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Gender Critical #1 Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 17:12:22 No. 2
Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men. Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex. Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Existing laws and legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents do not differentiate between gender and sex. The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone. Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of feminism, sexuality, misogyny, or misandry. Resources https://bannedbytrans.wordpress.com https://www.fairplayforwomen.com | https://twitter.com/fairplaywomen https://www.femaleerasure.com http://www.feministcurrent.com | https://twitter.com/feministcurrent https://feministstruggle.org http://www.gendercriticalactioncenter.org | https://twitter.com/gendercritical_[Archived Copy] http://www.gendercriticalactioncenter.com https://www.genderidentitywatch.com https://www.gendertrending.com http://www.gettheloutuk.com | https://getthelout.wordpress.com/blog https://www.lesbian-rights-nz.org/shame-receipts https://www.mayday4women.com http://www.peaktrans.org https://radfem.writeas.com https://resistersunited.org | https://twitter.com/resistersu https://www.sexandgenderintro.com https://www.standingforwomen.com http://www.terfisaslur.com https://theterfexhibit.com (404) | https://www.facebook.com/TheTerfExhibit/ https://www.transgenderreality.com https://wlrnmedia.wordpress.com https://womenarehuman.com https://womanmeanssomething.com https://www.womansplaceuk.org | https://twitter.com/womans_place_uk https://www.womensdeclaration.com http://womensliberationfront.org https://www.xxamazons.org http://www.4thwavefeminists.com (404) Blogs, Writers https://culturallyboundgender.wordpress.com http://gendercritical.blogspot.com https://gendertrender.wordpress.com (suspended) | https://www.gendertrending.com https://janeclarejones.com https://lilymaynard.wordpress.com (suspended) | http://www.lilymaynard.com https://thewitchofwentworth.tumblr.com https://trannosphere.tumblr.com Inauthentic Selves: The modern LGBTQ+ Movement Is Run By Philanthropic Astroturf And Based On Junk Science https://medium.com/@sue.donym1984/inauthentic-selves-the-modern-lgbtq-movement-is-run-by-philanthropic-astroturf-and-based-on-junk-d08eb6aa1a4b Forums http://www.genderhammer.com reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/FinnishGenderCritical https://www.reddit.com/r/Gender_Critical https://www.reddit.com/r/GenderCritical https://www.reddit.com/r/GCdebatesQT https://www.reddit.com/r/gc_woc https://www.reddit.com/r/LGBDropTheT Detransitioning https://www.reddit.com/r/detrans https://www.peaktrans.org/detransitioning http://sexchangeregret.com https://www.transgendertrend.com/detransition Pique Resilience Project https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmGEMjyAwk6R1lTmG_JjLUA https://www.piqueresproject.com Documenting violent crimes committed by transgender individuals This Never Happens https://www.facebook.com/groups/1722756661380462 https://www.reddit.com/r/thisneverhappens https://www.peaktrans.org/crime http://www.transcrimeuk.com Parents and clinicians concerned about transgender youth https://www.4thwavenow.com | https://twitter.com/4th_WaveNow http://www.gdworkinggroup.org https://www.gendercriticalresources.com/Support/index.php https://www.kelseycoalition.org https://www.parentsofrogdkids.com http://thejungsoul.com/guidance-for-parents-of-teens-with-rapid-onset-gender-dysphoria https://www.transgenderreality.com/about https://www.transgendertrend.com | https://twitter.com/transgendertrd YouTube Channels Venice Allan https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdOAL2_mpBKEW4YO4YAPNIA/featured | http://wwwdrradfem.org Elly Arrow https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWlLdZ24IfDIPxth02Nt8Xg BabyradfemTV https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHH8wS-Kd1wUvlvrrCmMMPQ Magdalen Berns https://www.youtube.com/c/MagdalenBerns Cathy Brennan / Ally Missandry https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcOhi9MQDYOhodqxi81BZkA Dr. RadFem https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdOAL2_mpBKEW4YO4YAPNIA KORADFEM Radical feminism in Korea https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKfFGy1tlhww6jaKtOkCe2w https://twitter.com/boroja8902 Tanith Lloyd https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsHSFSO9tAbpKb8YE2lz7FQ Julia Long https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXTBdgGyMFXMnM3g-tUPnIA Meghan Murphy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq-04S1vzWPy3G8omi0wVvA https://meghanmurphylawsuit.com Peachyoghurt https://www.youtube.com/user/Perzikyoghurt Posie Parker https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB7daUkou5C7zJvbBvgU8eA https://www.theposieparker.com A Woman's Place https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzFqsUqDzyXEQMJVy42NwUw Agitprop, Art, Comics, Memes Feminist Heretic https://www.facebook.com/feministheretic https://feministheretic.wordpress.com Feminist Struggle https://feministstruggle.org/2019/05/18/dont-disappear-the-l-campaign Nina Paley / Mimi and Eunice http://mimiandeunice.com/category/jenndra-identitty Red Katherinee http://vk.com/momokotyan https://www.instagram.com/red.katherinee https://twitter.com/rredpeach ReSisters https://twitter.com/ResistersUK Sandy Draws Badly https://twitter.com/sandydrawsbadly The Snowflake Books http://www.lilymaynard.com/the-snowflake-books The Untameable Shrews https://www.theuntameableshrews.com https://www.instagram.com/untameableshrews VioletDioxazine https://violetdioxazine.tumblr.com Woman Adult Human Female https://www.standingforwomen.com
(122.94 KB 1064x320 1254.png)
mens feelings > womens comfort
https://archive.ph/J3F2Q I'm not American, but I hope that bills for protecting children successfully pass and spread to other states and countries.
(24.34 KB 946x354 sdb.png)
>>4 Dammit, forgot pic.
(16.55 KB 574x228 1423.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5a9RUhGw2Q 'Transgender “Woman” Assaults And Spits On Dollar Tree Employee After Being Caught Shoplifting' so ladylike
(213.63 KB 1226x1080 1579370207153.png)
'presenting as your true gender' I feel disgusted every time I read something like this.
>>21 Yes, vagina minds can communicate with each other by sending out telepathic queefs.
>>22 Can confirm this is how women's periods sync up.
>>4 >>5 Legislation is not really the right way to fight it. It might backfire and take away access to medical help for people who need it, e.g. due precocious puberty, intersex condition, etc.
(328.92 KB 870x1403 1579138417280.jpg)
>>25 I usually don't get offended easily but goddamn that one made me fucking mad. Disgusting.
(113.56 KB 689x873 reddit.png)
>>3 Reading through that thread is a wild ride, though there are some sane responses, pic related. Many of the comments acknowledge that the majority of women in any work setting are deeply uncomfortable with males in their restrooms, but conclude that these women are all "bullies" despite that they're simply quietly going about their day and protecting their privacy, and saying that the OP should use dishonest tactics to spin it to HR as a disability issue, even though the OP didn't say the other women using the disabled toilet has been a significant issue at all. Other comments say that choosing the toilet that you feel most private and comfortable in (only if you're not trans) is a "microaggression," because as always, transgenderism isn't an individual, internalized thing: it's a demand on the public, and most of all on women.
(251.65 KB 604x632 womensmarchnyc.png)
What went so wrong with Women's March? This is that troon that proudly exposed his penis in the women's locker room.
>>25 >>26 I heard this was a troll?
>>30 Ah, I think you're right. Well, Poe's law and all that.
>>6 I read the Law360 article on this yesterday. I don't have access to it at home, but IIRC: the person at issue was convicted of possession of child pornography. The person transitioned from male to female while incarcerated. The district court and the prison system -- as a courtesy, and pursuant to a federal prisons rule which permits reference by an alias -- referred to the person by her preferred gender after transition. The district court declined to go back and revise paperwork issued /prior to incarceration/ (the incarceration order) to refer to the person by her preferred pronoun and name. This isn't, by any stretch of the imagination, an appellate court being shitty about pronouns. (Recall that in GG v Gloucester, the courts all scrupulously referred to plaintiff by his chosen gender identity!) Rather, this is about amending paperwork from /before/ a prisoner identified as female.
>>28 That same. Fucking. Smile.
>>28 this jonas brothers lookin ass is such a creep and they get REWARDED for being disgusting and predatory. literally rewarded, while women who work hard, do their jobs tirelessly, are demonized and punished endlessly. fucking insane.
(508.53 KB 1440x2250 Screenshot_20200118-194928.jpg)
Yet again being a troon protects you from receiving any criticism. Tea channel had to delete a video nikkie they had previously been working on.
>>30 I've seen too many that weren't trolling sadly
>>35 So promoting MLMs (which are most commonly predatory to women) is ok as long as you're a troon?
(33.57 KB 560x368 trans342.png)
Yes, because it's a fetish.
>>40 Most troons don't even do half that shit. Or try to get it covered/have someone else pay. Or get botched surgery in Thailand or w.e
(605.54 KB 1170x940 trans3452.png)
>>41 Yeah, it reminds me of pic related. A man can just say he's a woman, no other requirement needed.
>>28 So the pink pussy hats were deemed offensive because "not all women have pink genitals", but having a literal man as an emcee isn't? I fucking love this libfem TRA hellscape we live in.
>>3 >>27 lmao, actual women can't even use the bathroom of their choice without being considered a bigot. Does this idiot seriously think HR should bully these women into using the same bathroom as the troon?
>>40 I hate this ‘argument’. With any other type of perverted men people know they often go through great lenghts to get close to their victim, like become doctors or dentist. Troons are so low effort they often don’t even get any surgery at all.
>>3 This toilet issue is so surreal. Why can't they just use the mens bathroom? Even if they think they're a woman, they still have a penis. Why not go to the bathroom with fellow penis-havers? Why do they absolutely have to go in the female ones? I've never read about that issue with TiFs.
>>70 Because it's ~validating~ them as a realWoman™
>>71 I wish claiming I feel like I'm a born rich person deep inside would get me into mansions.
>>72 Same. Or even just the typical TiM demands, but for women. I may look like a normal human female, but I'm actually supposed to be the world's most beautiful woman. When will the government fund my plastic surgery and various treatments for identity affirmation?
trannies really doing the most on meta huh rip lolcow
(13.74 KB 598x130 1581111767496.png)
>>76 Archived it: https://web.archive.org/web/20200209013144/https://lolcow.farm/meta/res/13204.html To recap: We have a confirmed tranny mod. What happened was, he tried to expose LC's admin as a cow. She was pitching a fit on Discord about all GC anons being racist, "rich white bitches" who are "discriminating" against her, a "brown" Hispanic woman, on top of somehow forcing her to do free labor for them. She peppered this by using racial slurs against other races, ironically enough. Right after the Discord caps were shared, someone on KF exposed the leaker's Twitter account. Anons went digging through the account before he deleted it, and found out he was a cumbrained, femdom-obsessed tranny and a self-admitted moderator. We don't know why he turned against the admin, though. LC's admin responds to all this by not addressing anything at all, threatening to ban anyone who dares bring up the troon mod ever again, and bans some random tranny animeposter, accusing him of being a radfem pretending to be a tranny. As always, when asked for post history or any evidence to back up their claims that all scrotes and trannies on the board are actually radfems LARPing, the farmhands and admin disappear. One of the banned people has been spamming heavily asking for proof, and none of the mods have responded. All this while anti-GC spergs and trannies shitpost in the /meta/ thread freely, as usual. Lolcow has gone to absolute shit.
>>77 why does she have such a hard time explaining herself on /meta/ or on the site generally, but can do so on the lc discord? why does she try to quash all communication and transparency? honestly, who does this if not guilty? does she realize it makes them look so much worse? and why do they continue to let spammers and baiters go unpunished? strangest thing is that admin claims to be a lesbian. her actions and statements on the lc discord and the statements and actions on the site are so disparate. i don't understand why she acts so irrational on the site. it makes staff look so much worse to scapegoat anyone they disagree with and let spammers that routinely call for OT to be nuked, tell "radfems" to kill themselves, go fully unpunished, never redtexted and/or banned.
Do we sage here? I hate how BGC and reddit in general coddles trans people, they are a small part of the fucking population but the way they act is like every single thing they THINK is negative is killing them. I was reading about the TIM Eden because she has some weird drama with Blaire. I found a thread where someone said Eden's boyfriend apperently had some "intamcy" issues with Eden. Sounded gross so I didn't look into it. So of course the HM's came in with the, "it's not our buiness, what are you implying! she's a woman he knows when getting with her she may have this or that" and the you are transphobic bullshit started. I don't know what Eden has nor do I care, it's just they seemed so disgusted someone DARED to questin that shit. Same with GuruGossiper. They rag on every aspect of women but when it comes to transwomen? We can't say are not women, or they make a mockery of what being a woman is. 1/2
>>80 I personally don't see the point of sage on a slow board, so I just don't.
2/2 my point is, how come these spaces of mostly women are so hard on other women but sit there and pussy foot around Transwomen? Even with Nikkie people get upset if you pick at her in any fashion but it was fine when she was seen as a bio woman. for them to do it! I used to get nervous even shit talking a transwoman when they deserved it. I was afraid but I found myself ripping real women to shreads, what kind of brainwashed shit is that? A woman, afraid of talking about a man with fake body parts? it's annoying these MEN do the bare in their careers or their career is based upon being trans and doing shit and get so much praise and protection from WOMEN, that some of us do not give to real women. When a woman gets cheated on, people will bring up everything they knew, they'll blame her, the kids, the dog etc. but when it comes to TIMS We can't discuss how this man's neovagina or dick, may have been a issue for him or his weird fucking boyfriend? Without getting "HOW DARE YOU-" from other women & Tims. these Tim's get praised (Nikita) for looking like uglier kardashians and they stand for less but, "they used to have a dick UWU and they look like they don't now Uwu" shit is fucked up and annoying. i'm happy I changed my thinking. Also the admin drama is so funny I believe the admin is a trans or she has multiples mods or friends who are hence why she hates Radfems and GC so much. (sorry for my shitty writing i'm kind of drunk, Kek)
>>70 They claim it's because going to the bathroom with men poses innate danger to them... right before turning around to say "It's just peeing, nothing will stop predators anyway, all bathrooms should be unisex, why do you care who else is in a restroom near you"
>>84 This is textbook fucking narcissism. The fact that the comments are trying to be comforting is sickening, too. He needs to accept that he doesn't own a name just because it hurts his feelings.
It's all just so tiresome. Saw the #womeninSTEM hashtag and I just KNEW that troons would be all over it. Low and behold, the first post that popped up...
>Transgender Porn Is A Best-Seller, But Is It Good For Trans People? https://www.ibtimes.com/transgender- porn-best-seller-it-good-trans-people-2028219
>>94 Anything to let them "affirm" themselves, huh?
Not sure if anyone remembers, but I'm the anon from the /2X/ GC thread that was reading "I'm Afraid of Men" by Vivek Shraya, a "trans girl". I finished it today and I... It was an audiobook so I don't feel like trying to search for specific quotes but it featured: >90% talking about the pain he felt as a feminine gay/bisexual man. There were times where I had to remind myself he now identifies as trans because a good 70% of the book just reads like a femme homosexual's memoir. He got bullied in school for being feminine, tried to hide himself by portraying/performing straightness, did a lot to prevent other people from coding him as gay (asked a straight male tips on how to look straight). >Confusingly, he was pretty anti-queer throughout. While still keeping the queer mantle. He acknowledged that queer theory means the breaking down of boundaries and this mostly played out in him receiving sexual harassment in gay bars (randos pinching his nipples, his butt, etc.) but not receiving acknowledgement that those things were harassment (his female friends saying "it means he likes you!!"); pretty explicitly said that complaining about dudes sexually harassing you in bars is "unqueer" (he is from Canada, btw). >at separate points lowkey acknowledged his male privilege/misogyny He described being afraid of men after a rideshare driver talked about a random female bystander sexually, but somehow being the person hearing about that is worse than the random woman being sexualized by the man. He talked about a point in his childhood where he was obsessed with kissing and formulated a plan he didn't go through, where he targeted the least attractive/popular girl in his class to force a kiss on - somehow he's still the victim in this scenario. In the end, he says he's afraid of women too (women who don't toe the queer/TRA party line) AFTER a brief stint of talking about how somehow male he is when with only women, but unmale he is in the presence of (straight) men. All I got from this was a G or B feminine male who grew up burdened by a conservative culture and forced into a hypersexual/liberal LGB environment before acknowledging his mental health/self esteem issues. I wonder how common this is. I personally have avoided the LGBT community in my area for precisely the hypersexuality/no boundaries culture it has. I found this book actually relatable on the axis of homosexuality, but it is NOT relatable as a woman.
>>100 I forgot to even mention the part where he talks about missing his chest hair that he shaved off as a man not trying to be seen as feminine, or the muscles he gained trying to simulate straightness. He chalked it (and everything wrong in his life) up to misogyny. Despite the fact that many of his more feminine incidents would have girls being pat on the head for "fulfilling their role". Disgusting. Bonus: at some point he said he tried to be more skinny to embrace his femininity, but it put me off because it sounded like only skinny bodies are feminine. like, try explaining that to the 5th grade girls who grow boobs and ass before everyone else.
(507.09 KB 556x603 sighin.png)
Can we just talk about how men who basically look like 80s rockstars are calling themselves "trans" and "non binary" these days? Really a weird time when the 2020s is more regressive than the 1970s or 1980s. It's like if you don't fit into a 1950s gender norm you're not a female or male lol
(38.95 KB 350x708 1581985725673 (1).jpg)
>>104 >HSTS talking about how they know they are female and/or were "socialized female" because they were bullied for being feminine as children
>>112 I don't understand that argument. How is that female socialization? It's not even close.
The UK Labour party has recently seen all their leadership candidates sign a statement labeling a group called the LGB Alliance as a transphobic hate group. Linking their website first: https://lgballiance.org.uk/ I came across this article on Medium: https://medium.com/@baesharamdrag/yes-the-lgb-alliance-is-a-hate-group-4d0ea268f590 >homophobia and transphobia are both rooted in the same hatred of people who’s behaviour and presentation doesn’t meet the normative stereotypes I think this is what normies actually believe about 'terfs'
>>118 And this is why Labour lost, these people do not understand that the average UK citizen doesn't care about these issues or even agree with them
>>119 They've come out with this *since* losing, there was no TRA nonsense in the election from them, just lots of other nonsense.
very entitled
>>123 This wasn't about a safe work environment. This was about him being mad about someone not wanting to associate with him, and getting them fired. The entitlement is strong with them for sure.
>>112 >>115 Female children who are bullied for being "feminine" is just regular sexism because boys hate everything associated with girls. Then there are the young girls bullied for not being stereotypically feminine enough. HSTS struggles have nothing do with us.
(273.69 KB 1280x1180 1583017663617.jpg)
https://archive.is/aaicv >I looked utterly rubbish and it made me appear like someone who can’t even put a necklace over her head without messing it all up. >Still, it was a miracle that I was able to even spot my mistake because the mirrors in the ladies’ loo at this fashionable London eaterie were tinted sepia, with a vintage, cracked finish that made them look stylish, but at the same time prevented a proper reflection. >‘Only a man could have designed that,’ I thought, then realised, with a wicked thrill, that this was my first disparaging, womanly thought about the uselessness of men. An encouraging sign that I was heading in the right direction, I felt. >Of course, female readers may be thinking at this point, ‘But where is the exciting frontline reporting in all this? It sounds exactly what we’ve all done a million times.’ >To which my answer is: absolutely, yes, it is precisely the same – barring the odd, private, anatomical difference. And that’s my point. There’s absolutely no drama at all. >However, I may not have yet provided quite enough gritty, inside information. So I will answer the question that I’m sure some of you will still be asking by saying, ‘Yes, most of the time I sit down’. True woman, just like us.
>>129 >‘Only a man could have designed that,’ I thought, then realised, with a wicked thrill, that this was my first disparaging, womanly thought about the uselessness of men. Only a man could have written that sentence.
>>120 To come out denying biology is political suicide. Prior to the recent UK election the Liberal Democrats were polling close to Labour but then Jo Swinson took a donation from a tranny group and said women can have can a penis. She alienated a massive group of people that would have otherwise voted for her. Both Labour and the LibDems have abandoned women.
