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Radblr discussion Anonymous 07/19/2020 (Sun) 07:58:16 No. 185
Before r/GenderCritical and the pp threads on lc there existed radblr, a collequal name given to the radical feminist community on Tumblr, one could argue that it planted the seeds of what we have today but today radblr is a fucking mess The infighting with in the community is rediculus and the reasons they fight are also so fucking stupid, on first appearance s it can appear like it's the lesbian separatist radfems vs the het partnered radfems but it's much more crazier then that, cause of the many apperant die hard lesbian separatist radfems turned out to have secret boyfriends, many of the lesbian radfems really weren't all that misandrist so they would get accused of being handmaidens often times by straight women Then there's economics and lifestyle issues, cause the vegan radfems and non vegan radfems have so many petty fights, many radfems want to live in women only communes but none of them have the practical skills for it, the whole community is a mess and nothing gets accomplished I much prefered the radfem community on r/GC cause the mods kept things in check and the separate niche subs that were interconnected kept everyone happy
The ableism there makes me uncomfortable. I've even seen autistic radfems use "autist" as an insult and I can't wrap my head around it. (Too much 4chan, maybe?) >het partnered radfems Here's the thing with straight women. A lot of them do get rightfully angry at men's shitty behavior, but they never expresses it because they have to be on good terms with them. So they come to women's spaces, and they direct their repressed anger at other women. #notall of course, if you don't do that it's not about you.
>>186 I explained it in my post that it wasn't as simple as het partnered radfems vs lesbian separatist radfems(I honestly wish it was that simple) cause many of these lesbian separatists turned out to have secret boyfriends and many of the lesbians weren't always on board with the male hate I mean even the lesbians in the community got attacked for allegedly emulating white hetero-normavaity i.e getting married and having families
>>188 Yeah sorry I went on a tangent
I know toppdyke was everyone's favorite spergy terf. I also remember the "nicefem" vs. "rudfem" drama. Interesting times.
OP reminded me of this one user who would get into shit for being racist to other radfems, but because she wrote long refutes (with sources, truly a rarity there) to tranny blogs every time some bizarre troon logic post hit like 1k notes everyone sucked up to her, and then it was revealed she wasn't the gold star lesbian she told everyone she was and that she was currently married and basically doxxed. Shit was fucking nuts. I don't remember the blogs name though. Also sometimes I think about those weaboo radfems on there, there was one who was a butch who was into Precure. If you are lurking here please let me hold your hand.
>>190 Radfemtori and topdyke both being straight and having secret boyfriend and husband was such a fucking embarrassment, and topdyke wasn't just In a relationship, she was a goddam military housewife
>>192 >>190 idk why this is still such a prominent part of radblr lore and spoken about like this is something that happens super frequently. like, it's tumblr. i 100% expect any group on tumblr to have a few wackies, or just any group of people online, honestly. it's not surprising. lot of untreated mental illness on the internet, lbr.
>>193 That's just one part of it, I have been in various communities and without a doubt the infighting in radblr was the most frequent, literally everyone would accuse others of being a handmaoden or a pick me or a PIV slut e.t.c
Cocksmasher69 was great. Also this rudefem named LARPS who was totally a farmer was fun too.
What do you think about the eltigrelibre drama?


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