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RadFem Art Anonymous 01/19/2020 (Sun) 10:36:12 No. 2 [Reply] [Last]
Do you make RadFem art that you can't post in main because your account will get nuked? Post it here! Also discuss RF artists, the harassment they recieve, and everything in between. Photo: redkatherine
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Not my art, but good. JK Rowling is iconic.
>>161 omg i love the creator of that she's great!
>>161 She's on instagram! She still posts from time to time, wonderful wholesome radfem art. I really like her but lately she's been feeling a bit down. It sucks, I hope she is okay...
>>318 Uhhh, let's not w this
>>170 wow i love this so much!

Am I still sexist? Anonymous 06/20/2020 (Sat) 22:31:00 No. 137 [Reply] [Last]
Sometimes I think a great portion of my fellow radfems throw around the word "rape" and "harassment" too loosely and say they are traumatized of something like a guy catcalled her on the streets. (Female objectification is one of our biggest problems but I don't think this is going to be affective on ending it). I think some them pass exaggerated feelings of vulnerability
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>>351 ...When you legally allow something, even if it is something very controvertial, it becomes normalized eventually. In the long term desensitized people might not have that much trouble with opting to abort 6 months old babies for reasons other than that their lives are at risk
(70.45 KB 900x668 5ce4698e021b4c1d920b8997.jpg)
>>352 >>351 Fetuses can be anesthetized. And if either of you are willing to adopt these fetuses that will grow to be children, en masse, then sure, put your money where your mouth is and make sure you have thousands of other people willing and able to care for these kids. Until there's more than enough proof that these children have guaranteed safety and security, it's best that people who are so committed to not having a child at this stage, despite how invasive it is and without the risk of death, NOT HAVE THEM for the safety of the future child. Some of these people are extremely mentally and psychologically unfit, etc. There's no safety net for these children. Condemning these kids to a life with negligent and/or abusive parents or a life knowing they are unwanted and are at the mercy of others and that they don't have real, lifelong advocates, is reprehensible, and is nothing but an attempt to soothe your own emotions at the expense of these kids. And no, when you "legally allow something", specifically in the case of a procedure that is unnecessarily dangerous and invasive, that isn't true. 91% of abortions are still performed before 13 weeks despite women in most states being able to abort until 20 weeks, if not later when it comes to viability and no limitation states.
>>354 None of what you said justifies why aborting at 20 or 24 weeks of pregnancy should be allowed in cases where the mother's life is not at risk. I'm totally in favor of mothers aborting kids they don't want, but come on, you have enough time to make your decision before the fetus is capable of feeling pain and is about to born
>>356 How? I literally just said there are women and girls who get pregnant who are not mentally or psychologically capable and they don't realize it until much later on and until shit gets really real, etc. There are cases where girls and women think they can handle a child or that they are ready for them, but either through abandonment of the father, or domestic violence, or financial insecurity, etc, they realize it's actually a terrible and dangerous idea. People overestimate their abilities and they overestimate how prepared their environment is for a child. Again, the ability to have an abortion later is there for plenty of women and girls and yet we're still seeing upwards of 90% of them performed before 13 weeks. And there seriously are plenty of cases where men have convinced the women in their lives that they really want these children or they goad these women into believing that they can swing it, but realize much later on that they want nothing to do with these children. Shann'an Watts and Laci Peterson come to mind, and they were murdered due to the fact that these men realized they wanted no involvement despite initially thinking that they did. A lot of men actually first begin cheating when their wives become pregnant, become abusive, etc, because they also overestimate their interest in having a family, responsibilities, their abilities, and realize that they don't want children. It's not just women choosing, I'm sure in a number of cases it'd come down to their circumstances drastically changing for the worst out of nowhere, too. Again, fetuses can be anesthetized and pain wouldn't really be a factor. The very, very few women that might do it just as form of birth control, essentially, absolutely SHOULD NOT be parents, and you're more than likely dooming these children to a waking nightmare of a life if they do become parents. You've offered no real response to the fact that fetal anesthesia can be administered, nor have you acknowledged the stark truth that there would be no safety net for these children anyhow.
>>359 I don't know exactly how fetal anesthesia work in these cases but I just... I don't see why make it legal to abort almost new born fetuses when the mothers have no risk of dying at labor and they had enough time to make this decision. According to your arguments, should we also allow it that a mother kills a new born or a 1yo baby if she is not mentally or psychologically capable of dealing with them but hadn't realized it until much later on?

