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Appreciating young male beauty Anonymous 10/03/2020 (Sat) 10:28:31 No. 496
I somewhat feel that there's a double standard regarding being able to talk about young male beauty, true male beauty is very short-lived and it often feels like the only who get to appreciate that beauty are a subset of gay men, and they've kept it for themselves, women also place restrictions on themselves and feel they can't appreciate it Well I'm sick of it, I want it to be more acceptable the beauty of young men
Germaine Greer wrote a whole book about this, "the Beautiful Boy".
>>498 I do think the negative backlash against it was a result of this misogyny, I read about this progressive egalitarian (though christian) commune, where they would try to live like Amish but have no patricidal family structure but still have an open sex where any 2 consenting adults could have relations on the condition that the male never ejaculated, to teach this younger male members who were born into the commune would be taught by the elder females from wikipedia >The Oneida community strongly believed in a system of free love – a term which Noyes is credited with coining – which was known as complex marriage, where any member was free to have sex with any other who consented. Possessiveness and exclusive relationships were frowned upon. Unlike 20th-century social movements such as the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s, the Oneidans did not seek consequence-free sex for pleasure, but believed that, because the natural outcome of intercourse was pregnancy, raising children should be a communal responsibility. Women over the age of 40 were to act as sexual "mentors" to adolescent boys, because these relationships had a minimal chance of conceiving. Furthermore, these women became religious role models for the young men this just seems more natural to me then the current order we have
>>500 Oh wow yes I've heard of them: https://www.sacred-texts.com/sex/mc/index.htm It's a nice idea but imagine thinking that an average man could have this level of self control.
>>501 I see this as being something that could help society as a whole young men would learn self control and how to actually a pleasure a woman in their later lives and elderly woman could have some fun as well teaching them
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The only acceptable way of "admiring the beauty" of minors I can think of is when your admiration is completely devoid of any eroticism. When you think a kid is cute for example or that they have beautiful facial features without any sexual component to it. What homos do a lot is eroticize teen and male childs, just like "straight" men do to teen and female childs and this shouldn't be allowed to any sex. Teens must not be subjected to be objects of romantic or sexual desire by people of age. The problem here is not women supposedly "not being allowed" to do this, the problem is men being allowed to it. What happens in our society is that patriarchal media tries to push the ridiculous idea that old men are attractive to young women when this is just so objectively false and nothing but obviously just a convenient narrative to men only: "Daddy fetish", "Daddy body", etc. I never in 20 something years of life have been attracted to old men. I'm attracted to men a bit younger or my age with few exceptions who have up to 35yo at most. A man in their 30s+ is less fertile than a man in their 20s. After 20, the older the man the less quality their sperm has, not to mention the higher chances of having sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfuction. The idea that women are magically more sexually attracted to old less fertile men than to young fertile men goes against biology and what we know about reproduction. The only women who date wrinkled men do so for economical reasons, hence the fact all those old men dating young women are rich
>>503 I had a 50+yo female acquaintance who had a thing with a 20+yo man. I remember how happy/fulfilled she was and how it boosted her self steem but she was a bit concerned about her family and friends finding out about this cause the guy was her sons' age and how they could think it is a bit shameful for a woman her age to not look a young men in a strictly motherly way
Ngl guys, I think some posts here are wandering into creepy territory. I do think it should be more normalized for older women to be with younger men, but the minor thing is... no. I don't agree that males are primarily or only attractive as minors at all, like, at all. It's just that they don't take care of themselves and their styling gets worse as they get older, imo. They're encouraged to be lazy and they take terrible care of their skin. >>503 I don't believe 'muh biology' affects women or men as much as people would like to say it does. There are so many popular trends and fetishes that spit in the face of evo-psych and make no sense but everyone just ignores it and trots out the evo-psych whenever convenient. That said, the dadbod thing is bullshit for their benefit.
>>503 >The problem here is not women supposedly "not being allowed" to do this, the problem is men being allowed to it. Exactly this. "Young man appreciation" should be for men in their 20s or something. The degenerate aspects of male sexuality should not be encouraged to become popular among women as well, the degenerate aspects need to be shamed. Some of the posts in this thread are suspect as fuck.
>>506 I do agree with you anon, even now when women do try to appreciate male beauty its through the same rhetoric and tactics as gay men, which is often disgusting and degenerate. If women did it It wouldn't be outright sexual in fact it would be more natural and healthier
OP is definitely problematic, pictured bishie was 16 when the film was made and spoke out against the objectification he experienced as a result of the role he played in the film (an object of lust for an older man) in later life: >I was just 16 and Visconti and the team took me to a gay nightclub. Almost all the crew were gay. The waiters at the club made me feel very uncomfortable. They looked at me uncompromisingly as if I was a nice meaty dish...it was the first of many such encounters. Unsurprisingly it was men who were making him uncomfortable. More sus though is the fact that a picture of him was chosen for the cover of Germaine Greer's book, and he didn't like that either. Not to whiteknight because this is one guy while Hollywood churns out female starlets on an industrial scale, but OP, is this bait?
>>514 I feel like it is. This is such an odd thing to be worked up about as well alongside the the context behind the picture used for the OP. It would be one thing if it was "I think it is stupid how older women are shamed for being attracted to/being with age-appropriate younger men" but this is not that.
>>515 >>514 I remember an anon posting about male beauty and using that exact actor kid as representation of it. They had a particular autistic obsession with him on the "low calorie" board like at the beginning of the year or last year. It completely reads like bait but I think one or two of the anons in our midst just may be gross.
>>519 OP sounds like neccessaryspeed who kept trolling about this topic on LC.
>>547 Would not surprise me at all if it was her.


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