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(329.26 KB 484x273 pickme.png)
pickmes, handmaids & tradthots Anonymous 04/23/2020 (Thu) 00:18:56 No. 17
a pickme is a woman, often with low self esteem, who parrots so called "skeptic"/anti sjw/anti feminist rhetoric in the hopes of gaining male attention and male followers and in order to seem edgy. there are different kinds of pickmes; some are conservative tradthots while some have libfem views and use their hypersexuality to pander to men. the things they all have in common though is that pretty much all of them think they're "not like other girls" and are desperate for male attention.
>>59 >>60 >>63 Honestly Prison rape is less of a issue now then ever before, it was a major issue in the "70's and 2000' but Bush jr helped with implementing a lot of Prison reforms in both men's and women's prison that have greatly lessened sexual and physical violence
>>27 I don't know if this counts or not But I knew someone who was a friend of friend and one time when we were talking about if we ever had gay kids, what they would do, and she said she would be okay if her daughter turned out lesbian, but if her son turned out gay she would beat the gay out of him, AND SHES A FUCKING MARRIED LESBIAN, I didn’t say anything cause I didn't wanna cause a fight but she was really serious about it.
>>55 She seems to hate everyone, especially Asians. It seems she hates America for being a mutt country. But she doesn't hate Europe, especially England. Well that's all the stuff I could conclude after reading through some of her posts.
>>74 she doesn't hate black women either, she has one token black female friend who comments a lot in her posts, and cause of that and other "statistics" she thinks black women are alright
Jennifer Moleski is so sad and pathetic. The comments section of her videos consists of men who hate the shit out of her and yet she still continues to lick their asses. I have no idea with how she managed to involve herself in a sexist philosophy as a woman.. Actually.. I have no idea what these kinds of women went through to hate themselves so much, it almost makes me sympathetic... https://youtu.be/TNFWCNABOoM
>>132 Lol, yeah that was pretty sad, I couldn't help but laugh at her points, and the comments make these people's agendas all too obvious. TBH, at this point, I view these people as sort of a spectacle to sort of gawk at, a lot of the points were so absurd, though, like her insisting that women can't cook, or how they're in constant competition with women, that it was so hard to to take this whole thing seriously.
>>135 *constant competition with men
(99.16 KB 1200x630 pathetichandmaiden.jpg)
As a response to a young woman viciously murdered, this cock-gobbling broad wrote the following comment. I know I'm using scrote-tier language right now, but it is hard for me to use more ~feministy terminology to refer to women like this. There are so many women that would throw the entirety of womankind under the bus for even the tiniest bit of scrote acceptance and they deserve nothing but scorn. It really makes you wonder what kind of shit she turned a blind eye to in her time in the military, to the point where she gleefully wants the status quo in the "boys club" to stay the same. If this isn't a pinkpill to stay far, far away from the army then I don't know what is.
>>132 They do this in hopes of being one of the "good ones" but it never works. These women are never respected or admired. Theyre jusy ignored until the self hate is too much and they slip up causing their misogynistic audience to turn on them. Happens all the time. She'll champion men to as hateful and violent towards women then have a surprised pikachu face when those men show that hate towards her for being a woman
>>183 Dude, what are you doing here?
I was watching shit on Ghislaine Maxwell, didn't know where to put it, but what is the psychology of this type of person/handmaiden? Was she in love with Epstein? But then what about the other dudes? What was the reason for her actions? Sadism? Myra Hindley and Karla Homolka make some sort of sick sense, kind of, but I'm just so confused as to how someone with such privilege would want to traffick and groom girls for men... like, just any men? Out of all the things you could be doing in the world with your massive wealth, this is what you choose to do? What is that? Was she paid specifically for it? I don't understand. It just feels like this is the extreme logical conclusion of male identification, honestly. Where was the benefit for her to do this? I don't get it.
>>224 Her father had extensive ties to intelligence agencies. Her goals were probably over gathering blackmail.
>>232 I hadn't thought of that. Good point, anon.
(89.90 KB 1080x296 1596156097119.jpg)
>>261 checked her twitter profile, now i'm mad. like, a male misogynist, okay, i get that, most males are misogynists, fuck them. but when these things come out from a woman, it's just so.... it's 50 times more rage-inducing...
(53.35 KB 640x655 5omemp63u1j31.jpg)
I didn't know where to put this but relevant.
>>280 Very old news. She's come back now with a new face as a centrist.
>>261 >>261 Why do they always have that smug, self satisfied look on their faces? I thought they were supposed to be God fearing, submissive, modest women, oof.
>>261 Pick me: I'm a woman and that makes me nurturing and delicate and in need of protection from my husband and men in general. Also pick me: I love watching police brutality, especially against blacks and women, what could they ever do not to deserve it?
