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Pink pill #1 Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 18:18:30 No. 7
Share your pink pills here.
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>>8 Accidental spoiler.
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>>12 Holy shit. Betting he murdered a woman.
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>>14 "men get better with age" / "men age like fine wine" ... they become moldy grapes.
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>>13 >>12 I read this thread and it was a frat guy that hazed a pledge so hard he died. They forced some kid to chug alcohol or something. I think it was in Ohio. It was like 4 guys that are getting tried.
I want to see something. How hard do you guys think it would be to only consume content created by women (or at least have women as the main, dominating creative forces)? Do you think there's enough content available to feasibly do that? I'm thinking books and music would be relatively easy, while movies and TV shows will take some digging. I'd like to try to keep my media consumption as male-free as possible for some time and see how it affects me.
>>52 Male-free doesn't mean free of male opinions though (pickmes and handmaidens), so I'm not sure how effective that would be. But it would be an interesting experiment.
>>53 Samefag but a media recommendations thread would be good on this board (if there isn't one already)
>>52 I got curious and looked up movies made by women, thinking "Someone is going to include the Matrix" and yep, there it was, high up on the first list. But the good news is that there are a lot of movies that are directed by women. Depending what kind of movies you like and how much you watch I think it won't be too difficult. There will probably still be some trash (50 Shades of Grey was directed by a woman too) but I doubt you can avoid that completely anyway.
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>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3ObUIf9pcs The reason men are attracted to over exaggerated versions of femininity is because of Supernormal Stimuli. Supernormal Stimuli is the idea that genetically ingrained evolutionary purposes meant to help an animal survive, a bird using certain stimuli to find the healthiest egg to sit on, can be exploited by an object that fulfills the need of the stimuli, but not the purpose, a bird would rather sit on a giant plastic toy that looks healthy than it's actual eggs. This comes in with men because at the 14:40 in the linked video the author goes into what men find attractive. Men find feminine faces attractive, or faces that have little testosterone. The only version of 'little testosterone' faces that exist irl are baby faces. 15:15 straight up says they made a face look more baby like and men rated it higher. According to her theory men find youth, not early 20 youth, but borderline pedo youth attractive. The video isn't made by some random theorist either, she teaches at Harvard.
>>56 >I_Fap_to_Precure God I hate these coomers so fucking much wish they fucked off back their ecchi degeneracy and left magical girls alone. Sage for autism.
>>56 Tbh, I can't blame anyone for "supernormal stimuli" driving their attraction. It's the same reason I am attracted to huge, massive, the bigger the better dongs. Humans have abnormally big penises in relation to their body size compared to other primates and mammals. It is generally accepted that female selection is the cause of this.
>>58 Not everyone is triggered by supernormal stimuli though. I prefer just healthy males around my size who are pretty or low testosterone, huge dongs are gross and scary to me. I think you can *train* yourself to focus on supernormal stimuli as men tend to do, but humans have higher intellect than birds so should be able to bypass such simple conundrums.
>>60 NTA but human penis sizes are comically exaggerated compared to our closest living relatives, the great apes. I take all evopsych with a pinch of salt but that fact does check out. Another early adaptation of our pre-human ancestors when they were differentiating is 'hidden estrus' which means no outward visual displays of females being in 'heat' (chimpanzees get visibly swollen genitals) which is thought to have played a role in sexual selection.
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Don't fall for the 'anti-porn, anti-trans right wing bf' meme. It may seem better than a porn sick lefty, but they're still anti-women
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>>74 Oh hell, all of these things he wishes for exist, they just don't cater to men only and more to the issues in general. Why not use these services? Why does it have to be specifically catered to men? He just wants to complain about women engaging in womens rights.
>>74 The issues he mentioned are not related to gender so he's blaming the wrong thing. Gender is not a factor.
>>86 He just needed to rearrange the sentence "Nobody gives a shit about young men when it's abundantly clear they're dropping out of society"
>>74 The funniest part is that they're comparing themselves their disposability soldiers. I bet the obese neckbeard who's only achievement is 100 hours in WoW is comparable to a fucking solider.
>>88 They literally all have a complex about being disposable, but they put themselves in that position, so I'm not sure why they're like this.
>>89 I mean, they are? Every person is disposable. The difference is that women are more humble and don't overthink this stuff, while men have their ego threatened by the fact.
>>74 Then why don't men do something about that? What's abundantly clear is that men don't give a fuck about each other as long as they can use this as a gotcha against feminism. Volunteer at a soup kitchen if you care about homeless men. Women aren't the mommies of the world here to protest for you and cut the crusts off your sandwiches whenever you feel sad about the state of affairs.
>>93 And ironically men are always the ones to shit on the homeless or disadvantaged, want to dissemble social safety nets, etc, and give their "fellow men" no option but to starve on the streets. They couldn't care less.
>>90 Sigh, and she's only 20. Every time a scrote says relationships harm men more than it does women I can't help but to laugh.
>>93 Because, like you said, they don't care. There's a reason beggars mostly aim for women and completely ignore men (at least in the 3 cities I regulary visit).
https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-51491021 The number of female homicide victims in England and Wales has risen to the highest level since 2006.
Scrote gets what's coming to him.
>>126 Imagine being a degenerate and then acting like the victim when you're shamed. I wish they would learn from this but he's just gonna do it again to some other girl thinking this girl was just a bitch for no reason
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Pic related is of a woman but I'd imagine a load of males doing this without any shame They don't give a fuck whenever they wear those disgusting hoodies in public so this probably the future gross trend for them
(1.03 MB 1508x1224 985983.png)
My mom made an interesting point on the Ezra Miller thing today. I was talking with her about it, and she remarked something like "He's being *equal*. He's just treating women the same way he'd treat men." I got annoyed because I thought she was making the typical "equal rights, equal lefts" anti-feminist argument, so we argued about it back and forth until I finally threw my hands in the air and said "No, women are men aren't equal. Women are *superior*, because we don't do things like this" expecting backlash. She actually agreed (flatly) and was like "Exactly". The more I think about it, the more it seems backward to push this "equality" thing. It was good for stroking men's egos back when feminism was just starting out so we could be accepted by a male-dominated society, but activists should've dropped it and gotten to work on radical social change the moment they had a political "in". In pretty much every aspect except physical strength, women surpass men. This has become so blatantly clear that men have started insisting that schools are somehow biased against them because we're doing better academically, despite the fact that the entire institution was shaped by and for males, and we've been excluded for a ridiculously long amount of time. If we actually start taking power over institutions in a true 50/50 split, they'll definitely start screeching that anything besides living in caves, fucking your cousins and beating each other with sticks is outright "oppressive to males". Equality cannot exist in a society where men are placed as the default, because it assumes that their idea of normal is the truly valid one, as if it's an aberration for all of humanity to not be like them. In reality, theirs is a regressive, backward way of life that only succeeded because they could physically overpower women. There is no merit in a male default. Ezra and others like him actually see nothing wrong with toxic masculinity. They just want to wear makeup, put on pretty clothes and feel "mysterious" and deep. If feminism is to go anywhere, I think we need to start shitting on male-brained behavior instead of rewarding a guy in lipstick for being "secure in his masculinity". A masculine mindset is cancerous and worthless in this era unless 100% of your lifetime is spent being a physical laborer, you're stuck in an apocalyptic situation, you're living surrounded by other males who want to kill you, or you're a literal neanderthal.
>>160 I don't mind having a bit of a double standard. Men who try to be deep/mysterious (lmao) are always creepy and have some sort of issues, and sometimes even sometimes they're worse than the incels who screech about snowflakes, because they are not honest. Men should try to just be normal and leave the uwu aesthetic stuff for women.
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I wish women's standards were truly like this tbh. even if they were why are men bitching about women expecting men to be functional human beings but women are expected to be robots who don't age?
>>163 >don't sweat Is this meme somehow supposed to illustrate that men's standards are much more realistic? Because that's not the case here lmao. He could have just summed it up with >don't be human, be a blow up doll instead
>>163 Left sounds like they're blaming women for wanting them to be successful and fulfilled people lol. They want you to be healthy and have skills that you benefit on? How terrible!
I can't help but feel kind of disgusted by the whole "corona-chan" (and "ebola-chan") thing. Leave it to men to sexualize and animu-fy fucking pandemics.
Did you guys see that tweet that’s going around by Patricia Arquette? I have a screenshot but it won’t post on mobile for some reason. The comments and replies are insane to most but come as no surprise to me. “ Wondering how all the dudes who have 2 secret families are working this quarantine out...” https://twitter.com/pattyarquette/status/1248741092553449473?s=21
>>170 I wish this was a joke but that's such a common thing for older men to do and it makes me sad. Also protip: treat twitter replies like youtube comments. Just don't read them and your mind will be clear.
>>171 you're 100% correct! youtube, facebook and twitter replies. I really just wanted to see people sharing stories about this to show how common it is for men to act like giant pieces of shit. Most of the people posting seemed to get it except one scrot "wut abt women who do dis lol" which got shut down right away. some men commenting on knowing other men who do this, too, and doubtfully call them out on it.
>>166 I see incels crying about this all the time. They're so maladjusted and entitled that they think basic stuff that all adults should be doing are "unrealistic standards." Oh boo fucking hoo most women want an adult man who has a job and goals for the future, not a pissbaby who can't tie his own shoes.
>>163 >>174 they don't actually need any of these things though. women have much, much, much, much lower standards, especially for men they want to be with long term. men do have sex with women they aren't attracted to, but women are genuinely attracted to huge losers. most women are with men that are horrible, unintelligent and boring people.
is there a pickme thread?
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This is such an obvious red flag. He's trying to take control on an almost microscopic level.
>>179 Not yet, as long as it's civil I'm sure it's fine >>184 >xchan Not surprised theres nutty fucking guys there since it's a chan dedicated to schizoposting. I wouldn't be surprised if she dresses like that with him on purpose because she's sick of him complaining about it
(1.19 MB 1162x948 1516291802414.png)
>mfw these are the talking dingleberries that believe we're just jealous uggos
(151.43 KB 639x372 1512579668769.png)
>>179 no, go ahead and make one. (pic unrelated; conditioning is a powerful drug)
(16.23 KB 666x323 1576676764435.png)
petition to rename men's "depression" what it actually is: psychopathy, please. imagine if this was our "depression". we'd seriously be drawn and quartered.
>>184 >calling your gf "the chick" She did everything right. God forbid a woman is comfortable.
>>197 I relate to both... but right side more...
>>212 i doubt it's in the same way though. women's anger is not like men's, women's propensity to blame others doesn't manifest in the way it does for men. it can, but rarely.
>>212 I would not take this chart at face value, I'm pretty sure people of either sex can do anything listed on the chart. According to the image this is taken from something called 'Male Menopause' which doesn't sound like hard science.
>>184 This is the kind of retards who fetishizes blonde women running through wheat fields.
>>215 running through the wheat fields to get away from this exact kind of motherfucker
>>197 >ego inflated >create conflicts This is just them all the time.
(84.96 KB 960x960 ah60yf822lp41.jpg)
Why does this post smell so incelicious?
>>219 As if men don't leave women over the suspicion of cheating on them. As if women don't end up staying with men that repeatedly cheat on them.
Gamers were a fucking mistake holy shit, you cannot compare some different settings in a piece of software (game) to human trafficking
>>222 You mean sex work? Fucking misogynist
>>223 I don't know what the proper term is because I don't like the term sex work, but I don't think it quite fits under prostitution since it's not like it's one pimp, it's a whole business...So I usually just call it human/sex trafficking.
>>224 Working in a brothel is sex work. Sex work is when you use your body to sexually gratify men for money. It doesn't matter is it's a pornstar working for a multi million pornography company (a business) or a single person ruining an only fans account. What is the difference between human/sex trafficking? There is no difference. Human/sex trafficking is clearly sex work that violates human rights.
>>226 Yeah that makes sense, I guess I'm just avoiding the word sex work because nowadays it's always spun as "uwu sex werk is empowering owo" when it absolutely isn't. Or shit like "don't say pwostitute its sex worker p word bad mkay =w=". Shit gets me annoyed.
>>214 of course people can have both, but i do agree that 99.9% of "depressed" men do not internalize, ever. they blame everyone else for their problems, they create conflict, they become violent. women don't generally become abusive or go on rampage killings because they're "depressed".
>>228 Yeah. I have to agree I don't like the term sex work. It implies it's a legitimate business and not just glorified rape and abuse.
>>220 Lmao this. My ex broke up with me because he had A DREAM i cheated on him. I had a male friend who went into full on depression mode in high school because I didn;t tell him I had a crush on someone and "it hurt his feelings how much of a liar I was" Men are the biggest drama queens of them all
(57.38 KB 1097x365 purp.PNG)
(54.49 KB 657x304 good.PNG)
they're all "good men" until they're not. and it's rarely a matter of "if", it tends to be a matter of "when"
watching a video about virginal sex trafficking in Colombia. one of the prostitutes mention how men from all over the world(Chinese, Brazilian, European) go to districts for underage prostitution. Not even 16 or 17 year olds she mentions, but 11 and 12 year olds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAXOC3P0Knw
>>259 Men create so much suffering. I wake up every day and ask myself why.and for what purpose? Why and how could people want to live their lives taking pleasure in so much suffering and creating so much suffering out of nothing, for no reason? These men that fetishise virginity to this degree are not few in numbers or uncommon by any means.
Hope I'm posting in the right place. You know that girl with the four creepy incel boyfriends and one of them got her up the duff? One of them's only got down for abusing the child. I was watching one of those commentary channels (I know), and the majority of the comments were blaming the girl for being in a relationship with four men. Because, of fucking course. #1 rule of misogyny and all that jazz.
>>168 This, personifing a plague aside. Her design is some boring weeb shit, just so they find 'her' sexual enough to fap to. Give me a break they do it to everything. Why can't they leave their dicks off everything?
>>265 They're really sad people. 100% you could could put tits on a turd and they'd jerk off to it. Not just scatfags, either. Like, 'normal guys' without a scat fetish.
https://archive.li/umCxZ In India, men are watching child pornography during the lockdowns. What the fuck. >According to the India Child Protection Fund (ICPF), there has been a steep increase in demand for searches like “child porn”, “sexy child” and “teen sex videos”, along with an increase in traffic on Pornhub from India by 95 percent between March 24 and 26, 2020, as compared to before the lockdown. Surprised Vice didn't spin this one as "brave and stunning MAPs". Shits still horrifying.
>>271 I have a feeling it's because those men no longer have access to the children they're abusing. It's a horrifying theory and I hope it's not true, but...
>>273 That was the only thing that came to mind for me reading it. I didn't even question it given how notorious India is for child prostitution.
>>274 >>273 >>271 realistically, what percentage of men do you guys think are pedophiles? i really think it's almost a majority of men tbh. it'll never be reported though because everyone would lose their shit if they knew the truth
>>277 Same, though I'm sure if you tried to get a survey not only would people freak at the results but the men would probably lie and say "N-No sir I'm not sexually attracted to 9 year olds haha who would am I right guys? haha" Or they might go full retard and pull the "ACHTUALLY IT'S EPHEBOPHILE AND IT'S NATURAL" card instead. Either way we aren't ever going to get a true percentage documented and it's pretty scary.
>>277 in my opinion at least half, and even more if you count men who have pedophilic tendencies who aren't full blown pedophiles
>>278 >>279 i couldn't agree more. i think they'd freak and blame anyone trying to get an accurate idea tbh. the reporting agencies would 100% be blamed by almost all women, too, as being crazy, lying feminazis. i will guarantee you. tbh you have to be dumb or stupid to have a child with a man or ever bring children around any man for this reason. i don't care how "good" you think he is. honestly, that's what i think is so sad. obviously men will deny it, but if the truth was ever attempted to be brought to light, so many women are stupidly invested in believing they're so great that they'd refuse to believe it and they'd instead continue to risk the safety of children by having them with men, than considering that these people prove themselves to be sick and evil so often
>>277 tbh I feel like sexuality is usually socially constructed. Most 'heterosexual' men seem to not even like women. Don't get me wrong I'm not going to deny that there are a lot of men who would pursue relationships with underage girls if they could get away with it, but I can't bring myself to think it's a majority. Maybe I'm naive, but I think if it was a majority it would be far more normalised. Paedophilia always gets met with moral panic, it's the most evil thing and normies do realise it.
>>283 >tbh I feel like sexuality is usually socially constructed. Most 'heterosexual' men seem to not even like women. i agree with this point, but i think that it's damaging, life-destroying and abusive is the only reason why it's rightfully identified as being unacceptable - not because it's uncommon. i think all men can be memed into pedophilia. whether or not men are presently memed into it is kind of irrelevant though, because a pedophile at this stage is still a pedophile, whether or not it was "natural" or developed out of pornsickness or something etc
(344.77 KB 625x889 ew.jpeg)
>>283 have you ever been to a porn site? most of the porn looks like this. it's all about "teens" getting "destroyed" where they put underdeveloped looking girls in pigtails and braces etc. if most men weren't pedophiles I can't imagine why it would be so popular.
>>278 Anyone who splits hairs on what is "actually" pedophilia vs neophilia/ephebphilia/whatever is a pedophile or an idiot. Creating terminology that shouldn't exist only blurs the definition and muddies the waters/understanding of the general public. If I called someone a "neophile" no one would understand what I was saying. If I say "pedophile," they would. It's a way for pedophiles to hide their crimes. >>285 Also look at kinks like DDLG/ABDL. Those are people with a full blown fetish for children's items and children's terminology. There's a Tumblr post floating around about a man admitting he got a boner in the toy aisle from hearing a little girl call her father "daddy." I was physically disgusted reading it.
(206.70 KB 717x717 20200416_190031.jpg)
>>283 >>284 Looking into some of the research posted by anti-porn advocates and it shows that sexual tastes in mammals are subject to conditioning. This study was done with rats, you now can imagine the effect sexual conditioning has on the human brain since we evolved to be tribal and even more open to suggestion and social pressure. https://twitter.com/gabedeem/status/1248651990504296450?s=20 >>286 >There's a Tumblr post floating around about a man admitting he got a boner in the toy aisle from hearing a little girl call her father "daddy." I was physically disgusted reading it. This is what kills me about loli and kinkfags who scream about how it's just a fantasy!!!11!! Whether it's real or not you are still conditioning your brain to get off to that kind of stimuli which will affect your attraction to real life children. Why is your "fantasy" fucking kids anyway? Weirdos.
>>287 jesus fucking christ. well, in a way it makes me feel better knowing evo psych fags are, of course, idiots. i mean, this is pathetic, but all of the dehumanizing "we were evolved to find (insert some weird feature) attractive!!!" is clearly almost always bullshit. i do believe it is very subject to social conditioning but whether or not it's a product of social conditioning doesn't change the fact that a pedophile that has become a pedophile through porn is now a pedophile, you know?
>>260 You're talking about a group of people that will rape one another if they don't have access to women. Look at male rape in prisons or in the military. There's definitely something wrong with their brains.
>>284 >whether or not men are presently memed into it is kind of irrelevant though, because a pedophile at this stage is still a pedophile, whether or not it was "natural" or developed out of pornsickness or something etc I agree with the second half of this sentence, but I also feel like it contradicts the first half? If the majority are not currently memed into paedophilia then the majority are not paedophiles. I found an article which has a maximum estimate of around 5% https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-28526106 Now 5% is WAY too high but it's also a long way off 50% >>285 Actuallly what strikes me when I've gone to porn sites is how many videos are themed around incest!? >>286 I think that from a psychologist's POV there is a difference or at least a spectrum. I remember reading somewhere that in a study of paedophiles the age of the children they were attracted to correlated with their IQ, i.e. the younger the children they were into the lower the IQ. Legally it's all the same because paedophilia itself isn't illegal, child sex abuse is. >>291 Evopsych is literal nonsense. We have pretty much no idea how our ancestors really lived before civilization but a lot of people will say shit about men evolving to be the strongest hunters with literally no evidence. Sexual dimorphism decreased over the course of evolution, which actually suggests that more androgynous men/women were selected for instead of hypermasculine/hyperfeminine ones.
>>294 Yeah, I still don't really care what the "actual" use for the terms is. Of course there's a spectrum of ages but there's no point in creating new terms that muddy the use of the word pedophile. I say this as nicely as I can but it literally does not matter what age of children a man wants to have sex with, he's disgusting regardless and I'm going to call him a pedophile. It is used to hide crimes. Look at the pro MAP community, where quite a few of them called themselves those terms and were able to fly under the radar long enough to have contact with teenagers who didn't understand what they were saying.
>>294 >Now 5% is WAY too high but it's also a long way off 50% no offense anon, but you sound like someone that also believes that only "a very small percentage of men" are rapists because the report, charge, and conviction rates are so low. pedophiles are a much larger percentage of the population than 5%. >I agree with the second half of this sentence, but I also feel like it contradicts the first half? If the majority are not currently memed into paedophilia then the majority are not paedophiles. i meant to say 'presently' meaning like, in this day and age the majority of pedophiles are memed into it, and whether or not they've been memed into it, or born pedophiles, they're still pedophiles. even if they weren't born that way. for a long time, people assumed it was all just some kind of neurobiological defect, and that may be true for some people, and those people may have made up a large percentage of the population of pedophiles in the past, but i don't think the majority of pedophiles today are pedophiles because they're some kind of genetic abberration.
