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Gender Critical #1 Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 17:12:22 No. 2
Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men. Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex. Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Existing laws and legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents do not differentiate between gender and sex. The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone. Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of feminism, sexuality, misogyny, or misandry. 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Hello - I hope this is the proper thread to ask a question like this. I'm new to this board (thought not new to imageboards) and to the wide scope ideas that fall under the labels of gender critical feminism/radical feminism, and I felt like this board would be the appropriate place to ask. >Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men. >Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex. If my views advocate the abolishment of "gender" but don't advocate the separation of people according to biological sex (instead advocating for full equal social, political, and economic treatment of the sexes, in a society where sexual dimorphism isn't relevant except in scientific and medical contexts), what does that make me? Am I a gender critical feminist/radical feminist, or is there another term more suited for that? Additionally, I don't believe in biological essentialism, or that there is a superior/inferior sex, and I am against the "transgender" phenomenon as it's based on inaccurate conflations between biology and sexist social constructs like "gender" (I'm particularly against "transgender" people positing the idea that taking hormones or getting surgeries is in any way related to their sex or gender.) If there's a better thread for this post feel free to let me know, thank you.
>>1282 It annoys me how he keeps on talking over him, but that's what they always do isn't it? Also it's rare are called terfs, even with the same views unless they're really well known. I remember coming across his videos before does anyone remember his name because it wasn't down below or even mentioned.
>>1284 These people don't want a debate, they just want to get you on their platform to have a "gotcha!" Same old same old shit.
>>1290 When you say 'Breadtube' I was surprised to see that, he seems more likely he would hang out with Sargon and Count dankula.
i always wondered what would be going on now if the war was between transwomen and straight men? Imagine if gay transwomen were the majority and they were pulling this shit towards men?
>>1739 murder? i mean men already murder TIMs who tricked them into thinking they're women on the reg.
Jk Rowling writing a book about a man who dresses up as a woman and kills them is triggering trans twitter so much lol. They really see themselves as cis men who just dress up as women. She's so damn amazing for not giving a fuck no matter how many of these mentally fucked up men screech and threaten her
>>1746 extremely hilarious and based as hell but i can only imagine how the tras are going to work this. just objectively, if you don't know exactly how many of these guys are literal predators or just on the cusp of it, the tras would probably be successful in convincing you that she's crazy just due to her going to the lengths of writing a completely fictional story about a murderous troon. i just don't see the point in creating a fictional story about this when they have literally murdered and/or raped a lot of amount of women considering how few in numbers they are. she could've just written a book about shit that has actually happened and signal boosted it that way. a fictional story just makes her look like she's being dramatic with a political purpose. it looks bad.
>>1739 People would listen to straight men and that would be the end of it.
https://youtu.be/bgcLfohtFbE MadTV predicted the future..
Does anyone have that post of some transwoman who addressed male privilege, and said that transwomen are proof that women can accomplish great things? I saw it years ago on one of the old lolcow threads and I really want to find it again.
https://www.womenarehuman.com/man-hides-past-as-child-rapist-by-becoming-transgender-and-changing-name-allison-nee-dennis-woolbert/ It never fucking ends. Also, THRI = Transgender Human Rights Institute. An organization for transgender human rights decided it's okay to be a child rapist.
>>1772 "but it never happens, why would a person with bad intentions become trans? No, the issue is not that she's a woman now, it's that she's a pedophile, stop making this a trans issue! They ARE NOT a real trans person! When Cis Folxs kill it's not because they are Cis, this person should not be judged for being trans now!" etc. etc. etc etc, excuses, excuses. Or they'll ignore this and go, "trans rights are human rights" whatever the fuck that means..
FTMs will continue to exist as long we keep shaming women for their looks. "We" because it includes all of us, I know we all did it at some point. The idea that "they transitioned because they were failed women", aka not loyal to gender roles makes me uncomfortable too. This is what makes normies become "gencrits", not all the bs we talk about here. Transitioning doesn't help, put a dress on and go back in the kitchen you idiot.
