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Pink pill #1 Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 18:18:30 No. 7
Share your pink pills here.
>>1592 KEK at those fucking gifs. This is like one of those 2014 era tumblr long posts. What is this person even on.
>>1598 NTA I don't think Jews are all master minds who are behind all the evils in the world but I do find it a little odd how many prominent intellectuals, business tycoons and Hollywood executives have been Jews, just look at the radical feminism movement and see how many of it's most prominent figures were Jewish I don't know but I can't help but have this suspension towards Jews, especially Jewish intellectuals
>>1608 They were constantly harrassed and ostracized because of their race for reasons (something they did to Jesus who lived thousands of years back? I don't know). They had no choice but to accept unconventional occupations for food and take part in class struggles to feel more equal. But yeah, some jews are power hungry.
>>1609 I can understand Jews trying to gain financial capital but what I don't understand is why there are so many Jews in academia, like it's an uduat high amount
>>1608 > but I do find it a little odd how many prominent intellectuals, business tycoons and Hollywood executives have been Jews, just look at the radical feminism movement and see how many of it's most prominent figures were Jewish >I don't know but I can't help but have this suspension towards Jews, especially Jewish intellectuals You honestly sound ridiculous complaining about Jewish radfems, especially when we know people like Dworkin suffered immensely and just happened to be Jewish, jfc. Not even that many radfems were Jewish, like at all? You (or someone like you) have complained multiple times specifically about Jewish radical feminists in academia and used their Jewish ancestry and academic background to discredit them as being ivory tower delulus, ironically when a lot of notable radfems do come from working class backgrounds.
>>1612 I have nothing against majority of Jews am just am wary of Jews in academica, I have had some wierd encounters with Jewish feminists
>>1614 What weird experiences and why exactly are you wary of them? And how many Jewish academic radfems have you encountered? Because I feel like most of us probably don't share your beliefs about this specific type of person. There isn't exactly an overabundance of this exact type of person, especially not IRL, contrary to the picture you(?) have tried to paint about them.
>>1616 They had this wierd racial issue, they would often switch between calling themselves privileged whites and then Calling themselves minorities depending on the situation plus nearly all of them were turbo libfems
>>1614 R&D itself is pretty much unconventional, and some technology like weapons, transhumanism or biotechnology goes against typical Christian beliefs of nature, love and peace. Aren't Chinese or Russians more prominent in R&D, academia though? >>1616 This maybe has to do with pre-existing stigma against them. They change their last names, straightening and nosejobs just so they could be more accepted, or maybe they just hate whites.
>>1619 I'm talking more about the influence of Jewish intellectuals in social sciences and social justice issues
>>1620 I see. More or less similar. Christian/Islamic beliefs tie others into thinking about controversial issues like death, abortion or patriarchy. The American Jews who are ready to change identities wouldn't mind ditching their religious identity with it. Plus, they're depressed class so they're going to struggle for equality.
>>1618 Both of those things can be true at the same time though. You can be privileged and white, you can even be just perceived as white and be comparatively privileged, and also be a minority.
>>1622 Even though my husband is non-european he passes for white very easily, however he still faces discrimination and adversarties
>>1625 Yes, exactly. Though literally you can be white and technically still be part of a minority group (though let's be real, you're likely to be far less impacted than those who aren't white), even, so I'm not sure what anon is getting at there.
(100.48 KB 917x489 fds.png)
Man, I cannot stress enough the importance of r/fds for normie het women. I don't believe in following rigid rules for relationships, but there are some gems posted on that sub and a lot of male-attracted women in general need to build a spine.
>>1635 Seriously. The amount of attractive, mostly put-together, normal women I see that settle for stupid yet entitled, lardy thumb-people who have the gall to disrespect them by dismissing their thoughts, embarrassing them in front of others by very obviously ogling other women, posting lewds of models on their Facebooks between photos of them as couples, etc, is insane. The standards are so low and I literally have no clue how they even get turned on by these men?
Do any of you ever wonder if the majority of homeless people are men because women who live in extreme poverty are being trafficked or resorting to survival prostitution? Because I do.
