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(329.26 KB 484x273 pickme.png)
pickmes, handmaids & tradthots Anonymous 04/23/2020 (Thu) 00:18:56 No. 17 [Reply] [Last]
a pickme is a woman, often with low self esteem, who parrots so called "skeptic"/anti sjw/anti feminist rhetoric in the hopes of gaining male attention and male followers and in order to seem edgy. there are different kinds of pickmes; some are conservative tradthots while some have libfem views and use their hypersexuality to pander to men. the things they all have in common though is that pretty much all of them think they're "not like other girls" and are desperate for male attention.
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>>542 If she's learned nothing after literally being a porn star, then she's never going to learn. I just gotta laugh at women like this. Literally too blinded by male approval to even think straight.
(24.04 KB 602x262 butmuhmen.PNG)
What do anons think of Alex Kaschuta? She's a smaller "twitter famous" personality. I originally found her because she is antiporn, but she really is just a pickme trad at heart.
>>600 >white men are k-killing themselves because of teh SJWs saying check your privilege Yeah, sure, assuming that statistic is even true. I don't know anon, based off of that tweet she just seems like a tradthot
>>17 Why have you drawn attention to the existence of pickmes? Are you a pickme yourself?
>>633 >criticising a person means you are just like them Damn.

(28.81 KB 316x365 image0 (1).jpg)
(25.38 KB 296x365 image0 (2).jpg)
(26.79 KB 350x396 image0.jpg)
Azealia Banks Anonymous 10/14/2020 (Wed) 18:30:40 No. 549 [Reply] [Last]
Banks walked so we could run. She's mentally ill but has more courage and guts to stand against those fuckers than all the cocksuckers labeled as feminists. She's not afraid to use her voice as a black woman and speak for herself ,coming across as a "nasty, flop b***h" but does it anyway even with all repercussions. Respect.
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>>562 >starved for any decent mainstream gc/troon critical/whatever voices that aren't JK Rowling Just so you know the state of the coward, emaciated, prissy times we're living in.
>>563 tbh I am just grateful we actually do have JK Rowling
>>564 Fr. She is one of the few that approaches pushing back against troonery without being some type of conservatard.
I think JK Rowling was too "nice". Azealia just straight up said it even though still called them "girls"
(99.60 KB 698x880 Screenshot (36).png)
>>549 >picrel is a screenshot that i had. she was was talking about how several celebrities like lady gaga were using aborted fetuses to make themselves look younger i used to follow azealia when her twitter account still existed. every time troons were brought up she straight up said that they aren't women and that a certain trans artist in the music scene was pretending to be trans to piss off his rich parents and that troons in general have zero "feminine energy" in them.

Feminist Media Anonymous 10/18/2020 (Sun) 21:47:26 No. 574 [Reply] [Last]
ITT: post and share your favorite feminist movies, documentaries, videos, literature, comics, etc
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>>610 I'm slow and figured I should just keep retrying on the main server. One of the others worked fine as you said! I'll bookmark the instanced version and problem solved. Thanks for your patience in responding to my stubbornness/laziness!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKOUxNiDGaw Don't know if podcasts fit here but this was a very interesting listen.
(347.12 KB 390x593 lifebeforeman.PNG)
Are there any other anons here who are longtime readers of Margaret Atwood and feel frustration about her recent takes on women's rights? I started reading her novels as a teen, and they were full of pinkpills. Life Before Man and The Edible Woman are massively eye-opening on the nature of men and hetero marriage, and Oryx and Crake shows a horrific world where porn has numbed men's minds so much that the porn industry she writes is even more of an ultrasadistic torture ring than in modern day. Not going to comment on HMT since libfems appropriated that and the tv adaptation long ago. I know that frustratingly enough Atwood has always felt the need to say she is not a feminist, but it's clear she's very prophetic about women's issues and cares about our sex-based oppression. She recently participated in the open letter of authors against JKR in support of trans rights, and it seems so against every idea that she has put out into the world that she would feel this way. I don't understand what she's thinking. Have all her excellent perspectives from her early work vanished?
>>628 Atwood is an interesting case, pretty much everyone assumes she's some type of a feminist and she has nothing to gain by ideinfying her works and herself as being a non-feminist
>>628 I'm not surprised. I am not an avid read reader, but I remember that she low-key blames feminists refusing pantyhoses and burning bras for Gilead. And in "Cat's Eye", the sorta autobiographical novel, there's this moment: >The narrative describes Elaine through early adulthood as an art student and a burgeoning feminist artist, although Elaine's feminist label is media engineered, not self-proclaimed. >>629 I don't think she is a feminist of ever was because she doesn't want to assotiate with "uglys, crazys, dykes and manhaters" just like most women who aren't explicitly right-wing. She's not giving up her personal cred for The Fight. Being lucid about one's situation doesn't mean one has the strenght of character to deal with it.

