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Porn ban discussion Porn ban discussion 10/02/2020 (Fri) 05:54:47 No. 486
https://youtube.com/watch?v=mbF4Vc_jR60 Do you support banning pornography? How do you define pornography? Is there anything else we can do (besides banning) to stop the effects of porn culture?
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Banning porn might help. But when it comes to culture, the root of the problem may lie on eroticism. You can ban explicit sex scenes, but semi naked bodies and eroticism would still be all over the media
Taken from Wiktionary: “From French pornographie, from Ancient Greek πορνογράφος (pornográphos), from πορνεία (porneía, “fornication, prostitution”) + γράφω (gráphō, “I depict”). “ Pornography literally means the depiction of prostitutes, so it’s a term that meant something inherently exploitative. To talk about something that isn’t inherently exploitative, maybe the term “erotica” would be better. So yeah. I think that banning porn might help similarly to the way that banning it for children has probably helped, but hasn’t gotten rid of the issue completely. I think porn, capitalism, and misogyny perpetuate themselves in a vicious cycle. It reinforces the sexist/racist stereotypes perpetuated by capitalist society at large, while introducing males to new levels of depravity. It exists because of those reasons and makes it worse. Most people are only doing porn for the money, which I can’t consider true consent. Those who aren’t doing it for the money are sometimes unaware that they are being used in porn (spycams, revenge porn), groomed, and if they are truly freely choosing it, they make things worse for the majority who are coerced and tricked into it because the “positive” voices get boosted while the negative ones get suppressed and people get a distorted view of what the industry’s actually like. Sometimes people don’t even realize what they’ve gotten into until they’ve been out of the industry for some time, since they’re not allowed to talk negatively about it when they’re in it.
>>487 agree 100%. the porn is a huge problem but this is the gateway drug. it's in everything. everything is eroticized and i believe this is the first thing that needs to be tackled.
The thing is it's not to the government's job to enforce morality. Porn is banned in South Korea so you get risque K-pop instead.
>>497 We have tons of disgusting porn in America and we still have ultra sexified pop stars. K pop is tame in comparison. They're doing the right thing, but I'd still tackle the pornification of all media first.


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