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Site Questions Anonymous Root 04/11/2020 (Sat) 14:01:20 No. 180 [Reply] [Last]
Post any questions regarding the site here! I'll try to answer in a timely fashion. I hope.
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>>331 Click on the arrow above a post. Also, the captcha for reporting a post is really annoying and unnecessary. Lolcow never needed it and that site gets far more traffick than this one, so why do we need it?
>>331 Don't need to scroll past, the hide file button is your friend
>>332 >>333 Thanks! I'm glad that Goatse and the dog pictures are gone now.
(300.24 KB 2000x1333 vanessa-vokey.jpeg)
So one youtuber I think we really need to bring more attention to is Vanessa Vokey, she is a socialist radfem who works as photographer and seamstress, her content and video quality is far above of the other channels mentioned in this thread, I think with enough time she could reach the same level as Magdalen berns https://youtu.be/pI34dR_Hi9M https://youtu.be/rpXKTgQV7RQ
Admin, are you doing ok? Shittrolls and infighting didn't wear you down yet, I hope?

Banners and Artwork admin Board owner 01/17/2020 (Fri) 23:14:07 No. 3 [Reply] [Last]
We have horrid ugly placeholders for a site logo and banner. Post better ones here!
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>>67 Best one.
ok figured out rotating banners
(29.30 KB 312x97 banner01.png)
(6.09 KB 312x97 banner02.png)
(15.45 KB 312x97 banner03.png)
>>278 Just wanted to say I hate all of these. Pug: The image asserts that our posters are not who they say they are, and we are all on LARPing. Silhouette: This one I don't quite get it looks like the banner for an article on abuse for normies. Is it representing dialogue between a man and a woman? Dialogue about the relations between the two? This site has neither. Fuzzy people: Again this is just anonymity/danger/misrepresentation. I feel like these were made by a moid but the pug I just don't get at all other than as an attempt to make fun of the site.
>>293 I thought the pug was pretty funny, the other two I didn't really like but added them anyway since it was the first new banners in a while If you don't like them make new ones to replace them? I can do that Sorry for not logging in to write this btw phone posting

Site themes Anonymous Board owner 01/19/2020 (Sun) 16:15:12 No. 43 [Reply] [Last]
One of the features of this board is that you can use your own CSS rules to style it however you like. Post themes here for other anons who may not want to fiddle with CSS. Post a screenshot of your theme and a link to a https://pastebin.com/ paste with your CSS.
Edited last time by admin on 01/19/2020 (Sun) 16:58:33.
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Admin has done nearly all the work to recreate the Default theme as purple herself. Applied her changes.
Added 'Garden' theme. Needs work.
I was going through my collected CSS/JS for imageboards and found this quality of life improvement for Lynxchan: https://pastebin.com/AfqCRd5q Sorry for no picture, but it's for file hover. Admin, please vet it! I guess you could enable it sitewide for those of us who have JS enabled.
>>235 Hey sorry for late response! I tried it out for a few days myself and while it is neat it's a bit annoying on mobile because when you click an image, you get the hovered picture and the full picture open at the same time. Pic related. I wanna keep the site at least somewhat functional on mobile, though if you or any anons wanted to use it you can always just copy and paste in the JS settings.
>>236 Aaand then like 2 seconds later after posting I thought of a solution and added it, disregard me, I do this everytime lmao Just give me a bit to add it to the rest of the site

(113.04 KB 1200x800 questions-1.jpg)
Anonymous 11/24/2020 (Tue) 03:53:40 No. 317 [Reply] [Last]
I think there should be a new board for outsiders to ask questions in good faith to Radical Feminists. I propose the name /ask/. It could be also used for a radical feminist to ask a question to other radical feminists. It could be related to Radical feminism or not.
>>317 It will just be flooded with y chromoid trolls who will post porn all day cause their brain is filled with cum
Neo-fascism is on the rise, and you ask for >good faith
>>318 Don't they already do that on the other boards? The mods are competent enough to get rid of fit and keep only the good-faith questions.