(25.97 KB 569x844 binder.jpg)
Dysphoric Female General Anonymous 07/04/2020 (Sat) 21:30:28 No. 162 [Reply] [Last]
Does anyone else suffer from dysphoria? How do you cope with it through radfem lenses? I have pretty intense body dysphoria since puberty and have a very hateful relationship with my female body, ironically enough i never indentified as a troon because i also did not want male characteristics, wanting to be a pre-pubescent genderless enby was my dream. I've been considering either a mastectomy or drastic breast reduction for a while now because my breasts bring me the most discomfort, but now being exposed to gender critical theory made me wonder if there any other ways of diminishing the issue.
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>>594 I think you can type sage in the options field for a post but it's not obvious and nobody sages here because it's so slow. Sage test
>>595 Thanks for sharing that, anon, I wasn't sure what etiquette was around sage here yet and it is weird to go without using it
>>623 Cool so what does a dysphoric person do about it? >inb4 kill yourself, eugenics isn’t very feminist of you
>>624 don't feed the troll
>>624 What isn't feminist about eugenics? You think having more boorish brutes are going to help solve the problem?

(25.58 KB 500x275 small-chart.png)
Anonymous 07/25/2020 (Sat) 00:22:02 No. 218 [Reply] [Last]
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(33.04 KB 551x290 fem.png)
(25.68 KB 500x275 small-chart.png)
>>293 How about "my body, my choice"? Are YOU going to be digging out the babies out from the bodies of the woman unlicensed to become mothers?
>>550 No, but it's often other people's money that ends up paying the balance.
>>550 >>550 The difference when using abortion as a parallel is that the embryo or fetus isn't conscious. Abortion is a fairly neutral action, for all intents and purposes. You don't remember not being born, do you? The difference in forcing people into being is that it isn't neutral. You have no ability to actually guarantee that child safety, security, a life free from disease, happiness, and you certainly aren't able to ask that child whether or not they'd even like to be born. An abortion, in practical terms, doesn't affect another person the way forcing a child into existence does. It makes matters much worse when an ill-equipped person forces a child into existence because "they want to". What about what the child deserves?

(29.98 KB 410x475 1591410462002.jpeg)
Appreciating young male beauty Anonymous 10/03/2020 (Sat) 10:28:31 No. 496 [Reply] [Last]
I somewhat feel that there's a double standard regarding being able to talk about young male beauty, true male beauty is very short-lived and it often feels like the only who get to appreciate that beauty are a subset of gay men, and they've kept it for themselves, women also place restrictions on themselves and feel they can't appreciate it Well I'm sick of it, I want it to be more acceptable the beauty of young men
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OP is definitely problematic, pictured bishie was 16 when the film was made and spoke out against the objectification he experienced as a result of the role he played in the film (an object of lust for an older man) in later life: >I was just 16 and Visconti and the team took me to a gay nightclub. Almost all the crew were gay. The waiters at the club made me feel very uncomfortable. They looked at me uncompromisingly as if I was a nice meaty dish...it was the first of many such encounters. Unsurprisingly it was men who were making him uncomfortable. More sus though is the fact that a picture of him was chosen for the cover of Germaine Greer's book, and he didn't like that either. Not to whiteknight because this is one guy while Hollywood churns out female starlets on an industrial scale, but OP, is this bait?
>>514 I feel like it is. This is such an odd thing to be worked up about as well alongside the the context behind the picture used for the OP. It would be one thing if it was "I think it is stupid how older women are shamed for being attracted to/being with age-appropriate younger men" but this is not that.
>>515 >>514 I remember an anon posting about male beauty and using that exact actor kid as representation of it. They had a particular autistic obsession with him on the "low calorie" board like at the beginning of the year or last year. It completely reads like bait but I think one or two of the anons in our midst just may be gross.
>>519 OP sounds like neccessaryspeed who kept trolling about this topic on LC.
>>547 Would not surprise me at all if it was her.

