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Pink Pill #2 Anonymous 11/12/2020 (Thu) 17:52:54 No. 2054
Previous thread: >>7 All man hate and general discussion of male bullshit goes here. Let the pink pills flow free.
>>2054 https://twitter.com/IffiRai_IR/status/1325050534563344385?s=19 around 800'000 men protesting and chanting "there is only one punishment of blasphemy that is beheading" seeing this makes me ill, I really do think about killing myself everyday but I don't wanna die silently I wanna call Muhammad a chutyapa(a cunt) who raped a 9 year old girl before I Self-immolatate and set myself on fire
>>2055 I don't understand how they can function this way. It's fucking inhuman. I can't help but think that if blasphemy is something so grave that it's punishable by death, that must make their god very weak.
>>2056 You have no Idea how weak the Islamic God is, Angels who watch over the earth get scared of dogs and do not enter houses that have dogs, he gets offended when men pee while standing up and condemns them that their souls linger o the earth on to till the day of judgement, he also loves Arabic and believes it to be such a superior language that he wants all prayers and Qurans and greetings to be written in Arabic
>>2055 While I like the way you think anon, please don't actually kill or hurt yourself. Assuming you live in a Muslim country I can't properly conceive of what you have to face every day, but I hope you can find some solace in places online where people (women) are more sane, or potentially in a future where you're safer and don't have to deal with these delusional retards on the regular.
From what you've said, Western women could afford to be a lot more wary of Islamization in their own countries.
>>2063 Well without a doubt there is no relgion or belief in the world as dangerous for women as Islam, it is the cult of worship of a rapist warlord and Muslims will never comprise the laws in the Quran and Hadith's, Christians just have certain saying attributed to Christ that they can interpret however they like, Muslims have laws attributed to Muhammad and his companions that you can't get out of Women have to be veiled in body and face, Dogs have to be removed from property cause they scare the angels and all non-Muslims have to pay a tax forced upon them otherwise face punishment
I'm currently reading Lydia Chacho's Slavery Inc. and I'm so angry I want to scream. Men are fucking mentally deficient cave chimps and they run the world as such. The only way they understand human interaction is through a ritualistic, exclusive male hierarchy, and everything and anything outside of it is a resource to consume and murderfuck. This is how they organize families, tribes, countries. Organized crime is the basis of modern countries and at its basis are the same mechanisms and rituals as tribal chieftanisms have. The fact that the conditions in some western countries are better for women and children doesn't mean men are any different. They just go to poorer countries to rape here. They get their daily fix of sadism online. Men change very little. And that is conditional, we all know what happens whenever social and political order quiver. And when they don't directly perpetuate atrocities themselves they still keep vested interest in controlling options and narratives, as their complicity still uniformally exceeds merely sharing same sex with the world's evil. Fucking nothing short of a sudden deadly male-only disease will move things along.
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More pinkpills for you ladies. I found a post on Tumblr that found a Tik Tok account of some expired scrote who is bragging about his mail-order bride Here is the Tumblr post I found these from: https://radicallyaligned.tumblr.com/post/634978893246464001/this-is-sexual-exploitation I didn't post them, but the OP of the post also took screenshots of this man filming his "wife" around in a swimsuit and essentially posting softcore material of her on Tik Tok. The best we can hope for is that she scams him and dips. Hopefully he ends up as a male suicide stat.
Today's pinkpill: seeing how many men reacted to reading a footballer named Brian banks fake rape story vs how many men flip over backwards when reading about a girl coming out about being raped. Men collectively hate it when women speak out against rape because they can never emphasize with victims of sexual assault. They cna only emphasize with rapists. Speaking out denouncing rape and rapists makes them feel personally attacked. >>2077 These marriages never last. He'll grow tired of her being a human. And not the shiny new toy
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>>2054 Things m*les do
>>2079 Funny thing regarding Saddam Hussein, in his early days he really did support secularism and Arab nationalism, you can see photos and videos of Iraqi women in the 70's and they are dressing modestly but comfortable, like at most they wearing a loose head scarf but all that changed due mostly due to the us Post ww2 The muslim world had mostly secular but nationalist who were often times socialists and cause of that the us supported radical Islamist and jihadist that slowly destroyed countries and socities from with in, cause of Its irrational fear of the communism Like I know a lot of radfems here claim that all socities are sexist and there would still have been treated badly but still it would have been a quintillion times better then the mess Muslim women have to deal with today, state athiesm and national socalism was our only hope but thats gone now, neo liberal Democracies cannot counter Islamism in fact Islamism thrives in these environments, there is no hope for us, unless Islam is suppressed we will continue to suffer
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People with a bimbofication (?) fetish disgust me to the core.