Asherah's Garden admin Board owner 01/17/2020 (Fri) 20:13:54 No. 1 [Reply] [Last]
Welcome to Asherah's Garden. We are an anonymous image board where women can feel free to criticize those who would try to take advantage us for their own selfish reasons. This site is primarily to provide an alternative to sites where discussion of issues facing women today has been clamped down on. It is my hope that the site can also become a place where positive discussions can emerge away from toxic male influences. The name is inspired by an ancient goddess of the Israelites, who was worshiped before the Exile to Babylon. She was Asherah, the Queen of Heaven, thought to have once been consort to Yahweh, the God of the Bible. Her name has been chosen because she represents an alternative to the sexism of patriarchal Abrahamic religions. Her worship was outlawed by the priests of Yahweh after the Exile and anyone caught worshiping her would be persecuted. I wanted a name for the site which would seem benign at first glance but still be meaningful. I hope it isn't too obnoxious - the domain has already been paid for. This board will be for announcements, but creating threads for site feedback is also allowed.
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no that doesn't seem to be it but at least saging works
Overboard seems to be working now. It's basically every board at once.
Post counts are inflated by the deleted posts of a wandering scrot. Two separate incidents, unclear if there's a connection.
Is there a way I can edit a thread?
>>305 Speaking as a user of anonymous imageboards, that goes against tradition. Usually you're only able to delete your own posts if you set a password. If admin wanted to buck the trend, surely it's possible to hack it so it also works for editing instead of deletion though.

Daughters of lilith is suspended Anonymous 09/04/2020 (Fri) 17:06:12 No. 292 [Reply] [Last]
I click on it and it says it's suspended :/

