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Lets discuss "Radfem" Youtubers Anonymous 05/10/2020 (Sun) 03:21:11 No. 541
I feel we should discus these people, cause like it or not they represent our entire movement to the general public, however many of them have literally no knowledge about radical feminism or even basic feminism sometimes and overall quite "odd" Leah Tverly: She is the most well known youtube radfem as of now, she has no books related to feminism in her shelf, dates/fucks men, bashes other women and her knowledge of radical feminism is limited to buzzwords that she might have read on Gender Critical, video editing is also poor Terri Strange: She has more knowledge then Leah and reads more feminism related books but she's widely inconstant in her behavior regarding women, greatly despises her own mother due to abandonment issues and seems to have a weird as fuck relationship with her father. ella androphobia/Radical Feminist Momma: a woman who was in a abusive marriage and became a "political lesbian", her 3 infant kids are literally in all in her vids and she keeps posting pics of them on facebook, she seems to have discovered radical feminism after her divorce and seems to have even less knowledge then Leah Dworkin's Ghost: About the only Youtube radfem who has actual knowledge about radical feminism, she seems to primarily read Dworkin's and Catharine MacKinnon's works and applies their theories towards the modern world. her video editing is easily the best out of the women mentioned in this thread, but sadly she no audience and her videos often get less then 250 views
Leah Tverly has the right to be mad but she doesn't seem well.
>>542 she's not well. her harassing kalvin garrah is just... so bad. kind of ot but her anti-veganism and the anti-vegan sentiment around certain radfems is really weird imo
>greatly despises her own mother due to abandonment issues and seems to have a weird as fuck relationship with her father. And? Does having a shitty family make you less of a feminist? I know nothing about these people, but adding that was really weird.
>>556 have to wonder if anon specifically means just because she criticizes moms and having children? tbh her critiques about moms are kind of right and 'feminist moms' like she says, are really delusional and think their sons are golden children.
>>558 I really don't wanna start this debate again, but this is what happened in the 70s and 90s, where feminist groups ultimately alienated a large group of women i.e working class mother's No one likes it if you call their sons "future rapists" and when these women get offended and walk out, the response is to call them handmaid's and then feel proud of ourselves This isn't just a feminist problem, it's a problem with a new left as a whole, where pragmatism is ignored
>>559 I totally agree with you. Women should work together. Women that shame other women for their decisions always make me cringe.
>>560 >Women that shame other women for their decisions always make me cringe this is some libfem garbo, anon. >>559 >No one likes it if you call their sons "future rapists" and when these women get offended and walk out, the response is to call them handmaid's and then feel proud of ourselves no, the issue is that these women shoehorn their sons into everything, demand marches and groups specifically meant to exclude all males include their sons and husbands, start shitting their pants because of the exclusionary nature of these events (ironic, if you ask me). and statistically, their male children are likely to become sexual predators. no one is shaming them for having children. the veneration of their male children is the problem and the insistence that their child could very well become a threat causes them to lose their shit. if they can't prioritize a movement over their desire to blow up and throw away activism over an offhanded comment about the potential danger their child could become, they really weren't very useful anyways. personally, i'm not interested in tiptoeing around the feelings of mothers that seek to become offended, enraged, and derail movements in an attempt to have everyone tend to their feelings and the feelings of their sons. terri is right about this. this is largely an issue of entitlement, tbh.
