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Personal Expereinces Transwomen Thread- Anonymous 07/06/2020 (Mon) 01:13:47 No. 1178
I thought it'd be cool to have a thread where we just talk about our personal experiences with transwomen/people. How it shaped our views, or even if you have a friend,family member,spouse or ex-spouse story to share. If you need to vent about someone. If you want advice on how to deal with something or a situation. It does not have to be negative or hateful, but a place to vent, maybe give some advice or just share a story. Good, bad, indifferent, I think we need a space for this, especially since on Lolcow I've been seeing a few posts about experiences with trans people or trans allies. (sorry for my shitty english)
i don't have many stories but there was a tim that lived a few houses down from me that multiple times mistook me and my car for his uber. i later found out he was an escort. can't say that i'm shocked that basically every experience online or irl with them shows them to be obsessed with objectifying themselves. i don't live in a bad area so he must've been making decent money at it, or what's honestly more likely is that he was probably a backend developer that moonlit as a prostitute for funsies/validation, as is often the case.
I once recognized a MTF from Twitter at the local Apple store and shook hands. The other time I was travelling and talked with a FTM without recognizing that it was the case until they told me; it was assumed I was homosexual.
Sadly most of these are Discord related lol 1) Was in a call with one for the first time ever, my first vocal interaction but I didn't want to call him she. I tried to call him by his name or use them and you when reffering to him. Kept slipping up because turns out if you sound male my instinct is to go "he" and he went "Who do you mean by HE?" in a really hostile tone so I just left the call. 2) Had one slide into my dms, at first it was ok because we were talking about video games but then they kept sending selfies asking if they looked hot. At fitst I was all, "you look fine dw" and switched the topic but then he started sending selfies of him wearing diapers and other abdl gear so I blocked him. 3) Met a FTM on some fandom server. She actually wasn't that bad but one time she talked about using a toothbrush to masturbate in a public channel kek 4) In highschool there was this really popular kid, very tall skinny and hyper. We were in the same math class and one of the students made a joke about transexuals but then the popular kid went "You know I'M trans right?" and the other kid kept going "Are you sure? Damn. Really? Noo..." and honestly I thought the same because they had man hands and a adams apple but also a really feminine face and super high pitched voice. It didn't help this kid was usually known to joke around a lot too, but they seemed pretty serious. To this day I'm still not sure. 5) Knew someone who ended up trooning out IRL and told me that I'm not really a woman, that I am just hyperfeminine so by that logic transwomen are women because of the way they act and he was one too. If I wear pants or act like a slob, it made me a man and that also applied to him, he didn't want to live like that. Such a fucking insult, everything in life happened because I'm a woman but can't beat those mental gymnastics.
I was in a LGBTQ+ online support group years ago. There were 3 transwomen and 2 trans men and the rest were gay/lesbians and the odd bisexual. - There was this trans women who was obessed with straight men and constantly posting videos on their facebook about how much men loved transwomen women. They went on a long rant about why they'd never date a man who dated transwomen or men, that ticked off a transbien in the group and they got in a stupid agrument. They once got in a agrument with a girl on twitter, told them they could take their man, then commented on the Bf's picture and he called them a "Mentally ill tranny" and they got them banned from twitter. This person detransed last I checked. - There was a transwomen who started off as a gay man, then became a "Straight" transwomen and then came out as bisexual. Then finally a lesbian. They only dated transwomen/men so basically it was a gay guy who went through four sexualities all of them were him having homosexual sex. I hope that dude figured it out. - a trans escort joined the group briefly, they kept posting pictures of themselves and everyone would go out there way to compliment them. A few trans women were constantly throwing jabs about how they didn't have the money to "Pass" and it was hurting their self esteem. The escort was always telling "true stories" about all the rappers they'd fucked or dated, no one believed it but I found it funny. They DID tell a very detailed story about fucking Ch*rlie Sh*en that I kind of believed. They left a group but the detrans girl, told me that the transgirl was "grooming" them into escorting with them, Telling them "Asian transwomen are very popular" and even introduced them to a trans porn star online who was trying to get them to do transporn. I do miss the group because there were some very nice people in it, outside of all the drama.
>>1184 >4) In highschool there was this really popular kid, very tall skinny and hyper. We were in the same math class and one of the students made a joke about transexuals but then the popular kid went "You know I'M trans right?" and the other kid kept going "Are you sure? Damn. Really? Noo..." and honestly I thought the same because they had man hands and a adams apple but also a really feminine face and super high pitched voice. It didn't help this kid was usually known to joke around a lot too, but they seemed pretty serious. To this day I'm still not sure. You got to admit that's a pretty cool way to speak up.