>>1776 >Transitioning doesn't help, put a dress on and go back in the kitchen you idiot. I'm not here for this.
>>1777 I was sarcastic, sorry if it came off the wrong way.
>>1776 They exist because they are dumb. Same with pickmes. I think a lot of us have felt in a similar way they do at some point during out lives, yet we were able to think about things and here we are
>>1779 Not to be mean, but yeah. You have to be a little dim and have a seriously bizarre sense of reality come to the conclusion that your best bet is throwing $65,000 at plastic surgeons who are more than happy to ignore their hippocratic oath, lop off your breasts, sew you an inflatable thigh skin "penis". And then to make yourself dependent on life-long (dangerous) hormones? It's still sad and I feel especially awful for the girls who have been raped and assaulted, but how can you think this is the fix to your problems? Like, don't these people have imposter syndrome to the max? If not, how???? That's indicative of a serious problem in and of itself.
(570.16 KB 633x557 hmmmm.PNG)
>>1783 It's called having sex dysphoria anon. and thanks to delusional trans activists medical and social transition are typically regarded as the only treatments for it. If you really felt sorry for these girls, you would advocate for higher standards of care, not insinuate that they are stupid for having a mental illness. Like there are a lot of dysphoric women and FTMs in the radfem community now who are fully aware of what sex they are. You should try listening to their stories and sympathizing with them some time.
>>1785 Not her but it is stupid and that doesn't mean we are not sympathizing with them. Theres nothing wrong with saying it is a stupid move because it is. Some of the anons here gotta stop a bit this petty calling out of people for things like this or for the use of the word "retard", etc
>>1785 Anon, please. They don't literally believe they can be men. They are not schizophrenic, they just believe they have the "right" to demand that everyone change their understanding of reality to suit their chosen reality (that they don't believe themselves). Though that entitlement is nothing like that of men. They're ill, but not in the way that you're saying. Being seriously uncomfortable with your body due to society isn't even a mental illness, that's to be expected. It's also the classic TRA line to insist that women and girls must not feel deeply uncomfortable with their bodies, and it's not a widespread problem unless they're undergoing bullshit treatment plans. It's not bizarre to hate your body as a woman in this society, or even just on a sensory level, but it is a little stupid to believe living a lie, and the biggest lie you could possibly live, would be a solution to it. I believe they do have unmanaged issues or disorders, but believing they're literally men is not one of them. I don't know how you figure just noting that yeah, some of it is on some of these people (though it depends on the type of ftm), and it is stupid, means you wouldn't demand a higher standard of care from the medical community and society in general? Almost all of it is obviously on the doctors and all of the licensed professionals pretending this is not malfeasance and no one said otherwise. Just noting that doesn't mean that people shouldn't still be protected from unethical and awful people.
>>1784 Apparently Judith Butler goes by she/they, so she must educate us lowly females who don't identify as woman/human being. https://www.newstatesman.com/international/2020/09/judith-butler-culture-wars-jk-rowling-and-living-anti-intellectual-times
>>1793 >They don't literally believe they can be men. I didn't say that though did I? I said that the dysphoric women in the radfem community KNOW what sex they are. That still doesn't stop them from having dysphoria. You just sound like one of those dumbasses who thinks you can "cure" major depression by choosing to be happy. It's not their fault that society is fucking them over by not researching other forms of treatment.