(390.33 KB 1079x1231 retard.jpg)
>>136 >gender harms everyone and needs to be abolished Okay but seriously, why do so many of these types say gender needs to die or be abolished yet uphold it the most? It's like they just like the aesthetic of being radical without having to actually do anything.
(44.38 KB 364x493 1561602474096.jpg)
(482.20 KB 962x1406 twt.png)
>>139 How can one person be so embarrassing? Also, speaking of Twitter >white girls >"girls"
>146 >the racism >the classism >the dramatic reaction More reasons to dislike trannies.
>>146 >catcalling >transphobes Speculation: The tranny received some sort of derogatory comment (e.g. 'get away from me you dirty tranny'), but mentally reframed it to themselves as being 'catcalled' to validate their delusions of being sexually desireable.
>>148 >>149 Haha he's claiming that the screenshot is fake. That's the troon who tried to get some girl who went viral cancelled because a few years ago she tweeted that saying "niggas" is bad. Not because she's actually racist but because the word has dark magical powers despite context. What made it even worse was that people in the thread were talking about how """girls""" tear each other down the most and are the worst misogynists. Yet anyone who pointed out that he's a guy was called a TERF.
(760.30 KB 1376x924 20200328_183601 (1).jpg)
This small part was in the book I'm reading, Rape of the Wild. It shocked me yet seeing some of the crazy people now days, hundreds of years from now men may be crazy enough to try to get their own female reproductive system. I don't know if such a thing would ever be possible, but knowing men they will keep pushing science until they control all aspects of creating life.
In case you forgot that none of this gender snowflake bullshit helps women or addresses oppression. http://www.feministcurrent.com/2017/05/23/pwr-bttm-debacle-demonstrates-queer-politics-dont-protect-women/ >After multiple allegations of sexual assault and harassment, PWR BTTM band member, Ben Hopkins, is being held to account by fans as well as the music industry. "It turns out that gender-neutral pronouns, makeup, and glitter don’t address sex-based oppression." is the best line from this.
https://archive.vn/icIpU Hungary trying to end recognizing trans peoples preferred gender and to record people based on their actual sex instead. Normally I'd brush this off as another weird thing passed in a bill that has nothing to do with it, but with current world events this could help statistic wise (how many men vs women getting sick) plus it ends the crazy legal trans drama. Let's hope this goes through.
So do we like terfs here or nah? My post on reddit was deleted because they dont allow terfs
>>169 Honey, you're in a gender critical thread.
>>169 this board was made for terfs, essentially
https://archive.vn/dVdJl >Coronavirus isn’t transphobic. But America’s economic and health systems are. Trans people at it again with making everything about "me me me", even during times of crisis. Good job. Also fuck Vox
>>178 I'm surprised that they didn't spin it into "Coronavirus kills trans women HARDER, bigots. Stop crying for your family".
>>180 That'd be admitting they're men since a lot of men have been dying from corona in the first place. Unless they want to do some gaslighting ("REAL WOMENS LUNGS ARE BIGGER DEAL WITH IT TURFS reeee")
>>178 The coronavirus literally isn't real. It's some bs made by the elites to enact more policies to control the populace. Do you actually know anyone with corona?
>>182 One of my older relatives has corona. Please stop being retarded.
>>183 do not feed the trolls
>>186 >>183 We only deal in facts here, buddy, so unless you have some papers proving otherwise, you're out of luck
>>187 I know coronavirus is a hot topic right now, if you're going to post about it whether it's real or not go make a new thread. Thanks.
>>183 My Uncle died from Corona, granted he was 68 though
>>178 >>178 "Waaahh can't get muh titty skittles or T or dick chopped off!!" Give me a fucking break. You're not going to die if you miss some fucking hormones (unless they kill themselves) This quote was so fucking insufferable, no one is going to ask you for your fucking neo-pronouns before they ventilate you, Bradyn Julian Sebastian Transtrender. Jfc. These people are the most narcissistic, self obsessed cunts out there.
>>190 truly, just perpetual victim mentality at all times. i wonder what it is they really suffer from besides "muh dysphoria" and just blatant fucking narcissism.
>>191 dysphoria isn't a thing. they only feel like, what any normal person feels when they're overweight and want to be skinny. that's not dysphoria. their porn addiction drives their transition completely. hsts is included to an extent there too.
(160.33 KB 940x788 1579067608826.jpg)
>>194 >Drawing inspiration from a forgotten play by Valerie Solanas&;the woman who wrote the SCUM Manifesto and shot Andy Warhol&;Chu aims her searing wit and surgical intuition at targets ranging from performance art to psychoanalysis, incels to porn. She even has a few barbs reserved for feminists like herself. Each step of the way, she defends the indefensible claim that femaleness is less a biological state and more a fatal existential condition that afflicts the entire human race&; men, women, and everyone else. Or maybe she&;s just projecting. The amount of mental gymnastics they have to do to justify this take as "feminist".. Their twitter isn't better either. Why can't they just jerk off without dragging a whole gender down for it?
>>199 imagine writing this flatulent nonsense that reaches this hard to invoke feminism or activism of any kind, really, but about a limp-dicked mentally stunted man in a halter top. fascinating. couldn't be me.
(112.96 KB 720x462 Capture+_2020-04-13-10-51-26.png)
>>194 This is his answer to telling him he just has a fetish. I've skimmed through his "book" and it seems like it's nothing but 86 pages of what he likes to jerk off to.
>>202 HAHHA OH WOW, this is so fucked up, it doesn't even try to hide it. this is on par with the literal bimbofication chauvinists.
>>202 The SCUM manifesto does say that all men wish they were women. It never says or implies that they *are* women, it's quite explicit in saying they never can be. It also clearly states that women don't share the psychological maladies that it describes men as suffering from. After describing SCUM's goals Solanas has this to say about the ultimate fate of the "faggots who, by their shimmering, flaming example, encourage other men to de-man themselves and thereby make themselves relatively inoffensive": "The few remaining men can exist out their puny days dropped out on drugs or strutting around in drag or passively watching the high-powered female in action, fulfilling themselves as spectators, vicarious livers*[FOOTNOTE: It will be electronically possible for him to tune into any specific female he wants to and follow in detail her every movement. The females will kindly, obligingly consent to this, as it won't hurt them in the slightest and it is a marvelously kind and humane way to treat their unfortunate, handicapped fellow beings.] or breeding in the cow pasture with the toadies, or they can go off to the nearest friendly suicide center where they will be quietly, quickly, and painlessly gassed to death." Of course he probably jacks it to the idea.
>>192 Dysphoria is the exact same as body dysmorphia. It's entirely mental and can be treated without mutilating their bodies. Particularly with kids, who tend to grow out of it.
>>221 it should definitely be treated in the same way, but bdd patients and sufferers are clearly suffering more than troons tbh.
>>211 he clearly doesn't mean that though, or give any acknowledgement to what the manifesto means. he's saying is that the state of being a woman is to be sexualized, that all women, according to him, self objectify, and the nature of our existence is inherently erotic. since all people "want to be women" or "are women" in his example, that means everyone totally wants to or exists as a perpetually objectified being and it's not weird at all! it's like that horrible, incredibly dumb nurse survey where that idiot claimed most women have autogynephilia
>visit mybodygallery after a long time >every 3rd picture is a tranny, sometimes they even post multiple pictures in multiple far apart weight categories I guess the title "what real women look like" really triggered them.
(865.00 KB 720x930 Capture+_2020-04-14-10-43-41.png)
(639.58 KB 720x970 Capture+_2020-04-14-10-45-53.png)
>>246 Especially the one with the ratty wig spammed his pictures in almost every category.
>>247 are you fr? I haven't been on in ages but it used to be very helpful for me when I was feeling particularly insecure. of course they have to spam and attention seek on helpful resources for normal girls. they can't even just attempt and fail to copy thotty trends on thot sites.
Anyone else sick of this stuff being everywhere? I read drama blogs (yeah, I know - not much different than lolcow though) and the person who runs it just pulled a "waaaa I can't get on T because of the virus I'm so sad!!!!" I don't care. I'm not here to pity you, I'm here to poke fun at idiots.
>>250 Yes yes yes, it's so fucking annoying to see the genderspecial shit shoved into every article you read. Especially during now, I want to read about what's happening in the world. I could care less that you can't take your horsepiss pills. Even in group chats I can't escape it. I was gonna write an entire thing here but I'll just leave it as "I can't even talk to my friends without trans shit being brought up by someone randomly and I have to astral project trying to ignore it, so I don't out myself as a radfem".
>>251 >>250 yes I am actually sick of it. Stupid Nikita dragun and fucking performative feminitity all over my snapchat I had to hide it but ugh... then realized most of my early 20’s female friends subscribe to this bs and support it. They are all “yaaaas kween trans rights!!!” but none of them are friends w trannies irl and likely wouldn’t be because the majority of them can’t afford all of that plastic to perform womanhood and just look like freaks.
A pride center in my area is a fucking diaster. 3+ groups dedicated to trans people, not a single group for gays or lesbians exclusively. Everything else is overrun with straight people. They even have groups that include straight people in "LGBT" events. I'm really sick of looking for lesbian only events (I'd even put up with the straight men if it meant meeting a few other lesbians!) and finding nothing but "here's 3 groups for trans people but you get a "general LGBT" women's/men's night")
I'm so tired of seeing gender non conforming women and men on Twitter identify as nonbinary. Absolute themlets.
>>254 At least there's general events around you. The ones near me are all for 55+ or older "LGBT women" which to me is just codeword for MTFs. It's so fucking depressing. It feels like I came out way too late and now all the normal LGB gatherings are just...gone. >>255 >themlets kek
(116.51 KB 1300x868 BMJ6aGFCYAA7GzF.jpg)
Saw this and thought it captured their energy so well tbh
(280.53 KB 1300x868 1586967137239.jpg)
>>261 Attempt at translation.
>>263 >>263 Ty, anon. I didn't feel like going into an editing app and translating. You did a good job at retaining the subtle comedy.
Seriously, if you switch it around to "i'm sorry a man was mean to you on the internet once but that gives you exactly 0 rights to be misandristic" then it's just plain old misogyny at play. It's almost like men retain the same male social behaviors after transitioning. Makes you think. Not sure if this goes in PP or gendercrit thread since it could fit into both.
I was just reading a goddamn sex toy review when the author launched into the following: >And I also want to point out my privilege in not finding the word “Womanizer” triggering, the way many non-binary, genderqueer, and trans folks might. I realize that, for them, my insistence on preferring the Womanizer PRO40 is very frustrating. I know that some sex toy shops won’t even carry the Womanizer because of the name. The part of me that refuses to work with sex toy shops that heavily gender their sex toy listings is incredibly frustrated that I can’t find a Satisfyer product that I like overall half as much as I like that damn Womanizer PRO40. http://dangerouslilly.com/2016/11/womanizer-vs-satisfyer-who-reigns-supreme/ Sex shops won't carry a product because it has the word "woman" in it, making it truly dirtier than any of their other filthy merch.
>>272 Yes! These language policy/switecharoos piss me off too! Everytime I read an article about sex or periods nowadays, they always refer to "vagina-owners" or "people with vaginas/vulvas" Hell, even my menstrual app, Clue, barely mentions the word "woman" I hate it.
>>254 I was just reading about how my city has eight gay clubs, but only one lesbian bar. Even then they can't call it a 'lesbian' bar because they get so much backlash from actual lesbians who just don't want to be called lesbian. Really sad and pathetic.
>>288 Ever since Clue pulled that "gender inclusive" language business I've switched to a different app. Out of all the places to pull that nonsense, you're gonna do it on a period app? Dumbass. Don't know if you're on Android or not but if you or any anons are, Perodical is a good replacement. Good enough for basic tracking at least. https://f-droid.org/en/packages/de.arnowelzel.android.periodical/
>>323 9/10 male tranners are pretty sadistic in some respect, lbr. not surprised. let's see this stunning trans gal receive some much deserved backlash (he won't)
(181.05 KB 750x670 menkudasaine.png)
Don't these men have hobbies besides sending threats online >>324 Why would he? He was brave and stunning! Evil TEHMs get the rope! /s
>>324 He probably see's himself as a 'heterosexual woman' who is normal, his actions here seem personal. He hates gay men because he is a gay man
https://archive.li/DdF7a >The United Kingdom government is set to outlaw gender reassignment or confirmation surgeries for minors as part of reforming Gender Recognition Act set to take place this summer. Don't know much about UK politics but I hope this goes through, I think one of the worst aspects of this trans meme is the fact kids get caught up in it and do irreparable damage to their bodies.
yikes, it looks like there are a lot of women suing these gender clinics in the UK now. this tavistock ordeal is a huge thing. the chairperson for it stepped down last year for "fast-tracking" kids and more women are suing like every week it looks like
>>341 Source?
Just found this. https://womanmeanssomething.com/1034-2/ https://womanmeanssomething.com/targetstudy/ >New Study Shows Gender-Inclusion Policy at Target Stores Associated with Increased Sexual Violence A new study will be published February 3, 2018, analyzing the effects of the gender inclusion policy implemented by Target Stores in April of 2016. Independent researcher Paul Dirks, who provided testimony to the Senate Legal Committee on Canada’s Bill C-16, analyzed 220 media-reported sexual incidents starting in 2003 to determine whether there were any increases in sexual offenses related to the policy. The study, available here, shows that voyeurism-related offenses increased significantly after the publication of Target’s policy—doubling or tripling according to all measures, while other sexual offense categories changed little. The findings are consistent with the “sex-predator” theory which has posited that sexual offenders may use gender-identity policies in private spaces to gain access to women and children in order to perpetrate sexual violence. This study is the first longitudinal analysis of risks related to gender-inclusion policies. The incident database is open-source and is available for further exploration and analysis. Key Findings: -Sexual incidents increased across the entire timeframe, with 44 incidents in the four pre-policy trimesters (Jan ’15-Apr ’16), and 80 in the four post-policy trimesters (May ’16-Aug ’17). -Females were the victims in over ninety-four percent (94.5%) of the incidents, and children the victims in thirty-four percent (34%). All perpetrators were male. -The three-season forced-category measurement found a 2.3x increase in the amount of upskirt incidents after the policy, and a 2.9x increase in peeping tom incidents after the policy. -A Poisson regression found the 4-year pre-policy to post-policy rate change to be 3.03 for Upskirt and 3.14 for Peeping Tom, and the 2-year to be 2.16 for Upskirt and 2.34 for Peeping Tom (both using Trimester as a variable). Quotes: -Joyal (2016) found that no less than 60% of men in his population-based sample reported a desire for voyeurism, and that 50% had engaged in it. -Leclerc (2016) says, “The immediate environment in which crime is committed is not a passive backdrop to events, but actively shapes the offender’s behaviors” and cites Wortley (2001) as identifying four precipitators; prompts, pressures, permissions, and provocations.” -On Monday, July 11th, 2016, at the Ammon Target store in Idaho Sean/Shuana Smith, a transgender individual, recorded an 18-year old woman changing inside a Target dressing room. At Smith’s sentencing in July 2017, Judge Joel Tingey stated, “I, perhaps along with others, thought that Target has now adopted a questionable policy (and wondered) is someone going to come in and victimize someone because of that… You took advantage of that and victimized this young lady.” -In the 16 months since the policy announcement there were 29 Peeping Tom offenses in the media reports, of which 28 were in bathrooms and changerooms. -While it is possible that a general rise in voyeuristic sexual offenses relative to other offenses may account for some of this increase, the magnitude and precise timing of the increase suggests that Target’s gender-inclusion policy accounts for the bulk of it. The most likely hypothesis to explain our findings is that Target’s policy signaled to sexual offenders that voyeuristic offenses would be easier to perpetrate in their stores than elsewhere. We believe that this study shows that gender-inclusion policies can bring about increased harm to women and children.
>>347 thanks for this. so gross.
>>347 I KNEW this had to be a real thing. Troons will cry and scream when not even asked or provoked about this. Honestly, the bathroom shit was the very first thing that made me start being GC. I absolutely knew there had to be more cases of stuff like this after this crap went down.
so what can be said to people who say the perverted crazies are just a "vocal minority"?
>>354 Whenever people say it's just a vocal minority I think they're just ignoring reality. Sure yeah you can think, "but theyre not truuu trans real trans r just dysphoric perverts arent tru trans" but that's just moving the goalpost. They're below 1% of the population and the majority every time without fail are always a freak. And I speak from multiple experiences with them. Show them your average mainstream trans online community on places like Reddit, the amount of degeneracy is endless. Or if you want to really make your point, you just introduce them to one and see how fast they feel uncomfortable when they wear leather miniskirts to a friendly outing.
>>354 Even if that is true, the "vocal minority" are the ones affecting law, policy, and pushing their toxic, homophobic, and anti-science ideology into the mainstream. The so-called rational trans either choose the path of least resistance because it benefits them to break down women's boundaries, are scared of speaking up, or are ostracized from the trans community when they do speak up. People who use that argument fail to realize that the "vocal minority" still has a huge impact on this debate. It was only 10 years ago that I grew up learning to accept gays with the "born this way" message and now it makes me sick to hear that lesbians (aka actual homosexuals) are being punished for their sexuality again because they refuse to suck dick.
https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/08/us/politics/supreme-court-gay-transgender.html What does the garden think of this? I’m personally so tired of the T in LGBT. T is not a sexual orientation in the least (and many troons will fight over this as well), so how does it fit in? The article doesn’t even coherently tie it together, it’s like the homosexual issue is separate from the transgender issue completely.
>>368 I'm annoyed that straight people who latched onto the gay rights movement and are actively involving others in their fetish are considered the same as regular, or crossdressing even, gay men and women.
>>384 >>368 honestly i think it opens the door for idiots with no brains to think "MAPs" and furries and all kinds of shit are on a similar plane. these freaks have been trying to gain minority protection for forever anyways and so many people don't think critically about this shit and just try to be "openminded". t is a liability in a billion different ways, really, not even including the fact that literally like all of them are pornsick sexual predators
(177.28 KB 1024x683 lacreatura.jpg)
>>368 I can understand protecting gay and lesbians from getting fired at their job but why shove the trans shit in this? It's barely related. >Some legal experts said the transgender case, argued second, was the easier one for the plaintiffs, since discrimination against transgender people certainly sounds like discrimination based on sex I'd understand that if it was about firing a man for being a man (which is sex) but we know that's not the case since they wanna spin it as "uwu im being fired for being a laydee thats pretty twansphobic". It's mental gymnastics as always. >>386 All those groups are already trying. See: BDSM pride flags and MAP pride flags.
>>387 >that filename kek. i know they're already trying, but i mean that tranners gaining legal footing opens up the doors even more for them to legally gain protections at the behest of these easily led nitwits posing as activists. obviously the real problem are the pedos and whatevers that are trying to frame themselves as victims for wanting to fuck dogs or children, but that so many people can't come to the right conclusions themselves and shut this shit down is frightening. obviously evil is always trying to get its foot in the door, but if people who aren't into fucking dolphins or children end up advocating on their behalf, as they've so passionately done for trannies, that'll really bite the big weenie. troons have really exposed how many people are useful idiots for any perverse male. literally derailing entire political movements and putting more pressing issues onto the backburner all to accommodate dick
(23.20 KB 981x182 aykpabie3w831.png)
here's a rare case of an actually supportive male dad trying to instill good principles to his daughter unlike the vast majority of fathers. but he has to deal with this
In case anyone wants to show this to other people who say the trans rights movement isn't violent, or you just want to make yourself upset for 20 minutes like me https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOM9J_ZIrYtiMagVRr_jhagMR-XP59TBsJFLwNlcS13iIUT4ovqKRN9zttevr0PmA?key=NmJuV1AyRnVSU3dOS2VObVhLSm1uNUkxRjRBSk9R https://archive.vn/PYgKL
>>454 horrendous display of impotent rage. has anyone done a compilation of the tweets they posted after magdalen died?
>>454 Funny how you never see so-called "violent" TERFs saying shit like this about trans people, TRAs or really...anyone. At most, you can find some anti-feminist incels on /pol/ who just hate anything leftist saying that, but they're all males who definitely don't respect "cis" women, either, so they're basically on par with these TRAs.
