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(70.83 KB 500x611 stupid.jpg)
I think we need a thread to collect and vent about all the stupid and regressive shit that is being passed off as feminist or "empowerment" for women.
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>>691 I blame capitalism for this, Germaine Greer herself said that with the fall of the Soviet Union and socialist groups from the mainstream, capitalism will destroy feminism from the Inside and men and anti-feminists wouldn't have to life a finger
>>708 Makeup isn't inherently sexist. It could very well be a gender neutral self adornment thing like body painting is in a lot of indigenous tribes. The problem is that makeup like most other self adornment things we have today simbolizes the objectification and diminishing of women. It simbolizes how women are reduced to their looks only and how our place and job is that of pleasing men visually and only that and this is why makeup exists and it is associated to women. It isn't associated to men and men don't adorn themselves cause men have never needed this sort of thing, men and only men have always be perceived and treated as humans who are much more than just their looks. Makeup, plastic surgery and all that simbolize women's lower caste within society
>>707 >You best believe they do not appreciate women in their natural states. They don't. Nope. Men just expect women to achieve that unrealistic, airbrushed, and plastic surgery'd hyperfeminine look "naturally." They think it's reasonable to expect women to wake up and get out of bed without a single strand of hair on their bodies, no further actions necessary. Actually knowing the time and maintenance that goes into their ideal woman's appearance makes men irrationally angry.
it always bothered me how sex work is somehow considered empowering, like highlighting having a hole as a major part of ones identity is a compliment. women shouldnt have to make ends meet through sexually degrading themselves in the first place.
(26.51 KB 215x275 dumb.jpg)
Here is some more material, ladies. This is what happens when feminism is made popular again through pithy slogans and tumblr posts alongside the rise of sex pozzie nonsense and zero critical analysis. It has lead to this quasi-tradthot and pseudo-"girlpower" shit that clearly appropriates feminist slogans and ideas for whatever regressive shit they need it for. Eventually, you too can reinvent tradwifery but with extra steps and woke embellishment.

(10.86 KB 263x379 Shulamith_Firestone.jpg)
Anonymous 08/27/2020 (Thu) 00:58:14 No. 360 [Reply] [Last]
>central figure in the early development of radical feminism and second-wave feminism and a founding member of three radical-feminist groups: New York Radical Women, Redstockings, and New York Radical Feminists >regarded pregnancy and childbirth as "barbaric" (a friend of hers compared labor to "shitting a pumpkin") >believed that "[T]he end goal of feminist revolution must be, unlike that of the first feminist movement, not just the elimination of male privilege but of the sex distinction itself: genital differences between human beings would no longer matter culturally." >urged the emergence of artificial reproduction so reproduction could be completely separated from the female body >schizophrenic I've never read any of her books but after reading her page on wikipedia I had to check again it was about a radfem cause at a point it seemed more like I was reading about a TRA. So basically she wanted the same loony stuff trannies do like "the end of sex distinction" and urged for reproduction to be "completely independent of women"? Plus, how can you claim to be a feminist at the same time you have so much despise for childbirth and pregnancy, when this is our natural biological roles in reproduction?
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>>699 lol once pedos start getting their hands into that shit i bet it will eventually be banned and have a black market or some shit.
(38.99 KB 734x418 images (3).jpeg)
Don't care if I'm sperging here: Artificial reproduction will just be the cherry on top of women's total humiliation. As long as women do not control science and politics, we will all spend the rest of women's years of existence on earth asking men to please give us our rights, aware that they can take them from us at any time they want and being a woman will always feel depressing, embarrassing and humiliating. Living in a world where this fucking filthy scum dominate and oppress us and probably always will because women let them do it is agonizing
>>722 I think that male aggression and male predatory behavior will be solved before artificial wombs will be.
>>741 XD girl...
i guess thats just a pattern of thinking from the times she lived in. shul discussed the restrictions that were put on women and was critical of them, meanwhile not doubting the morality of unrestricted male existence. she didnt think where male rights should end (hint: when their "rights" endanger female existence), you cant really imagine putting controls on males in 60's-70's. so she didnt doubt their "right" to reproduce themselves and unconsciously decided if that cant be helped then it's better that their demands wouldnt be fullfilled by sacrificing females, but by reproductive tech.