>>1795 >Like there are a lot of dysphoric women and FTMs in the radfem community now who are fully aware of what sex they are. That's exactly what you said, and it can be interpreted in two ways: either that there are a lot of ftms in the radfem community that are now fully aware that they are women and never were men, or capable of ever becoming them, or that there are now a lot of ftms in the radfem community. It seems like you could've been saying they weren't fully aware at some point. That seemed what you were getting at with, specifically w the "it's called sex dysphoria and they're mentally ill" thing, like they really had no grip on reality at all. Either way, it's not a mental illness to hate your body while living in a society that teaches you to hate your body and victimizes you based on it. Pathologizing a very real material problem that is based primarily in the way women are treated is also very harmful and regards a systemic problem as an individual issue. I don't doubt that a number of them have underlying issues, but hating your body as a female in a society that teaches you hate it is not uncommon and I don't believe mental illness beyond the mostly typical mental illnesses that many, many, many women suffer from, is necessarily what drives them to go through with these things, sorry. I think people just in general don't question the downside to basically anything and this is the result of that. This requires a lot of you, a lot of play-acting, constantly pretending to be someone else, it's emotionally, physically and financially draining, it's painful, etc, so yeah, I think this is very different than someone having a temporary lapse in judgement and just taking some experimental pills out of desperation that had negative side effects. I also think you're discounting the amount of people that are at least partially affected by the potential clout. No, I don't believe you can cure major depression by pretending to be happy. I think them going through with it and seeking it out has more to do with an idealization of this treatment method, but people really and truly need to be taught to question their treatment. The enthusiasm trans people have for this shit is nothing like I've seen with any other treatment. They fight and plead and beg for it, sink all of their money into it, it feels like there's little critical thought put into it and I don't believe it's usually fully out of self-hatred or mental illness, honestly. Objectively, this is a fucking nuts treatment plan though. This is nothing like being a completely anti-pharma loon that refuses to try Celexa. This is really expensive, dangerous, and makes no sense. No one is saying they don't deserve sympathy and this isn't applicable to all ftms. I've read what they've said plenty. You don't need to act like it's a huge deal that two people lightly criticize these women (to no one in particular). It's a little dramatic. You can be a bit critical, yet still feel sympathy and demand better treatment standards.
I need some help... I want to subliminally radpill my gf, right now she just parrots whatever the woke opinion on gender is because she hasn't really thought about the subject much for herself. I've explained my position but I'm on eggshells about it. Asking for recommendations on youtubers and twitter people that can pass as woke, like detrans and trans gc people, preferably POC. No ostensive #IStandWithJK #TransWomenAreMen stuff because as of now she thinks all so-called terfs are hateful bigots.
>>1804 that sounds terrible to live with, but trying to change someone subliminally sounds creepy, and I would say if attempts fail you should break up. But I understand the cult-like nature unfortunately targets kind women. I don't have any woke-adjacent detransitioners, but I think what peaks people is male behavior. Show her stuff from detrans men as well if you can talking about AGP. There was the TIM in Ireland who is dangerous and identity not revealed. https://www.rebelnews.com/transgender_dangerous_offender_to_be_released_in_ireland_media_only_identifies_him_as_female helena, a detrans woman wrote this good article. might have to find medium link if your girlfriend won't read from this site. https://newdiscourses.com/2020/08/trans-healthcare-manipulated-data-self-appointed-saviors/ (good article about nature of trans healthcare). And consider if https://newthoughtcrime.com/ might be helpful to show unhealthy dynamics. Also tell your girlfriend about trans power mods on reddit, and their attempts to take down r/detrans by reading the history and making actual_detrans where majority was trans and not detrans people. Regarding hating swerves, tell your gf that it's what's killing transwomen. Show high rates of PTSD, etc. for prostitutes and study saying 90% want out. Find articles talking about failure of legalization in Netherlands/rise in sec trafficking.
Am I the only on who assumes a guy is a degenerate if he's into troons? I hate it, because I don't want to judge like that. I guess the reason is bisexual men are into both, I don't want that. Gay men are into men but some troon chasers say they are "Straight" and I'll never see it as straight no matter what. If I find out a guy I'm with or like, likes troons I lose all interest. Even with women as well. It's more so I've seen the patterns first hands that some men have when they are troon attracted and I also just find the whole thing dishonest. To me it's like someone who's in the closet with no door or something. I was talking to a guy, I made the mistake of checking his twitter and saw that he not only was one of those, "Sex work is empowering" people but he was openly liking and commenting on trans pornstars. I wanted to make an excuse as to why we would'nt talk anymore but i lost ALL attraction to him. I guess it's my past and I'm just not into playing those games anymore. If you say you are "straight" don't be *straight* but you like dick if it has tits because thats what most want out of transwomen. I feel horrible for this and maybe I'll wait a few days and we can be friends but all my romantic attraction went away just like that.