(116.70 KB 683x1024 1495680264989.jpg)
>>454 >i will ki/ll all terfs with my sword of A B S O L U T R P O W E R LMAO I know TRAs run rampant with the violent threats but I can't take this one seriously. It gives me strong limpwrist fedora vibes.
(303.98 KB 1200x1200 EW51cq3UEAEraLq.jpg)
my friends were watching a new show while i was around and i heard, what i assumed, was a gay man. turn around and recognize the face, can't quite remember who it is. lo and behold, it's gigi gorgeous. i didn't know he got into genuine acting.
>>480 he seems like he'd be a terrible actor. was he terrible? his shit will never not look jacked. he looks like a rich lion that can't lay off the juvederm
Happy to be back here. This is a little OT but one of my friends was bragging about how hot this transwoman Bailey Jay and her husband was. I looked them up and Bailey is very basic for a women but I guess for a transwomen she passes, not unattractive , kind of chubby (which helps), but her husband. Oof, he looks like just the kind of dude who'd date a transwomen. While I have very little like for modern day transwomen, I do feel bad for them because even the ones who are attractive and pass, have a shitty group of men to choose from. >>480
>>480 the first time i saw Gigi I was shocked, people use certain Tim's to go, "they pass so well!" and Gigi, Nikita, Blaire White and Eden the doll were mentioned, out of all of them Gigi, Blaire and Eden made me roll my eyes, especially Gigi he looks like a man, his breast implants are worst then Blaires.
(77.60 KB 900x600 EADFAERGA_423912.jpg)
>>481 i cant really say if he's good or bad as i only saw a little, but everyone in that part of the show was awful so just in case people are here that have never seen him w/o airbrushing. (since that pic is pretty edited)
(183.63 KB 1223x1417 e79687ea1a0fe582d4ba42ddfa95b194.jpg)
Any Idea as to why Nats gatty (a lesbian heiress) married him, she was the one who perused a relationship with him, asked him to marry her and seems absolutely in love with Gigi
>>492 no clue. it's truly bizarre. maybe the fact that she rarely looks sober has something to do with it, because I can't possibly see the attraction. it's not like he has a shimmering gem of a personality. remember that video he made about how periods are so disgusting, being a woman is disgusting and icky, etc?
>>493 according to blanchard, A lot of MTF chasers are Gyno Andro MorphoPhiles (GAMP) meaning they're attracted to the femininity of MtFs and their estrogenized male bodies rather than being attracted to women and counting MtFs as such. Its possible that .Nats is female GAMP, attracted to Gigi for similar reasons as stated above, I have seen butch lesbians crush on male crossdressers before
>>494 the horse piss has not done a damn thing to feminize him though. he looks exactly the same. it has to be just straight fetishizing performative femininity? if you're into gigi you just like dudes in dresses, let's be real. there's like, no gray area with this guy. jazz and all those are one thing... this is just a guy in bandage dresses.
>>495 >it has to be just straight fetishizing performative femininity Anon that's literally what I had posted, Gats is attracted to Gigi's display of hyper femininity rather then his sex
>>496 technically you said >their femininity and their estrogenized male bodies there is something to be said for those that experience actual morphological changes as a result of hrt, gigi hasn't, so the femininity + feminized male bodies isn't a thing in this case
>>497 well thats just semantics but either way do you agree that Nats is attracted towards gigis outward display of hyper femininity
>>498 i guess, unless they have some kind of emotional connection and it's platonic? do we even know if they're sexual with each other?
>>499 Gigi talked about it, Nats is a pillow princess and GIgi basically just eats her out and uses a vibrator and dildo her >>500 I suspect the hormones killed any and all sex drive he had and now he's basically going through the mentions preforming sex acts for Nats
>>501 So he doesn't want PIV (because he's a gay man) or he can't give PIV because he's a gay man who has ED from hormones? Man the things these people do to play pretend.
>>502 the latter, his dick doesn't work cause of the hormones, he can't cum at all giving or receiving
>>502 Well thats fucking sad. Another man who ruined his body just to look like a knock off barbie. It kind makes me wonder about people like Nikita, are they lying about being so horny, forcing it or haven't gotten to that point? Does Nikita even have a penis? It's all so confusing and sick.
>>507 >>502 I mean in a fucked up way they fit each other, Gigi has no sex drive so he likely wont ever force himself on Nats and Nats gets a hyper feminine distorted plastic sex doll who eats her out and fucks her when ever wants without ever asking for any sexual favors in return
I didn't think I could peak anymore but I was listening to some old music, I was listening to a song by a rapper name Chingy, I looked him up seeing what happened to him and if he had any new music Turns out he had his career ruined by a clout chasing Transwomen Sydney Starr (who has been known for lying on and outing men for years now) All because he took a picture with him as a fan. This person went around telling a whole story ruining his career. Not only does that goes to show how homophobic the hip hop community and transwomen are (They are a woman until they get mad/lie or don't get paid, then they expose men because they know it's gay) but it shows so much self hate. Imagine being in the LGBT and outing someone.I've heard a lot of stories of transwomen doing this and they aren't all sex workers. It's so messed up and homphobic. It's still happening.
(354.32 KB 750x1835 56.png)
Watch them all end up being men anyway. Thanks Royal Pharmaceutical Society.
>>513 >>513 terrifying that a pharmaceutical society is ignoring sex. what sucks is that going in blind regarding sex and pharmaceuticals/their medical treatment is that, i think, it's primarily going to negatively affect tifs and not tims since our vascular system is so much more fragile. women get the shaft every time
>>512 the males are all narcissists that live to ruin lives, even the hsts ones like Sidney. ot but lol I just went down a Chingy rabbit hole and apparently he's a black Hebrew israelite now
>>516 I was surprised about that as well. Trannies who fuck rappers are savage. The one who accused Tyga (and tried to make it seem like they had a relationship instead of just sex that he was paying him for) did an interview bragging about sleeping with Charlie Sheen and being a star fucker then they are always whining about why no one wants to admit to being in love with a transwomen. 1 none of these men are in love with you, 2. You are a well-known escort. 3. you look horrible 4. you fucked Charlie sheen. 5. You out men 6.You leaked a nude and lied about it. 7. You bragged about dating a corny rapper who was dating a underaged girl. . Anyone who fucks with them are mentally insane. men suck. Transwomen who do sex work are a different breed of crazy then the normal SJW trans. If you look into all the drama and horrible things they do it'd blow your mind. These people are not women, they are men and they look & act like it. >>513 This is scary and annoying.
>>517 I forgot to add that the men who do admit to sleeping with transwomen (JIm Norton) talk about them like they are pieces of shit. The dude has a fetish for them and promotes sex work and I've heard some trannies promote him as an TRA. No he's not. He's a man who wants to have risky sex because he's already got a piss fetish, already is addicted to porn and sex. It's crazy how people like him tend to be the people who mess with transwomen or become one. It's never well adjusted people.
I've been reading these threads for a while but still don't fully understand. Why would women choose to be men? Men seem to get more out of being females than women do as men. Most ftm I see are on ig who keep their girly fashion style but grow facial hair and call themselve queer.
>>519 many women do seem to do that. there are traumatized women and pressured lesbians that do transition though and i can understand that. they feel like they can partially escape being objectified and treated like shit. and not going to lie, i've always wanted to be a guy ever since i was a kid. i just really, really hate being female. i would never be able to forget about the fact that i'd be an impostor, but everything about being a man seems more appealing to me, even beyond obviously escaping subjugation and being objectified.
>>519 >Most ftm I see are on ig who keep their girly fashion style but grow facial hair and call themselve queer. God that makes me think of the one girl, I don't even remember her name, the one who wears the dresses but somehow has a pubestache and pedophile glasses. >>521 I feel for FtMs more just because of that. It sucks how encouraged it is for any mental health issue especially trauma. If they had a better support system and treatment (therapy or whatever else) they wouldn't have to go down that route. I crave the social status men have in society as well, but wouldn't really want to have a penis and have my brain on horny mode 24/7.
>>519 A lot of TiFs tend to "pass" and will reap the day to day privileges a man has when interacting with strangers and acquaintances. I'm really involved in a few areas that have lots of TiFs so I've seen some patterns. Some women transition because of abuse, dysmorphia (in the sense of eating disorders), and internalized homophobia (for bi and lesbian women). Most detransitioners fall into this area. Others transition because of internalized misogyny, that they later externalize. Look at Kalvin Garrah, who claims that women are "naturally attention whores." She very clearly has some unresolved issues that probably came from being the weird girl in school. Yaoi addicted/sheltered fujo teenagers transition because of pornsickness in the same way a lot of men transition because of pornsickness. They have a fetish for the opposite sex, especially the gay opposite sex. 99% of ROGD girls fall into this area, and they usually come from old Tumblr. Some just fall for the meme that any discomfort with your body is dysphoria because they're involved in LGB/T groups. They start testosterone, stop, and then identify as "nonbinary" so they're still cool within their friend group.
>>519 >>524 Whats the point of passing, most TIFs who aren't Aydens end up looking like short, ugly, balding men with feminine voices and have no dicks who wants to be that type of man
>>525 because you no longer get male attention. for some of them, that's exactly what they want.
>>526 You're still gonna get attention though, a short feminine man, with a weak jaw and a weird voice arguably gets the same level of negative attention
>>527 it's a different kind of attention and it's less sexually charged. i doubt any of them expect to end up ugly and balding because there's so little genuine information about HRT and what is does, just like TIMS.
>>528 Yes it might be less sexually harassment, but If I were to transition I would still be relentlessnessly mocked and made fun of by men, I might even face physical assault If I come across as "gay" to them
>>529 a lot of them that are legitimately into it don't seem gay. if you have the height and build for it, i don't think many men can tell. gays are still preferred over women though in professional capacities and such.
(164.84 KB 720x1131 Capture+_2020-05-10-09-27-10.png)
>being able to empathize with women means you're a woman >wanting to wear cute clothes means you're a woman >wanting to be "treated like a woman"(aka pampered in their misogynistic minds) means you're a woman The absolute state. https://turn-me-into-a-girl.com/
I'm using a stay sober app that counts your days of sobrerity. The milestone comments have been invaded by tifs who post about trans rights and write "3 weeks on testosterone, I'm getting manlier" - wtf does this has to do with quitting addiction? Is there anything they won't derail?
On lipstick ally there's a trending post where they are reading this trans women for telling women to stop relating their periods to "woman hood". There was also a very good thread about a video where a black trans women blamed black women for violence and for trying to "gate keep womanhood". Black women and trans women relations have been very tense mainly because the self hating gay men who are trans women. It's amazing how women can have great relationships with gay men, yes some gay men are toxic in how they talk/treat women, but for years, gay men have hung with women just fine. Yet these super gay, women hating men come out of nowhere blaming all their issues on the same black women who they mimic and/or hung out with because no one else would. I know plenty of black men who are friends with butch, cross dressing women or trans men, I know very few women who are friends with TIMs. I know they are a very small part of the population but it's crazy how people mainly have a issue with TIMs, who are always using black people for their agenda but blame us for things we took no part in. We've come a long way with homophobia when it comes to the black community, but I don't think we'll ever be at a point where POC are transing out their childern or accepting of it. If anything the odd trans woman is tolerated or sadly a street walker with mental issues. As a black woman the very few TiM's i've spoken to never said they were female or believed they were, they also called "straight men" who they fucked what they were "closet cases", they usually didn't date black, they'd have white older boyfriends or gay men who were comfortable being gay. There are gender critical trans women, but I haven't met one who didn't hate women.
(64.04 KB 1080x838 20200510_223022.jpg)
>does not equal masculinity, it's just a body part They got it figured halfway.
>>590 I mean it doesn't, one of the most femme and sensitive guys I dated also happened to have the the biggest dick
I use dress up games to waste time - I like Picrew and used to like stuff like Doll Divine before it went under and essentially made english Picrew It is... full of TiFs. Absolutely full of them. And there's tons of virtue signalling from the site maker with the stuff on her account. https://meiker.io/games/tag/trans https://meiker.io/games/tag/lgbt https://meiker.io/play/11462/online.html While things shouldn't be gendered, dress up games are definitely "feminine" in the eyes of society and the amount of people who claim they are men because they identify with masculine stereotypes yet are playing and making a shitload of dress up games is interesting. It's also just annoying to see so much virtue signalling on a dress up game maker. I'm a lesbian and I could care less about having pride flags in dress up or dress up makers dedicated to pride.
(239.60 KB 588x1710 classic twitter.jpg)
TRA says TERFs witch hunt, while making an unedited Tweet with 4K notes, encouraging a witch hunt and causing the original artist to lock their account.
Why is it okay to threaten "terfs"? Wtf happened that the broad public accept cross dressing perverts as women? What went wrong?? I'm not a woman*. I'm a woman. I don't need this stupid lil star at the door the the public bathrooms. I have two X chromosomes and no cross dressing male will ever have them. I'm so done with this world.
(111.86 KB 1250x385 IMG_20200514_155256.jpg)
>>606 I love this artist!! I can't believe he's a man... He locked his account to block people I guess, but it has been unlocked already. Witch hunts are the worst, I hope he's okay.
>>607 Do you remember when people were ranting and raving about "feminazis" and how they needed to be beaten to death because they were hateful? Same shit. It's ok to threaten women if you put a catchy label on them like feminazi or terf. New age witch hunts. >>608 Normally I am distrustful of males interested in feminist causes, but I've seen his comics posted a few times on Insta and they are pretty cute. And they're right in those tweet screenshots anyway.
(32.40 KB 668x276 2003-06-08.gif)
>>608 >>609 a 50 year old Japanese America man, apparently the shift if in his mainly apolitical gag-a-week webcomic when he started dating a radical feminist(whom he eventually had a kid with)
In an online community I'm in that is about 95% female and fairly innocent, it was recently revealed that a TIM was hitting on several girls(some of whom were underaged) and collecting their nudes and sharing them. He even used language such as "I want to destroy you with my dick", but it's a very SJW, libfem sort of safe space and all them are still respecting his pronouns and shit like that. It's just wild to me that out of all the years this community has been active, of course the first huge instance of someone being a creeper is a TIM.
>>612 hope there’s somewhere he can be reported for having nudes of underage girls. And I don’t think any of that is wild in the least, that’s what TIMs do. They prey on women and children while (poorly)disguised as women. I fucking hate them.
(36.16 KB 1492x338 1589599722840.png)
(2.60 MB 4164x2036 1589601548346.png)
(4.09 MB 5016x2564 1589601636102.png)
Someone necro'd a Gender Critical thread on Lolcow's /ot/ to post some things I haven't seen before. I want to talk about them, but LC is now Twitter libfem/infighting central, and I'm not really interested in getting screeched at and banned for "GC sperging". I'm not sure why anons bother trying to bring it back there. The admin has spoken, the mod team is most likely compromised with trannies, and Asherah's Garden has a much better (albeit smaller) community IMO. Anyway, apparently this is from 9chan, an 8chan splinter site run by Null. Not sure if it's a safe site, follow link at own risk. https://9chan.tw/newhalf This sub-board seems like someone's attempt to continue "Reiko"'s legacy of influencing teenage boys to transition for fetish reasons. The rest is just a dump of "transracial" shit someone replied with. TRAs insisted being "transracial" is completely different from being "transgender", and that this would never happen, but now here we are.
(824.09 KB 1240x886 1589601692045.png)
(6.55 MB 4788x1888 1589601787084.png)
>>638 Two more images. >Tired of waiting to meet the girl of my dreams, so I chose to become her and find the man of my dreams!! Like, how do they still insist Blanchard is wrong? >Fetishes >[..] "black lives matter (everything to do with it)" [...] Everything about this is so grotesque and offensive.
>>638 >>639 The sticky reminds me of those MtF generals on 4chans /lgbt/ or the usual degeneracy on /trash/. I don't think anything can beat the insanity of Reiko's Discord cult though. At least 9chan is a public site, god only knows what really went down in the server. As for the black larper, what the fuck is it with mens mid life crisis where they try and become their fetish irl? Why is stereotypical black women even their fetish? It's so fucking bizarre.
>>638 >>639 predictable. disgusting, but so totally predictable. >fetishizing black lives matter holy fuck and anons need to stop posting on lc permanently, honestly. it's a goner period. the userbase is horrible now and the mods and admin are somehow even worse. even the drama boards that admin loves so well are completely falling apart
>>638 has anyone gotten null's take on this? is he changing his tunes on trannies now or is he ignorant to this board? it is peak degeneracy and a smear on even his name. is it dead? i haven't clicked.
>>642 He's a free speech extremist. If it isn't literally illegal to post (e.g. child porn) he will defend it's right to exist on his platform to the death. Doesn't mean he agrees with it.
>>638 Weird because Null and Kiwi are pretty much 95% Terfs, sure there's a lot of trannies there, sure there's been rumors about Null & trannies, but it seems even when they hate TERFS they still are 80% agaisnt current day trans non-sense. >>640 They already fetishize black people. They use the deaths of black trans women to push that they are in SO much danger, they use black people to go, "It's like saying you won't date a black person!!!" And they use black people in their sports agurments as well. They love comparing black women to trans women or the death of black trans women unrelated to them being trans to play victim. and I love LC but lurking meta you'll see some of the Farmhands/admin posting snarky shit in ban messages about feminist. I honestly feel like the admin made a trans friend irl and went soft.
>>651 Let me not say they are "TERFS" but they are anti- trans, I often forget what the RF stands for because Trans folx love to call anyone a terf. There are some RF on Kiwi, but i think there's more people who are in general, like I said, agaisnt current day trans bullshit.
I hate handmaidens so much. There was a post about a woman telling a man she used to be a man, because they wouldn't leave her alone when she said she had a boyfriend. >Btw, using trans people like that, yikes
>>672 Ah yes, the troons are the Real Victims™ in a story about the harassment women face everyday. It's almost stunning that their NPD is so strong that they've like, outsourced their NPD to their minions. It's contagious or something.
>>682 I've honestly never seen a mental illness as contagious as the NPD and "dysphoria" of troons. It's so shocking to me that people truly believe their bullshit, and I really don't know how it works.
https://www.autostraddle.com/hbos-betty-is-here-and-its-skater-girls-are-queer/ >Show about women. >Show mentions a tomboy who hates her female body. >mUh TrAnS rEp
>>684 I've always thought that in a few decades gender ideology is going to be used as a case study in social contagion. Real talk though, a large amount of people who parrot TWAW lack a fundamental understanding of ontology, and are thus easily manipulated into believing falsehoods. Postmodernism is a fucking scourge on philosophical and scientific inquiry.
TRAs keep calling Tatsuya Ishida a she in tweets about him... Misgendering much LOL
(28.17 KB 477x364 jjjj.PNG)
(229.27 KB 682x910 1543963846843.jpg)
>>695 >Trans women began innovating back when cis women were still giving Little House on the Prairie Because at the end of the day, all that matters about a person or a group of people is the clothing they wear... right? Here shines the extent of a tranny's worldview and, more specifically, their view of the female sex and centuries of the oppression women have endured - nothing more than a fashion statement. If they'd ever so kindly allow me to judge them according to their physical appearance and clothing style, likewise to how they judged cisgender women in that tweet, I present the attached image to demonstrate their renowned contributions to fashion and taste.
(84.04 KB 733x960 yq1f95jiewg21.jpg)
>>695 If they mean that heavy IG/drag-tier makeup, then I agree. Men basically need to paint themselves a whole new face and hide their masculine features to look even vaguely like women. That's why it's fucked up and sad that so many actual women wear it and even think they're ugly without it. Anything else is a cope, though. Their entire being has been about trying to cosplay as us since forever. Also, I just know all the TiMs who liked and RTed that post look like pic related, gassing themselves up. They're so delusional.
>>699 but it had nothing to do with trannies. it had everything to do with gay men in drag.
(42.76 KB 603x266 genderwoowoo.jpg)
So apparently Graham Linehan and some gender critical feminists got "genderwoowoo" trending. And naturally, the TRAs and trannies are mad. If the LGBT movement has been "dragged back to the 80s" (it hasn't), I'm pretty sure the antics of the T would largely be at fault.
