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E-Girls, "Born Sexy Yesterday" and Male Attraction Anonymous 10/23/2020 (Fri) 07:37:02 No. 1914
There's an interesting Twitter thread going around, triggering males and blackpilling women. https://twitter.com/dionysianvalor/status/1319084220761952256 https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1319084333739790336.html http://web.archive.org/web/20201023072445/https://twitter.com/dionysianvalor/status/1319084220761952256 tl;dr: Men's politics come second to their dick, every time. They are obsessed with dumb, young-looking women and constantly lie about it. This holds true regardless of whether they're on the left or the right. It's a consistent trend. It's never been about trad or progressive values, which is how right-wing men will thirst over women with Only Fans accounts. They all just want a sexually appealing, malleable girl-woman. Not news to us, but what are your thoughts on the whole phenomenon? Was it always like this? How does our current culture play into things? Are we looking at a future of monetized attraction for young women in general? Did she get anything wrong? The replies on Twitter are (obviously) full of triggered males insisting that the OP is just jealous of the e-girls, and I feel like we could have a more interesting discussion here.
>>1914 >It's never been about trad or progressive values, which is how right-wing men will thirst over women with Only Fans accounts. They all just want a sexually appealing, malleable girl-woman. Is that serious???? Is there anyone in the world who doesn't know this?? Cause if yes I give up
>>1915 Yes of course it has always been like this. I don't why she had to write so many tweets to say something simple and that is common sense: All men and especially men who say they want tradwives are massive degenerate bullshiters to the core, men are pedos, men hate all women, but they hate smart women the most cause they feel EXTREMELY jealous and threatened by them so they rather be with dumb and vulnerable ones, men are massive gigantic hypocrites to the core and they are psychopaths incapable of having any morals or any values etc and etc
>>1914 yes, she's right, good that a guy did that "born sexy yesterday" critique of media. it's not a new phenomenon. and of course their politics come second. i think men are only becoming bigger slaves to their cocks given that they're now granted access to a portal of 24/7 porn all day. again, not surprising, but that "socialist gun girl" had tons of rw men in her dms (not that her following of "lw" men is much better) paying her and allegedly willing to read gramsci or some shit for her. but really, this is better than the psychopathic rw men who want to hurt or spite women they're attracted to and who aren't on their "team". kind of ot but i like how op looks like a literal model (assuming that's her) and the first thing these men jump to is "you're jealous!!". it's really hilarious because if men are wanted by unattractive women, they're disgusted, angry even, at women who are attracted to them that have the gall to exist while being "unattractive", yet they can't possibly conceptualize women being totally unimpressed or unbothered by not being desired by disgusting people, or not having the full attention of hoards of disgusting men. their egos and self image exist completely outside of women's approval, but they can't possibly imagine women being the same way.
>>1920 >their egos and self image exist completely outside of women's approval, but they can't possibly imagine women being the same way. TBH I don't even believe this. They're constantly obsessed with women. "If I buy this, it'll make women like me", "If I have this body, it'll make women like me", "How tall do I have to be for women to like me?", "Is my penis big enough to satisfy a woman?", "Why don't women like me?", "A woman breathed in my direction, does she like me?", etc. They pretend they don't care for appearance's sake, but they'd be in pieces if all women just started ignoring them. When they insist we're jealous of other women or want their attention, they're just projecting their own mindset, I think.
>>1914 biology.
>>1921 not really, because even when given feedback that women don't like x, they still listen to men and actually, their own preferences. they listen to their own idea of what is attractive and desirable, and other men's, not women's. they will literally refuse that women like certain traits because they can't possibly conceive of someone liking traits they don't like or perceive to be attractive or superior. i think they think women's idea of attraction happens to fall in line with theirs, but they can't be shown to be wrong about this, ever. their idea of attractiveness is more valuable to them than what women find to actually be attractive.
I mean did people forget why child brides have been a thing forever? Its not just about sex, the appeal of a child bride is that the moid gets to personally mold her to his preferences, and then be the first one to corrupt her innocence and will for life. That's peak male sexuality. In a free world women are public property, so its that much harder to find an unbroken innocent sounding girl like Ines. Point 2, mods like novelty.
God, I love that Pop Cult Detective vid so much, but it's so sad that it had to come from a fucking man. He is also willing to put a woman down because he believes trans women are women. Fuck you Jonathan!
Nothing here is groundbreaking. I read the whole thread and OP followed up with "I defended men's preferences" since her thread is in a more neutral tone (it is telling how scrotes thought she was attacking them just by talking about this phenomenon in a neutral tone kek). Also like >>1927 said. So many countries in the world had to makes laws so degenerate moids wouldn't target literal children so it is not a surprise the next best thing will be an "innocent" childlike woman.
>>1926 I think it's more they have a fundamental mistrust of women. They fully believe that women don't know what they want or at least can't verbalize it.