>>1807 Why do you feel horrible? If I were you, I'd say it very clearly to him: I lost my interested cause you are bisexual. Bisexual men suck and are the most sexists of all. I'd never date one and whenever I start dating a guy I try to dig it up to see if he is attracted to men at any level. If he is, I'm never seeing him again
>>1807 anon, you are allowed to reject whatever you want. i hate this "you're being judgmental!" crap that is thrown on women in particular. it's meant to pressure women and girls into ignoring their better judgement. your senses are right and you're allowed to not want to fuck people whose sexual interests, behaviors, whatever, make you uncomfortable. you're allowed to draw whatever boundaries you like in dating, friendships, anything. anyone who suggests or tells you otherwise is a manipulative asshole. i would be somewhat careful with what i'd say to the guy, but other than that, don't worry. don't give yourself any grief for losing attraction. the troon attraction is a huge red flag.
>>1807 >Am I the only on who assumes a guy is a degenerate if he's into troons? I hate it, because I don't want to judge like that. I was talking about this on another thread and your feelings about judging it for what it is is exactly the problem. Stop hating "judging" it. Do it proudly and openly. What does a tranny lover has to offer to you, an actual woman? Why would you put yourself at risk of getting an STD? Why would you be with a lunatic misogynistic homo who believes men can turn themselves into women? You know how these guys are and what they think of actual women. A dick lover man can never love a woman. Why would you put yourself in this situation and why do you feel like you gotta have any sympathy for him? He sure doesn't have it for you and for women in general. Stop feeling like you gotta be nice and kind to the scum. You probably feel like this because women are raised to feel this way. Impose yourself and your radfem beliefs. Don't get near guys like this
>>1812 If things had developed further between you and this guy, I can guarantee you that after a while you would no longer think you are in the wrong in here. This guy would cheat on you massively with trannies and other men, putting you at great risk of getting HIV, would never be actually attracted to you cause they only love men and would spit all sorts of misogynist shit all the time
>>1807 Saying they're "straight" when it's clearly homosexual is just to spice things up. Homos love to seduce, and some of them will fuck anything that moves.
so update on my situation, I didn't speak to the guy for a day or so (I didn't miss him) but he kept texting me. Despite the fact I have no interest, I do like the person and I felt like I should just talk it out. So I told him what I saw and he acted ashamed. It was weird because the first thing he said was he wasn't gay and he could never be with a transwomen irl. Then he started telling me how most straight men like trans porn/women and all that jazz. I have NO idea why he was posting all this shit under his real name but had the nerve to sound caught off guard and ashamed. I listened to him and I was basically having flash backs of my ex, how they always try to convince me that "most straight men" are attracted to transwomen or in some cases other men who cross dressed, basically making me feel like, "You better get used to it! You aren't going to find a man only into "cis" women!" I felt like it was trying to make me accept something that I DO NOT want and I don't think is true. I basically told him that I didn't want to be romantic with someone into that, that I've had bad experiences with it and it was me, not him. He asked me if he should just delete his twitter because he wanted to only date women, but he didn't want women to think he was gay/bisexual, I basically told him to keep it up. Mainly because I want other women to know what they are getting into. I'd rather trans chasers be open about it then lie. He ended up deleting anyway and thats it. I'm learning i'm too damn nice, like i'm very forward but I find myself feeling bad for things I know I shouldn't.