>>301 Not to NAMALT but yes I actually do think that actual rapists and paedophiles are a minority. A significant minority, meaning you have to be vigilant and avoid complacency. And that is a problem with men specifically because female perpetrators are a far smaller minority. I wouldn't argue if you said the majority of men were dangerous, violent or abusive. Nor would I argue if you said all men were potential rapists. But I don't think it's a good look to say all, or even most men are full blown rapists and paedophiles. That shit isn't normal. It's too common (I am actually shocked by the 5%, 1 in 20, statistically I must know secret pedos IRL which is gross) but it isn't normal.
>>302 NTA either, but I would say that it depends on what you think is a pedophile. I wouldn't hesitate to say at all that a lot of men, possibly even a majority, are attracted to teenage girls.
(35.29 KB 480x270 sano-hijo-del-patriarcado.jpg)
>>302 >Not to NAMALT but yes I actually do think that actual rapists and paedophiles are a minority. i don't really see how you could believe this, tbh. if your understanding of "rape" is only holding someone at knifepoint in an alley, i suppose this might be true, but we know that rape is literally the most underreported crime and when it is reported, barely ever leads to charges or convictions. i don't know how you can see how rape is glorified and men are institutionally taught to rape or want to rape and figure that they are actually so few in number. the most popular porn is all rape porn. no matter what subtype of porn, rape is the most popular within those subtypes, even. pedophiles and rapists are most definitely large percentages within the male population. the fact that in reporting their crimes they re-victimize their victims in the most invasive way imaginable, and that their victims are already stigmatized, the fact that they hold tremendous power over their victims, and that they generally hold up the most power in society in general, absolutely leads to warped estimates. there's no reason for rape victims to report given that the odds are not in their favor that anything will come of it.
>>308 For 50% or more of men to be perpetrators that's an average of around 2.5 perpetrators per victim. I strongly feel that the victim:perpetrator ratio is the other way around, that there are more victims than perpetrators. More than half of rapists have at least one previous victim. Only 10% of cases feature more than one attacker. I'm not defending anything, I just like my numbers to add up. The numbers as they are are shocking enough. We don't have to pretend more than half of men are actual rapists to condemn them - there is a LOT of room to be a terrible person without being an actual rapist, and it doesn't have to be anywhere close to half the male population who are for it to be a massive problem.
(343.37 KB 1200x817 1_in_6_Women 122016.png)
>>309 Forgot pic related
>>310 all of this is severely under reported though, as i said. i would say a very high percentage of women don't tell report, or notify hotlines or even their families or friends. a fair percentage of women who have been victimized don't even consider themselves to have been victims and/or take years to come to terms with the fact that they have been, if they ever even accept it.
>>313 Okay I don't want to get caught in a pointless argument but I just want to explain my reasoning. I would be willing to believe that in studies like the above, even anonymous surveys, it might be under-reported to the extent that maybe the actual figure might be double that 1 in 6. But the 50% of rapists have offended before figure is convincing to me and that implies at least 1.5 victims for each perpetrator. That leads me to 'could be as high as 20%'. That to me is extremely high and a massive problem with huge implications for safety. I want to throw in that of the 80%, probably more than half of them are still destructive assholes it's best to keep away from. Don't want to keep splitting hairs on this so I'll let it go after this post because I've explained my logic.
How do you pink pill women that have been memed into liking "rough" (read: violent) sex? I know one of them and she doesn't only like that shit but also defends it. I know it's hard to get over your shit fetishes but can't you at least admit they're wrong and harmful?
>>316 This might sound weird, but I think the most defensive ones have literally gotten it into their heads that a penchant for rough sex is an important part of their personality. When you attack the kink, you essentially attack them, so they get mad. Speaking from both personal experience and other people's testimonies, quite a few women and girls also cling to the violent stuff because it allows them to derive enjoyment from their own self-loathing. It's like they've finally found a form of self-deprecation that comes with a sliver of validation. When you hate yourself, that's the only form of sex that seems realistic or honest. Anything else looks disingenuous, which makes it boring (and very unappealing as a fantasy). It doesn't help that there are so many bullshit psuedo-scientific articles, bad actors and other lost women playing mind games. They say things like "Actually, rough sex is a great way to build your self-esteem", "It's perfectly natural for women to enjoy being brutalized during sex (and other evopsych nonsense)", "It's healthy to sexualize trauma, exposure therapy works in just that way and helps people", "You, the abuse vict--I mean sub, are actually the one in power. Get it? This is empowering!", "You don't have to want this, but look how progressive it is. If you're not into it, you are vanilla. To each their own and all. The rest of us just like a little flavor in our lives, no offense". Imagine having that shit drilled into your head left and right. It's natural, it's mentally healthy, it's empowering, and you're actually boring if you don't like it. You start to believe it, and when someone goes against that narrative, it sounds a lot like they're saying "Not only am I ignorant about mental health, I'm also judgmental, overly conservative, and possibly repressed. I honestly think you should just hate yourself without any pleasure added in, because I don't think someone like you should enjoy sex". Unfortunately, I don't know how you can solve that, as it's an issue a person can ultimately only overcome on their own. Maybe if you show her other women's experiences and how it fucked them up, she'll find herself relating to them and wake up. It's important to not make her feel attacked, too. If she feels cornered, she might just plug her ears and keep defending it to save face, or tune out entirely. Also, if choking ever becomes a subject you discuss, you could point out that it kills brain cells. To put it harshly, there's no "safe" way to do such a thing, and accepting an orgasm in exchange for literal brain damage is fucking moronic. She might get pissed off about this one, but there is literally no counterargument to be made for it. I kind of went on a rant, but I hope this helps somehow, anon.
>>316 ask them if they've ever been with non-porn sick vanilla guy who didn't just jack hammer, but instead was inattentive to her needs
>>316 the issue w these people is they pull this hyperstupid stunt where they claim "it's extra intimate because you're trusting and testing your partner with your safety" or some shit. it's like, yeah, i test my partner every time i sleep next to him or leave him in my house with my jewelry etc. the fuck does he need to impale me with a spiked speculum to prove that shit for? and he's literally hurting you, how is that not proving that he's literally willing to be an abuser in the right context? maybe try to point out that hmm... literally all popular media has everything to do with abusing women for sexual pleasure and pushing the concept that women somehow enjoy being hurt rather than their pleasure beyond how it serves men's sadism, being considered? if she's at all left leaning, maybe try to compare this to the way the wealthy business interests, particularly in america, try to stockholm the poor and overworked into believing working themselves to death for no pay and no benefits makes them happy and that people are miserable without being exploited and overworked
What do you guys think of Tony Toutoni? Apperantley his mom was a feminist with a PhD, and he ended up becoming the very antithesis of what his family had wanted him to become, he also makes several laughable takes and habitually tries to "own dah feminsits" who take up rent-free space in his head, at all times, as shown by the second photo. Here's a clip of him treating one of his strippers to champagne. Very classy. https://www.instagram.com/p/B-5aV4wnIqM/?igshid=g7xes0q9631g He also claims that his life is every man's dream, and in a way he's right, no matter the conditioning his feminist mother might have given him, he became the complete opposite of what you'd expect to be a feminsist's son. At one point, he posted a picture of his (undrage) daughter and there were comments underneath made by his followers asking if she would marry them or that she was one flower's "bitch". I know that these comments can be construed as "jokes" and that they aren't taken seriously, but I believe that it reveals a core part of the male psyche, that a female is a base or lesser creature even if she were the daughter of their idol's, let alone a stripper or a feminist. I think it would be reasonable to conclude that these guys' hatred for feminists or whatever nebulous entity is a cheap cover up for their disdain of females, it doesn't matter what or who they are.
>>328 Never heard of this guy before, I feel like he started off rebelling against whatever his family taught him because that's what kids do but took it to the extreme. It's like when liberal parents end up having conservative kids and vice versa. The fact that he just posts pics of his daughter on his account knowing that the kind of content he posts is fetishistic pictures (going by your screencaps) is sick as fuck though, he knows his brand is being "epic own da feminists look at my cars and women haha fuck them", so why are you going to post a picture of your daughter out for your wild followers to tear into? What if she sees that when she gets older? Hard agree on that last sentence. They hate anything women do, and if you ask them why don't they care about their own issues they're quiet. Though I don't know if this guy is a MRA or not.
>>329 Nah, this guy isn't an MRA as far as I know, he just always makes it a point to "trigger dah feminazis" and thinks they're out to get him, lol. I also completley agree with your point about him showing of his daughter (as well as his son who has his own Instagram account at two years old), what was he thinking? He also filed a lawsuit against a model who he accused of sexually harassing his dog, but the actual video which he uploaded himself to his account was of the dog trying to jump the model, he also videos of models giving midgets blowjobs, all this among photos of his kids, lol. Seriously no wonder his old insta account was taken down, and he then blames this on feminsts, those are the last people he should be worrying about imo, seriously the older stuff he used to post on that account was sick, this guy deserves to be shut down.
>>330 *hump, my bad
>>328 cautionary tale of what is to come if anyone believes they can steer their male children in the right direction by just having one or two decent parents when all of society indoctrinates boys into valuing and encouraging all of the most evil and negative traits and actions imaginable
>>332 This is why I will never have male children. If I ever change my mind about having kids I would rather adopt girls than blow out my vagina and sacrifice years of my life nurturing another misogynistic ingrate who will grow up to resent me. The mothers of Nigels can whine about how extremist this attitude is but it's my choice. The thought of this >>328 being a possibility is the only birth control I'll ever need.
>>332 Lol, exactly, I'll never understand why some mothers stand by their perfect little Nigels when they know on some level they'll grow up to be anything similar to this sack of shit. He plays the role of victim while pulling shit like the stunt with his model humping dog. He is fetishistic and disguisting, and I have no idea why the mother of his kids lets them around him.
>>334 >He plays the role of victim while pulling shit like the stunt with his model humping dog That was so vile. It was such an insidious, calculated way of ruining somebody's life for no reason. It makes me sick thinking about how he must have congratulated himself for his disgusting evil plan.
>>328 >entrepreneur Ok fucking course. These scamming dudebros are a whole bag to unpack.
>>335 In the original vid you can hear him goading the girl on to "let him fuck her" and to "press her ass against him", it was so disturbing; and he does a 180 when she releases the video on her account and files a million dollar lawsuit. It's like some absurd joke.
Even 4chan mocks them
The pic didn't post. I'll try again but I can't delete posts (I disabled js).
Ugh why are men whining about the testicular damage of covid? I guarantee you the majority of them will never have kids and they only want them because they won't do any of the work.
>>342 i hope it makes all of them sterile tbh. very, very, very few men are capable of being fathers. speaking of this topic, love the way everyone complains about how "men never get custody". as a child whose father only "fought to get custody" to avoid child support, that is literally the only reason why 99.9% of them fight for the children. then the children are usually neglected. no one questions this though. it's always painted as "mothers just want to destroy these men and make their kids suffer!". i won't even go into discounting the very real possibility that a large percentage of these fathers that fight for custody are pedophilic abusers
Onlyfans is interesting. Men complaining about women being cruel for exploiting their loneliness meanwhile they have no problem with prostitution.
>>328 there was a thread about him on lolcow after crazy lolcow was caught in a video with him.
>>330 >>328 >>350 By the way he also posts videos of himself on twitter humiliating his escorts. Seeing as his mother was a feminist herself, there is definitely freudian stuff going on here.
(502.24 KB 1280x1067 barriers.png)
Strength of the barriers to reporting rape from The WomanStats Project. Note that not a single part of the world has no barriers. Scrotes: "B-But we don't live in a rape culture!!!! There's no such thing!"
>>351 For sure, lol. Still, I can't help but think he's involved in prostitution, considering he constantly surrounds himself with strippers and escorts, and the funny thing is is that he insists that these women weren't payed by him ant that they're just friends. From what I've seen in the past, I'm betting that this guy is a habitual liar, and fibs to play up his image. For example, he sometimes tries to put forth the idea that he come from nothing, when he pretty clearly comes from money. Kind of reminds me of an even shittier Dan Bilzerian, if that's even possible.
>>332 >>333 >>334 ok so what the hell are mothers supposed to even do then, Just let them do whatever they want? What exactly is the “right” way to raise a male in the society we live in now? Because like it or not, some radfems have them and they are responsible for them.(I don't have a son btw but I do have a nephew) and of course I don’t want him to grow up to become a monster but according to you anons nothing his parents will do matter, inb4: you shouldn't have male children in the first place, yeah maybe someone's feminist awakening will come after they have a child
>>357 It's not that nothing parents do ever matter, it's that children are still human beings and not extensions of their parents. Women run the risk of giving birth to misogynists even if they try to instill morals, but that doesn't negate that parents have an impact on their children's lives. I think the best thing is just to set an example to male children to respect everybody, so he neither grows up thinking women are below him, or putting them on a pedestal only to be disappointed when he inevitably faces rejection. He needs to know that respecting other people's boundaries is important, and also have enough self-respect to honor his own. It ties into each other.
>>357 my post was specifically about people who are so sure they'll have enlightened, sweet sons and seek to have them, or want to have them in the future, on that basis. if you already have them, yeah, obviously try your best to have him not be a shithead, but imo, he'd need to be severely insulated from the outside world for that to happen, and even then, the misogyny will still seep through. like legitimate bubble boy status.
>>361 so the only solution is to move into the wilderness and not expose him to any form of human media, the end result probably wouldn't be a standard misogynist but he wouldn't be close to human
Agree with >>360, just raise your son to have some respect for others. After he reaches a certain age, let's say 18 there's not much more that you can do if he ends up being misogynistic, I don't think you can change peoples minds unless they're ready for it so you might as well just teach him the basics of human respect that'll stick with him (hopefully). On a related note, mothers shouldn't be blamed for if their sons end up total asshats if they did try to raise them with a good sense of morals. Shit just happens sometimes for lack of a better term. >>362 Honestly you'd probably have an easier time with a wild forest hunter of a child.
>>362 >>361 Develop a good relationship with your children if you want to make an impact on them. You can't expect a kid (be it male or female) to look up to someone if that person treats them like shit or with indifference. Usually, children try to be the oppositte of their parents if they have a bad relationship with them. I think their first years are crucial, you have to make them dependant and respectful of you, make them trust you. Shaming them for their mistakes or naive opinions is also a no-no, you have to be patient. Also, we live in a patriarchy, all males are going to be privileged and that's how it is. I'm white, I know black people face a lot of issues I don't. The least I can do is respect them and support them, but I know I can't grasp how racism impacts them. I sometimes look at media and realize the majority of the characters are white. It's the same for men, they don't realize some things. We need to understand males aren't going to be feminists like women are, but teaching them to have respect towards the movement is the least a mother can do. On a side note, I think I would have more problems raising a girl... I don't even know if I would like to have one, this world is shit for females.
>>362 >>362 i never said the wilderness, just very, very minimal social interaction, and there is plenty of media that isn't misogynistic, it's just not media that is popular. you'd have to comb through what they consume and keep them away from most tv except for what you approved of, etc, the internet (obviously). this is all ideally, of course. you can't really reasonably do this for the most part just because it's impossible to helicopter parent a child to this degree and be successful, that's why it's just easier to not have one in this society, for those considering having children. i'd say come as close to this as possible if you can, legit. socializing "normally" with most other children or people and letting them consume popular media will damage children more than it helps them, i think. just insisting your child respects women or girls isn't going to do shit when the rest of society tells them they're a) wrong for respecting females, and b) encourages them and rewards them for disrespecting them and subjugating them. either way, i don't recommend bringing any children into the world regardless of their sex so. the issue is that mothers are completely delusional about how much power their influence holds over their children. i don't expect boys to grow up to be feminists or whatever, but there's literally 0 chance of boys growing up to be normal, feeling people who see women as people when all popular media, all men, all of society, etc, thinks otherwise and will punish anyone who disagrees that we aren't subhuman, even if it's considered a covert kind of discouragement. worse yet that sexualized media is inextricably entangled with this retarded ass ideology and so their sexuality, their interests, their subconscious interests, etc, are too. anyone insisting their male is decent and not just the best of a bad situation is blind or lying.
this bring up another argument, religious conservative people often have far more children then liberals and real feminists, as you said children often are greatly impacted by both their parents and society, and if society is already is patriarchal and the most backward patriarchal of our population have the most, while the one's who are more enlightened don't. what does that mean future generations who will carry on our ideals
Random and I am new here because of PP being banned, but I find odd how this thread is devoid of racebait even though admin claims racebaiter radfems got PP banned to begin with. I just find it all very suspicious. Anyway....cheers to having me here at long last and fuck men.
>>367 We will. Mentor girls. Mentor boys. Make art. Write stories. Spread the word. I'm sure many of us here didn't have feminist parents but here we all are. And yeah, it sucks to see shitty men with five sons who are also shitty but changing the culture takes time. If we can't make this generation better we can try for the next.
>>371 what are the chances of Ideas spreading towards more then a small minority of people, cause those conservatives will spread their ideals and values as well and through content
>>372 Yeah, it's definitely already happening. But I don't think feminists having children will fix this at all, if anything their kids would probabaly lash out and try to go against their parents, especially with the media surrounding them. If feminists want to change the culture, then I don't think having kids is the solution. A better option would be just helping women around the world who are struggling, setting up shelters and helping other women has certainly made an impact on how most women view feminists. Having children really didn't.
>>367 I just want to say that ideology is not defined by genetics. I'm skeptical as to whether there is even any genetic influence over what you believe (I think there isn't). If you look at history you see that over time society has become less 'backward patriarchal' (which is why we call it backward!). I do think we've stepped backwards over the past 20 years but this idea that people's ideas are genetic I just don't buy into at all.
>>372 >>372 i mean... i don't think most movements that aren't cult tier religious shit are created by literally birthing children and shepherding them into joining whatever ideological camp you belong to. seems incredibly ineffective, a huge gamble that can turn out to be a massive waste of time, energy, and money, actually. the risk/reward ratio here is hugely disparate and even if it goes in your favor, it's still a lot of resources to convince like... 1 or 2 people. birthing them is not necessary either. i think it's less necessary to compete with nutjobs by reproducing as much as them and more necessary to reach out to more middle of the road people who are capable of being convinced that ultra conservatism isn't a great thing and it harms them too?
>>369 Literally none of it was racebait thought, it was black women specifically venting against black men, there was not a single post saying white men are better or superior then black men, rather highlighting the specific misogyny black women face
>>419 yup. there's was actual racebait in other threads but she had to go after pp because despite all the evidence to the contrary, they're all definitely "rich white bitches". necessaryspeed4 does post borderline racebaity shit a lot tho, ngl, but she's not the average user. ppl in meta claiming straight up nazi shit is being posted (i haven't lurked lately to verify because the shitposting is too awful to wade through now), so it was really smart of her to exile a percentage of the userbase that proved itself to be more diverse than the rest of the userbase
(531.84 KB 830x543 insane males.PNG)
males are encouraged to hate women and will be bullied for having an ounce of humanity. peep the subreddit intro. they're allegedly the "better" ones and this is still what they upvote like mad
(67.62 KB 640x828 1z50y4frba041.jpg)
(353.41 KB 960x432 eupqrrwvm8341.png)
(52.32 KB 640x493 dtd5eo9hivl41.jpg)
>>429 >systemic discrimination against Men and Boys Lol where?