Weird observation, I'm mutuals this girl on Twitter and she posted some story about her childhood and how she used to identify as trans due to bullying/trauma being female, the usual story but later detransitioned when she came to terms with her body...but for some reason she's never received any bullshit for it at least publicly. Like, it's just weird because usually when you hear about some random person detransitioning there's always other trannies hunting them down to shit talk them or spread rumors. I wonder what causes the usual shitstorm to happen when people detrans. Maybe she's just lucky. Anyway here's wonderwall. >>700 Well to them, they think guys wearing drag are really women. They're right but only in their heads kek
I find it funny how the transgender argument goes like "i like makeup, women like makeup, therefor I am a woman" yet almost all of the most famous makeup artists on YT are male, most aren't even trans. p.s. of course it's men setting the standard of "beauty" that women are supposed to follow. https://youtu.be/DQdXVLSYu-0
>>760 Tbf most men who do makeup are gay and it's because they really want to attract the attention of straight men by mimicking women.
(128.98 KB 720x1228 20200528_140042.jpg)
Flocculencyy: a mtf who has creepy obsession with pretending to be an "uwu weak smol girl" while also filling himself with basic bitch stereotypes such as stanning Arianna Grande and such ended up being a pedophile. Not first time that happened, but last time everyone defended him because he used LGBT as a sheild. Also owns a NSFW Twitter account where he posts his ass and underwear. This time, he got "cancelled" for hitting on barely legal child and almost manipulating him into meeting up with him to hook up: https://twitter.com/fpskuromi/status/1265664777851985920?s=19
>>812 Being a predator and a pedophile is literally a prerequisite for being a male troon at this point. Unsurprisingly, he looks exactly what I figure he'd look like. Another one that I have a feeling was not gay or bi until he started fetishizing the "role" of a woman. I don't think a lot of these men were even bi or repressed bisexuals. I genuinely think the erotic target location error is that strong.
>>812 So close yet so far...
https://apnews.com/5c1d9682fb92ed9c277c7e139bdab9ed >A Connecticut policy that allows transgender athletes to compete as girls in high school sports violates the civil rights of athletes who have always identified as female, according to a letter from the U.S. Education Department’s civil rights office that was obtained Thursday by The Associated Press. It's always a little hard reading sentences like "always identified as female" but this seems like a win for womens sports.
>>815 > always identified as female so are male and female descriptors you can identify into now? must we now resort to vagina-havers and penis people?
(285.04 KB 1072x1942 women.jpg)
(472.82 KB 932x665 rowling.png)
Troons are accusing JK Rowling of not being safe around children because she has GC views. Hope she sues the shit out them. What a queen she is.
>bisexual=dyke and faggot
Countries where homosexual is illegal versus countries where being trans is illegal. Privileged people on Twitter will have you believe a whole different narrative about how this all works, lmao. Source: https://www.humandignitytrust.org/lgbt-the-law/map-of-criminalisation/
>>832 To drive the point home >73 vs 15 But "gay people are privileged over trans people", I guess.
(51.13 KB 477x618 EZXcjkXWAAEhtnX.jpg)
Anonymous we r legun are active again, and people went digging through their tweets and found fender critical stuff from two years ago, so now they're trying to "cancel" them or claim they are "not the real Anonymous". What a clown show.
>>843 I think they forgot that most Anonymous hackers (which isn't even one group, there's multiple claiming the same name) originated from 4chan. Should have been cancelled from the start in their eyes lmao
>>844 Oh, I know. If these fucks knew about the old Habbo Hotel raids, they'd scream about it.
>>846 This is what I’m so pissed about right now. People on twitter are like PRAISE ANONYMOUS ANONYMOUS IS BACK. Literally nobody even understands.
>>849 these quotes are so disgusting and some of the most dehumanizing ive seen from them
>>851 God I remember this shit, it's just an entire book with insane ramblings about this mans bimbofication fetish and his hatred for women. Why even sell this? Not only is it dumb trans shit but it's fucking unreadable. It's like an insane mans manifesto.
>>849 What the absolute fuck is this? Jesus. What kind of a man believes this?
Anybody know what happened to that genderhammer site that's in the OP? It leads me straight to some chinese porn site...
My two best friends are TIFs. I don't know how this happened. I am a GNC woman and I just naturally vibe well with other GNC women.... I love them but I also wish they would consider how they are hurting their bodies more. It's hard to be GNC and I want them to love themselves. I know if I ever brought it up with them, they would hate me though, so I will stay silent and root for them from the sidelines.
Any of you ever think that if goth and emo culture didn't die from the mainstream we'd be seeing a lot less of tifs and Tim's
>>863 As a former goth I resent this comparison.
>>864 I'm just saying that if their was a healthy mainstream gnc alternative subculture like goths and emos then we would be seeing a lot less trans kids
>>863 Kek, probably not. Those fashion movements just got replaced by stuff like e-girl or whatever it's called, so probably not. If anything they might have been hand in hand if it was current day but only for some of the troons. And just remember if it wasn't trans being a hip mental illness to have, it'd be something else. Before it was anorexia. Who knows what's next. >>860 A lot of sites in OP are either dead or inactive.
>>866 Anon don't even think of comparing goth culture and fashion to eboys and egirls, it's like comparing soldiers to airsoft players
(19.13 KB 616x217 Untitled.jpg)
God, any time another group - be it women or blacks or whomever - have something going, they just have to latch on like ticks, don't they?
>>868 Everything is about them, but whenever women want something to themselves it's wrong. TBH, I've had way too many real life and online expereinces with black TiMs to know they give less a crap about black women then the white trannies do. We are seriously useless to them, especially since most black trans women are gay. I've had them tell me I had to stand for them, but them not for me because "i have more power", of course a LOT of them agree with the "Black women are why men won't date us proudly!" and everything is our faults. Not the disgusting, closet cases they choose to date. I stay out of their mess, I consider it male on male drama. They ask women to stand for them because even as MEN they know that men aren't going to be fighting for them, but then they treat the people more likely to accept them like dirt. Just like so many men do women, notice that? Alot of people on lipstick ally were talking about this. It hurts even more that these men in some cases have LESS respect for us while trying to be a poor imatition of us then normal men.
>>869 Black tims probably hate black women arguebely more then white tims hate white women, black tims often project their undesirablity towards black women, calling them masculine and ugly
>>869 >TiMs telling women that women have more power than they do Yes, that's why it's 2020, and we're still having to stand up and fight stupid politicians who want to fuck with abortion or even birth control. Meanwhile, trans rights have gone from obscure to mainstream in less than ten years. Fucking deluded fucks.
>>868 Are you all following this Iyanna Dior shit??? Google it and every article that comes up is “black trans woman is jumped by 300 men for being trans! BLACK TRANS LIVES MATTER!” the dude was drunk and was trying to hit and run multiple cars, and then talked shit to one of the people he hit and 4 women jumped him for trying to run. it’s literally all in the full video, but they’re clipping out just the fight part and calling it being assaulted by men. The men are trying to break up the fight between 4 women jumping all over the troon. I’m so sick of it. It has caused me to get off the internet for a couple days. People are FLOODING this dudes cashapp with money and calling for justice, acting like this person was beaten within an inch of his life when he doesn’t even have visible bruising and no wounds whatsoever. No broken bones. Not a scratch. I’m just.... ugh.
(256.53 KB 1646x802 1200.jpg)
How would you counter the genetic freak argument some TRAs use regarding Troons in sports ? I was having a discussion with a acquaintance about TIMs in sports and did the usual talking about points, but then they brought up Micheal Phelps and Eddie Hall Michael Phelps and Eddie hall are both one on 10 million genetic freaks who have various biological advantages over other men is swimming and weightlifting but are still allowed compete professionally even though they have advantages for average people,
(111.49 KB 603x689 the truth.jpg)
JK Rowling finally took the gloves off and said what needed to be said, instead of just liking a few vaguely gender critical Tweets. Is this the biggest celebrity we've had speak up on this shit so far? I hope it continues.
>>884 For some reason my brain jumps to female SPARTAN-IIs from Halo. I don't know. To be competitive and especially when it comes to the medal podium you have to be a genetic freak of nature. Professional sports isn't about average people. Now Vichy France was all about amateurism in sports. The first woman recently became a fully fledged Army Ranger and US special forces soldier in general. There's something here, but I can't articulate it.
>>886 even then a female genetic freak of nature like Serena Williams who is #1 in womens tennis has lower physical stats then the her male counterpart who is ranked #400
>>885 I love how her tweets do not say anything controversial, nor are they antagonistic. However, these people will still act like she commit genocide against troons. I hope she never backtracks on her GC stance.
I've been watching the responses to JK on different sites. On Dlisted a group of gay men/women who hate all women and say the most horrible shit, are of course putting on capes for men. I love how Jk must shut the fuck up, she's stupid, she can't speak for trans people...but trans people can speak for women/men? Funny. They can change words to fit them and we must accept, they can say what a woman is or isn't but a woman born a women can't. They can say they are attacked for breathing, but attack women who are attacked 20 times more and are ACTUALLY overwhelmingly attacked in sex based crimes. MEN are our common enemy but transwomen/men all hate WOMEN. I looked on celebitchy a supposedly "feminist" site and saw the lone post about JK being a terf. A whole bunch of women who rip women apart ALL day long for fashion, just anything but in the name of "feminism", are shitting on JK. Spouting bullshit, saying, "Some people think they own womenhood" just bullshit. I look on Datalounge, a site for gay men, oh look? Everyone is upset, everyone is calling TRA bullshit for what it is, homophobia, everyone understands that MEN are screaming at a WOMAN for her womanhood. Of course Lipstick ally is sick of it since transwomen of all colors shit on black women,They only care to shit on black men when they won't fuck them. I find it funny. That Datalounge/lipstick ally, two sites that I actually think have the biggest amount of their targetted audience (black women and in Datalounge's case gay men) are not jumping down JK's throat. I know it's pointless but you can always tell who actually deals with trans shit outside the internet, who actually looks into it and who just follows the basic understandings of it. Gay men KNOW what trans shit does, black women KNOW, Lesbians KNOW. A lot of them will ignore it, but more and more people are tired. Gay men are TIRED of being told to accept pussy, lesbians are TIRED of being harassed for being same sex attracted instead of..whatever the fuck transbiens whined about. WOMEN are tired. We live it. We see it. We don't hate them but we hate the TRA's. No one will care until it hurts men. So now lets all sit around and harass a WOMAN in the name of men. Thats so woke. in 2020 a man's opinion on womanhood matters more then a actual woman.
>>885 I've just read about 100 replies of each of her tweets and not a single one actually argues or adresses anything she says besides of nitpicking her choice of words. It's really 100% strawmanning, putting words in her mouth and namecalling. Just wow.
>>890 I decided to go to ONTD to see what they were saying, and unsurprisingly, they're shitting on Rowling. Lipstick Alley might be a mess for other reasons, but I'll give them credit. They're right when it comes to trans shit. It's depressing seeing other female dominated spaces tripping over themselves to suck girlcock.
(51.82 KB 400x533 1560810733340.jpg)
This is more a vent than anything, but it’s on-topic. I just can’t believe I used to believe people when they insisted that this is a person with a “woman’s brain”. Talk about dumb bitch juice, lmao. I can't understand how anyone could be so brainwashed, to the point of attacking actual women to protect "the cause". And we're supposed to turn our heads and pretend we don't see when they act like the worst men we know (being entitled, being low-empathy, narcissistic, violent, sexually abusive)? And when they admit they used to literally be Nazi incels? I just can't, fuck that mess.
(1.84 MB 1800x906 refimg.png)
>University of Alberta fires anthropology professor for saying biological sex is real https://thepostmillennial.com/university-of-alberta-fires-anthropology-professor-for-saying-biological-sex-is-real >Kathleen Lowery, an academic at the University of Alberta, has been fired from her role as associate chair of undergraduate programs in the Department of Anthropology for expressing gender-critical feminist ideas, according to the Centre for Free Expression. [..] >The University did not give any reasons for dismissal, other than the fact an informal complaint had been received. They said that "it is not in the best interests of the students or the University" for Lowery to continue in her post. >It is remarkable how much power the students now have—over female teachers, at least. All they need to do is whisper the magic word "transphobia" behind closed doors for the institution to show her the door. They really want women to have no rights, no identity, no being. Everything they accuse "transphobes" and "TERFs" of doing is what they actually want to do to women.
(98.25 KB 1212x720 5gsnchc2xe131.jpg)
i don’t understand these type of comics at all. why can’t they just answer the ‘are you male or female question’?? >also that Soy Uke pin
>>896 >soy uke Definitely a fujoshi. Also, they want the world to know they're "uncomfortable with the gender binary" and "don't want to be categorized", even though no one really gives a shit. What I want to know is how many of them actually get asked about their gender IRL. Most of the people doing this shit aren't androgynous, they're just girls with short hair.
>>893 I was pleasantly surprised when they had other gender critical people speak up in previous posts. I don't know what happened. There's only two, now. Did everyone get scared off?
https://archive.vn/13IPG JK explaining her feelings about transgenderism. Very happy to see at least ONE influential figure give some critical opinions on this. She also has fuck you money so if troons try and cancel her again it wouldn't even hurt her. I don't fully agree with her on some points (encouraging gender transitioning be done via doctors approval in the first place when it should be a very, very last resort solution when therapy and medication fail) but that's probably just nitpicking on my part.
>>903 God she's so inspiring. I'm going to 'come out' as GC on normiebook I think by mentioning that she's awesome.
>>903 I’m so happy that she has not backed down on her views and am moved by her bravery and how much she cares for women’s rights. Hopefully, this will allow for more influential people to speak out for women.
>>903 Everything she said is so reasonable and yet I've still seen FB friends respond to the news stories that she's in the wrong. I'm guessing they're only reading the headlines and not her essay, because it's "wrongthink" to even consider her opinion.
>>903 Great essay, but it'll be seen as 'Karen' shit, unfortunately.
>>903 I saw someone call her an actual villain for writing this. Fucking hell, some of these people are beyond hope. Good on JK for not backing down to these screeching idiots though. I hope this inspires more people to speak up.
(16.02 KB 487x207 thathappened.PNG)
a lot of crazy shit on twitter
(43.86 KB 478x388 2.PNG)
>>903 Are there any rational TRA responses to this? Genuinely asking. I can't find any under all the twitter screeching. I have always been on the fence about GC stuff, not entirely here nor there and I would like to read some arguments from the other side but they just keep shouting wrongthink and calling her transphobic.
>>924 Nope, it's all "Trans women are women", "You are killing people!!!""Fuck off Terf" and long long tweets of people talking about how much JK hurts people and how we should "believe the experiences of people who live it" Except for the experiences of women. Basically TRA's don't seem to even be reading what she said, lying about what she said, or being extra emotional going down the "Words are violence" aka "Shut the fuck up Terf!!" I've yet to see someone say anything that wasn't the usual TRA "because they/I/she/he SAID THIS!"
Coming from a mtf
>>926 That person is miserable and homophobic as hell. You can tell they don't have any life outside of twitter and their photoshopped face tuned picture looks horrible. I love tranners who try to bait gay men or cis people, because it just peaks people. You hate transphobes but they make more transphobes by being hateful.
(39.62 KB 484x468 buck.PNG)
don't like Buck but when he's right he's right.
One of my friends is a total libfem and we met today and I mentioned twitter and the whole JK Rowling that is going on. She went into TRA mode und called her a bitch and a terf and she is the reason why trans people are in danger and that she will change the laws. Bunch of bs and I had enough of it and told her that I understand her and that the hate that she gets is insane. She started crying in public and I had to calm her down and explain to her that I do not want to kill trans people. I like her but transwoman are not woman and her emotional back stabbing will not change me mind. How do you guys deal with libfem friends?
>>931 she sounds she needs to be the center of attention. who cries over this in public? i don't know if these people are capable of being reasoned with because their opinions and views are pretty much borne out of whatever will garner them the most public pity or sympathy, and there's no sympathy for 'TERFs'. i also don't see the point in having friends that emotionally blackmail and manipulate. that's not friendly behavior.
>>929 why do gays stand for this shit? really, george takai? so called biological sex? you'd be totally cool with a vagina in your face so long as the person claimed to be male in their mind?
2 trans women were killed and i've been seeing a few people on twitter using their deaths to attack JK Rowling and Terfs. Two black transwomen are killed (One was killed in a attempted robbery, but both died for reasons that have NOTHING to do with trans, RIP to them both) and you have people who 100% care for their deaths, blaming it on WOMEN and using it to tell women to shur the fuck up. It's so disgusting. Seeing white trans women especially, using the death of two black people to agrue some petty bullshit, to see them focus on WOMEN. Instead of the MEN, instead of the lives these people lived. All they care about is "trans women" nothing else or more. Those people are nothing but another way for them to play the victim, taking from ACTUAL victims they gave no shit about when alive. It seriously pisses me off.
>>937 https://twitter.com/JacobTobia/status/1271526088909320192 This dumb idiot had the nerve to say these people "blood" were on JK's hands and comparing terfs to murders. Thankfully no one gives a fuck what this person is saying, because there's not many reponses, but I hope this blows up and this person gets called out.
>>938 psychologically abusive behavior is their trademark. both those cases are terribly sad. was there a determination on the motive for fells? sounds like it could very well be homophobia from what i read, tbh. by evading the real cause of offenses committed on the basis on "transphobia", they're really doing a disservice to these victims. by ignoring the fact that it's homophobia, they're doubly shitting on victims, not that they care at all about those that are victimized
>>939 They don't care at all. My first time hearing about them was someone screeching about Terfs and JK. They latch on to these deaths knowing they don't care about why or what, they just see two dead trans people and think, "It's time to scream about Terfs and transphobia, fuck anything else! Fuck the people who actually harmed them, nope let me push my agenda! Let me own the terfs" It makes me irate. Don't use these people's deaths this way.
>>935 Because gay men are massive misogynists, and what transwomen do to women doesn't effect him. If transmen were trying to shove in on male spaces and telling them to eat their "boypussy" as hard as TiM's do to women, George would be singing a different tune. >>938 I fucking hate this shitheel. He's the same one who did some Playboy interview talking about how he wants to be objectified. And now, here he is, blaming women for crimes committed by men.
This wasn't linked in OP but has incredible posts from a detrans wonan writing about male violence and her own experiences in the queer community, as well as its cult-like indoctrination of women. https://newthoughtcrime.com/author/newthoughtcrime/
(38.24 KB 484x416 kdkd.PNG)
Hopefully no one forgets this bitch said this. "You speaking up causes people to rape and harm trans women, but you speaking about your own abuse is horrible because you are using it agaisnt trans women, only transwomen can do that"
>>944 I have never liked Jameela Jamil, she is literally this meme she identities as "queer" and "radical" even though she's a boring straight women in a relationship with a straight white guy for the last 5 years now
>>944 you gotta love this awful 'gotcha' argument they try to use. yes, the homophobic men in tuskegee, alabama (that more than likely already victimize women, minorities, etc) are voracious readers of radfem blogs and are only empowered to commit murder because a 32 year old lesbian shares .04% of the same belief system. disgusting scapegoating. do they think because trump empowers white supremacists that anyone with 2 brain cells wouldn't see that these two aren't the same thing? like anyone who isn't intent on being dishonest wouldn't see that radfems don't have a huge following with violent men?
>>944 >>947 I remember her getting praise for being critical with hollywood's beauty industry and not wanting to be "a double-agent for the patriarchy", yet she can't apply it in her personal life lmao..
>>947 unrelated but does anyone know if all her claims are true about her health? she seems like a munchie.