My first experience was with this MTF trans woman that presented as homeless and mentally ill. I was at the bus stop of my community college reading with my headphones in. they insisted on speaking to me so i gave in and took my headphones off. they spoke strangely and said that they were growing their hair and nails out because they were becoming a woman. i felt really bad for them but tried to keep it upbeat since they seemed really emotionally fragile. they were balding and had dirt under their nails. a friend i told this story to said that this person used to harass all the little girls in her neighborhood about how they were transitioning. i don't think they were actually homeless just mentally ill with poor hygiene. The only other time i had a conversation irl with a trans person was one my college friend was dating that transitioned after they had an established relationship. Myself and our mutual male roommate from college went to stay the weekend with them and chill sometime after graduating. I was the only one of our roommates that was into anime and they would ask me for recommendations all the time. so my female college friend tells her MTF gf this and they promptly ignore it and proceed to exclude me from all of her questions about the subject the entire weekend. They exclusively talk to our male roommate about it even though he has only seen when i told him to watch. He would tell them that I knew more about anime but that was ignored also. really rude and strange. i know my female college friend had been in open relationships before so i don't know if she wanted our male college roommate to join them an i was in the way or they just decided they wanted to mean girl me for whatever reason.
I've only met 3 TIMs as far as I can remember. 2 of them were pleasant and seemed to genuinely just be dysphoric but otherwise normal people. The other one works in a local shop and seems like a classic agp. I heve only come across him very briefly 3 times or something though, so I've never had to deal with any bullshit from him. Then I've met 2 NBs. One is a girl who's super sweet and seem to identify as NB because of trauma. I really hope she doesn't start taking hormones or get surgery. The other was an absolutely obnoxious dude from a school I went to. He always had to be the center of attention and ALWAYS knew best about everything regarding philosophy and sociology. He was also super insecure. I disagreed with and argued against him ONCE in friendly, playful and not at all antagonising way, won the "argument", and after that he seemed legitimately scared of me kek.
I only met one on the internet, from a game community. It wasn't centered around multiplayer and I never got on mic. So the default assumption was that I was a guy. (I didn't bother correcting them because convincing a game community that you're a girl without a mic, especially in the 00s-10s, just lands catfishing accusations. Garbage in-game vc quality makes female voices sound like prepubescent boys anyway.) MtF identified as a male before the community got a surge of newfags. Basically: >MtF is in 'her' 20s but acts like a middle schooler >says corny stuff like, "omg my legs are so hairless and soft" >got in an internet argument and whinged at me to whiteknight for him >it's all painfully stupid but convincing enough to 90+% of the chatroom >they all practically orbited around her I don't blame them because in retrospection it came off as young men not knowing how to interact with girls and going with borderline beta orbiting. >one day she lies about being trans >pointed that she was trans in the chatroom >obviously got mad at me and PM'd about how I didn't have to out him >had to tell him I was in the community when he still identified as male and announced his transition to the chatroom before >"wtf I just want people to see me as a chick" >eventually the group migrates off Steam Groups to Skype (didn't follow) >few years later, internet friend who still follows that group was complaining about the drama she caused >told internet friend that she is actually trans and showed old chatlogs of transition announcement >"wtf its a dude" >only get durated silence afterwards >a couple of users return to the old chatroom talking about her >one of the community vets corroborated knowing her when she still identified as male Think that group split off by now. Never personally met trans people IRL though.
4 years ago I joined a discord server that was exclusively for women to just chat and hang with each other. The owner was just a normal girl who didn't believe in 1000 genders but she was respectful of other people's beliefs and allowed transwomen to join the server. At the time I didn't know what autogynephilia was or any of this terf shit, but one of the mods was a textbook AGP with a bimbofication fetish. He was also pretty narcissistic looking back on it. He started a lot of drama on the server with the other mods and the owner for pretty much no reason, and after he was kicked his posts were deleted which included some pink glittery banners about how transwomen are women or some shit. The other males in the server bought into his sob story about how they were all twansphobic, and wouldn't accept the owner's explanation that their posts are just automatically deleted after someone is kicked/banned from the server. The owner had to end up deleting the server and not making a new one because he went on a tirade on reddit spreading lies about her, and she was scared he would find her if she made a new one. Soon after that I was terfpilled on lolcow. I looked that guy up again and found his tumblr that he linked on a reddit post. It was legit filled with misogynistic bimbo porn and he self-admitted to being an AGP lmao.