>>429 >>435 ok I regrettably looked this sub and I all I can say is that this particular group of MRAs are the strangest MRAs I have ever come across https://old.reddit.com/r/ProMaleCollective/comments/eian9z/promale_manifesto/ >Pro-Male manifesto >A bit of history will put this into context, as sadly, the men’s rights activists with good intentions, who want to fix human rights violations men face, such as military conscription, genital mutilation, child support and parental alienation—and who manage to achieve things—are a tiny minority among those who claim activist status.Anti-feminism is too right-wing. Right-wing politics is reactionary, passive, and fixated on family values—when the family unit is about subserving mothers at the expense of everyone else—so right-wingers will never get anything done for men. Also, right-wingers believe in Social Darwinism, which is about expending other men, and is therefore anti-male. >Also, too many anti-feminists are simply focused of relationships. They want feminism to stop turning women into meanie-poos against men, so they can love women in relationships again. Therefore they love the right-wing’s message of fixing relationships through family values. >As for MGTOW—a ghosting community of men who wanted to obscure themselves from marital, legal and societal misandry, as well as the MRM’s failures—even though it is packed with strong-man posturing, flawed economic arguments, and cope revenge fantasies, there were some content makers that showed some early promise, simply because they often sounded like radical MRAs, content makers like Barbarossa (aka Bar Bar), Stardusk and RazorBladeKandy. Sadly, the right flooded the movement and the more radical MRAs left. Not to mention Barbarossa, the most high-brow of the early MGTOW, took money in advance for a book and then left the movement without delivering the product. >These are the prominent rules and principles that we follow. Everyday practice has shown we need them to stop hijacking or derailment. >(1) No strongman posturing. (This is a toxic dead-end. Men who are into strongman posturing do not like working with other men.) >(2) No collapse porn. (Men who strongman posture also tend to promote collapse fantasies. There is no impending collapse and no self-correcting cycle. Even if a collapse does occur men will be its biggest victims.) >(3) No coping fantasies. (Nonsense like “get woke go broke” is part of the delusion of the self-correcting cycle.) >(4) No scapegoating. (This includes conspiracy theories and blaming Jews, Marxists, and soy boys. Scapegoating is deadly to a movement, as it encourages people to remain passive and ignorant. If someone is convinced that a specific group is to blame for the world’s problems, that person will not seek new information. Pro-male men must be open to learn.) >(5) No hero worship. (If you want an example of how this can backfire, look at what happened with “Bar Bar” – the MGTOW content maker. He took money for a book from his followers and ran. The cult of personality is to be avoided, as if that occurs then activism will take a back seat.) >(6) No free market propaganda, or promotion of any other economic theories. (We have to tackle misandry directly, not hope that any economic plan from Marxism to free market reforms will fix the problem. In fact, humans are often resent-filled status-seekers and resource hoarders. Typical men want to gain resources and give luxuries to women, so the free market theories will not fix the social ills caused by this behavior. Marxists refuse to acknowledge misandry, so any society they build will be anti-male.) >(7) No sexual shaming of any kind. (No attacks on homosexuals, heterosexuals, furries, etc. Men should not be judged by their access to female sexuality and men should not be shamed for being sexless, virgins, or for being players and sleeping around. Pro-male men do not care about such things. How much or how little sex one gets has no bearing how we feel about men.) >(9) No biological reductioni
>>437 >(10) No PUA scams, or lifestyle advice in general. (Lifestyle advice is not relevant to men’s rights. Worse, it often implies that men must endure systematic injustices.) >(12) No concern trolling and no egalitarian posturing. (Egalitarian posturing is grovelling.) >(13) No promotion of relationships or obsessing over them. >(16) No racism of any kind. (Racism is anti-male and derived from pseudoscience.) >(17) No alpha/beta male nonsense. (These terms are thoroughly debunked.) >(18) We are completely separate from groups identifying as incel, red pill, PUA, etc. Their jargon is not allowed here (i.e. “chad”, “cuck”, “red pill/blue pill”). >(21) Feminism is a hate movement. It has always been such and there is no such thing as a valid feminism. Do not make excuses for that hate movement. All three waves of feminism are based on misandry and disinformation. There has to be zero compromise with that movement. No one expects Jews to compromise with the Nazis and no one expects black people to play nice with the KKK. >(22) We reject the concept of marriage. We are not marriage or relationship strikers, as we reject the concept of marriage, and we reject exploitative relationships. We do not want to fix marriage, but abolish it. As for relationships, we want to do away with legal and social customs that allow women to exploit men in them. >(23) You can’t be pro-male and married. It is that simple. MGTOW tackles the controversies surrounding marriage from the narrow point-of-view of the man’s self-interest, but when a man marries, he is maintaining an anti-male institution. This action sells other men out and in turn harms the entire male collective, just for a bit of female validation. Furthermore, singles end up paying for the tax breaks that benefit married couples and fund the social services used by housewives.
>>438 >>437 incredibly, incredibly bizarre
>>438 >Feminism is a hate movement. It has always been such and there is no such thing as a valid feminism. Do not make excuses for that hate movement. All three waves of feminism are based on misandry and disinformation. There has to be zero compromise with that movement. No one expects Jews to compromise with the Nazis and no one expects black people to play nice with the KKK. I can't even believe how delusional men have to be to think a civil rights movement is the same as the KKK. The reason why feminists hate men is because men continue to perpetrate unreciprocated violence and treat women like property for the past thousands of years. Straight up fucking DARVO.
>>437 >no attacks on homosexuals, heterosexuals, furries, etc. >furries kek wtf is this >"too many anti-feminists are simply focused of relationships." >"we aren't, we're better!!!" >5 second later >"singles end up paying for the tax breaks that benefit married couples and fund the social services used by housewives" Ah, housewives, bringing nightmares to humanity since the dawn of times. Truly, a threat we have to eradicate. Poor, poor men!! Wonder how they have survived so long!
>>443 >>438 this part really confuses me >>(22) We reject the concept of marriage. We are not marriage or relationship strikers, as we reject the concept of marriage, and we reject exploitative relationships. We do not want to fix marriage, but abolish it. As for relationships, we want to do away with legal and social customs that allow women to exploit men in them. >>(23) You can’t be pro-male and married. It is that simple. MGTOW tackles the controversies surrounding marriage from the narrow point-of-view of the man’s self-interest, but when a man marries, he is maintaining an anti-male institution. This action sells other men out and in turn harms the entire male collective, just for a bit of female validation. Furthermore, singles end up paying for the tax breaks that benefit married couples and fund the social services used by housewives. If you just switch up some of the words, this feels like this could be a standard radfem tumblr post
>>369 I looked at the posts the mods accused of being "race bait", the majority were just non-white women ranting about guys in their race/culture, and no arguing back and forth. So, I don't understand why the thread had to be banned?
I know someone pointed out before about Tiger King right, we've got sex cults, turning out guys with meth, killing animals, and attempted assassination, but no the one woman in the show with her own story is the designated villain after being accused of murdering her husband. Some people were wondering why she hasn't done the blog and podcast circuit, because Doc Antle and everyone seems to be doing it. Even Joe himself, but Carole is nowhere to be found. Why would she have an interview with people that think she's already the bad guy, especially when the 'cast mates' are adding fuel to the fire? I guess someone must have convinced her and she agreed to an interview, with people that would hear her side, rather you think she's guilty or not. Her very first post-Tiger King interview, and COURSE it's guys that have tricked her for views and I'll people are laughing at her. Everyone on that doc did tremendous shady, even illegal things, but we'll just ignore all the dudes, even the guy the doc is centered around to focus on the woman. It's so fucking transparent.
>>433 Reminds me of >Single girls get cats, single guys get guns
>>461 A more accurate statement would be single girls get pills and single guys get guns or knives both with the goal to kill themselves
(121.51 KB 750x930 deadbeat.jpg)
Imagine blaming the child for your lack of responsibility.
>>465 these stupid fucks are really out here not only having these dumbass thoughts but really thinking enough of themselves to broadcast this kind of stupidity. id sooner shoot myself in the face than have kids with one of these things.
>>465 "It's not my fault I went to go buy cigarettes and never came home, kid just kept asking for some food instead of chilling watching Netflix with me." t. This guys train of thought, probably.
>>462 I don't know the exact stats but I'd be willing to wager that "depressed" men are more homicidal than genuinely suicidal. >>460 This pisses me off to no end. Btw, people are saying non-stop that Carole is a huge hypocrite because she isn't "letting the tigers free". They're really saying this. They're harassing her with VERY misogynistic death threats by phone now all day every day. She had posted it on her personal channel but it looks like she deleted it. It was horrible, about cutting off her head and shit, all men calling her cunt and bitch, etc. The voicemails were nauseating. Is anyone down for a Tiger King thread?
>>465 This tops every shitty take from sjw tumblr. Twitter is really the new tumblr.
>>465 The most retarded take I've seen in a while. Ban men already.
>>465 >>467 Patrice O'neal said something similar, about how even though his father left him and his mother he understands why he did it and actively defends him, his take is even worse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1y7U4M9EZJ0
>>473 Kinda funny how this gut is held up as the ultimate alpha and so many black incels want to be like him, but he ended up raising a single mother's kid, which really goes against what these people thought acting like him would get them.
>>476 kek, i didn't know he raised a single mother's kid. it's like bill burr, he went on and on about what a pain in the ass his gf was, how he doesn't want kids, shitting on women, how much he hated the idea of marriage, wouldn't get married, this and that, developed an obviously misogynistic fanbase, and now he's... married to that woman he bitched about so frequently, with a daughter? i don't know how to feel about the hypocrisy.
>>479 I'm pretty sure they're doing it as a cope because they know they can't live without us. Look at MGTOW, their whole base revolves around women, the idea of women, and revenge fantasies against women, they become so consumed by it. Bill Burr is also a hypocrite, they all are, lol, never listen to what they say, just look at their actions, that's a golden rule.
(355.05 KB 1440x2271 Screenshot_20200506-132709~5.png)
The context for these comments is that a woman had a hookup with a guy she met on tinder and he uploaded their sex to pornhub without her knowledge/consent. The comment section is full of men like this. It amazes me everyday that men think that unless you're having sex with them anything bad that happens to you is because you're a "whore" .
>>488 horrible, and they say it with their public names and faces out too. why do people blur them out? fuck them. no one should be protecting assholes that are cocky enough to be this evil on main anyways
>>488 of course, its terrible for the woman to be sleeping around but for the man who violated her privacy its perfectly fine. what pieces of shit.
>>476 he had a open relationship with his gf, where he openly had sex with Brazilian prostitutes right in front of his gf, I don't think anyone would want that >>479 Im 99% sure that Bill burr stand up character is just an act, in his podcast with his wife he's super respectful towards her and calls her beautiful tons of time
I feel like my man hatred is going off the charts and I can’t tell if it’s what I need to start seeing a change in my life or if it’s just going to alienate me from ever being “normal”. almost every man I’ve ever met has traumatized me. Anyone else struggle with this?
>>504 Yeah. I simply accepted I'm a bigot just like the boomers who dislike other large groups of people. I guess.
>>504 >>505 that's fine and all but unless you're willing to live in a women's only commune which will not have all the current societal pleasures that you're accustomed to, you sorta have to Interact with them the only worth while option is to ignore them as best as you can. try to avoid working with and hiring any and all males, at worst you'll face a series of slight inconvenience to your daily life but its the only option before this pandemic I was very close to almost singing up to one of these communes but then I realized I wouldn't survive without indoor plumbing and get bored to death without netflix
>>505 that's not bigotry
>>504 what's normal? the closest men to me are the ones that have hurt me the most but realistically, a lot of men have treated me pretty well and have been really nice to me. it still doesn't detract from the fact that I know that treating me well doesn't mean shit. I know their desires and that I know who they would be if it wouldn't compromise their financial security and safety. no offense but I see anons complain about this a lot and idgi. you just have to realize that men serve a very specific purpose in your life. they are disappointments and they cannot be normal people. their treatment of you or how they interact positively with others =/= who they are as people. it doesn't mean you cower in fear of them when they're waiting on you at a restaurant, nor does it mean you have to act like a sperg and let your power level be known unless the situation calls for it. how much i dislike them doesn't interfere with how i speak to them in daily conversation. just realize they're there to meet an end and get on with your day.
>>294 sorry to pull up an old topic, I'm reading through the thread again - but when both in history and now there are societies where men "marry" and rape 12 year old girls, it seems pretty obvious that a lot more men would be pedophiles if it were social acceptable. >>511 I have to agree that as long as you don't flip your shit on a daily basis, dealing with men can be fine. You have to because they're 50% of the population, and you can come back here and sperg on the internet instead of acting stupid in real life.
(2.08 MB 1236x3473 prevalence_of_pedo.jpg)
Anyone else here struggle with a weakness towards truly beautiful men. 95% of men I can hate silently and choose to ignore but anytime I see a handsome guy irl something In me just awakens, like I'll find myself staring at them for hours not saying a single word. I'll fantasize about them even, but I'll never speak to them cause I know they hold sexist views
>>533 No because I'm homosexual, men just really look all the same to me
>>491 Yeah, the same girlfriend who only stuck around until his fat ass keeled over, and is now trying to gain money from his legacy. My point was that incels look up to him and see him as someone they should act like to get the girl of their dreams, when in reality, he pretty much failed in love and relationships.
>>532 exactly. bottom text very pertinent. 42% i'd say is even low if we consider their ability to be memed into the sickest shit
>>491 >Im 99% sure that Bill burr stand up character is just an act, in his podcast with his wife he's super respectful towards her and calls her beautiful tons of time i don't think men being spineless is them showing their actual desires. i believe he probably does resent her and just doesn't have the courage to do so to her face. men are very two faced in this way, then they talk shit about their gfs to their guy friends over nothing and resent them for not being able to cheat etc. almost all guys with girlfriends or wives act like this. they get around men and men encourage them to hate their wives and girlfriends. >>535 >Yeah, the same girlfriend who only stuck around until his fat ass keeled over, and is now trying to gain money from his legacy. enablers are gross and i'm sure she's a disgusting person to put up with him, but whatever, good for her. anyone who puts up with his disrespect deserves to get paid back, though i hope she takes a dookie on his lame-ass legacy. he has influenced so many guys to become even more shit.
Is anyone else sick of TV show episodes (written by men on shows that have nothing to do with that idea) that focus on how feminists have nothing to worry about and the world is great for women? I watch TV to escape stupid bullshit like that.
>>538 Can you give some examples? I don't watch tv.
>>535 >>537 his girlfriend was a disgusting person as well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfrj-va6PHg
>>540 was she in that recording? he truly was a disgusting man and a terrible influence for boys and men, talking about how happy he was "with 3rd world hookers". love how he laments how women have high standards and how much work he has to put in to "take care of himself" and be presentable while being a deathfat. i really will never understand why men complain about women having standards like people in general aren't allowed or encouraged to have standards for all relationships -- friendships included? why can't men just accept the universal truth that "not everyone is going to like you"? why are they so incapable of learning basic life lessons?
>>544 Honestly I feel I would require a whole separate thread for Patrice, like Its hard to understate how much I hate him, cause on some level I feel he made the black community and black men even worse I mean look at this https://youtu.be/Ouk6WDoXIwo 45+ minutes of him ripping on black women, despite having a black single mother, imagine giving birth to a son who hates women that have the same skintone and facial features as you, that's something no other group of women have to deal with
>>546 >that's something no other group of women have to deal with >saying that like men of other races don't hate women of their own race I get what you're saying, but black men are definitely not the only men who did this. It's almost a stereotype within itself to say only black men are misogynistic in this specific way.
>>547 I'm not saying that Asian men, or white men, or brown men are inhertily better, but rather that black women experience a unique misgony that's really not comparable to anything else
>>548 Okay but. I'm not saying you're saying they're better, I'm saying that you're saying that women of other races don't deal with that which just isn't true. It's not black-specific for men to trash the women in the race they're from. The only difference is that the whole "sassy black woman" stereotype is more popular in American culture for everyone to participate in
>>549 To be fair I'm sure it comes out in a unique way in the black community. White men will talk shit about white women and develop weeb asian fetishes, and japanese men will complain bitterly about their own women too. But when anon tells me that black men step up the misogyny an extra notch for women of their own race, and that's hurtful, I'm inclined to believe her. All cultures are misogynistic they just each have their own ways of doing it. White anglo culture seems the least harmful but then again it's the culture that created anorexia. Women in parts of India are treated like cattle and North Korea has rape camps, and FGM happens every day, it doesn't really matter whether black americans have it worse than white ones. It's still good to get different perspectives because each one still matters.
>>550 As one of the generalized "brown" women that anon said, it just bothers me that she decides that it's a specific experience of black women and only black women. Yes, black men are far more misogynistic towards their own race, and yes, that has to be awful and I feel bad for black women like anon that have to put up with it. But that doesn't mean it doesn't happen to women of other races and saying otherwise is ridiculous.
>>546 To be fair, having a single mother is not necessarily going to endear one to women even though the fault originally lies with the dad not being in the picture. Many men who hate women have probably never had any genuine interactions with women aside from their probably abusive and controlling mother. It's easy to see how they wouldn't have a positive conception of women that have the same skintone and facial features. If black men are uniquely misogynistic, then Asian women are uniquely misandrist towards their own. https://i.imgur.com/A50EPtl.png https://paa2008.princeton.edu/papers/80046
>>552 asian cultures are really horrible though? the expectations placed on women by asian men are awful too. it's not like black women or any women, for that matter, not just personally, but systemically impose insane and life ruining expectations on men of any color the way they're imposed upon women. i don't think this means these women are 'misandristic'.
>>552 >Thinking misandry is possible.
>>552 >>553 WTF does "Asian" culture even mean, it's a huge asf continent with billions of diverse people, with diverse languages and appearances What similarly does Punjabi culture have with Korean culture ?
(143.87 KB 1600x2000 South_Asia_regional_DNA_project.png)
>>552 >>553 WTF does "Asian" culture even mean, it's a huge asf continent with billions of diverse people, with diverse languages and appearances What similarly does Punjabi culture have with Korean culture ?
>>562 they're all horrendously misogynistic and oppressive, just on different scales and they manifest themselves in different ways? not wanting to shack up with a man bathed in those cultures doesn't make you a misandrist for those asian men or whatever
are we really out here comparing/measuring which race face misogyny more?? this isn't a competition. men are the fucking problem in every race/culture/ethnicity.
>>579 Anon I get what you're trying to say, I really do and I hate using this rheotric but it is "privileged" and ignorant to say "oh alll women suffer equally under the patriarchy, so race shouldn't be an issue" I don't like bringing up "Identify politics" into everything but sometimes they can't be ignored, women in certain cultures have it much much worse then the average American woman, this fact doesn't end feminism in the west somehow and we end giving the anti femininsts more power by ignoring this
>>581 oh, i totally agree. there is no denying that women in 3rd world countries experience way more fucked up shit than what women do in 1st world countries. i just feel like the conversation has shifted to "here's why [insert ethnicity] men suck and why [insert ethnicity] women suffer from it" to "no, here's why [insert ethnicity] men suck more, and why [insert ethnicity] suffer more" which seems counter-productive. we can talk about japan's pedophilic culture without measuring/comparing it with somalia's FGM tradition.
>>582 You're right anon, just like in libfem spaces, this type of talk can lead it to becoming a game of oppression Olympics, just like every other leftist space I'm not saying black american men are the literally the worst, but imo they are very unique in their misogyny, especially in America and the general black American culture that has formed in the last 30 years is toxic for the women, it's literally kiling us
(31.88 KB 536x585 moron.jpg)
Ahhh, the classic "reverse the genders" tactic. This smegmoid really thinks he did something by taking the typical libfem tweet about "yes all men" and reversing it, but it actually reveals something hilarious. This moid is Indian. Yes, Indian. The same country known for its absolute abysmal treatment of women. Western scrots point to India as one of the countries with "reel opreshun" and yet there are still Indian scrots who whine and complain about....."women degrading men online for followers", "women that use men for money" kek. Indian scrot's opreshun, everyone. Not an awful rape culture targeted towards them (only "equivalent" thing this scrot brings up is the miniscule amount of false rape accusations, especially in India). Not mass killings of baby girls. Not dowry deaths.. None of that. Dealing with the eebil gold diggers is so much worse. Tragic, really. Remember Western feminists, don't listen to morons who talk about the "reeeel opreshun." Obviously women's status in places like India or Pakistan is much worse than anywhere in the West. However, even scrots from those countries behave the same as Western scrots.
>>594 Exactly, I live in Pakistan, have been for all of my life. The scrotes here are the worst. They make fun and degrade women and especially abhor feminists. We had an aurat march, which was disturbed violently by men. Educated and uneducated men both are disgusting scrotes. Pakistani scrotes think WE don't need a movement for womens rights. The more internet-savvy ones think themselves so superior just because they can speak in memes, just they are still no better. People hate feminists here too.
>>598 >>594 fellow Pakistani (though expat) here, I hate these types of Muslim more then religious fundamentalist, At least Islamic fundamentalists actually remain somewhat consistent but the types of Muslim men on twitter are absolutely insufferable, the tech savvy Muslims who use Alt-Right rhetoric and memes all suck I really do think that both India and Pakistan should never even have existed, any attempts at women's rights can never work cause our dumb-ass nation was founded on Islam, if it had been divided on ethnic and linguistic lines I feel their could have been more improvement towards minority and women's rights,
>>601 Muslim manosphere alt-right faggots are absolute cancer. If the existence of those scrots in Pakistan doesn't pinkpill someone, I don't know what will. Though, it's wild how everything Pakistan was supposed to be collapsed before the century was even up. The subcontinent's Muslims needed more of an Ataturk approach to Islam. Islam being some kind of "religious ethnic group" has done more harm than good, as even progressive movements in Pakistan have to be watered down so the sensibilities of the majority aren't threatened. A balkanized subcontinent does sound interesting, but I do feel like whatever approach that would have been taken after the British left would have a mess regardless.
(162.01 KB 712x1123 1576472857036.jpg)
(484.16 KB 1444x1600 ormwh41eag001.jpg)
>>602 I mean Pakistan has always been a shallow concept of a nation, started by a small group of select upper class Urdu-speaking Muslims during the British raj who envisioned this unified progressive Islamic state where people would simply give up their ethnic Identity and language over time, the Idiots didn't care about the history and their many ethnic, linguistic and cultural differences this dumb ideal was put to rest with the Bangladesh liberation war and the creation of Bangladesh and since then we've always suffered with our nations identity we were pretty close to ending up like Yugoslavia during the 80's and 90's though >Muslim manosphere alt-right faggots are absolute cancer. If the existence of those scrots in Pakistan doesn't pinkpill someone, I don't know what will. in the case of Pakistan it also depends a lot on ethnicity and culture, I come from a Balti family and the social dynamics are a lot of different from the rest of country, not perfect but a lot better then what other women go through in Pakistan
https://twitter.com/kingtutweezy/status/1260389927033823232 viral vid of guy getting mad at gf for making an onlyfans. when asked "are you going to pay my bills then?", complete radio silence - chides her and demeans her for trying to support herself, but offers no solution and makes it seem as if she's unreasonable for needing to pay her bills. far be it from me to ever suggest women should choose sex work, but literally EVERY male response (even if vid is faked) is saying she belongs to the street, calling him king, saying she's selfish and needs to "get a job" (during a literal pandemic), all men essentially saying she has had so many dicks in her (for taking sexy pictures?). what is this "you take sexy pictures, that means you're a loose whore and belong to everyone else"? all of the male comments are about how he's a king and she's disgusting. so how is she to pay her bills? they're like literal children that just expect bills to be paid by their parents, like supporting yourself isn't the biggest hurdle in life for most people. no one addresses this in the thousands of comments but a few women, they just say "she needs to pay her own bills, he's not her dad". no clue if she'd receive unemployment, a lot of people aren't actually eligible for it in the US, no clue what her situation is, but sex work might be her only option. love how men demand control of women but NEVER collaborate with us, try to help us so we DON'T have to do things like this. somehow women can just magically make money appear so men will never have to be uncomfortable? love how men try to call shots while putting no effort into whatever they're trying to control and demand
>>462 Difference is knives/gun primarily kill other people.
