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Feminist Media Anonymous 10/18/2020 (Sun) 21:47:26 No. 574
ITT: post and share your favorite feminist movies, documentaries, videos, literature, comics, etc
(126.83 KB 1134x582 1*kJzUcY3iaBaK5gbnOLWQGg.jpeg)
I'll kick things off by sharing some of my favorites Love my girl Anita. She got shit on really aggressively by gamer scrotes for her video game trope series, but I really loved it and find her earlier media analysis work spot on. Not so sure about her latest stuff.. but she was killing it in the early 2010's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvDg8VeGWJs&list=PLF470CE6D6988DF23 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BrKqEtG-2w&list=PLn4ob_5_ttEaZWIYcx7VKiFheMSEp1gbq
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFD-hIzySEEBGBpm8VQqgeA Babyradfem TV recently deleted all their videos (anyone know why?) but they just put up this second channel. Really great historical docs, seriously love this channel
(322.18 KB 2172x1262 feminine-or-female.jpg)
https://feministheretic.wordpress.com this webcomic is pretty good imo
>>577 I legit can't get a read on her sometimes
>>578 I just checked her fb account where she's still active and it's majority about covid-19, she's not a denier btw but she's over hyping as if it's the end times
>>579 that's not problematic. better to be overly cautious than to not be at all. melania can go fuck herself though. she's not just some gullible idiot with no self esteem in texarkana with no influence and difficulty detaching from toxic men. she's just a major asshole. same with ivanka.
>>583 they are very good. have you guys watched the deprogrammer? she's really slept on despite all of the time and energy she puts into her content. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKaLT__9XA4&t
>>585 without a doubt she is head and shoulders above pretty much every even radfem or radfem related youtuber in quality of content and research
>>586 also check out her IG where she makes infographics https://www.instagram.com/thedeprogrammerxx/
>>585 This is great anon, thank you
>>588 Is there a way to access instagram without an account?
>>585 >>588 I like that she has a good understanding of international politics, history and laws, like no offense but I feel a lot of radfems and libfems are too focused on feminist rhetoric and analysis without having a true understanding of world politics like this post about the US Joint Vaccine Acquisition Program which was were invovled in trafficking of women and children in Bosnia https://www.instagram.com/p/CDrRQ1xhc1-/US Joint Vaccine Acquisition Program
>>590 Not really, for most of it, if you are using the app or site directly. But there are lots of websites out there that archive instagram posts from specific profiles, so it's worth it to google the handle of whichever instagram account it is you are trying to see to check what other sites may have archived.
>>585 her titles sound great, she’s definitely covering some good stuff but unfortunately her videos are edited in such a way that it’s difficult to follow. it seems like she’s editing her videos similarly to self hypnosis vids i’ve seen. I see that she’s interested in social control and CIA propoganda techniques, just feels odd to be discussing those themes in a video thats basically edited to mimic the same kind of brain control methods. like girl, you don’t need to manipulate me into your perspective, i’m already on board and just trying to learn..
>>596 They're more excessively trippy than manipulating, imho. Lol And agreed. No matter how good the editing skills should be, the actual content has to prevail.
But I appreciate her efforts a lot and had just subscribed. Many of us don't have the skills or time to dedicate to making some kind of relevant content in our circles. So she's super important.
>>590 Bibliogram.art
I mostly like this documentary. At this point, some of the issues it discusses are outdated (came out around 10 years ago) and is definitely a very basic Intro-to-Feminism documentary. It also has some "girl bawss" moments, but I think that is much, much preferable to whatever bullshit is being promoted now by mainstream Feminist content. Side note: We watched this documentary in one of my classes, and some of the takeaways some people had were so fucking dumb. Part of what this documentary goes into is how sexualization of women is everywhere and has bled into everything, and this one woman in my class wanted to criticize the criticism of oversexualization of women with "women should be able to be sexual and show off their body." Like omg you fucking dunce, that is so much that is being promoted already, and it is not some "empowered feminist choice!!11" if the people running the entertainment industry are mostly men. Sorry I had to complain.
>>606 Everyone watch this. It's a fucking masterpiece.
(18.69 KB 562x447 843985436457.png)
>>602 I was hype to see this, tried to input a couple usernames and got this error. Seems Instagram is feeling threatened.
>>609 It's a bit of a hassle when you have to click that link to try another instance of it.
>>610 I'm slow and figured I should just keep retrying on the main server. One of the others worked fine as you said! I'll bookmark the instanced version and problem solved. Thanks for your patience in responding to my stubbornness/laziness!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKOUxNiDGaw Don't know if podcasts fit here but this was a very interesting listen.
(347.12 KB 390x593 lifebeforeman.PNG)
Are there any other anons here who are longtime readers of Margaret Atwood and feel frustration about her recent takes on women's rights? I started reading her novels as a teen, and they were full of pinkpills. Life Before Man and The Edible Woman are massively eye-opening on the nature of men and hetero marriage, and Oryx and Crake shows a horrific world where porn has numbed men's minds so much that the porn industry she writes is even more of an ultrasadistic torture ring than in modern day. Not going to comment on HMT since libfems appropriated that and the tv adaptation long ago. I know that frustratingly enough Atwood has always felt the need to say she is not a feminist, but it's clear she's very prophetic about women's issues and cares about our sex-based oppression. She recently participated in the open letter of authors against JKR in support of trans rights, and it seems so against every idea that she has put out into the world that she would feel this way. I don't understand what she's thinking. Have all her excellent perspectives from her early work vanished?
>>628 Atwood is an interesting case, pretty much everyone assumes she's some type of a feminist and she has nothing to gain by ideinfying her works and herself as being a non-feminist
>>628 I'm not surprised. I am not an avid read reader, but I remember that she low-key blames feminists refusing pantyhoses and burning bras for Gilead. And in "Cat's Eye", the sorta autobiographical novel, there's this moment: >The narrative describes Elaine through early adulthood as an art student and a burgeoning feminist artist, although Elaine's feminist label is media engineered, not self-proclaimed. >>629 I don't think she is a feminist of ever was because she doesn't want to assotiate with "uglys, crazys, dykes and manhaters" just like most women who aren't explicitly right-wing. She's not giving up her personal cred for The Fight. Being lucid about one's situation doesn't mean one has the strenght of character to deal with it.


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