(221.84 KB 764x1188 pbu8882f441r27qo6o1_1280.jpg)
Literature On Women Anonymous 01/19/2020 (Sun) 19:41:51 No. 6 [Reply] [Last]
ITT: We discuss literature related to women's history, our place in societies/cultures/religions, etc. To start, has anyone read "Who Cooked The Last Supper?" by Rosalind Miles? It goes into detail on women's history, as well as our suppression through the ages. It's been widely lauded as essential feminist reading. I've only just started reading it myself, but I'd really like to share and discuss it with other anons. Here's a pdf: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BaDaMOny7JkPkymTHCCGIJPlH2JR-S55/view Feel free to share any other books (or even articles) you've read on this topic!
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https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=inu.30000108568415&view=1up&seq=126 Kill The Enemy By Lieutenant Lyudmila Pavlichenko More confirmed kills than the navy seal copypasta.
What are the best radfem works to start with?
(7.81 MB solanas UYA.pdf)
>>333 "Right wing women" by Dworkin is a go-to when you ask this question usually. I would recommend Graham's "Loving to survive". but I'm not sure if it's considered problematique nowadays. "Why does he do that" and "The cinderella complex" are too a good intro into why we are so fucked in a man's world. Sheila Jeffreys: "Industrial vagina" about the bigger picture with "sex work" "The Spinster and her enemies", "Unpacking queer politics", "Lesbian Heresy" about attack on women's sexual freedom from male left and right I would also recommend Valerie Solanas's play that never came to be, "Up You Ass". Not theory, but hilarious.
>>333 I can send you a bunch of PDFs if you want too
>>334 thank you for the list, i've heard right-wing women too but wanted to see if anything else came up! >>335 i got the pdfs just not sure what to start with thank you though!

Anonymous 07/22/2020 (Wed) 19:20:41 No. 206 [Reply] [Last]
Some radfems are so full of resentment and their crankiness is ridiculous to see. They're petty and ready to throw any woman under the bus if they don't lick their asses and agree with every shit they said. If stays like this we won't go anywhere.
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>>254 This. >>257 And also that bit at the end is part of the reason why the anti-pp anons wanted us gone in the first place lmao. Some of you need therapy not radical feminism, because it's obvious that you aren't in the right mental state to be able to deal with serious topics without spouting insane shit like this.
women can't all be filed under man haters/handmaidens. I don't think the most man hating women in the world could do much damage to men/men-loving women even if they all collaborated (that's a small number compared to men who hate women). I think discussions always hit a dead end when they get reduced to saying women who are focused on broader goals (i.e. involving men) = handmaidens, and radical feminists = middle class white lesbians up in their rich lesbian tower chewing on the entrails of working class men
>>260 Many lesbians get accused of being handmaidens though
>>262 that's my point. any discussion can get shut down by women accusing each other of being handmaidens. at the end of the day it's pointless to accuse someone of something here because we could all be lying about our experiences since this is an anonymous board. I haven't really gotten to a conclusion about this issue or have any suggestions, really. Just half a thought.
>>316 I feel the label handmaiden gets thrown around way to much and we get into rather silly debates on what makes a handmaiden and whose the real feminist It's so fucking dumb and nothing gets accomplished, this isn't just a feminist thing I just think this is a problem with the modern left as a whole

Radblr discussion Anonymous 07/19/2020 (Sun) 07:58:16 No. 185 [Reply] [Last]
Before r/GenderCritical and the pp threads on lc there existed radblr, a collequal name given to the radical feminist community on Tumblr, one could argue that it planted the seeds of what we have today but today radblr is a fucking mess The infighting with in the community is rediculus and the reasons they fight are also so fucking stupid, on first appearance s it can appear like it's the lesbian separatist radfems vs the het partnered radfems but it's much more crazier then that, cause of the many apperant die hard lesbian separatist radfems turned out to have secret boyfriends, many of the lesbian radfems really weren't all that misandrist so they would get accused of being handmaidens often times by straight women Then there's economics and lifestyle issues, cause the vegan radfems and non vegan radfems have so many petty fights, many radfems want to live in women only communes but none of them have the practical skills for it, the whole community is a mess and nothing gets accomplished I much prefered the radfem community on r/GC cause the mods kept things in check and the separate niche subs that were interconnected kept everyone happy
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>>190 Radfemtori and topdyke both being straight and having secret boyfriend and husband was such a fucking embarrassment, and topdyke wasn't just In a relationship, she was a goddam military housewife
>>192 >>190 idk why this is still such a prominent part of radblr lore and spoken about like this is something that happens super frequently. like, it's tumblr. i 100% expect any group on tumblr to have a few wackies, or just any group of people online, honestly. it's not surprising. lot of untreated mental illness on the internet, lbr.
>>193 That's just one part of it, I have been in various communities and without a doubt the infighting in radblr was the most frequent, literally everyone would accuse others of being a handmaoden or a pick me or a PIV slut e.t.c
Cocksmasher69 was great. Also this rudefem named LARPS who was totally a farmer was fun too.
What do you think about the eltigrelibre drama?