>>470 I am. Regards the over saturation of men using the term ""Karen"" to put down all (white) women. I just watched the trailer for the new movie "Unhinged" with Russell crowe that's come out and a man terrorising a woman and her son after getting angry at them on the road. Because, he had such a bad day~it does look interesting in terms of it being a tense thriller. But I'm just thinking to myself you wouldn't get a woman in this roll and if you did you'd have a stream of comments going back and forth bitching about Karens. Literally as I scroll down the woman that's being terrorised in the movie they said they should call this movie the "Attack on Karen" and you've got a munch of scrots kekeing. You give men one inch and they'll take a fucking mile.
>>479 I say it once and I'll say it again, there could NEVER be a female Bill Burr. You think she could live in peace, let ALONE get a huge fan base, that gives her a livelihood?
(247.24 KB 720x819 20200514_150549.jpg)
(96.60 KB 674x1200 IMG_1589493979874.jpg)
(82.42 KB 614x1199 IMG_1589493988761.jpg)
Undoubtedly some of the most evil shit I've seen in awhile; a former pimp intent on abolishing sex work posted screenshots of him blackmailing Only Fans girls, driving one to suicidal thoughts.
(177.79 KB 720x595 20200514_153456.jpg)
(86.56 KB 720x242 20200514_153620.jpg)
>>624 More gems from his account. Where the fuck does he get off being so self-righteous. I have more respect for "whores" than I ever will have for sex trafficking scum.
>>624 >>625 Where'd this sudden support of sex workers come from? It goes without saying that that man is in the wrong, but the reception towards women who do any form of sex work (even just selling erotic pictures that show no nudity) that I've seen on this board has been overwhelmingly negative.
>>626 i am very anti sex work but these women are expericiencing a lot of hatred, threats, etc, from men right now while they are also hypocritically jerking off to porn. it's just pure hatred. imo, it merits some level of defending even if i disagree with their actions. additionally, we're in a global pandemic right now and many women are facing severe financial hurdles. for those who are seriously strapped for cash and unable to receive assistance, i really don't think it's the right time to lecture them while not knowing about their financial situation, when being abandoned by their government (particularly in the us) and their employers. the ones that are rich or whatever, they really suck, but i'm pretty incensed by the sociopathy coming from men who love porn anyways
>>624 Males are the main consumers of this shit. There would be no "eebil hookers or whores" if there weren't degenerate men. Instead, this self-righteous failed abortion targets random girls on OF.
>>626 Generally disagreeing with their lifestyle choices doesn't mean that I think they should be blackmailed and publically humiliated lol. Especially by overtly misogynistic men who scream "simp" "thot" "hole" to anybody who tells them that shit is fucked up. There were men on that thread saying that they hope she commits suicide because there are "consequences." Yeah the consequences of being stalked and dogpiled by deranged men online, fuck outta here. That just perfectly exemplifies why I think it's a poor decision to send/sell nudes. Men are ruthless with their irrational, hypocritical hatred of female sexuality.
>>624 >>625 you know that this man probably watches disgusting, degrading porn and thinks hes self righteous because he disagrees with women being in it.
>>624 He stalked her enough to know about her family's location and her church? and now he's threatening to dox her!? He needs to be blasted. """""""against sex work""""""" should be in 1000 air quotes. He's fucking scum. I really want black/shea-butter Twitter to DRAG his ass, but I'm afraid they won't.
>>632 and twitter hasn't even banned him, not even temporarily. i know people were reporting him so that's unbelievable bullshit. he wussied out and privated his twitter, but that's it. i've been banned for far less on twitter for barely calling out violently sexually misogynistic troons
>>626 Being anti-sex work doesn't mean we are against sex-workers. I feel sad for sex workers, not an undying hatred or a superiority complex like this utterly disgusting blob seems to have towards them. Sex-work fucks up your head enough, these women shouldn't have to deal with shit like this. It's insane. >>633 He already said he has recruited other scrotes to continue his """"legacy"""". Fucking disgusting. I hope he gets run by a truck. How are they allowed to live.
(64.55 KB 750x729 255472_kjDU1aFD.png)
Men make me ill with how obviously they don't see women as people. This tweet just puts it all in perspective. Women forced to prostitute themselves or who make an Onlyfans to pay rent mean that it's okay for landlords to harass their tenants for sex. He made the argument that if sex work is empowering, then isn't this harassment just helping women empower themselves? But of course he doesn't actually believe that, he just thinks women should be punished for being whores. I'm even anti-SW, but the difference between men and women who are anti-SW is this: aside from some pick-mes, most women who are anti-SW are feminists and think it is unsafe and cruel to make women sell their bodies to live. Even a camgirl who doesn't put her own life directly in danger contributes to a society that sees women as chattel, and it's sad. And obviously we get afraid for even these "privileged" sex workers - how privileged can you be if you're making money by objectifying yourself? It's horrible because they're still prey for incels, stalkers, etc. and they think it's safe. But a man is anti-SW purely because he hates women; he thinks any woman who has to resort to SW is disgusting and subhuman, so she should be punished for it. It's so funny how the account that was outing SWers to their families was a former pimp for this reason. But I guess it's because men are always looking for an excuse to degrade women, like how the guy in this screenshot is okay harassing women who aren't even SWers, just to make a point.
I don't know if this is the right thread for this, but how do I help my friend get over her infatuation with a scrote who doesn't give a shit about her? she particularly worships the ground he steps in and listens to his every beck and call(they're workmates btw) but he doesn't respect her or anyone, he's a total jackass who believes he;s smarter then everyone else and she seems to believe him My friend isn't completely innocent either though, she's constantly sits next to him, leans on him and surprise kisses any chance she gets, even though he's clearly not interested in her how can I help her ?
>>643 that's very tricky. all I can suggest is outlining to her how disrespectful he is to her and other people, how arrogant he is, and how these qualities make for a horrible partner. she sounds kind of wacky to kiss a guy who doesn't have interest in her, so it sounds like it's not going to be too easy to convince her... i don't understand how some women are still so easily fooled and completely captivated by arrogant losers that make it very obvious that they suck.
>>635 pol was practically cumming in their pants from that twitter thread. they were bragging and posting their attempts to copy him with random onlyfans girls. i didn't check the thread again or pol again but i have a feeling this is going to be a thing that we end up seeing a lot of now. i feel so bad for these poor girls. it's really sad but i wish they'd understand that this is precisely why we say women can't entrust their bodies with rando men, in any capacity. look at how they're treating women who are just posting pics of their boobs or fingering themselves on cam, like they're literal prostitutes, with no regard for the fact that this has nothing to do with actually, you know, having sex for money. this is how they reward women for, ironically, serving their interests. doing something like this assumes a decency and benevolence men have never, ever been shown to possess.
Men who watch porn are pathetic, and the ones who defend it should choke. That's it, that's all I wanted to say. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
>>644 I already do these things, i tell her that he's not an emphatic person and that he doesn't care about anyone, but then she replies that he's a good guy in the inside >she sounds kind of wacky to kiss a guy who doesn't have interest in her, You have no Idea, she's always been kinda immature but her borderline stalker crush on this guy is insane, sometimes I almost feel bad for the guy but then he insults her and me, and I lose all sympathy for him, she mostly kisses him on the cheek or neck when he's not looking and or surprises him a quick Peck Kiss
>>649 >>644 samefag The "proof" she has that he's not a bad person, is that he's never made a race based insult at her(he's white and she's black) that's her big proof that he's a "nice guy" the basic human decency to not make a racial slur, meanwhile he's called me a "Short fat cunt" "fatass" "dumbass" "retard" "Stupid little fucker" e.t.c so I have my reasons for disliking him
(353.11 KB 600x535 laure.PNG)
>>656 she sounds like a really terrible friend if she ignores his mistreatment of you. she thinks she'd escape his nastiness? just because he doesn't use race based insults AT WORK? highly doubt a man this nasty wouldn't be racist when not at work.you can't even gauge what someone is like at work.
>>658 She's one of my oldest friends and is actually a sweet person and she's never been attracted to jerks before. whats illogical to me is her devotion to someone who doesn't even attempt to hide his contempt and lack of feelings for her, he outright says he wants nothing to do with her and wants to be alone, to her face and she just smiles back and chooses ignore it, following him around like a sick puppy
>>659 i don't know how to fix that. she sounds like she needs intensive therapy. i don't believe she's as sweet as she is spineless if she's able to stomach you being berated with "short fat cunt", "fatass", "dumbass", "retard", and "stupid little fucker", and still go on to want this nobody from your workplace. honestly, a lot of people tolerate people personally abusing them because they have no self esteem, but it's kind of bizarre that she still admires him knowing he's literally verbally abusive towards you. if possible, you should really report him to your boss, because this is fucked up.
>>657 This is why I think 3/4 of the unresolved disappearances/murders of women are totally perpretated by cops. That or they're friends with the culprit.
>>660 The thing is he's not even attempting to be with her, he personally wants her to leave him alone, I don't like him at all and wished he would die but I understand his mentality, he wants to be alone and pushes everyone away, that's it, and for some reason his misanthropic behaviour attracts my friend, she's convinced he's some brooding Otome/Shōjo love interest but he's not cause those type of men don't exist IRL he's just a hate filled loser, who think he's better then everyone else cause he works out and reads a lot of books
>>661 i don't know that they're murdered by the cops so much as that the cops legitimately don't care what happens to these women/if not get off to them being victimized. he was bragging about her nudes and not like, bragging about seeing her dead, but moving onto something else i find disturbing: am i supposed to believe male coroners, and especially medical examiners, are not all sick fucks? and i dont believe most male cops and detectives don't think these women being raped isnt hot. honestly men can't have any serious jobs. i don't trust them with a fucking tuna melt, let alone serious offenses
>>665 they're impulsive with literally no foresight, so they'd go for it. they're so stupid that they often fight against workplace regulation that saves their asses.
>>666 Honestly males should serve only as soldiers and laborers and nothing beyond that, I can honestly see many males happily accepting these roles without any complaints if their paid well and have good accomodations
>>667 Nah just simple minded and the burden of intellectual thought is the cause of their problems, I support the theory that males only existed to defend the clan and do extra physical work and nothing else Let them have simple lives of manual labor and fighting and they'll be happy and content, while women handle all the intelligence fields
(158.12 KB 593x472 16.PNG)
(118.07 KB 827x1363 EYVGry1UwAATm5n.jpg)
(105.33 KB 827x1343 EYVGrOMUcAAvf55.jpg)
honestly as weird as this 16 yo is, it's not like most males you meet irl don't believe this same shit. they just know they can't sperg about it like this irl
(120.08 KB 827x1357 EYVGrONUcAEwywG.jpg)
(66.71 KB 827x879 EYVGrOyUwAE-yZv.jpg)
>>670 this is why i refuse to go to male doctors, male anything to do with health, really. this is not just a "they won't pick up on female specific maladies", but just generally, i've found them to be incredibly stupid and their egos absolutely get in the way of their ability to actually be competent medical professionals. they can't accept the possibility that they're wrong, ever, so they misdiagnose and demand overly invasive treatments, always. they're nasty little fuckers, too.
>>676 >>677 What the fuck is wrong with these people?
>>685 Teen boy goes to r/MGTOW for the first time and feels enlightened by using new buzzwords, but it's just the same old misogyny
Is anyone's mother a pickme? I won't go into details but she's the reason I became a radfem at a young age.
>>691 So sad and sickening. I can't say I'm surprised. Honestly, with the toxicity I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often. The hate is everywhere and is so normalized. But let's hear again how "femcels" (whatever those are) are "just as bad" as them.
My dad told me he doesn't think that 15-17 year old males are raped when they have sex with a female teacher. What're y'all's opinions?
>>701 Statutory rape is still rape. Is your dad one of those men who are like "wowza I sure do wish I had sex with my teacher in high school, what a lucky kid" when those cases show up on the news?
>>701 >>702 yeah but let's be real, boys and men don't come to realizations that they would've rather taken time to have sex or been in serious relationships or been more selective with their partners. they generally aren't traumatized by this shit. they are shallow horndogs and even these boys usually don't see it in that way. these boys usually aren't actually being taken advantage of. an older female teacher doesn't possess the same kind of power an older male teacher has over his younger female students. of course, it's illegal and not advisable, but it's very faulty to compare them to each other. there's not a lot of actual exploitation happening in these situations, imo. i don't think teen boys are so below older female teachers, and i don't think they think they're subjugated by these female teachers at all. these boys aren't being plyed by the constant social conditioning and social pressure that affects young female students being exploited by older male teachers. and i think their tactics are also different. i honestly believe these boys have a lot more agency than the female students do. for the most part, i think they're just fulfilling their porno fantasy and that's it. i don't think it's any deeper or anymore traumatizing than that for them. >>701 generally, your dad is right, imo.
(209.15 KB 623x1199 IMG_1590078559893.jpg)
(232.77 KB 810x1180 IMG_1590078561350.jpg)
If you needed more confirmation that women should never, ever send men nudes for our own sake.
>>701 In male logic, if the woman is hot, it's awesome. If she was ugly though, they'd scream rape.
>>705 >I think they're just fulfilling their porno fantasy and that's it. spot on. Either way, the teacher is a pedo.
I saw so many of my class mates marry young and it makes me so sad. All of them have a Turkish background and it's normal for them to marry young but seeing the weddings feels like the girls are cattle. One of the girl had to get pregnant to proof her worth for her husband. I live in a central European country and it feels so fucked up that some 19 year old girl has to proof her fertility and quit her studies and job for a pregnancy and being a slave for her husband.
>>711 God that's insane. Literal broodmare level of treatment.
>>705 I think a part of it is that boys aren't pressured to keep their virginity or be "pure" by only sleeping with people they're in serious relationships with. I think that pressure adds to the later regret that female students feel when they realize they lost their virginity to (lets be real) 40-50 year old men that were in a position of power over them. It probably also helps that the female teachers who have sex with students are often younger. A lot of the stories from teenage girls are teachers who caught them alone and physically overpowered them or threatened their grade (because usually these are men that can't find women their own age - often genuine pedophiles). For teenage boys it's teachers that flirt with them, that they usually flirt back with, that ask them to have sex after class or in their home. A female teacher, especially for the age range being talked about, is most likely not going to be able to overpower her male student. I agree that either way the teacher is creepy as hell and the relationship should not have happened in the first place, but for girls there is so much more potential for the relationship to be traumatizing.
>>714 that's another good point. usually these pedo female teachers are young and attractive, which is so bizarre. i don't think the male perception of female "power" is like the female perception of actual male power. i think these boys mostly see these attractive 24 year old women as sorta kinda peers/porn actresses or something, not women who hold massive amounts of control over them, because they kind of don't anyways. if they're disabled or pretty austistic, that's a different story though.
In a honor culture, the burden of purity falls upon the female.
Just saw some bozo on my timeline saying that women commit the most gender based hate crimes and "record breaking cases of child abuse", why do they project so fucking hard? Is this a joke? If this man was attacked by another man he'd probably just call it a bruh moment but if he got pushed by a woman he'd call it domestic violence. Scrotes are fucking braindead omfg.
>>763 As a straight woman or whatever, the article is completely right. I don't know that this should have legal implications on what rape is or should be, but it's completely right. I legitimately believe we're groomed and stockholmed into accepting that we are powerless in het sexual relationships and that it isn't horrifying. It is horrifying, violating, and humiliating to even be with someone you know doesn't have any empathy for you and is conditioned into seeing through the eyes of a predator, whether or not they fully act as what commonly constitutes a predator is completely irrelevant.
>>763 This is a whole nother level of crazy I can't even begin to understand. It's not just her relationships that do PIV in the same way hey relationships and the whole article reads like the batshit ramblings of someone who's never had sex before.
>>765 >>765 I disagree. I think it just seems incendiary because of her specifically using the word "rape". I personally agree with her, but I think it'd sound a lot more "reasonable" and that you wouldn't think it sounds batshit if she just specifically left the exact word 'rape' out of it and used a synonymous phrase or something, but the meat of her arguments were left in place.
>>767 "violence". If she said it was always violence, I think it would be nearer the mark. I'm kind of sus that this link with no context was bait though, I've seen the article posted before in order to mock it.
(51.57 KB 1359x448 1.png)
(65.97 KB 1365x435 2.png)
Why do kink-fags (subs or doms) try to justify their degeneracy with feminism
>>771 Why is this post complaining about these women in the pp thread? 'Submissive' males are problematic, obviously, but what does that have to do with a woman's desire to control a man? I don't really understand the argument against women wanting to control men or being attracted to less imposing men. The problem is that 'submissive' males are still weird coomers like all men, but I don't see anything wrong with women being turned on by wanting to control a guy. Basically any association we have with men still benefits them more than us, period, in any context. That's obvious. Doesn't change the fact that some women are into the idea of wanting to be more in control and I don't see anything wrong with that desire in and of itself.
(293.76 KB 900x900 1465506882294.jpg)
>>765 It may seem crazy on the face of it, but that doesn't mean it's wrong. Let us pretend for a moment that one was a higher being (alien, angel, or elf) visiting Earth. What would they think about how haphazardly we reproduce? And yes, I think you're right about sex-havers possessing a glow of self-confidence, but by basically implying "have sex" you're doing pic related. >>768 I'm the one who posted it and thought most had probably seen it or a variation on the theme before. I just didn't know what else to say other than I had it in my bookmarks because I agree with it. It's one of those very divisive things that have the potential to shock people out of their stupor. The third comment especially is unsettling as someone who has been able to solicit independent confirmation. My way of thinking is tortured and liable to get people to think the worse, but it's about the what ought to be instead of what is if you get what I mean. That's why the charged language is so important to me. https://web.archive.org/web/20170424073302/theviewfromhell.blogspot.com/2011/03/why-dont-you-just-kill-yourself.html This link is kind of like that; it's not strictly about feminism but is about being human in an all-encompassing way. I hope you'll see what I mean. And then you have the incel men mocking women for not succeeding at suicide as much as them... The thing that can be scariest about men is they have limited to no empathy on these sensitive issues.
>>774 Listen, anon. I have an argument. I said my argument. I agree that it's ridiculously to call it rape. It's violence, not rape. It trivializes the idea of the genuinely trauma of rape (that yes! Some women do get from PIV) when there are situations where women consent to PIV even if you don't like that. I said it sounds like she's never had sex because she acts as if it's literally impossible for a woman to make their own decisions when it comes to choosing PIV. Like, chill. If everything is because of "muh patriarchy" then there's no fucking point in trying to remove it. If you explain away every choice a woman makes as being because it was motivated by the patriarchy, you sound absolutely batshit and you push people - even those who lean radically - away from radical feminism. Are there thing motivated by the patriarchy such as makeup, pornography, shaving, body image, etc etc etc? Yes! Yes there are. A lot in fact. But saying every single goddamn decision, including the choice for a heterosexual woman to pursue a sexual relationship, is fueled by the patriarchy is maddening. Like, what do you want anon? Should all straight chicks be lesbians? Only do anal? Only receive oral? Be celibate?
>>775 >But saying every single goddamn decision, including the choice for a heterosexual woman to pursue a sexual relationship, is fueled by the patriarchy is maddening. >Like, what do you want anon? Should all straight chicks be lesbians? Only do anal? Only receive oral? Be celibate? Why do so many straight women get so offended when the pressure that is all around us is brought up? Tbh, it's really annoying that women can't have this discussion. Our sexual expression and romantic attraction is, I believe, extremely affected by socialization and conditioning, inescapable pressures that surround us, etc. I say this as a straight woman. I don't think a lot of sex is truly consensual because it's all within the framework of an extremely warped male-desire driven paradigm. Women and girls are given no space to grow as people, removed from male expectations. Most women aren't even having truly enjoyable sex and it's only when they're quite removed from relationships, removed from the pressure that surrounded them as 22 year olds, etc, that they realize they really were settling for subpar dick and pretending to be enthusiastic about it. I see it all of the time, it's just that women rarely think it has anything to do with a larger picture at all. Talking about inescapable pressure doesn't mean women need to be lesbians or even celibate, just be able to be realistic and honest without getting up in arms about heterosexual relationships and sex.
>I don't think a lot of sex is truly consensual because it's all within the framework of an extremely warped male-desire driven paradigm. Women and girls are given no space to grow as people, removed from male expectations. Agree 100% but I don't think that's exactly the same as saying it's impossible for a woman's consent to PIV to be valid. We can speculate about how rare it is but I don't think we should deny that it has ever happened.
>>777 Anon, I agree with you. There's a pressure that straight women deal with that's very different from the pressure lesbians and bisexual women feel (although there's definitely a pressure to be heterosexual that does fit this somewhat). I think the conversation should 100% be had. But I also agree with >>778 Saying all heterosexual sex is rape is ridiculous. It's violent, yes, but not rape. It's very possible for a woman to have consented to it even if it's rare.
