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RadFem Art Anonymous 01/19/2020 (Sun) 10:36:12 No. 2
Do you make RadFem art that you can't post in main because your account will get nuked? Post it here! Also discuss RF artists, the harassment they recieve, and everything in between. Photo: redkatherine
this is really aesthetically pleasing, I love it
>>2 wow that is really good
(328.38 KB 800x1100 C1P00-1.png)
I wonder what happened to redkatherine, last I heard about her she was worried about being reported to the Russian govt because people just really fucking hate her. Just remembered this webcomic, infamous on tunglr.org for an entire chapter with troon caricatures. It updates pretty slowly though. I love how the art progresses between chapters, the artist always tries something new every couple of pages. http://leasebound.com/
Not my art, but good. JK Rowling is iconic.
>>161 omg i love the creator of that she's great!
>>161 She's on instagram! She still posts from time to time, wonderful wholesome radfem art. I really like her but lately she's been feeling a bit down. It sucks, I hope she is okay...
>>318 Uhhh, let's not w this
>>170 wow i love this so much!


no cookies?