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Azealia Banks Anonymous 10/14/2020 (Wed) 18:30:40 No. 549
Banks walked so we could run. She's mentally ill but has more courage and guts to stand against those fuckers than all the cocksuckers labeled as feminists. She's not afraid to use her voice as a black woman and speak for herself ,coming across as a "nasty, flop b***h" but does it anyway even with all repercussions. Respect.
I love Azealia for all the truths she says and hate her for killing animals for religious practices. Me and my whole family are part of an African religion and we don't do this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_S5_lMgwExc
>>551 Tbh the animal thing pisses me off the most because it's not for actual religious purposes. She did it for attention completely. If you listen to her speaking about Santeria you know she has no clue wtf she's talking about. She's very desperate to be unique when she really doesn't need to try that hard, like, at all.
>>551 >>552 I agree with y'all. She's got a LOT to sort out as she's very unstable and attention seeker. Also shee sexualizes herself a lot but I guess it's part of this combo. However, having the guts to speak her mind even being shitted all the time especially being a black woman is what makes me love her. Also her music.
She's a cow. She might be right occasionally, like for this instance where she makes some pretty good observations about hypocrisy and troon entitlement, but she's still mostly a cow. I suppose this is what happens when we are starved for any decent mainstream gc/troon critical/whatever voices that aren't JK Rowling
>>562 >starved for any decent mainstream gc/troon critical/whatever voices that aren't JK Rowling Just so you know the state of the coward, emaciated, prissy times we're living in.
>>563 tbh I am just grateful we actually do have JK Rowling
>>564 Fr. She is one of the few that approaches pushing back against troonery without being some type of conservatard.


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