>>2093 Yes US is a cancer that destroyed several countries but those Arab homo scrotes must be eliminated for discounting it on their women
>>2093 >irrational fear of communism Hm. >national socialism was our only hope Funny to think how that might've actually been true in this case. >>2094 These tech bros have the mentality of autistic children. That's really scary when you realize they control half the world.
>>2094 >>2094 That reminds me, have y'all seen Grimes lately? On the low calorie board they posted pictures of her on a livestream and she is blonde and may appear to have had lip fillers done. If their weird twitter interactions (and even some tweets made by her mother) mean anything, they have a terrible relationship and she needs to gtfo. Idk, I think the Grimes-Elon relationship may as well be a cool, quirky woman getting the life sucked out by her by a scrote. I mean even if you don't care for her or her music, men always see a woman that has something going on for her and want to control her.
>>2097 I feel pretty bad for her, she's made some comments implying she didn't really want to get pregnant and was roped into it by Elon.
https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/saudi-arabia-prisoners-womens-human-rights-b1745241.html No noones surprise, arab scrotes are evil and must be avoided at all costs. MBS once said in an interview that only death can stop him. I hope it comes soon to him. What a fucking joke the UN and their human rights committee is when it has fucking SA on it.
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https://youtube.com/watch?v=hRYzl6o0xks This video's comment section is FILLED with moids and pickmes seething real hard kek. This is really funny cause scrotes have been shitting on marriage since ever, they love to go off about how much it sucks and how much they don't wanna get married (despite the fact nobody is forcing them to, so go figure) and they have expressed all that many times all over the media. But if women actually agree that marriage sucks and shits on it too? Then scrotes go apeshit lol This sort of thing really serves to show how pathetic moids are. It's really all about their egos: they want women to want to marry them, so they can feel like they can be snob about it and thus have their egos boosted. They go apeshit by women not wanting to marry, having careers, etc because feminism is forcing them, more and more as the years go by, to face the reality of how useless and shitty they are. Men must be ignored at all times, given no attention and value at all
Do you think men lurk female spaces for so-called trauma porn? I posted something personal on the other boards and deleted after 5 minutes. Who knows who reads and screenshots your stuff.
>>2162 Scrotes will joke about marriage being a ball and chain yet still propose and go along with the wedding. Just don't fucking get married if you don't like it but for scrotes, being a married man means your needs are met, your house is clean and everything is taken care of because nowadays women do pretty much everything on top of holding down a job and buying the home and car. These moids statistically live shorter lives without a woman who will have to baby them into eating well and living healthily hence why they get so desperate to marry. But also they gotta act like they don't like it to appear cool to their friends. It's all around pathetic. >>2175 Yes. Moids have been exposed in the past to have flooded call centers for women just to jerk off while on the phone. Male redditors admit to lying about being women on female only threads talking about their trauma only to harass them and traumatize them more. We could build a wall to seperate the sexes and bet that it would be males who will try their best to scale it or destroy it despite hating women
>>2162 I agree completely with this woman and applaud her for speaking out. Marriage is not feminist. It's not something that people want to hear, but you can't have it both ways. And I agree with you too, it's seriously pathetic how males are constantly screeching about how much they hate marriage and women in general but also get angry if we listen to all that and then decide that we will just do our own thing and leave them alone, some of them even resorting to violent rampages if they can't get a girlfriend. They need to make up their minds already.
>>2176 >We could build a wall to seperate the sexes and bet that it would be males who will try their best to scale it or destroy it despite hating women There would definitely be a traitor who would reveal an opening.


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