>>565 Jesus Christ anon, can you show some level of pragmatism, I don't even have any children but I can their point of POV The vast majority of women are mothers and many have sons, whether you like it or not, losing more women hurts our movement I've known lesbian couples who have had male sons get turned off by the feminist movement by talk like this, If we cant appeal to the majority of women then there is no point
In a video from last year, Leah said >If you were raped by anyone, don't care who it is, get an abortion, because no child deserves to be born of physical violation like that. And special needs or not, the kid is gonna understand that they weren't wanted, so... be an adult and get an abortion. Suck it up and suck it out. >If you have severe medical problems, like, don't have a kid. Don't have a kid. If you know that your life will be at risk and your baby's life will be at risk, just don't do it. You're better off not doing it. Do you wanna live? Or like, maybe, your husband - maybe you would die and your husband or the baby daddy would, like, get custody of the child. Is that worth it? What's the general consensus on this? Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jvDJBoCnqs
>>567 she's nuttier than a fruitcake but she is 100% correct here, imo
>>567 Well thats a debate more about ethics imo, say a woman aborts a child specifically cause it might have a chance of having a minor deformaity if born, is that a "feminist" act or even morally right ? Their was a controversial case a while back about a lesbian couple who were suing a sperm clinic, cause they ended up with a black mans sperm rather then the white man they had chosen, and that was a source of controversy The women argued that an important decision in their life they had been made and had been taken from them, while others made it an issue about race Whose right and wrong in that situation ?
>>567 "You must have an abortion" doesn't sound very pro-choice to me. People are not genetically predetermined, they make choices, a child can be born of rape but still grow up to be a perfectly respectable adult with proper regard for their mother. I'm just saying it is possible. Prescribing abortions seems just as bad as refusing them to me, the entire point is that it's the person who is actually pregnant who decides.
>>570 but why even? there's no point to letting any child suffer the undue stress and trauma of knowing they were the product of rape, and no point in retraumatizing the woman by keeping the child. a lot of women still choose to keep children they can't afford or care for, at their detriment. the child suffers and another unwitting victim and/or another potential abuser is created. there's no point to keeping the rape embryo or fetus. people who are so cavalier about keeping rape babies are choices made by overly confident people who don't realize or consider the amount of trauma, guilt and shame that will or can be transferred to the child. that being said, women in horrible situations choose to keep the fetus or embryo all of the time with little to no regard for what life will be like for that child, or even what it will mean for her, even. most choices women make are dogshit ones and i don't cosign them just because they're made by women. they are often ignorant and unaware of how taxing these decisions really are, for both mother and child. i don't see the point in sentimentalizing the consequence of a traumatic act like this and acting like it's totally valid to do so. it veers into religious territory and literally solely serves to continue to put women's own well-being on the backburner. women who feel compelled to keep these embryos or fetuses, i feel, should at least be challenged on this choice.
>>574 To be honest there are very strong arguments for a complete anti-natalist position (it is immoral to have children at all) but I'm not going to start lecturing every pregnant woman about bringing a child into a world full of suffering is wrong. To me heckling someone over their decision to keep a baby violates the same principles as heckling someone over a decision to abort. That principle being bodily autonomy.
>>565 >>574 Idk if this is the same anon but, jesus fucking christ, stop posting. It's embarassing. Basically, you HATE mothers (I don't really know why, I guess your mother hurt you or something? I don't even know.) and think victims of rape MUST get an abortion because your high superior self said so? Fuck off. Really, fuck off. >"if they can't prioritize a movement over their desire to blow up and throw away activism over an offhanded comment about the potential danger their child could become, they really weren't very useful anyways." This sounds like you met 2-3 women who got offended by one of your "YOUR CHILDREN ARE GOING TO BE RAPISTS REEEE" comments, they called you out on that and you got mad because they didn't agree with you. Don't know what you expected. >women in horrible situations choose to keep the fetus or embryo all of the time with little to no regard for what life will be like for that child, or even what it will mean for her, even. most choices women make are dogshit ones and i don't cosign them just because they're made by women. Are you sure? Think again, because you are speaking like a pro-life fag: "women shouldn't decide because they don't know better and they will start [insert thing we don't like here] all the time if we let them choose." >no point in retraumatizing the woman by keeping the child. If a woman wants to keep the child, what would be traumatizing is being forced to get an abortion. >>567 The amount of shame that women are getting for choosing to have a baby is astonishing. Really dissappointed. As I said (I don't care if it sounds "libfem uwu") shaming women for their decisions is fucking stupid. We are shamed everyday by society, we should understand what other women have to go through. It seems that some "radfems" think they are "superior women" or something. It's insane. I don't even think they are part of the movement, honestly. They're a variation of "not like other girls".