(574.17 KB 473x845 4855115359-2204431450.png)
>>952 Tracie Morrissey collected a bunch of stuff related to this in her IG story. https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/18093883864083603/
>>947 Men are the cancer of the world but you are fucking stupid if you are a woman and critize a guy cause he is "straight" only so you can get approval from gays who don't give a damn shit about you. You gotta be a whole other level of stupid to imply that gay men are less of a trash
>>959 Eh I can sympathize with gay men, that they face real abuse and discrimination they face in life, same applies to minority race men that doesn't excuse sexism but I'm not gonna pretend that my life is any harder then theres and that the abuse I suffer is worse then theres
>>959 and I'm not criticizing the dude, I'm literally indifferent to him, what I'm trying to point out us that Jameela Jamil is just a straight woman darting a straight man, but pretends she's part of the LGB community by declaring herself Queer
>>960 Poor gay men ;( ;( they are worried about us too!!! They also care a lot about the discrimination we suffer!! If all women disappeared tomorrow, they would celebrate
(44.06 KB 1001x279 Screenshot.png)
FtM uses her sisters dead child's name as a "tribute" after his death; and can't understand why her sister is offended, I mean Jesus Christ
Imo gay men are pretty polarizing. They can be misogynistic as per usual for males, or come to hate other men because they know what dating them is like.
>>965 I've known my fair share of very femme gay men who hate other men, gay and straight. It's always guys who act more stereotypical feminine and get bullied/harassed over it.
>>963 wtf is it with trans people using others names? like you'll hear stories of mtfs using a siblings name, or cases like the ftm here. i know people jokingly call them skinwalkers, and it's kind of hard not to when they do stuff like that...
>>966 Keep believing they do
>>968 Lol anon chill. I'm just stating what they say to me. I'm not fucking delusional.
(257.44 KB 846x956 jkn9.png)
>>963 And some people actually defended the name.
>>974 >>963 imagine losing your own child after they were born, a child you wanted to keep and take care of and then your complete your narcissist sister take the kids name to make her feel special
>>974 >You want to choose a name? Have a baby That's... Why do I get the feeling this asshole didn't even read this poor girl's reply? Hell, even naming your own fucking kid after someone else's dead kid/baby is really tasteless and tacky - without even considering just how selfish it is in that you can't be bothered to ask or even consider how it'd affect the mourning mother. If these people want a new name, why don't they ask their own parents what the backup name was gonna be? Especially if they apparently have a good relationship with them.
(33.86 KB 488x357 jjjjj.PNG)
Remember that guy who cracked a girls skull? He joined in on bullying JK and this was his response to being called out.
>>944 It's always the same shit. It's like when the only time women can point out the differences between women and transwomen is when /transwomen/ say there is. Especially, if it's about how 'oppressed' they are. They REFUSE to acknowledge women may be oppressed under the basis of sex. Because, obviously that consequently would mean that they as trans women would be privileged on the basis of sex and they can't handle that possibility and challenge their social status as the 'most oppressed women' TM.
https://knowingless.com/2019/06/06/side-effects-of-preferred-pronouns/ Came across this alarming article from a gender ally explaining why they've began to resent using preferred pronouns for enbies. The grovelling and cognitive dissonance is jarring to behold. >The feelings of nonbinary and genderqueer people are valid, and my discomfort does not mean we should take them less seriously. >If an AFAB (assigned female at birth) person asks me to use ‘they,’ I do my best to treat them like they don’t belong to either gender… but my brain does not play along. It sits on my shoulder like a child. “She’s a woman,” it says. “She’s a woman and you’re pretending she’s not.” I tell my shoulder brain to shut up, but it does not shut up. And so despite what I want to feel, my actual experience around nonbinary people is that I am actually talking to a woman, but I (and everyone around me) are pretending that we’re not. Bruh it's bullshit. You know it's bullshit. Just admit it's bullshit. You're self-flagellating yourself for thoughtcrimes and doing the ideological equivalent of coddling a spoiled child by kowtowing to their uwu vawid feewings which are not based in reality. Contrary to a lot of terfs, I don't even have a problem with using preferred pronouns so long as it isn't some fae/faer neopronoun horseshit, but there's a very fine line between it being just polite and literally compelled speech. Why are gender ideologists so fucking fascistic?
Whats up with gay men/ trans women obession with shaming women who don't date men who date trans women/men? I don't give a fuck if your kink is being with men who've only been with women, I'm not dating for your validation. I love how the conversation went from, "Men shouldn't be shamed for openly dating trans women" to, "Women should be more open to dating bisexual men because...trans women don't feel valid! Gay men don't feel like they are banging a straight man & turning him out" I'm not dating for the next bitch.
>>999 And it cracks me up when they pull the "No attractive woman is transphobic, your probably ugly bitter that trans women are winning and stealing your men!" Not only is it untrue, but it's such a male response. I see gay men say this a lot in defense of trans women, firstly, our worth is based on how many men want us and if they find us attractive? And what about lesbians?Are they mad because men don't want them and trans are taking them?
>>1000 This is cause gay men's dream has always been that all men turn gay. Trans women are nothing but gay men who think they are gonna attract straight men nore easily this way. One of their biggest fetishes is straight men, they don't like themselves and they want the place women have in heterosexual relationships, with a guy that is "straight but turned gay for them only"
>>1003 Trans women are gay men who know very well how the gay men's scene work and how disgusting it is, that's why they don't want to date one. But this is impossible cause any guy who has sex with a "girl with a dick" is at least bisexual (IF there are any bisexual men out there, cause I honestly think they are mostly homosexual but will fuck a pussy in lack of an ass). If it is the case of trans women who have gotten castrated, then whatever relationship they might have with a "straight guy" is also fake to the core, a fantasy, cause the guy would be with "her" solely because of "her" appearance, shutting his eyes completely to every single thing about "her" as a person, cause doing otherwise would mean fully acknowledging right away and accepting the fact he is dating a mentally ill man who is only acting, something any rational human being wouldn't want. Trans women are always only gonna be able to date other gay men: men who don't want women, they want role play, they want the social, fake product of femininity only
(76.03 KB 856x830 BS.jpg)
Reminder to boycott the shit out of the Body shop. This was their reply to her a few hours after she came out as a victim of domestic violence.
(147.49 KB 720x785 Capture+_2020-06-24-03-20-46.png)
The sheer amount of comments who take this at face value and immediately namecall and dogpile on people who question this even in the slightest (as far as simply asking how they were "killed") is honestly scary. In general trannies and their handmaidens seem really fond of thathappened type stories, I wonder why. https://twitter.com/querdcast/status/1271784137838465024
do you guys think christine mcconnell is a troon? just curious
>>1026 If she's not she has a very unfortunate jaw for a woman living in 2020.
anyone feel like the tone of the other site has shifted? I've been seeing a lot of random "TERF" calling. I know the site has never been 100% gender-critical but it's been popping up in some weird threads.
>>1026 Not a troon but I hate that it took me so long to decide.
>>1026 Looking at what KF dug up I'm thinking yes. The denial of being trans and the woke response of "why would it matter?" instead of what most women would be rightfully offended about. On top of that the obit of the grandfather that says "Chris" instead of Christine.
>>1027 That's what I thought too since I always saw her in pictures (never watched any of her stuff) of until someone told me that "he's just a trap with a housewive aesthetic" and now I haven't been sure since lmao I'll need to watch videos sometime to be sure, body movement always says a lot more than physical features
>>1032 Samefag but they dug up more. He's male or her entire life is being mimicked by a man - same birthday, same "name," same sibling names, same grandfather's name, same mother's name etc etc etc
>>1030 I think it's a few vocal idiots feeling bold, there was some bullshit in the Holly Brown thread of all places. Posters using TERF and karen like idiots.
>>1051 well luckily schools are closed possibly till next year, and they only teach the "essentials" in online classes I really do hope that corona might fix these woketards and get them to be somewhat normal
>>1051 WTF is up with Seattle. First the autonomous zone, now this? Is this really what they should be focusing on right now??? And obviously it will all be "queer education" including making kids believe that any discomfort is dysphoria and they need to transition or they'll die.
>>1053 a low of wokies are rich coastal liberals that are legitimately uncomfortable around poor people but are ashamed of it and hide it, they don't see the plights real women go though and are focused on this queer shit That's why this broke down ideology spreads so we'll in highly segregated areas, bay area, Seattle, Portland etc
>>1051 That comment section gives me hope. Not as bad as Seattle, but WA state recently passed a law to include LGBT issues (read: gendershit) in sex ed. I saw a woman collecting signatures to challenge it via ballot measure, but that was at the start of SAH orders. I'm hoping she got enough. Even so, it still means teaching the middle class woke mommies what LGBT curriculum actually means before November.
(23.24 KB 955x183 dksksks.PNG)
Found this on Kiwifarms on the resetera thread-
(51.66 KB 1097x321 fofoffof.PNG)
>>1086 And this user got banned for transphobia- Here's the link to the og post- https://www.resetera.com/threads/your-tone-of-voice-determines-the-pronouns-assigned-to-you-in-cyberpunk-2077.236938/page-3#post-38289382 I love the "she BETTER fucking be" talk. I guess lesbians have to love ALL women no matter what. This was about Cyberpunk btw. There were posts telling the poster they were using "Terf talking points" How do they survive real life?
So reddit nuked r/GC?
>>1088 Looks like it. Tried looking for it and it’s gone. No reason for me to use that cesspool of a site now. Deleting the app off my phone.
>>1088 Gender crticial guys is still up LOL
>>1088 Fuck Their like 10 dozen sissy fetish subreddits but no they decide to ban a subreddit that's not even that extreme
>>1088 They're nuking hate subreddits. Racism, homophobia and transphobia are not okay but misogyny like red pill and porn subs fetishizing violence against women will always be allowed to skate by. As usual nobody gives a fuck about women.
>>1092 misogyny isn't even considered hate. it's just considered normal and good. men truly truly HATE us.
>>1093 Yep, misogyny is considered normal. Doesn't matter how many mass shootings will be committed by scrotes who keep radicalizing each other in these misogynistic subs, nobody will care and they're still gonna be up. I bet the techbro scrotes who work at reddit probably love to read those subs too.
My favorite game to play with libfems is to pretend I thought they were trans. They ALWAYS get offended and upset, because for all their rabid defence of trans they still think they're disgusting ogres. Then I say "My mistake, you're just so passionate about it I figured you were. Why are you acting like I insulted you?" The key is absolute sincerity, you can't let them know you're fucking with them. It's so funny to watch them scramble for excuses, and once they realize that being so loud about trans shit makes people think they're trans too they usually get very quiet about it from then on.
>>1092 Homphobia is fine with reddit as long as it's being done towards Lesbians and gay men. and by trans folxs. I'm really surpised tumblrinaction hasn't been banned, they are often racist, homophobic but the major sin is they are transphobic as heck. (even though there's some solid points on TIA when you get past all the bullshit, very few though)
>>1093 So much so that they consider it a moral failing to not show how much they hate us, publicly, and often.
>>1098 is tumblrinaction populated by mostly women? if no, there's your answer as to why it's not going to get nuked
>>1105 >>1095 I have to disagree. A lot of the subs that got banned for being un-PC are populated by misogynistic men. See: incels being convinced that reddit hates men because they banned the incel sub. Honestly I think the reality is just any subs questioning the troomer cult will eventually be banned; even Male-populated subs aren't safe from the banhammer. >>1098 Hit the nail on the head. Ridiculous that GC gets banned for actually quite tame, quiet dissent but literally saying lesbians should choke on dick is fine and encouraged.
>>1097 This is brilliant, anon. Gonna have to give it a try.
>>1098 It's because the average person thinks TERFs commit LiTeRaL vIoLeNcE against trans people, whereas TIA is seen as just generally problematic anti-sjws. TIA users are regarded as shitty and problematic but for some reason people have this exaggerated, cartoon-villain-esque idea of TERFs being literally dangerous to trans people and they think GC was specifically an anti-trans sub where people just sit around circlejerking how much they hate trans people. Because of this bullshit stigma GC had as a vehemently and specifically anti-trade sub made just for hating on trans people, it was always the main target of discussions about how reddit should be doing more for trans people/should be doing more to fight hate subs. TiA is not seen in such a serious light since they just generally make fun of sjws and make the same attack helicopter joke over and over; since they don't overtly have a particular ideology or focus in trans people too much, they flew under the radar. But a lot of subs autoban TIA users already, so I think in time they'll be banned too. Something equivalent to the JK Rowling event just needs to happen to draw enough attention to them.
>>1109 >I have to disagree. A lot of the subs that got banned for being un-PC are populated by misogynistic men. but that's the thing, like with incels, the only way male populated subs get banned is when they're extremely, undeniably toxic. gc wasn't like that. there are plenty of subs filled with men that don't consider troons women and they're not banned. male communities have to be openly sociopathic to get banned, whereas women displaying "objectionable" behavior is framed as being precisely as offensive or harmful as legitimately sociopathic subreddits, when they aren't
>>1122 A long time ago I read a thread where they asked men would they date trans women. Every single post that said no and gave reasons why had a bunch of people quizzing them. "oh you want kids? Will one day trans women may be able to have kids, there's surrogacy, there's women who can't have childern. " and the guys shut it down. in fact guys ALWAYS shut down trans women and in some cases trans men who try to guilt them or shout transphobia. Whenever the "its not transphobic NOT to date trans women but it's trns phobic to not date someone whose trans" comes up, men are usually 100% agaisnt it and vocally so. Shit don't get me started on gay men who sometimes laugh off trans men pulling that on them. It feels like everyone else has a choice but women/lesbian. Everyone else can be vocal besides women/lesbians. Lesbians left their OWN sub after transwomen took it over, and the transbiens are STLL whining about the sub existing even though they left to allow them to have their space.
>>1088 No surprised. At all. Called it as soon as Reddit released the statement on what they intended to do for the future. They've gone full 'woke', that means no 'TERFs' allowed. The mitigation of free free speech and the rolling censorship all over the internet stemming from BLM is giving me concern. Anyone seen "on the wrong side of history" will be 'cancelled'.
>>1122 They can be openly sociopathic as much as they want, it's only after they cause a couple of shootings will they be shut down. Men live in a world completely catered to them and still complain all the time.
Heard some troons are trying to get the detransitioner subreddit shut down. I'd say i'm surpised but i'm not. Of course those stories don't need to be told, they are too harmful but the constant fear mongering about words killing troons, (women's words) and kids DYING without puberty blockers, you know the 100% safe method of saving them, need to be front and center. We need to hear THOSE stories. Oh and how hard someone's dick got when they stole their mother panties, or how Neo-vaginas are 100% like the real deal. yes we need to hear all about that. We need like 50 subs for those topics. Let's not forget 2x has troons on the mod team, last i heard there were no women in the 2x mod list.
>>998 I hope you're not Aella selfposting haha, she's the most transparent handmaiden ever. She's very into, ah, rationality and thinking about things dispassionately and objectively regardless of one's social environment... but this curiously translates to exactly the views that her niche of horny males, who she sells porn to, finds interesting and ohh ahh not like other girls. It could be smart business-wise yadda yadda, but due to being so dependent on edgy moids for so long, she seems incapable of caring about women or accepting that we are harmed by men. A couple years back a scrote in these circles was outed as an abuser who had literally kept women tied up and tortured them for days (under the guise of BDSM but ignoring their safewords, manipulating them by self-harming unless they did what he asked, and forcing them to take MDMA to ~increase their trust in him~, so it was rape even if you accept the uwu kink is healthy narrative). Aella had met this scrote a couple of times and wrote a long ass post where she jumped to the defense of compassion and forgiveness and healing towards everyone always, though of course mostly the scrote. She did admit he had some behaviors that were, in her words, poopy, and due to his internal troubles that made him confused and manipulative, also "meta-poopy", in ways that might not be easily fixable. That's pretty much the extent of her ability to criticize a moid harming women.
https://twitter.com/TOHO_GODZILLA/status/1278044862294536194 But I love Godzilla and this is so cute. No baby Godzilla, don't go on puberty blockers! They will give you osteoporosis. The scene where baby Godzilla is watching sailor moon I already knew where this was going. Trannies have ruined being a weeb for the rest of us.
>>1150 Wow, this could've been so cute
I saw someone going 'gender critical is gone so that's less a chance for Terfs sucking people into their beliefs" do these people believe that the world is 90% TRA and gender criticals are the crazy ones who don't sip the trans juice? It's crazy how they sometimes pretend like "TERF" idealogy is so far fetched in the real world. They'll go, "Wow people like that exist??" and i'm just like where do you live? What kind of bubble? Because i'm sure they run into TERFS all the time but guess what? We're just women who want to protect women. We aren't going to misgender you or act like the hateful cartoon you guys have of us. MOST people are going to try to be nice to the non-passing man in a dress. They act like it's TERF's are the reason people don't get with the program. Do they think the dudes who harm/kill trans women know what a Terf is? Do they think MOST people know what Terf means? Trans people are a tiny portion of the population either people don't care or they try to be nice.
(124.71 KB 287x404 stupid.PNG)
This is actually an older artcle and the daily mirror decided to repost it (I suppose because of recent events). It will never not amuse me how a movement that bleats "not all women have wombs!!11 not all women can have children!!11" also wants to squee about the idea of a male getting a womb transplant to have children because of "muh gender dysphoria." All the comments underneath were filled with women being like "haha I would gladly donate my uterus to a trans woman in need!!" Sure you would. The things people say to pander to troons lmao
(9.10 KB 712x98 the fuck they do not.PNG)
>>1156 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6492192/ This is so bleak. Essentially these doctors are saying "uterine transplant is possible, we just need to take deceased women's vaginas to implant as well". Hideous and so disgusting that this is even a consideration for a team of doctors anywhere in the world. I can't believe these people don't see that this is an obvious ethical landmine both wrt taking dead women's vaginas, and just generally greenlighting completely unnecessary life threatening surgeries with a very high chance of rejection for the troon. Instead, pic related is where their 'ethics' lie. Hippocrates should be rolling over in his grave.
>>1159 I'm pretty sure at this point doctors are just entertaining bullshit like this to make money by having a patient that constantly needs surgical care + do unethical studies that normally wouldn't be approved otherwise, it's so fucking sick
>>1159 Truly. Another avenue that I'm worried about is organ trafficking where women from 3rd world countries will be taken advantage of. I really, really hope this troonacy peaks and people start turning on them before this stuff truly gets encouraged by the mainstream.
>>1122 Idk, as someone who frequents reddit, I really just have to disagree with the idea that male sins get any sort of pass. Reddit sticks to a strict flavour of politics and anything outside of that will get banned. Most of the subs that have been banned already, like thedonald and cringeanarachy, were Male-populated. Like I said before, GC got banned because TRAs raised the biggest fuss about it. That, in turn, I won't deny is due to misogyny. I'm not trying to Cape for men, I just genuinely believe the exec's who run reddit are definitely not even in-touch enough to know GC is a random sub; they probably just heard it's "transphobic" and assumed it's sort some of rightwing sub. >gc wasn't like that. I actually believe this contributed to it getting banned. TRAs knew it was strategic to raise a fuss about it and get it banned because there was real possibility of people stumbling onto GC, finding out that it's actually reasonable rather than a bunch of bigoted nazi-women , and ending up convinced. See >>1153 >gc is gone so less of a chance of terfs sucking people in to their beliefs
>>1162 Male subs* not sins
>>1162 both cringeanarchy and thedonald got pretty nasty when it came to brigading other subs or harassing people though
(212.98 KB 601x589 delusion.png)
The antics of these delusional troons. This troon in particular had this ridiculous thread where he explained that even cis women can be "clocked" and receive "transphobia" and then proceeds to list out mostly darker skinned black women as examples for this phenomenon. As if women don't get called "manly" or "man" as another way for people to call them "ugly." Troons be delusional and uphold racist narratives. If only their handmaidens would wake up.
(353.48 KB 449x634 delusionpart2.png)
(273.14 KB 591x445 delusionpart6.png)
(297.46 KB 605x407 delusionpart5.png)
I'm gonna stop posting examples after this, but the delusion never ceases to amaze me.
Nah these women are not experiencing transphobia, they are experiencing good old fashioned sexism and racism, especially racism, and it's coming from you, twitter poster.