>>1643 Yes, I figured the reason we see less homeless women (and children) is because they don't last long out there...they get killed or trafficked
>>1643 >>1647 Though there's also the other angle that there's more help out there available with programs and charity that specifically helps woman and children that the men won't qualify for. Like single mothers with children are probably sent right to the top of the que for any affordable housing waitlists.
>>1643 Not as cut and dry as "prostitution" but I've met a few women who have been homeless on and off and there's a similar pattern. Lose housing, move in with the first person who lets you, become their punching bag/sex slave/maid until you can afford to leave or space opens up at a shelter. Repeat for the rest of your life. There aren't a lot of people willing to take in a potentially dangerous homeless man, but any sadistic or righteous person is happy to take in a homeless woman.
>>1635 I still feel that FDS still does plenty of harm, girlboss, boss bitch and Yas queen slay shit is tied into its very foundation and the most important critique to me is that FDS is just simply too tied with capatalism imo and with all things related to capatalism FDS can't last The socioeconomic conditions of the majority will only get worse in the coming years and so the the number of HVM suitors based solely on the aspect of wealth will be 100 to 1, like I'm not saying men shouldn't be reprimanded for being lazy POS who masturbate every day and never work
>>1659 >girlboss, boss bitch and Yas queen slay shit is tied into its very foundation and the most important critique to me is that FDS is just simply too tied with capatalism I thought you were going to say prostitution rather than capitalism.
>>1659 very true. and it just feels like it's trying way too much to be the flip side to the manosphere, only a million times more sane and rooted in reality. i don't like the terms, i don't like the way everything is presented. i don't like that it almost uses trp as a template when it isn't necessary to follow any sort of similar blueprint there. it's just more scuzzy than it needs to be. i'm glad it's encouraging women to have a backbone though.
>>1659 I feel FDS is like BlackPillFeminism but more practical. It's individualist and implicitlly recognizes it's everyone out for their themselves as there's no hope forthcoming.
>>1663 >>1662 What are you Ayn Rand or something ? Embracing neo-liberal capitalism will only make things worse for the majority, teaching young women to be selfish POS doesn't help anyone I'd be interested to see how successful their advice is. Like the red pill they seem to be somewhat amoral, I once saw a post where they advocated secretly searching through your potential partner's cabinets in the bathroom to screen for drug addiction. It's interesting because I suppose this could reveal secrets and prevent wasting time on someone who you wouldn't have wanted to date otherwise, so I recognise that it's a rational strategy but on an emotional level it somewhat repulses me to violate trust this way. The other advice like waiting till you're comfortable to have sex, screening for someone who is stingy etc. Is just normal blue pill advice. Nothing new there or anything revolutionary I do like that they tell women to be financially independent though, but again that's regular blue pill advice. Most of the good FDS advise is basic dating shit that's been known and used since the 70"s but packaged with pink pill rhetoric
>>1664 Going through mens shit isn't amoral or even morally ambiguous. It's unfortunately very necessary because women are literally sleeping with the enemy, and their individual enemy, in many cases tbh
>>1665 I really don't wanna bring this up but god Damm do you manage to come across as privileged and spoiled, pretty much every radfem does, acting like the shit women in Pakistan, Sudan and Egypt comes even remotely close to their trite, I wish I lived in a bubble like you did where I could see things without getting killed by the state or a literal mob but I don't
>>1668 You were speaking about morals, not what what women would be punished for. I don't think what people are punished for by insane people should have any bearing on where anyone's morals lie, no offense. Sorry if it came across in a way that seemed 'spoiled', but it was never meant to suggest that you should risk your safety in trying to gather information, especially if you're at risk of being attacked or killed by mobs, or the state - just that I don't think anyone should consider it amoral for groups of comparatively at-risk people to "violate" the privacy of people who are not only conditioned to mistreat them, but who they are also the most vulnerable and intimate with.
>>1672 Yeah I'm sure you and every other woman living in the west live in absolute hell on earth, like we totes deal with the same problems and experiences
>>1673 Sorry but I don't think anon was trying to imply that you do. The moral rectitude of invading the privacy of prospective partners may be something that women in 'the West' are comparatively priveliged to be able to even consider but that doesn't mean it can't be discussed. Like, are you implying that there should be more gratitude for the comparatively lower average of misogyny in western men because being thankful for small mercies and praising our men for being enlightened isn't why we're here.