>>263 She says those things purely to appease mysoginist men. If she comes across as a special uwu unicorn maybe men who hate women will perhaps not hate her? It's the ultimate form of narcissistic validation. If men who hate women somehow don't hate her then she's special. That's the whole emphasis behind a lot of pick mes. Some are also victims of abuse as children by men and have an eternal desire to try and resolve those feelings of not being enough. What she doesn't understand is that she's just balancing on a pedestal and it's only a matter of time before she trips and falls.
(40.49 KB 592x378 conservative cockbreath.PNG)
>>296 i only agree with two of her views that: a) men need to fucking stop fearmongering women in their 30's that they're unable to bear a child. b) make homebirth mainstream as there's already been too many deaths in hospital birth she's apparently a mother, unlike jennifer moleski that screams "MEN, PLEASE MARRY ME ALREADY!!" the thing about these women is that they prioritize motherhood more than womanhood. they don't give a shit about the safety, the individuality, and the lives of women that doesn't fit their right-wing narrative. also, i've observed that these women pushing for motherhood LOVES to play the victim card. literally NOBODY is shitting on motherhood except for men, and yet these women claim that voluntarily childless women shame mothers for their choices. it all screams like projection to me. anyway, here's a hilarious tweet
>>298 I also strongly agree women being given the informed choice to homebirth and that there is a lot of scare mongering around aging and fertility, but in reality of I don't think that Robyn comes from a place that supports women. I feel she only mentions these things because they apply to her and she feels the need to speak for herself. If she married and had kids in her 20s or needed a medically necessary c section you can bet that she would be quiet about homebirth and would be telling women to hurry up and have babies before they hit the wall.
>>298 It's shitty that these women don't care about other women or girls, but worse yet is the fact that these women don't care at all whatsoever about their children. Literally none of the shit they push for is conducive to healthy child development. Their personalities and beliefs are so very toxic for children to be around. I won't even entertain the idea that they care even a little bit. They fight for a worse world for children and their entire lives are a LARP. That's all they're invested in, living out their LARP at the expense of their children.
>>290 >a new face as a centrist Kek, literally a new face. Yes, I know the article itself is old. I posted the pic just as a general comment about women with this mentality. Not really seeing the newfound centrism though. Feels like she just came back to distance herself from some of her now disgraced former associates now that the hard right is becoming less relevant on Youtube, by claiming centrism. Her posts are literally all the same on Twitter, all fearmongering solely about the left, cancel culture and 'justice mobs', etc. Only difference is that she'll probably keep mostly quiet about immigration and refrain from shooting flares at boats operated by Doctors Without Borders.
>>132 I've come across this woman's channel before and wow she radiates insecurity. I honestly think pickmes are pickmes often because they have a deep seated fear of being alone.
>>17 >Post pic of ethot >"Feminists Ruining Gaming!" The ethot is actually right. Most AAA video game franchises to date have been trainwrecks with studios focused on inclusivity and diversity rather than quality writing, and development skill. The Last of US Part 2, Mortal Kombat 11, Mass Effect Andromeda, Battlefield V, and the list just goes on. Some studios started self-censoring because "times were changing" and their character designs were "sexist"(such as Capcom with Street Fighter 5, and Tecmo Koei with Dead or Alive 6). Truth be told feminism in video games hasn't resulted in the spontaneous growth of women playing /v/idya like self-proclaimed "activists" such as "Anita Sarkesian" had hoped for. In fact the opposite; more video game studios are moving away from trying to pander to feminists and liberals and going back to their core gaming audience. And it all makes sense, in wake of the Covid-19 crisis, more game devs and studios are dropping the feminist mantle and just going back to focusing on their core audience.
(102.16 KB 1296x1296 ani.jpg)
>>379 I won't deny that women play video games and a minority even play some of the same core games as us. However most women play different games from the average gamer. Take Animal Crossing New Horizon for example. That game, has sold 22 million copies on the Nintendo Switch, and has nearly half of those resulted in more people buying Switch consoles for the first time. The vast majority of people I hear talking about Animal Crossing on Twitter and social media; young girls and women. Animal Crossing series is directed by Aya Kyogoku, a women with a long history of directed similar games and Splatoon on Nintendo. As a women Aya knows what girls actually want compared to the SJW hacks and liberals that have sabotaged game franchises. In short what most girls/women want to play are cutesy and simulation type games like Animal Crossing, the Sims, and Pokemon. The average female gamer is not playing Mortal Kombat, Dead or Alive, Battlefield, Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto, Fallout, Elder Scrolls or any core game franchise. They are either playing casual games, simulations, or mobile games with a few going to visual novels but not nearly as much as the aforementioned.
>>380 To wrap this up, video game franchises should not be forced to changed to accommodate feminists. Its not reasonable as feminists are not turning up to buy the core games/franchises they claim they like and care about. I'm all for developing games aimed at women but long-time game franchises should not be compromised just to pander to ideologues. Games should aim for whoever they are aimed at, not everyone should be accommodated. If you don't like said game you don't have to play it.