(279.69 KB 1280x960 glow.jpg)
On False-Flagging Accusations Anonymous Admin 02/10/2020 (Mon) 23:17:57 No. 131 [Reply] [Last]
I reserved commenting on this here until I could reach out to the admin of Lolcow. To be clear, no, I’ve never created a fake scrote thread on Lolcow, made threats toward users, or attempted to deceive anyone. However, I did attempt to speak up for myself on /meta/. After two posts, I was redtexted with “(stop)”, and got a ban message telling me I can e-mail them to “try” to disprove it, but they “know it’s me”. As I said before, I lurk very, very often. I see how the sudden appearance worked against my case, but it just didn’t feel right to sit things out, so I acted on impulse. I’ll own up to that much, because that was actually me. As a sidenote, I have never posted an image of myself or one that's related to myself on lolcow.farm, and I never will. The biggest cause of confusion seems to be around Opera's VPN function. It offers three regions. Europe, Asia and Americas. They each come with their own IP or proxy range. I primarily use Europe, so that's where the majority of my mod posts stem from. Anyone who installs Opera and uses Europe is likely to receive an IP from the same proxy range as myself, or even the same IP itself. In this sense, anyone could hypothetically impersonate me on Lolcow. Anyone who uses a VPN is probably used to receiving ban messages that were obviously meant for someone else. That said, to sum things up, Lolcow’s admin and I spoke over e-mail, but we couldn’t come to an agreement. She came into the exchange mostly unwilling to believe that there could be any actual room for confusion, insisting that "proof was posted", and my IP was linked to multiple threatening posts and spam. After asking two or three times, she tried to get me to expose my real IP, essentially opening myself up to actual doxxing and tracking to prove it’s not me. She did this while insisting that she had my IP, anyway, which was strange. She somehow went from “Opera VPN won’t save you, ham-chan. You are using a cheap VPN, so it’ll be hard to trace all your posts” to “You’ve never used a VPN, you just thought you did, so your IP leaked. I already have your IP, but reveal it to me, anyway”. I can’t tell if she did this out of some misplaced spite, a clever form of misdirection from heat that was placed on her, or if she’s just completely sure of what she’s saying, and won’t even pause to consider that she might not always be right. Either way, my trust in the current Lolcow administration’s integrity is low enough to put me off sharing my actual IP, or anything that can be seen as personal information. She’s completely free to mark whichever posts or information that are most convenient to this narrative as “me”. Since she was deliberately vague about how exactly she concluded things, from our own understanding, it appears that Lolcow’s staff have amassed a large amount of VPN posts, and are presenting them as a single user. She did mention using linked cookies to identify posters. I found it strange that she chose not to mention that openly on /meta/, instead choosing to talk about proxy ranges. The cookie explanation is kind of weak as proof for a lot of reasons, but if it's true, and the staff does actually utilize software that uses cookies to track users and catalog their every post, I think it’s somewhat twisted to not have informed the user base of that from the very beginning. To anons who may not have previously known about this, be very careful about what you share on Lolcow. Under its current ownership, privacy does not seem to be entirely respected. It remains questionable whether your information is safe in their hands. At the risk of “shilling” this site, we don’t do that on Asherah’s Garden. We have no interest in starting drama with users, keeping tabs on them or covering our asses if we fuck up. You can criticise us and tinfoil all you want. As long as you’re not a scrote or tranny, you can rest assured we’re not going to do anything about it, other than read your posts, consider what you’ve said and maybe respond. At most, we’ll delete intolerable shitposts, trolling or spam, and if it becomes a problem, we’ll just actually start logging IPs, announce that we are, and ban you if you keep it up. Nothing drawn out, no autistic traps or mind games, no powertripping bullshit. I understand how juicy it is to hear about a mentally unstable, false-flagging admin of a scrote-made board, and that’s why I’m sure some anons may cling to this whole thing. That’s alright, and if the doubt is heavy enough to make the site feel uncomfortable for anons to use, I take no issue with stepping down as admin and never being seen or heard from again. In the end, I’m just another anonymous user myself. There’s still another female mod, and the site remains open to applications from anyone who would like to own it, as it has been from the start.
Edited last time by iridium on 02/10/2020 (Mon) 23:32:37.
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Honestly it's fine. I had the suspicion that lc admin has some weird vendetta against this site(and gc, pp and radfem anons in general) and maybe some of the farmhands too, which is extra strange considering they were the ones banning that userbase in the first place? Either way it's probably better not to further engage on lolcow. I appreciate you wanting to set things right and explaining everything in detail, but at this point I think they are waiting for any fooder to badmouth you and the staff.
>The cookie explanation is kind of weak as proof for a lot of reasons, but if it's true, and the staff does actually utilize software that uses cookies to track users and catalog their every post, I think it’s somewhat twisted to not have informed the user base of that from the very beginning. >To anons who may not have previously known about this, be very careful about what you share on Lolcow. >Under its current ownership, privacy does not seem to be entirely respected. It remains questionable whether your information is safe in their hands. This has been known for a while. If you look at how they outed Kiki Kannibal as posting there, they clearly are doing a lot to track anyone who posts there. It's creepy. The site seems to hate its own users as much as anyone unfortunate enough to have a thread made about them.
>>229 The Kiki stuff was a different admin. The current admin has no idea what the fuck she's doing, she uses the Kiki posts to scare people but genuinely believed all opera vpn users were the same poster. Also keeks was spamming gore, doing something about her was reasonable, this new admin is just a psycho out to dox her userbase. Fortunately not a competent one.
>>136 That site has a very strange mentality to demonize everyone, even people they do know in person, the personal cow thread is chock full of this.
>>229 Do people not delete the cookies? It's not hard to avoid being tracked.

(44.63 KB 564x842 esthel.jpg)
Too much rules? Anonymous 04/11/2020 (Sat) 04:45:14 No. 169 [Reply] [Last]
It's as if you have came up with extra rules just to reach the number ten. Let us not be too rulecucked, else it is impossible to run a truly free and open forum for all women. What is even the point of rule 6? Rule 7 is redundant under rule 1. Rule 8 is also redundant under rule 1. Rule 10 contradicts the point of a forum. Infighting and so called "derailing" are natural flows of arguments and discussion. >moderators will take action See this is power tripping for no reason.
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>>262 Well, I don't think we're necessarily about total freedom of speech? Men are not allowed to post here for one.
>>262 This site definitely wouldn't benefit from "total freedom of speech". If tone policing were to become an issue, the metric for "hostility" could just be examined and revised collectively/collaboratively, so everyone is on the same page, if necessary. But seeing as how there's been like, literally no shitflinging on AG since its inception, I don't see an issue anyways. Being snarky or a little heated isn't the same as /pol/tier shitflinging, imo, and it seems admin is well aware of the difference. Idk I think a little bit of fieriness, snark, whatever, in disagreement is normal and to be expected, but users here seem to know how to work it out without even needing to resort to heavy moderation.
>>264 That's why a lot of women prefer 4chan and can't identify with us
>>265 I don't think that's why they prefer 4chan, and even if it were, I don't think a lot of users here care about losing potential female users who want to defend loli or post racist memes. If people want to run general conversion campaigns to save these girls from toxic male communities, that's an idea, but I think it's probably a better idea to not turn the site into a dumpsterfire in the process of trying to do that.
>>266 People who want to defend loli or racism would probably choose to do it on 4chan rather than in a radfem website, cause logically they wouldn't get the feedback they expect to get on these sort of things here. 4chan has total freedom of speech still you don't see people defending feminism there cause it mostly is a misogynistic place