>>778 >Agree 100% but I don't think that's exactly the same as saying it's impossible for a woman's consent to PIV to be valid. We can speculate about how rare it is but I don't think we should deny that it has ever happened. Idk, I think it's pretty impossible, if we're ideally talking about true consent, for it to be obtained in a highly polluted environment. There's just no detaching yourself from your conditioning. Obviously the world doesn't operate by my ideals, so the standard is much lower, but I think real, actual consent, free of influence and expectations, isn't really possible in the world as it is. Imo, we'll never be able to quantify how much are our actual desires vs conditioning, so the mental burden for "consent" to me is a lot higher, but the world doesn't live by that and I don't expect it to.
>>777 Off topic and I have said this before, but being a lesbian doesn't make some one a expert radfem or something, I have met far more problematic, sexiest and even homophobic leabians then I have even libfems one
>>781 Homophobic?? If you're talking about hating gay men - being gay doesn't make you not a man. They're still men and I've got all the right to not associate and even dislike them off of that.
>>775 I do get where you're coming from, but please don't make it about me. I acknowledge reproduction is not going to be accomplished by applying semen like it's a serum. The problem is biological - it's in our genetic makeup. The legacy of women who were raped in the annals of history while a tiny minority bit their tongues in suicide is with us today. We are all our mothers' children figuratively speaking, but we have the luxury of living in a kinder, gentler world where you can actually sit down and talk about things. It's kind of like what >>773 is saying. Theoretically, no. Practically, yes. Having to make compromises doesn't change the starting premises. >>778 Of course not. When you think of ancient Greece it's the hoplite and his eromenos, but look at the Spartans: https://elysiumgates.com/~helena/Sexuality.html. Athenians look like fedora tippers in comparison.
>>781 Obviously it doesn't make anyone an expert in any of this kind of stuff, but usually when I see emotionally charged reactions like "so we all need to be lesbians then?" to critiques about consent and how consensual consensual heterosexual sex actually is, it's usually coming from straight or bi women offended that someone is questioning their agency and how they express their attraction to men.
>>782 It's not that, but I have met a lesbian couple who said they wouldn't approve of their son being gay and didn't want to him to be a "sissy" (not the modern fetish definition btw) so they often pushed him into sports and would show up to his games being loud and obnoxious
>>785 as a lesbian chiming in what is your solution for straight women in this situation how do you still experience sexual satisfaction if youre heterosexual when piv is inherently harmful? women are human, humans are sexual
>>787 I don't know. I don't really care to tell other people what to do. I just want to have the conversation without the kneejerk "so we have to be lesbians???" reaction. No one said anyone needs to be a lesbian or even celibate. Personally, yeah, I don't think it's healthy to associate with men. I find that they are extremely harmful to me, even in small doses. If I do engage with them, I just concede that it's not great for me. I don't demand that everyone drop their bad habits. I don't drop my bad habits, but I don't have any interest in pretending they're not harmful. And idk, to me, lot of women who claimed they aren't harmed by their male SOs, seem to be pretty harmed or hurt by them, so idk, women seem to ignore a lot of red flags, a lot of harmful behavior, etc, and claim it's healthy when I personally don't see much healthy there, but I'm not interested in policing their lives.
This thread illustratates why so many women get turned off by radical feminism, it's always been a movement led and followed by rich white women in liberal academia, people who have obviously never worked a day in their life and on some level view working class women as being less "enlightened" as them You can work on theory pioneered by rich liberal women for yeats but you'll never get the Working woman to side with you, same for mother's, women in happy relationships, normal lesbians, female athletes e.t.c it I'll just be a small sad minority of insufrable humanity studies academics
>>790 None of this discussion has anything to do with working class women? It's about sex...? You good anon? >>789 Pretty much, you can talk about it but it's not like we're forcing people to change their lives. That's on them. If you still want to have relationships with men even while discussing radfem theory then whatever, your life at the end of the day etc etc. Sure it sounds libfemmy to be like "your choice" but really what the fuck is a couple of anons talking about the cons of having relationships with men going to do to you?
>>790 Can you stop? You (necsped, lbr) always try to conflate "women in relationships with men", "women who view men favorably", or "happy women in relationships with men" with "working women". It's disingenuous. Women in relationships with men are in generally in better positions, financially, than those of us who aren't married to them or living with them, able to be DINKs with them, especially considering they typically hold better positions and have higher income than other women, etc.
>>790 I mean, I get that anon is way off topic and very rude but I do agree with some of what they've said. Radical feminism will not work with only a minority of support from a small group of women. There's 0 way any change will be made with a bunch of women sitting around on their computers complaining about how PIV is rape. RF pushes away lesbians with political lesbianism, it pushes away women in happy relationships with this PIV shit, and it pushes away mothers with foaming-at-the-mouth screeching about how her toddler will up to be a rapist and how she should've gotten a sex selective abortion. RF was originally for straight, single women who want to feel good about themselves because they were "better" than other women because they noticed how they were being conditioned It hasn't moved much farther then that.
>>796 Lol I'm not responding to myself so chill out. More than one person can disagree with you. I'm not asking anyone to be quiet. I'm not asking you not to share your experiences. I have never, not once, asked for someone not to share their specific experience. It's when you get into blanket statements "all PIV is rape!" that you start to push people away. I'm saying some of the shit that is straight up factually incorrect or completely and utterly morally bankrupt (political lesbianism and getting upset at mothers for not getting abortions - things I've seen praised here, by the way) pushes away people who agree with every other thing you do.
>>797 I deleted to edit and add but w/e you already responded. Obviously I get that multiple people can disagree, but you type like her using "then" rather than "than", in particular. Most women aren't even in happy relationships with men, so, I'm not sure who there is to even alienate, there. I don't even know why alienation is even being discussed. The anons who think true consent is difficult, if not impossible, to obtain in this society, and have an idealistic standard for consent and recognize this, haven't been demanding anyone to give up relationships with men, so why is any of this being said? If someone can't handle an anon personally believing "extreme" things, that's on them. Coming out of nowhere with "oh, we need to be lesbians then??" and "you're not working class!" is pretty intellectually dishonest when women are just sharing their feelings, "extreme" as they may be. Beyond suggesting illegal acts, I don't know why "this is alienating!!!" is even being brought up.
>>799 You're ignoring the brunt of my argument, I assume because you have nothing to add about those. Anons first post was not "her experience" it was an article with a blanket statement that all PIV sex is rape. That's why I even brought up alienation. I'm not talking about any anons who shared their experiences after that, I'm not telling them to be quiet. Anon shared nothing but a link, nothing about herself or why she linked the article. I'm saying that just coming forward with something like that isn't exactly your best foot forward with literally anyone except the people who already believe your position. I don't know if you're saying I'm those anons too, but I'm not. I disagree with a majority of what working class anon said, but I guess because we made the same typo we're the same person.
>>799 Whether you like it or not it's alienating to the vast majority of women, other then some select sociology academics and minor activists we have no one on our side, No female athletes, no female scientists, no female politcans or CEOs The other thing is ideology and politics can often be number games, Whatever ideology appeals to the starving masses in times of dire straits is more successful then a overly complicated mess of theory and canon, thats how the largely uneducated masses accepted liberalism in the French revolution or communism in Russia and China, during the Chinese warlord period and later civil war, the communists would hand out simple leaflets written in simple Chinese about the golry of communism to any and all rural villages, these leaflets had an incredible impact in convincing the populas to side with the communists The inherit academic nature of radical feminism makes this tactic impossible, we can't make a simple message that appeals to the majority of the masses, hell certain radfems seem to take pride in the fact that they piss people off
>>800 >Anon shared nothing but a link, nothing about herself or why she linked the article. I'm saying that just coming forward with something like that isn't exactly your best foot forward with literally anyone except the people who already believe your position. Sure, but I think anon possibly thought it would strike a cord with plenty here. Obviously the blogpost seems inflammatory, but the arguments are pretty solid. Again, I really don't know why this discussion is even being had. Everyone here admits it's definitely contentious to use "rape" in a way that isn't commonly accepted. "Violence" would make it a lot more palatable for most, but I think if you aren't looking to find a problem with the post, it makes sense. As far as political lesbianism goes, yeah, that's definitely alienating and dumb, but no one here has advocated for political lesbianism. Yes, I'd agree it's a bad idea to suggest it. All I'm saying is that anons came out specifically asking anon "Like, what do you want anon? Should all straight chicks be lesbians? Only do anal? Only receive oral? Be celibate?". Again, I really don't know why we're discussing the best way to make radical feminism palatable and chalking up "extreme" opinions to being privileged, when the original post was just anon allegedly posting something she agreed with and thought we'd agree on. AFAIK, this is the pp thread, not the "best path for feminism thread". Every time someone has an "extreme" opinion, the same thing happens: someone appears to get offended and complains about how alienating whatever is being spoken about, is. As far as sex selective abortions go, and as far as how likely males are to become predators are goes, yes, they're alienating topics and I've seen them ITT, but I don't know why honest discussion ITT always circles back to how "alienating" it is when this isn't a thread meant for feminist conversion, as far as I know.
>>774 Anon, what's your photo? I don't really want an eyeful of death or something.
>>803 >>>ot/982
Just going to step in and say if you all want to discuss spreading the ideals of radical feminism and comparing it to other political movements, it should probably be it's own thread. We have /ft/ for a reason. I know I said I'm not gonna ban/delete off topic posts, it's just gone on for most of the day already. Plus the original topic that was linked was already discussed and I think most anons already reached their own conclusions. (Also to ease those who think it's samefagging it's not, I just checked, don't worry) >>804 kek it's just some text meme
(133.20 KB 1061x512 1576727665121.jpg)
Sorry if this sickening pic has been posted but relevant >>806 Kek, thank you admin
(57.19 KB 828x765 0lmm38f801151.jpg)
>>808 >If pornhub was to shut down, tens of thousands would take their lives because they'd have no reason to live. Good riddance. I feel pity for some addicts but porn addicts are peak degenerates. No pity.
>>808 >If pornhub was to shut down, tens of thousands would take their lives because they'd have no reason to live. So, pornhub going down would be a win-win?
Anyone notice how sexist "religious" men can be? It's as if they use the religion to LARP as holier-than-thou cultural puritans that are waging a crusade against degeneracy. I personally know someone like this, and his family urges him to partake in fasts, pray, and attend mass, but he just is not religous, and uses it as an identity instead to ridicule "degenarates" he doesn't agree with. For example, the same guy: >screeched at feminists on Twitter, and calls feminism "cancer" >insulted a very important religious leader of the same religion for congratulating those of another religion on their festivities >cussed out people he disagrees with >Tries to defame a religion in particular, gets upset when people get mad >insults women in general >is a groyper (while denying he is alt-right when confronted) All while making religious status updates, and putting prayers on his status. What strikes me though, is that even people who know him irl rarely call him out, and he is still accepted as being religous by them, despite it being an obvious LARP. Even women who know him give him a pass, and remain friends with him. How can such a shitty person still recieve love from all corners? Anyway, sorry for the rant, but this guy is a straight up cow.
>>817 Men like that abuse hierarchy to bully when it benefits them personally. In doing so they fail to realize they're only alienating women who are actually religious without being full of hate. It would be harder to deal with these guys if they didn't just talk the talk out of the side of their mouth but were committed enough to walk the walk. There are many better people out there who still receive no thing but hate.
(133.41 KB 491x494 liars.PNG)
Everything they do is DARVO tier
>>817 Why do you get the impression that he's faking? Lots of genuinely religious men are self-righteous and judgmental as fuck, especially followers of Abrahamic religions. Spiritual men who reject dogma are the cream of the crop though. They're usually more understanding and introspective than focused on what other people are doing.
>>817 I don't know any religious men that aren't extremely sexist. I think those men are just better at, or more invested in, hiding their sexism. The only difference seems to be how preachy or demanding they are. Their ideal for the world still is typically traditionalist and chauvinistic, they believe in female/male brain, etc. The guy you're talking about sounds young, especially if he's a groyper, and it has been super trendy for a little while for men to get into Christianity bc "muh western civilization". It's not surprising he's not getting called out. It's not like most Christians don't agree with the bulk of this. No offense, but religious people are terrible at cleaning house. They seem to just want more numbers in their group no matter what.
>>822 Because, at times he goes on tangents about how one particular segment of theology is "retarded", and he does not actually study the religion, nor partake in religous praxis, all he focuses on is defaming other religions, and partaking in politics. I already touched upon that part in my original post.
>>826 I've heard about atheist guys attending churches to pick up "tradwives" or some nonsense like that so it doesn't surprise me the edgy misogynistic man ends up attending despite his beliefs.
>>825 You are right about this, I used to be religious, but after seeing how religious people behave and who they interact with, without feeling a shed of guilt, it really left a bad feeling. I've seen Christian "feminists" who throw fits when people call each other fat get married to anti-feminist men who believe in cultural Marxism. It's so hypocritical it's just hard to watch. Religious men really forcibly veil their sexism with a notion that both sexes are "complimentary and therefore necessary". I actually have known Christian's get upset when I tell them I didn't want to get married and bear children. I explained myself well, and they started hurling ad hominem and calling me selfish, when they wanted a "fair balanced discussion" to begin with. Again sorry for the rant, but I've spent years in this community and it really wore down on me.
>>827 Lol, which reminds me, didn't Roosh V end up becoming an Orthodox Christian?
(222.06 KB 1080x1389 42el57e16u151.jpg)
WELL FUCK, Why'd he have to be a POS
>>834 If true, that's unfortunate, and I'm definitely on board with the message about solidarity for black women and holding offenders accountable/not deifying them, but it doesn't change the premise of the protests. Are we supposed to believe Derek Chauvin or any of those cops knew any of this or would even give a fuck? They had no clue. They would've been fine with killing an excellent person.
>>837 I have to agree. I'm not going to donate to anything but the protests are about police brutality and killing a man who wasn't resisting. At this point people aren't focused on who he is, he's just a symbol for an overall issue with racism in America.
>>838 he deserved to die but not in the way he was, and championing Floyd isn't a good look, It's as if we always have the most sympathy for grown men with criminal histories but can't seem to support the innocent women and children being killed.
>>839 I mean, yeah, but no one knew about this when all the outrage over his death started. And I don't really see anyone championing him as a person tbh? Like the other anon said, he's really just a symbol at this point. He shouldn't have died like that, regardless. It doesn't matter what he did years prior that had nothing to do with why he had a knee on his neck, that was bullshit murderous behavior from LE and it needs to be called out. That same behavior does lead to the deaths of countless people who are innocent. Will say though, that Breonna Taylor's death was just as bad and the outrage is complete crickets in comparison, but none of this should be tolerated and even if this dude was a POS, all of it works towards a common goal that would or will ultimately improve the lives of countless black women, too.
https://nationalfile.com/woman-found-dead-in-car-following-minneapolis-riots-police-investigate-reports-of-kidnapping/ >According to Fox 9, the woman, believed to be in her 30s, was found to have died under suspicious circumstances with visible trauma to her body. >She was discovered in an abandoned car near the intersection of Bryant Avenue North and North 17th Avenue in the Near North neighborhood as the twin city was rocked by chaos over the George Floyd protests. Can we at least protest without killing women, what the hell?
>>842 You really think this is about racial injustices and whatever, A lot of those protests from what I’ve seen aside from the violence kinda looked like people were more happy to be out of the house rather than to truly fight for a cause.
>>842 basically this
https://www.withinnigeria.com/2020/05/11/justiceforjennifer-nigerians-call-for-justice-for-jennifer-18-who-was-gang-raped-by-5-men-in-kaduna/ https://www.pulse.ng/news/local/uwa-nigerians-demand-justice-for-uniben-student-killed-after-being-raped-in-church/92ydj1b These incidents happened shockingly close to each other, both in Nigeria. An 18 year old girl was gang-raped by 5 males and has been rendered near-catatonic/unresponsive, likely from trauma. The video of her relative trying to feed her is disturbing. Her rapists want to pay 30,000 naira ($77) to her family. That's how much her life is worth to them. Another girl, 22, raped and killed in a church. I'm happy that people are speaking out against sexual violence now, because it's not even slightly uncommon in Nigeria, but it just intensifies my distrust for males. How can anyone who does this be called human? And all these Nigerian men have the balls to kill each other over money or politics, but will sit on their hands and *maybe* hold up a sign with a hashtag when it comes to rape. Pathetic and disgusting.
(111.47 KB 640x1090 eqeh3psa2q251.jpg)
One more reason men shouldn't be in charge of any society. They enact stupid shit like breast taxes.
(43.92 KB 400x400 595855.jpg)
Honestly this is more of a vent than proper pink pill but There's nothing I hate more than traditionalists, there's seems to be a new insurgence of them since its sort the new kool counter culture for zoomers, being fairly young (Im 20) and witnessing this is just absurdly terrifying, its like wannabe vikings want to destroy everything we have accomplished in terms of civil rights in the last 40 years and I swear to god they can pry my freedom out of my cold dead hands. I refuse to be a mother, I refuse to serve men, I refuse to be a uwu homemaker, I will fight against this shit with every fiber of my being.
Ian Connors, is proof how little celebs care about black women or women in general. He's been accused of raping MULTIPLE women and being a pedo and he's hanging with kanye, Tyler the Creator and a bunch of big rappers. People have spoken out for years but no one gives a fuck. how little do women lives matter? Even when we talk about women lives we are forced to focus on the few men who are pretending to be women, when will people care about these people in power fucking things up? What about all these black celebrities claiming to care about black women/women but hanging with horrible people who a harm women/childern? I'm tired of it.
>>875 and why was fucking pink pill closed on Lolcow? It feels like they just don't want us to have conversations there, not about black issues, not about gender critical ideals, not about feminism, yet it happens because MANY WOMEN CARE ABOUT THOSE THINGS. I love lolcow but it's annoying.
>>876 Apparently we're too autistic for their liking, but I think some of them are also feel targeted by pinkpill talking points
(213.23 KB 900x1200 5d1b3fad223ec.jpg)
(50.61 KB 408x512 unnamed.jpg)
>>873 a similar phenomenon is happening here in Pakistan, Pakistan was founded on the basis of Islam so all forms of cultural expression and separate ethnic history were suppressed by the Government and the Islamic councils, however recently there has been a rise of ethnic nationalism with in the general population Pakistan, with many people celebrating there non-Muslim ancestors and folk heroes (pic related is the statue of the Punjabi Sikh Emperor Ranjit Singh and a Pagan local SIndhi folk god recently made in Pakistan) this ethnic nationalism is being embraced by women as well as men, who view it as a better alternative then the Islamist philosophy we've been dealing with
>>877 100% this. I randomly popped open a couple threads in OT the other day and just slews of women complaining about their shitty, disrespectful and abusive boyfriends. but we’re seriously the problem there. they just don’t want to hear that men are the problem.
Anyone else think that a lot of these comments are lowkey just mean, like people are making fun of this girl for liking The Chainsmokers and picking a boy near her own age https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiHiJb-sU9w https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiHiJb-sU9w
>>888 >>888 kurtis conner is starting to annoy me in general. i liked him at first, but seeing him on twitter call jk rowling an idiot and say he "could've written those stupid books in his sleep" made me realise the woke male persona his fans play up is a joke. he's just your typical misogynistic 'male feminist'
>>876 lolcow sucks big time lol even 4chan is better than that shit
(88.52 KB 657x525 Untitled.png)
I've been lurking r/blackpillfeminism. I don't subscribe to their general outlook, but I have found that the subreddit has users that drop some really good points. I've always been annoyed and cringed at the psuedo-feminist and semi-tradthotty outlook of using femininity and sex-appeal as "power" against men by becoming a sugar baby or something. It always read as a cope to me because how tf is sexually servicing a rich man, dolling up for him, being his arm candy..etc a threat to him? He is using her services and giving her trinkets and vacations because he can afford it, she isn't bleeding him dry and taking over his company or something.
Do you guys know any good informative radfem (or gendcrit) blogs to follow on tumblr?
>>954 I don't use Tumblr as much anymore so I don't really follow people, just bookmark and read later, so here are just a few: >rabbitheads Korean radfem. Her blog isn't centered around feminism, mostly more of a personal blog, but I enjoy reading her takes because I think they show some interesting differences between Korean and mainstream lib feminism in the West. Also super funny. >desaturated7 Again, not entirely radfem-focused, but most of her own posts are about it. Really good at putting things you might have already been thinking into words. >sespursongles She deleted and remade her blog (doesn't really talk about feminism so much anymore, I think because of initial backlash), but I would still check out her posts, which are floating around. I actually have a few of them saved. She's insanely smart and eloquent.
>>954 >inferior-mirage reblogs articles about LGB rights, etc. and made the radfem book pdf list post. also has good posts about being intersex. >kittyit Detrans woman who has some good medium articles >radfemblack idk just root around in the notes of radfem posts for blogs, there can be drama on radblr but radfem-compliments and radfem-gossip-but-its-friendly mention cool blogs
Discussing about the nth room case with my mother and sister left me feeling anxious. It’s not like they don’t think the case is horrible. They do. But they just don’t understand that online grooming is a very real issue that’s happening all over the world and not just an one-off case. My sister has a daughter. She is a good mom but she is completely unprepared when her daughter inevitably starts engaging in online spaces. And I’m pretty sure majority of the parents are not prepared either. So my question is how do we protect young girls from online grooming and exploitation?
r/BlackPillFeminism got banned after being brigaded by angry male Redditors. Proof here: https://www.reddit.com/r/PinkpillFeminism/comments/hcvag7/proof_that_certain_male_subs_are_abusing_the/ Luckily, some former users are putting together resources: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Sple5Nj5qFo3smPNcnzP_h8w9h1eIx5U8emwnvAv7pw/edit Also, an archive link with a few posts. Not everything, sadly: http://web.archive.org/web/*/reddit.com/r/blackpillfeminism In a way, it's kind of encouraging seeing that the words in these spaces get to men so much they want it all deleted. They hate the truth so much.