>>381 Yeah, but are we still going to settle with the extremely unrealistic and hypersexualized portrayal of women? If game devs keep shitting out women with unrealistic and dumb proportions, it continues to fuel men's sexual deviancy and delusion. It's not exactly ess-jay-doubleyou to ask for just some realistic representation of women in video games.
>>379 Also, shit writing is shit writing regardless of whatever ideologue it aligns itself with. You may think big tiddy jap girls, or games like CoD have "no ideologue" but they do, and the fact that those video games are mainstream really says a lot about how the video game industry is still ran by men. I don't know much about gamergate, but it's a good thing that women are able to have more voice in the video game industry and for them to share their experiences. Everything you're saying is no different from men who think women should stay "in their lane" in video games. Also, you don't hear women REEEEing to EVERY game thats more appealing to men, we just want a better portrayal. But men notice a slight storyline and character design change in their female characters and it's suddenly the end of the world.
>>381 I mean you're right on some aspects of this (personally I just want to play fun games and not think about libfem IDPOL shit some games have like trans options) but did you really have to split this up between 3 seperate posts when it fits the character limit and use a tripcode? It seems unneeded and spammy. >I won't dent that women play video games and a minority even play some of the same core games as us >as us Makes you think huh
>>385 >>384 >>383 Ladies, these exact points have been made by libfems, the braindead scrote who posted doesn't care. You're gonna sit here and try to appeal to the empathy of a bibeo game addicted retard who will shart himself if he doesn't see a 3d balloon tiddy and think it will work? Please. I don't care for troon pandering, but do have to giggle at the thought of males like him contributing to male suicide rates because of the contributions of Ms. Anita Sarkeesian and the game journalists in making vidya titties go from gravity defying watermelons to something normal while also having the occasional tranny token.
>>386 >>385 Okay but really, i don't get why men can't just let this shit go and consume media without it being so infused with sex, jesus christ. can these losers even get through a book without a pair of tits sandwiched between chapters? i don't get it. i don't want to stare at a massive dong when i'm trying to fight demons. this sex obsession in general is so toxic. they really need help.
>>386 >These exact points have been made by libfems And? we can't have common ground with libfems? >You're gonna sit here and try to appeal to the empathy of a bibeo game addicted retard Having to explain things isn't the same as trying to appeal to them.
>>390 It's not that we shouldn't have common ground with libfems, we absolutely should. I brought up libfems because they are the ones who are essentially the "representatives" of the current wave of feminism and have been pushing "better representation in video games" for a while. They have presented this in the nicest, most palatable way possible and yet. And yet this scrote still came into our board and had an outdated 4-year-old gamergate meltdown in this thread. He has hit his expiration date for learning about this topic. He is just retarded and should maybe receive mockery at most.
>>392 I chuckled, anon. True.
No sympathy for pickmes at all. You can fix ignorance and lack of awareness but you can not fix a massively flawed character and lack of values and any dignity as a human being
>>462 >you can not fix a massively flawed character Careful there, you're trading in biological determinism.
>>463 This has absolutely nothing to do with biological determinism lol. Their characters can have become flawed for several reasons and I don't think any of them is biological, but you can simply not discuss with these people or try to teach them things cause they are not interestee on actually thinking about the subject. They only use it as a way of self promotion and gaining benefit and it doesn't matter what makes sense and and what doesn't, they will say whatever is gonna get them approval of men
(532.11 KB 720x1280 Screenshot_2020-10-07-22-00-18.png)
Why are pickmes like this
(6.00 KB 227x223 download.jpg)
>>536 that's it.... i'm done with tara bobcock
https://youtu.be/5vX--E7GnVU so former porn actress paige from the channel "redheadredemption" tried to make an "ethical" porn company and now she's mopy that it's not doing as well as she thought it would and uploaded a 20+ minute video whinging about how people aren't spending as much money as they should on it. also it bothers me that she calls herself a redhead when her hair is reddish brown (at best). someone tell this girl it's okay to be a brunette
>>542 it looks red to me
(352.55 KB 673x447 Untitled.png)
>>543 it looks reddish when she's in control of lighting but the red vanishes when she's not
>>536 what’s the reward? male approval? LMAO
>>542 If she's learned nothing after literally being a porn star, then she's never going to learn. I just gotta laugh at women like this. Literally too blinded by male approval to even think straight.
(24.04 KB 602x262 butmuhmen.PNG)
What do anons think of Alex Kaschuta? She's a smaller "twitter famous" personality. I originally found her because she is antiporn, but she really is just a pickme trad at heart.
>>600 >white men are k-killing themselves because of teh SJWs saying check your privilege Yeah, sure, assuming that statistic is even true. I don't know anon, based off of that tweet she just seems like a tradthot
>>17 Why have you drawn attention to the existence of pickmes? Are you a pickme yourself?
>>633 >criticising a person means you are just like them Damn.


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