(58.67 KB 552x879 43209754364576.jpg)
>>1926 >>1930 This has driven me absolutely insane in my own relationship. My boyfriend, after several years, is finally starting to get it. "It" being that I do in fact know what I want and stand behind my thoughts and values. It's been an interesting real life case study. Regarding the concept of what women vs men find attractive, he'll bring up guys like Henry Cavill and Ryan Gosling as the epitomes of manliness, both of whom I find repugnant. I like men that have some "softer"/unique features, like Hiroyuki Sanada or Mads Mikkelsen. He finds a lot of the guys I like too feminine, despite the fact that he himself falls into the category I like! (Has a mix of traditionally masculine features with softer aspects like full lips and a cute, smaller nose.) You'd think this would be a positive thing to him, but in fact he still struggles with self image even though I hype him up all the time. That's how deep the programming runs. It is very much about men's own hang-ups and issues with self identity and nothing we say can change that. So I find anon's comment about "their egos and self image exist completely outside of women's approval" 100% spot on. I find it interesting that the opposite case is true for women, where many of us bend over backwards for male approval and don't even pause to think what we might enjoy for ourselves. I also had to communicate the reasons I don't want to have a child to him a million times, and yet at one point he said, "I think having a child could be good for us." I asked, after listening to me explain all the logical reasons I would hate having a child so often, what he possibly thought would be "good for me"? He stammered before replying and then admitted, "I guess I forget sometimes how much you're against it." I was fucking dumbfounded. It was like I'd been talking to a wall. These days he's much better about active listening and taking my perspective into account, but it has been an uphill struggle the whole time. Where as women, many of us have simply grown up with near-professional levels of empathy and emotional intelligence, because we're supposed to serve others rather than ourselves.
>>1933 Yes a lot of us have fucking professional levels of empathy and emotional intelligence, and for what? What do we get back from men? I only want to direct this towards other women now.
>>1930 that's definitely part of it, but i think the bulk of it is just that they believe they "know better" than us and that objectively, their idea of attractiveness is correct. i think their desire to be "right" is more important than our actual attraction, even if they come to realize we genuinely aren't attracted to whatever the hell it is they're doing with themselves. they just value their own opinions more than ours. which would be whatever if they just didn't always act like women must be dying without the approval of impulsive idiots with no scruples.
>>1935 After losing large portions of my life in the service of men who gave me nothing except hard-earned lessons in return (which I realized on my own), I agree it's far better to save your empathy for women. Kids are a good pick as well, though it depends on the circumstances. They are very malleable so you have a chance to have a lasting, positive influence on a boy's life, perhaps helping him become a more empathetic man later on, but if they're going back to a destructive home that undoes your efforts it can be very frustrating.
>>1937 Of course I'll be nice to children as well. But doing tons of emotional labour for grown men and not getting anything back? Noooope.
>>1933 A moment for our hetero sisters who have to train their men like dogs in order to get basic respect. >>1936 I don't know about this, I think the whole muscle ogre chad standard is for themselves, they get off on power imbalances first and foremost, and they don't care about women's sexuality. Their beauty standards focus more on dominance than actual aesthetic. They WANT to believe so badly that women want to naturally be dominated. The ones with a shred of empathy feel ~a bit bad~ if they think about how most women wouldn't like to be dominated by them if we weren't brainwashed in the first place.
>>1933 >despite the fact that he himself falls into the category I like! (Has a mix of traditionally masculine features with softer aspects like full lips and a cute, smaller nose.) You'd think Unfortunately this has nothing to do with it as you have found out. There was an interesting study which found women would rather be better looking themselves while men would be satisfied with a better looking partner.
>>1939 Thanks anon. I endured it due to a combination of societal programming, naivety and mental health issues (mixed with genuine love). It's strange looking back and seeing how I tolerated behaviors I wouldn't remotely entertain today. He has improved and for that I'm grateful, but if we don't work out for whatever reason now, would I do it again? Hell no! Even now I think I'd be quite happy alone, and I'm glad to have reached that level of comfort with myself. >>1941 Why am I not surprised? I sometimes envy how self involved men are. Even after training myself to resist the urge to immediately help everyone I come into contact with, the urge itself is still there. Meanwhile men really do struggle to think even the slightest bit outside of their own minds (or more frequently, dicks).
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>>1914 I have seen her profile before and she has some super bad and ocasianlly kinda racist takes
>>1977 I peeped that as well when I first saw this thread posted here. It does confirm my beliefs that these quasi-tradthots like the twitter user and pinkpill/radfem/pro-women crowd have the same observations but different takeaways on what to do with those observations. However, I'm not sure what kind of neurosis that twitter user has to tweet that. It almost makes me think it could be a scrote larping, but women are just as capable of believing stupid shit like that.