I have a lot of experience. Was going to vaguepost but said fuck it Dated one for a year and a half who actually passed due to XXY, hated most trannys and pilled me on them. I was tumblrd at the time. Would tell me wild tranner stories and got called transphobic for hating ~enby~ but this was before it blew up into a craze. Roomie was also mtf and is also based and actually a decent person and not crazy. Found out later ex used to physically abuse roommate which makes me sick as fuck because I never knew but roommate had sauce. Ex since has semi detrans since? Last I spoke to them was just passing as male and was being misogynistic BPD ass leeching from other troons. Still simps for me despite me not talking to them anymore. Other mtf was exactly what my ex warned me about. Agp silence of the lambs deluxe would not be surprised if he ends up in prison. Worked with him absolute nightmare fuel. Lived with over 20 cats and abused his long term BPD ~poc~ gf and killed his cats but played it as "oh they ripped their stitches from neutering surgery" (cats dont get stitches from neutering or bleed out from that you murdered your cat you faggot) . Looked like a weird metal dude. Allegedly had a small peen. Didn't dilate and told me it shriveled up to the depth of a belly button LOL. I was not pilled until post them because the first two trans i met were not troons and it took my coworker a while for me to realize im being delusional with any stans for other trans. Online MTF that my ex introduced me to because they feared this one would turn into a "shitqueer" because apparently early transition is when they get pilled harder and lose touch with reality about cringe, basic hygiene, and become e-begging delusional misogynistic kweer maniacs. Anyways this one was in an abusive relationship with the ex husband of my ex who is a shite scrote alt right dickgirl chasing shitbag. Basically he only goes for troons because he wants low self esteem mentally ill hoes to abuse and be in his polycule or some shit Had a two who liked me come out. One to me directly and one years later but after they married and had a kid with someone else (lol they always come out during a pregnancy or some shit when no more attention) Had one i was tunglr friends with who was self aware. Didn't pass for shit but was nice. Was a furry and realized all furries are terrible and that troons are terrible. Handmaidens I've met irl are always insufferable with female socialization bending over backwards to be nice to an agp and are terrified to report or act badly Theres this one hamdmaiden who ESPECIALLY handmaidens trans men that ive seen on lolcow and facebook because they always use the same picture of the same trans man with the same argument lmfaoo. I introduced a guy to a girl who later became a they/them level self hating woman who hated sexism. Another friend of a friend that id met trooned out but kept his same name which is not androgynous. Friend is respectful to them and pronoun hounds me. Another moid who was an acquaintance in a shoegaze band (of course)used to simp me and ebeg me for feet pics and butthole pics is an ~asexual enby~ with a new name. Was always a softboi type tho. There was a femtroon that dated my friend in university before she got pilled and was always just really horny and weird on T but she was 4'11 LMFAO. And the endless ones on the various lesbian sections of sites who DM me looking for sapphic love. I learned my lesson
Thankfully I have no personal irl experience with them so far probably cause I don't associate to these people or lgbt/queer people in general (except lesbians), don't go to the places they go nor consume the things they do. Some people here in this thread are actually friends with MTFs and like ????
>>2367 >shoegaze Should I be concerned?
I personally haven't had any close calls with transwomen. I've known one transwoman and they acted like any other person. But social media trannies piss me off so much. They want to be included in everything related to real women. You mucy ALWAYS include trannies in the conversation. And if the conversation is about a "female" issue you have to say it's about "womb-bearers" or "people with vulvas" because apparently biological males are relevant here. It's beginning to seep into real life, too. My peers are falling for this bullshit and I've seen community resources and institutions do the inclusive language song and dance. Don't even get me started on nonbinary people demanding to be included in everything. At least trannies have the decency to transition, all nonbinaries do is declare themselves not a girl and expect everyone to believe that. Ugh.
I used to be super involved in the TRA shit so I have a few. Met one in HS. He was a grade older than me and got accused of sexually assaulting a girl on the bus. Everyone believed her because the dude was a batshit narc. My personal interactions with him were - him shit talking the girls he knew behind their backs, accusing them of stealing from him with no proof, shoplifting etc. etc - him accusing his ex girlfriend of abuse and sexual assault. - him getting angry at me for talking about my lesbian relationship (because of course he was a transbian) The final part of the story was me meeting his ex. I hung out with her for a while since she was also in the group chat. She was a nice person, definitely with mental health issues though, and her side of the story was much more rational/less of an NPD delusion that anything he dislikes is abuse. He claimed she assaulted him by force (without a weapon) but the fact was the dude was 6' and average weight and the girl was 4'11 on the skinny side. He starts sending me threats, saying he would come beat the shit out of me but only because he "had to" because I made him upset. He got expelled. Honorable mentions are: - guy who told me my nosebleed turned him on (this dude was extremely mentally ill. We were "friends" because I still bought the TRA bullshit at the time but now the touchiness/flirting just feels creepy as fuck rather than rationalizing it as "girls being girls") - guy who came to a pride group meeting claimed detransitioning was only ever done as self-punishment and people always transitioned back - a set of three or four girls who transitioned to male/nb to force the only gay guy in my school to date them since he drank the coolaid - gay guy later transitioned as well - tons of girls in my school on T/identifying as trans. It's genuinely upsetting looking back on it I have more but that's just off the top of my head.
