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Anonymous 08/02/2020 (Sun) 20:00:14 No. 1369
Don't you think incels and their misogyny are being greatly underestimated? They've been posting all day about hurting us and enslaving us.
That's an interesting question. Their hatred of women is very real. They truly do not view women as anything other than subhuman. No doubt a lot of them are bastard sons of single mothers who have never had a healthy model of masculinity in their lives. Presently they are mostly impotent basement dwellers whose numbers will only swell with time. Historically a large number of single males has meant conflict. I don't think the threat they pose currently should be blown out of proportion in the popular imagination though I don't see them being placated until sex robots and artificial wombs come into existence.
>>1375 >No doubt a lot of them are bastard sons of single mothers who have never had a healthy model of masculinity in their lives. Most of them seem to come from two parent households and are usually very spoiled, I guess with the exception of Cruz. I feel like maybe he was a FAS kid or something. Sons of single mothers are usually legit tho.
>>1379 Nvm, found it. Makes some sense. >Woodard was so gripped by addiction she was arrested buying crack cocaine while pregnant with Nikolas. Lynda Cruz was known to drink wine, though not excessively. That explains some. The rest of them are spoiled losers from upscale neighborhoods that need a convenient excuse for why they're being told "no" for once in their lives, which is that they're beautiful baby boys that deserve to be coddled constantly and that we must be awful harpies that are bullying them by having boundaries - no other possibility exists.
How are they any sort of danger if it is rare for them to leave the house and they aren't taken seriously by anyone they know?
>>1530 Wym, anon? They don't need to go outside to be heavily armed and dangerous. They literally have shown themselves to be very lethal terrorists multiple, multiple, multiple times. And I don't think the idea that all of these guys are legitimate basement dwellers is even true. They often do socialize, they just have basement dweller mentalities and spend a lot of time in communities that are based around stoking hatred for minorities, women, etc. They often aren't impoverished or marginalized in any way, either. I think these assumptions about these guys necessarily being "losers" in so many metrics is misleading and distracts from the fact that there are a lot of men that people come across every day and that seem otherwise normal, that people may even like and think of as funny or otherwise relatable, but in actuality they are covertly misogynistic to a potentially lethal degree.
>>1369 Of course. Those retards do stuff in real life, theres been many terrorist attacks where they have targeted women
>>1369 They are not mentally ill, this is an excuse to victimize them. They are stupid and entitled. All that men are is entitled
>>1369 Yes yes and yes. People always wanna talk about humanity and want to believe that these *poor, poor boys* are just misunderstood and ignore how men are brought up to be entitled. They rarely extend this humanity to the victims of these wastes of spaces.
>>1531 This
>>1531 I have to disagree with what you are saying. If you lurk around in some of their communities, their hatred fails to leave the walls of their bedrooms. These are broken men who have nothing to aspire to and see their lives as over, so much so that they often tell each other that "it's over" or "it never began". Yes there have been incels who have attacked women, some going as far as to initiate mass shootings, but they are a small minority among millions of frustrated men. You might say that there are plenty of women who are attacked by incels, but women are attacked all the time by their own partners as well in domestic disputes. I presume that women are at a greater risk of being assaulted by a loved one than any incel in most situations.
>>1540 >small minority >their hatred fails to leave the walls of their rooms In what world are living in? She just said theres been several terrorists attacks by them on women Have you ever seen a "small" minority of women killing men for being men? Even though we've been oppressed by them for centuries, and not the opposite, it has never happened. Yes, there are many husbands who kill their wives, but they aren't activately part of a community that promotes the killing and hatred of women. How can you disagree that incels are much more of a danger than society think it is?
>>1541 I disagree because they do not have the nerve to back up what it is that they are saying. For a community that promotes the killing and hatred of women, the former is not a crime they commit a whole lot. In fact, here is something you might want to take a look at: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/men-killing-women-domesti_n_5927140 >She just said theres been several terrorists attacks by them on women There have been women who have targeted males with intent to kill, yes? This issue goes both ways. Incels may be vocal, but they really do not do much outside of complain and let their emotions fester. Cherrypicked mass shooters do not represent all or even most incels, just like how if a man were to post a female serial killer here, it would not represent even a shred of the women who use this forum. I do not believe you have a true grasp on how many nonviolent incels there are compared to violent ones. The ones who do not act severely outnumber the ones who do. What one can gather upon observing them is that they just seek companionship, but since they cannot get it, they vent their frustrations online.
>>1550 >There have been women who have targeted males with intent to kill, yes? This issue goes both ways. Aileen Wournos did nothing wrong.
>>1550 >There have been women who have targeted males with intent to kill, yes? Yeah 2 or 3 for thousands of men who have targeted women
>>1553 Also men make up the vast majority of murderers whether or not the victim is male or female. 10 women are killed in Mexico a day, show me comparable stats of women killing men and maybe anon would have a point.
>>1550 Like, what women have 'targeted men with the intention to kill'? You mean after being raped, tortured, or abused by them? I suppose there could be some that have killed men for being men, but I've not heard of any, especially given that most of them that one could possibly argue that have killed men "for being men" do so because of a perceived threat of violence. Most women who kill men kill people they personally know, or people who have actually harmed them, not spree killing perfect strangers to make some fucking retarded political statement.
>>1550 I don't think there are as many proper incels as you think, tbh. There are a lot of incel aligned men online, but ones that are heavily invested in incel shit? I don't think there are so many millions of them. Considering that, yeah, their ideology has created a comparatively large amount of monsters. But mass shooters aren't the only incels who are committing horrendous crimes. They're just the ones who receive the most attention. I would be willing to bet that there's a decent amount of violence within their personal lives, or even murders, and either because these offenses haven't been explicitly attributed to their inceldom, or because they haven't killed as many people, it isn't commonly reported. I can almost guarantee that a lot of these men are violent. And plenty of "incels" aren't even incels like they claim. Plenty of incels have had girlfriends before or have women interested in them at some point, they just fuck up their relationships because they can't extract everything they want out of women and abuse them at the same time, and women put up with it as often. >they just seek companionship, but since they cannot get it, they vent their frustrations online 100% untrue. They are completely capable of getting into relationships but they grow to hate women because women now push back on emotional dysfunction, abuse, and entitlement. Their gripe is their perceived loss of power in "Western" relationships because of the "masculinization of Western women", kek. The "rejected sadboi" narrative is apologia that's completely detached from reality. Yes, they say they just want relationships, but the reality is that they want women way out of their league, and they also want the ability to mistreat and dehumanize them. These things are no longer publicly and commonly acceptable in relationships and incels are pissed about it. They also use women as a convenient scapegoat for why quality jobs are dwindling, etc. These are the same men that will scapegoat minorities and make villains out of anyone to escape accountability, or to just avoid holding the actually powerful parties accountable. They aren't resentful because they "just want a relationship". That's the overly charitable view they want people to have of them. People who are sentimental and lonely don't encourage murder and hatred because they're just "so sad uwu". That shit makes no sense and it certainly doesn't match the things that they say and do in their communities, sharing photos of dead and raped women for laughs, etc. They are emotionally shallow bullies that are extremely angry because it's getting very slightly more difficult for men to abuse and mistreat with impunity. There's nothing else to it.


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