Change of ownership Anonymous Board owner 03/27/2020 (Fri) 12:46:38 No. 163 [Reply] [Last]
I'll try and keep this brief, this will be my last post. An ex-farmer has rented a VPS, and recreated the website there. I at no point had access to the new server. I will be providing her with an updated copy of the database after this post. Once I receive notification that everything is ready to go I will update the DNS records for the domain and redirect traffic to the new server while the changes propagate (this can take several hours). Once the propagation is complete the new owner will be able to obtain an SSL certificate for the domain. Ownership of the domain name itself will follow on later, further updates will be provided at the new owner's discretion. I understand that negative reaction to the fact of my identity is most likely caused by the implicit deception, I hope my lack of future involvement will reassure potential users. Without any bitterness, I'll be glad to take my leave.
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jsyk admin, chrome (i havent checked other browsers) keeps reporting ag as 'dangerous' after a while and then disabling use of the site
>>219 Google's botnet is out to kill the site I see But for real I don't really know what would cause it, I'm pretty sure I configured the SSL/HTTPs right. Might want to turn off some Chrome settings? ik Chrome has some safe browsing nonsense in their browser.
>>218 This. Thank you based admin.
>>218 >>221 >>210 excellent job, admin!
holy shit, admin, this is beautiful. FABULOUS job on the overhaul! it's perfect!

(44.66 KB 499x521 1568245606679.jpg)
Anonymous Admin 02/01/2020 (Sat) 21:56:15 No. 115 [Reply] [Last]
(Former) mod here. For the time being, I've taken on admin privileges. I don't *own* the site (and don't plan to anytime soon), but at least this way, anons don't have to be worried about there solely being a male admin in charge of the site. Actual ownership is still open to anyone interested.
So...2X is getting canned on the 5th Feb and this is the most viable replacement for now. What's the plan? How much is monthly hosting? I think transferring ownership to a female admin should happen, but that means her doxing herself potentially to the maker of this site. So far nobody else has made anything similar enough to LC so it's a kinda beggars-choosers situation. However it's worth pointing out PP and I think the Lesbian thread will return to OT [apparently] which makes this less of a pressing issue if that happens.
>>116 So for hosting you can use anyone who wants to rent you a VPS but the biggest name in the game is DigitalOcean. They have the best set of articles on how to do things, but they also apply to pretty much anyone else you'd host with. DO have $5/month and $10/month options which will probably suffice, but I am using Kamatera currently when I needed to move server and was aware that a lot of DO IP's are blocked in Russia as part of their War on Telegram. I think the basic option there is $7/month but they're much more flexible about customising and upgrading if you specifically just want eg a second CPU core or additional storage space. They also give a one month free trial which would give you extra time to get accustomed to what needs to be done (although once configured properly the thing should mostly take care of itself and I can do the server move for you). This server is above minimum spec because it's helpful to my other site, but I would guess minimum spec would be fine for hosting one slow imageboard. I did a domain transfer the other day and I think only the hosting companies saw anyone's dox.
Side note on crowdfunding; Github sponsors is a recent offering from github which is in principle similar to patreon but for open source developers. If you upload the slightly modified frontend to github you can be an open source developer, especially if you actually change anything. The advantage is that they are matching donations up to $5000 per developer during the first year, the catch is that you can only withdraw money once you have at least $100 previous to matching. So if anons pledged $15/month new admin would get $210 seven months later if they went this route. Patreon is just a monthly payout but they take a cut rather than doubling your money.

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