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Anonymous 07/22/2020 (Wed) 19:20:41 No. 206
Some radfems are so full of resentment and their crankiness is ridiculous to see. They're petty and ready to throw any woman under the bus if they don't lick their asses and agree with every shit they said. If stays like this we won't go anywhere.
Please tell us oh wise one, what shall we do to fix Radfem communities? If all you do is complain about rudefems and offer no solutions it's just as bad.
>>206 This is so vague. Do you have an example?
This is so vague (and stupid), point out specific issues from in online and inperson radfem spaces. Radical feminism has plenty of differing perspectives. Also, with the phrase TERF people who aren't actually radfems are calling themselves so. Personally keep thinking to what happened with Helena, a straight detrans woman (@lacroicsz on twitter). Recently, she made some tweets about race that were interpreted badly and "radfems" (some also detrans) on shittalked and then blocked her, calling her a tradwife, etc. Not saying she's a saint but it was really embarrassing to see.
(28.53 KB 634x268 straight.PNG)
>>209 What did she say about race? Idk what happened to her wrt race but i saw she posted pic related and tbh i get why women get tired of stuff like this. I feel like straight and just generally osa women in these communities victimize themselves hard just because no one wants to read 5 page essays about how much they love their bf for putting the toilet seat down and allegedly giving up porn (heavy emphasis on 'allegedly'). There's a difference between not being able to speak about your struggles with men, and wanting to use your platform in radfem spaces to talk at length about how much you love them? Save that for your close friends. No offense but they are very bad at reading a room when it comes to male praise in these communities and then they get way too upset that other women want them to be realistic about the men in their lives. They tend to romanticize completely unimpressive men to the point of imagining their personalities and then projecting them onto these men that they praise. Then they will run themselves ragged trying to prove to strangers that they're more remarkable than they actually are, and honestly, they need to understand that these women don't believe it, don't care, and they don't have any obligation to care or believe it anyways. No one in these communities owes these men the benefit of the doubt and osa women should understand that.
>>211 Man this is really annoying. I really don't like that all types of people are now """allies""" because troonery just had to ruin liberals and leftists. I don't know why the """alliance""" between non-feminists and gc feminists can't just be that--a one issue ""alliance"". Feminism as a whole does not need anymore watering down. Sure, feminists of all kinds need to match actions to their words instead of keyboard spergery, but I really don't see why OP thinks we have to appeal to the "Not my Nigel" crowd too hard. Even if you remove the "radfem spergs" from the equation, radical feminism is not going to appeal to these types of women. It just isn't.
(45.58 KB 625x626 64419965.jpg)
Why are you all falling for this shit kek.
>>207 Maybe growing a fucking spine, and focusing in real women instead of senseless infighting cause their asses aren't licked. It's my 2nd year volunteering in a woman shelter and this helped me realize we're still long gone.
>>208 Sure, yeah. Radfems conjecturing that maybe if we got rid of all 'handmaidens', our oppression would end in a snap of a finger. Dare to disagree and they kick you out for being a 'cocksucker' just like the others. In my understanding, feminism is still by women and for women. And while we're able to criticize women who are enablers of patriarchy and misoginy, I don't think exterminating them it's the route. As far as I know, men are still and always be our oppressors. Not 'HOPs' or handmaidens. They're their own demise.
>>216 Handmaidens are self-sabotaging and also making things harder for the rest of us. You can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped, so I don't care about them.
>>216 If like 90% of their politics is mindless shitting on the women who don't agree with them in lieu of valid criticism they obviously are not pro-woman. I've noticed lots of NLOG types like latching onto radical feminism because it's more nuanced than mainstream SJW politics without ever examining their own proclivity towards misogyny. Stop calling them feminists. Start calling them posers
>>216 Exterminating handmaidens is as realistic as exterminating men.
>>242 Nobody wants to "exterminate" them lmfao. It's just that they don't belong in radical feminism, even though they're women it's not really for them.
>>216 How is it that you allegedly volunteer with women in a normal capacity just under a general umbrella of catch-all feminism, but magically come across oodles and oodles of self identifying radical feminists (who all happen to want to genocide anyone that likes the penis)? Radical feminism is not even popular enough for this to be a common thing to encounter IRL. Sounds sus.
>>243 You don't have to accept them in your communities but you are 100% wrong. Radical feminism fights for the liberation of the female sex class which is all women. Even the ones you disagree with. This is how I know y'all don't even read feminist theory.
>>217 >>246 Whether you like it or not political power is a numbers game, any ideology that excludes the majority can't work 99% of women get excluded from radical feminism because rich Becky's who are financially secure and can the experiences the vast majority of experiences women go through This isn't exclusive to straight women thing, many lesbians aren't that man hating Lesbians with male children, good fathers and brothers
>>251 1. The "rich Becky's" ARE the handmaidens. 2. It's not about man-hate but woman-hate. We're on this site in the first place because the whole Lolcow userbase wanted us out and insulted us. Lolcow users don't deserve liberation, they deserve a bullet in the face.
(51.24 KB 622x596 EYVuD2aUEAEElE-.jpg)
>>254 I don't like the Lolcow userbase at all, but the way you said that with intensity is honestly concerning. Girl, you have issues with other women, don't hide it in the face of radical feminism.
>>254 I'm a bit suspicious of your post due to your wording, but actually, the fact is that the other userbase actually voted in our favor. The primary issue was that petty users were/are easily stoked by obviously rabid agitators and clear mod biases. Bootlickers are also generally overzealous because they feel the need to impress and are just so damn desperate to be part of the more powerful group, leading again to the idea that there was a larger presence of users against us than there actually is. The numbers just weren't there.
>>254 This. >>257 And also that bit at the end is part of the reason why the anti-pp anons wanted us gone in the first place lmao. Some of you need therapy not radical feminism, because it's obvious that you aren't in the right mental state to be able to deal with serious topics without spouting insane shit like this.
women can't all be filed under man haters/handmaidens. I don't think the most man hating women in the world could do much damage to men/men-loving women even if they all collaborated (that's a small number compared to men who hate women). I think discussions always hit a dead end when they get reduced to saying women who are focused on broader goals (i.e. involving men) = handmaidens, and radical feminists = middle class white lesbians up in their rich lesbian tower chewing on the entrails of working class men
>>260 Many lesbians get accused of being handmaidens though
>>262 that's my point. any discussion can get shut down by women accusing each other of being handmaidens. at the end of the day it's pointless to accuse someone of something here because we could all be lying about our experiences since this is an anonymous board. I haven't really gotten to a conclusion about this issue or have any suggestions, really. Just half a thought.
>>316 I feel the label handmaiden gets thrown around way to much and we get into rather silly debates on what makes a handmaiden and whose the real feminist It's so fucking dumb and nothing gets accomplished, this isn't just a feminist thing I just think this is a problem with the modern left as a whole


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