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Moderator applications admin Board owner 01/17/2020 (Fri) 23:01:34 No. 2 [Reply] [Last]
I will be appointing moderators after I am more familiar with the board software and have made some changes to the backend, but you can start applying now. Despite the effort and expense involved in creating this site, I do not want to remain responsible for it in the long term, and so besides moderators I am also looking for a successor to take over ownership and maintenance of the board. Technical experience would be helpful but I'd be willing to take someone through everything step by step if they were serious about learning. I plan to stay on for as long as it takes for us to settle in, and then pass on the ownership to someone who has proven trustworthy. Send applications to admin@asherahs.garden (working now) with information like; Previous experience as a moderator/with the internet Any technical/coding experience (myspace html is better than nothing) - only relevant if you want to write code for the site A statement of personal ideology/why you are invested in the site Whether you would like to throw your hat in the ring for next admin or would only like to be considered as a moderator
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>>80 This. The sooner we get a female admin, the better, but honestly? Hilarious twist of irony that an actual (alleged) woman has chosen to fuck over other women who want to discuss women's rights, while a male actually chose to help us. Won't change my opinion on scrotes as a whole, but I appreciate what OP has done, and I thank him for exerting this effort. Life isn't all black and white.
>>78 And lolcow is run by an obnoxious pick me. I'll just wait and see how this shit plays out.
All future applications will be reviewed by an existing member of the moderation team before acceptance. We are still looking for someone to take on site ownership but decisions about the site will now be taken by the moderation team.
>>107 What does site ownership entail? I might be interested, but I've just been lurking for a while
>>112 Check >>100 For a breakdown

(379.21 KB 1662x1232 P00_1.png)
Anonymous Global volunteer 01/28/2020 (Tue) 17:46:36 No. 109 [Reply] [Last]
Hello. We’ve recently made a few changes to the site. - Updated rules (pic related) - Merged the Women’s History (/wh/) and Feminist Theory (/ft/) boards - Converted International Women’s Rights (/iw/) from a standalone board to a thread in Against Men (/am/) Note: I particularly took my own liberties with the rules as a mod, but feel that it is in the site's best interest for anons to decide what is and isn't good. Concrit or suggestions on these are welcome. Any input on these changes is appreciated. Additionally, all future moderator applications will be reviewed by a member of the moderation team.

Upcoming Dormancy Anonymous Board owner 01/24/2020 (Fri) 10:17:31 No. 91 [Reply] [Last]
I had said previously that I was going to leave this site up. I am starting to realise that closing it instead might be the best way forward. Being doxed was never part of my recklessly overconfident plan, and I hadn't given any prior thought to what to do in the event it happened. Good faith posting here has basically ground to halt, indicating that in present circumstances the board has become unusable. It is also causing pointless infighting back on the mother board. The plan is to take the site offline and have the domain instead redirect to a static page containing a summary of events and an appeal for anon to assume ownership and re-open the board. Instructions, guidance and explanations (including how I was doxed and why anon will have to find some other way if they want to dox you) are included in this offer. Board is still up to give anon a chance to voice her objections to this plan, for as long as my nerves hold out, but certainly not past this weekend.
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>>96 Literally just accepting a moderator position and deleting their posts
>>96 OK I guess what you were asking was what personal information do you need to provide to become a moderator. All you would need provide was contact details to where to send the login for a moderator account. Alternatively I could open account creation and give users delete/ban privs based on tripfagging. An admin with total power over the board could be appointed the same way. I would still own the server so it would be impossible for me to make it impossible for myself to regain control as long as I'm the one paying for it. I could provide the data to a tech savvy anon with a server of her own to perform a migration to, or I could do it myself with temporary access to another server. That access can be revoked later, especially if 2FA is enabled afterward. Anon doesn't need to provide me any personal information to do this except a paypal address if she wants to take up the offer the costs of the first month's hosting. If anon was hosting this on her own server I wouldn't be able to alter any of the content being hosted (any more than any other poster), but I would still have the power to redirect the domain to another server. I haven't done a domain transfer before, I'll have to look it up, but you are legally required to provide your name and address to your DNS provider who is in turn required to make the data unavailable to 3rd parties (my other domain was registered before this became law). I'm not sure if my knowing anyone's real name is a necessary part of the process but it might be possible to broker an anonymous sale of the domain for a nominal amount which I can then repay.
I've returned emails to two anons with login details for accounts with moderator powers (delete/ban/unban) Still hearing arguments for or against keeping the site up.
Edited last time by admin on 01/25/2020 (Sat) 16:35:40.
(94.79 KB 915x698 pl2er07dBp1xmd5ogo1.jpg)
Hello. I'm one of the anons who volunteered to be a moderator. I'll be glad to hear any feedback in the near future.
Unpinned for anon's unpaid emotional labour having compelled me to grow a backbone. Dormancy cancelled.