>>1002 >claiming to be a feminist <uses Sasuke as a profile picture
>>1001 I don't have reddit, but I think posters on bpf and adjacent subreddits could be directed here. It would be a great way to increase traffic from like-minded women. I guess it has to be done in a way that is lowkey so male trolls don't find out about it.
>>976 I think parents monitoring the internet activities of their extremely young children is important. I've seen young cousins as young as 4 being distracted with iPads and watching YouTube videos, so parents should be able to look out for what their kid is watching. As they get a little older they learn about internet safety and learning to only interact with people they know in real life on social media like instagram and snapchat. Maybe encourage them to indulge in hobbies and interests that aren't internet based (art, sports) so their presence on the internet is limited and reduced to surface-level stuff. Teach them about internet safety that isn't done in a ham-fisted kind of way? Idk, I notice the overly dramatic programs that are attempting to keep kids safe (ex: DARE) are super ineffective because they are overly cartoonish in how they present the world which does not actually prepare anyone for when "bad things" really do show up.
(57.78 KB 659x485 troof.png)
A good article the lays out the fundamental problem with the current mainstream wave of feminism and what it preaches. Surprised to see it was written by a man and it is completely spot on. Maybe the morons that reeee at radfems might consider this viewpoint now that it is coming from a man?
>>1008 You know that could never ever happen. Men can show some tenderness in private but admitting to that in a space with other men is social suicide. That viewpoint would have to come from an extremely manly man they respect, a man almost beyond reproach and not someone you would ever even consider calling a pussy. No man respects Dworkin's husband.
>>1011 Putin? The Rock? Following that train of thought leads me to Tyson Fury, heavyweight boxing champion who projects emotional vulnerability and openly has struggles with depression. But he wears flowery shirts and invites people to make fun of him so his manliness is in question I guess. I don't think there could even theoretically be a man so beyond reproach in his manliness that other men would take him seriously, he would just be ridiculed whoever he was.
>>1011 You are right, when feminists ask men (especially white men) to use there privilege to explain things to other men and dissuade there toxic behavior, they often forget these men are considered betas and sissies by other males and thus there opinions aren't taken seriously. opinions against white supremacy and sexism are taken more seriously when someone like Chris Evans goes against them then say someone like Joss whedon
>>1012 I think trump would be unironically respected by all men kek
>>1014 eh you'd be surprised how many men hate/hated him, I have been around working class people my whole life, both men and women see him as pompous New-York billionaire who doesn't give a shit about him
>>1014 He has small hands he's not even in the running
>>1011 Dude they called Terry Crews a cuck when he spoke out about being groped. I wish I could find it now, but I saw a Twitter thread of them analyzing the body language of a huge body builder, and they called him insecure because he was leaning into a much shorter woman while hugging her for a photograph. Men who are obsessed with cartoonish masculinity have brain damage. Nothing satisfies them.
Is it just my bias showing, or does this seem much more human than maledom/femalesub relationships? https://youtu.be/MXr0_M-b88A Like they have all these weird demonstrative dom/sub gestures, but outside of that she still seems to value and respect him as a person, listens to his input and doesn't treat him like a walking semen dispenser and punching bag like the male counterparts do.
>>1021 Your bias is jumping out a bit probably. Femdom or not, I'm sure she'd still treat her partner with respect like a decent human being. I don't really like any form of sub/dom relationships because no matter what the female is still doing a performative role, she is still the focus of male hypersexualization, she is still instructed to do strange sexual acts for the male participants gratification. There is the illusion of control for femdom, but it really is just different kink same shit.
>>1021 I often wonder does this woman even want to do this, like maybe they were egged into doing this to appease her bf
>>1022 I hate to be this person but what about fem/fem dom/sub relationships? Please don't say "lesbians suffer from the male gaze."
>>1021 >black dom woman and white submissive man I'm not watching this video because it'll be cringe, there's 100% a racial fetishization aspect to this. She doesn't treat him like a semen dispenser because she's the kink dispenser.
This game dev and Twitch streamer #MeToo moment is a massive pinkpill for me due to the sheer number of people involved. Never trust gamer scrotes.
>>1029 >she's the kink dispenser are you implying that she is forced into the dom rule by her male partner and likely wants a more "vanilla" relationships rather then a BDSM one
>>1045 I'm pretty sure anon is implying that her being in charge is still his kink. Regardless of her choices she's still doing what he wants first and foremost It just so happens that he wants to be dominated by a woman. She's not actually in control.
(61.09 KB 1793x249 Screenshot (103).png)
>freshly turned 18yo managed to stop exposing herself to predators thanks to pp >you just went from one toxic community to another toxic community!!! How dare you compare those two? And how even is being a pedophile a "community"? I can't with this site anymore, it's so sad that instead of supporting or congratulating her, other women are replying with that shit.
>>1045 >>1054 is the gist of what I meant, I think sub men have a trend of being specific in how THEY want to sub, it's a specific fantasy for them with a certain script the female domme plays out. And men infer misogynistic ideas from society so that affects the power dynamic as well. Like I said, I didn't watch this video. I'm sure her and other female dommes aren't necessarily forced into it, and enjoy this dynamic. But if a men fetishizes "obeying you" because he's misogynistic or your race it's not good. Not sure if you're a radfem, but there are some opinions on BDSM from a radfem perspective and why to be critical of it.
>>1057 Oh I get what you're saying that sub males are ultimately still in charge but you think that she(the woman) would want a more normal non-bdsm relationship with her partner
>>1056 saving that picture, how depressing. bunch of impressionable clowns. so easy for people to buy into scapegoating and bandwagoning, it's pathetic. hopefully anon makes her way here instead.
>>1066 I am the anon who made that post haha, I didn't mind the other anon's reply, I can understand where she was coming from that I am probably not mentally well and shouldn't adopt extreme views. I was already predisposed to getting groomed by men because of csa that went on for years and having no father, typical. But those threads were really helpful for me to get away from those men, especially irl. I'll be forever grateful to the anons (even the spergy ones) who contributed to those threads.
>>1072 i'm sorry to hear about the CSA and pedophilic communities, anon. i'm really glad you got out of those communities and i hope you'll be able to heal and take care of yourself now. but no offense, anon's post is ridiculous. there's kind of nothing extremist about the old pp threads. the irrational and extreme thing for women and girls (particularly ones like yourself, who have been severely victimized) to do is to continually ignore lived experiences, statistics, and the very clear and pervasive programming men and boys are surrounded by, just because it sounds too "unreal" or "extreme" for these realities to be, well, real. it seems unreal and an exaggeration because people have put thousands of years into ignoring how actually in-your-face, and extremely common, these transgressions against women actually are. anyone willing to make false equivalences like a thread of women being honest about how they experience abuse and dehumanization routinely and on a systemic level, is anywhere near the same or as extreme as being part of communities of pedophiles, is a useful idiot (or just an asshole) doing legwork for awful, awful people. it's a cheap and intellectually lazy comparison that generally has a particular purpose to it, especially on lolcow, where people have been stoking the boogeyman narrative for no reason. it's just annoying to see rightfully upset people villainized and compared at all to literal pedophiles for simply recognizing reality, period.
>>1057 > But if a men fetishizes "obeying you" because he's misogynistic or your race it's not good. Not sure if you're a radfem, but there are some opinions on BDSM from a radfem perspective and why to be critical of it. Other than the fact that these women are (I guess) unwittingly serving these men's interests anyways, what's the downside if the women do enjoy it? There's no real pressure for women to be dominant the way there is for them to be submissive, so I can't see it being too much of a conditioning thing. I think it's mostly harmless tbqh, unless they really hate the performative aspect of it or hate it in general. >>1028 >Please don't say "lesbians suffer from the male gaze." I can't speak for lesbians or anything, but isn't it possible for anyone to internalize the male gaze? I feel like I have even done so as a straight woman.
>>1080 I feel most Dom women are forced into these roles which are often introduced by their porn sick male partners, in a way the female Dom is still under male control due to the influence of her sub, I think if given a umbaised choice I do think majority of these women would probably prefer their male partners to be normal vannila guys then any doms of subs
>>1058 > you think that she(the woman) would want a more normal non-bdsm relationship with her partner. Choices (and wants) don't exist in a vacuum, they're influenced by culture. It's irrelevant whether a woman would want a BDSM or non-BDSM relationship more. I meant a man's preferences will probably take importance than hers in the relationship, not that she can't enjoy it more than a non-BDSM relationship. https://www.feministcurrent.com/2012/07/10/its-not-about-you-beyond-kink-shaming/ Doesn't directly address femdom, but sexualizing violence and unhealthy behavior is problematic. I think the comparison to makeup works well, individual women enjoy it but relates to wider societal issues. >>1080 BDSM encourages unhealthy dynamics that mirror abuse, especially with aftercare encouraging trauma-bonding. Men are abused as well, and femdom can promote unhealthy dynamic between a male sub and female domme that mirrors emotional abuse. Along the same lines, female dommes are "rare" and femdom sex workers fill the demand. Which is not great since these women may be wholly reliant on these men's money and the sex industry as a whole exploits women.
>>1096 >>1096 >Men are abused as well, and femdom can promote unhealthy dynamic between a male sub and female domme that mirrors emotional abuse. I gotta be honest, I don't see this being a huge problem or a problem worth worrying about. There isn't going to be a massive wave of spineless men being abused by domme women. I don't see how this is a radfem issue. If people are worried about men, ok, whatever, but it has nothing to do with women/it's not really an argument against it from a gynocentric perspective that makes sense to me, and I'm really not too invested in the welfare of the .00000000000002% sub men that might be exploited by their domme partner. I can understand being against women being pressured to perform by their partners, but I'm not talking about them. There are definitely women in the world that enjoy being dominant over their male partners, not just ones that are pressured into it by their bfs. In the case of femdom in lesbian relationships, I can understand the opposition there, but straight relationships? Not seeing it. I can't be bothered to work up any opposition to it. As far as the sex work thing goes, again, this is all an issue with men, not women who enjoy it. All male sexuality and its expression is shit, but again, I see a lot of opposition to it as if it's still inherently problematic when women do genuinely like it. And I don't think women in straight relationships genuinely being into femdom feeds into men wanting to pay prostitutes to call them useless and slap them. Women's enjoyment of it doesn't affect or influence men, these are desires they develop themselves. It's not a mental burden women should be shouldering because men have these interests without any influence from women at all. I think this is just... very different to the female sub/male dom dynamic that rightfully should be criticized and is inherently problematic because there's such an inescapable power imbalance between the sexes anyways, and there is so much social pressure for women to conform to that role. It's just not the same.
>Men are abused as well, and femdom can promote unhealthy dynamic between a male sub and female domme that mirrors emotional abuse Oh my god. Fucking pathetic handmaidens in this website
>>1107 KEK I understand. But I think it's kind of hypocritical saying femdom doesn't have its issues with women sexualizing violence, even though men in both sub and dom dynamics are shitty to the female partner.
>>1096 >>1106 >There are definitely women in the world that enjoy being dominant over their male partners, not just ones that are pressured into it by their bfs. What does being the dominant partner even mean? I like riding my male partners but I also like missionary and mutual oral, but I think anyone who wants to choke, slap or abuse someone for sexual pleasure is not right in the head, it's a mental sickness
(3.23 MB 3043x1904 scrote bullshit.jpg)
found this shit on my explore page. all this woman did was have a makeup artist do her makeup because she is heavily scarred so she can have a little confidence. scrotes literally base women's entire worth on their appearance and then have the fucking nerve to turn around and bitch like this. fucking disgusting.
>>957 >>955 NYART but thanks so much for this! I’ve never used tumblr before so this is super helpful.
>>1116 They're so fucking stupid. Stupid and low-empathy, one of the worst combinations there is. >REEEE, how dare a woman try to make life in public bearable?! Every man who left a negative comment deserves to get a giant burn scar on their ugly face, and to never be allowed to forget about their damaged form.
>>1115 I guess it's a spectrum, isn't it? Femdom can be pretty tame, afaik, and not even physical. Men that are against it find it extremely objectionable on the basis of just being 'controlled' or told what to do, so. Idk, I just don't like the way it's seen as being similarly harmful as the reverse. They're nowhere near the same plane. Most women that are into it seem to be into the tamer parts of it that I don't really see as harmful, tbh.
I know there's such a thing as 'male-identified' female, but are there any 'female-identified' males? I recently started talking to a man(online) so female coded that I thought he was a girl at first. Any similar experiences? Are these guys just hiding their true nature under uwu speak?
>>1142 What do you mean by 'female coded'? i think a lot of guys are capable of copying the way teens and young women speak on the internet. i've seen it, particularly with creepy men (troons, especially). i don't think that makes them female coded, just like, quasi skinwalkers that want to imitate our online footprint. even the ones that aren't troons watch a lot of whatever that anime subtype is of children having slumber parties? the cutesy slice of life stuff for children, and just want to copy young girls. it's incredibly weird. male identified women and girls genuinely prioritize their interests and concerns over themselves or anyone else but men and will rake themselves over the coals for them. i don't think even the most 'female coded' man does this.
What are you even talking about? What is a 'female identified male' if not a troon?
>>1148 "Male-identified" female is basically another way of saying pick-me or handmaiden. I don't know of any legit female-identified males who behave in the same way as pick-mes. Like pick-mes put on the cape and go against their self-interest for nothing in return a lot of the times (minus the sex worker or tradthotty types). Maybe at most headpats from men. Meanwhile, the closest thing to the male equivalent would be the outspoken male feminist type, who are the types of dudes that get accused of doing it all just to "get pussy" and we all know that they can definitely be just as predatory as the average moid. I don't know tbh
>>1148 It's a little funny to think about. A "male-identified" female wouldn't necessarily be a tomboy though it's possibility. A "female-identified" male might be your softboi.
woudn't a "female-idenitifed"guy be a Simp or a Male feminist? If Male identified female means pick me, I think the opposite would be a simp or a "male feminist". Idk if that makes sense...?
Female-identified males do not exist, IMO. Even when you take some radfem-ally he is 99% some hardcore far leftist and he is an ally because GC/radical feminism aligns with those beliefs, never the other way around. Simps just want the illusion that they could poke the object of salivation with their cocks. There are would-be trannies who are kind of more aware than an average dude, and that might be it. That being said, the most male hatred i've actually heard IRL in my superduperpatriarchal country without, like, any feminist movement, is from older (55+) men, married and with sons. Most notably, i had a prof who teased female students about them probably marrying and giving up career, tried to stop his only daughter from marriage because marriage for her would be shit, made students do reports on IVF, where he commented on how fantastic it is that dudes won't be soon needed to procreate, another traditional homework report is on parasitic male population control* which he also thought is cool. Nobody took him seriously though, because he's a bit overmuch into conspiracies. He also nearly killed two women with his dick and saddled them and the world with 8+ sons, so fuck him anyway. I'm also bitter that they can do it and i can't. Nobody fucking thought of calling him a feminazi manhater or some shit. * if anybody has sources on that, pls post. My memory is poor, i've read about this stuff long ago.
>>1176 The guy you described sounds like a creep, Im not at all into guys who are too much into the male hatred stuff, its kinda unnerving to me I just like a normal guy who acknowledges women have it worse and actually listens without complaining
>>1175 Men can't be feminists, and actively going into female spaces and discussions usually makes them center of attention and detracts from women's work. Think of Glinner, he did try to be a good ally but had his issues. Also, don't forget the creepy sex pests! I don't think men can be "female-identified" because of the dynamics between men and women as a whole, men don't have the pressure to put the other sex first. "Simp" is a meme to rag on desperate men or make fun of those who aren't raving misogynists.
I don't even know what the fuck female identified means, I feel like the grilling dad meme everytime I hear some stupid new term thrown around. It's all so tiresome.
>>1202 Seriously, a normie dude who actually does housework alongside his wife/gf is more of a "feminist ally" than these faux-woke "male feminists".
The internet will always be safer for men compared to women. For men he has a single dick pic leaked. For women she has her mom's information leaked, her father's information leaked and her location leaked. Her entire nudes get leaked. "Misandry" can never compare to the deep disrespect women receive.
So whats the census here on thirsting over men but never persuading any relationships with men and renaming celibate, Im sadlystraight asf ans I appreciate the male form I like men physically but I hate men as a species, like anyone else struggle with this
(220.61 KB 706x683 Mai_yeah_ok3_ep3.png)
>>1233 When I see a fabulously godlike attractive man I just can't help but remember that ~1.5 minutes of disappointing in-and-out where the partner is detached, not-present emotionally and not getting pleasure is considered a passable, if not quite ideal, complete act of sex by 146% of males, whereas an act of passionate non-penetrative love-making between two women is not, and even if they say it is, they don't actually believe it. Like, of course it may not be desirable, or not the end of his sexual prowess, or not even what most of his sex life is, but he considers this to be sex, and the rest of human sexual behavior a mere addition. They would even pay and/or risk prison time for this. For just this. And if you make that point to a man you dream of, whoever he may be, he would be like "yep, you got a problem with that?". How can I be aroused by men ever again with knowledge of what they consider sex?
>>1234 Its not just about sex cause I have a low sex drive, its both the admiration of the sum of their parts and Individual physical traits
>>1235 If your aesthetic preferences don't interfere with your politics and mental health, what the problem is then, though? I mean, liking male physical form by itself is not the same as liking the demons that inhabit it.
>>1236 I was just asking, its fine to thirst over men physically or find a guy cute and not feel guilty about it
>>1237 (not the one you were talking to) There is no such thing as a wrong feeling. Honestly, policing emotions is insane (and is a recipe for denial-induced disaster). Actions are a different thing though. You can hate what men generally are, and you can want one in your bed. Be aware of the conflict, and take responsibility if you're dignity is crushed by an asshole later.
>>1238 Im not gonna go that far to actually have sex, just fanzine about a handsome guy with the personality I choose for him while using my vibrator
>>1239 Well enjoy yourself then. Just be aware of the beast you're choosing to feed.
I am so over the woman hate in fujo spaces. I had a gay guy tell us how all fujoshi like the same tropes, some charismatic blonde top and a self insert dark haired femboy bottom. I have these gay guys in /y/ threads talk about how women are disgusting and overly loud about how much they love the male form and how annoyed those gay guys are by how they have to declare themselves as a woman. You only make yourself sound like a straight incel when you hate their mere existence like this, gaylord. I don't know if this is TERF-y or whatever but I now hate irl gay men because the male ego, the one that must assert itself superior to women, is still present even when gay.
>>1297 Huh? Fujos can be cringy and weird, but that doesn't come close to how males of any sexuality express their attraction.
(100.04 KB 715x901 Screenshot (183).png)
Imagine the smell.
I think it's hilarious that men are so threatened by a female-only, feminist leaning board to the point of spamming it when this place has like 15 posts a day on a good day. I mean, I feel bad for the admin and mods who have to go through that crap, but it's kinda funny that it bothers men this much.
(76.63 KB 808x429 Screenshot (195).png)
>>1333 Lol, how obsessive are they, especially when they try to convince themselves that we are becoming obsolete so that they're able to cope with how unessential they are. Shows that everything they say about women is a projection, and that it would be more accurate if it were about them.
>>1333 it looks like that male admins site tvchan is upset because there was a woman in their own safe space, so they decided to blame us even though we had nothing to do with it (link removed due to male shenanigans)
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>>7 a
>>1335 You just know this dude was salivating over that yandere Japanese killer girl 10 mos ago. All projection.
>>1339 Lol, for sure. These dudes are dogs with no sense of self awareness.
(1.36 MB 1440x1080 Ed3xx6WXkAY_rln.png)
Saw a tweet of a gross degenerate making a powerpoint presentation relating paleolithic art to hentai and holy fuck it pissed me off so much. The female figures in art during that period isn't fucking meant to be erotic nor were they made for men to jack off to it. It was supposed to show how people at the time depicted and understood the female body in all stages of fertility. I can't believe we're allowing shit like to pass in an academic setting. https://twitter.com/rock10zxa/status/1287451445185347585
>>1342 The responses are honestly upsetting. This isn't funny or cool. That he's at all encouraged to continue to act this way is so upsetting. Men are never reprimanded for how disgusting they are.
>>1343 I like to tell myself, as some sort of comfort, that cumbrained weabs and other weirdos and freaks like them only exist and dwell on the internet. I mean of course, they still make up a whole and that patriarchal influences can be seen everywhere in the real world. But for these weabs, they don't thrive anywhere. They will always be pathetic, lonely, and sad weirdos. Their existence is solely reliant on meme/internet culture, they can have as much fun as they can online but in reality, they are socially inept and incapable of having meaningful experiences. Let's just hope that we don't normalize this shit and that people should continue to treat them as inferior beings unworthy of respect.