>>1815 >>1815 >So I told him what I saw and he acted ashamed Lmao. I wish I could have seen such a priceless moment Sad thing anon is that he is right about most men being into this sort of stuff. Thing is: It will only be normal and ok if women choose to accept this and get used to it and this scenario must not happen at all. So I'm glad you were open about your feelings on this to him and got rid of tranny lover. It sucks the scrote deleted his twitter though. He is probably gonna hide his attraction to trannies from women so he can fool one to get into a relationship with him. Why the fuck these homos only want to date women if they are trans attracted? I guess it is only because of societal expectations/ideals and what women represent. They want to have a girlfriend and then a wife back home only because of what it represents rather than actually wanting/loving the person per se
>>1815 telling men that openly lusting over transwomen was a turn off was a bad move, but understandable. you should've ghosted so future women have a better chance of finding out what he's into, men will hide their porn use but not stop.
>>1817 Not her but yeah. But also it might have been only a matter of time until he realized it though. In the big picture, if only women knew how much power there is on collectively refusing to reproduce/have sex with males who are collectively having undesirable traits and behavior, things would change. At least he now knows women don't want him and other men like him
>>1815 he sounds very manipulative. don't feel bad. just generally, know you are entitled to your boundaries and preferences. you don't exist to validate the men around you. it's not true that being into dick is something you'll have to essentially have to accept because most or all men are like that. i do think a lot of men are hiding their bisexuality, but it's not like it's anywhere near unavoidable. i've had a lot of guys try to pull the "good luck, you won't find a guy that won't do x!! you're unreasonable!!!" and it's complete bullshit. i've found the crap they assured me i'd never find - without searching, AND multiple times, in fact. if you think about it, it's really sick that they almost all seem to use this tactic to make us feel that they're the best we can get. it's pretty nasty and i think it's often a jab at our self esteem, too. because we're saddled with the idea that we're responsible for men's happiness and the ridiculous idea that we're effectively "traumatizing them" by rejecting them, i find that if i feel guilty for just asserting my boundaries and expressing my feelings, it's helpful to remind yourself (and others) that it's simply an incompatibility issue. it's not a condemnation of their character necessarily, and you're allowing them to find someone they're truly compatible with. though this guy definitely doesn't sound emotionally healthy or respectful. >>1817 >>1818 cumbrains this rotted and unaware will never be able to hide it effectively. it's too ingrained. there are men that hide their porno powerlevel but they're typically not the ones already posting troon porn on sm. it's whatever. a woman who speaks to him will find out fairly early, i'm sure.
https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2020/10/neil-gaiman-stephen-king-come-swinging-forceful-pushback-j-k-rowlings-transphobia/ >Neil Gaiman & Stephen King come out swinging with forceful pushback to J.K. Rowling’s transphobia Forceful men come out swinging against nonconformist woman. I clicked and read wondering if these celebrated writers might have put forth a forceful *argument* but it's literally just this: >We believe in the power of words. We want to do our part to help shape the curve of history toward justice and fairness. >To that end, we say: non-binary people are non-binary, trans women are women, trans men are men, trans rights are human rights. >Your pronouns matter. You matter. You are loved. So utterly without content, weight, or mass.