(70.50 KB 650x808 portrait-of-a-girl.jpg)
Radical or just feminist? Anonymous 05/28/2020 (Thu) 06:05:43 No. 85 [Reply] [Last]
I get the feeling that not everyone here identifies as a radfem. I'm not sure that I do myself, the feminist part certainly. But I find myself mostly drawn to radfem circles for being the only group to consistently be calling the emperor naked, which means not repeating the lie that 'trans women are women'. But I don't think pointing out that that's obviously wrong is really all that radical! It seems like it must be when it's an opinion that will get you ostracised from most groups, but aside from this issue I tend toward liberal opinions on most topics. I am super about choice and individual agency. Following on from the discussion in the PP thread, I think radical feminism has some strong ideas but a minority appeal. Should we try to reform radical feminism, or define our own feminism? I think liberal feminist ideology has become corrupt with the acceptance of the trans narrative, which upholds and enforces traditional gender roles. But people think that 'terfs' are out to get GNC people. I love GNC people. I am GNC people. Sorry if this is rambling just some thoughts, I found the conversation in the PP thread interesting and want to keep it going. I truly believe our view of gender has the advantage of being correct and talking about how we can show others the light is a conversation worth having.
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>>127 Yeah I guess the difference is that I see even supposedly intelligent men acting this way.
>>128 Yeah, because their idea of intelligence is just an exercise in ballfluffing. It's generally definitionally designed to favor them, basically always. Ime, men that are "intelligent" are not intelligent, they're just extremely autistic about like, one topic or skill. That's a joke. The definition of intelligence is typically and purposefully androcentric. I'm talking about people who aren't just extremely proficient in one field and yet are a complete knuckledragger that needs to be mommied and led through life outside of his given field. When given a fair shake, women outcompete men in basically everything. I also think we generally don't have the time or privilege to become earthshatteringly autistic about one thing because we're saddled with a lot more responsibility and the pressure to be somehow held accountable for everyone else, from day 1.
I wanna talk about intersectionality, I actually do think it has its merits. I do think it does make some good points about the intersections of privileges and oppression. The problem is that it's permeated so widely down to a much more simple analysis for the average person. It's set group against group and now it's clear that we're starting to think in more tribal political terms than we did in the past. You can be called an "oppressor" now, despite the fact that only three generations back, your great grandparents couldn't read, didn't have the vote, and spent 14 hours a day in darkness down a mine. People instantly categorize other people according to the group they belong to and all the other important factors (class, mental health, Past experiences etc) tend to overlooked in any individual exchange. We are steadily descending to the types of politics one sees in places like the Sudan were people vote entirely on identity lines with zero concern for policies or what makes someone an individual.
>>131 I have nothing much to contribute to this board beside noob questions but I found your post interesting and overall I'm happy to see cordial and intelligent anonymous discussions about feminism. Cheers
>>176 That's how I came to a be separatist, anon. In my country no democratic methods have worked ever, especially now, political opposition is targeted and sometimes murdered, and the economy is down-spiraling to shit at a breakneck speed. So participating in peaceful protests and organisation is not much of an option. I don't see how socialist methods of "let's put a fuckton of taxpayer's money to good use" would work here, where corruption is king and poverty is a norm either. The one thing we can realistically do is to encourage other women to go their own way, and encourage their daughters not to choose men, to put time, energy and resources into sisters instead. Some women who can not spell the word "feminist" correctly cause they don't know it choose separatist-ish way of life too, without reading dozens of theory books etc. though. Gives me hope.

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