>>1673 not a fan of FDS but you sound like a trolling western moid. > oh boohoo you white western bitches don't date me you should be on your knees beore cause im not as bad as a pakistani moid, even though i could be
>>1673 Women in the West simply live amongst better men. Not that they aren't still awful even when they're on their best behavior let alone regressives.
>>1675 First off I am Pakistani and am married to a Pakistani man, though we both prefer not to identify ourselves as Pakistani, I am a mixed race Punjabi Jatt and my husband is a Pathan, we have our problems but we have a strong loving relationship and i'm not talking about how white men are superior or better in anyway but I am kinda critical to women who are blind to the privileges in the west
>>1677 >>1675 Also not all Pakistani equal in how they treat and view women, like take my mothers people for e.g, she and her family are ethnically balti and the social structure in how women are treated in balistan is far removed from how women are treated in the rest of the country, the hijab and especially and the niqab are not a common sight and women can walk freely without having fear, hell even my husbands ethnic group "Path and" have radically different degrees of patriarchy depending on tribe
>>1677 >>1678 So what is your point? Women in the west aren't abused, exploited, or killed by their partners and aren't allowed to be wary of them because they're comparatively privileged? Because despite having a small social circle, I unfortunately have known 2 men who later went on to murder their wives despite them living in the West. I don't think my experiences are necessarily extremely common in having known these people, but they are people that exist in the West nonetheless, and you can end up in an extremely unsafe or lethal situation just by talking to, flirting with, or fucking the wrong person. You just sound offended on behalf of your husband now, honestly.
>>1677 From one Pakistani anon to another, wtf are you on about? The vast majority of western women know that they are better off than most women in places like Pakistan. I really don't see why you had to sperg about this when we were discussing FDS and how to navigate het relationships. Are western women supposed to stfu about their men just because Pakistani men are on average worse? Or constantly cushion their grievances with, "Now I know that as a privileged western woman I have it better off than women in a lot of 3rd world countries, but I still think that x, y, and z problem needs to be discussed."? What is the issue, baji?
>>1690 My husband isn't white though >>1681 Okay off topic but how many other Pakistani anons are here, like I know there are at least 2 others
>>1681 Also i don't think it's fair to generalize Pakistani men, they are all mostly shitty but shitty in different ways In my personal opinion Muhajirs and Urdu speaking Punjabis are the absolute worst group of males in Pakistan, they embody everything wrong with Muslim culture and Western culture at the same time, they watch porn, they use anti-feminist rhetoric but they talk about being Ghazi's and meme about ghanznawe-hind while sucking up to Arabs, I mean Baloch, Pashtun and Sindhi men are awful but the vast majority of them are absolutely illatrate and have no idea about the goings of the world, and cause of their massive rates of illatracy they get manipulated easily, meanwhile Muhajirs and Urdu speakers often make up the only educated population in Pakistan
>>1684 So now that we got nuances on the degrees of shittiness of Pakistani men explained, could you still explain what the previous spergout was? Because I'm not sure how any of the women here acted like they are the most opreshedest women on the planet. Sis, I'm not even trying to pick on you, I am just genuinely confused where this came from.
>>1686 It has to do with my comment, I live in the UK with my Husband, we both come from Pakistan but both of us do not identify as being Pakistani, i am a absolutely grateful for the freedoms I have here but everyday I am scared that my family will kidnap me and send me back to Pakistan, Its a literal nightmare for me and my husband has been threatened by mirpuris, so we try to keep a low profile, I just get tried seeing upper middle class women born here complain about the evils of the west and how western culture is awful for women, I get that there are problems here and they should 100% be worked upon but I hate it when they cape for Islamic countries when it's the religion that's at fault Islam is a disgusting Arab supremacist religion and the people of Pakistan have been blinded in to worshipping Arabs, it's all the fault of mainly the muhajirs and Urdu speakers
>>1687 That's really awful anon, and I'm sorry that that's even a thing that has to weigh on your mind and give you fear, but no one was caping for Islam or acting as if treatment of women in the west is anywhere near as bad as countries that follow Sharia law. The discussion was specifically about preventing romantic and/or sexual entanglement with a psycho, which can and does happen in the west, even if female oppression isn't explicitly state mandated. Domestic violence is still a thing in the west.