>>1825 Lmao nobody cares about SK or NG. JKR is 100% correct in everything. She wasn't even mean about it only addressing biological reality. Yet it made the troons, tras and agps seethe. I do wish though we can fast forward a couple of decades where the fallout will happen with these trannies and them fucking up their bodies permenantly then sueing pharma and Drs for experimenting They die earlier, via hormonal imbalances l, are sterilized and mentally ill. How nobody is allowed to point that out even is insidious Also Big LOL >words have power Yeah no shit retard. That's why autistic troons are trying desperately to rewrite the definition of a woman to mean nothing and fantasize about erasing women altogether
>>1818 Im the anon who wrote about the chaser and this- >>if only women knew how much power there is on collectively refusing to reproduce/have sex with males who are collectively having undesirable traits and behavior, things would change. At least he now knows women don't want him and other men like him Touched me, I know what I want and don't want, yet and still, I let the guilt that so many people love to push at people towards their sexuality not including EVERYONE. It feels like now everyone wants everyone to love and be attracted to everything and everybody. How have we went so backwards? Once upon a time it was, "let people love who they love, mind your buiness" Now it's, "Let people love who they love, but if you can't love someone because they are bisexual or trans you need to re-think that" Gay/lesbians didn't try to tell everyone they needed to be gay/lesbians in order for them to be accepted. but the trans and *some* bisexuals keep trying to tell people they need to be trans attracted/bisexual/attracted to bisexuals in order for trans/bisexuals to be accepted. it's backwards. I've been Gender Critical for a while and I still fell for the, "It's transphobic/bi-phobic not to want to date somene b/c they are bisexual or trans attracted" Funny thing is if anyone told me they were feeling how I felt, I'd 100% tell them that they don't owe anybody ANYTHING. I should've never felt bad for not wanting to share my time, body or emotions with ANYONE, but I did. Thats how easy it is for people to get sucked into these situations with trans folx/bisexuals and bad men. Rejecting someone is awkard and hurtful but it should'nt be like this and I feel bad for a lot of women who think they should "Re-think" something they 100% do not want and end up in horrible situations.
>>1818 I think some of these men being a little more open about their degeneracies is a good thing simply for this reason. Instead of being blindsided and finding out that your seemingly nice Nigel that you have been committed to for 10 years is into fucked up or weird shit, you can weed out undesirables quickly. >>1827 Honestly, yes. One of my least favorite things about the woke-y ideology besides pure troonery is discoursing over dating preferences. It is nobodies' business who you are attracted to and who you want to engage with. If the worst bigotry that you face is that some people don't want to fuck you--oh well. I don't see how some of these "woke" people don't see how guilt-tripping people to consider giving people a chance doesn't fall under rape culture and (male) entitlement.
In troon twitter they're trying to reclaim adulthumanfemale from the evil terfs. And every damn time someone asks these retarded tras what is a woman, they only fire back by calling the asker a terf. They don't know. They can't answer. It's so fucking obvious how they want ANY male to call themselves a woman have access to our spaces and health services. I hope more women keep calling them out without fear Which country do you turning the tides on tras? Or is safe from this lunacy.
>>1829 I think the feminists in the UK and Scotland can turn the tide. Especially with the Keira Bell case, the sheer corruption will start to be exposed. It can't be anywhere homophobic, because these places would rather gay people transition than live out their lives normally. I'm not sure about Asian countries, but those with strong radfem movements like South Korea are probably less susceptible to this post modern bullshit.
>>1830 Honestly, the worst part of this is that the damage caused by the negligence at the Tavistock clinic alone is going to end up with sooo many massive payouts when the NHS is already being strangled. Sad. Definitely seems like people are waking up in the UK the most.
just watched a gay dude call a woman a cunt and kinds of shit, but then starts whining about transphobia. You have no respect for women but then come in and ask us to have respect for transwomen. it's crazy how men in the GBTQ+ can shit all women but scream for us to accept transwomen. fuck off.
it also pisses me off how some TRA men who are trans attracted treat women like shit but all is forgiven because they think men are women. They are like male feminist, except a lot of the TRA men usually have ex wives, girlfriends and kids who ALL have a story of abuse & bullshit. Yet it's cool because they are #woke. Like Indya Moore's boyfriend, Indya is fucking miserable and his boyfriend is a an abuser of multiple women, but Indya nor the media does not care. Everytime Indya whines about "Cis" women somehow causing trans women harm, or says he's non-binary yet still identifies as a woman when he wants, or just whines like 70% of the overrated Pose cast. nobody gives a fuck.
>>1836 This is cause trans attracted men are gays in denial and gay men are inherently misogynistic. I know this may seem like a strange argument but it is the truth
>>1836 I mean there are 2 hypotheses here about Trans attracted men, one is simply they are gay and I think that's true for a majority of them and the other view is that they are Gyno Andro MorphoPhiles GAMPs, meaning they're attracted to the femininity of women and MTFs rather then their womanhood its self


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