>>1162 Fuck I meant radfem sub* >>1164 Again I'm not denying that GC was nowhere near as toxic as the Male-dominated subs that got banned. I'm just arguing that it only got banned because TRAs got it labelled "problematic" rather than execs being clued into radical feminist theory and choosing to shut it down to punish women. All the fake-woke Libfem subs are in no danger of being banned, even though they try to appear like they trashtalk men and even though execs surely perceive them as feminist, because they're not "problematic" aka they don't question the t cult
I had a friend (whose a black trans women) tell me that he cut off another friend because they said, "Black women can act and look like men, so if black women are still considered women, I see no reason why transwomen aren't women. I see no reason why a black man can sleep with a black girl who looks like the average trans women and not be gay, but it's gay when they sleep with transwomen?" I truly think a lot of people think like this. I've seen people flatout say black transwomen "pass' better because black women look like men. They keep trying to push "black transwomen" because they think it'll be easier for them to be accepted by the black community because, "Your women already look like men anyway" and they think in general we are the people most understanding of Trans struggles, when this shit isn't for black transwomen. The shit being pushed by some white liberals, isn't going to make life better for B. Transwomen, it's to make shit easier for WHITE men. Aren't most transwomen white? Why this huge focus on essentially MEN, bypassing children or black LGB+ youth? They want us to stop everything ESPECIALLY Black women/women for this, even though women still have issues and shit WE need to fight for. The only thing they regularly demand of men is sexual shit, "Oh it's transphobic not to date us! It's straight not gay!!!" with women it's a whole list of demands that are aggressively recited to us. It's not that men accept trans men, it's that the tran cult does not CARE if they do. It' s because some transwomen still have male privilege. That never leaves, they think because they had to "become" a "women" and "fight" for "Womenhood" that it makes them better and deserving of more than the average women.
>>28 Why are there so many troons at Silicon Valley?
>>1180 Money allows one to live out one's fantasies.
maybe i'm sheltered but does anyone else find it odd how proud trans women are to be escorts/escort? Or to be someone's "Secret" or Side piece or whatever? It's always so weird to me, because I won't say women don't do it, but it seems so twisted and sad to me. It also shows that male socialization, that even being paid for sex, used only for sex, is seen as a bragging point of how much men/women you can get with. not actual relationships or families. Also, I really wish people would stop saying puberty blockers are for childern to have more time to decide if they are trans & they are 100% safe and reviserable. Firstly, I've never heard of a child being put on PB's to "decide" most kids who get medicated, are getting medicated because they are already decided to be trans. Secondly, so these kids are going to be comfortable when they are 13, smaller then everyone, have underdeveloped penises/bodies? So they aren't going to feel even WORST, if they decide they are not trans? I'm not understanding why there aren't just kids who don't want to grow up yet taking PB's? Why should ANYONE go through puberty if we can stop it in such a safe way?
This is a comment from a livestreams I was watching a while back. Excuse me but what
>Bill to ban FGM passes in Wyoming despite pushback by radical trans activists https://thepostmillennial.com/bill-to-ban-fgm-blocked-in-wyoming-by-radical-trans-activists?fbclid=IwAR01WRD2Dv_lGJ9LyS35Toh3krmTc2UMWLN4aJt1sFQVhdKA4JWD5jF4FJk >A Wyoming bill to ban Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) was nearly defeated by fierce opposition from trans activists, on the grounds that it would outlaw genital surgery on minors for the purposes of so-called "gender reassignment." >House Bill 127 – Prohibition of female genital mutilation was brought by conservative Representative Dan Laursen. It criminalizes the cultural practice of FGM, which affects some refugees and immigrants from Africa and the Middle East imported to the United States, as aggravated assault and battery. >The bill defines FGM as the partial or complete removal of the clitoris, sewing the vaginal opening to be permanently closed, and other harmful procedures. According to the World Health Organization, over 200 million women globally have been made to suffer from this human rights violation. >In addition to the criminal provisions, the bill allows victims to bring civil claims against their mutilators for years after the commission of the crime. It also instigates a state-wide education campaign. This protects an estimated 400-600 girls in Wyoming by law, and who now have a remedy for this barbarism. >Hibo Wardere, anti-FGM campaigner and survivor, had a message for the trans activists who would have stopped the bill, leaving girls in Wyoming at risk of this deeply traumatic form of violence. She said trans activists who conflate FGM with so-called gender reassignment surgery were "disrespecting our trauma, taking over our trauma, which you shouldn't be." I'm so glad the bill passed after all, but fucking hell. >TRAs: "NO ONE is advocating for HRT and genital reassignment surgery on minors!" >Also TRAs: *lobby fiercely against a bill that goes against FGM because it might jeapordize their chances of performing genital reassignment surgery on minors* So, what is the truth?
(221.66 KB 558x845 scrotes-be-scroting.png)
https://twitter.com/givingsapphire/status/1281256680546803718 Black radfem was physically attacked. Naturally, misogynistic TRAs are in the replies cheering this on. Where's Lundy Bancroft when you need him? Women's words are not the same as male violence.
>>1223 I checked the comments, and there are TRAs defending this. All the sympathy I had left for this community is circling down the drain. They love to claim female victimhood and talk about transphobes "literally killing them", but invoke male violence whenever they feel like it. They actually love to beat women and degrade us. They're as misogynistic and toxic as their homophobic, abusive fathers. No doubt in my mind that if an awesome trans gal murdered a woman because she wouldn't date him and blocked him on Twitter, the "woke" community would rejoice and say "This is what happens to TERFs". I don't care anymore. I hope those ejaculators get BTFO by the next closeted homosexual/bisexual man they spread their asscheeks for. Women aren't violent animals like men are, but luckily, men love to take each other out. Keep showing us how "female" you are, males. Beating women nearly to death. This is why you don't belong in shelters for abused women, women's bathrooms, or literally any space with vulnerable women or children. That 41% isn't raising fast enough.
(330.94 KB 806x1306 bkel1.png)
>>1223 Looking through the comments and >Buck Angel, an FtM, showing compassion >not a single MtF to be found showing support or accountability >some they/them TRA pops up to lie and gaslight Like pottery.
(60.64 KB 680x575 Ecg6p83WoAMUfMu.jpg)
Reminder what this is all about. Jealousy and self-hatred. This is the result of men lying to themselves, constant rage and insecurity. What sane person supports this?
>>1230 If this was just about general criticism and not transphobia this would just be incel rambling, but because there's fancy labels people eat it up and support this shit. Language is powerful but also terrifying.
>>1227 God I don't know what to think about Buck, the hormones have literally destroyed her body but she still tries to appease everyone and try to be a centrist in this whole debacle
r/detrans was banned briefly but back up. They seriously tried to ban a sub for detransiters. But LGB drop the T is gone.
>>1241 It's so fucked up. They can say it was a "mistake" but that's a lie. I'm not surprised r/LGBdroptheT is gone, the name itself was so inflammatory. I hope their users can find each other or some support. https://mobile.twitter.com/AlexAlicit/status/1281695810233798656 This twitter account appears to be from a r/detrans mod. Bardfin, a notorious power mod, wanted to apply to mod for the subreddit (and not detrans I assume) which is disgusting.
>>1223 Original poster, apparently she was attacked by other black women... flying monkeys! https://genderheretics.org/index.php/2020/07/10/now-the-right-side-of-history-is-beating-up-black-women/
>>1241 >>1242 I already posted this, If Reddit wants to be a non political niche hobby/tv show fandom site, if they deleted all the porn snf political subs
>>1244 I don't think they ever wanted to limit themselves to being nonpolitical, the role of large social media platforms is more complicated as the internet condenses to these few sites. I don't even know what they want now, but getting rid of the bigger subreddits (and porn certainly is a huge draw for male userbase) wouldn't be the best financial move. I'm surprised they actually quarantined some fetish subs, though of course they didn't ban them.
I think the fact so many trans people wanted Detrans gone says a lot about the trans folxs online. Some of them will defend the most crazy shit, they'll defend "it's transphobic not to date a trans person because they are trans!" They'll defend (and work) in porn that is the biggest reason why Transwomen are fetishized and not taken seriously, besides them fetishizing them damn selves and dealing with unhinged men. I've even seen them flip out at pronouns of a sexual predator once and defending moving a sexual predator to a female jail, even AFTER they found out what he was locked up for. They defend Trans trenders and "You don't need to have BD!!", they defend the bullshit that is Non-Binary. They speard lies to eachother & allies about surgeries, the effects of hormones, transing childern etc. They will jump at ANY chance to insult women & LGB members. They say the most homophobic shit. So much horrible shit gets defended, agreed with and applauded, but a sub supporting people who are detransing is something that needs to go?Something they hate? I love how death is always used to silence people yet people detransing basically are starting over again, some with irreversible changes to their bodies and trauma. Who cares about them being suicidal. The reason they wanted it gone is it holds a negative mirror up to trans shit. It's obvious they only want postitive stories or sympathic stories. We need to have 20 subs about people bitching about lesbians, gays and straights needing to change their sexualities, we need 20 subs for T-porn, we need 20 subs for them to post photoshopped or angled pictures of how "Hot" they are and for them to talk about their issues, they have every female sub to take over & talk about trans shit. Yet the ONE space for detrans people bothered them so much? That seriously disturbs me to the core. It was no mistake detrans was banned, Idc if it's back it's fucking sick seeing how many trans people were genuinely happy about it. It IS like a cult. Once you leave it you are useless to them.
(696.39 KB 1080x1686 20200711_235600.jpg)
The tags are just so kek-y...
>>1270 isn't manhate or pink pill better for this? i agree with the sentiment but feels like easy pickings.
>>1246 I also don't think they will ban porn from the platform anytime soon, but i can see it being more tightly regulated (like not any user being able to create a sub) if there is a similar scandal like the cp one from tumblr a few years back. The fetish subs were only quarantined? i thought they were banned :( GC got banned without warning, why do these awful subs get such a better treatment?
>>1258 The moment you start questioning ANYTHING, you get banned and labeled as transphobic. I was banned from lgbt for saying trans women do not have the same experiences as cis women growing up. I was an ally my whole life, but that was it, i got banned and called a terf for that. I deserved to die and be raped for that and no one saw anything wrong, since i was now an outsider. The truly cannot leave one single space for women alone. Not rape shelters, not sports, not subreddits. If you don't put trans women above cis women you are tranphobique and literally killing millions. Funny thing is, male centric subs like erectile dysfunction or even gay men oriented subs are okay to them. They are already raising up a stink about the periods sub but there is NO MENTION about any sub for men to become inclusive.
>>1274 it's because trans men have better things to do than power mod 80 subs.
II saw a good point on twitter on how when a transwomen "outs" a downlow men, that they frame it as "Straight men" being the issue. Nah, it's not "Straight men" fucking transwomen and THATS why transwomen out it and THATS why they aren't okay with it, It's gay/bisexual downlow men who are doing this. It has NOTHING to do with the straight community. If transwomen were women they would'nt attempt to "out" people. There would'nt be situations where they "expose" their lovers. It makes no sense. Why does the trans community has such a issue with holding the right people accountable? They do this with women. Men are the ones who do kill transwomen when they die, yet they focus on women. When the police shoots a black person people protest and come at the POLICE. When a man kills a transwomen, I see posts about how "Black women need to do this, women need to do that! Straight men need to do this or that" No, the issue isn't women, it's not "Straight" men, it's internlized homophobia and transwomen choosing to date men who claim to be "Straight" and hide them, instead of the men who are willing to date them. I know being in the closet is deep, but imagine being in the closet, yet having someone who thinks they are a woman, that society tells you is a women, but you know you are with them because they have a dick & is male, because you are a gay/bisexual man. It just seems so miserable and crazy to me. It's even more crazy that transwomen, the same people who claim it's SO dangerous to disclose but it's not dangerout NOT to disclose are "Outting" people.
This article is behind a paywall, here's a link to read it if you can't pay. https://archive.vn/soEUS
https://youtu.be/35paIk-QuOo Vaush simps for trannies one more time, he continuously calls the guy he's debating a TERF even though he doesn't identify as a feminist and even though the dude is being civil vaush and his fans start mocking the guys appearance for being GNC The comments are Trash and sorta homophobic
>>1282 >vaush and his fans start mocking the guys appearance for being GNC I want to scream
>>1283 I'm not one to cape for men but If you're having a debate and one person is being incredibly civil to you and not trying to offend you and you start bringing up the oppenets physical appearance and start jabbing at it then that's just fucking awful And the fact his fans did it and he encouraged it makes it much worse
>>1284 It is the hypocrisy that makes me want to scream. Enforcing gender roles by mocking this guy for being to feminine in his appearance while asserting that men who don't meet his standards are actually women* *but not really because he gives a shit about them, unlike the actual women who are affected by this propaganda
>>1285 >>1282 He's not even GNC. He's just wearing a pink muscle shirt. He has been around for a while and he's a totally normal guy. He spoke about this in the post debate. Way to go vaush, very progressive of you to mock a man for having... very slightly long hair and a pink shirt. Also love how vaush is like fully up the rectums of anyone else that goes on his channel, basically, but "TERFs" (whatever that means) are immediately treated with hostility. From the vids I've seen, he coddles conservatives soooo hard in comparison to this
>>1287 There are many people on breadtube I disagree with but can acknowledge that they posses some intelligence and do care about certain social issues, Vaush is the breadtuber I just simply dispise He's literally the stereotype what everyone thinks of when they hear the wod socialist He's a fat lazy Uber privileged rich white male who lives off parents income and streams all day getting into debates, he thinks cause he makes jokes about white genocide to trigger alt-right tards he's somehow exempt from his social advantages Getting into debates with "TERFs" gives him ample opportunity to be as misogynistic as he wants without suffering any leftist backlash and so that's why he has started debating terfs a lot more
>>1288 He's the worst of breadtube, hands down. He has all of the negative traits and none of the positives that other breadtubers have. No lie, but he really skeeves me out and makes me feel uncomfortable. No other breadtuber gives the same feel.
>>1290 He's also in poly couple of you were wondering, with his 2 girlfriends and a tranny
>>1291 LOL, I was just about to say that he's probably a chaser, but he fits the bill 100%. Fat, unattractive guy in a poly relationship that includes a transwomen. Wasn't this guy outted as being a sex pest? They always follow the stereotypes to a T.
>>1292 He's also one of those leftist porn defense types as well, he called another breadtuber jreg a facist for being against the porn industry and went on a massive rant cause a right wing site banned any and all pornography and he acted like this was the worst crime they could commit https://youtu.be/u0y2yB3UU_Y Like he doesn't understand how this can push young men and women who are disgusted by degeneracy towards the right
>>1293 Of course a Coomer in a poly relationship & trans attracted gets super pissed about porn. I seriously doubt he'd be into those things if he wasn't a porn sick weirdo I find it so funny how breadtube is FULL of people who are just like him, they can't keep it out their videos. I mean look at contra or Oliver.
>>1294 Most breadtubers either attack starw men of the lambest easy targets like Ben Shapiro, however most do posses some intelligence even if they are a bit naive, however Vaush is more of a good example of the average male breadtube content consumer rather then creator
https://old.reddit.com/r/askgaybros/comments/hsnjyk/trans_men_are_men_and_belong_in_the_gay_community/ Compare the way these men ROASTED the trans man making this post, versus how a similar post in a lesbian subreddit would go. Notice how these men are flat out saying things troons find "transphobic" and no one is really losing their shit. Now on lesbians sub it's not a question, transwomen are women. You cannot question it, you cannot express not wanting to date them without being banned or dogpiled. it's funny how gay men and straight men constantly tell trans women to fuck off but don't get half the shit that women especially black women (there's been a lot of black handmaidens and transwomen coming for black women on social media) get from simple shit. I know i'm saying the same thing, that has been said endlessly but I feel like we should call out how they come at men versus how they come at women. How they successfully take over women spaces online, but never do the same successfully Gay spaces.
>>1296 I'm willing to bet r/gaybros doesn't have a mod team that's 70% transmen.
>>1296 I think it helps that the sub is not really moderated, so there is no one to complain to about wrongthink. If you try creating any sub in a similar vein for women reddit will shut it down in an instant. The problem is with the admins.
Has anyone read this yet? Some people on Spinster were posting about it, didn't realize it came out only a few weeks ago. Already has lots of reviews on goodreads about it being transphonic and racist.
>>1306 Some detrans women are saying it's good but seeing the title and cover, I'd be looking to see the author's biases. I'm unsure how much the author is willing to go into the family issues and trauma young girls may have gone through, something detrans women mention. But reading won't hurt! Did you listen to the Rogan podcast with the author? https://thepostmillennial.com/why-are-teenage-girls-afraid-to-be-women-a-new-book-explains-their-flight-from-biological-reality/?__twitter_impression=true Also read this article, some alarming lines in it. > A fortunate few, after taking extraordinary measures to detach them from the bewitching aspic in which they are suspended—one daughter was sent to a horse farm for a year, another to relatives across the country—saw their daughters released from the spell and returned to them whole.
I just watched a girl and her Bf argue over his sexuality on a voice chat. The girlfriend said that her boyfriend liked pre-op transwomen and he loved trans porn and he's straight, so it's not gay or bisexual. Then the boyfriend is like,"I told you i'm bisexual, we are not having this argument again" Then the girlfriend started going, "you are not attracted to men though" and he was like, "I'm not having this conversation here" And it felt like she was trying to bait her bisexual ass boyfriend into saying that he felt transwomen weren't women. So instead he went, "Well I'm attracted to men too" and the GF went, "you never told me that". I knew the dude was basically saying, "I'm attracted to transwomen who are men" and he was trying to be slick by the way he said it, but tell me why everyone pretended (or maybe were) shocked by this and supporting him for coming out AFTER the dude said he was bisexual. I'm 100% sure the dude is just a chaser who's honest about his penis and tit chase but doesn't want to piss his TRA GF off. weirdest shit I've ever heard, the girlfriend was so proud to announce her Bf's dick girl obsession, I wanted so badly to ask her if the issue is she was afraid of him claiming to be bisexual because she didn't want a BF who liked both, or was she THAT deep into the trans koolaid that it was really pissing her off he didn't consider transwomen women? It kind of felt like both, she sounded genuinely surprised and sad when he said he's attracted to men. I felt bad for muting and laughing. Everyone else was acting like he was genuinely coming out the closet as a bisexual man, when he said he was bisexual and obviously the girlfriend didn't want to accept that answer. He even sighed after he said he liked men, it was like he wanted her to shut the hell up about it. She's obviously indenial and it's a weird denial. Maybe she knows deep down he's bisexual but she doesn't want to deal with it, so she's pretending like trans cock isn't the same as "cis" cock because it's attached to someone who thinks they are a woman.
(370.19 KB 539x392 Ed_JfDqUEAApo8K.png)
Enjoy this trancel ranting about cis lesbians LOL. The entitlement and victim complex is real.
>>1332 >was she THAT deep into the trans koolaid that it was really pissing her off he didn't consider transwomen women? You know it was this, anon. All of these TRAs are very desperate to show off their troon caping cred
(35.61 KB 603x345 buck_foss.PNG)
>>929 How do anons feel about Buck? I hear that a lot of troons hate him
>>1349 >him She's pretty much bang on with most of her opinions around this IMO. Speaking for myself, I don't 'hate trannies', I oppose TRA ideology. And you wouldn't think it if you listened to the TRAs, but there's a difference. I don't have a problem with anyone on the basis that they've transitioned, the problem is nonsense claims to innate womanhood and demands for inclusion in gender segregated spaces for vulnerable people. Whenever I see Buck being quoted on this topic she seems to be talking sense.
So transmem to me are in a interesting place, especially from a feminist and sociological perspective Compared to Tim's many transmen from what i have seen actually to do seem to pass as males, most people have no problem as seeing them as males from first impressions, but the type of men they pass as is interesting Many transmen due to female socialization are picked up as being "feminine" and "gay" for most males, even a Butch woman who has been on T for years will have small traits that prevent them from being precived as "real" men, rather going into the unmasculine male category So tifs even when no one suspects or has any idea about their real identity, will always be on the bottom male of male heiarchy
>>1349 i respect him because he's willing to listen and talk to people. he understands that just because transition worked for him, that doesn't mean it work for most people. his participation in porn is telling though, it seems most transmen are famous for being fuckable or pregnant. really interesting.....
>>1355 I looked it up, pre-transition Buck was a butch lesbian who only became attracted to men after becoming one.
>>1356 why is that always the case? what's the deal?