>>576 Don't bother anon, she will never listen and just think you're a libfem and not bother to listen to any one of your point >It seems that some "radfems" think they are "superior women" or something You are right about this, radfems think they are more "enlightend" then the vast majority of women and on some level think less of them, they believe they're all brainwashed by the patriarchy and don't even bother to listen to their experiences, they think the theories of some upper middle women who went to college are more valid and carry more weight
>>567 She's right about the medical problem and having a kid at least, I wouldn't want to pass down my own severe health issues and have them suffer because of it. I've seen others irl who already had chronic health issues, had kids and then they struggle both managing their illness and their childs illness Get a cat instead. Don't know what to say about the rape baby one because that depends on the situation and person entirely. The way she words her opinions rude and forceful but thankfully you're not being held at gunpoint to follow a youtubers advice. Also for some reason when I first saw this thread the video was 2min and now that I'm in the threads page it's 55min, fucking witchcraft. >>577 >anon complains about some radfems >go off on a tangent about all radfems Very cool
>>567 On one hand, forcing a woman to get an abortion is a disgusting thing to do. On the other hand, I can easily see someone believing they will be able to handle having a child that reminds them of their trauma, but I can say right now sitting around with that reminder will make your life hell and 9 months sometimes isn't enough time to process. Especially when combined with the medical system during pregnancies.
>>576 >>576 what are you even talking about? you sound extremely, pointlessly offended. as i said, imo, there's no point in sentimentalizing the consequence of a traumatic and violent crime. i don't hate mothers at all. i just think a lot of women aren't being realistic or aware of how difficult it is, when having them. i think keeping a rape child is shortsighted, likely very harmful to them, and honestly, ignorant of how it will impact the child. a lot of women choose to have children in conditions where they shouldn't, to their own detriment. i think they underestimate how traumatic this is and will be later on down the line. and there are a lot of women that aren't very pleased with the fact that women want to bring their sons and husbands to marches or gatherings that specifically exclude males. i don't know why people think it's so unreasonable to follow rules, knowing many of these women have explicitly said they don't feel comfortable having males around. there are other gatherings that allow for male children and husbands, but certain radfems get upset their sons aren't allowed to everything. that's weird. if these women don't feel comfortable being around their sons and/or husbands, it's pretty unfair that these mothers of sons demand these groups and gatherings need to be accustomed to fit them. and honestly, it's just a fact that their male children are very likely to become predatory considering the way society grooms them to take on predatory mindsets and rewards them for being predatory. parents shouldn't get offended by this, imho. it's just how it is.
>>586 It's not just about marches anon, it's about stuff like "no matter what you'll do your sons will be rapists" "women who give birth to their own oppressors are traitors" is stuff I've actually heard from radfems This alienates a lot of women and many radfems basically use the edgelord e Logic that since this "triggers" a lot of people that means their right somehow and we'll class is another topic related to this, on average a self identited radfem can "afford" to do things that a working class women and especially working class mother's don't have time or the resources for I know this might make me sound like a "intersectional" feminist (I'm not btw) but nearly all the great thinkers who shaped radical feminism and the second wave movement were overwhelmingly upper middle class white and Jewish collage educated women, that doesn't take away from their accomplishments and achievements they had and the rights they won for women as whole but I don't think they ever really "got" the struggle and experiences of women who were of a lower class, that is if they even wanted to learn or know about those experiences
>>588 ntayart but isn't radfeminism intersectional?
>>589 It is. I think anon means "intersectional" liberal feminism where everything is a contest between who's the most oppressed (which, of course, always turns out to be men in dresses)
(21.48 KB 438x193 2tsry2nmj2y41.png)
>>541 >>542 >>543 When Leah says shit like this, its hard to take her seriously
>>611 gross...