>>1345 Idk about that, anon. I'm seeing anime become very mainstream and weebs talking about how more "normal" people are taking over anime. If anime is becoming mainstream, the porn cartoons associated with it almost certainly will be popular. Look at how mainstream ahegao is now. Everyone knows what it is now and average guys are finding it attractive somehow or whatever. I think these people will be mocked a lot less because it's such a sexist and sexualized community. That appeals to a lot of men.
>>1307 Women werent happier in the 50s mo matter how many scrotes claim otherwise. Many women were addicted to pills or had to lie when asked that since saying no would have landed them in social trouble.
>>1347 Actually, you're right... I guess I was being optimistic... But hey, atleast where I'm from, they're often looked down upon and even I go my way out to insult men who watch anime.. Guess weab cringe comps are not enough to treat the gross ass anime culture from spreading among men.
>>1352 I've seen this pasta floating around recently so it's probably a shitpost (_ here and I spent _ on ___) but the fact that it's most likely a very common scenario is fucking depressing
Why do so many women refuse to accept the truth about masculinity and men?
>>1361 If this is a scrote post by Allah I will beat you with my fucking shoe
>>1362 No, no. I'm not a scrote. I meant they refuse to accept that men are fucking dangerous and that violence is male.
(429.88 KB 800x500 1486649910727.png)
>>1365 Nature is cruel. Even when we have the science, it's hard to accept our problematic biology.
(199.25 KB 1242x1026 tumblr_plsjduz7tL1x2ddalo1_1280.jpg)
(384.04 KB 1242x1296 tumblr_plsjduz7tL1x2ddalo2_1280.jpg)
this is too funny
>>1371 KEK do you think the agent meant literally fetishistic? bc if so that's hilarious that he managed to turn a book about... whatever this is, into a vehicle to get himself off.
>>1362 we worship Asherah here, kafir
>>1365 Thing is, many men refuse to accept this too. Currently, there's a thread on KF about Ghislaine leaks, which has a few female pop stars on "the list", and it promptly degenerated into "See, women are pedos too! No, scratch that, most pedos are women, cuz that one teacher! Whaddaya mean it's bullshit? That just proves that women are the only real pedos! The horny stepmum fanfiction from 4chan is true!". While most of this type of crap is just covering one's own tracks by deflecting and/or actually none of these fuckwits really do believe that most of the male-pattern violence is perpetrated by women and that the [wife-beating rapist pig] cops are mind-controlled by Dworkin's ghost, at least they don't believe enough to change their behavior. But they will continue to make wild, unsubstantiated claim. non-falsifiable conjectures, even lie clumsily about own experiences, just to uphold the delusion that men are not "worse" than women, that it's the other way around. Women don't want to accept the terrific about males close to them. Men just DARVO and stroke their egos, but they won't accept anything. It's not MRA specific, either. Most people would automatically perceive a woman as less dangerous, be wary of strange men, etc. yet treat violence as if it's a 50/50, at most a 60/40 issue, and not a 90/10 and always has been. It's madness.
(157.32 KB 706x469 IMG_20200805_013247.jpg)
Peak sex work.
>>1391 As usual, you SWERFs are only prioritizing the very small minority of 85-99% of prostituted women's voices rather than the persecuted 6% of middle class sex workers that selflessly spend their time sticking pink diamante buttplugs up their rectums.
>>1391 but the same could also be applied to fast food workers or janitors, theyd love to quit their jobs too.. the data seems kinda flawed
>>1394 You can't get an STD from flipping burgers, anon. Janitors don't have a homicide rate that is astronomically higher than the national average, street prostitutes however do.
>>1395 i know.. but the choices given here are still wack.. everyone wants to quit their shit-ass jobs.. like, where's better pay in the option?
>>1396 This is a weak angle
(205.27 KB 275x172 1503303545819.gif)
>>1396 Nobody's arguing that these women and girl's options are shit. But "Sex work pay good" is a myth. Why are prostitutes the world's poor? Where are my fucking ex-prostitute megabusiness women, private island living movers and shakers, tech magnates and billionaire political influences? Because no lesser pay than this is worth the conditions and the losses, and the rapes it's all about, of course. The extra couple-hundred barely would cover your new found drug addiction to forget that you a being pounded by a stinky std-ridden 50yo who imagines you are 14 and might strangle you in 5 minutes. Oh yes, physical damage and std are also something you might have to spent dat big phat money on. You also need to spend a crazy fucking amount to keep and make yourself more fuckable, you won't be under 20 forever, and there is a lot of competition even if you are 16-19 and were born an ideal fuck machine. Look how made-up e-girls who make any actual cash have to be. The rest you will give to your slave owner, as most prostitutes have a pimp, and the first pimp is really fucking often a parent or a boyfriend, or a husband who holds your fucking kids hostage, so good luck managing your profits. Even fucking "managers" of cam girls and such "mild" "sex workers" fucking know they should force the girls to spend it all so they couldn't leave. So they try to get girls from poorer towns and, for example, drag these naive kids into a big flashy megapolis where everything is really fucking expensive, and show them the flashiest things they could waste money on. The rent, the crap they buy to cope, again, the addictions, the stigma and lack of foundation in life - these girls end up poor and trapped. They'll get the girls addicted if they're not already. And they will force the girls into more and more extreme degradation to pay it all off. Even if she withdraws within a month, like most porn-"actresses" do, the vids and shots are out there forever. And c'mon, it's not like the johns want to pay you in the first place. This, in free-flight prostitution will be one of your daily problems. A man rapes you and doesn't even pay, and then another one, and another. Cops won't help you with that whether it's all "legal" or not. So why not just look for a pimp, or a brothel to protect you? That considering you even get these extra couple of hundred. The more desperation the less you cost. The men who pay to fuck you want you to have as little as possible. Camgirls have insane competition, most struggle to make a living and they have to be ready in body in spirit to do anything for fuck-all. This is exactly how the lefty "pro-sex-worker" fuckboys want it to be. You don't know what are you talking anon about, it's a trap. I'm not even fucking fearmongering, it's just I knew a few prostitutes growing up. They're mostly dead or close to it, by forties. You are defending the interests of pimps and johns only with this "it's just like flippin burgers" crap. It's time to stop and think, why the fuck does it seem that only women seem to have no fucking options as soon as shit hits the fan besides being fucked in marriage or being fucked in a brothel? The men could sell their asses for gay johns any day, and be paid even better, but I don't fucking see any liberal dad of the year dildoing his ass on camera to feed the kids. And no, joining gangs, or even selling drugs is not the same, in that case you know you will and are willing to hurt another person somehow with your actions, and it's not even fucking stigmatized in comparison. Wake the fuck up.
>>1398 i didnt read all that because i actually agree with most radfem sentiments on sex work lmao, i'm just curious as to how the method or process behind this research/data works as to not include that but i guess i didnt word that well..
(54.57 KB 735x593 moidbehavior.png)
I saw a tiktok where someone talked about how retards gathered together to repeatedly call "feminist numbers" and asking for a man in charge, and one of the places they decided to spam call was a women's shelter. This is the upcoming generation of males ladies! This is one among many instances that display that women do not hate males the way they hate us. Here is an article about it: https://www.tmj4.com/news/local-news/the-womens-center-targeted-in-prank-call-social-media-trend-reports-100-calls-in-24-hour-span
>>1400 Another thing I have to bitch about it is the way women respond to this shit. In the tiktok that I saw there were some smegmoids commenting shit like "haha look at these triggered foids" or some other inane bullshit. Honestly the best way to deal with these retards is to not engage and report because even telling them to kill themselves is giving them the female attention they so desperately desire. Instead, of some of the girls and women that respond go into excruciating detail to try to elicit some kind of sympathy from these failed abortions and it's like...wake the fuck up. If they had the capacity to care about women they wouldn't be doing this in the first place. They know it is hurtful to survivors, they know how harmful it is. That is why they are doing it!
>>1400 Just search for hornpub intro on YouTube. It's truly over.
>>1401 >into excruciating detail to try to elicit some kind of sympathy from these failed abortions and it's like...wake the fuck up. If they had the capacity to care about women they wouldn't be doing this in the first place. They know it is hurtful to survivors, they know how harmful it is. That is why they are doing it! Women would be wise to just give it up and admit that these men basically do not have emotions. they are EXTREMELY emotionally stunted. they are literal mental midgets generally, but when it comes to emotion, it's game over. the only way these men can ever grow any humanity at all is for them to experience suffering. the lack of adversity in addition to parents to that enable, and just a society that enables male emotional and general ineptitude, is a certain prescription for their retardation. no amount of mollycoddling or sympathizing will do anything. they just hate us more for trying to get them to do any bit of intellectual labor, or get them to make an atttempt at emotional growth and fairness. they have no observing ego and no interest in personal growth. their lives are centered around destruction. you can't appeal to this.
Imagine watching a simple funny vid alon YouTube about puppies fighting and the mom breaking them up and scrote in the comments still can comment >ImAgInE tHE dAD LiViNG iN FrEeDOM no alimony no child support TRP loves this as their ultimate goal and talks about it as the objective. Force all women to bare the burden raising kids (and nothing else) while they go off into the sunset with no care, no responsibility, no accountability. That's why their worst nightmare is being alone and unwanted >>1428 Some women might wisen up and realize these men do not care. I think that'll happen alot sooner too. Just recently I saw that Fox news girl Tomi Lauhren who was a proud anti feminist pro America girl go off on Facebook. Ranting about how all men are trash everywhere, to never chase a man, to start to cancel men 2020. She was already on thin ice for being pro choice but now she had a damn epiphany. Leopards are now eating her face more but still
>>1458 Lol, tons of scrotes on my native country board grew up with unloving, abusive single mothers who raised kids to show them off to neighbors. In poverty and father not even in sight and no way to enforce child support. Unfortunately, tons of girls grow up in the same, but mostly worse, situations. Said mother usually come from poverty and beatings themselves. Scrote's problem, though? Women have it too good! Their solution? Father's rights! That is, make family abuse accepted and child support/father's responsibilities unenforceable! No man must be responsible for his choices! Saddle every woman with a punishment-child because fuck feminists! Take away women's financial options! Shit on women and degrade motherhood into being a public performance! It's hilarious, if they do succeed, they just end up with more bitter poor women who are trapped with unwanted kids and more men who kinda forgot they have children so they just run around ruining more women and children's lives, and with more angry incels who will create more angry incels.
>>1459 Honestly the argument shouldn't even be about Fathers rights, these issues are due to state being unable to provide for its people, the government has a responsibility to do for people what people can't do for themselves and take care of them, it's not that hard to comprehend, also likely these MRA types arent the ones who grew up abject poverty and suffered hardship rather middle class dudes
(1005.27 KB 1080x1920 Screenshot_20200811-143930.png)
I hate these 2 retards so much, Ali daweh and Muhammad hijab are 2 online Muslim personalities who get into "debates"i.e harrass random people for the sake of Islam and Muslims love this shit to including my younger brother I hate this awful Arab supremacist piece of shit religion so much, it's a religion made for Incels and it's biggest supporters are Incels, I hate the muhajir males who made this country worse and erased the history of the great female leaders we had in Punjab and instead made our entire course just sucking Arab cock I can't handle this religion and Pakistan and I think I'll kill myself one day if I'm stuck here any longer
(38.46 KB 1097x345 Screenshot (269).png)
>>1458 I made the mistake of reading the comments underneath a video of Lahren's rant and I found charming takes such as the one attached. Honestly, at this point the fault is not that men don't have a plan, it's that women like Tomi Lahren don't realise that this is how guys actually think, and that these are the "plans" they concoct when dating women, so many don't realise that dudes are just a lost cause. They willingly delude themselves into thinking that guys like these actually give a shit about them when they'll only care as long as you agree and nod your head to everything they say. I mean, not too long ago, she was a starlet to these guys. Now, this vid has these guys so pressed, it has a heavily unbalanced dislike ratio; they basically got so upset that they disliked a vid uploaded by a neutral news channel. This says a lot more about men in the modern era than anything else. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6QQm6VtOAA
>>1462 Oh how the turn tables. The bad thing is there is probably another upcoming tradthot waiting to take her place and continue male-pandering until her time is up as well.
>>1462 She has the rattiest hair in the world and she's grown it out now so why hasn't she cut it?
I have to read medieval novels for my major and it's astonishing how authors close to a 1000 years ago managed to write somewhat normal female characters, who have their own interests, who travel alone, who can tell a man to shut up, who are deemed too good for them by men, who are spoken to with respect, yet in nowadays fiction anything other than women getting raped non-stop is considered historically inaccurate feminazi bullshit. Of course women back then couldn't work but it's not like they were groveling in front of men either. We can never know, but maybe it really wasn't as bad as many love to make it out to be (like neckbeards thinking that back then their loser selfes would have been given a teen bride), I guess it's just convenient for scrotes to claim that we've come such a long way, that we are treated sooo much better than in the past and therefore women nowadays have zero rights to complain about sexism.
>>1473 That sounds really cool anon. Do you have any reccs I can read. I think it's pretty important to understand how people actually thought back then, and to not depend on some half brained scrotes to set the stage on matters like this. I'm really glad you brought this up.
(321.52 KB 1306x1284 BKHJGJ3J2.png)
Made the mistake of logging onto Tumblr, and ran into this bullshit. I hope it's okay that I rant about it here, since I'm not trying to get "cancelled" for screaming at a deactivated blog. I forgot I was even following the blog that reblogged it, if I'm being honest. >“porn invented violence against women” Who the fuck ever said this? Where did you come up with this complete strawman? Men have always been violent toward us, porn is just a new way to incentivise and spread it. >Gendered violence, *sex-based violence >like most interpersonal violence, happens because the perpetrators know they can get away with it, not because their laptop hypnotized them into doing it. And pray tell, do you think porn producers don't know they can get away with brutalizing women on-screen? And when men see that it's not fully socially taboo, but sometimes okay and even "sexy" to harm women, do you think it becomes any less enticing to them to do, or more? Use your fucking brain, if you have one left from the hours of cooming. >I think this is closely related to the idea that some sex acts are inherently more degrading than others, because I see people say things like “BDSM and choking are normative sex acts for couples now, when they werent before” as if there’s something metaphysical, specific to those things (no matter how consensual, no matter how many safety precautions are taken) There is no safe way to choke out another human being. You are killing brain cells for an orgasm. Holy shit. You really want to convince people that a fetish community based around what they *admit and enjoy* as acts of degradation is actually some amorphous "idk maybe"? Shut the fuck up. >that makes them immoral, always implicitly contrasted against the sex acts the speaker happens to enjoy themselves, which are normal, natural, never degrading - that sentiment is just reaction cloaked in superficial “concern” for the “safety” of a very specific & exclusionary subset of women, as is the case with all radical feminism Do you realize how many of us were groomed into that disgusting shit, and only got out after spitting out the fake "sex posi" bullshit fed to us by pick-mes and predators like you? Are you fucking stupid? I hate it so much. I hate the normalization of this bullshit. I hate that more young girls and women are being convinced that exploitation is progressive and freeing every day. I hate that our sexual expression will never be acceptable if it isn't male-centric, male gaze oriented and male-approved. I hate that when this is all said and done, we will be the ones to bear the scars. Men will either forget about it, or mock us for falling for it, and we will be blamed for our own trauma. Entire generations fucking wrecked because some retards think going from the extreme end of puritanism and shaming women to the other extreme end of doing literally anything, including abuse and violence, just to cum (or even extract money from other people cumming, as if you can't be damaged as long as you or someone else orgasms), somehow *both* ending in servitude to men, is true progress.
>>1475 >not because their laptop hypnotized them into doing it According to these people, young men being fed hundreds of hours of shit-tier right-wing youtube content via their algorithm = certifiably brainwashed, but years of violent porn being spoonfed to them during their formative years and beyond = couldn't possibly brainwash them?
>>1475 >You really want to convince people that a fetish community based around what they *admit and enjoy* as acts of degradation That's exactly it. Just completely ignore the fact that the degradation is a large part of the fetish and that line of reasoning might some logical. Also lol BDSM and choking are not *inherently* sex acts as they have nothing to do with genitals or sexual reproduction. That's why it's called a fetish. Coomers can't even conceive of a form of sexuality that isn't intermingled with violence anymore.
>>1473 Does the aristocracy have anything to do with it? Descendants of peasants generally can't appreciate courtly love.
Can we talk about the case in Brazil of a 10 year old girl, who was raped by her uncle and then harassed by a evangelical neo nazi that promoted her story to their rabid audience that ended up as a protest outside of multiple hospitals (since some had to reject her because abortions aren't readily available in Brazil) calling this child who was raped a murderer for needing an abortion? I'm just tired of this world and it's hatred of women, especially from other women. The neo nazi is a woman, a hardcore bolsonaro supporter too. You will never see this vitriol be directed to the rapist uncle who went into hiding after the story blew up. No protests for his death. It's the child's fault for being too alluring... As a 10 year old. Who had been raped and abused since 6.
(240.37 KB 1080x1920 Screenshot_20200819-233302.png)
Muhammad hijab, the ugly ASF Muslim apologist is now Calling Muslims warriors to attack and harass an ex-muslim couple
>>1516 This drama is hilarious. I love seeing muslims prove how peaceful Islam is by being massive pieces of shit!
>>1518 I know this might be a super unpopular opinion but I don't think there is a worse religion in the world as of now then islam, I'm sure some people will argue that all religions are all equally bad and subgicataray towards women but tell what Christian country has a literal state death penalty for leaving Islam It's legal in 13 Muslim countries including my own to be executed for daring to convert to a another religion or become an atheist, like fuck Islam is just ultimate Incel Arab supremacist religion
>>1521 Many exmuslims speak out on the hypocrisy. And I think aot of people acknowledge it but too afraid to be nonpc and address it. It hate it and the hyper religious pick mes it produces
>>1523 I hate the men it produces, especially the muhajies and Urdu speaking Punjabis, most degenerate, hypothetical, self hating and disgusting group of Muslim men in the world
>>1516 What is with UK Muslim in general, specifically the British Pakistani community? Almost every display of Muslim retard behavior outside of Muslim Majority countries almost always comes from UK Muslims (a lot of the times from the Brit-Pak community). I'm Pakistani-American and I never see the faggotry that these retards display from Pakistani-American dudes (at least not to this extent). The horrible things Brit-Pak males do (like the grooming gang shit) is justification for male honor killing tbh.
>>1526 The vast majority(about 70%) of the UK Pakistani community is Mirpuri or Mirpuri descended, while the Pakistan community in the US is more mixed ethnically and are less likely to from ethnic enclaves Either way people in Pakistan dislike Mirpuris, like my people are conservative Muslims but they keep to themselves most of the time
>>1526 Add to that Urdu speakers and urdu speaking Muslims tend to be absolute subhumans, like the worst most pathetic group of males in the world and they pretty much run the country
>>1524 >hypothetical Like hypothetically speaking, would you let me smash or nah?
>>1527 Would it be the Mirpuri aspect or the ethnic enclave aspect that makes them worse (or is it a combination of both?).
>>1539 Sorry I meant hypocritical, as for the request sadly I'm straight but never gonna get with a Muslim guy in my life >>1543 There have been cases in Pakistan where a bunch of mirpuri men had abducted, raped and forcefully married young Kashmiri and baltistani girls with in Pakistan, this has to do with the politics of the Kashmir region Basically the mirpuris despite not being ethnically Kashmiri or speaking kashmiri languages make up the bulk of the population and overwhelmingly support Pakistan while the native Kashmiri and baltistan view is more divided, they are pretty much the ultimate muhajir slaves
>>676 Sorry for responding to an old post but I just saw this and though it's shocking, I won't be surprised that many, including children like in pic, believe this. These are exactly like some posts that I sometimes see/hear from tradthots or mostly at /pol/. >women in past lived a fulfilled life with taking care of their family while the husband provided daily bread >women should never have got voting rights >feminism has prominent jewish leaders, and jews are responsible for everything bad that ever happened, according to /pol/ >feminism pushing age of consent past 18 resulted in more degeneracy >feminism is responsible for degeneracy such as woodstock or sexual revolution >Hitler understood this so he fired all women, gave importance to families and provided benefits for women giving births These are definitely stupid and impractical to think about but what's shocking is they actually believe that the "ethnostate" they'll create in future will "fix" women and make them realize importance of families, like how Hitler did, which probably means they'll strip every single right. They got their heads too deep into their asshole. They also kind of unironically push pedophilia. Were women in past really stuck up with shit like this and they became "degenerate" just because feminism enabled it, like what these alt-right assholes believe in? Hell NO but I'd like to read more about this.
>>1578 That mentality definitely hasn't left. Found another youtube channel that's your run of the mill mgtow/men's rights/"tHe WaLl"/libfem fails etc account making videos about women reaching over 100k views. Yet when you read the comments from these guys, it's about control. They don't strive for personal happiness (since they don't believe in happiness) or a greater good, its always about forcing women into passing on their genes and to wage war against "inferior others" (like brown people or Muslims) then you dig a little more deeper and find that these guys who talk big about making women obselete with future tech and stripping rights etc are all just really depressed, angry and lonely. But there's no sympathy when you read that theyre angry at women who don't pump out [their] babies 24/7 and when confronted with the millions of babies for adoption already or how theres already billions of people on this planet we really don't need another population boom, their response is always like "[they] are not my concern" it's fucking bizarre how selfish they are.