Anonymous 12/12/2020 (Sat) 00:37:31 No. 797 [Reply] [Last]
This topic may be uncomfortable for some, but I'd like to discuss sex. Since the sex revolution of the 1960's, formerly unacceptable forms of sex are accepted as normal. Women are expected not to be "prudish". This means allowing their boyfriend to do sexual acts that might not be healthy. I think most American Women, at some point, have been pressured in this way. I see this as aggression towards Women, and an infringement of Women's Rights. Pornography has played a huge role in this trend. Women are routinely humiliated, injured, dehumanized, and turned into an object of lust. In my opinion, we need to make pornography illegal. It serves no purpose other than enslaving women and entertaining men. Imagine the salty tears men will cry when their favorite "fap material" is taken away. What do you think? Does this seem important?
You're the anal guy. You already posted about this. I've you post about this on other boards.
>>798 Huh? This is my first time posting anything about this. "Guy"? That's a big assumption. Do you have an actual response, or are you just angry I brought it up? How do you feel about Women's degradation in porn?
Making pornography illegal is ineffective. People will just find other means in distributing it. What we need to do is to heavily regulate it so that it's harder to access, especially among minors. Like drugs, it being illegal doesn't mean jackshit. We have to build an environment, online and offline that prevents people from being hooked into it. That's why it's important to share awareness about the adult "entertainment" industries like MindGeek and how complicit they are in rape, assault, and trafficking. Abolition isn't a one step process as people think it is, it's really complicated because there's so much factors that contribute to sex being commodified, such as economic inequality, beauty culture, etc. But realistically speaking, the TraffickingHub campaign seems like the first step into really abolishing the idea of women as objects.
>>801 I never heard of TraffickingHub. That looks like a good place to get involved. Thanks!
>>803 Yep! As a matter of fact, Pornhub recently took down millions of unverified content. They won't be allowing materials from unverified users, so those revenge porn and other fucked up amateur videos are out from the site. Still doesn't whitewash the issues though, those non-consensual videos and taped raped could've still been downloaded bc of the download system of PH and could still exist somewhere, damage was done. And the only time they decided to take action is when transaction services from Visa and Mastercard decided to cut ties. I pray it doesn't take long now to just fucking shut the whole site down and for heavier laws on monitoring/regulating porn sites.

(221.84 KB 764x1188 pbu8882f441r27qo6o1_1280.jpg)
Literature On Women Anonymous 01/19/2020 (Sun) 19:41:51 No. 6 [Reply] [Last]
ITT: We discuss literature related to women's history, our place in societies/cultures/religions, etc. To start, has anyone read "Who Cooked The Last Supper?" by Rosalind Miles? It goes into detail on women's history, as well as our suppression through the ages. It's been widely lauded as essential feminist reading. I've only just started reading it myself, but I'd really like to share and discuss it with other anons. Here's a pdf: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BaDaMOny7JkPkymTHCCGIJPlH2JR-S55/view Feel free to share any other books (or even articles) you've read on this topic!
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(7.81 MB solanas UYA.pdf)
>>333 "Right wing women" by Dworkin is a go-to when you ask this question usually. I would recommend Graham's "Loving to survive". but I'm not sure if it's considered problematique nowadays. "Why does he do that" and "The cinderella complex" are too a good intro into why we are so fucked in a man's world. Sheila Jeffreys: "Industrial vagina" about the bigger picture with "sex work" "The Spinster and her enemies", "Unpacking queer politics", "Lesbian Heresy" about attack on women's sexual freedom from male left and right I would also recommend Valerie Solanas's play that never came to be, "Up You Ass". Not theory, but hilarious.
>>333 I can send you a bunch of PDFs if you want too
>>334 thank you for the list, i've heard right-wing women too but wanted to see if anything else came up! >>335 i got the pdfs just not sure what to start with thank you though!
Does anybody have a pdf of Jeffreys "Anticlimax"? I could try and dig up something else in exchange.
Marilyn French’s Women In History, all volumes

