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Hate my little brother Anonymous 09/04/2020 (Fri) 15:43:34 No. 1688
I'm in my early 20s and he's still in elementary school. We have very similar features and health issues, and my parents treat him way fucking better than me. Pretty sure it's due to the fact that he's a male, they're retarded ass traditionalists. While they yelled at me to stop complaining about my health problems growing up, they listen to him and take him to doctors, meanwhile I have to fucking deal with the long term consequences of them not giving a shit about me. They buy him everything he wants, praise him for doing good at school… I want to fucking sperg out every time I have to see him being treated so much shitting better. They're delusional if they think I'm going to help or care for them or my brother, as soon as I suck them dry of college money I'm ghosting. Fucking bye you misogynistic shit stains, you reap what you sow. I hope your pwecious widdle son gets addicted to videogames and porn and fails at life, because that's the road he's going if he keeps being so fucking coddled. Little shit demands his mom feeds him while he watches the tv because 'he doesn't want to look away'.
I'm sorry that you were and are so neglected and berated just for being sick, anon. It's already bad enough to just have to suffer from health problems, but then to be berated and neglected on top of it is so awful. I know what it's like to have to cope with the consequences of parent-imposed medical neglect and it is so horrible and alienating. How old is he exactly? He sounds like he's definitely on track to being a failson. Very weird that your mom is still hand feeding him while he's in elementary school because he doesn't want to have to stop looking at the television. Unfortunately it's not uncommon for parents to invest their time, money, and emotional energy into their sons while neglecting their daughters. You deserve much better. I hope they come to regret having invested entirely into one child solely because he has a dick.
>elementary school >mom feeds him Jesus anon, he's just a kid. Did he do something bad to you? >health issues >doctors What issues? Physical or mental?
>>1691 She means that the mom literally feeds him, not just prepares food for him. Handfeeding your elementary school aged child so they don't have to look down from the tv for literally a moment is seriously bizarre. I don't think anon should necessarily 'hate' her little brother, but I doubt that she actually even hates him. Sounds more like she's rightfully resentful of having been neglected, especially now that she's suffering the long term consequences of her health being neglected.
>>1691 >>1693 Yes he's the living embodiment of the fact that my parents don't love me, so fuck him, I don't give a shit if he's a kid. He can die for all I care. He's tormented me too much for me to have any affection for him.
>>1694 What has he done to torment you?
>>1695 Made my grades shit for a while because he cried at night so much while he was a baby, affected what school I got into. Slapped my ass 'for fun' since he could walk, until I physically retaliated enough. Constantly steals my shit, breaks my shit, the more expensive the better. Tells lies to our parents about me that get me in trouble. Any time I don't roll over to his demands he has a tantrum cry session and turns everyone against me for being a (((cold hearted bitch))) Why SHOULD I love him?
>>1695 meant
>>1696 Very fucked up if he has learned to slap your ass. Ultimately, let's be honest, your parents are losers, but even if they were decent parents, society fucks up males hardcore. I don't think you're obligated to love anyone. It is jarring to people though that you say you hate a kid, but I kind of get it. With society and fucked up parents, he had no chance at turning out to be somewhat decent. The ass slapping thing is really worrying though. A lot of males are really growing up to be very disgusting about female relatives thanks to porn so I worry about how that might get much worse as he enters puberty.
>>1699 He doesn't do it anymore, thankfully, I made him stop. But he still sometimes does it to my mom and grandma, who don't give a shit. I guess they're used to and accepting of males violating their boundaries. I'm worried about him reaching puberty too, will have to talk to my parents about not letting him use the tablet outside of the living room, but pretty sure that's not gonna do shit. Probably going to get a door lock and keep all my toiletries in my room.
>>1693 Elementary school is like what age? 6 to 10? Handfeeding at that age is pretty common in where I'm from but his TV and tablet addiction is a problem. >>1696 Parental neglect is bad. I have a feeling they probably expected a boy during their first pregnancy and instead got you so they're compensating their disappointment now. Some of the behavior you've listed is typical of a kid, they're demon spawns but the ass slapping part is odd. Maybe he picked it up from those constant youtube feed of children making prank videos. One brat I know of picked up the habit of screaming like a rooster when someone's sleeping to wake them up.
>>1705 >Handfeeding at that age is pretty common in where I'm from but his TV and tablet addiction is a problem. Where are you from? That's super not a thing in the US, at least (I can't personally attest to anywhere else but I'd be inclined to believe this is practice everywhere in the anglosphere at least). Toddlers are expected to feed themselves and almost all experts here say spoonfeeding for years longer than necessary and at their demand is terrible for their development.
Parental favoritism is just messed up in general. The eldest is always a test run which can be either good or bad. All humans deserve real, honest, and predictable affection. A life well lived is the best revenge of all.


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