>>1580 Exactly, but I don't think all of them are frustrated because they couldn't get laid. I seriously wonder how they ended up this way because speaking of mgtow/MRA youtuber, there's this one channel (I don't want to share names) I came across from a link on 4chan a year back. What's odd is that he's not angry because he's a virgin, in one video I saw he was proud that he had many girlfriends as if they're his trophies. The ironic joke is that his youtube channel mascot is his bimbofied sex doll and he makes money by reviewing his sponsors' sex toys which is kind of fucked up but won't matter much if he was some obscure random weirdo catering to a niche audience but I think he had more than a million subscribers. Maybe because some lonely kid starts checking out Jordan Peterson's videos for life advice but slowly tumble and get into shitty content like these. I think I'm aware of that MGTOW/MRA channel you speak about. I don't check out his videos but wow, everytime I see his channel on my recommendation feed, his titles are always stupid and clickbaity like "women are stupid", "cheat on her" or "don't share your bank details with women". Seriously, fuck youtube because these channels are just a vocal minority that somehow taken over the internet.
>>1578 Men are weak cowards uncapable of taking responsability for the hell they have created which is the world we live in today, so they will come up with all kinds of delusional shit to blame women for everything, cause they are weak cowards. They have always done that with every single negative topic. Trannies? It was their mothers fault. Serial killers? It was their mothers fault. Absent fathers? It was their wives fault etc and etc. Jews are indeed evil though and to blame for several of the problems we have today too, don't be naive.
>>1582 Those channels do get terminated though and they're upset about that. Not connecting the dots between their messages and how it radicalizes other males into violence. Their main vitriol is always aimed at stupid libfem buzzfeed bullshit yet are completely deaf to the actual numbers of violence towards women around the world because it doesn't suit their "males are actually oppressed in this gyno centric world" narrative. What do I see from reading their comments is how they'd stop being like this if women 'stepped up' ie give up their right to vote until it's earned by being drafted to war (yet will argue that women belong in the home since they're so weak for combat), pump out their babies and shut up. They truly want this, completely oblivious to the fact that this is reality already in other parts of the world and it isn't a perfect utopia. These males should really read about how villages in China are doing with the aftermath of baby girls being killed leaving all the men grown up, alone and sad. What is funny how some men who even watch these channels talk back at how discussing android wives and artificial wombs sound too close to the theory of depopulation that theoriests say is being pushed by NWO
>>1596 So you're not racist then? At least you've got that going for you.
>>1596 Genuinely, curious, what truth about the jews? Because all the (((truth))) one hears is usually about how >(((they))) brainwash our white girls to not want my 0.009% nordic dick and to raise 20 kids while I own the libs online If it's nepotism - it exists within every group and if it's about some upper-class jew doing something nasty, that's just being upper class and my jewish working class friend would share your surprise.
(2.01 MB 400x250 583727254940284.gif)
>>1592 What fucking rabbit hole did you just send me down? This person better not be a farmer or a gardener, I don't need my opinion of image board users to get any lower.
>>1599 I posted about her before in another thread. It's... yeah... She probably used 8/pol/?
>>1600 It's honestly amazing to scroll through and pick random sentences out of context. >Rules in sport prevent death – but that is the purpose of sport. Today, only narcissists enter sport, knowing they will not die. >We have to realize that the worst thing that could possibly happen to the medical industry, which in America now takes in more than $3 trillion dollars per year from the nation’s rampant ill-health, would be health itself. And vaccinations are there as one element of the system in place to make sure that never happens. >if you make adultery illegal again (at least a large fine, it’s a legally binding contract, right?) then culture follows and you won’t hear minor SJW signalling ever again. >Trophy wives aren’t real wives, trophy husbands neither. Outsourcing to non-essential appliances is not work. >Women have fake tits, men have fake balls. That’s why modern women don’t respect gym bros. Even gym girls cheat on them My fucking sides.
>>1592 KEK at those fucking gifs. This is like one of those 2014 era tumblr long posts. What is this person even on.
>>1598 NTA I don't think Jews are all master minds who are behind all the evils in the world but I do find it a little odd how many prominent intellectuals, business tycoons and Hollywood executives have been Jews, just look at the radical feminism movement and see how many of it's most prominent figures were Jewish I don't know but I can't help but have this suspension towards Jews, especially Jewish intellectuals
>>1608 They were constantly harrassed and ostracized because of their race for reasons (something they did to Jesus who lived thousands of years back? I don't know). They had no choice but to accept unconventional occupations for food and take part in class struggles to feel more equal. But yeah, some jews are power hungry.
>>1609 I can understand Jews trying to gain financial capital but what I don't understand is why there are so many Jews in academia, like it's an uduat high amount
>>1608 > but I do find it a little odd how many prominent intellectuals, business tycoons and Hollywood executives have been Jews, just look at the radical feminism movement and see how many of it's most prominent figures were Jewish >I don't know but I can't help but have this suspension towards Jews, especially Jewish intellectuals You honestly sound ridiculous complaining about Jewish radfems, especially when we know people like Dworkin suffered immensely and just happened to be Jewish, jfc. Not even that many radfems were Jewish, like at all? You (or someone like you) have complained multiple times specifically about Jewish radical feminists in academia and used their Jewish ancestry and academic background to discredit them as being ivory tower delulus, ironically when a lot of notable radfems do come from working class backgrounds.
>>1612 I have nothing against majority of Jews am just am wary of Jews in academica, I have had some wierd encounters with Jewish feminists
>>1614 What weird experiences and why exactly are you wary of them? And how many Jewish academic radfems have you encountered? Because I feel like most of us probably don't share your beliefs about this specific type of person. There isn't exactly an overabundance of this exact type of person, especially not IRL, contrary to the picture you(?) have tried to paint about them.
>>1616 They had this wierd racial issue, they would often switch between calling themselves privileged whites and then Calling themselves minorities depending on the situation plus nearly all of them were turbo libfems
>>1614 R&D itself is pretty much unconventional, and some technology like weapons, transhumanism or biotechnology goes against typical Christian beliefs of nature, love and peace. Aren't Chinese or Russians more prominent in R&D, academia though? >>1616 This maybe has to do with pre-existing stigma against them. They change their last names, straightening and nosejobs just so they could be more accepted, or maybe they just hate whites.
>>1619 I'm talking more about the influence of Jewish intellectuals in social sciences and social justice issues
>>1620 I see. More or less similar. Christian/Islamic beliefs tie others into thinking about controversial issues like death, abortion or patriarchy. The American Jews who are ready to change identities wouldn't mind ditching their religious identity with it. Plus, they're depressed class so they're going to struggle for equality.
>>1618 Both of those things can be true at the same time though. You can be privileged and white, you can even be just perceived as white and be comparatively privileged, and also be a minority.
>>1622 Even though my husband is non-european he passes for white very easily, however he still faces discrimination and adversarties
>>1625 Yes, exactly. Though literally you can be white and technically still be part of a minority group (though let's be real, you're likely to be far less impacted than those who aren't white), even, so I'm not sure what anon is getting at there.
(100.48 KB 917x489 fds.png)
Man, I cannot stress enough the importance of r/fds for normie het women. I don't believe in following rigid rules for relationships, but there are some gems posted on that sub and a lot of male-attracted women in general need to build a spine.
>>1635 Seriously. The amount of attractive, mostly put-together, normal women I see that settle for stupid yet entitled, lardy thumb-people who have the gall to disrespect them by dismissing their thoughts, embarrassing them in front of others by very obviously ogling other women, posting lewds of models on their Facebooks between photos of them as couples, etc, is insane. The standards are so low and I literally have no clue how they even get turned on by these men?
Do any of you ever wonder if the majority of homeless people are men because women who live in extreme poverty are being trafficked or resorting to survival prostitution? Because I do.
>>1643 Yes, I figured the reason we see less homeless women (and children) is because they don't last long out there...they get killed or trafficked
>>1643 >>1647 Though there's also the other angle that there's more help out there available with programs and charity that specifically helps woman and children that the men won't qualify for. Like single mothers with children are probably sent right to the top of the que for any affordable housing waitlists.
>>1643 Not as cut and dry as "prostitution" but I've met a few women who have been homeless on and off and there's a similar pattern. Lose housing, move in with the first person who lets you, become their punching bag/sex slave/maid until you can afford to leave or space opens up at a shelter. Repeat for the rest of your life. There aren't a lot of people willing to take in a potentially dangerous homeless man, but any sadistic or righteous person is happy to take in a homeless woman.
>>1635 I still feel that FDS still does plenty of harm, girlboss, boss bitch and Yas queen slay shit is tied into its very foundation and the most important critique to me is that FDS is just simply too tied with capatalism imo and with all things related to capatalism FDS can't last The socioeconomic conditions of the majority will only get worse in the coming years and so the the number of HVM suitors based solely on the aspect of wealth will be 100 to 1, like I'm not saying men shouldn't be reprimanded for being lazy POS who masturbate every day and never work
>>1659 >girlboss, boss bitch and Yas queen slay shit is tied into its very foundation and the most important critique to me is that FDS is just simply too tied with capatalism I thought you were going to say prostitution rather than capitalism.
>>1659 very true. and it just feels like it's trying way too much to be the flip side to the manosphere, only a million times more sane and rooted in reality. i don't like the terms, i don't like the way everything is presented. i don't like that it almost uses trp as a template when it isn't necessary to follow any sort of similar blueprint there. it's just more scuzzy than it needs to be. i'm glad it's encouraging women to have a backbone though.
>>1659 I feel FDS is like BlackPillFeminism but more practical. It's individualist and implicitlly recognizes it's everyone out for their themselves as there's no hope forthcoming.
>>1663 >>1662 What are you Ayn Rand or something ? Embracing neo-liberal capitalism will only make things worse for the majority, teaching young women to be selfish POS doesn't help anyone I'd be interested to see how successful their advice is. Like the red pill they seem to be somewhat amoral, I once saw a post where they advocated secretly searching through your potential partner's cabinets in the bathroom to screen for drug addiction. It's interesting because I suppose this could reveal secrets and prevent wasting time on someone who you wouldn't have wanted to date otherwise, so I recognise that it's a rational strategy but on an emotional level it somewhat repulses me to violate trust this way. The other advice like waiting till you're comfortable to have sex, screening for someone who is stingy etc. Is just normal blue pill advice. Nothing new there or anything revolutionary I do like that they tell women to be financially independent though, but again that's regular blue pill advice. Most of the good FDS advise is basic dating shit that's been known and used since the 70"s but packaged with pink pill rhetoric
>>1664 Going through mens shit isn't amoral or even morally ambiguous. It's unfortunately very necessary because women are literally sleeping with the enemy, and their individual enemy, in many cases tbh
>>1665 I really don't wanna bring this up but god Damm do you manage to come across as privileged and spoiled, pretty much every radfem does, acting like the shit women in Pakistan, Sudan and Egypt comes even remotely close to their trite, I wish I lived in a bubble like you did where I could see things without getting killed by the state or a literal mob but I don't
>>1668 You were speaking about morals, not what what women would be punished for. I don't think what people are punished for by insane people should have any bearing on where anyone's morals lie, no offense. Sorry if it came across in a way that seemed 'spoiled', but it was never meant to suggest that you should risk your safety in trying to gather information, especially if you're at risk of being attacked or killed by mobs, or the state - just that I don't think anyone should consider it amoral for groups of comparatively at-risk people to "violate" the privacy of people who are not only conditioned to mistreat them, but who they are also the most vulnerable and intimate with.
>>1672 Yeah I'm sure you and every other woman living in the west live in absolute hell on earth, like we totes deal with the same problems and experiences
>>1673 Sorry but I don't think anon was trying to imply that you do. The moral rectitude of invading the privacy of prospective partners may be something that women in 'the West' are comparatively priveliged to be able to even consider but that doesn't mean it can't be discussed. Like, are you implying that there should be more gratitude for the comparatively lower average of misogyny in western men because being thankful for small mercies and praising our men for being enlightened isn't why we're here.
>>1673 not a fan of FDS but you sound like a trolling western moid. > oh boohoo you white western bitches don't date me you should be on your knees beore cause im not as bad as a pakistani moid, even though i could be
>>1673 Women in the West simply live amongst better men. Not that they aren't still awful even when they're on their best behavior let alone regressives.
>>1675 First off I am Pakistani and am married to a Pakistani man, though we both prefer not to identify ourselves as Pakistani, I am a mixed race Punjabi Jatt and my husband is a Pathan, we have our problems but we have a strong loving relationship and i'm not talking about how white men are superior or better in anyway but I am kinda critical to women who are blind to the privileges in the west
>>1677 >>1675 Also not all Pakistani equal in how they treat and view women, like take my mothers people for e.g, she and her family are ethnically balti and the social structure in how women are treated in balistan is far removed from how women are treated in the rest of the country, the hijab and especially and the niqab are not a common sight and women can walk freely without having fear, hell even my husbands ethnic group "Path and" have radically different degrees of patriarchy depending on tribe
>>1677 >>1678 So what is your point? Women in the west aren't abused, exploited, or killed by their partners and aren't allowed to be wary of them because they're comparatively privileged? Because despite having a small social circle, I unfortunately have known 2 men who later went on to murder their wives despite them living in the West. I don't think my experiences are necessarily extremely common in having known these people, but they are people that exist in the West nonetheless, and you can end up in an extremely unsafe or lethal situation just by talking to, flirting with, or fucking the wrong person. You just sound offended on behalf of your husband now, honestly.
>>1677 From one Pakistani anon to another, wtf are you on about? The vast majority of western women know that they are better off than most women in places like Pakistan. I really don't see why you had to sperg about this when we were discussing FDS and how to navigate het relationships. Are western women supposed to stfu about their men just because Pakistani men are on average worse? Or constantly cushion their grievances with, "Now I know that as a privileged western woman I have it better off than women in a lot of 3rd world countries, but I still think that x, y, and z problem needs to be discussed."? What is the issue, baji?
>>1690 My husband isn't white though >>1681 Okay off topic but how many other Pakistani anons are here, like I know there are at least 2 others
>>1681 Also i don't think it's fair to generalize Pakistani men, they are all mostly shitty but shitty in different ways In my personal opinion Muhajirs and Urdu speaking Punjabis are the absolute worst group of males in Pakistan, they embody everything wrong with Muslim culture and Western culture at the same time, they watch porn, they use anti-feminist rhetoric but they talk about being Ghazi's and meme about ghanznawe-hind while sucking up to Arabs, I mean Baloch, Pashtun and Sindhi men are awful but the vast majority of them are absolutely illatrate and have no idea about the goings of the world, and cause of their massive rates of illatracy they get manipulated easily, meanwhile Muhajirs and Urdu speakers often make up the only educated population in Pakistan
>>1684 So now that we got nuances on the degrees of shittiness of Pakistani men explained, could you still explain what the previous spergout was? Because I'm not sure how any of the women here acted like they are the most opreshedest women on the planet. Sis, I'm not even trying to pick on you, I am just genuinely confused where this came from.
>>1686 It has to do with my comment, I live in the UK with my Husband, we both come from Pakistan but both of us do not identify as being Pakistani, i am a absolutely grateful for the freedoms I have here but everyday I am scared that my family will kidnap me and send me back to Pakistan, Its a literal nightmare for me and my husband has been threatened by mirpuris, so we try to keep a low profile, I just get tried seeing upper middle class women born here complain about the evils of the west and how western culture is awful for women, I get that there are problems here and they should 100% be worked upon but I hate it when they cape for Islamic countries when it's the religion that's at fault Islam is a disgusting Arab supremacist religion and the people of Pakistan have been blinded in to worshipping Arabs, it's all the fault of mainly the muhajirs and Urdu speakers
>>1687 That's really awful anon, and I'm sorry that that's even a thing that has to weigh on your mind and give you fear, but no one was caping for Islam or acting as if treatment of women in the west is anywhere near as bad as countries that follow Sharia law. The discussion was specifically about preventing romantic and/or sexual entanglement with a psycho, which can and does happen in the west, even if female oppression isn't explicitly state mandated. Domestic violence is still a thing in the west.
>>1687 Are you the one also complaining in the other thread that india isnt as bad as pakistan?
I should really delete ig but recently stumbled on a post about being on a beach and how pretty it would be but the sad reality is that I'm a woman and women know not to be out at dark. Yet the comments, all from men, on the post were all >you're paranoid >you're judging a whole gender >stop being so scared and living in fear >lol carry a gun >well actually men are attacked far more than women Scrotes belittle women's safety so much then turn around to blame them when they are raped and murdered. Men constantly tell women how overly stronger and bigger they are compared to women, like a rattlesnake shaking its tail around other animals, why is it so shocking that women listen to them and take precautions? They're so upset that other men are rapists and murderers yet blame the often targeted victims, women. They will never get it so it's best to just ignore them, avoid them and stay safe.
(107.68 KB 295x640 IMG_4156.PNG)
Here is yet another pinkpill. The Pakistani anon that says that "urdu-speaking" middle to upper class Pakistani males are terrible gets yet another example to support her viewpoint. Recently, two horrific rape cases occurred in Pakistan, and those cases have sparked a lot of anger amongst the populace. I was reading a twitter thread about the case and lo and behold: A Pakistani MRA. This scrotoid decides to post a picture with a quote from that dumbass pick-me Karen Straughn under a thread discussing one of the rapes. It is truly comical how much these wastes of life like to display their low empathy for women.
(130.65 KB 290x570 IMG_4157.PNG)
Here is the retard's profile. A scrote from a country that is already a nightmare for women, that his heroes in his twitter bio would cite as a "place where women are REALLY oppressed," is up in here claiming to be an MRA. Exposure to these types of retards needs to be necessary for any feminist or progressive in the West, so they know that men all over the world do not care about the issues of women and love to derail, even countries with the worst misogyny on the planet. Never feel bad about fighting against "first world problems" again and never listen to Western males that claim that "m-maybe if you bitches were REALLY oppressed we wouldn't have a problem." They are only there to derail and like >>1729 said, they simply never want to acknowledge that harm men as have done and currently do.
>>1743 >>1744 Mras especially in fucking Pakistan or in India only appear ONLY AFTER rape and violence towards women is brought to attention. They never stand up when a boy is raped and murdered by other men. Or when a man is attacked by other men. Their intentions couldn't be anymore more clear. They just want women to accept their violence but never complain about it. Like their retarded scrote minds can't understand women want to be left alone in peace. No woman wants to live in fear or accept violence as normal. Fucking animals avoid danger when they can and try to prevent any harm coming to them. It's fucking survival. This is the y chromosome at work.
>>1744 They're DESPERATE for a pushback of everything we've conquered so far (even when it's just a little) and want ALL of us, I repeat: ALL of us, DEAD or in complete servitude to them. If only we fucking injected in all women's brains to navigate life knowing this, knowing that there's nothing greater in this world than the men's hatred of women.
>>1842 I don't know if this article was posted in this thread or someone else on the board (if not I can post it and add screencaps later), but there is an article about Pakistani MRAs and their views that was published around the annual aurat (women's) march in Pakistan. The retards that shared their views basically admitted that they do not want feminism in Pakistan because "they saw how it ruined the West" and that men and women have their own natural roles to fulfill. A lot of them cited the Jordan Peterson types as inspiration for their ideology. Side note: nothing makes me lol more watching some dumbass Muslim dude fellate western right-wing pundits considering they consider Muslims to be subhuman. Misogyny is a fun male-bonding activity regardless of any other factor. Anyways, this is the state of these males. They know that literal subjugation is the only way they all can have access to women and thus want to keep it in place.
I hate this country and religion so much, I really might kill myself If I can't get out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVCnsHIuDNo
>>1848 Could you find a female friend who lives in another country that recognizes gay marriage and flee?
(22.10 KB 683x191 100keks3.png)
(42.63 KB 693x289 100keks2.png)
(82.19 KB 701x605 100keks.png)
>>1843 I forgot to post the article, but here it is: https://medium.com/mel-magazine/the-mras-of-pakistan-fc848a304d99 The state of these males.
(94.90 KB 631x470 20201027_094619.jpg)
They hate it when women work out but hate it when they eat. How can you even think that women training hard is a bad thing. Wouldn't their evopsych tell them it means shes healthy? I know Richard is a bald headed faggot doughy divorced single father, but really, this was a retarded take
(64.56 KB 306x768 776xawhzh7v51.jpg)
I can't put into words how much pure hate I feel for this hypcoritical selfish Arab worshipping scrote, I know anons here are probably tired of seeing so many Pakistani posts but bear with me, we have a lot to vent about This retard here is our current leader, he grew up in a uber privileged family, went abroad to study at Oxford and was a notorious playboy, has been thrice divorced, then he went into politics and after 10 years of campaigning he won the elections cause he had promised change and what did he do for this nation, he made it more religious and intolerant which is very hard to do This man supports death penalty for blasphemers in Pakistan , his ministers changed their profile pictures to a man who murdered a mentally ill man in a Pakistani courtroom, who call Mumtaz Qadri(a fanatic who murdered a man trying to campaign to end the blasphemy law) a martyr other then that all he ever does is suck up to Arabs and Turks But he's part of a bigger picture, the majority of Urabn middle class Pakistani men share his exact same mentality, they hate and resent the West but despise their own native culture and heritage and want nothing more then to be like Arabs and Turks, that's the sorry state of men in my country
Which are the worst groups of men that women should avoid? Military men or religious men?
>>1998 That's kind of a weird comparison anon, since the two groups have a lot of overlap. However, I think religious men could be worse just because the major religions are patriarchal. It is really hard to break people's beliefs if they are indoctrinated to think they have to follow a bunch of retarded rules because if not they'll be put into eternal time out by their sky daddy. Idk.
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