(96.53 KB 872x581 ban.jpg)
lolcow thread responses Anonymous Board owner 01/22/2020 (Wed) 15:47:24 No. 88 [Reply] [Last]
Banned OP of a troll thread (deleted), may have accidentally banned everyone. Lifted the ban now.
(28.89 KB 973x423 nigel.png)
anon you can be admin of this board and save your boyfriend some time and effort. tbh asking for help from a man to avoid having to accept the help given by a man just doesn't make a lot of sense. The hypocrisy is beginning to affect me. I wouldn't want to cause a split if anon is making her own board but if it's my work against some other moids I'd be tempted to start caping harder for my own.
>>97 kek, well, i think she's suggesting that she can trust her bf in the hand off more than you since she's dating him or whatever. i think that's what's causing it. i don't think it's a refusal of male help in general.

(4.54 KB 200x249 Stuart_Mill_G_F_Watts.jpg)
Disclaimer regarding ownership Anonymous 01/21/2020 (Tue) 13:33:44 No. 87 [Reply] [Last]
OK well this is akward but I will give a statement because certain questions will inevitably arise if I don't. tl;dr The Death of the Author is the idea that the interpretation of a work rests solely on the work itself independent of the author's intention. I believe the argument has merit, and that the truth of a statement is independent of the speaker. Which is to say that I don't think it matters who actually installed the software and configured the server. Or who originally wrote any of the code for any of the bewildering array of technologies for this website or any other. I would still like to apologise for the deception involved. I can't say I simply let people assume I was a woman due to the use of first person plural in some of the site text. Not to mention the hypocrisy of the one rule, though I fully intend to issue permanent first offense no warning bans for obvious maleposting. One moderator has also been appointed prior to the discovery of my identity - they did not want take over as admin. The situation is obviously not ideal and therefore does need to be adressed. There has been speculation about my character and my motives. For what it's worth I intended to remove myself from the picture as soon as someone else could take over and if I hadn't let my dox slip out through careless incompetence it might have saved us all some drama. Regarding my character: I don't want to draw any more attention to myself but the phrase 'self-hating man' has been focused on as requiring more explanation. 'Man-hating man' might have been more accurate, but equivalent constructions in English are usually given as self-hating X eg a woman with misogynistic views might well be called as a self-hating woman regardless of her opinion of herself. I was using the expression as a shorthand to summarise in a few words that I am critical of trends in the behaviour of men, with particular reference to the negative impact that they may have on women. My self-esteem comes and goes like anyone else's. Nobody cares. Not the point. Regarding my motives: again mostly what I've already said. I broadly agree with many of the underlying assumptions that characterise the soon-to-be-banned discussions on lolcow and while sometimes posts may 'go too far' I usually see it as exaggerated hyperbole and it's still remarkably less common than it is among your ideological adversaries. That means that the threads make interesting reading for me, I value having access to a broad range of perspectives and I think the validity of the perspective previously offered on lolcow is such that it deserves greater representation. I, personally, still wanted to be able to lurk the threads after lolcow admin was done making her board less hostile to certain groups. I can't say I've never posted as anon but I haven't been trying to infiltrate private groups - if I had it would probably make finding a new admin easier. It was a dilemma; create a new site with a little subterfuge or do nothing and potentially lose some of my favourite nighttime internet reading material.

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