(248.00 KB 1200x1200 1_XFeIHqRKW2QS1Bj_Rzi00w.jpeg)
Am I the only one? Anonymous 11/29/2020 (Sun) 08:54:37 No. 715 [Reply] [Last]
Am I the only one like this? I am critical of the very idea of gender. Feminism should be grounded in the female sex. In that regard, I would be Gender Critical. I also think the TRAs are a problem, erasing women and allowing men into women's spaces. However I do not agree with the ultra-sex-negative aspects of it. Just so we're clear, I don't subscribe to the libfemmy "everything is feminist" bollocks. Porn for example, is not inherently evil imo. Women who are forced to do it or are doing it out of desperation is but not porn as a whole. Does that mean porn is inherently feminist? No. Not everything has to be. It doesn't make it good or bad. Doing porn should be her choice, not influenced or forced due to bad circumstances.
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>>743 Even if someone were to shelter and homeschool their child, the kid would probably grow up to have their world shattered. Teaching your child beliefs not in the mainstream almost amounts to child abuse. >>744 You might as well only allow kids to use the terminal on *nix operating systems.
>>749 >You might as well only allow kids to use the terminal on *nix operating systems. Incredibly based anon, children might actually learn how computers work then and become productive instead of our slow slide into technomancer priest emoji spells and the death of reason. I will probably never have children but if they do I'm giving them terminal-only hardware until they turn 18
>>739 you're missing my point. everything women grow up in and around is coercive to the end of getting women to sacrifice and exploit themselves for the benefit of men. i'm not talking about coercion in the form of a girl flown out from kirkersville, ohio alone in a room with a scummy leather-clad porn producer who's showing off his Miami mcmansion and heavily suggesting that the prospect of a better life is a near surety should she decide to take 12 dicks up the ass for him
>>749 >Even if someone were to shelter and homeschool their child, the kid would probably grow up to have their world shattered. Teaching your child beliefs not in the mainstream almost amounts to child abuse. Are you actually trying to spin the fact that we don't want to allow kids to have unfettered access to violent porn as child abuse? You have to be a male or a braindead liberal. I don't care if a 14 year old sees a boob scrolling down social media, I care about the fact that they're having their ideas of what healthy sexual boundaries are twisted by abusive porn. The fact that it's become mainstream is all the more reason to oppose it. Don't talk to me about kids growing up to have their world shattered when I started watching porn when I was a pre-teen and had to learn a decade later that the porn industry is actually rife with some of the most nauseating cases of sex trafficking and coercion. That Pornhub is unconcerned about profiting off of actual child porn and rape videos uploaded to their platform. Then finally realizing that all of the degenerate shit I've been streamlining into my brain for the past 10 years is antithetical to any healthy sexual relationship I'm not pro-banning porn, but even free porn websites should be forced to require age verification by inputting credit card information or something similar.
>>769 I think the best thing to do with your kid is scientifically explain sexuality including hybristophilia around fifth grade and the psychology of advertising (includes blocking all ads NSFW or not online). How I found out about sex as a Catholic was Urban Dictionary in the seventh grade. Since then it's been R34 and grainy amateur webcam videos for me.

(28.81 KB 316x365 image0 (1).jpg)
(25.38 KB 296x365 image0 (2).jpg)
(26.79 KB 350x396 image0.jpg)
Azealia Banks Anonymous 10/14/2020 (Wed) 18:30:40 No. 549 [Reply] [Last]
Banks walked so we could run. She's mentally ill but has more courage and guts to stand against those fuckers than all the cocksuckers labeled as feminists. She's not afraid to use her voice as a black woman and speak for herself ,coming across as a "nasty, flop b***h" but does it anyway even with all repercussions. Respect.
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>>686 i don't remember clearly but i do think she said they were either from spain or europe.
Kim Petras?
>>689 probably petras then >>688 think so. but hasn't kim's mom been like... so involved and pushing for his multiation since he was like still in her womb? she seems pretty pleased with the outcome, him having been infamous by the age of like 8 for wanting to invert his dick
(228.09 KB 2048x1422 qyzj2owind851.jpg)
>>689 >>690 hey, this is the anon from >>684 . i found out the artists name, it's arca. he's venezuelan but based in spain, i found the ss from google of what i was saying azealia was talking about
(493.04 KB 1904x2856 bbc-arca-chihuahua.jpg)
>>698 >Azealia is mad because Arca is prettier than her >this >prettier than Azealia Banks ok

(329.26 KB 484x273 pickme.png)
pickmes, handmaids & tradthots Anonymous 04/23/2020 (Thu) 00:18:56 No. 17 [Reply] [Last]
a pickme is a woman, often with low self esteem, who parrots so called "skeptic"/anti sjw/anti feminist rhetoric in the hopes of gaining male attention and male followers and in order to seem edgy. there are different kinds of pickmes; some are conservative tradthots while some have libfem views and use their hypersexuality to pander to men. the things they all have in common though is that pretty much all of them think they're "not like other girls" and are desperate for male attention.
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>>542 If she's learned nothing after literally being a porn star, then she's never going to learn. I just gotta laugh at women like this. Literally too blinded by male approval to even think straight.
(24.04 KB 602x262 butmuhmen.PNG)
What do anons think of Alex Kaschuta? She's a smaller "twitter famous" personality. I originally found her because she is antiporn, but she really is just a pickme trad at heart.
>>600 >white men are k-killing themselves because of teh SJWs saying check your privilege Yeah, sure, assuming that statistic is even true. I don't know anon, based off of that tweet she just seems like a tradthot
>>17 Why have you drawn attention to the existence of pickmes? Are you a pickme yourself?
>>633 >criticising a person means you are just like them Damn.