(10.86 KB 263x379 Shulamith_Firestone.jpg)
Anonymous 08/27/2020 (Thu) 00:58:14 No. 360 [Reply] [Last]
>central figure in the early development of radical feminism and second-wave feminism and a founding member of three radical-feminist groups: New York Radical Women, Redstockings, and New York Radical Feminists >regarded pregnancy and childbirth as "barbaric" (a friend of hers compared labor to "shitting a pumpkin") >believed that "[T]he end goal of feminist revolution must be, unlike that of the first feminist movement, not just the elimination of male privilege but of the sex distinction itself: genital differences between human beings would no longer matter culturally." >urged the emergence of artificial reproduction so reproduction could be completely separated from the female body >schizophrenic I've never read any of her books but after reading her page on wikipedia I had to check again it was about a radfem cause at a point it seemed more like I was reading about a TRA. So basically she wanted the same loony stuff trannies do like "the end of sex distinction" and urged for reproduction to be "completely independent of women"? Plus, how can you claim to be a feminist at the same time you have so much despise for childbirth and pregnancy, when this is our natural biological roles in reproduction?
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>>529 >>529 i agree with you, anon. but let's be real, there are always going to be tons of women who romanticize the idea of having children and giving birth. back in the 60s and 70s there was probably a lot more hope for medical and scientific advancements, so i can understand why she thought this would possibly be a feasible option (and i agree with her in many respects). i just think it's pretty pie-in-the-sky now that we know what we know. just getting a fair number of women on board with coming to terms with the fact that our biology is an absolutely terrifying burden is a huge uphill battle that purposely and dishonestly gets warped into "you hate women!!!" and insane deflections and accusations, so the prospect of most women not wanting to give birth when pregnancy and giving birth is so wholesale celebrated is... very, very, very slim. they just straight up deny that it's dangerous or causes conditions that they'll have to suffer with longterm, or even in the short term. they deny that it makes us a million times more likely to end up in poverty, or end up in abusive relationships. they're completely lying about the complications, the peripartum and post-partum effects that cause them permanent damage. i don't see us changing the way many or most women feel about this issue when almost all of them are completely not living in reality on this topic. like you said, it's basically impossible for us to control the ways in which this technology would be utilized, and it won't be utilized for good, but without that awful influence, it could be totally great, in theory. there are other ethical concerns though for the child, and how feasible it would even be to replicate something this complicated without negatively affecting the child. i think it's pretty unlikely that children won't suffer in the pursuit of this technology. realistically, it's playing with fire too much to explore, and there would be no benefit in this society. but in theory, it's sensible
"Childbirth hurts :/" So your solutions to this and the dangers of childbirth is not only to give men the power to reproduct without women (Cause let me tell you something: There is no way to keep that from being used against us) but also to hope we can create technologies in the future that can change human race per se to the point where we eliminate sex and there are no longer women or men? This is like saying that in order for us to end racism we gotta eliminate race and make everyone have the same skin color and features. Or that in order to eliminate "homophobia" everyone's gotta be equally bisexual. Or that in order to eliminate fatphobia or big-nose-phobia everyone's gotta be fat and have big noses. You pretty much want to eliminate yourself and the things that differ you from others so you can be a mirror of your oppressor. If you're actually so worried about the dangers of childbirth, then you could advocate for technologies and medicine that can lower even more the death rates/complications/pain related to childbirt instead, not make childbirth completely disassociated from the female human body. This reads like sexual eugenics to me. Plus, you all gotta accept something: No matter how much you hate childbirth, pregnancy (like I do) or even kids, the biggest human instinct is that of reproduct. This is every animal's biggest goal on earth. It is deep rooted in our biology. Regardless of how dangerous it is, women and men are still gonna want to reproduct and it is pathetic and dumb to try to fight for the total end of childbirth by women. If you want to lower the amount of humans on earth, then that's another story. Poverty is an economical/social problem than be changed socially, you don't need to change the biology of humans in order to fix poverty. >i don't see us changing the way many or most women feel about this issue when almost all of them are completely not living in reality on this topic Big news for you: You are never changing it And I'm not even gonna go off on the subject of how it could affect children born out of total artificiality. The female's body and biology has several essencial mechanisms made for their children. The male one has too, but differently. Just the act of a mother holding her new born alters the chemistry of both of their bodies and it is something essencial to both for example.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>530 If we lived in a world with no men, everything would be different. It would be another world, another reality. But this is never happening until we create sexless robots and replace humans with them. And then we would be talking about robots and not human race anymore. Another thing is that even in this scenario you're imagining, women would still be essencially nedeed for reproduction
>>537 >>538 it's like you don't even read the posts you're responding to.
>>529 No, because of the made up crap in the first paragraph.

