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I can't stand the Arab and Turk worshiping men in my country Anonymous 11/11/2020 (Wed) 15:40:47 No. 2043
There's a lot of reasons to hate Pakistani men and while lack of ethnic pride should be fairly low on the list, its still something that further gives me shame Pakistani men worship Arab and Turkic men, If an Arab army ever stood outside our nation then I can assure you half the males of this country would not only welcome them in and submit them but give up their wives, children and their own asses to be ruled by an Arab and here's the thing we have an incredible history and heritage, where we have made great advancements in art, science , philosophy, architecture but instead of celebrating these past glories we instead literally celebrate a 8th century of the Sindh by Arabs because we non-Muslim, tens of thousnad of men and women were taken into slavery and the men who committed these acts has ports, streets and towns named after him and is regarded as a national here God It pains me to be in this country with these Incel Muhajirs and Urdu speakers, the new generation of middle class muhajirs and urdu speakers is the worst, imagine Muslim Incels who pray to be subjugated by Arabs and or Turks and have the gaul to call people libtards or cuck when they do shit like this https://www.reddit.com/r/chutyapa/comments/gi7yri/fricking_libtards_think_turks_and_islam_is_all/
God, the Arab-Turk- and even Persian worship of these beghairat retards really does make me giggle. Pakistan and Pakistanis are not on the minds of these people OR they actively look down on Pakistan and Pakistanis. There is practically a meme about how self-hating Pakistanis can be, how Pakistanis wanna claim some distant Arab or Persian ancestry, and how they hate being South Asian. But yes, it is the "libtards" of Pakistan that are the cucks. They accuse of "libtards" being Western-worshippers and latching on to "foreign" ideologies like feminism, not seeing the irony of latching on to a foreign religion and fetishizing the culture of people who don't give a fuck about you.
It's a thing that shouldn't matter but does matter. That's why WASPs were concerned about letting people of a beaten nationality in.
>>2047 They hate Persians though cause they are Shia, even though even then their are more similarities wtih Persian/Iranic culture and certain populations of Pakistan compared to the Arab and Turkic Also I kek at how hard they try to cope with Urdu, they try so hard to claim Urdu is some mix of Arabic, Turkic and Persian when its really just a dialect of Hindustani you are right about the irony of them calling people cucks, when they literally celebrate the rape of their own female ancestors by Arabs or had hoped their female ancestors hod gotten raped, >>2049 I really don't understand what you are trying to say, the point I'm trying to make that Pakistan is a weird country that shares most of its culture with north western India and the rest with Iran and Afghanistan , yet despite watching Indian movies & TV shows and having many shared languages, many Pakistanis continue to identify themselves with Arabs and Turks more strongly than they do with Indians. I've personally found this very frustrating, but let me explain the reason why. In my life, I've had a fascination with different cultures; The Arab world too me is extremely diverse representing a mixture of identities, cultures, languages, and religions. But to most Pakistanis, the Arab world is pretty much some fantasized representation of a single Muslim identity. Most Pakistanis see Arabic as a single language with little variation and they see more-or-less a single culture that looks something like the Arabs of the khaleej. To me, it's not only insulting for Pakistanis to forgo their own identity (particularly the undeniably strong cultural connection to northwest India) but it's an insult to Arabs to lump them all together as one. Pakistan's identity these days is built on Islam, but that is a very shaky foundation since, as we all know, Islam can have very different extremes in the way it is practiced.


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