>>1977 What a fucking idiot. This shit makes me so angry
(162.91 KB 636x470 1.png)
(222.17 KB 605x400 2.png)
>>1977 She's like some fellow russian women who do the hyperfeminity worship crap and make pathetic futile attemps to shame men into Proper Masculinity(tm) via bullshit images foreign men create of themselves, and the worst part is desperaion for validation-by-dick oozing through the "bitch and proud" facade. Why do tradthots see that they were lied to by conservatives and that men are actually shit and they have no power and they decide to fucking double down and win the race to the 2.5 kids, white picket fence, growing old with a scrote mirage and through such retarded means is beyond me. This is going to be sporadic: On the topic, I think most het men are not attracted to women, they are vultures attracted to expression of their own power. There is one russian "pop-sci" biologist, Alexander Markov, whose anus lips after getting dumped by his wife said on the national TV that "It's evolutionary better for a woman to be illiterate and weak" I think something worse, actually. What his cumpiss brain wanted to express is that men like women illiterate and weak, and, of course, just in general defenceless, of course, but as other Smart Men in suits like R. Dawkins like to remind us, men see themselves as tiny gods and think that any dickwhim they have is there for the good of the species. Like when Dawkins himself said that wanting 12yo girls is natural and right and shit. Children are the epitome of weak, defenceless, lacking knowlege. And not only that, men's sexuality revolves around penetration and smearing disquisting liquids around, and that matures into domination and degradation/corruption as their main interests. Sex for a man is a solipsistic experience, most of these fuckers don't even realize their partner gets pleasure from anything but the religious ecstasy of basking in his manliness. The only thing he's bonding with is his ego. The lesser is the partner the more intense the ego feeding. Men can "have sex" with corpses, with porn dolls, why the fuck not anything else. And a lot of their ego revolves aroung having severe mind-body disconnect that let's them be violent and subverting and transcending nature. A while ago old european men literally thought very young wives will make them younger, like they will suck the life out of them like literal vampires. They are still literal vampires who think they deserve to transcend aging by consuming very young females. You can smell their pathetic primal fear of aging and illness and losing it to younger males in their love of shitting on older women. I also keep thinking about the fact that modern Homo Sapiens has heavily neotenous features compared to earlier humans. And, as all animal breeders know, that neotenous features a lot of times go hand in hand with neotenous behaviour, like playfullness, being trusting, being uncondinionally friendly, etc., that is how you domesticate species. Exact features men "love" in women. Creepy as fuck, no?
>>1977 I followed her after the thread from OP but had to unfollow in like 2 days after all the other tradshit she tweeted. She also idolizes the Red Scare girls which is, lol.
>>1980 Anon really isn't relates to this discussion but as for the psychology of why OP makes both PP and tard wife shit, well it's cause she's black There's this whole side on Twitter of BW that wants what white women had/have either with white men or HVM black men, they want stability and white picket fences cause they feel they never got that
>>1982 I kinda guessed that but there are similar sentiments in russian women too, because our westernized media and unchecked conservativism created that mythos about the proper women's life is being white picket fence happy homemaker women, but in real life the only women who could stay at home were rich men's wife, a tiny percent, and that before, during and after communism, so the same fucking phenomenon exists here. Also, there still are a fuckton of these alcoholic macho deadbeat jailbirds around after the 90s, so a lot of women just have a fixation on marrying a foreigner and that makes Ivans butthurt, so again basically same shit. It's uncanny
>>1980 >Like when Dawkins himself said that wanting 12yo girls is natural and right and shit. This male pedo predatory shit doesn't even make sense in an evolutionary level. Women are best suited for pregnancy past 20yo. It just stems from their defective Y commands to dominate and manipulate the prey as young as possible in order to guarantee passing their genetic load.
>>1977 I used to follow her, she hates both black men and white men but she simps real hard for southern European guys
>>1985 Lol, exactly like my mom and her friends. with love, >>1983
>>1980 Men being like this is what's stopping human evolution into ubermenschen. Also look into the historical consumption of blood because you may find it interesting.
>>1980 >Why do tradthots see that they were lied to by conservatives and that men are actually shit and they have no power and they decide to fucking double down and win the race to the 2.5 kids, white picket fence, growing old with a scrote mirage and through such retarded means is beyond me. I've seen tradthots and cottage core fundie thots whine and cry that Pride and Prejudice, Little Women and little house on the Prairie is too feminist lol. Being in denial about how women throughout history hated being treated poorly is better than realizing that men throughout history hated women and continue to do so I guess
>>1989 Honestly please don't hate me but I do see the appeal of this type of fantasy as problematic as it can be me, me and my bf often go camping and it can be super fun in its own way, it really does bring us closer together
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>>1985 >She simps real hard for southern European guys I mean that's completely understandable though
>>1990 >>1996 What the fuck is this drooling over males here
>>1997 And the cherry on top is the fact that that man isn't even attractive
>>2001 I mean he's the exact type of conventionally masculine guy I'm into but I like alt-boys, as long as they only wear black clothing even in the summer's
>>1977 oh wow what a fakedeep and out of touch idiot. shit like this is so disappointing.


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