>>1357 According to Balnchard >Two Rarer Types of Gender Dysphoria >One of us (Blanchard) has seen cases of the first type, autohomoerotic gender dysphoria, which appears to be an erotically motivated gender dysphoria. In this case, sexually mature natal females (i.e., not biologically still children) become sexually preoccupied with the idea of becoming a gay man and interacting with other gay men. Neither of us has seen someone clearly fitting the second type, gender dysphoria resulting from psychosis. (Our inclusion of this type was motivated in large part by the argument of Dr. Anne Lawrence, an important scholar we both respect.) In this type, a person (either male or female by birth) acquires the delusion that s/he is the other sex, because s/he is suffering from gross thinking deficiencies. Autohomoerotic Gender Dysphoria >This rare type of gender dysphoria is limited to females. Published cases have consisted of women whose gender dysphoria began in late adolescence or adulthood. (It is conceivable that it might begin earlier in some cases.) It occurs in (heterosexual) females who are sexually attracted to men, but who wish to undergo sex reassignment so that they can have “homosexual” relations with other men. These females appear to be sexually aroused by the thought or image of themselves as gay men. We have created the label autohomoerotic gender dysphoria to denote this sexual orientation. >This type of gender dysphoria does not appear to be the female counterpart of autogynephilic gender dysphoria, although the differences might appear subtle. Autogynephilic (male) gender dysphorics are attracted to the idea of having a woman’s body; autohomoerotic (female) gender dysphorics are attracted to the idea of participating in gay male sex. For autogynephiles, becoming a lesbian woman is a secondary goal—the logical consequence of being attracted to women and wanting to become a woman. For autohomoerotics, becoming a gay man appears to be the primary goal or very close to it.
It's crazy how even in the trans world, women STILL win. Think about it trans men, are less sexualized, less taboo, less exploited and are more likely to find men/women to settle down with and long term partners. I've learned trans men do have chasers, but it's straight men who pretend to be gay to get those "I wanna gay man!" guys to give them easy pussy. (My friend says he's seen them on grindr). Trans men because they are women, know they can't go to men trying to dominate, they know they can't come into a male space making it all about them, making them change everything for them so they try to be apart of the group as it is. While transwomen come in like men, they want to dominate and rule. If they can't be seen as women, then what we think of a woman has to change. If they can't be in a sub, then the rules need to change and people not with it need to leave. They don't want to be seen as one of the girls, because they'd TRY to be seen as a normal average woman. If they are women, anything for a woman is there's, but they aren't. They sexualize themselves the most, even the most ugly transwomen have onlyfans, post nudes and want attention. Even transwomen who aren't into men, want male attention. They constantly promote this image and people support it, yet they wonder why no one takes them serious, why women don't accept them, why men don't accept them as women, why they can't find partners, why this or that happens. There's a lot of people who are pushing we view trans women a certain way, and they fall for it. Then the ones who try to be normal have to worry about the crazy "Dick girls" who scream about their penises all day but wonder why Lesbians and Straight men don't see them as women. Maybe because you aren't and you constantly scream and show off the very thing that makes you male? There's a reason why trans men detrans more, and transwomen act like their lives are so horrible but would'nt DARE give up their "Womanhood".
(219.20 KB 595x601 dumb1.png)
A tik tok e-girl is being bullied by TRA-tards for saying that lesbians don't have to like male genitalia. The screenshotted tik tok comments in the thread are absolutely cancerous. Eventually, the girl made a tik tok where she is going to "educate herself" and said she wanted terfs to stop contacting her. This is like ""progressive"" conversion therapy. There is nothing wrong or controversial about her statement, but now a bunch of retards bullied her into this.
(122.88 KB 992x2048 dumb2.jpg)
This is just a selection of the stupidity and here is the link to the thread: https://twitter.com/terfalicious/status/1290394452503265282
>>1387 This is so sad. Young girls being brainwashed to accept males no matter what. I wish we were better organized and able to reach young women.
>>1368 >There's a reason why trans men detrans more, and transwomen act like their lives are so horrible but would'nt DARE give up their "Womanhood". Are there any detrans stats on this, there's very little data on it right now. I don't doubt there's more female detrans because more young female teens transition compared to boys, but I feel like the difference is less drastic. MTFs probably don't look for support groups and keep their detransition on the downlow because their natural testosterone makes them appear masculine again, vs. FTMTFs where hormones make them a lot more masculine, growing facial hair or going bald. Also, if MTFTMs are attracted to women they can go back to straight dating norms, whereas lot of FTMTFs are lesbians or prefer to date women.
girlsfrommars on radblr made a youtube channel for GC and other topics! Check it out, I like her editing. https://youtu.be/SJseZBeaANY
>>1402 That's awesome! I follow her on tumblr and she's pretty great. I'm glad we're getting more radfem and/or gc content on youtube
(30.60 KB 482x299 pe1qogPiFl1qehq2no1_500.jpg)
Found this a while ago. It disturbs me because you can tell there are parents who do this because they'd rather have a (transgender) daughter than a gay son.
https://www.lipstickalley.com/threads/transwoman-confesses-to-raping-a-biological-woman-then-gets-invited-to-speak-at-womens-march.3803469/ Reading about this has got me SO fucking upset. Just yesterday there was a post about angry troon Indya Moore, blaming women for male violence agaisnt transwomen, yet she's dating some dusty ass activist who admitted to sexually harassing women AND has multiple people accusing him of sex crimes. Reading about Biko's let me know we aren't protected, even when I googled the name I saw only two sites reporting on what they did BOTH were GC sites. This shit will have you so fucking upset.
>>1465 "On March 26, 2016, driven by admitted sense of entitlement to the use of a woman’s body for sexual and breeding purposes and perpetuation of his genderist and racialized ideals, Mr Biko forced his will upon a black woman, holding her down and raping her with the intent of impregnating her. He persisted even as she protested, the victim said. Mr Biko’s rape victim is a woman who identifies as a man. On Twitter, the victim expressed feelings of shock, hurt, betrayal and anguish. Her outpouring of pain led Mr Biko to post a public confession, in which he shared his motivation for the rape and his greater perspective on those who commit crimes of sexual violence. This is Mr Biko’s rape confession, as originally published on the website Medium: (Read confession on link at the bottom) Mr Biko first edited and then removed his rape confession from Medium.com when it was met with outrage and backlash from his supporters. To the expressed horror of left-leaning women’s advocacy organizations and right-leaning conservative organizations alike, Mr Biko was asked to take the stage at the Women’s March in Washington DC, US on January 22, 2017, less than a year after his rape confession. A co-founder of #BlackTransLivesMatter, Mr Biko used the platform provided by the Women’s March to bring attention to Mya Hall and Deonna Mason, who were male, transgender individuals killed by police in what activists call unjustified uses of lethal force. [​IMG] In his rape confession, Mr Biko made space to shame activists who refuse to advocate for black men who rape black women or children, denouncing it as “respectability politics.” Mr Biko named Keyonna Blakeney and Alton Sterling, and argued that these and other individuals accused or convicted of sex crimes are nonetheless entitled to activists’ support. Keyonna Blakeney (left); Alton Sterling (right). Each of the two men faced charges of sexual abuse of a minor. Sterling was convicted and sentenced, and Blakeney died before his trial. Mr Blakeney, a 22-year-old man who identified as a woman, had been arrested for statutory rape shortly before he was murdered. Mr Sterling was a 37-year-old man who was shot dead by police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in what activists say was an unjust shooting. Although Mr Sterling had served prison time for the statutory rape of a 14-year-old black girl whom he impregnated during long-term sexual abuse, and had been charged in multiple incidents of intimate partner abuse against black women, Black Lives Matter held rallies in Mr Sterling’s honor. Confessed rapist Cherno Biko poses in front of a mural of Alton Sterling. Sterling, martyrized in death after being shot at close range during a struggle with police, had served time for the statutory rape of a 14-year-old whom he later impregnated. (Courtesy: Medium) Mr Biko served as Co-Chair of the Young Women’s Advisory Council of New York City until July 2016, months after the rape. According to his LinkedIn profile, he is ranked among the Trans 100 and was listed in 2014 as one of the National Black Justice Coalition’s 100 Emerging Leaders. He resides in Brooklyn, NY, where he serves as Creative Director of the Ms Biko World Tour. Transgender-Identifying Trans Activist Raped Woman to Impregnate Her with 'Non-Binary' Babies | Women Are Human"
it's crazy when something transphobic happens, you see a bunch of TRA's ready to jump and throw different woman hating narratives around. Apperently Eden The doll and two of her trans friends were attacked and robbed the other day. So tell me why I've seen multiple comments about the "BLACK WOMAN" standing around and not doing anything. Should that woman had called the police instead of recording? Sure, she probably did we don't know, but there were other people standing around not doing anything. but of course TRA/troons have to point out the actual woman not doing anything. It's like they get off to seeing this shit validated, "Oh we are so hated LOOK!", they have a 2 part twitlonger ready to throw blame at everyone but the MEN who are actually responsible. then they'll forget about this and move onto worrying about the true enemy, terfs.
(74.18 KB 596x673 100 keks.png)
This is one of my favorite troons, specifically because he likes to go on nonsensical tangents that say nothing. All of this bullshit just to say "I'm a male that wants to be feminine and have big tiddy."
>>1528 ugh i'm sick of seeing his garbage ass being dunked on my timeline. wish other radfems would block him
(70.79 KB 639x902 Ef8SkWrWkAEM-IS.jpeg)
(65.69 KB 640x848 Ef8SkWsXkAAP1BV.jpeg)
(31.59 KB 680x409 546422643.jpeg)
Libfems are an embarrassment.
My friend told me a another dude called him "Gay" because he said he wouldn't date blaire white or any transwoman when asked. Told him he had to be gay or lying if he would refuse to date a attractive transwoman because they "Happen" to have a penis and most straight men would happily date trans women. I don't know why, but hearing another man call another man gay for not wanting to fuck a feminized man is hilarous to me. So apperently liking women does not make my friend straight, but liking transwomen does according to that guy. I guess liking only biological women and not finding trans women attractive is "gay" or a "lie" now. Kek
>>1545 Their naivete is so annoying.
This is from the Ot unpopular opinion thread- "FARMHAND EDIT Reminder that if you are a radfem/pinkpill/Terf sperg/ gendercrit, the "unpopular opinions thread" is not your reverse uno to continue the discourse. Nor is it your general place to try and fight people. Ignore posters you disagree with. >If you are here to sperg about trannies ruining your board, or your conspiracies that everyone who disagrees with you is a tranny - BAN. >If you are here to explain in detail why every man is shit - BAN >If you are here to fight people who disagree with you - BAN. >If your post history is vaguely veiled gendercrit posts to try and evade the no gendersperg rule - BAN." I LOVE on a site for women, we are only allowed to shit on other women, but not trans women/men because it triggers people. Funny how a site for women has slowly been getting rid of all conversations that women would like to have if it's about men/genderspecials. I'm just waiting for threads about trans women to be banned 100%.
>>1604 as far as men go, the lolcow discord has a channel for incels, so there's that. it's interesting how you can have threads about male pedos but when you notice a common thread as to why there are so many awful male pedos, male pedo trannies, etc, the banhammer comes down.
>>1604 We realllly need to advertise this site more to users that are still on there. I don't agree that lolcow.farm was originally some kind of pro-woman safe haven since a good chunk of that site is just nitpicking the appearance of normal and even attractive looking women for stupid shit, but it is amazing to see being allowed to sperg about said stupid shit with limited pushback but no "radfem/pp/gendercrit" sperging reeeeee
I don't have a lot of sympathy for the users still on LC at this point. The only thing you can talk about there that you can't do here is nitpicking and vilifying mentally ill e-girls. We have an off topic board and a hobbies board. I'm not sure you can even call it a female-based community anymore, other than the victims being overwhelmingly female.
(21.54 KB 717x286 metasd01.png)
(16.27 KB 1001x239 metasd02.png)
(28.57 KB 1289x250 metasd03.png)
since we're discussing LC, here's some gems from meta which make me chuckle.
(50.50 KB 1079x1324 40c40c2_e7d4353c_1280.jpg)
JKR is trending again Pouring one out for all the brave souls going back in to deal with another wave of troons Also, does anyone know what gay men think of transmen? We all know how brutal they can be so I can't imagine them being too welcoming either.
>>1629 I'd like to know, too. As far as I've seen irl, they tend to stick to themselves, so there's not as much interaction. The few I've met struck me as lesbians that want to live out their fujo fantasies and don't understand why they like gay fiction and comics written by women for women.
>>1629 I remember this one story posted on reddit of a transman who went to some gay sauna or spa and essentially got rejected by all the gay dudes which caused her to privately have a breakdown, I think.
>>1629 They're nowhere near as bad as male troons but this fetishistic and masochistic 'faggot' thing is absolutely wacked and I'm really surprised the gays haven't had a cataclysmic shitfit over it. Karma needs to come to the male troons first and foremost, absolutely, but honestly, for straight women to be pulling this... not right either. The 'dyke'/'faggot' fetishism is so skeezy and regressive.
(9.71 KB 766x111 lol.png)
>>1629 >>1631 I ended up finding this when visiting the fakeboi thread on lc, lmfao I think it helps that a lot of these maladjusted fujos do not venture out of their fandom spaces where they can post about how they are literally deku or some jojo character and whine about the "cis gays" not wanting to touch some 5'3 woman with the faintest of chin hair. If this or the "become the anime waifu" things that male troons do really became mainstream knowledge, then I think there would be vocal opposition.
>>1634 Does this read as an agitator looking to insult our bodies under the guise of pushing back on troons (which guys know is semi popular on lc) to anyone else?? For some reason I just get the spidey sense that this is a straight guy.
>>1637 I shoulda clarified, this not an lc post but a screencap from a different board that someone posted to the fakeboi thread. I wouldn’t be surprised if gay dudes that use image boards talk like this tbh
>>1634 >>1638 I thought that post looked familiar, it was on a deleted thread! - https://boards.fireden.net/y/thread/2778215/ Not sure how familiar you anons are with yaoi or the /y/ board in general, but the old yaoi website "ygallery" has been brought back up after a few years of being dormant and is apparently allowing trans art now. The reason for this is because one of the mods is now a femme transman(she's 32 now) and they all want to be inclusive. The actual gays on /y/ didn't seem too happy with the idea though and I'm sure they're not the only ones who do. The thread is full of infighting and I'm pretty sure they're being baited but it's interesting to see how some of them really feel. Even if it is sexist as fuck lmao
Guy I know as an acquaintance just came out to me as a troon. As soon as he told me suddenly heaps of PPF and GC posts came into my mind. He secretly “borrows” his sister’s clothes and has what I’ve come to realize are borderline incest-like delusions about his family. He’s currently trying to become a poorly built clone of a well-known local tim while internet stalking women. All under the guise of being a “woman in STEM” himself looking for a “lesbian” relationship. Waiting for the transactivism to start getting pushback before I talk to anyone about what they probably already know. I’m not interested in being labeled a TERF by him and getting unfairly vilified because he’s got agp and oversharing issues. I am however being pressured to publicly accept his newfound, totally not regressive, sanrio-inspired “second puberty” womanhood based in validity via projecting onto homestuck and cartoon characters. I’m not sure what to do about it. He and I have briefly communicated these issues before. I was under the impression he was at least somewhat aware of how misogyny can exist in this context. Given the current circumstances with his behavior I’m too doubtful to even bother asking if that was a conversation he remembers. It wouldn’t be convenient for him. As is the way of those who exist within the social class of men.
I'm watching Jerma ( a twitch streamer) and he's doing a stream where there's been two harry potter references so far. He enjoyed both of them (played one video twice), the first clip it was the same people spamming "trans pride" and whining, but the second clip a few others popped up. It's funny watching them (the same people to) freak the fuck out while Jerma is laughing and the reast of chat is laughing & enjoying themselves. No one fucking cares, people still love Harry Potter and they aren't going to stop caring for it because some bullshit.
>>1627 The second one's untrue, right?
>>1653 I think so. people say a lot of things about AG there but that's the only time I've heard about malware. either the poster is confused/suspicious of AG or just straight up lying. I think it's nothing to worry about.
>>1653 >>1654 Antiviruses and the like do tend to get a lot of false positives so it's possible.
>>1654 There wasn't any malware.
(40.61 KB 467x477 sick.PNG)
(334.46 KB 454x549 poer.PNG)
(382.14 KB 446x523 ij9.PNG)
why do HSTS think that women can stop men from being violent towards them? They don't even address or check each other, it's always them coming at women. What the fuck do they expect us to do? People like to say HSTS are better then transbiens, but they hold just as much hate for us as transbiens. Except instead of wanting to fuck us and be us, they want to be us, be better then us and want us to "validate" them by fucking men who fuck transwomen. I really want to ask what the fuck women can do to stop a 100% male problem? People out here really focusing on GROWN men harming OTHER GROWN MEN who think they are women, over women and children. and the number of grown men attacking men in dresses isn't even high. What the fuck am I supposed to do to stop it? I can't even stop men from harming actual women.
>>1685 Did you see the Lipstick Alley thread, too?
>>1685 i don't think they seriously believe women have any power. it's just emotional manipulation. men are extremely dishonest in their argumentation, esp when it comes to dealing with women.
(10.37 KB 540x351 y_2U.jpg)
>>1685 It's easier to blame women. You know how it is >I can't even stop men from harming actual women. Yeah. Fucking hell world we live in.
It makes me really happy that more and more girls and women are waking up to the bullshit that is the TRA movement. Like, yes. The curse is breaking. Sanity is leaking through.
a youtuber that I've watched for about a year and a half is transitioning into a dude and it's honestly really depressing to me. I don't know why it bothers me this much, I guess it shouldn't, but I almost feel betrayed somehow.
Hello - I hope this is the proper thread to ask a question like this. I'm new to this board (thought not new to imageboards) and to the wide scope ideas that fall under the labels of gender critical feminism/radical feminism, and I felt like this board would be the appropriate place to ask. >Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men. >Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex. If my views advocate the abolishment of "gender" but don't advocate the separation of people according to biological sex (instead advocating for full equal social, political, and economic treatment of the sexes, in a society where sexual dimorphism isn't relevant except in scientific and medical contexts), what does that make me? Am I a gender critical feminist/radical feminist, or is there another term more suited for that? Additionally, I don't believe in biological essentialism, or that there is a superior/inferior sex, and I am against the "transgender" phenomenon as it's based on inaccurate conflations between biology and sexist social constructs like "gender" (I'm particularly against "transgender" people positing the idea that taking hormones or getting surgeries is in any way related to their sex or gender.) If there's a better thread for this post feel free to let me know, thank you.
>>1282 It annoys me how he keeps on talking over him, but that's what they always do isn't it? Also it's rare are called terfs, even with the same views unless they're really well known. I remember coming across his videos before does anyone remember his name because it wasn't down below or even mentioned.
>>1284 These people don't want a debate, they just want to get you on their platform to have a "gotcha!" Same old same old shit.
>>1290 When you say 'Breadtube' I was surprised to see that, he seems more likely he would hang out with Sargon and Count dankula.
i always wondered what would be going on now if the war was between transwomen and straight men? Imagine if gay transwomen were the majority and they were pulling this shit towards men?
>>1739 murder? i mean men already murder TIMs who tricked them into thinking they're women on the reg.
Jk Rowling writing a book about a man who dresses up as a woman and kills them is triggering trans twitter so much lol. They really see themselves as cis men who just dress up as women. She's so damn amazing for not giving a fuck no matter how many of these mentally fucked up men screech and threaten her
>>1746 extremely hilarious and based as hell but i can only imagine how the tras are going to work this. just objectively, if you don't know exactly how many of these guys are literal predators or just on the cusp of it, the tras would probably be successful in convincing you that she's crazy just due to her going to the lengths of writing a completely fictional story about a murderous troon. i just don't see the point in creating a fictional story about this when they have literally murdered and/or raped a lot of amount of women considering how few in numbers they are. she could've just written a book about shit that has actually happened and signal boosted it that way. a fictional story just makes her look like she's being dramatic with a political purpose. it looks bad.
>>1739 People would listen to straight men and that would be the end of it.
https://youtu.be/bgcLfohtFbE MadTV predicted the future..