(127.82 KB 400x600 1592613017645.jpg)
What do you guys think about Sekhmet She-Owl and Black Obsidian? They give me life. Even though I don't agree with everything necessarily
>>1181 I've watched one Sekhmet She Owl video and it was pretty good. Black Obsidian gives me too much new age woo woo vibes (based on some video titles lol), but she has good videos as well. Wish there was more rad leaning/radical feminist content on youtube that didn't whine about troons exclusively.
>>1181 I like both of them. Good for background listening when you need to get stuff done. I wish Black Obsidian had more videos. Does she only upload on Youtube or are those clips from a podcast she has or something like that? "RadicalRamblings" is a new one I just discovered.
So, Terri Strange is dating a dude now, and he is an awful, misogynist douchebag Why am I just not surprised. She always seemed kind of a self-loathing mess to me.
>>1421 Where'd you read that? The tarot cards and psychic crap that she always seemed to take too seriously, on top of the political lesbianism made that plenty obvious like a million times over. (Tarot cards are fun but not in the way she did it.) She's right though sometimes on some issues, anything to do with sexuality just isn't one of them. There's nothing wrong with being straight and admitting you're struggling to detach from men or allowing yourself to recognize that men are one of your vices, rather than trying to force yourself to become a lesbian. I don't even know why anyone would think that's feasible. Who is her bf/where can I see him? I don't keep up with her too much.
>>1425 Wow, you weren't kidding. That is really, really bad. I understand faltering when it comes to avoiding men, but what would compel her to go for whatever this thing is? I mean, shit, even many of those unbearable performatively woke guys at least aren't well known predators and actually have clean timelines. And there's no shortage of pseudo woke guys for her to choose from in Portland. It's like she went out of her way to find the biggest loser in town. Imo, this type of shit is self harm.
>>1427 Y'know, I just think there are people, especially women, whose sexuality isn't homosexual, or hetero, or bisexual, but a complete-fucking-mess. We just notice them more in feminist circles, because other people tend to just label them with slurs and sweep it all under the rag, and we sit around overthinking it.
>>1429 Kek, can't say that I disagree. I think she was probably aware she was never a lesbian, however. I can't fully fault a lot of the women in these circles for their actions because I do think many of them have been abused and honestly, even if not abused, just the horrifying nature of reality, especially as a woman or a minority (and obviously like, triply so when it comes to race and sex based oppression), is enough to throw you into a tailspin and cause psychotic breaks and self harm through a million different mediums, but some of their actions are definitely harmful to themselves and to some extent, other women within their sphere. It's tough for people like this to even get therapy because who is going to understand their larger perspective (which is a huge part of their lives, and that they're mostly right about)? It's tough to know what's up and wade through the world as it presently is.
Not strictly radfem-related, but GNC-centric started a podcast with another detrans woman! Good stuff, really like the third episode about the lesbian community and transitioning. https://youtu.be/aA6PaoUbePk
>>1446 Love this channel tbh very insightful also Mackenzie is cute
So I didn't know leah dated/fucked scores but I never liked her content anyways. The best ones are Sekhmet she owl and Black Obsidian (she doesn't consider herself a radfem but she is a true separatist). I will check out dworkin's ghost to see her content...
Anyone watch Erin Brewer's videos (interviews, mostly)? She had gender dysphoria as a child and uploads frequently which is cool.
Didn't Leah make a video about peeing on the floor? Yeah I can't take her seriously.
And all of them, except Dworkin's Ghost, have that I-love-dick aura so they don't have space in my discourse. It's only SSO, BObs and Dworkin's Ghost for me.
Ella also has a tiktok and on there a link to some onlyfans shit??? Like it was weird. Also im a faggot for thinking shes hot
Ella also has a tiktok and had a link to her onlyfans or whatever last I checked??? Like why promo your pr0nz ?!?!