Porn ban discussion Porn ban discussion 10/02/2020 (Fri) 05:54:47 No. 486 [Reply] [Last]
https://youtube.com/watch?v=mbF4Vc_jR60 Do you support banning pornography? How do you define pornography? Is there anything else we can do (besides banning) to stop the effects of porn culture?
(27.94 KB 480x360 images (22).jpeg)
Banning porn might help. But when it comes to culture, the root of the problem may lie on eroticism. You can ban explicit sex scenes, but semi naked bodies and eroticism would still be all over the media
Taken from Wiktionary: “From French pornographie, from Ancient Greek πορνογράφος (pornográphos), from πορνεία (porneía, “fornication, prostitution”) + γράφω (gráphō, “I depict”). “ Pornography literally means the depiction of prostitutes, so it’s a term that meant something inherently exploitative. To talk about something that isn’t inherently exploitative, maybe the term “erotica” would be better. So yeah. I think that banning porn might help similarly to the way that banning it for children has probably helped, but hasn’t gotten rid of the issue completely. I think porn, capitalism, and misogyny perpetuate themselves in a vicious cycle. It reinforces the sexist/racist stereotypes perpetuated by capitalist society at large, while introducing males to new levels of depravity. It exists because of those reasons and makes it worse. Most people are only doing porn for the money, which I can’t consider true consent. Those who aren’t doing it for the money are sometimes unaware that they are being used in porn (spycams, revenge porn), groomed, and if they are truly freely choosing it, they make things worse for the majority who are coerced and tricked into it because the “positive” voices get boosted while the negative ones get suppressed and people get a distorted view of what the industry’s actually like. Sometimes people don’t even realize what they’ve gotten into until they’ve been out of the industry for some time, since they’re not allowed to talk negatively about it when they’re in it.
>>487 agree 100%. the porn is a huge problem but this is the gateway drug. it's in everything. everything is eroticized and i believe this is the first thing that needs to be tackled.
The thing is it's not to the government's job to enforce morality. Porn is banned in South Korea so you get risque K-pop instead.
>>497 We have tons of disgusting porn in America and we still have ultra sexified pop stars. K pop is tame in comparison. They're doing the right thing, but I'd still tackle the pornification of all media first.