>>1687 Are you the one also complaining in the other thread that india isnt as bad as pakistan?
I should really delete ig but recently stumbled on a post about being on a beach and how pretty it would be but the sad reality is that I'm a woman and women know not to be out at dark. Yet the comments, all from men, on the post were all >you're paranoid >you're judging a whole gender >stop being so scared and living in fear >lol carry a gun >well actually men are attacked far more than women Scrotes belittle women's safety so much then turn around to blame them when they are raped and murdered. Men constantly tell women how overly stronger and bigger they are compared to women, like a rattlesnake shaking its tail around other animals, why is it so shocking that women listen to them and take precautions? They're so upset that other men are rapists and murderers yet blame the often targeted victims, women. They will never get it so it's best to just ignore them, avoid them and stay safe.
(107.68 KB 295x640 IMG_4156.PNG)
Here is yet another pinkpill. The Pakistani anon that says that "urdu-speaking" middle to upper class Pakistani males are terrible gets yet another example to support her viewpoint. Recently, two horrific rape cases occurred in Pakistan, and those cases have sparked a lot of anger amongst the populace. I was reading a twitter thread about the case and lo and behold: A Pakistani MRA. This scrotoid decides to post a picture with a quote from that dumbass pick-me Karen Straughn under a thread discussing one of the rapes. It is truly comical how much these wastes of life like to display their low empathy for women.
(130.65 KB 290x570 IMG_4157.PNG)
Here is the retard's profile. A scrote from a country that is already a nightmare for women, that his heroes in his twitter bio would cite as a "place where women are REALLY oppressed," is up in here claiming to be an MRA. Exposure to these types of retards needs to be necessary for any feminist or progressive in the West, so they know that men all over the world do not care about the issues of women and love to derail, even countries with the worst misogyny on the planet. Never feel bad about fighting against "first world problems" again and never listen to Western males that claim that "m-maybe if you bitches were REALLY oppressed we wouldn't have a problem." They are only there to derail and like >>1729 said, they simply never want to acknowledge that harm men as have done and currently do.
>>1743 >>1744 Mras especially in fucking Pakistan or in India only appear ONLY AFTER rape and violence towards women is brought to attention. They never stand up when a boy is raped and murdered by other men. Or when a man is attacked by other men. Their intentions couldn't be anymore more clear. They just want women to accept their violence but never complain about it. Like their retarded scrote minds can't understand women want to be left alone in peace. No woman wants to live in fear or accept violence as normal. Fucking animals avoid danger when they can and try to prevent any harm coming to them. It's fucking survival. This is the y chromosome at work.
>>1744 They're DESPERATE for a pushback of everything we've conquered so far (even when it's just a little) and want ALL of us, I repeat: ALL of us, DEAD or in complete servitude to them. If only we fucking injected in all women's brains to navigate life knowing this, knowing that there's nothing greater in this world than the men's hatred of women.
>>1842 I don't know if this article was posted in this thread or someone else on the board (if not I can post it and add screencaps later), but there is an article about Pakistani MRAs and their views that was published around the annual aurat (women's) march in Pakistan. The retards that shared their views basically admitted that they do not want feminism in Pakistan because "they saw how it ruined the West" and that men and women have their own natural roles to fulfill. A lot of them cited the Jordan Peterson types as inspiration for their ideology. Side note: nothing makes me lol more watching some dumbass Muslim dude fellate western right-wing pundits considering they consider Muslims to be subhuman. Misogyny is a fun male-bonding activity regardless of any other factor. Anyways, this is the state of these males. They know that literal subjugation is the only way they all can have access to women and thus want to keep it in place.
I hate this country and religion so much, I really might kill myself If I can't get out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVCnsHIuDNo


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