Not really personal dealing, but I inhabit a rather tight circle of hell. I know a guy who was abusing the same no-effort mentally ill "slow" FTM simultaneously with a bi-guy who thirsted after him. Said bi-guy was gang-raped at a party full of ???chan degenerates who invite randos to drug and rape/abuse for fun. The main gang-rape organiser is an old drug-dealer/pimp AGP troon from a different big city. Even though he is a GF-beater and rapes female mules and such with his ring members, his main source of income seemed to be a small, flat-sized all-tranny brothel. Some redditor fuck took an interview with them, they're mostly dead too so fuck them. The pimp is also notably a friend with another AGP tranny called Alice. That one too is a woman-beater and a rapist, he lived with his old mum and a gf in a run-down barracks room, beat them both and made low-grade meth, profits from which he put directly into his fetish. That fucker used to be a little famous, he made some vids where he states that women, meaning p*rn f*ckdolls, are superior to men because they are fuckable and men and feminists are bad and unhappy because they don' turn themselves into p*rn f*ckdolls. He also thought he was motherfucking Heisenberg because he knew that Zink is a reduction agent and he was not in jail. His meth, by his buddies admission, sucks, not in the least because he did too much of it, and the cops threw him out of prison because his documents and dick are male and prison goons would kill him out of homolust/rage causing problems for policemen. The guy I know at the start, he is a communist, meaning unemployed, he is an enemy of a different AGP, who is an ancap, meaning unempoyed. Ancap is a part-time camming AGP tranny. But really, they both live off their grandmas. And the FTM mentioned before, she is an addict and also in a relationship with an alcoholic 20yo FTM who thinks she's a 28yo dude called Alex. Alex mentioned she worked at some crap-factory where most employees are FTMs lol. Whenever the love-doves are together they drown their sorrows and beat the shit out of each other.
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>>2442 Anon, what the fuck
(30.76 KB 480x480 1605010328262.jpg)
>>2443 Wait till you hear my childhood stories, it's all the same shit just without FTMs and pigs in wigs. Fuck my country, it's like 80% ghetto trash and 20% corrupt assholes.
>>2444 But how do you know these people? Do you have mutual friends?
(615.82 KB 1920x1080 1604962645871.jpg)
>>2445 Yes, I know the first mentioned guy, the commie too fucking well lol. I tried to get friendly the mental FTM, but she is afraid of me. I talked to "Alice" online back when he shitposted his vids. Currently FTM "Alex" lives with the commie who tries to sober her up and get her a job. Commie doesn't try to lewd her and "Alex" the FTM is the one who alterates between trying to fuck or beat up commie, keeps drinking and not getting a job as her main way of communication is swearing loudly. Commie lives in a different city, both FTMs are from yet another location and AGP are from a different part of the country alltogether. He also wanted to assasinate and rob the pimp AGP with my help, but I declined as his plans were retarded and he is too sane to attempt this on his own, that was like 3-4 years ago. And all visited the same imageboard. This is what imageboards to too your bain.
>>2446 So it's kind of like those nerdy circles of reddit neckbeards and socially maladapted girls where everyone is poly and genderspecial, but without wokeness or consumerism because no money and not american. I'm a fucking spergy freak too, at least was one, but I'm crawling out of it and my previous social life is horrifying in retrospect.
>>2446 Just... wow. >>2447 >I'm a fucking spergy freak too, at least was one Do you have some stories anon?
>>2448 Tales of degeneracy that are off-topic for this thread. I've left out some colorful types who aren't/weren't genderspecials or AGPs. The fun part is FTMs are both more feminine than me or half the women I know in behavior and with more "feminine" faces and shapes. Like, they are round-y and round-faced, can't even lift a bicycle, scream if they see a spider and read yaoi about sherlock in free time. Meanwhile AGPs are the scrotest scrotes in behavior.


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