(89.58 KB 670x335 xenofeminism.jpg)
Anonymous 09/17/2020 (Thu) 16:59:41 No. 432 [Reply] [Last]
Thoughts on Accelerationist XenoFeminism?
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>>478 I mean. The fact that we need male sperm to reproduce is kind of disgusting. I'd be for finding a way to have children without the aid of a man.
>>491 Don't complain about trannies then
>>492 Why not?
>>493 If you artificialize reproduction you automatically open the gate for all sorts of things than can undermine women, incluiding the creation of artificial wombs and eggs >But I'm disgusted by sperm eww Really? That's your problem? Well, just don't have kids then instead of relying on/ being depended solely on technology or some transhumanist future. It's like how trannies' womanhood is something completely depended on clothes, makeup and hormones. You take that all out and there are no trans women
>>494 dependent*

(82.32 KB 605x639 EgYRbLXWAAEj01j.jpeg)
Anonymous 08/26/2020 (Wed) 22:27:02 No. 355 [Reply] [Last]
Friendly reminder that this is what "sex work is work" advocates for.
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Stoked that another anon besides me is here to call out swerfs. >Others are frustrated that privileged women who can choose their clients pretend to speak for all of the industry, when most women want out. These women are the ones we're asking you to respect. By the way, they also do it to survive, just like engineers do engineering to survive, or professional artists make art to survive. Then you say that you support sex workers because you recognise that they are forced into it for survival. They're forced, it's not a choice they made, they wouldn't choose to do that. But you come over as hugely lacking in respect for women who choose to do sex work. >I have to take a lot of care to not come across as a tradcon or make it sound like I'm judging sex works for the same sexist reason other people do. But you do sound like a tradcon. You're all saying 'I respect sex workers as long as they didn't do it on purpose' like okaay it's kind of a gotcha don't you think?
Why even bother replying to the troll? They bring up no examples, reddit space and just spew autistic shit like "have confidence in yourself" when it comes to fucking camgirl nonsense. Literally a >>399 moment.
>>469 >You're all saying 'I respect sex workers as long as they didn't do it on purpose' like okaay it's kind of a gotcha don't you think? That's retarded as fuck. like you can't respect people who make dumb choices? i don't agree with every choice people make. it doesn't mean i don't have respect for them. it's people who habitually make malicious choices that i don't respect, and i think most people who i agree with on this issue are the same way. tradcons genuinely don't respect these women because they think they're dirty. there's a huge difference and anon sounds nothing like a tradcon. these women and girls are conned and plied by society in general and in plenty of cases, directly, by men who stand to make a considerable profit off of them putting their health and safety at risk. i don't not respect vulnerable people who are desperate and conned by Herbalife or whatever MLM into believing their investment and dedication to it will afford them a better life. wanting these people to be critical of sex work as an industry so as not to contribute to a larger problem or end up harmed (in a multitude of ways) doesn't mean you don't have respect for them. it's also all very convenient, all these women who are actively in sex work, of course, tend to praise it, just as coal miners refuse to let go of their exploitative line of work and resist retraining, even FOR THEIR OWN SAFETY, but many of these women are candid about the emotional, psychological and physical damage they once they leave the industry and have a moment to step back. most people don't even realize the toxicity they'd been mired in until they are removed from harmful situations or environments.
>>477 This. Some radfems are way too concerned with shoving the ideologue on women prone to sexual violence instead of expressing empathy and genuine help. Sex work is definitely not work, but my beliefs doesn't mean I should just shit on prostituted women who disagree.. If you guys encounter a camgirl who is clearly trying to cope and was groomed with how she makes a living, you don't fucking call her a libfem handmaiden. It's pathetic when radfems who think they "know better" would rather initiate fights on Twitter rather than learning to find common ground while ALSO spreading awareness on the consequences of "sex work." No wonder we got alt-right assholes masking as radfems/allies in our movement.
>>482 ayrt here, to be clear(er) i was saying anon's strawman was retarded as fuck. like, you can be critical of someone's choices and still respect them. a lot of sex positive people claim that radfems "don't respect" sex workers because they believe their choices aren't made fully by them and because they believe that these industries are insidious, and that's what the anon i was responding to was saying. that anons in this thread were saying they don't respect them because they "choose" it. i haven't seen anyone say that or suggest it. i agree with what you're saying though, it's stupid to just call people "libfem handmaidens" about this. they're just going to get pissed and dig their heels in. that goes for anything though. i don't see anything wrong with us being frank with each other and being loose with our wording amongst ourselves if we feel that someone is sooo servile to men to their own detriment (and to the detriment of others), but it's just a bad idea to come at swers like that. more flies with honey and all that.

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