think all the text and links put together are too long to post.
Thank you for creating this site! Looking forward to see the garden grow. Light board theme pls.
Increased max post length. There's a little pull-down menu at the top which is for choosing a theme, so far we have 'default' and 'clear', which is light theme. More themes would be nice, if anons can write CSS.
Thanks for making this space. From a security standpoint, if regular users dont have a reason to use the /account.js part , maybe it should not be linked on the frontpage. (or even change it to something a bit more obscure so its less guessable) Less chances for people to try and crack your admin login if they don't know where to go to begin with.
>>10 Sorry! pressed enter too early. I meant, if possible i would also reccomend you change the /accounts.js part to something more obscure- so only admins/moderators/people using the feature have the link to it and so it cannot be guessed.
/am/ (Against Men) says it's for both man hate and gender critical discussion. I'm not sure that GC discussion falls specifically under that kind of topic(even though they're connected). Maybe it's better for GC to have its own board or be put in a different board? Idk what does everyone here think?
>>12 I think it fits. The whole concept of gender is a male created ideology. Pushing against gender roles is pushing against male definitions for us (and them).
(212.57 KB 1200x890 IMG_1579366553736.jpg)
>>12 Imo most of the issues with gender identity stem from misogyny and TIMs so I don't think it's necessarily a bad fit for /am/. It could also work in /ft/ if you think that's better. A lot of the criticisms against gender ID draw from feminist theory in the first place. I don't think GC is that broad of a topic to warrant it's own board. Anyway, if anyone wants to make a thread this is a great OP image.
>>13 >>14 Alright, thanks guys. I'll make a thread then.
>>11 we may want accounts if we want to eg have a hidden/verified section (up for discussion). I think if people who end up with accounts with power choose sane passwords we should be okay. Everything is still mostly on default settings for the minute, I wanted to get up and running sooner rather than later. I have no idea what 'overboard' is for and I only just worked out how to quote posts. If someone gets lucky and guesses a password they still won't do any permanent damage (worst case data loss). And as other anons say TiMs are just another group of men and frankly don't deserve their own board, even if they are often among the worst specimens.
>Don't be a man Is it lolcow's style "don't announce yourself as a man" or more strict? You might want to add a rule that you need to be 18 to post here.
>>20 Seconding this and also rules against a-logging and general illegal activity to cover the important basics. Admin what do you think about adding a couple more off-topic boards when the site picks up more traction? Crystal cafe was such a flop because it got invaded by men and trannies, so it would be nice to have a few boards for discussion unrelated to politics.
>>20 Okay I've reworded it to be women only (static pages are cached so it will take a while to update) The actual rules will be decided on by a team of volunteers (groundskeepers? instead of farmhands) - at least 3 so we can vote on things.
>>25 I have set the tone for the place so far but only because it needed a tone to exist. I expect the site to evolve according to how people use it, all those decisions can be made in due time.
>>26 https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/LynxChan/tree/master/src/be#application-usage You gotta reload for the changes to take effect. >The actual rules will be decided on by a team of volunteers You might wanna decide on such things on your own. You never know who you might get in the team, and there might be bad actors.
>>28 it isn't that, changes to static pages take a while to appear following a reload, presumably because they're cached somewhere. I would like this place to be a democracy, rules will be subject to discussion and a vote, bad actors will identify themselves. Send an application for moderator it you want to be involved making decisions.
(225.34 KB 326x643 My job is done here.png)
>>29 Lol, no thanks, I might or might not be in compliance to the rules of the board. Would be stupid from me to try to get into moderation. Good luck with the board, hope your garden flourishes.
(842.13 KB 1000x1500 60754305_p0.jpg)
It seems it's impossible to upload big files (>1 MB?).
Is there a way to personalize the font? This one is just too jarring on my dumb eyes.
>>32 Settings at the top, CSS tab, paste this: body { font-family: sans-serif } Save You can use any other font you like.
>>12 i wouldn't change it. making a million different boards, especially when we already have a small userbase, just gets annoying and threads end up dying/boards go unused >>33 thank you, anon >>1 just want to say thanks again, admin. this is working out beautifully and i love it here so much already.
I've been playing with the CSS settings(even though I know almost nothing about CSS) and managed to somewhat alter the look of the site so that it fits my taste. Can I post the settings here in case any anons are interested in using it as well?
>>41 paste it here: https://pastebin.com/ It should be fairly easy to add it as theme. In fact, we should have a thread.
>>42 Here: https://pastebin.com/X6Bzz9nW I'm kind of embarrassed, since it's my first time working with CSS, lol. I pretty much only changed up the colors and fonts by looking at the site source code. Maybe some of it is redundant idk.
I noticed that when I try to upload 3 files at once, I get a "Connection failed" error. Any fix for this?
Very good choice of a name admin. Nice to see you are a Woman of Culture as well.
I want to thank all the lovely anons who have been making themes and banners, I just want to note that the board software seems geared to individual boards - eg it's very easy to upload banners or change the default theme for an individual board, but not the entire site. I plan to wade into the code and eventually add new global themes and get rotating banners for the whole site, please be patient, your efforts are appreciated.
Can you spoil, italicize, or bold on this site?
>>77 yes, there's a guide in the help section.
>>56 this post aged very badly in just 24 hours.
trying to fix the broken 'overboard'/figure out what it is, posting here to see if it aggregates recent posts.
no that doesn't seem to be it but at least saging works
Overboard seems to be working now. It's basically every board at once.
Post counts are inflated by the deleted posts of a wandering scrot. Two separate incidents, unclear if there's a connection.
Is there a way I can edit a thread?
>>305 Speaking as a user of anonymous imageboards, that goes against tradition. Usually you're only able to delete your own posts if you set a password. If admin wanted to buck the trend, surely it's possible to hack it so it also works for editing instead of deletion though.


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