Feminist Media Anonymous 10/18/2020 (Sun) 21:47:26 No. 574 [Reply] [Last]
ITT: post and share your favorite feminist movies, documentaries, videos, literature, comics, etc
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>>610 I'm slow and figured I should just keep retrying on the main server. One of the others worked fine as you said! I'll bookmark the instanced version and problem solved. Thanks for your patience in responding to my stubbornness/laziness!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKOUxNiDGaw Don't know if podcasts fit here but this was a very interesting listen.
(347.12 KB 390x593 lifebeforeman.PNG)
Are there any other anons here who are longtime readers of Margaret Atwood and feel frustration about her recent takes on women's rights? I started reading her novels as a teen, and they were full of pinkpills. Life Before Man and The Edible Woman are massively eye-opening on the nature of men and hetero marriage, and Oryx and Crake shows a horrific world where porn has numbed men's minds so much that the porn industry she writes is even more of an ultrasadistic torture ring than in modern day. Not going to comment on HMT since libfems appropriated that and the tv adaptation long ago. I know that frustratingly enough Atwood has always felt the need to say she is not a feminist, but it's clear she's very prophetic about women's issues and cares about our sex-based oppression. She recently participated in the open letter of authors against JKR in support of trans rights, and it seems so against every idea that she has put out into the world that she would feel this way. I don't understand what she's thinking. Have all her excellent perspectives from her early work vanished?
>>628 Atwood is an interesting case, pretty much everyone assumes she's some type of a feminist and she has nothing to gain by ideinfying her works and herself as being a non-feminist
>>628 I'm not surprised. I am not an avid read reader, but I remember that she low-key blames feminists refusing pantyhoses and burning bras for Gilead. And in "Cat's Eye", the sorta autobiographical novel, there's this moment: >The narrative describes Elaine through early adulthood as an art student and a burgeoning feminist artist, although Elaine's feminist label is media engineered, not self-proclaimed. >>629 I don't think she is a feminist of ever was because she doesn't want to assotiate with "uglys, crazys, dykes and manhaters" just like most women who aren't explicitly right-wing. She's not giving up her personal cred for The Fight. Being lucid about one's situation doesn't mean one has the strenght of character to deal with it.

(25.97 KB 569x844 binder.jpg)
Dysphoric Female General Anonymous 07/04/2020 (Sat) 21:30:28 No. 162 [Reply] [Last]
Does anyone else suffer from dysphoria? How do you cope with it through radfem lenses? I have pretty intense body dysphoria since puberty and have a very hateful relationship with my female body, ironically enough i never indentified as a troon because i also did not want male characteristics, wanting to be a pre-pubescent genderless enby was my dream. I've been considering either a mastectomy or drastic breast reduction for a while now because my breasts bring me the most discomfort, but now being exposed to gender critical theory made me wonder if there any other ways of diminishing the issue.
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>>594 I think you can type sage in the options field for a post but it's not obvious and nobody sages here because it's so slow. Sage test
>>595 Thanks for sharing that, anon, I wasn't sure what etiquette was around sage here yet and it is weird to go without using it
>>623 Cool so what does a dysphoric person do about it? >inb4 kill yourself, eugenics isn’t very feminist of you
>>624 don't feed the troll
>>624 What isn't feminist about eugenics? You think having more boorish brutes are going to help solve the problem?

(25.58 KB 500x275 small-chart.png)
Anonymous 07/25/2020 (Sat) 00:22:02 No. 218 [Reply] [Last]
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(33.04 KB 551x290 fem.png)
(25.68 KB 500x275 small-chart.png)
>>293 How about "my body, my choice"? Are YOU going to be digging out the babies out from the bodies of the woman unlicensed to become mothers?
>>550 No, but it's often other people's money that ends up paying the balance.
>>550 >>550 The difference when using abortion as a parallel is that the embryo or fetus isn't conscious. Abortion is a fairly neutral action, for all intents and purposes. You don't remember not being born, do you? The difference in forcing people into being is that it isn't neutral. You have no ability to actually guarantee that child safety, security, a life free from disease, happiness, and you certainly aren't able to ask that child whether or not they'd even like to be born. An abortion, in practical terms, doesn't affect another person the way forcing a child into existence does. It makes matters much worse when an ill-equipped person forces a child into existence because "they want to". What about what the child deserves?

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