Does anyone have that post of some transwoman who addressed male privilege, and said that transwomen are proof that women can accomplish great things? I saw it years ago on one of the old lolcow threads and I really want to find it again.
https://www.womenarehuman.com/man-hides-past-as-child-rapist-by-becoming-transgender-and-changing-name-allison-nee-dennis-woolbert/ It never fucking ends. Also, THRI = Transgender Human Rights Institute. An organization for transgender human rights decided it's okay to be a child rapist.
>>1772 "but it never happens, why would a person with bad intentions become trans? No, the issue is not that she's a woman now, it's that she's a pedophile, stop making this a trans issue! They ARE NOT a real trans person! When Cis Folxs kill it's not because they are Cis, this person should not be judged for being trans now!" etc. etc. etc etc, excuses, excuses. Or they'll ignore this and go, "trans rights are human rights" whatever the fuck that means..
FTMs will continue to exist as long we keep shaming women for their looks. "We" because it includes all of us, I know we all did it at some point. The idea that "they transitioned because they were failed women", aka not loyal to gender roles makes me uncomfortable too. This is what makes normies become "gencrits", not all the bs we talk about here. Transitioning doesn't help, put a dress on and go back in the kitchen you idiot.
>>1776 >Transitioning doesn't help, put a dress on and go back in the kitchen you idiot. I'm not here for this.
>>1777 I was sarcastic, sorry if it came off the wrong way.
>>1776 They exist because they are dumb. Same with pickmes. I think a lot of us have felt in a similar way they do at some point during out lives, yet we were able to think about things and here we are
>>1779 Not to be mean, but yeah. You have to be a little dim and have a seriously bizarre sense of reality come to the conclusion that your best bet is throwing $65,000 at plastic surgeons who are more than happy to ignore their hippocratic oath, lop off your breasts, sew you an inflatable thigh skin "penis". And then to make yourself dependent on life-long (dangerous) hormones? It's still sad and I feel especially awful for the girls who have been raped and assaulted, but how can you think this is the fix to your problems? Like, don't these people have imposter syndrome to the max? If not, how???? That's indicative of a serious problem in and of itself.
(570.16 KB 633x557 hmmmm.PNG)
>>1783 It's called having sex dysphoria anon. and thanks to delusional trans activists medical and social transition are typically regarded as the only treatments for it. If you really felt sorry for these girls, you would advocate for higher standards of care, not insinuate that they are stupid for having a mental illness. Like there are a lot of dysphoric women and FTMs in the radfem community now who are fully aware of what sex they are. You should try listening to their stories and sympathizing with them some time.
>>1785 Not her but it is stupid and that doesn't mean we are not sympathizing with them. Theres nothing wrong with saying it is a stupid move because it is. Some of the anons here gotta stop a bit this petty calling out of people for things like this or for the use of the word "retard", etc
>>1785 Anon, please. They don't literally believe they can be men. They are not schizophrenic, they just believe they have the "right" to demand that everyone change their understanding of reality to suit their chosen reality (that they don't believe themselves). Though that entitlement is nothing like that of men. They're ill, but not in the way that you're saying. Being seriously uncomfortable with your body due to society isn't even a mental illness, that's to be expected. It's also the classic TRA line to insist that women and girls must not feel deeply uncomfortable with their bodies, and it's not a widespread problem unless they're undergoing bullshit treatment plans. It's not bizarre to hate your body as a woman in this society, or even just on a sensory level, but it is a little stupid to believe living a lie, and the biggest lie you could possibly live, would be a solution to it. I believe they do have unmanaged issues or disorders, but believing they're literally men is not one of them. I don't know how you figure just noting that yeah, some of it is on some of these people (though it depends on the type of ftm), and it is stupid, means you wouldn't demand a higher standard of care from the medical community and society in general? Almost all of it is obviously on the doctors and all of the licensed professionals pretending this is not malfeasance and no one said otherwise. Just noting that doesn't mean that people shouldn't still be protected from unethical and awful people.
>>1784 Apparently Judith Butler goes by she/they, so she must educate us lowly females who don't identify as woman/human being. https://www.newstatesman.com/international/2020/09/judith-butler-culture-wars-jk-rowling-and-living-anti-intellectual-times
>>1793 >They don't literally believe they can be men. I didn't say that though did I? I said that the dysphoric women in the radfem community KNOW what sex they are. That still doesn't stop them from having dysphoria. You just sound like one of those dumbasses who thinks you can "cure" major depression by choosing to be happy. It's not their fault that society is fucking them over by not researching other forms of treatment.
>>1795 >Like there are a lot of dysphoric women and FTMs in the radfem community now who are fully aware of what sex they are. That's exactly what you said, and it can be interpreted in two ways: either that there are a lot of ftms in the radfem community that are now fully aware that they are women and never were men, or capable of ever becoming them, or that there are now a lot of ftms in the radfem community. It seems like you could've been saying they weren't fully aware at some point. That seemed what you were getting at with, specifically w the "it's called sex dysphoria and they're mentally ill" thing, like they really had no grip on reality at all. Either way, it's not a mental illness to hate your body while living in a society that teaches you to hate your body and victimizes you based on it. Pathologizing a very real material problem that is based primarily in the way women are treated is also very harmful and regards a systemic problem as an individual issue. I don't doubt that a number of them have underlying issues, but hating your body as a female in a society that teaches you hate it is not uncommon and I don't believe mental illness beyond the mostly typical mental illnesses that many, many, many women suffer from, is necessarily what drives them to go through with these things, sorry. I think people just in general don't question the downside to basically anything and this is the result of that. This requires a lot of you, a lot of play-acting, constantly pretending to be someone else, it's emotionally, physically and financially draining, it's painful, etc, so yeah, I think this is very different than someone having a temporary lapse in judgement and just taking some experimental pills out of desperation that had negative side effects. I also think you're discounting the amount of people that are at least partially affected by the potential clout. No, I don't believe you can cure major depression by pretending to be happy. I think them going through with it and seeking it out has more to do with an idealization of this treatment method, but people really and truly need to be taught to question their treatment. The enthusiasm trans people have for this shit is nothing like I've seen with any other treatment. They fight and plead and beg for it, sink all of their money into it, it feels like there's little critical thought put into it and I don't believe it's usually fully out of self-hatred or mental illness, honestly. Objectively, this is a fucking nuts treatment plan though. This is nothing like being a completely anti-pharma loon that refuses to try Celexa. This is really expensive, dangerous, and makes no sense. No one is saying they don't deserve sympathy and this isn't applicable to all ftms. I've read what they've said plenty. You don't need to act like it's a huge deal that two people lightly criticize these women (to no one in particular). It's a little dramatic. You can be a bit critical, yet still feel sympathy and demand better treatment standards.
I need some help... I want to subliminally radpill my gf, right now she just parrots whatever the woke opinion on gender is because she hasn't really thought about the subject much for herself. I've explained my position but I'm on eggshells about it. Asking for recommendations on youtubers and twitter people that can pass as woke, like detrans and trans gc people, preferably POC. No ostensive #IStandWithJK #TransWomenAreMen stuff because as of now she thinks all so-called terfs are hateful bigots.
>>1804 that sounds terrible to live with, but trying to change someone subliminally sounds creepy, and I would say if attempts fail you should break up. But I understand the cult-like nature unfortunately targets kind women. I don't have any woke-adjacent detransitioners, but I think what peaks people is male behavior. Show her stuff from detrans men as well if you can talking about AGP. There was the TIM in Ireland who is dangerous and identity not revealed. https://www.rebelnews.com/transgender_dangerous_offender_to_be_released_in_ireland_media_only_identifies_him_as_female helena, a detrans woman wrote this good article. might have to find medium link if your girlfriend won't read from this site. https://newdiscourses.com/2020/08/trans-healthcare-manipulated-data-self-appointed-saviors/ (good article about nature of trans healthcare). And consider if https://newthoughtcrime.com/ might be helpful to show unhealthy dynamics. Also tell your girlfriend about trans power mods on reddit, and their attempts to take down r/detrans by reading the history and making actual_detrans where majority was trans and not detrans people. Regarding hating swerves, tell your gf that it's what's killing transwomen. Show high rates of PTSD, etc. for prostitutes and study saying 90% want out. Find articles talking about failure of legalization in Netherlands/rise in sec trafficking.
Am I the only on who assumes a guy is a degenerate if he's into troons? I hate it, because I don't want to judge like that. I guess the reason is bisexual men are into both, I don't want that. Gay men are into men but some troon chasers say they are "Straight" and I'll never see it as straight no matter what. If I find out a guy I'm with or like, likes troons I lose all interest. Even with women as well. It's more so I've seen the patterns first hands that some men have when they are troon attracted and I also just find the whole thing dishonest. To me it's like someone who's in the closet with no door or something. I was talking to a guy, I made the mistake of checking his twitter and saw that he not only was one of those, "Sex work is empowering" people but he was openly liking and commenting on trans pornstars. I wanted to make an excuse as to why we would'nt talk anymore but i lost ALL attraction to him. I guess it's my past and I'm just not into playing those games anymore. If you say you are "straight" don't be *straight* but you like dick if it has tits because thats what most want out of transwomen. I feel horrible for this and maybe I'll wait a few days and we can be friends but all my romantic attraction went away just like that.
>>1807 Why do you feel horrible? If I were you, I'd say it very clearly to him: I lost my interested cause you are bisexual. Bisexual men suck and are the most sexists of all. I'd never date one and whenever I start dating a guy I try to dig it up to see if he is attracted to men at any level. If he is, I'm never seeing him again
>>1807 anon, you are allowed to reject whatever you want. i hate this "you're being judgmental!" crap that is thrown on women in particular. it's meant to pressure women and girls into ignoring their better judgement. your senses are right and you're allowed to not want to fuck people whose sexual interests, behaviors, whatever, make you uncomfortable. you're allowed to draw whatever boundaries you like in dating, friendships, anything. anyone who suggests or tells you otherwise is a manipulative asshole. i would be somewhat careful with what i'd say to the guy, but other than that, don't worry. don't give yourself any grief for losing attraction. the troon attraction is a huge red flag.
>>1807 >Am I the only on who assumes a guy is a degenerate if he's into troons? I hate it, because I don't want to judge like that. I was talking about this on another thread and your feelings about judging it for what it is is exactly the problem. Stop hating "judging" it. Do it proudly and openly. What does a tranny lover has to offer to you, an actual woman? Why would you put yourself at risk of getting an STD? Why would you be with a lunatic misogynistic homo who believes men can turn themselves into women? You know how these guys are and what they think of actual women. A dick lover man can never love a woman. Why would you put yourself in this situation and why do you feel like you gotta have any sympathy for him? He sure doesn't have it for you and for women in general. Stop feeling like you gotta be nice and kind to the scum. You probably feel like this because women are raised to feel this way. Impose yourself and your radfem beliefs. Don't get near guys like this
>>1812 If things had developed further between you and this guy, I can guarantee you that after a while you would no longer think you are in the wrong in here. This guy would cheat on you massively with trannies and other men, putting you at great risk of getting HIV, would never be actually attracted to you cause they only love men and would spit all sorts of misogynist shit all the time
>>1807 Saying they're "straight" when it's clearly homosexual is just to spice things up. Homos love to seduce, and some of them will fuck anything that moves.
so update on my situation, I didn't speak to the guy for a day or so (I didn't miss him) but he kept texting me. Despite the fact I have no interest, I do like the person and I felt like I should just talk it out. So I told him what I saw and he acted ashamed. It was weird because the first thing he said was he wasn't gay and he could never be with a transwomen irl. Then he started telling me how most straight men like trans porn/women and all that jazz. I have NO idea why he was posting all this shit under his real name but had the nerve to sound caught off guard and ashamed. I listened to him and I was basically having flash backs of my ex, how they always try to convince me that "most straight men" are attracted to transwomen or in some cases other men who cross dressed, basically making me feel like, "You better get used to it! You aren't going to find a man only into "cis" women!" I felt like it was trying to make me accept something that I DO NOT want and I don't think is true. I basically told him that I didn't want to be romantic with someone into that, that I've had bad experiences with it and it was me, not him. He asked me if he should just delete his twitter because he wanted to only date women, but he didn't want women to think he was gay/bisexual, I basically told him to keep it up. Mainly because I want other women to know what they are getting into. I'd rather trans chasers be open about it then lie. He ended up deleting anyway and thats it. I'm learning i'm too damn nice, like i'm very forward but I find myself feeling bad for things I know I shouldn't.
>>1815 >>1815 >So I told him what I saw and he acted ashamed Lmao. I wish I could have seen such a priceless moment Sad thing anon is that he is right about most men being into this sort of stuff. Thing is: It will only be normal and ok if women choose to accept this and get used to it and this scenario must not happen at all. So I'm glad you were open about your feelings on this to him and got rid of tranny lover. It sucks the scrote deleted his twitter though. He is probably gonna hide his attraction to trannies from women so he can fool one to get into a relationship with him. Why the fuck these homos only want to date women if they are trans attracted? I guess it is only because of societal expectations/ideals and what women represent. They want to have a girlfriend and then a wife back home only because of what it represents rather than actually wanting/loving the person per se
>>1815 telling men that openly lusting over transwomen was a turn off was a bad move, but understandable. you should've ghosted so future women have a better chance of finding out what he's into, men will hide their porn use but not stop.
>>1817 Not her but yeah. But also it might have been only a matter of time until he realized it though. In the big picture, if only women knew how much power there is on collectively refusing to reproduce/have sex with males who are collectively having undesirable traits and behavior, things would change. At least he now knows women don't want him and other men like him
>>1815 he sounds very manipulative. don't feel bad. just generally, know you are entitled to your boundaries and preferences. you don't exist to validate the men around you. it's not true that being into dick is something you'll have to essentially have to accept because most or all men are like that. i do think a lot of men are hiding their bisexuality, but it's not like it's anywhere near unavoidable. i've had a lot of guys try to pull the "good luck, you won't find a guy that won't do x!! you're unreasonable!!!" and it's complete bullshit. i've found the crap they assured me i'd never find - without searching, AND multiple times, in fact. if you think about it, it's really sick that they almost all seem to use this tactic to make us feel that they're the best we can get. it's pretty nasty and i think it's often a jab at our self esteem, too. because we're saddled with the idea that we're responsible for men's happiness and the ridiculous idea that we're effectively "traumatizing them" by rejecting them, i find that if i feel guilty for just asserting my boundaries and expressing my feelings, it's helpful to remind yourself (and others) that it's simply an incompatibility issue. it's not a condemnation of their character necessarily, and you're allowing them to find someone they're truly compatible with. though this guy definitely doesn't sound emotionally healthy or respectful. >>1817 >>1818 cumbrains this rotted and unaware will never be able to hide it effectively. it's too ingrained. there are men that hide their porno powerlevel but they're typically not the ones already posting troon porn on sm. it's whatever. a woman who speaks to him will find out fairly early, i'm sure.
https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2020/10/neil-gaiman-stephen-king-come-swinging-forceful-pushback-j-k-rowlings-transphobia/ >Neil Gaiman & Stephen King come out swinging with forceful pushback to J.K. Rowling’s transphobia Forceful men come out swinging against nonconformist woman. I clicked and read wondering if these celebrated writers might have put forth a forceful *argument* but it's literally just this: >We believe in the power of words. We want to do our part to help shape the curve of history toward justice and fairness. >To that end, we say: non-binary people are non-binary, trans women are women, trans men are men, trans rights are human rights. >Your pronouns matter. You matter. You are loved. So utterly without content, weight, or mass.
>>1825 Lmao nobody cares about SK or NG. JKR is 100% correct in everything. She wasn't even mean about it only addressing biological reality. Yet it made the troons, tras and agps seethe. I do wish though we can fast forward a couple of decades where the fallout will happen with these trannies and them fucking up their bodies permenantly then sueing pharma and Drs for experimenting They die earlier, via hormonal imbalances l, are sterilized and mentally ill. How nobody is allowed to point that out even is insidious Also Big LOL >words have power Yeah no shit retard. That's why autistic troons are trying desperately to rewrite the definition of a woman to mean nothing and fantasize about erasing women altogether
>>1818 Im the anon who wrote about the chaser and this- >>if only women knew how much power there is on collectively refusing to reproduce/have sex with males who are collectively having undesirable traits and behavior, things would change. At least he now knows women don't want him and other men like him Touched me, I know what I want and don't want, yet and still, I let the guilt that so many people love to push at people towards their sexuality not including EVERYONE. It feels like now everyone wants everyone to love and be attracted to everything and everybody. How have we went so backwards? Once upon a time it was, "let people love who they love, mind your buiness" Now it's, "Let people love who they love, but if you can't love someone because they are bisexual or trans you need to re-think that" Gay/lesbians didn't try to tell everyone they needed to be gay/lesbians in order for them to be accepted. but the trans and *some* bisexuals keep trying to tell people they need to be trans attracted/bisexual/attracted to bisexuals in order for trans/bisexuals to be accepted. it's backwards. I've been Gender Critical for a while and I still fell for the, "It's transphobic/bi-phobic not to want to date somene b/c they are bisexual or trans attracted" Funny thing is if anyone told me they were feeling how I felt, I'd 100% tell them that they don't owe anybody ANYTHING. I should've never felt bad for not wanting to share my time, body or emotions with ANYONE, but I did. Thats how easy it is for people to get sucked into these situations with trans folx/bisexuals and bad men. Rejecting someone is awkard and hurtful but it should'nt be like this and I feel bad for a lot of women who think they should "Re-think" something they 100% do not want and end up in horrible situations.
>>1818 I think some of these men being a little more open about their degeneracies is a good thing simply for this reason. Instead of being blindsided and finding out that your seemingly nice Nigel that you have been committed to for 10 years is into fucked up or weird shit, you can weed out undesirables quickly. >>1827 Honestly, yes. One of my least favorite things about the woke-y ideology besides pure troonery is discoursing over dating preferences. It is nobodies' business who you are attracted to and who you want to engage with. If the worst bigotry that you face is that some people don't want to fuck you--oh well. I don't see how some of these "woke" people don't see how guilt-tripping people to consider giving people a chance doesn't fall under rape culture and (male) entitlement.
In troon twitter they're trying to reclaim adulthumanfemale from the evil terfs. And every damn time someone asks these retarded tras what is a woman, they only fire back by calling the asker a terf. They don't know. They can't answer. It's so fucking obvious how they want ANY male to call themselves a woman have access to our spaces and health services. I hope more women keep calling them out without fear Which country do you turning the tides on tras? Or is safe from this lunacy.
>>1829 I think the feminists in the UK and Scotland can turn the tide. Especially with the Keira Bell case, the sheer corruption will start to be exposed. It can't be anywhere homophobic, because these places would rather gay people transition than live out their lives normally. I'm not sure about Asian countries, but those with strong radfem movements like South Korea are probably less susceptible to this post modern bullshit.
>>1830 Honestly, the worst part of this is that the damage caused by the negligence at the Tavistock clinic alone is going to end up with sooo many massive payouts when the NHS is already being strangled. Sad. Definitely seems like people are waking up in the UK the most.
just watched a gay dude call a woman a cunt and kinds of shit, but then starts whining about transphobia. You have no respect for women but then come in and ask us to have respect for transwomen. it's crazy how men in the GBTQ+ can shit all women but scream for us to accept transwomen. fuck off.
it also pisses me off how some TRA men who are trans attracted treat women like shit but all is forgiven because they think men are women. They are like male feminist, except a lot of the TRA men usually have ex wives, girlfriends and kids who ALL have a story of abuse & bullshit. Yet it's cool because they are #woke. Like Indya Moore's boyfriend, Indya is fucking miserable and his boyfriend is a an abuser of multiple women, but Indya nor the media does not care. Everytime Indya whines about "Cis" women somehow causing trans women harm, or says he's non-binary yet still identifies as a woman when he wants, or just whines like 70% of the overrated Pose cast. nobody gives a fuck.
>>1836 This is cause trans attracted men are gays in denial and gay men are inherently misogynistic. I know this may seem like a strange argument but it is the truth
>>1836 I mean there are 2 hypotheses here about Trans attracted men, one is simply they are gay and I think that's true for a majority of them and the other view is that they are Gyno Andro MorphoPhiles GAMPs, meaning they're attracted to the femininity of women and MTFs rather then their womanhood its self


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