As much as I’m into separatism, I wish it’s youtube proponents were not such elitist wankers. Sekhmet has such a boner for gayboyz and violent leftist/black men, you bet if she could replace all het women with gaybros she wouldn't think about men's violent nature twice. But hey, dick worship is only bad if straight-white-privileged dick, cuz we radical. Although she did make a vid about a white male conservative fucking politician being oh so rad in denying raped women abortions, in which she just put the words of many smart women into the mouth of a man who never fucking meant it. Same thing about the several fucking videos about how everyone does feminism wrong but fucking Malcolm X was such a great feminist because let's just extrapolate a bunch of shit the man said about his black male liberation movement and ignore the fact he never said anything fucking remotely like that about women. How we ought to have a violent revolution. Oh yes, black men can play war all they want, they have black women to force to pick up the slack, service and fix them up, for revolution, baby. who is supposed to do that for us if we are to go military, when they have all the fucking weapons and handmaidens? Anyone could whine all day that "I don't get my revolution because other women are bad and stupid" and yet offer no solutions. That is a surprising oversight, because in a bunch of other videos where the complains about straight women she does assert the obvious fact that men can't do shit, including women's oppression, without putting women to do all the actual work. You'd think it's obvious we can't copy men's homework as we don't have a subjugated class to force the dirty life-sustaining work onto. But then the former assertion could be made unthinkingly, just as a convenient way to blame other women for shit men do. While she read so much work by male left, Sekhmet seems to neglect works written by radical feminists, possibly because she views all white women as spoiled and unworthy to listen to like modern malestream leftist do, and unfortunately most radfem writes are/were white. In another video she mentions she doesn't know where did the concept of care as unpaid work comes from ("it's just relationships!"), when even libfems talk about women's unpaid labor occasionally and some male leftists wrote about that.
>>2424 Blaming other women for shit men do seems pretty important for Sekhmet, as it upholds bullshit "privilege" rhetoric. You know, the liberal one, that only works if we consider males, preferably within one culture and class, and breaks fucking completely when you try to insert the other half of human population within it. And even then it’s worthless as it breaks if 2 individuals check off an equal amount of points on a liberal checklist. Which she comes close to acknowledging in the latest vid, btw. The one which actually ignores that the most dangerous men are the one closest to you socially, if you are a woman. The one that ignores the ubiquity of male-on-female violence which is never reversed, nor reliably prevented by any whiteness or straightness of the victim or blackness or even gayness (Ezra Miller, anyone?) of the offender. Where an impoverished serbian mother of 3 in oppressive to a metropolitan middle class american gay black man, and a rust belt working mother typically married to a batterer literally oppresses Ellen Degeneres with straightness because magic. Not everything gets to be simple, of course, but if your all-encompassing liberal privelege theory only works in very few, very specific contexts - it just doesn’t work. No need to understand sex and class based oppression when you can just pull shit out of your ass, though, like she did in that video about “straight women’s shows” where she actually talked about shows made mostly by men, especially the fucking Sex in The City on the thumbnail. Just hide the MRA rhetoric of women’s desire of male violence, of women choosing violent males, of women only thinking about landing a dick, and suddenly you are the most fucking feminist of them all. When one constantly speaks about apparently all heterosexual women living on a man’s dime, all het women being these super financially well-off gold diggers, who, when they don’t spend it shopping for slutty clothes, and whining about their providers in cafes, purposefully ruin their children – that shit is fucking typical right-wing MRA rhetoric. On the other hand, when one speaks that all women are 100% free to choose anything, but women just choose evil and self-demeaning choices because bitches be crazy for privilege, that violent, self-destructive tactics that reassert male domination is what we dumb women must revere and emulate fucking somehow, that women oppress men through liberal checklists, that some men (gayz) know more about what is better for women and are better allies for women than most women – that’s leftie MRA rhetoric. Being a man-hater doesn’t preclude anyone from being drawn to MRA rhetoric because menz hate each other too, they just hate us far, far more. Just how the fuck is that shit flying under the radar I don’t understand.
>>2425 I hate this bitch and I don't even know how shes considered to be a radfem. She sounds more like a LGB(T) activist and thats it


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